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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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three minutes or cameras caught a handful of trucks over the 16,000 pound weight limit. >> the trucks probably coming from the rock quarry on stanley road. >> reporter: a violation of the law, several years ago trucks were banned from using first street but the two truck drivers caught by police today admitted they just come from semex, the company spokesperson saying in part "employees do not operate trucks hauling materials from the elliott quarry. these trucks are operated by third parties, once leaving the quarry, the third party drivers control the roads they travel on." >> it is dangerous, a constant flow of large, loud trucks. >> reporter: marissa posted her concerns on nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods and many of her neighbors agreed with her. one woman wrote "i have lived here a long time and many have fought the battle for years." police say they will step up
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enforcement but may be too late for semex, the neighbors are talking about getting a petition to ban trucks all together. >> you have main street one block aaway. i don't understand the thought process in allowing it to be a freeway for large trucks. >> reporter: the reason she is so concerned is because the park gets really busy if first fridays and the farmer's market. the ticket for the violation is $100 but fines keep going up. maria medina, kpix 5. a federal judge who oversees the oakland police department calls top city officials into court. follows a report alleging the city has fallen short in handling of a police sex scandal. kpix 5 reporter melissa caen joins us from the federal court ho s francisco. >> reporter: today here in federal court, there was a lot of frustration, had federal
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court has been overseeing the oakland police department for nearly 20 years, and yet, a recent report showed the police department did a terrible job and investigating its own officers related to the sex scandal last year. today the oakland mayor and police chief were in court to answer for it. >> reporter: held accountable? disciplined? the press conference was over, the main issue at the hearing today was whether the court should order the department to discipline the police who messed up the investigation. the oakland police chief didn't seem prepared to answer questions on whether she will hold anyone accountable . >> employment law is a law, and governed by laws. no, that was not available to be during the investigation. >> reporter: gym shannon, attorney for the playoff, said it sends the wrong message. >> they must be investigated and held accountable, if people who were promoted are accountable for letting the statute return
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and letting the thing go uninvestigated, there should be consequences to their promotion. >> reporter: september 2015 an oakland policeman committed suicide with a note saying other officers were having sex with an underaged prostitute. oakland police told the court about the suicide but not about the note. in march of 2016, the court found out about the note and the police department's weak attempt to investigate. the court ordered an investigation by an outside lawfirm, the result was a bomb shell, it said the oakland investigation was inadequate, defective, and no evidence city leaders acted to get to the bottom of it. the judge saw the report and immediately ordered the city to come to court, that is why we are here today. john burris is an attorney for the plaintiff and said he is hopeful but skeptical. >> i hope this isn't, as i said in the court, deja vu, meaning we had many hearings over 16
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years where the police chief's good faith intention would come before the court and tell them the good things they would do and nothing happened. >> reporter: one federal judge, judge henderson has been in charge but he is retiring soon. today judge oric sat in. >> reporter: judge henderson said he will issue an order tomorrow or the next day, and the new judge said he will hold another hearing in three months, live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. questions over bart's refusal to release video showing recent robberies on the trains, now we have taken a look at an internal memo explaining their decision. the eye opening reason why they don't want you to see the videos. >> reporter: one of the reasons is there are juveniles in the video, okay, understandable in some cases, another reason is
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the video becomes evidence and the public can't see it. something that caught the attention of bart board members is the videos may create racial bias. turns out recorded video from these cameras of the recent rash of teen mob robberies won't be released to the public, bart says it is for a number of reasons. but that led some elected officials, like bart board director, deborah allen, to question, doesn't the public have a right to see the video? here is the response she got from bart assistant general manager, carrie hamill. >> to release the videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary. >> my question to you is what role does the color of one's skin play in divulgeing information? do you hold back information? >> i think the statement speaks for itself, again, the information that we release depends on the circumstances of the investigation and whether releasing a video serves a good trying to solve a crime.
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>> reporter: kpix 5 obtain admemo to board members, where she explained bart won't put out a press release on a most recent theft because it was a "petty crime. and talking about it would make bart look look crime ridden, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports." as for how she sees the media "my view it is the pursuit of ratings, they know that video of these events will drive clicks to the website and viewers to the programs because people are motivated by fear." >> i think it is an honest discussion, the assistant gm rote the memo, i thing it speaks for themselves, but what we can do with video, we have to abide by state law and have to go with the leadf the bart police investigators.
