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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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spread to alum rock park. and they are now evacuating that very popular park in the south bay. this was just moments ago. there is a home being consumed right there burning down to the frame even though they are pouring water on it. once it gets going like that, it's hard to stop. nearby trees went up in flames quickly. and then that spread to the home. this is a good example of why they tell you to clear back 30 to 100 feet around your house. you shouldn't have anything hanging over the roof line. firefighters were dousing that area with water sending billowing smoke up into the air. san jose police are going door to door asking people closest to the fire to leave the area immediately. another look back out live. these are chopper pictures now showing that you fire just climbing straight uphill. it is really roaring at this point. the grass fire continues to
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burn as we look at these pictures. paul deanno has a look at the conditions in this area. the fire is going unstopped right now. >> i heard you use the word uphill, which is exactly what we're facing right now. the wind blowing from the northwest to the southeast. and in this particular location, that will push the smoke and the flames uphill directly towards alum rock park. we are looking at right now west winds sustained 15 to 17 miles per hour. it is hot. that's not going to change. it is dry. that's not going to change. but what's happening right now and what could change is that wind, which likely will relax by about 6 or 7 tonight after the peak heating of the day but the breeze that's out there now likely will be there for the next hour. back to you. >> thank you. lots of fuel to burn, too. we'll have more from san jose in a moment. but we have another fireworking in the east bay. this fire at a salvage yard in san leandro sending up some thick smoke happening on eden road. the company is alco iron and
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metal. the fire is burning underneath the pile of scrap metal. earlier we saw heavy equipment trying to get to the flames under the metal. the hottest part of the fire under the pile. also just getting word the alameda county fire department has issued a "shelter in place" order that covers people west of 880 between davis street and fairway due to the toxic smoke coming from this fire. people being advised, close your windows, stay inside. we'll check back in on both this fire and the one in san jose in just a few minutes. new at 6:00 a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. it is notoriously one of the worst commutes in the bay area. now a plan to add a third lane has hit a snag. kpix 5's emily turner live in san rafael to explain why the planned opening is in jeopardy. >> reporter: when it comes to that commute, veronica, traffic here has been backed up since 3 p.m. and for those who are stuck in it they might have to wait
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longer for their reprieve because construction has hit its own slowdown. it's a rush hour delay these richmond/san rafael drivers have come to expect. but the unexpected could keep them waiting even longer for relief. >> it's kind of bad because it's been like this for a long time. we thought it was going to be fixed in a year. and now it's been like three years gone by. >> reporter: the third lane fix for this standstill has hit its own roadblock of sorts. the snafu is a retaining wall on the east side of the bridge that needs to be backed up about 50 feet for driver visibility in that soon to be third lane. >> it was known all along this was going to be a real challenge. and the fact is that it's just taken longer than the original expectation. >> reporter: officially, the opening of this third lane is still the end of november of this year. but a spokesman says it seems increasingly likely that that timeline will slip back several
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weeks or more, much to the chagrin of drivers, all depending on construction. >> this is important in it dispels the widely held myth that this is just a simple restriping project. it's not. >> we need that extra lane for the traffic coming in because we got, like, four different lanes of traffic coming in to two lanes to go across the bridge. hopefully with three lanes it will help out a lot. >> reporter: the construction folks, engineers, as well as transportation officials will be meeting to see if there's a way they can somehow safely power through this portion of the construction. but, of course, they want to make sure that they do in fact finish this again safely. so drivers may have to be a little bit more patient on their way home. reporting live in san rafael, emily turner, kpix 5. "skydrone5" giving us a unique view over california's giant sequoias. the majestic trees stand within one of the national monuments that president trump wants to abolish or dramatically shrink in size! the giant sequoia national
