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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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weekend, where temperatures will hit triple digits next. you know what i could go for right now? hmmm some sweet barbeque. (over speaker) - or spicy! we got a craving! go go go!!! crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave! here, try my barbeque bacon cheeseburger with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce topped with bacon and onion rings. thanks jack. ha ha! piece of cake. oh, jack! you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van!
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is hacked for ransom. tonight: case. good now at 11:00 this bay area broadcast station is hacked for ransom. tonight the fbi is on the case. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. let's get live to andria borba who is live outside the kqed offices in san francisco tonight. what happened? >> reporter: i'm told work was very tough here today as i.t. professionals struggled to regain control of the network. according to a statement from kqed, some computers in the public television and radio station began acting up last night. in a statement to the san francisco chronicle, "our broadcast operations, tv and radio, were not affected and we have been on the air without interruption. we had an outage on the radio live stream from thursday evening to 9:30 this morning. this was the only issue that affected our services to the
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public." inside kqed potrero hill headquarters these handwritten signs were posted near elevators and doors warning staff network security issue. do not use your pc or turn it off or on. contact your manager. all network and wi-fi services are off until further notice. >> we've actually seen a lot of the smaller companies getting hit with ransomware such as what's happening right now with kqed or other city governments and things because they typically don't have the budget that a large enterprise may have to keep their systems up to date or pay for the large infrastructure. >> reporter: in november muni's computers were hit by a ransomware attack forcing muni to shut down all of its fare gates as a precaution while i.t. worked to get computer systems from payroll to bus systems disinfected from the malware. we're told by the fbi they recommend not paying the ransom. we know that muni did not.
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we do not know if kqed did. live in san francisco, andria borba, cbs5. you thought today was hot, wait until tomorrow. temperatures are going to soar into the triple digits. here's brian hackney on the heat advisory. >> you sum it up beautifully, warm tomorrow and warmer on sunday. the highs building in from the desert southwest strongly and as it does, temperatures will skyrocket. so temperatures climb today 7 to 10 degrees, another 7 to 10 inland tomorrow. theme hit 103 degrees in the warmest spot saturday, then 108 in the warmest spot sunday and there's no end to the heatwave. there will be fluctuations. it will be above 100 degrees right through next friday. there's a heat advisory posted for most of the bay area. it will remain hot inland. stay hydrated. in terms of your specific numbers, we'll have them in the forecast in a few minutes. tonight seven u.s. sailors are missing after their navy
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destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. kpix5's veronica de la cruz is here now with the latest details. >> the navy said flooding on the damaged ship has been stabilized and three injured crew members including the captain have been evacuated and flown to a hospital. the collision happened before dawn on saturday japan time. the site is 50 miles south of a port city where the ship was based. the uss fitzgerald has damage on its star board side both above and below the water line. the most significant damage is under water. the ship is not in danger of sinking. the japanese coastguard helicopter pulled up a stretcher with an injured crew member. rescuers are still searching for the seven missing who may have fallen into the water. since the collision happened at 2:30 a.m. local, most of the people on both ships were asleep. they would not have been ready to brace themselves for the collision. the fitzgerald's commanding officer bryce jensen is among those evacuated and is in stable condition at a u.s. naval hospital in japan.
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the vessel it collided with is a container ship, the acx crystal which flies a philippines flag. it's about four times the size of the american destroyer. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. tonight we're hearing from a woman who said a united airlines employee kicked her in the head. she decided to take a nap in a chapel in a united terminal. ""i was woken up lindsay ervani was flying from san francisco to belize with a layover in houston saturday night when she decided to take a nap in a chapel in the united terminal. >> i was woken up by somebody kicking me in the head. i immediately got up and asked the person why he had did that. >> she says the employee told her she couldn't sleep there. then he rolled out a prayer mat. later she says he told her he didn't want her to miss her flight. as he was walking out, she snapped these photos of him. in a statement united said it's very concerned and is urgently reviewing the matter to further understand what happened and the employee has been suspended while we review the incident.