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>> reporter: bart says in an effort to be more transparent, it started a new crime log listing all reported crimes on this website. >> 6:23, june 30th, robbery, san leandro, first degree, strong arms, hands, fist. >> reporter: bart investigators tell me the new cameras, close to 700 on their bart train, four per car, have helped in solving recent crimes. and many times that video is used as evidence in court cases and can't be shared. they encourage viewers and riders to go on to the latest crime mapping web page to look at incidents that may be happening at a train near you. in oakland, kpix 5. brush fire burning now in santa clara county, hills south of mt. hamilton broke out in the last couple hours, fought on the ground and air. cal fire aircraft dropping water and fire retardant on the flames. live look from chopper 5 shows the conditions right now, some smoke still in the air, but
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clearly looks like crews getting the upper hand here. so far, about 40 acres have burned, for a while there was concern for structures in the area, but these pictures appear to be good news. the fires near the intersection of san phillippe and metcalf roads, there have been evacuations, we will bring you updates. oakland man drown along the russian river over the weekend, snoemy county sheriff's office-- sonoma county sheriff's office says he was with family and friends 300 yards upstream of the beach, he disappeared under water trying to get back from shore to a sand bar. crews found his body in 5 feet of water. they say alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the drowning. the digging and drilling to build muni central subway in san francisco will keep going for many months, with the project now behind schedule. eventually a new line will run
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from china town through union square, and then connect with bart and the rest of the muni metro system. kpix 5's wilson walker shows us where the construction delays are happening. >> reporter: with this, it is blocking up all the streets, streets on washington can't go past. >> the traffic, the noise, everything. >> reporter: for anyone who lives and works in china town, it is more than public transit project. >> you can hear the noise. >> reporter: the central subway is already a way of life. >> dealing with this every day. >> china town business, they hurt a lot. really hurt the business. >> reporter: the china town dig is delivering the central subway's first major setback, a dispute with the contractor over the construction schedule at this station. >> right now we are looking at about, at least a 10-month delay. >> reporter: we went underground for a tour of the union square station back in february, and word then was that the project was on budget and considered to be on schedule. >> it looks like we will be
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finished from the south a little earlier, and begin the process of completing for umthe south moving north. >> reporter: now that the northern end is nearly a year behind schedule, there is the other concern. does this affect the budget at all? >> there are no direct budget impacts to the project. what we are dealing with is timing delay. >> making me think, wow, going to impact everybody here. >> a black eye for a project many questioned from the start, this is, after all, a 1.7 mile rail line costing nearly $1.6 billion, nearly $176,000 per foot. >> we understand a 10-month delay isn't the best news, but at the end of the day we will get the project done and under budget. >> reporter: we reached out to the contractor, they said no comment, but both sides are now in talks to hopefully resolve the dispute and set a new construction schedule. if and when that happens, we might get a better idea of what kind of delay the central subway
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is headed for. in san francisco's china town, wilson walker, kpix 5. four bedrooms, great views, and, yeah, it is sitting on the edge of a landslide. only in the bay area, the red tag home on the market for nearly $1 million. could one arsonist be behind a string of construction fires? why a bay area developer is convinced there is a pattern. a dirty debate about reusable water bottles, are they worse than dog bowls? the truth about the germs that you myth be gulping down. all sunshine over san jose right now, but temperatures are not as warm as the past couple of days. coming up, when the entire bay area will see a cool down, and when triple-digit heat returns again. that is next.
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that you can't even live in. se in lafayett new video tonight of a bay area home for sale that you can't even live in. this house in lafayette has been red tagged, as you see, there is a large landslide in the backyard, the asking price, $850,000. the listing is "not for the faint of heart." goes on to say the price reflects the cost of repairs and once the property is restored there will be great views of mt. diablo. the growing task of determining what sparked the
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massive construction fire in oakland now under way, the more than 20 federal fire investigators looking into the cause. the fire broke out early friday morning on valdes forcing hundreds to leave their homes and businesses, susie stemiel live in oakland where one man is calling the fire a war on housing. susie? >> reporter: atf investigators still haven't been able to safely get into the building to determine the cause of the fire, but local developers, including the man you mentioned, say they believe it is a case of arson, and they are wasting no time protecting their own construction sites. 23rd and valdes streets remained blocked off by barricades today as atf investigators from the around the country try to figure what happened here friday, the 5th time atf has been tasked with finding out what caused a brand new apartment complex to be destroyed by fire during construction. >> i know what it feels like to have what happened, it is just, a gut punch.