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monument falls within several counties. it's one of several california sites in the crosshairs. kpix 5's devin fehely found that some are on board with the plan saying it could help reduce fire risk in the area. >> reporter: they are some of the largest and oldest living things on earth, towering giants with limbs stretching skyward 300 feet in the air. but a battle brewing far below these treetops could determine the fate and future of the giant sequoia national monument. >> locking them up in a monument and doing nothing which is what the forest service essentially has done for the last 20-plus years is not in their best interest. >> reporter: the trump administration is considering a plan to shrink the monument from 328,000 acres to roughly 90,000, a plan that's found allies. >> i don't think that anybody had an intent to destroy or diminish this treasure that we have in our backyard. >> reporter: the man voted against it on behalf of the
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board of supervisors in support of reducing the size of the monument a proposal so polarizing and controversial that only the three supervisors in favor of it would sign their names to it. those in favor of shrinking the national monument say a lack of management coupled with massive tree die-off after years of drought have left it worse for wear, weakened and vulnerable to wildfire, smaller they say would be better managed and more protected. but critics say it's not so much about preserving or restoring a forest as it is about resurrecting the timber industry. >> taking any kind of designation away from -- from the very few pieces of protected land of insect habitat that we have is a mistake. >> reporter: the giant sequoia growths and the land around it is currently protected from logging but that could change. there is little dispute that the estimate of 8 million dead and dying trees just in the monument alone has increased the threat of wildfire. it's not clear if private
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companies would have any interest in bark beetle- infested wood even if logging were to resume. >> i want to protect them but in the monument status they are not being as protected as they would have been had they been in the general forest jurisdiction. >> reporter: but critics say the answer is to increase funding not to decrease the size of the monument. >> by taking any kind of protection away in any way is -- is basically a slap in the face. >> reporter: in the giant sequoia national monument, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> we also flew "skydrone5" over the monument in san luis obispo county another one of the monuments that could be scaled back. today lawmakers on both sides of the aisle urged the feds to protect monuments like this. a scout master died over the weekend after a strenuous hike in marin county. it happened saturday afternoon at the lucas valley open space preserve in san rafael. michael kahn was leading a group of scouts on a troop conditioning hike. the group had reportedly been
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hiking for six hours when he started showing signs of distress. a shark tried to take a bite out of a kayak off santa cruz and now the city is warning people not to go into the water. it happened in the water near westcliffe drive about a quarter mile out from steamer lane. that's where kpix 5's len ramirez is live with the story. len? >> reporter: well, veronica, something very interesting happened just a few minutes ago. a lifeguard patrol came by and was giving verbal warnings to all those surfers sitting out there waiting for waves in case they missed the signs warning of the shark attack that happened in these very waters earlier this morning. but i guess it's no surprise to many people around here that here in california, if there are waves to be had, there will be surfers in the water just about no matter what. shark warning and keep out signs are clearly posted at steamers lane one of the most famous surfing spots on the west coast. but about a dozen surfers are braving the threat of another
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shark attack to catch the waves. >> there's always little bit of risk going in the water, probably a little more knowing there's been a recent attack. but, um, you know, the odds are still in their favor, i would say. >> reporter: today's attack happened around 11:00 in the morning, just off westcliffe drive in peloton, a great white shark chomping down on a kayak throwing the kayaker, steve lawson, into the water. he was not otherwise harmed orbit en, but the kayak had a -- or bitten, but the kayak had a one-foot-long bite mark in it. >> it's not a common occurrence. this is the first time in my 25 years. things happen. it was not a big deal. >> reporter: santa cruz officials closed down other nearby beaches including cowels beach and the main beach at the boardwalk in the middle of summer until saturday morning. surfers say for whatever reason, shark sightings are now happening all the time. >> they are probably cruising through the bay all the time. they are going there all the time. and they are sighting them -- this year's been way more shark
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sightings than ever. >> reporter: now, the kayaker, mr. lawson, is an experienced paddler. he had his marine radio with him and as soon as that shark threw him into the water, he was able to radio in his distress call and get picked up by the coast guard. reporting live in santa cruz, len ramirez, kpix 5. thousands of sexual assault victims left frustrate. ♪[ music ] >> their untested rape kits sitting on a shelf. the last push for a bill that could bring them justice. >> an old school way to buy fish. local fishermen fight for the chance to sell their catch straight off the boat. >> and fast and furious, this electric car just clocked 235 miles an hour. we toured the bay area company that's taking on tesla.
