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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 3, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00 a possible attack on our water supply, vandal goes after this bay area storage tank. tonight the warning, don't drink the water. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. that warning for 1,000 homes in the sunshine gardens neighborhood of south san francisco, but tonight sharon chin reports there could be a break in the case. >> reporter: residents have been picking up bottled water, two cases per family, at this water service site at 80 chestnut avenue. >> somebody broke into our site, so we're letting everybody know they shouldn't drink the water right now. >> reporter: cal water went door to door telling neighbors in the sunshine garden area do not drink or cook with their water. crews also e-mailed and called customers late this morning.
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>> i had coffee this morning. so, you know, that's my worry. i don't know what i drank. >> reporter: at around 8 a.m. a cal water operator noticed someone cut the locks on the gate and on one of the 250,000- gallon water tanks. he found graffiti and possible tampering with the venting system. >> it's a very heavy system. we don't think there was any branch, but out of an abundance of caution we're telling our residents not to drink the water in the sunshine gardens area. >> reporter: cal water took initial water samples. >> color ridge, p -- chlorine, ph turbidity and temperature results are all normal. >> reporter: but he won't know the results of more extensive tests till saturday afternoon. so the water it was is distributing free bottled water at its center on chestnut and commercial avenue. residents lined up to load up. >> ended up throwing half of my dinner weight. >> reporter: oh, no. you just cooked? >> well -- away. >> reporter: oh, no. you just cooked? >> well, the rice, i wouldn't
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take a chance. >> reporter: colma police are investigating the break-in and vandalism and will follow up with this neighbor who did not want to be identified. she called police when she noticed something suspicious in the area of the water tank at 12:30 a.m. >> i heard a group of men saying hand me the bolt cutters. hand me the wire cutters. >> reporter: by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon cal water expects the test results that will show whether the water is safe to drink. in south san francisco sharon chin, kpix5. >> water district managers say after the break-in they will evaluate security at those water tanks. in the east bay tonight livermore police are trying to put the brakes on a wave of car thefts. last year 292 vehicles were stolen. so far this year there have already been 165. livermore police expect this year's number to surpass last year's. >> either they're looking for a specific vehicle because they want to take the parts. perhaps the vehicle contains items of value. so they want to go ahead and
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steal those items as well. other times it's a combination of the two. >> livermore police have made 13 arrests, but the thefts keep happening and get this. they say most of the stolen cars are eventually found abandoned. tonight frozen tuna that's already been shipped to several bay area restaurants is being recalled. health officials say it could be contaminated with the hepatitis a virus. the fda said the tuna was sourced from two companies in vietnam and the philippines. the blue hawaii cafe at san francisco's embarcardero center is one bay area restaurant that received the tainted tuna. so did phoenix restaurant in san rafael and nolani's bar and lounge in san carlos. hepatitis a is a contagious liver disease. symptoms include jaundice and stomach pages, but it could take up to 50 day -- pains, but it could take up to 50 days to feel sick. fallout tonight after the
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u.s. withdrawing from the paris climate accord. the president said he wants better terms. tonight governors and mayors around the country are saying if the president won't or can't lead the way on protecting the environment, then they will. cbs reporter carter evans caught up with the governor, jerry brown, before he flew to china. >> reporter: you going to china today, what message does that send to washington? >> wake up. >> reporter: we caught up with governor jerry brown boarding a flight to beijing to attend a clean energy summit going as the leader of the sixth richest economy in the world, the state of california. >> when mr. trump does something so outrageous to the science and to the reality of climate change, we can't stand idly by. this is serious stuff. >> reporter: when president trump pulled out of the climate accord, brown immediately formed the u.s. climate alliance with washington, new york, mexico and canada to honor the commitment of the agreement. those three states make up 1/5 of the population and 11% of
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the u.s. emissions. california has adopted the nation's toughest car emissions standards, then pushed solar and electric cars. >> the president says it's putting us at a disadvantage. mr. trump is wrong on the facts, wrong on the science, wrong on the economy. >> reporter: california has seen a boom in green jobs. andrew thurry was a plumber before working in solar. >> i lived a pretty good middle class life right now, was able to buy a home. i believe it would be hard to do going back to one of the other professions. >> reporter: solar now accounts for 260,000 jobs in the country, five times the number of coal industry jobs. california accounts for one out of every six new jobs since 2012. >> eventually the trump administration will have to come around. he cannot deviate from the entire world in the way that he's trying to right now. >> reporter: now individual states cannot sign the paris accord, but they can commit to the same standards. during governor brown's trip to china he plans to push for more
