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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now 500 displayed in oakland after a seven-story building goes up in flames and many are wondering if it's arson. thank you for joining us. >> the fire burned a building under construction a couple of blocks from lake merit. kpix 5 reporter live in oakland where hundreds of people near the fire zone still cannot go home. >> that's right. it's creating a big problem. keep in mind, one crane, that's what's keeping 700 to 900 evacuees from returning to home. crews will start to bring the crane down within the next couple of hours. the goal is to get it down before 8:30 before it gets
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dark. people are turned away from their own apartments. >> last night we stayed with a friend who has a condo down the street. >> no one has been allowed back since the evacuation yesterday morning. >> tonight, we're in a hotel. >> they cleared out all the houses and buildings within the potential collapse zone. it was swinging wildly during the fire. >> we're told as soon as that crane back there comes down, we can go back in. >> cleanup crews knocked down loose debris in preparation to remove the crane. they haven't been able to enter the construction site to search for the cause, but a lot of people are suspicious. >> my gut feeling it was arson. >> i'm thinking, ok, somebody doesn't like these new construction projects. somebody probably doesn't like what's happening with oakland and the gentryification. >> this is the fifth fire in the building that destroyed the building under construction in recent years. the previous four were arson. the building that burned down
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twice this may and last july. the october 31, 2016 fire that destroyed a building on lester avenue near lake merrit and a senior housing complex next to the west oakland b.a.r.t. station in 2012. all were similar in stages of construction. the wood framing was complete, but before drywall and sprinkler were installed. >> stupid, stupid, but, you know, people are angry. >> keep in mind the fire is still under investigation. atf investigators and fire investigators have not been able to enter that building because it is still considered unsafe. the goal is they can go back in there -- go in there for the first time tomorrow to start to search for the cause. >> i know the fires are under investigation, but just with those four panels you showed, all of the suspicious fires that have been set the past few year, you think they would hire security guards to protect the construction. that aside, do you know when
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the earliest evacuees can go home? [ no audio ] >> well, i don't know about you, but i can't hear don. we'll get back to him when we can. in other news now, right now, a brush fire is burning in rodeo near eastbound i-80 passing willow avenue. the fire has grown to 100 acres and has close skyway. crews are telling people to avoid the area. the blaze broke out around 3:00 this afternoon. no structures are threatened. several agencies are helping in the firefight. >> you can imagine the high heat is keeping firefighters busy. they are battling three other fires all producing thick smoke. jackie ward is there. she says two of the fires have been contained, but heat is taking its toll on firefighters. >> after july 4th, cal fire expects their days to get more
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intense, but three fires starting back to back to back leads them to think something is up. >> very close to each other in proximity and time. of course, that is always suspicious, coincidental. we're looking into it. it could be human caused intentional or accidentsal. >> at one point, cal fire says 250 acres were on fire. now two fires are completely contained and the third is at 80%. >> the problem is the terrain. it's steep. it's oakwoodland. it's limited access. there are good roads into there as far as good roads. it's deep for the bulldozer to cut the line. >> 35 miles away at brentwood at the aquatic park, you can smell the smoke from the fires. the people who live here say they are used to it this time of year. >> you can see the smoke in the area. you can see that haze there. you know there's a fire. >> when it does happen, it's kind of scary because it's a lot of try grass around here. >> especially after the extra wet winter we had. higher amounts of rain than normal means vegetation grew like it hasn't in years.
