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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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explosive potential. how authorities in the east bay were able to sniff out thousands now at 11:00 two busts with explosive potential, how authorities in the east bay were able to sniff out thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. you can expect more crackdowns this 4th of july weekend. kpix5's christin ayers is outside the sheriff's department in san leandro tonight where the pile of illegal fireworks now tops more than 3,000 pounds. .and dealing in illegal aerial rocke dollars on the si >> it was pretty impressive, some heavy duty artillery. >> reporter: 3,260 pounds of fireworks found stockpiled in this small warehouse in san leandro where authorities say a motorcycle club was trafficking in guns and ammunition and dealing in illegal aerial rockets worth thousand dollars of dollars on the side. >> they were selling those for profit. this is probably our largest seizure in a couple years now. >> reporter: and this is just
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the beginning. while we were shooting video of all of this, bomb squad officials from alameda county pulled up with a truckload full of illegal fireworks from another bust in hayward. >> they put the wick in there. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies say an underage boy in hayward was advertising these illegal fireworks on craigslist when hayward police detectives showed up undercover to buy some. this is what they found. >> a fireworks laboratory where he was making and processing and selling fireworks out of his garage. >> reporter: neighbors had to be evacuated while bomb squads investigated. the sheriff's department said they're ramping up for more crackdowns as independence day gets closer. >> we know that the more fireworks we can get off the street before the 4th of july weekend, the less likely we are to have injuries and people going to the hospital and children getting burned. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. late word tonight warrior star steph curry just agreed to a blockbuster deal, $201
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million for five seasons. it would be the richest deal in nba history. it's a huge bump from his last contract which was four years for 44 million. vern glenn will break it all down for us coming up later on in sports. close to $50,000 worth of stolen electronics just recovered in the south bay. police found a stockpile of apple and samsung phones at a san jose home yesterday. they had just been stolen from a local cell phone store in concord. officers also found thousands of dollars in cash, a stolen gun and narcotics. a 29-year-old man was arrested and booked into the contra costa county jail. a bike path in san francisco is crowded with people who are not on bikes at all. instead they are living there. the path is in a spot where highway 101 crosses over cesar chavez street. kpix5's andria borba tells us frustrated cyclists say something has got to give. >> reporter: it's called the
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hairball, a tangled concrete flyover bike pass and pedestrian walkwares at 101 and cesar chavez. it's also become an intersection of a san francisco problem. >> coming through, coming through! >> reporter: this video shot by bicyclist angela logan on her morning commute to caltrain shows the reality of urban bike paths and the city's homeless population fighting for the same space. >> you're always stopping your bike on a dime to jump off because someone doesn't see you coming or steps out of a tent right in front of you or something. >> reporter: sam dodge, deputy director with san francisco's department of homelessness and supportive housing said the city's 4,000 homeless are constantly getting shooed. >> when people are experiencing homelessness, they're trying to get out of the way. they're not trying to be in a residential neighborhood or here or there and that's why cesar chavez and the 101 is a place where people have been for years. >> reporter: angela said they
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understand that, but the bike paths from bustling city streets is real, too. >> the option is to ride underneath the freeway on cesar chavez, but it's pretty dangerous. i used to do that, but it's a lot scarier with the cars, especially when it's dark in the morning. so the bicycle path is supposed to be there to solve the problem, but if they're all blocked, then you can't get through. >> reporter: another problem is determining whose problem it is. the criss-crossing strands of concrete almost as impenetrable as bureaucratic red tape behind it. >> there's a lot of intersecting property ownership and authorities there. we have caltrans with chp. we have the mta and bike trails. we have the department of public works and they have responsibility to the city for parts of that area. >> coming through, coming through! >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. >> there have been meetings on all sides and the city has opened two new navigation shelters for the homeless population, but there still
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really isn't a solution. a nasty car crash in the east bay has left a 24-year-old man dead. chopper 5 shows us the scene in fremont today and you can see the two cars on top of each other completely mangled. police say the young driver was speeding document osgood road in his truck when he lost control, crashed into an audi. the 54-year-old woman driving the audi is okay. new at 11:00 toxic algae becoming deadly for two dogs in the north bay, according to napa county officials, the dogs swam in a pond at the end of milton road and may have also drunk the water. warning signs are posted asking people to avoid the contaminated water. lake tumikal in oakland is still closed from an algae bloom spotted this week. it's unclear when it will reopen. lots of people in the tri- valley are being told add lemon to their drinking water before taking a sip to help hide a
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nasty taste. kpix5's da lin said the water not only tastes bad, it stinks, too. >> smells like wet dog and it tastes bitter. >> reporter: that's not what you want to taste in your water. >> it's got that musty smell to it. >> reporter: but tens of thousands of people in the tri- valley area started noticing the foul odor about two weeks ago. >> smells rotten like really bad. recent hot weather magnified the problem...