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today to encourage support for legislation aimed at reducing a massive rape kit backlog in the state.. kpix five reporter sexual assault survivors gathered at the state capital today to encourage support for legislation aimed at reducing a massive rape kit backlog in the state. kpix 5's melissa caen on the push for justice for rape victims. >> this scope comes out and i can look for injuries. >> reporter: a dna rape kit cam is second only to the assault it he have is.
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these are envelopes for underwear, fingernail clippings and fluids. and there are only part of what an assault survivors gives for a rape kit. there's also the interview. >> it's an intimate invasive interview talking about what happened to the patient, talking about their past medical history which includes sexual history and drug history. >> reporter: dr. vickers is the medical director of the sexual assault program for sacramento county. she has done rape exams or women, men and children. >> you take photographs the entire body, show different injuries, photographs of the entire body. >> reporter: thousands of victims in california have endured the invasion of a rape exam after a sexual assault only to find their kits never get tested. we don't even know how many kits aren't tested or why, but there's a bill here in sacramento to get that information. ab41 is sponsored by david chiu. >> it simply requires law enforcement to tell us as a state to tell the department of justice through a database how many kits are out there that are not tested and for those kits that are untested why they
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are untested. >> reporter: a poll taken by kpix 5 shows that 84% of californians in favor of ab41. but it still might not become law. >> last year this bill died. the year before that a similar bill died. >> reporter: the only group that's openly against the bill is the california sheriffs association which says it's too expensive even though a representative claims they have no idea how much it could cost. every time the bill gets to the senate appropriations committee, it disappears. it's never brought to a vote. this year, the bill is back in that committee. and again, it might not ever see the light of day. so we asked, what can people do? >> chairman of the senate appropriations, um, committee is -- is senator lara. and i think that that's an appropriate, um, you know, letter to write, phone call to make, um, to support this coming out. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix 5. >> now, if the committee doesn't vote on the bill by
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september 1, it will die once again. now to an update on a story that we told but this weekend. it's about a vallejo police department officer we reported that he used a racial slur when addressing a carjacking suspect during a vehicle stop. now, after further review of mobile phone video of the incident, the police officer did "not" use any racial slur. he is on administrative leave pending an investigation. the suspect in the vehicle is in custody and has been charged with carjacking. new at 6:00 some san francisco fishermen want to change the way you buy your fish. they want to cut out the middleman and sell straight off the boats. susie steimle live near the ferry building where wholesalers are saying, not so fast. >> reporter: yeah. well, here's how this would work. any day of the week if this were to pass you would be able to walk down to fisherman's wharf and buy a whole fish off of a commercial fishing vessel
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at cost. of course, fisherman say it would be great for their business and for the tourism industry. but wholesalers are at risk of being cut out and they say this would turn the industry upside- down. should the nature. fishing business on fish -- should the nature of the fisherman's wharf on fisherman's wharf change? that's the topic at a meeting inside the ferry building today. >> if he doesn't want to keep the fishing industry alive, this is the way to do it. >> we're all for free enterprise. it's great. but all we're saying is we want people to meet -- to be on the same playing field as the regulars of us. >> reporter: fishermen want to be able to sell whole fish to consumers off their boats. wholesalers argue that would give fisherman an unfair business advantage. >> it would be like playing baseball and they have a bat and we don't. >> reporter: they are on the hook for lice and meet health standards that this policy would allow
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fisherman to avoid completely. they also worry it's a health risk. >> where's the wash-down facility? do they have hand washers? these are things, you know -- we try to do that -- we [ indiscernible ] >> this is not going to cut into their market, which is large amounts of whole fish and large amounts of cut ofup and processed fish. this is a completely different market. >> reporter: but this isn't a new idea. the proposal on the table reinstates a policy enacted in 1999. bodega bay and half moon bay already have a similar practice in place. today the board voiced support for the idea in large part due to an argument that fishermen made, that it's good for tourists, too. >> yes, well, it will increase even more the 14 million people who already come to the fisherman's wharf every year. >> reporter: and as it stands, fishermen would be prevented from fileting fish or processing them in any way whatsoever. that would be left to only