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not only are fire crews combating more debris, they are also facing triple digit heat and extreme fatigue. >> a lot of them are going on 3- 5 hours of sleep. we have safety officers out watching them perform, seeing they're still doing what they need to be doing. >> for big fires like the one on marsh creek road they are trying to put out right now, firefighters are getting rotated out as soon as possible. >> that was jackie ward reporting. a fast-moving wildfire continues to burn out of control in butte county. it broke out yesterday afternoon north of the town of bangor and has grown to about 2,000 acres and is only 2% contained. the fire also destroyed 10 homes and another 200 are ununder evac -- under evacuation orders or warning. >> i grabbed my dog, clothes and they said get out immediately. >> we give an order, that means you're in imminent danger and staying at your house is a decision you get to make, but we don't recommend it because
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we can't guarantee you that we can save you or even send a fire engine to your location. >> the fire has caused several minor injuries including five residents and one firefighter. well, it has been a warm, past couple of days as we look towards ocean beach. one place you can find a little bit of respite. fog and clouds rolling back in. east bay 35 miles over to mount diablo, plenty of blue. relief is on the way and here it is. the fog and clouds coming through the golden gate bridge and that's going to cool everybody down. right now it's still 99 at concord. livermore 97 degrees. not as warm as it was yesterday. heat advisories, red flag warnings posted until 9:00 tonight for the inland east bay. heat warnings in the valley as temperatures there reach 105. red flag warning for east bay hills. extreme fire dangers with things being so hot and dry. a little cooler inland as the high pressure weakens. we'll tell you what your number will be in terms of
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temperatures tomorrow. we'll do the forecast in just a few minutes. a pittsburgh woman is under arrest today on suspicion of stabbing her own parents to death. police responded to a home on deal way yesterday morning after 50-year-old monique lashaun called them to say she found her parents dead inside. police discovered the 67-year- old woman and 73-year-old man had been done for a few days. they sigh the crime scene -- say the crime scene had been staged to look like a fight and she later confessed to killing them. so far, there's no word on a motive. a peaceful march moved through the streets of hamburg, germany. in the final days of the g20 summit, about 20,000 people took part and some say they were upset about earlier protests that turned violent. president trump met with more heads of state as the summit concluded and wendy tells us the subject of north korea came up more than once. president trump headed home saturday after a whirlwind g20
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summit in hamburg, germany. the president met with more world leaders before his departure. >> thank you very much. >> one day after his first face- to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin which lasted more than two hours. saturday's meetings included a 1 1/2 hour sit down with china's president where north korea was on the agenda. >> as far as north korea is concerned, i know they'll have success. it may take longer than i'd like. it may take longer than you'd like. there will be success in the end one way or the other. >> the communist country dominated discussions with japan's prime minister after north korea's first successful test of an intercontinentalballistic missile. >> i will stay very, very focused with what's going on with respect to north korea. >> they announced their commitment to the paris climate change accord despite president trump's decision to pull out.
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>> i wish president trump to rejoin the paris agreement. the uk own commitment to the paris commitment in tackling global climate change is as strong as ever. thousands of demonstrators against the g20 mamped peacefully saturday -- marched peace three saturday-- peace three saturday a -- contrast to earlier. mr. trump did cancel a news conference, but russian president putin did hold one and believes the u.s. president believed him when he denied mettling in the u.s. election. two men were gored after the second day festival. the second runner is recovering at a local hospital and is in
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stable condition. eight other men were also injured following the run. on friday, two other americans and a spaniard were hurt. they were treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. coming up, the city of san jose is being sued after an officer-involved shooting left an 18-year-old dead. plus, a midair fight forces a plane to turn around. our first look at the damage inside the cabin after flight attendants restrained the passenger.