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magnified the problem. he said they tested the water and it is safe to drink. >> we are getting the same water at our home and we are drinking it and we feel pretty comfortable. >> reporter: not everyone believes it. lori ersted now only uses filtered water to brush her teeth and wash her face. >> i'm not buying fully yet that it's safe. i believe that our water treatment folks are doing the best they can. >> reporter: the water agency is telling people to put a slice of lemon in the water to mask the taste, no timeline as to when the problem will be fixed. in pleasanton i'm da lin, kpix5. a small plane crash landed on a southern california freeway and burst into flames. then a passing motorist on the 405 pulled a couple from the burning wreckage. the twin engine cessna had just tape off from john wayne airport this -- taken off from john wayne airport this morning
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in santa ana. the pilot tried to go back after losing his right engine and crashed. a fire captain saw it happen and sprang into action. >> his wing came across the front of my hood actually. the wife that was the passenger, i seen her face and head pop up out of the passenger side. if she could be there, i thought i could be there. >> two nurses all ran to help the woman while john meffert went back for the pilot. the couple is at the hospital and no word tonight on their conditions. no one else was injured. a 13-year-old cold case out of oakland is now closed even though the body of the victim has never been found. since 2004 eric mora denied killing his girl friend cynthia alonzo but prosecutors say last fall he confessed to the crime. they say mora told investigators where he buried alonzo's body, but after digging up areas last year in west oakland the body was never found. mora recently pleaded guilty to
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involuntary manslaughter and will serve 11 years in prison. new details in the case of a san francisco father who vanished without a trace in may. his friend bobby tang is a person of interest in the case and may have fled to his native cambodia. last wreak a body was discovered inside a -- week a body was discovered inside a warehouse where tang worked. he was killed, dismembered and his body stuffed into several plastic bags. the bags were hidden in the ceiling of the warehouse. the bags fell out of the ceiling onto a refrigeration unit where other workers found them long before police believe tang left for cambodia. the alameda county coroner's office is working to identify the body. a health scare in vallejo, people working out may have been exposed to tb. health officials say a person with tuberculosis went to the 24 hour fitness on sonoma boulevard in late may at
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various hours of the day. now logs are being looked at at who checked into the gym around the same time as the patient. health officials want the people who may have had contact with the person to gettested. the gym is -- get tested. the gym is completely safe. president trump and his feud with two msnbc anchors may have reached a new low. tonight there are allegations of blackmail. >> reporter: i'm betty yu standing in the main corridor of alcatraz's cell house where 55 years ago three men made that great escape. tonight i'll give you an inside look. [ indistinct chatter ]
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building.. and starting shooting. chaos at a new york city hospital, a disgruntled doctor who used to work there walked into the building today and started shooting. reporter meg olivier shows us how it all unfolded. >> reporter: police say a gunman entered new york city's bronc-lebanon's hospital friday afternoon armed with an assault rifle and began shooting. >> they're calling it an active shooting at this time because confirmed shots were fired. >> one doctor is dead and there are several doctors who are fighting for their lives right now. >> reporter: police say the gunman identified as dr. henry bello, a former employee, hit the assault rifle in his lab coat before opening fire on the hospital's 16th and 17th floors just before 3 p.m. gonzalo carazo was working on the 12th floor. >> all i heard was a doctor saying help, help! and that's when i saw police came and everybody just went to the room. i just went to a room and i
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locked myself in the room. >> reporter: this man said his fiancee called him while the shooter was active. >> first thing i told her is get off the phone. don't talk too loud. stay low and stay where you're at. >> reporter: officers immediately put the hospital on lockdown while they searched for the gunman floor by floor. the whole episode was over in less than an hour. >> during the incident the hospital's fire alarm system activated apparently due to the suspect's attempt toset himself on fire. >> reporter: police say bello described as a family medicine physician then shot himself to death. the 1,000 bed hospital has one of the busiest emergency rooms in the city located about a mile north of yankee stadium. meg olivier, cbs news, bronx, new york. president trump not backing down tonight. in fact, he took his twitter feud with two cable news anchors to a whole new level today and now cbs reporter major garrett reports the hosts are also firing back with allegations of blackmail.