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cooperation on clean energy policies. carter evans, cbs news, san francisco. tonight the last venue in kathy griffin's comedy tour has just pulled the plug. she was supposed to perform in napa. >> griffin has apologized again and as cbs5's veronica de la cruz reports, she's accusing the trump family of trying to ruin her career. >> yeah. griffin says she is sorry for posting a photo where she appears to show the bloody head of president trump. response has been unprecedented. >> a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally i feel personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> griffin says she is receiving death threats since posting this photo to twitter. the attorneys with the secret service also contacted her. griffin said she never intended the photo as a threat. >> i just want to make people
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laugh. so i screwed up. >> griffin's career has taken a hit. she was just fired from her new year's eve hosting gig with cnn and has also had several stand- up shows including in napa canceled. celebrities including jim carrey and jamie foxx have been defending her saying sometimes comedians have to cross the line. tonight marks six months since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. people have been leaving flowers and cards in front of the burned warehouse in the fruitvale neighborhood. 36 people died in the devastating fire. several victims' families are suing more than a dozen defendants who they believe contributed to the fire. a brand-new mural just unveiled in santa rosa honors the life of a young boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. faded images of andy lopez make up the center panel of this mural. andy, who was just 13, was killed in 2013 after a deputy mistook his very real looking
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bb gun for a real weapon. the left portion of the mural celebrates the community's culture. the right side shows images representing the aftermath of the shooting. the artist behind the mural told us he wanted to convey a sense of healing. >> took me a while to come up with a design that's more compassionate and it sort of acknowledges what this community has been through and the strength behind its sort of resiliency and how they've managed to get through. >> the deputy who shot and killed lopez was never charged. investigators ruled that the shooting was justified. the surfing world has lost a legend tonight. he was known around the globe for his trademark wetsuit. maria medina reports from santa cruz where jack o'neill lived and worked for decades. >> he was just a great mind. he was a great man. he had a great spirit. >> reporter: in santa cruz the
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man with the eye patch and the beard was a physical face, but to the surf community, family and friends. >> he was a giant of the surf industry. he was a pioneer of the surf industry. >> reporter: jack o'neill was a legend. >> it's a very sad day. he to me was a giant in the world of the ocean. prepare o'neill passed away at his pleasure point home, a home where he had a clear view of surfers wearing the wetsuit he invented decades ago. >> i plan to enjoy his innovation for years. >> reporter: o'neill pine nearlied the wet -- pioneered the wetsuit in his kith be at home and opened his first -- in his kitchen at home and opened his first surf shop. today o'neill is featured all over the world. >> i'm really impressed with the alleged he's created. >> reporter: -- with the legend he's created. jack o'neill was 94. >> he'll live on in ways around
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santa cruz. >> it was a great life, a well lived life. >> reporter: in santa cruz maria medina, kpix5. >> you may have noticed that black eye patch. he started wearing that eye patch after a surfing accident. he died today of natural causes at his home surrounded by family. coming up why medical costs are soaring all of a sudden for bikers in the bay area. >> sky drone 5 has an exclusive view of the massive tree die- off in california, the tiny pest that's killing them. >> and tonight you'll meet a bay area entrepreneur who is trying to shatter the glass ceiling one ,,
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san francisco city hall lit up in orange tonight for gun violence awareness day. more than 90 americans die every day from gun violence. new video from a florida jail shows golf star tiger woods having a little trouble with his breathalyzer test. woods was arrested monday in west palm beach under suspicion of driving under the influence. he needed instructions several times how to blow into the tube, but his blood alcohol level was zero, wasn't alcohol. woods later said he was having an unexpected reaction to pain medication. instead of driving more people are biking to get around according to a new ucsf study. the bad news, costs are soaring. researchers say because more people are biking, more people are getting injured and medical costs are through the roof. over a 17 year period hospital admissions due to bike crashes increased 120%. medical costs increased $789 million each year. >> we do think that the