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>> reporter: rick holiday own 3800 san pablo avenue, the apartment complex was burned to the ground twice by arsonist this past year, while atf is unsure, rick is convince td is the same story. >> i always believe it is an arsonist, someone-- i said there is a war on housing in my opinion. at the last fire. i think this is bearing out, it is very troubling. >> reporter: mayor libby hfked him to help other developers protect themselves. >> ask me if i would be willing to join other developers to talk about how to fortify the city against having more fires and how to be organize ourselves to best try and catch the people doing it. >> reporter: no arrests have been made, ooshgs tf did release this video of a suspect seen in the area of the san pablo avenue fire back in may, atf is also offering a $110,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this three previous arsons . friday's fire started at 4:30 in the morning and displaced more
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than 900 residents as hot flames scorched nearby businesses and forced firefighters to rip down a construction crane. the complex would have housed nearly 200 departments and a shopping mall on the bottom level. >> terrorist group. i think it is pretty obvious, they are doing something that is unbelievably destructive and irrational. >> reporter: rick holiday told me he will meet with those other developers and the mayor this week, he will rebuild the san pablo for the second time. anderson construction, the owners say they will rebuild as well. susie stemiel, kpix 5. wildfires are ripping through california, from san burn burn koundy to northern-- san bernardino county to northern california, cal fire called for help, arm would flame
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retardant to put out the fires. the wall fire north of sacramento destroyed several homes, sweeping through the grassy foothills of the sierra, nevada, cease of oroville. it-- southeast of oroville. it has burned 5600 acres since started friday. cal fire says saturday was the worst of the fire. the weather calmed down a bit allowing firefighters to get a handle thon flames. it is now 35% contained. fires closing in on california central coast, the whittier fire started saturday, it burned 7800 acres and it is now 5% contained. alamo fire started thursday near twitchal reservoir, it burned more than 28,000 acres and about 15% contained. >> we welcome paul deanno back, glad you are with us, boy, you came right in at fire season. fire season is here, the rain is not going to help, what can really help the most is, us. 95% of all of these fires are started by people.
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we know the conditions will be rough, if a fire startatize will take off. -- starts it will take off chlth so much dry brush, weather is not conducive. the best is not start them in the first place. be smart in the wilderness. there is one spot that is tinder dry, so lush, so green, mt. diablo, all winter and spring long. now we go degree in the summer fiem and things turn gold-- summertime and things turn golden brown. concord, 96. morgan hill at 95. san jose and san rafael, in the 80s. it is all about the wind speed, all about the marine layer, all about positioning these areas of high pressure and low pressure, and that position is moving. we have had a ridge overhead, which has compressed the marine layer, not allowing it to reach the east bay hills or north bay hills and move inland.
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that will change, with the lower pressure area moving towards the pacific northwest, the marine layer will expand, move inland, and you will not be as hot tomorrow. that is a significant change. the 90s are gone inland, at least for three days. fog returning to the coastline tonight. we will see fog spilling into san francisco bay, and temperatures that are pretty seasonal. widely scattered afternoon highs, but overnight lows, within 5 degrees of each other. 54 in san rafael. 58 degrees in concord. 90s are gone, we are talking highs in the 80s. seasonal for oakland, around 70. you get that tomorrow. seasonal for napa, 80s, yes, seasonal for fairfield and livermore, mid 80s. why not? 78 in mountain view your high tomorrow. we warm up by the end of the week into the weekend but the next several days will be much more pleasant than we have in recently. 60s near the water, 80s to low 90s inland, but the heat comes back. saturday and sunday, triple digits likely at the hottest
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inland spots. >> thank you. you won't find jelly fish and sea horses, but you definitely will not find plastic, aquariums across the country taking a stand to stop ocean trash, the movement they hope will change your habit. spotlight will get a little brighter for giant's buster posy. i think i know why. rafael needed a hug today. ouch. see that?
