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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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ultimate sacrifice... a bay area father gives his life... to save his 5-year-old daughter from drowning. now at 11:00, making the ultimate sacrifice. a bay area father gives his life to save his 5-year-old daughter from drowning. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the father and daughter were near brannon island in sacramento county when the kayak they were in flipped over. sharon chin is live in the newsroom with more on the accident that left the little
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girl without her dad. >> the family is still trying to wrap their minds around the accident and grieving friends are helping to get out the word. remember your lifejacket. >> reporter: 40-year-old ronnie was kayaking with his 5-year-old daughter monique when their boat flipped over. at first they first went under, but he managed to hoist her above his shoulders. a good samaritan on jet skis rescued the girl but he went under and never resurfaced. family friend olga escobar said his older daughter, 11-year-old maria, witnessed the whole thing. >> she saw when he was waving and holding the sister with the other hand. she starts yelling at them to save her dad but [ inaudible ] >> reporter: they were on one of their frequent camping trips
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to the lake. escobar said they usually wore lifejackets in the water but couldn't explain why they didn't this time. >> he was very responsible with his daughter and he loved the two girls so much. >> reporter: now avila's wife is helping their two young daughters grapple with their grief. >> the little one, it's like right now she's reacting, she told me, you know what, my dad is dead. the older, she's devastated. she's still hoping that he's somewhere around there. >> reporter: relatives and friends say avila was a construction worker who lived as he died, unselfishly. >> he was very honest, funny, happy. he'll do everything for anybody. he was so kind. >> searchers recovered avila's body several hours after the accident. the family is raising money for
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funeral costs and friends say he'll be buried here in the bay area rather than in his native guatemala so his daughters could visit the grave. his family is raising money. information on that is on our website, click on links and numbers. sharon chin, kpix 5. clinging to a rock, a 25-year-old gets swept down the south yuba river this weekend. luckily a chp helicopter was able to lower a basket and rescue him before the water could carry him off. he recalled the terrifying moment he knew he was in trouble. >> i thought i could swim across what appeared to be the calmer part of the river. the feeling that the current had on me was like the start of a roller coaster. i'm 6'4". i've never felt so small in my life. >> the man's gouf got stranded on the ledge and was also -- man's girlfriend gauze stranded on the ledge and was also rescued by helicopter. kpix 5 veronica de la cruz
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is here to break it down for us. >> the congressional budget office says the senate measure would put a significant dent in the budget deficit but today's report said it would also cause millions of people to lose their health insurance. 22 million americans will lose their health insurance under the new senate healthcare plan according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. the report shows the healthcare bill will reduce the budget deficit by $321 billion over the next decade but most of those savings will come from cuts in medicaid spending which is likely to be a tough pill to swallow for senators from states that extended medicaid under obamacare. >> we have a lot of issues right now. the governor's initial impression is that it's not helpful to his state. >> conservatives say it doesn't slash enough of the obamacare tax credits put in place to help people buy insurance. >> the obamacare subsidies in this bill are actually greater under the republican bill than
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they are under the current obamacare law. that's not anywhere close to repeal. >> the cbo score comes as republican leaders are pushing for a vote on the bill by the end of the week. >> as we speak, leaders in the united states senate are debating legislation to follow on the house of representatives and move us one step closer toward replacing obamacare. >> democrats say the negotiationerize a facade. >> there will be buyouts and bailouts and small tweaks that will be hailed as fixes by the other side. but the truth is the republicans cannot excise the rotten core at the center of their healthcare bill. >> republicans can only lose two votes from their side or else the bill will fail. the cbo analysis says a decade from now, 15 million fewer americans will have it. tonight the white house says they believe the syrian government is preparing for
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another chemical attack. press secretary sean spicer released a statement saying the u.s., quote, has identified potential preparations. it also issued a warning to the syrian president saying, quote, if assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price. as of now the white house has not provided evidence to back up its claims. also in washington tonight, the u.s. supreme court approving president trump's revised travel ban for the most part. the president's executive order blocks entry in to the u.s. by people from six muslim majority countries, libya, sudan, somalia, yemen, syria, and iran. it's supposed to last for only 90 days. today's ruling says people from those countries can still come in if they can show they have a relative, a job offer or are enrolled in school here in the united states. but president trump can also claim a victory because for now
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he can block people he considers potential threats to national security. >> unless you have some sort of contest with the united states, relative, business relationship, if you are from one of the six countries, you will be stopped from entering the country. >> mr. trump released a statement saying as president, i cannot allow people in to our country who want to do us harm. i want team who can love the united states and all of its citizens and who will be hardworking and productive. oral arguments in this case will happen in october. the alameda county sheriff is getting new money from the feds to help stop violent protests like this one in berkeley last february. as kpix 5's christin ayers tells us, they plan to put the funds to good use. >> the alameda county sheriff's department says the homeland security grant came as a surprise because it's designed to fight islamist extremism.