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action against the city of san devin fehely family of a teen who was killed last year in an officer- involved shooting is seeking legal action against the city of san jose. kpix 5 has more on the lawsuit. they should not be -- there should not be a situation where a person calls for help and the response is deadly force. >> anthony nunez' family says he was severely depressed, suicidal and already suffering
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from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when police arrive at his house last year. >> a call for help was made for him and he was denied that help. instead, they brought guns and my son -- they shot and killed my boy in front of our house. >> nunez' family has filed a civil rights lawsuit accusing the police department of wrongly shooting the 17-year- old they say was not armed at the time and posed no threat to the officers. >> the young man told the dispatch lady that i had taken the gun away from him. he does not have a gun. >> san jose police would not comment on the case citing the pending lawsuit. the day after the lawsuit, eddie garcia says his officers fired because they field threatened and -- felt threatened an offer their attempts to deescalate attempts failed. cold comfort to his mother who says it cost her son his life. >> they should have brought ambulance and help for him, not guns. >> in san jose, kpix 5. fire investigators are still trying to determine how a
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fire tore through an apartment complex in antioch sending several people to the hospital. it broke out around 10:00 last night damaging 18 units. three people are being treated for smoke inhalation and they believe it started in vegetation and spread to the building, but there are reports of someone setting off fireworks nearby. we are getting new pictures of the aftermath of a fight that broke out on a delta flight. they show the chaos that ensued when an out of control passenger tried opening an exit door mid-air. flight 129 was bound for china, but they headed right back to seattle within an hour. you can see debris all overt floor of the plane on the interior shot. this is after fists flew in first class and a flight attendant smashed wine bottles on the man's head in an effort to stop the man from lounging towards the exit door. >> flight attendant ran back. there was a code three. there was a serious fight. they rolled the guy out
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handcuffed and bound in a wheelchair. >> delta flight attendants are taught physical defense in their training and they have recurring training on passenger safety. passengers trying to get in and out of san francisco international airport ran into some problems this morning. the air train shuttle was out of service for hours today. b.a.r.t. first reported the problem around 6:30 this morning. no word on what caused it, but it's back and running this afternoon. we have some new video to show you from our own reporter emily turner. she's out whale watching right next to the golden gate bridge and says whales are everywhere. take a look. can you three? you can see one of the whales even splash its tail along the water. those out on the bay this weekend will be in for quite a surprise. thanks, emily, for sending that in. was that a work assignment you think? >> for emily? >> yeah. >> no, she's an intrepid reporter. >> i believe that too. >> as you should. >> nothing is happening in front of you, you shoot it. >> absolutely. >> that's why we were given
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iervetion phones. -- iphones. here is how it looks out there. blue skies responding to warm temperatures as well. winds out of the southeast to about 14 at santa rosa. again, as we showed you a moment ago, you come over to the golden grate and see re-- golden gate and see relief is on the way. if you love warm weather, it is going to get a bit cooler, but not in big steps. baby steps. right now concord still at 99 degrees. oakland has 71. livermore 97 and in san francisco, it is 63 degrees. santa rosa has 83. santa rosa came down -- santa rosa was 98 yesterday, 82 today. it cooled by 16 degrees. cooler inland with high pressure over the desert southwest and as a result, temperatures will cool all the way down into the low 90s for tomorrow and alonthe shoreline, it's continuing with a brisk, little sea breeze coming in there. so, it's cooling down at the beach.
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future cast does show fog that will be moving in overnight tonight and you can see as the time lapse goes on, this is tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. we do get that finger of fog that will come over the peninsula. >> the east bay hills and clear back to the shoreline and most of tomorrow will be clear, but because of the expanded marine layer, it will be cooler. just a few clouds at the beach. mild temperatures again near the shoreline. warm inland again. it won't be as warm. there are heat advisories posted through 9:00 tonight. inland east bay, there's a heat warning in the central valley. keep hydrated and behave yourself. art and wine festival this weekend. 94 degrees. plenty of sunshine. the festival will be relatively mild with 70 degrees in san francisco and a few low clouds mixed in with sun. in the bay area, you'll see clouds along the shoreline and 108 degrees in fresno. 86 for lake tahoe. 79 at yosemite. we'll look at mid-50s.
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here are the numbers for tomorrow. 66 in san francisco as we begin to subside to near seasonal averages. 82 at sunny valle. 82 -- sunnyvale at 82. in east bay, the numbers will be near 100 at brentwood, but down in the upper 80s and low 90s and in terms of the north bay, we have a few low clouds up there. aside from that, 90 in santa rosa tomorrow. in ukiah, lakeport, within a few degrees of 100. a few low clouds move in. then, we'll look for temperatures to moderate as we get into monday. it will be seasonal averages. then, we warm it up again as we get into the latter half of the week. all in all, not too bad. that's right. we'll be looking at mr. glennwho is live right now. how is it out there?