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numbers don't lie... ...second worst record in the of the worst offenses baseball up top, eve of all star game, giants news where the numbers don't lie. second worst record in the game, one of the worst offenses in the game, which made national league manager, joe madden, starting line up decision a little eye brow raising. >> got a chance to write his name in, mr. buster posey. >> posy, 5th all star game, batting clean up. arrived in miami this morning
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after giants dropped 56 game after the marlins, most losses by all star break in franchise history, cue the manager. >> in your career, have you had any comparable to this year? >> i can't think of one. to be honest. try to fix, you know, hole in the dam there, the dike, put your pinger in, another springs open. a's alonso back in his miami home town, timing is right for the a's lone star rep, defected from cuba to miami with his family when he was 8 years old. addressing this now, 22 years later it still gets to him. >> say a few things and started thinking about all these other things, start getting emotional and then, like, because so many things happen in the city for me. so, some good, some bad, made me who i am today. you know, i am definitely going to enjoy every minute of it. tennis, after a day off,
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wimbledon back to business, venus, triple to the quarter finals on the line with spike lee in the white cap watching, williams near court served up anna, 18 years younger, williams, trade of ground strokes let anna make the mistakes, williams advanced, she is the oldest woman to reach the quarterers since mar tina in 1994. on the men's side, watch this, how is this for an entrance? yeah, that is rafael nadal before his match with mular, 5th set, nadal back hand volley, with perfection. the acrobatic moves. 14-13 in the 5th set before nadal on match point made a mistake, after four hours, 48 minutes, two hours and 15 minutes last set alone, mular makes-- he makes it, mubs on.
6:26 pm
nadal remains stuck on two, wimbledon titles. moving vans will let you know, training camp, napa is close, two weeks from friday. how much longer in the wine country? dennis o'donnell here, chatted with former raider defensive back, mike hanes and asked about the team moving to vagues. >> feel sorry for raider fans in oakland, but for raider fans in, around the world, it is probably a good move, i mean, i don't know that people would want to come from europe to oakland or mexico to oakland, but i definitely know people want to go to vegas. all star home run derby, moving pitchers on the late show. >> watch them leave the yard. >> yeah. >> thank you. coming up in the next hahalf hour-- half hour, close call, runway mix up caught just in time. hear the scramble before the near disaster. the president's son under fire for undiscloseed meeting with a russian lawyer, how the
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white house is defending campaign collusion. thousands of women come together to find a better way to screen for breast cancer.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there.
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starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. president's oldest son... is acknowledging that he met with a russian lawyer.. ar's campaign.
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our top story, donald trump, jr., the president's oldest son, is acnologying he met with-- acknowledging he met with a russian lawyer in the middle of last year's campaign, and he put out two descriptions of what they discussed. mola lenghi joins us live from the white house. >> reporter: the white house has long denied any links between the trump campaign and russia, but now the president's own son is confirming the opposite, which is why lawmakers are calling for him to testify in which is why donald trump, jr. has lawyered up. june, 2016 meeting at trump tower with donald trump, jr., former trump campaign manager, paul man fort, kushner, and russian lawyer, who has possible ties to the kremlin has the white house on the defensive. >> don, jr. did not collude with anybody, i think i is been very clear, our position is no one within the trump campaign colluded. >> reporter: donald trump, jr. said in a statement an
6:31 pm
acquaintance asked him to meet with the wum whoon claimed she had information-- woman who claimed she had information that individuals connected to russia were funding the democratic national committee and supporting clinton. donald trump, jr. said it became clear she had no meaningful information and the conversation switchd to talk russian adoption. robert muller continues to investigate whether they colluded with moscow during the election. trump, jr. initial account made no mention of hillary clinton, but he tweeted today no inconsistency in statement, meeting ended up being primarily about adoptions. >> virtually every week or two there is nor stories of-- more stories of undisclosed meetings with russian officials that beg the question, why are more of the people coming clear at a regular fashion? >> reporter: trump, jr. said he would be happy to work with the senate intelligence committee. the white house deputy press secretary, sarah huckabee