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findings illustrate that there's work to be done in terms of infrastructure, in terms of safety. >> now during the 17 year study researchers say there were 3.8 million bike injuries and nearly 10,000 deaths. millions of trees in california are dying. in fact, hundreds of millions. we're talking more than 100 million. the transformation is very dramatic. >> the die-off is attributed to the drought and epidemic of tree eating bark beetles. the infestation is leaving forests autobuses lake near yosemite vulnerable to a devastating fire. kpix5's devin fehely -- at bass lake near yosemite vulnerable to a devastating fire. kpix5's devin fehely. >> there are well over 2 million dead trees. >> reporter: years of drought have left california's forests
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critically weakened vulnerable to bark beetles, tiny insects the size of grain of rice, that are causing big problems. cal fire estimates more than 102 million trees have died during the drought transforming large swaths of the state's many jestic forests into tinder -- majestic forests into tinderbox. >> removing them is important because of the fire danger issue. >> reporter: a normal healthy tree has the ability to fend off the insects, but the drought created a perfect environmental storm that left the trees and fond rose a pines in -- ponderosa pines in particular because those are the insects' favorites stressed and defenseless. >> they don't have the ability to provide as much sap production because they don't take in enough water, which is really what deters bees and other bugs from getting -- beetles and other bugs from getting in and killing the wood. >> reporter: even though the recommendation is to remove the trees, from sky drone 5 we saw
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entire hillsides covered at bass lake near yosemite. cal fire is preparing for what could be a challenging fire season as the lingering drought continues to alter the state's landscape and raise the risk of wildfires. >> the death of the trees that's occurring throughout the sierras has a major effect and will for decades to come. >> reporter: in madeira county kevin fehely, kpix5. tomorrow morning traffic will start flowing through the tunnel that gets to the marin headlands once again. the baker barry tunnel sit just beyond the marin side of the golden gate bridge as the main road to the headlands. crews have been updating the tunnel, added energy efficient lighting and replaced outdating water and sewer lines. the project took six months. in february a.j.vandermiten talked publicly about what she
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called harassment and discrimination in pay and promotions working for tesla. tesla said it found her claims were illegitimate and after she analysesly attacked the -- after she falsely attacked the company in the press, they it h no choice but -- they had no choice but to terminate her employment. new numbers show on average women in california make $7,000 less a year than men. it's the wildest gap in 15 years and even when a woman is the boss, it doesn't necessarily mean she's paid equally like the founder of jimmy chu. tonight only on 5 betty yu on how a bay area entrepreneur is trying to shatter all that. >> reporter: tamara mellon co- about founded jimmy chu, a
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luxury shoe brand, in in the 76. >> i really didn't -- in 1976. >> i really didn't consider what it was to be a woman in the work place. >> reporter: melmellon mellon was the only woman on the board at jim -- mellon was the only woman on the board at jimmy chu and the board set her salary. she said she was told no to a rise. >> there is some irony there, but you're building a brand for women with no women on the board. isn't that crazy? that is the craziest thing and, you know, if i could tell my younger self today one thing, i would have said speak up. >> normally it takes british women 20 years to come across the ocean. >> reporter: mellon is speaking as an advocate for equal pay for women these days
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and reasonly spoke about her experience at the shatter summit at the battery club featuring influential female entrepreneurs hosted by venture capitalist shelly collins. >> the problem is women need their own network. men give to men. now we need to facilitate a girls' network, if you will. >> reporter: that's why the shatter fund was started in san francisco last year that invests solely in women led businesses. today only 6% of all venture capital investors are women and only 3% of investor funding is given to female founders. >> i wonder as a woman involved in the investment decision making process such as i am, the female entrepreneur is 2 1/2 times more likely to get the capital that she needs to start her business. >> reporter: just ask lynn perkins of san francisco-based urban sitter, an on demand app connecting parents with baby