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with msnbc anchors mika brzezinski and joe s in) in a washington >> mr. president, do you regret the tweet that you sent about mika brzezinski? >> reporter: the president ignored a question today about his escalating feud with msnbc average overs. the two wrote white house aides tried to intimidate them with a story in the national inquirer. >> they said if you call the president up and apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike the story. >> reporter: mr. trump is long time friends with david ceo of american media that publishes the tabloid. in response to the allegation the president tweeted it was scarborough who called him to stop the article. i said no. sources tell cbs news scarborough called the president's son-in-law jared kushner in april about a coming
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inquirer story. at some point in that conversation curber in suggested an -- kushner suggested an apology from scarborough might prompt the president to intervene. through a spokesman the inquirer said, "we have no knowledge of any discussions between the white house and joe and mika." >> that was major garrett reporting. it was a legendary escape from a place supposed to be inescapable. 55 years ago this month three men pulled off the impossible, breaking out of alcatraz. >> only on 5 tonight betty yu takes us to some rare locations on the rock to show us how they got out. l rly 3 decades. i >> reporter: there's something about this old prison that brings nearly 4,000 visitors by the boat load to this island on any given day. alcatraz was a federal penitentiary in three decades. there were 33 escape attempts. 23 were caught. six were shot and killed, but
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two drowned. but three men brothers john and clarence england and frank morris have never been found. >> they crawled out of their cells up on the roof and escaped into the san francisco bay and that you got to give it to them. they broke the system. y heads ma er, paper mache, pai >> reporter: for 55 years that legendary escape is still one of the greatest mysteries in american history. case for the last 14 years. he still gets 1 or 2 leads a month uth america" "in my g 's a more l >> welcome to alcatraz. >> reporter: the allure partly fueled by popular shows and hollywood including the movie escape from alcatraz starring clint eastwood. >> what they did is they -- >> reporter: i got an inside look at the infamous cells normally off limits to the public where the trio of bank robbers began their month long plot. i'm standing in john england's jail cell. it is 5 by 9 and the size of a standard pool table. if you look behind me, that's the air vent he widened to escape through. >> they literally drill small holes around the existing vent
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and then push that concrete in. >> reporter: the photo shows the kind of meticulous work they did around the vent with the drill. the night of june 11th they were ready to go. after squeezing through this cement wall she climbed up a network of pipes and plumbing before they made it here to the roof. x marks the spot. this was the actual portal to freedom for those three escapees. after they knocked off the air vent they ended up here on the roof of the cell house and ran straight to freedom. >> once they were on the ground they went underneath the water tower and scrambled down to the smoke stack at the north end, inflated their raft and paddled away never to be seen again. >> reporter: the inmates used 50 rain coats to make that raft in a separate work shoppe they set up themselves. pieces of wood and one of the vests washed up near angel island. what was left behind in their cells, dummy heads made of
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plaster, papier-mache, paint and real human hair to fool the guards. >> very sophisticated. they did a lot of work. they read popular mechanics magazine and had access to stuff from the library. >> reporter: this is the cover of that popular mechanics issues featuring a how-to on raft making techniques. u.s. marshal michael dike has worked the case the last 14 years. he still gets one or two leads a month. most turn into dead ends. >> there's theory about if they left at a certain time, the tides could have been in their favor and they made it ashore. my general sense of it, there's more a likelihood that they didn't make it. >> they drowned ones they got out of ago tray as and their bodies were -- once they got out of ago cha as and their
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bodies -- alcatraz and their bodies were swept away. >> reporter: using age progression technology the fbi released these images of what they might look like. >> i believe they made it to shore. no one knows. they might be in brazil. i doubt that. >> reporter: william baker was 23 when he did time on alcatraz. he knew mike morris. >> he was a very quiet patient guy, a guy that could actually do things mechanically. >> reporter: the men's ingenuity was as great as their desperation to escape from alcatraz, now one of america's most popular tourist attractions. in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. >> you think they made it? >> they never found their bodies. everything had to work so perfectly for them to do it. it's almost so intricate i might have worked. >> betty didn't have time, but there were postcards they sent
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the warden. paul, what do you think? >> i think they made it. if they got that far, it's hard to believe that final step they didn't take, just a humble weatherman's opinion. i'll give you the forecast, more confident about that. we have 50s out there now, low cloud cover filling into the san francisco bay. we didn't have much this evening because more of a north wind. breezy, okayland and santa rosa 58. second half of the year starts tomorrow morning, folks. napa 55, fremont and redwood city tonight 55 degrees. pigs will race at the alameda county fair, localities of other stuff, too. saturday and sunday in pleasanton should be sunny and very nice, mid-80s and marin county fair and pleasant weather throughout much of the bay area. pretty close to where is average for where you find yourself. the coast is 50s inland.