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>> reporter: nearly five months after anti-fascist protesters stormed the uc berkeley campus to shut down a speech by ultra conservative milo yiannopoulos, the sheriff's department is getting half a million dollars in federal funding to try to stop things like this. tonight sheriffs spokesman sergeant ray kelly told us the grant is to combat violent extremists. what we're going to do with the money is train officers on our staff in regards to extremism on all fronts. kelly says that means targeting radical anarchists on the left and white supremacists on the right. security analyst jeff harp says the fbi is already busy investigating domestic terror cases. this grant can supplement those efforts. >> terrorism comes in a lot of different flavors. that can be used to combat terrorism to pay officer overtime, to conduct investigations, to participate in other agency investigations. >> reporter: in addition to officer training, the sheriff's department says the money will
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be used to reach out to alienated young people and to disrupt radicalization of inmates behind bars at santa rita jail but no specific focus on islam, despite the trump administration's move to narrow the grant criteria to fighting islamist extremism. >> i think what you've got to look at is what are the threats and risks in your particular area of responsibility as a law enforcement official? if alameda county has significant risk in domestic terrorism and neo nazi groups, then that's what they ought to be focusing their efforts on. a developing story now, a body discovered in the east bay could help solve a missing persons case that has plagued a san francisco family. the remains were found in a warehouse in hayward a couple miles from jabot college. the medical examiner is trying to determine if it is the father of two who went missing last
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month. the only person of interest is bob tang who used to work at the very warehouse where the body was discovered. tang was supposed to meet with police but he never showed up. >> we believe he fled the country to cambodia. >> police say dna results to identify the body could take a few days. new details tonight about a bay area teenager who fell to her death at land's end in san francisco last week. police say the 17-year-old and her two friends ignored a dangerous area closed and walked to the edge of painted rock cliff. they say that's when the girl fell about 200 feet landing on a large rock. the girl died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. demonstrators shut down a city council meeting protesting oakland's spending priorities. people there chanted slogans and demanded the city reinvest in
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the working class and communities of color. then city council members decided to cut the meeting short. protesters want protection against eviction and better enforcement of workers rights. a local union helped organize a demonstration. activists took their first official step in the effort to recall judge aaron persky. the judge has been in the spotlight after sentencing former stanford swimmer brock turner to only six months in jail for a sexual assault conviction. some claim he has a pattern of bias in sex crime cases. >> after learning about these cases, i was absolutely disgusted by persky's sentencing pattern. >> they issued a statement saying, quote, recalling a long time respected judge and former
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prosecutor over a single decision in which he followed the santa clara county probation department's recommendation sets a dangerous precedent that should concern us all. the group calling for his recall would still need more than 58,000 signatures in 160 days in order to get the recall on next june's ballot. coming up, cracking down on carpool cheats. the new plan to catch drivers abusing the diamond lanes. >> home sales on the peninsula are skyrocketing. is president trump to thank for the uptick? >> talk about a mid-air scare. what the pilot asked passengers to do as they started experiencing engine trouble.
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but carpool cheats just aren't getting the message. kpix 5's maria medina with the urgent
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enforcement.. chp is writing more tickets than ever but carpool cheats just aren't getting the message. kpix 5's maria medina with the urgent demand to step up enforcement now. >> how do you feel when you see a carpool lane cheater? >> it's a little frustrating. >> reporter: michelle garmin is far from alone. the metro transportation commission says carpool cheating is so bad, they went to our lawmakers to ask them to crackdown on violators. >> so it's one in five in the morning, one in four in the afternoon are really vehicles that aren't eligible to be in the carpool lane. >> reporter: the number of cheaters is on the rise. chp issued 46,882 tickets last year, up nearly 600 tickets from the year before and more than 3500 in 2014. >> they don't have enough chp out there to get the guys that are cheating. >> reporter: the mtc has a solution for that. they want chp enforcement to be included in an existing bill that extends a popular carpool lane perk. >> it's a benefit for everybody.