6:32 pm
sanders told reporters that the president only lurnd about his son's meeting within the last few days. sfloo mola lenghi at the white house for us tonight. we appreciate it, thank jow. a developing story out of hawaii, active duty army soldier under ares on suspicion of terrorism charges. the fbi accuses 34-year-old kang of providing material support to isis, u.s. officials say he swore his allegiance to the terror group and offered to provide military documents and military training. the soldier was in the 25th infantry division in honolulu. authorities say that kang was a subject of a year-long investigation. members of congress back in session after the july 4th recess and have a full agenda. here is a libe look at the u.s. capital right now, for the rest of july republicans in majority will try to tackle some pretty big items, including repealing and replacing obamacare, coming up with a budget resolution,
6:33 pm
reaching a consensus of tax reform, and deciding on sanctions against russia and iran. on health care, gop senate leaders hope to have a revised bill ready fwhie end-- ready by the end of the week. cornen of texas says they want a floor vote next week. senate democraterize united in opization against any obamacare repeal, so far there is not enough support for the gop bill among republicans. the faa is investigate agnear miss at sfo. a flight came close to hitting other planes while coming in for a landing, ken bastida with more on the close call. >> reporter: everybody's nightmare, right? just before midnight on friday night when other pilots alerted air traffic control possibly preventing a horrific accident. air canada had 147 people aboard as it was coming in from toronto, cleared to land on
6:34 pm
runway 28 right. but, instead, lined up for taxi way c. that parallelathize runway. there were four other airlines on that taxi way waiting to take off. air traffic control audio captured what happened next. >> light s on the runway there, mid left. >> confirms clear to land runway 2, no one on it. >> where is this guy going? he is on the taxi way. >> yeah, i saw that guy. >> a tower orders air canada, the pilot, to abort the landing, but the faa is investigating how close that air canada jet got to the planes on the ground. >> thank you. a man gunned down in san francisco mission district overnight, and police are trying to find his killer. the shooting happened not far from the bart station around 2:30 this morning, the
6:35 pm
35-year-old man died at the scene. officers taped off the area around 24th and mission street as they searched for clues. about an hour later this happened, someone threw a sink at one of their police cars, shattering the back window. police say this was not related to the homicide. a family desperate for clues in the murder of their son who was playing poke'mon go is offering money to motivate possible witnesses to come forward . calvin riley was shot and killed last august at san francisco's aquatic park, right now police don't have a motive for the murder but they have a skej of the person they are look-- sketch of the person they are looking for and authorities are adding to the money bringing the total to $110,000. >> we have interviewed countless folks, associates and friends and just haven't found someone with motive to kill him, we have targs i can't comment-- targets i can't comment on. >> we don't know how to go on without him, we try our best every day to just make sense,
6:36 pm
and there is no sense tin. >> police are looking for two types of vehicles that may have been associate would the crime. a black audi a3, model year, 2006-2009, and 2013 white four-door hyundai sonata. the bay area catholic community paid respects to a long time san francisco church leaders, a funeral mass held for retired archbishop john r. quinn, he passed away june 22 at the age of 88 after a long illness, bishops from near and far and bay area civic and government leaders came to honor archbishop quinn today, he led the arch diaccess of san francisco from 1977 to to 1995 and played a key role in establishing the diaccess of san jose in the early 80s. >> archbishop quinn had a great sense of the power of the symbolic gesture, no accident that when he arrived here in san francisco as archbishop, his
6:37 pm
first quiet visit was to the monastery of crystal ray. prayer was the foundation of his life and ministry. >> archbishop quinn was also a former president of the national conference of catholic bishops. tens of thousands of gallon oof watt-- gallons of water wasted, vandals who tampered with the storage tank. green and groes, a study shows reusable water bottles have more in them than a dog water bowl.