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well, it's going to get a lot harder for americans to travel to cuba because president trump is tightening the restrictions on travel and trade. tonight cuba is firing back calling it hostile rhetoric. an a but the president is standing by his policy shift. he tweeted this. "back from miami where my cuban american friends are very happy with what i signed today. another campaign promise that i did not forget. some travelers at sfo told sharon chin it's a big step backwards. sharon? >> reporter: yeah. the obama plan opened the doors to travel and trade and now that doorway is narrowing. hotels.. it bans individual travel. ans could only president trump announced his new policy toward cuba in miami. >> i am cancelling the last administration's completely one- sided deal with cuba. >> reporter: the president's plan prohibits transactions with businesses controlled by the government like many
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hotels. it bans individual travel meaning americans could only go to cuba with a tour group and the plan holds the regime accountable for oppression. >> it was really cool. >> reporter: andy altman is glad he and a friend traveled to cuba months ago. >> all the buildings are old, but they still have the character to it. i thought it was a great opportunity for americans to go and meet with who i think are honestly some of the nicest people i've ever met in my life. >> reporter: under the advised policy americans would no longer be allowed to travel as freely. east bay congresswoman barbara lee chairs the bipartisan cuba working group. >> i think it's a shame and disgrace. >> reporter: she said trump's plan would hurt cubans who opened their homes to travelers in u.s. based airbnb and cost the u.s. economy $4 billion over four years. >> is in a job killer and creates an opening for russia, china and other countries. this country is losing its leadership in the world. >> reporter: but supporters of trump's policy say it puts the
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burden on the cuban government to enact reforms that respect people's freedom. >> the ball is in your court to allow the regular average cubans to open hotels, restaurants and resorts and we'll be able to deal with them. >> reporter: changes aren't expected to happen for several months, but if you already booked a trip, the treasury department said you're still good to go even if your travel date happens after the policy changes take effect. live at sfo sharon chin, kpix5. hundreds of protesters shut down a highway in st. paul, minnesota, tonight after the police officer who fatally shot philando castile was found not guilty. you can see a line of police facing off with the protesters. there was a standoff for about 90 minutes. it was peaceful. now that crowd has broken up. the jury's decision was announced earlier today. officer geronimo yanez was
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cleared of several charges including nance. his girl friend broadcast the shooting's aftermath on facebook live. it happened seconds after castille told the officer he was carrying a gun which he had a permit for. today castile's mom spoke outside the courtroom. believ >> my son loved this city and this city killed my son! and the murderer gets away. are you kidding me right now? we're not evolving as a civilization. we're devolving. >> officer yanez testified he believed castile was pulling the weapon from his pocket. after the verdict the officer was fired by the police department. two men facing criminal charges in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire were back in court today. kpix5's christin ayers tells us a lawyer for one of those men says the real blame lies elsewhere. >> reporter: today the lawyer for one of the men charged in the deaths of 36 people at the ghost ship warehouse called the
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property owner a slum lord and his client a scapegoat. >> the fact that the owner of that property is not on trial is an abomination to the justice system. >> reporter: max harris, an oakland dj, is one of two men facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the ghost ship fire deaths. prosecutors say harris organized and promoted the illegal warehouse party and at one point blocked off a stairwell with his equipment trapping people inside. >> he's not a criminal. >> reporter: but his lawyer blasted the d.a.'s office for charging harris. >> and allowing the multi- millionaire owner of that property to flee to china. >> reporter: the owner has never been charged and has not granted interviews. today an attorney representing her in a string of civil lawsuits released a statement saying that is not accurate. miss ing continues to reside in the bay area. harris remains behind bars. in a jailhouse interview he told the east bay times he did
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not block an exit, that he was sad that he information jail and didn't deserve to be and believes he's been made into a scapegoat. his friends and family stand behind him. >> there's not a malicious or greedy bone in max's body. >> reporter: neither harris nor the former ghost ship master tenant derick almena entered pleas today. they'll be back in court july 7th. in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. tonight kerry fisher's cause of death has been revealed. the coroner said the actress died of sleep apnea. drug use was also a factor among a number of others. the report says the exact manner of death was undetermined. fisher was best known for her role in the star wars films as princess leia. investigators finally figured out those these people
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are. >> amazon buying whole foods, what this blockbuster deal means for you. >> tesla ceo elon musk has a vision to put 1 million people on mars and tonight he's revealing how he plans to do it.