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here's why. the ridge of high pressure was bashful today and farther off to the west we did grab more northerly influence which kept the low clouds around much of the evening. the onshore flow will come back tonight and anywhere near san francisco bay, san pablo bay and the coastline, you'll likely wake up to cloud cover tomorrow, but everybody gets sunshine except for the immediate san mateo host line. we push the repeat button sunday with coastal and bay fog, otherwise very sunny weather for the weekend. if you find yourself inland saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, mostly sunny skies each day, a little warmer this weekend. normal weather continues through the 4th. doesn't nine banner sunshine weather for oakland and san francisco in the morning, but afternoon highs will be wildly pleasant. concord 84, redwood city 78, napa 83 with sunshine, san jose 80, san francisco 608 degrees. extended forecast, warmest sunday by a couple degrees. we'll cool off a little bit by july 4th and very pleasant
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weather continues for the next week, no cold snaps, no heatwaves, just bay area gorgeous, looking really good. >> love that. thanks, paul. up next if you like whale watching now is the time, where we spotted these guys splashing around the water earlier today.
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there you go. chopper 5 spotted these guys splashing around golden gate bridge today. people have been spotting them all around the bay almost daily because of an abundance of food in the area. and forget baseball tonight at at&t park. it was all about the opera. >> thousands showed up to hear the talented singers. [ singing ] >> people sat in the outfield and watched a live simulcast straight from the opera house. opera at the ballpark has been happening free every year for more than a decade. hi, everybody. i'm steph curry. i get the highest paid jersey in the nba. i was the 82nd highest paid player last season. i was the fourth highest paid on my own team but not anymore.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. stephen curry, didn' l....this is >> nba free agencypalooza, up top the warriors, the dominoes are falling. steph curry didn't just agree to a max deal. this is a historic super max deal and as liz told you at the
11:30 pm
beginning of the broadcast, curry, two time mvp two time champ agreed to a five year $201 million deal and at present is the richest contract in league history because you remember russell westbrook this weekend could pass that and the numbers are staggering. his salary bump goes from 12 million to 34.5 next year. also tonight teammate shaun livingston agreed to a three year $24 million deal and we're still waiting on andre iguodala to meet with the kings and spurs this weekend. here's the early buzz. tonight it was paul george traded from indiana to oklahoma city, a coveted free agent by many teams joining mvp russell westbrook in okc. giants fans here, second pitch of the game span went yard off gerrit cole, brother-
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in-law of brandon crawford. it's hunter pence, bases loaded shot. two more scored. pence batted in five runs and the giants, 18 hits beat the pirates final 13-5 and giants quietly won four in a row. for eight innings in oakland he was the man, eight strikeouts, kept the a's off balance, three outs before surrendering this 9th inning home run by matt olson. braves won 3-1. we'll be back.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi. this fourth of july come on down to al, dave, and gary's firework empouriom located off i-94 by the payless shoe store. we have all the fire works you need: ( laughter ) hey, buddy! don't smoke near them bottle rockets! gary, dave, go stop that guy! hi! this fourth of july come on down to al's furniture emporium. located just off i-94 by the crater that used to be the


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