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>> reporter: a bill that allows drivers of electric and alternative fuel vehicles like anna amaya to buy green or white stickers so they can legally use carpool lanes. but the mtc points out clean air cars are contributing to the carpool congestion. consider this. dmv says as of june 1st, more than 260,000 drivers have stickers. a bay area commute crisis. question is, can the solution be fixed in the fast lane? >> the real issue is the carpool lane cheaters. the clean air vehicles are a small portion of that. >> if you get caught cheating in the carpool lane, the ticket nearly $500, but a lot of people willing to take that risk. maria medina, kpix 5. new video for you tonight. the california highway patrol says this biker was seriously out of line. you can see the green motorcycle gets much too close to other
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vehicles as he's splitting lanes there. according to the chp, he even punched and kicked some side mirrors on cars along highway 24 in orinda. from the help of that aerial crew, patrol officers on the ground eventually caught up with this guy at his house and placed him under arrest. that man faces charges of reckless driving and vandalism. investigators believe he did damage during several days last week. home sales have been soaring on the peninsula lately. only on 5, kpix 5's betty yu spoke to one real estate expert who says trump's presidency could be a contributing factor. >> this is exactly what people really like in atherton. you've got a flat yard, beautiful trees. >> reporter: this 5,000 square foot home on berry lane in the country's most expensive zip code. it's a neoclassical six-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bath home with upgrades. it's on the market for just
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under $9 million and one of the hottest properties in silicon valley which has seen already record setting home sales soar to even greater highs since president trump took office. that's according to de leon realty. >> as we got closer to the election, people seemed to be really worried, what if trump wins? but after he won, there was an instant optimism. >> reporter: they say the numbers prove it. last year its agents racked up $405 million in sales from closing 135 homes. but saw real significant jump in the second half of the year. this year de leon is already seeing a 30% jump in sales from the same period in 2016 at $229 million. >> the interest rates are certainly encouraging people in the midlevel between $2 and $4 million to go forward with the purchase because they're worried they won't be able to afford the rates come another year or two.
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on the high end, certainly the stock market, some optimism about taxes possibly coming down. >> reporter: has contributed to a healthy market, particularly in palo alto, menlo park, atherton, los altos. the ceo says there are more ultra rich overseas buyers particularly from china dropping tons of cash on extravagant homes. take this 6500 square foot home sitting on 18 acres of land in portola valley on the market for just under $17 million, complete with a two-bedroom guest house, views of the santa cruz mountains, a spa room, and -- >> this wine cellar is amazing. >> reporter: but he's seen a slowdown in one kind of buyer. >> the middle class in china because of the crackdowns on some of the current migration rules. they've been finding it more and more difficult to get money outside of china. >> reporter: chinese authorities have escalated its enforcement on investors parking money offshore since last year and got
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even stricter in 2017. under trump, properties are moving fast. about 20% of the homes de leon sold in palo alto and atherton this year sat on the market in the fall and sold after his election win. betty yu, kpix 5. do you think you had a lousy flight last time you were in an airplane? check this out. scary moments for travelers flying from australia to malaysia. their plane started shaking so violently, the pilot actually got on and asked them to pray. air asia x flight over the indian ocean. nowhere to land. engine trouble forced it to turn around. about 90 minutes passengers heard a loud bang, still over the ocean. the plane shudders for nearly two more hours. pilot even told passengers he was scared.
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>> listen to everything. our survival depends on your [ inaudible ] >> preparing. we thought there was a good chance we were going to go down. >> that plane eventually landed safely back in australia. it made it. air asia calls the incident a technical issue. >> that would be terrifying. paul, we're talking about summer, but it's weird that we're still talking about snow. >> june 26th, naturally let's talk about snowfall. on a much smoother flight yesterday i flew over the sierra and that's what i saw. take a look at all the snow above 10,000 feet in the elevation. ken told me about this today. highway 120, is it open yet? no, still closed indefinitely and likely will be the latest opening if it opens at all, 9900 feet in elvation. they're still measuring the snowfall there in feet.