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gallons of water are going to waste. it happened at the wild hors vandals break into a water tank and thousands of gallons of water are going to waste, happened at the wild horse valley water tank, vandals breached a fence and two locks to get to that tank on fried a. the water tests-- friday. the water tests have come back
6:40 pm
clear but as precaution all 290,000 gallons are being drained. >> we could tell locks had been broken, chain link fence had been cut open, and somebody had gone up to the top of the tank where the access hatch is to gain access to the tank. >> i couldn't believe it that somebody would do something like that. i mean, that is-- you know, our source of water and et cetera. so, we were very upset about it. >> in the meantime, north marin water district swapped customers to a different tank. we are still feeling the effects of our wet winter. capitola's wharf is closed for repairs, crews have to replace two pilings on the flighting docks destroyed by big waved last april but had to wait until summer to get started. repairs should only take four days but they want to keep tourists safe. >> without the floating dockatize is not-- docks it is not functioning as safe, you have to jump on to a ladder. >> restaurant and bait and boat
6:41 pm
shop are it only two businesses that are operating on the wharf, both are closed during construction. mammograms are used to screen women for breast cancer, but is there a better way? the search for a more personalized approach. lots of fog and cool weather, hasn't been a problem recently in san francisco, marin county, or anywhere near the bay, but has been a problem inland. you have not had any. coming up, when we change to a cooler pattern and how long it will last, next.
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latest smart phone technology. now, one group of women wants to know... when roll out a bet every year they role out the latest-- roll out the latest smart phone technology, one group of women wants to know when we will roll out a better way to screen for best cancer. liz cook reports they want to push the invelope with your help. >> they came together for a high-powered coffee class, top doctors, researchers, health care administrators and one bay area congresswomanen, on their mind, mammograms. >> i hate them. >> don't love them. >> then the period of time where you are waiting to get the
6:45 pm
results. >> if we can improve mammography so they are not squishing my breasts. >> reporter: hosted by dr. laura, director of ucsf care center heading a research project called the wisdom study. >> we know breast cancer isn't one disease, we shouldn't screen them the same. >> reporter: the 5-year study will test a new model, instead of one-size-fits-all mammograms, a personalized approach that may involve family history, breast density, dna testing, different imaging techniques, or even fewer screenings. >> women often get caught in the middle of one group of people setting a recommend agdz to come-- recommendation to come in every year, another saying every other year. we can figure how to personalize screening. >> reporter: everybody pulled out tablets and signed up online. >> easy, took 30 seconds. >> reporter: participants can choose annual screening, more pirsinalized approach-- personalized approach, or let
6:46 pm
the study pick. congresswomanen jackie spear is motivated to advance the science. >> i want to know for my daughter, my granddaughter, all the women in the country. >> reporter: a lot of kitchen table wisdom that will hopefully bare fruit in years to come. 5,000 women have signed up but they need 100,000 to make a difference. uc, care, all on board. for more information, go to our website, >> thanks. a lot of peach people switched to reusable water bottles to save the environment. that is mine, i have it everywhere i go. a study says they can be breeding grounds for germs. kpix 5's john ramose says not always a bad thing. >> reporter: a hot day at heather farm's park in walnut creek, 8-year-old everett is drinking a lot of water from his trusty bottle and he is chity chill about it. >> okay. i am filling it up even though i haven't clean td in a few weeks-- cleaned it in a few
6:47 pm
weeks, i will be fine. >> reporter: across the park, 10-year-old bianca thinkatize is crazy to drink-- thinks it is crazy to drink from unwashed bottle. >> some bacteria and algae can kill us. >> reporter: she may have learned from a much publicized study from trill mill reviews which analyzed and found most to be a breeding ground for bacteria, the average unwashed bottle contained more than 3 # 00,000 back-- 300,000 bacterial units per cubic centimeter, more than on your average pet water bowl. one problem with it. >> this is not science. >> reporter: dr. lee riley at uc berkeley school of public health says bacteria are everywhere, and just because an object contains them doesn't make it dirty. >> bottles, any environment, you always will find bacteria. >> reporter: is it dangerous? >> no, absolutely no helg significance. >> reporter: he says people
6:48 pm