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rampage, from a driver who was inside when shots rang out. tonight we're getting a firsthand account of the deadly ups rampage from a driver who was inside when shots rang out. shawn coach was in the morning meeting wednesday when he says he watched jimmy lam gun down three of his co-workers. coach says he ran and jumped into a nearby truck to call 911 when he and lam locked eyes. >> a supervisor ran back into the building saying run, run! and i looked around and then i saw the silhouette of jimmy returning into the building which what i later found out
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was after he had shot mike. >> coach knew all three victims. he said he can't say enough about how awesome they were. "just really good guys." now to a break in the case of a lyft driver that was brutally beaten on a bay area highway, emily turner shows us the suspects in custody tonight. >> reporter: this brutal assault happened on the side of one hundred 1 in march after a lyft -- 101 in march after a lyft driver nearly hit a dirt biker. the beatdown that followed stopped traffic, broke the driver's leg and damaged his car. it took three months, but johnson, rodriguez and williams are all behind bars. >> there was no resistance involved. we served the recall warrants and were -- served the warrants early morning and were able to arrest the suspects at their homes. >> reporter: the trio and a fourth who is at large are charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit a crime, saw, battery,
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vandalism and -- assault, battery, vandalism and several other crimes. we went to their homes, but nobody wanted to talk about it. i'm here to talk to you about gabriel rodriguez's arrest. >> i cannot talk. >> reporter: no? do you know about what happened? >> no. >> reporter: chp said a combination of tips from the public, witness video and police information helped lead to the arrests. there is a warrant out for the fourth suspect quinntrell anderson. the group was coming from a sideshow when this incident happened and there's a possibility they're responsible for other disruptive and dangerous behavior on the roadway. >> their m.o. is similar to what's happening where you see a lot of motorcycles ridden recklessly on bridges and city streets. plates are usually removed, faces covered up, no helmets. we saw the same thing in this case. >> reporter: emily turner, kpix5. dozens of south bay workers will be out of jobs in a few
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months. the electronics company av net is moving their positions out of state slated to close its two north bay facilities september 1st and cut 94 jobs. the manufacturing operations will move to arizona where the company is based. remaining employees will work out of the location on junction avenue in san jose. dollars. tonight amazon is getting into the grocery business big time. it has gobbled up whole foods in a deal worth almost $14 billion. what does it mean for you? maybe you shop there? here's kpix5's len ramirez. >> reporter: the marriage of amazon and whole foods is called a blockbuster deal especially for amazon which now has a physical foothold in the highly competitive grocery and retail markets. >> not only does it get deeper into groceries, but it also gives amazon an in store platform for its own branded products like the widely popular echo home speaker
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system. amazon is paying $13.7 billion for the whole foods which operates 460 wholesale grocery stores. it sent stocks plummeting for other grocery chains including wal-mart which was off 5%. amazon could theoretically cut prices significantly at whole foods, a company dogged by being called whole paycheck for many years now. the deal with whole foods marks yet another step for amazon into the physical retail world. later this summer here in san jose they plan to open a bricks and mortar amazon books at santana row. in san jose len ramirez, kpix5. >> under the deal whole foods will continue to operate under the same name. americans are going nuts for coconut oil. when you search for it on amazon, you get more than 67,000 results. but tonight a new study says it's not actually good for you. in fact, the american heart
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association says it may be as unhealthy as beef drippings and butter. that's because coconut oil is packed with saturated fat which can cause bad cholesterol and increased cardiovascular risks. so how does coconut oil get so popular in the first place? well, demand started storming right around the time -- soaring right around the time dr. oz recommended it as a way to lose weight about five years ago. now to an out of this world experience for sure, spacex founder elon musk is giving us a new look at his plans to send people to mars. kpix5's mark sayre shows us. ut every two years the orbits of earth and mars line up favorablyâ and that's when groups of the transport ships would begin their journey together. plan in an >> reporter: liftoff of what elon musk says is key to colonizing mars, a reuseable rocket system. to get there it has to be affordable. the rockets would first transport thousands of pods with about 100 people each into low earth orbit. about every two years the orbits of earth and mars line
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up favorably and groups of the transport ships would begin their journey together. musk spoke of the plan in an earlier interview. >> what i want to try to achieve here is to make mars the impossible. >> he might be crazy. >> reporter: russell hancock is ceo of joint venture silicon valley, a think tank trying to solve some of our toughest problems. he says don't count musk out. >> he's a guy that generates big ideas and there's no shortage of them and you need people like that around. >> reporter: in his latest paper musk says he believes humans should be a multi- planetary species in the event earth has an extinction event. he says he is personally saving up most of his wealth for the mars project, but hancock says even if the mars project is a bust, there could be some earth bound benefits from the effort. >> elon musk is thinking as a by-product of this you might be able to use these technologies on earth, get to other continentals in 45 minutes or less. >> reporter: the gravity on mars is only about 1/3 as