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how's that snow pack looking right now? 13% above average especially in the central sierra. a whole lot less than what we had back on april 1st but still tremendous amounts of snow still to be melted keeping those rivers running high out of the sierra in to the central valley for the foreseeable future. mid 50s overnight tonight. vallejo, 55. fremont, 56. mountain view, 58. you'll wake up to clouds tomorrow because we have an onshore flow but that's a good thing. kept temperatures down the past couple days. will continue to for the next several. this is the ridge that got us above 100 degrees last week. it's moved and simply by moving the same bridge is now promoting a light to moderate onshore flow which will keep the clouds coming in in the morning hours but will keep temperatures down. widespread morning cloud cover tomorrow. burns back to the coast in the afternoon leaving a gorgeous tuesday afternoon. what you can expect, widespread morning clouds. next few mornings. temperatures near or below average for thursday. then we get hotter but not as hot as we were by friday.
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san jose, 76. san rafael, 72. san francisco, 64. we stay on the cool side of average through thursday. get a bit warmer especially inland over the weekend but not 100s. we're talking low 90s. and still measuring snowfall. >> what's the latest on record? >> july 1st. >> we're going to blow through that record. still ahead, all in a day's work. one bay area tow truck driver makes an unusual but adorable rescue on a local freeway. >> here's tonight's guests on the late show.
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freeway... a little kitten is safe tonight. d it's all after nearly getting run over on the nimitz freeway, a little kitten is safe tonight. >> all thanks to a tow truck driver who has a history of being a hero. daryl po is the driver. this morning he spotted a small black kitty cat. there he is wandering in and out of slow moving traffic. when it walked beneath a stopped semi, daryl was able to reach
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underneath and grab it, snagged him up. >> just hilarious how saving a cat turns in to like if i saved a life. >> well, you sort of did. >> in a way. >> yeah, in a way. absolutely. it actually did happen last fall when poe helped save a woman from a burning car. he was named driver of the year for that one. >> he gets my mvp award tonight. file this sportscast under the rich get richer. green shows up wearing shorts but leaves wearing the pants. looks good on you though.
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what if there was a paint... ...that had the power to awaken something old...
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...or painfully dated... ...or something you simply thought was lost forever... ...because it could form a strong bond, regardless of age... if a paint could give any time-worn surface stunning new life... have to wonder... is it still paint? regal select exterior from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. utive of the yea at the first annual nba awards show tonight, warriors gm bob meyers won executive of the year. would draymond join him taking home some hardware? >> the 2017 kia nba defensive player of the year goes to draymond green. >> green became the first warrior to win defensive player of the year. he had finished runner-up for the award each of the last two years and said it was a big win coming from a team known mostly for its offense. >> if you're going to win the
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championship, how important it is to defend. i think that's the great thing about our team. our offense is great but our defense is just as great. so to be rewarded with this knowing how serious we take it. >> the thunder's russell westbrook beat out james harden to take home the mvp. westbrook set an nba record with 42 triple doubles this season. according to fox sports, some giants players have become frustrated with new closer mark melancin after he decided to move the time of the relief pitcher stretching period. he said he wasn't aware that any teammates objected. >> if this is the thing we can point out and say this is the reason for the bad year so far, then please bring it on. we're talking about stretching, right? stretching. >> what are we talking about?
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practice? we talking about practice, man. >> feel like allen iverson talking about stretching. the drama in the bullpen doesn't seem to bother johnny cueto. bottom of the 4th, giants leading colorado 4-0. denard span triples home. 9-2, just their second win in the last 14 games. we'll be back.
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tomorrow the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> see you then. goodnight. captioning sponsored by cbs hi, i'm stephen colbert. there have been some rumors lately that i'm in russia. that's ridsic lus. after all the vinings i've said about vladimir putin, i would be crazy to go to moscow, so please, i'm in new york. if i wasn't, where i woo i get a new york yankees hat. why would i have a new york hot dog? how would i have printed out yesterday's copy of "the new york times"? (speaking russian). >> stephen: grassia, senorita. now i'm going to go to a knicks game. >> it's the late show with stephen colbert. tonight he welcome welcomes michael keaton, zooey kazan and tom shilue,


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