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man, it is great to be out here at the ballpark where barry bonds -- it's hard to believe, it's been a decade since barry bonds roamed left field behind me. boy, was his presence felt today. that story just ahead.
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bonds broke baseball's home run record and today he was good afternoon from the ballpark today. maybe this is the first step toward the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. it's been 10 years since barry bonds broke baseball's home run record. today, he did get inducted into the giant wall of fame. bonds became the 49th member to get on that wall honored as one of the greats of the game. outside of at&t park this afternoon, bonds, all-time home run king, won five mvps in his 16 seasons in san francisco and in his speech, bonds said all
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the -- thanked all the giants fans for their support over the years. >> all of you in san francisco, ownership, this building, this street, the people i see on my bike, i can never -- [ indiscernible ] [ cheers and applause ] >> your loyalty to me and my family, your loyalty to this organization, and you're right. hell, we're not going nowhere ever. >> yeah, you know, it's been four weeks since the golden state warriors won the nba championship, but here in the age of free agency, news surrounding doug nation has not slowed down. only yesterday at the headquarters, here was the team as golden state introduced the newest warrior nick young better known as swaggy p. he did meet with kevin durant,
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draymond green and head coach skerry and was blown -- steve kerr and was blown away when he saw how the champ got treated during their dinner. >> i think they set it up because i was eating dinner. they were getting championship cakes and congratulations and i'm just sitting there like, that's cool. this is what you get when you're a warrior. manager comes down. i did enough this year. it just felt good. >> hey, boy, out of the nba, james harden got paid signing a four-year extension through 2023 reportedly worth an nba record $228 million surpassing the $201 million deal steph curry signed just last week, but the richest contract in league history. let's give you something quick. opened up play against gold
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cuppanama. u.s. leading 1-0. squeezed one through and that tied it as the game would end at a 1-1 draw and the first of three group play matches for the united states. back here out to the heartland, a true, true game near and dear to america, but what isn't expensive here in the bay area? really. everywhere you go, well, we stumbled on to a family sport long been celebrated since the beginning of the 1900s here in the united states that anybody can enjoy for years for the average price of a giants ticket. ♪ >> in the early 1900s, folks gathered and hurled these two- pound shoes, 30 to 40 feet away. horseshoe pitcher, sharp shooters, from boston through the bay area. >> we had burton, cloverdale, sonoma, petaluma. >> since 1936, small town north
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bay clubs involved into the sonoma county horseshoe club in santa rosa. all skills, ages welcome, thursday afternoons in doil -- doyle park. >> my wife told me to find a hobby and i found one. >> paul's skills have earned him a trip to the world championships later this month. pitchers from san francisco, pleasanton, half moon bay and fairfield clubs have qualified. >> retired softball pitcher, this is your sport because it is dropping the ball on the plate. >> i pitched for about eight years in softball. >> does that help at all? >> well, no, actually. i come out here and try to throw my curve and horseshoes don't curve. [ laughter ] >> championship caliber too. >> you must repeat every motion the same as you did before. >> you release it, you want to come back towards you and it's going to slip to that pin. >> if you step wrong, if you
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move wrong, if you position your feet wrong, it's not going to work. >> here it is. here it is! >> close really does in horse hues -- count in horse sues. -- horseshoes. >> $70 and you're good. we're back after this. jack's gonna crash your crave! here, try my barbeque bacon cheeseburger with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce topped with bacon and onion rings. thanks jack. ha ha! piece of cake. oh, jack! you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van!
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the cbs weekend news is next. news updates are always on that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at
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6:00. >> opt cbs weekend news -- the cbs weekend news will be next. ioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: another busy day of diplomacy. president trump wraps up the wrapsummit in germany with a whirlwind of meetings. daughter ivanka trump raises eyebrows sitting in for the president. also tonight, extreme heat fuels a growing wave of wildfires in the west. ttshowdown in charlottesville, virginia over plans to remove a confederate statue. >> people are angry and people are mobilizing. >> ninan: and, new details about high tech prison break. did this convict use a drone to escape? >> this is the first time that this has ever happened. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good eveni reena ninan.


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