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strong as on earth. so once you get there you could probably move most anything all by yourself. mark sayre, kpix5. >> musk says the first people could be headed to mars in as few as 20 years. >> i had to ask nasa once upon a time if we had not lost the momentum from the apollo space program and continued from the moon to mars, what year would we have landed on mars? >> what did they say? >> i'd guess '85. >> 1984. they said if we kept the impetus going. >> orwell would have loved it. we've got warm weather at sfo where things are still warm in parts of the bay area, 80 degrees at concord at 11:00 at night, san francisco 63, san jose 69 and 75 for santa rosa. it's going to be a mild night on the east bay for sure, nice night to camp outside with the kids maybe as we've got very strong high pressure over the
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west coast and it's not moving. it will be there for a week, near record highs all weekend, clear tonight, mild temperatures and hot inland this weekend. it will be milder near the beach. so that's where you can find relief and at least that's good news and you know what? it's hot summer weather for all of the fairs around. one of them alameda county, pleasantton, 100 degrees. if you want to head there on saturday, too warm? how about the north beach festival not far from our studios in san francisco, 80 degrees tomorrow. forecast highs in the bay area from 16 to 20 degrees above average for much of the bay tomorrow, 82 in san francisco, concord effectively 100 degrees, san jose 92, oakland 86. in the south bay tomorrow mostly 90s with plenty of sunshine and 94 degrees at sunnyvale. along the shoreline we'll be in the upper 60s. in the east bay is where the excessive heat warnings are really focused with 100 degrees in the tri-valley area. it's going to be even warmer
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sunday, the hottest day of the next seven in father's day. in the north bay mid-90s will do it, in ukiah upper 90s, 103 degrees and warmer on sunday and monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday all above 100 degrees, just minor fluctuations and a week from tonight it will cool all the way down to 97. >> the sound you hear are air conditioners turning on all over. >> head to the pool. this is not a joke actually. do you think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows? of course not, but you'd be surprised how many americans think so. (break))) >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. turns out: well, tonight, my favorite story, a surprising study about chocolate milk. >> well, turns out believe it or not more than 17 million americans believe it actually comes from brown cows. >> it doesn't? >> oh, come on.
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>> yeah. that's 7% of adults here in the u.s. what? that's according to a national study from the innovation center for u.s. dairy. okay. the online survey polled 1,000 american adults last month. >> same people who believe the moon is made of cheese. come on. at least 7% of you do. i've got something special tonight for this one particular kid who did not have chocolate milk. we'll never forget, the most storied franchise in sports. >> and jeff samardzija as you have rarely seen him before, all ahead in sports. so stick around.
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colorado.... ...where no lead is safe.... . baseball up top, the giants' spirit was willing and the bats did come alive in colorado where no lead is safe. bruce bochy could use some excitement, lost three straight. 5th inning his pitcher jeff samardzija, boom, with a runner on. how about his first home run as a giant? he increased the lead himself to 4-1. home half of that inning, different story. two on for ian desmond and he parked it into the right field
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seats. desmond drove in four. this a three-run blast as the rockies beat the giants for the seventh straight time, 10-8 the final. ouch. hey, the judge was here in oakland. yankees rookie big man aaron judge, boy, a three run homer in the 3rd. this guy, he could be rookie of the year and a.l. mvp, held 4-0 and then the night belonged to rookie matt chap man, bases juiced, got through for his first major league hit, put the a's ahead for good, a 3 r.b.i. for the kid from the san bernardino area. a's won it 7-6 because of chapman. the yankees have lost four in a row. over to u.s. open golf in wisconsin, follow this rory mcilroy shot in the 9th, beautiful but not enough gain as he missed the cut. rickie fowler's putter failed
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him. three straight bogeys on the back 9. shot a 1-over 73 held by tommy fleetwood at 7-under par, one of four co-leaders. it's supposed to get tougher over the weekend which is the mantra of the u.s. open, our championship for the best in the world. >> i'll take that one. he's giving me that one. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service.
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we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno, that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! watch out with the little guys
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and the pets and all this hot weather. be careful. captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, there. i'm from "this is us." >> gr i'm stephen colbert. >> father's day's is this weekend but every year one subset of fathers is overlooked. >> we're talking about hot tv dads. >> people like me who play dads on tv and are hot. >> stephen: it's not easy for us. just keep reading the thing. >> this year we want to take time out to say happy father's day to all the over-looked and over-worked hot tv dads. >> coach taylor "friday night lights." >> sam benis, private practice. >> bob belcher from bob's


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