people conbacteria with vires which can be dangerous but our bodies need a steady flow of bacteria to stimulate the immune cyst anymore aid in proper digestion. >> if we don't have these bacteria in intistens, it will be very-- intestines, it will be very unhealthy. >> reporter: are we too clean? >> yeah, over doing it. >> reporter: bacteria are not only a part of us, they are equal part. the average human body contains as many bacteria cells as normal body cells, we are only half human after all and getting more from water bottles probably will not... >> kill us. >> reporter: john ramose, kpix 5. >> i wash it onceane while. once in a while-- once in a while. once in a while. kittens ready for adoption. in may they were trapped in a boom list, they were plucked from the vehicle and taken to the peninsula humane society. since then they have been cared for by a volunteer foster
6:49 pm
family. now that john, wendy, and peter are big enough, they are ready for new homes. >> where is paul? >> the next batch of rescued kittens will include paul. a pretty good name. here is a look at the fog rolling in over san francisco, we have lost the city, but one of the magical things that happens with our weather around here is the river of air spills in from the pacific ocean, finds the past of least resistance, often the golden gate, over the coast range, and flows into the bay, this is weather literally you can watch. a lot of time you can't see what is going on but in this case you see the golden gate bridge in the background there, that is a fantastic view of what is going on. marine layer thickening, will push inland, concord, 9 sex today, still at 9-- 96 today, still at 91. santa rosa, 76, livermore, 86. speaking of livermore, has it been hotter than the last couple summers? a lot of folks said yes, there
6:50 pm
are numbers to back it up. we have already had, this summer, six 100-degree or hotter days, the average of the previous three years up to july 10 is 4. not really that much hotter but certainly more than the past couple years, san rafael, tonight, 54. mountain view, 59 degrees, fog already moving in san francisco. 54 your overnight low. livermore, napa, santa rosa, san jose getting a break because of low pressure building into our north andes why do we care about a low pressure area over british columbia? the counterclockwise flow around it impacts us all the way down here giving us a stronger onshore flow. the marine layer gets beefier, allows it to breach the east bay hills. not a huge change but 10 degrees many will enjoy, not as hot. plenty of clouds over capitola, santa cruz, monterey bay. not that much cloud cover tomorrow morning, mainly san mateo and san francisco, we all
6:51 pm
get sunshine tomorrow afternoon. because the marine layer is thicker, pushing inland more, it won't be as hot tomorrow. that will change again, back to the hot stuff away from the water over the weekend, especially saturday and sunday. big ridge of high pressure, four corners high, look at the location by the four corners. that will build things up once again and we likely will see a few hundred degree readings as soon as saturday. marine layer moving in, afternoons not as warm but the hot weather will return mainly inland this weekend. san jose, exactly average. nice, 82 degrees. lose altose, 80. danville, 80. fairfield, 76, seasonably warm. mill val ey, 73. alameda, 68. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not as hot inland, staying cool near the bay, over the weekend, getting toasty. 90s and 100s, the hottest spots.
6:52 pm
only 60s and 70s near the bay and along the coastline. there is your kpix 5 forecast. >> looking good. >> thank you. a small piece of trash can be deadly for marine life. how aquariums are hoping to set an example by phasing out plastic. coming up at 10:00, debate over surveillance video on bart, the agency says releasing video of robraries would create racial bias, does the public have a right to see them? send me a tweet right now, veronica de la cruz, i will read your comments on kbc2, 44 cable 12.
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6:55 pm
plastic found in the world's oceans. kpix five's don ford explains how a bay area aquariums are working to reduce the amount of plastic found in the world's oceans. >> kpix 5's don ford explains how a simple change here at home could help the global effort. >> reporter: california academy of sciences in golden gate park joining 18 other aquariums nationwide to eliminate one-time plastic from their facilities. >> you won't find a single use water bottle, a plastic water bottle or plastic straws. >> reporter: found in the world's ocean more and more,
6:56 pm
washing up on beachs and dangerous to marine life. >> a turtle in the ocean, kind of hung ry, might eat a plastic bag. >> reporter: thinking-- >> thinking it is a jelly fish. >> reporter: these are real jelly fish. displayed in a special exhibit as might be seen by turtles. on the left is example of plastic bag floating in the ocean, it is easy to see how a sea creature would confuse them, on the right a blastic bits collected by beaches. >> we see marine animals way too frequently with their stomach content filled with plastic. >> reporter: in the cafeteria, only metal reusable silverware, no plastic water bottles in the beverage cooler, only boxed water. people from kentucky couldn't tell the difference. >> i was looking for the bottled water and found the boxed water. i think it tastes pretty good. >> reporter: i bet it tastes the same. >> tasteathize same. >> reporter: even the plastic-looking food containers are biodegradable. scientists say there is no
6:57 pm
better place to raise awareness of plastics in the ocean than here in our nation' aquarium. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> no more plastic. >> good. >> stop it. have a good night. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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