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wholesalers and couldn't sell crab off the boats. it's yet to be approved. the commission will put it up for a final vote on august 8. susie steimle, kpix 5. we continue to follow the breaking news out of east san jose. at least two homes have been gone up in flames as a grass fire spreads out of control there. it's burning in the foothills at clater way and lariat. a live look showing the active part of this fire there. and, of course, the heavy firefight that's going on. moments ago we could see the flames engulfing a big group of trees. that's where it's located now. how about a first look from our crew on the ground? we position our photographer on the ridge closest to that fireline. you can see all the smoke, there is a home on that next hillside back there. the fire burned 20 acres and spread into alum rock park and they have evacuated or are starting to evacuate that park. san jose police are also going door to door asking people
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closest to the fire to evacuate. leave the area. it's been so dry out there. >> that's expected. we have low humidity with grass growing in january through march. east san jose is more rural so there's more stuff to burn around there. temperatures fluctuating over the next few days. concord 90, most of the day 80s cooler than the past several days. san jose high 84. fremont 79. napa 76. tropical storm eugene maximum winds 50 miles per hour. this storm will likely not impact hawaii or the coast of
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mexico. so why are we talking about it? this is the source of the southerly swell which will increase our risk of rip currents and sneaker waves at some of the beaches right here in the bay area. namely, the south-facing beaches. stinson beach, santa cruz, capitola, impacted tomorrow. there's a beach hazard statement in effect for those beaches, increased swells and a higher risk of rip currents. there's a ridge of high pressure over the four corners states which is causing numerous thunderstorms in and around las vegas and phoenix and flagstaff and the grand canyon, even parts of deep southeastern california. this will impact us when it moves back towards us. that will happen this weekend. that's going to cut off the ocean influence. to get us back to the toasty stuff especially inland. temperatures close to average tomorrow but watch the heat return coming up this weekend. 80s mainly with a few low 90s
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inland through friday. and highs will remain in the 60s near the bay. saturday and sunday in the 100s inland. 70s at the coast, in the 60s and we'll cool off next week. so the fire danger will remain high because there's no rain, we are going to stay dry for the foreseeable future. back to you. >> thank you. ntsb now looking into a terrifying runway mix-up at sfo. a veteran pilot explains what could have happened on a crowded taxiway and why it never should have been that close. >> straight ahead given a certain game going on right now consider this a counter programming sports hit. i have seen some staredowns in my lifetime but this one in los angeles was a doozy.
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what a difference 5 days makes.... ...madison bumgarner roughed up for 9 runs by single-a hitters july 5th... baseball up top, all star game, moving pictures on the late show. what a difference five days
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make. madison bumgarner roughed up for nine runs by a bunch of single a hitters. last night "mad-bum" responded. he tossed six innings in front of a sold-out crowd at municipal stadium in san jose striking out eight and allowed a couple of singles. nice play here. allowed pretty much -- pretty much did what he wanted to do. unless there's an unforeseen setback, he is expected to pitch saturday in san diego for the giants for the first time since injuring his shoulder on april 20th in a dirt bike accident. tennis, she has done it again. venus williams became the oldest woman to reach the wimbledon quarterfinals yesterday so today the 37-year- old overwhelmed. french open champion os nearly whipped here. williams is on to the wimbledon
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semis for the first time since 2018. she will next play johanna conta. let me show you coco vandeweghe. we are about to watch her get upset. near court, late in the match, a linesman called the opponent shot out but it was overruled by the chair umpire. vandeweghe took offense. [ yelling ] >> he called it before i hit. i'm standing right at the ball. have you ever played tennis? when someone calls out -- >> whoa. kitty got claws. vandeweghe didn't win the argument and she lost the match moments later. boxing. for the first time combatant floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor faced each other to promote their august fight. this is the first of the four pressers. mayweather on the left. after a few seconds they got
6:27 pm
after it. this is a fight that could exceed $600 million, $22 million of that mayweather owes the irs for the last fight against manny pacquiao. this is what we could air. >> his little leg, his little head, i'm going to knock him out, mark my words. [ applause and cheers ] >> i'm guaranteeing you this. you going out on your face or back? which way you wanna go? which way you wanna go? that's right. >> translated, it was a whole bunch of four-letter words going back and forth trying to sell tickets for this one. so again, first of four scheduled press conferences between the two. >> gets better and better or worse on worse depending on your outlook. thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, we are continuing to follow breaking news in san jose. a grass fire spreads to houses. within the past hour we have seen two homes go up in flames. >> paying the price for
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conserving. wait until you hear how much water rates are going up for a large part of the bay area. >> and the president's son comes clean releasing emails on his meeting, and defending his actions.