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sitters. >> but when there are women investors in the room, especially those with children, it's a lot easier to accept the emotional part of what we're doing and why we're motivated. >> reporter: collins invested 25 grand in lynn's startup which serves 200,000 users nationwide. today mellon is at the helm of her own namesake shoe brand, an e commerce business run by a female ceo. >> i pretty much have a female team except for three people and we're very conscious now about how we build the culture, but when i started jimmy chu 20 years ago, i didn't know what culture was. ask yourself who is the woman at the table or who is the woman going to being at our table? >> reporter: -- going to be at our table? >> reporter: in san francisco betty yu, cbs5. this weekend will be gorgeous to get outside. >> such a nice weekend we have. it begins now with a comfortable night outside, getting a little cloudy. we'll notice some cloud cover
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tomorrow morning, but it sets the stage for sunshine in the afternoon and a beautiful weekend. current temperatures are generally mid- to upper 50s with concord 65 being the exception, 59 in san jose and livermore, 58 in oakland, 55 in san francisco. tomorrow morning low to mid- 50s. we'll there be the next several hours. fremont tonight 53, pacifica 49, san rafael and san francisco 52, napa 51 degrees. maybe you're lucky enough to head to tahoe this weekend. the weather will cooperate, mainly sunny, 73 saturday, cooler and breezier sunday, but you'll keep the sunshine, 67 degrees. hanging out closer to the bay area, do a little hook and ladder run sunday morning in livermore, clear skies, 63 degrees, good running weather, warm but not hot this weekend. we have some clouds rotating around our rahm. this is the reason why we -- our ridge of high pressure. this is the reason why we got warmer today. its destination? your house. overnight tonight and tomorrow
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morning mainly cloudy skies but not the entire day. there's the clouds picked up on futurecast at 7 a.m., gone by lunchtime. the entire afternoon should be sunny. we'll talk about why it won't be as warm coming up, but sun less morning cloud cover and more afternoon sunshine. so i think it will be a nice weekend to get outside if sunshine is your thing. west to east flow, today we had a north flow which limited the onshore flow keeping us warmer. we will not be as warm over the weekend because the wind is coming from the chilly ocean, ocean temperature 52 degrees. these numbers are very close to average and should lead to a very nice afternoon. napa 79, san francisco's high 68, 3 degrees cooler tomorrow 65, livermore 82, fairfield 83, santa rosa 80, some of your warmer spots tomorrow. extended forecast, more sunshine and seasonal temperatures on sunday, warmer monday and tuesday, mid- to upper 80ors inland, -- 80s inland, 70 near the bay. next week we'll have the ocean
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breeze and cool down. that is a good looking seven- day forecast. dare i say after about six months of nonstop rain? >> it looks so great. >> we earned it. >> thanks, paul. this bay area gorilla now has little ones to care for, how cocoa is giving back in her own way. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. john stewart is back, message that -- jon stewart ,, the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> finally tonight some photos that are bound to make you
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smile. >> these are pretty cute. cocoa, the gorilla, is helping to foster kittens at the san jose animal care center. she signs cocoa love for each kitten. it's part of a campaign to get more people to foster animals. cocoa was born at the san francisco zoo and the gorilla is famous for using sign language to communicate with humans. >> wow. i have an ah moment in baseball, baseball bright spot that won't get any shinier than a call-up to the show. giants welcome another one to the biggs and this was a family affair for an ex -- ,,,,,,
2:00 am
baseball up top and the giants, boy, did they turn the page tonight. they just got swept, but an orange friday in philadelphia. why not? pick it up in the 2nd, eduardo nunes, three hits, three r.b.i., scored pitcher thuy block, more on him in a moment. denard span had five hits in the game. top 6th austin slater with his first major league hit, an r.b.i. for the stanford product that was just called up and in front of friends and family there just his fourth at bat, good job. thuy block scattered six hits filling in for madison bumgarner and giants won it 10 -0.
2:01 am
meantime in oakland the nationals, boy, they carried a big stick at the a's. michael taylor in the 2nd, daniel murphy in the 3rd, washington rolled the a's tonight 13-3. nationals hit five home runs in the game. nba finals, the warriors and kevin durant hope to do more of this on sunday. game one he scored 38. wide open lanes here against cleveland many times and uncontested. here is cleveland's head coach. >> yeah. we kind of did something. one of our game plans was kind of backwards, but when kevin durant has the ball, you don't want to leave him. >> reporter: was that the idea to stay with the shooter? you said the game plan was backwards. >> no. i'll tell you later. mark your calendars. nfl training camp is just a month off and apparently quarterback colin kaepernick is without a team. it was reported the seattle seahawks had interest in him as a backup. now head coach pete carroll has
2:02 am
done an about face not interested at this time. again game two nba finals sunday, 5:00 start. dubs are favored by nine points in that one. >> going to be good. >> we've seen this movie before. >> oh, yeah, yeah because last year the warriors were up 2-0 and you saw when happened. >> doesn't mean anything. right. >> now they've got a little fire in their belly, probably stronger than last year. >> and a guy called,,,,,,
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