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following breaking news... as a grassfire continues to burn in san jose... after destroying two homes. our top story at 6:30, we are following breaking news as a grass fire continues to burn in san jose after destroying two homes. it started just before 5:00 this afternoon in the east foothills at claitor way and lariat lane. let's get you straight to maria medina live at the scene for us. maria? >> reporter: veronica, if you are in the south bay, it is hard to miss this huge plume of smoke. as you can see behind me, firefighters are actively working this fire. no flames on this side of the hill, but on the other side of the hill, you can see that plume of smoke still billowing so this fire is still pretty active. evacuations are under way including alum rock park. we are hearing the fire is encroaching on the north rim trail. so evacuations again under way at alum rock park. as you mentioned, two homes destroyed in this fire. you know, the south bay and san
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jose in particular have been hit hard with one grass fire after another these last few weeks. this fire, the cause unknown. but that's not their priority right now. their priority is to get this fire under control, make sure that everyone is safely out of the hopes, no other homes are destroyed. [ signal breakup ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: wonder where is the next grass fire going to happen? excuse me, there was a little bit of technical difficulties. i was saying, um, you know, i live in san jose. and many of us wake up every day wondering where is the next grass fire going to happen? because that's how many grassfires we have had in the last few weeks. we have seen the flames and some of these fires get pretty close to homes, but this is the first fire that we are hearing that has destroyed two moments. so again, this fire, about 20
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acres. that's likely to agree own more. evacuations are under way, including alum rock park and sadly two homes have been destroyed so far in this fire. no word on how much containment there is. back to you. >> thank you. >> it's so hot and dry out there. maria, we appreciate the update, thank you. the other breaking story now a "shelter in place" order in effect for the neighborhood near a fire in san leandro. the smoke from a fire at metal scrapyard is the big concern here. this is burning at the alco iron and metal company. it's not far from oakland airport. there is no word yet on how this fire started. our other big story at 6:30, east bay m.u.d. has just made the big announcements: water rates are going up. kpix 5's juliette goodrich was at the packed meeting and has more on the vote that left people outraged. >> i hear rate hike and i think
6:34 pm
east bay m.u.d. is out of line. >> reporter: people joining together over the water rates. >> anytime i get an increase in my water bill, electricity bill, it affects me. i live paycheck to paycheck. >> the people that have a lot of money and can afford it, that's all the money we have to live off of and we need water. >> reporter: this person spoke before the east bay m.u.d. board of directors during a public hearing today. >> line up on the government you guys say nothing of this working and we ain't gonna be fighting like this for no water a god given right we ain't gonna do that. >> the time is unfortunate. i understand that. and the reality is that the infrastructure portion of this budget would occur regardless of the drought. >> reporter: east bay mud says a hike of 9.25% tomorrow and additional 9% hike july of next year would go toward operations, make up for lost revenue from the drought and infrastructure to repair aging pipes. >> what we're seeing now is
6:35 pm
main breaks at a higher-than- usual rate. that tells us that we need to spend money to the pipes. >> reporter: to break it down the average customer would see an increase of $4.34 a month on their bill starting tomorrow. top water users could be looking at an increase of $11 per month. >> so the four or $5 can add up quickly. and the overall rates are unaffordable and people are being penalized for not being able to afford them. >> reporter: so come tomorrow this rate increase will go into effect for all east bay m.u.d. customers. it will be reflected in the next bill. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. a plane nearly missed crashing into several planes at sfo and now the ntsb is investigating what would have been a disaster. kpix 5's jackie ward talked to a former pilot who tells us about the incident. >> reporter: what happened here at sfo is astounding and has pilots across the country
6:36 pm
wondering what went wrong and talking about what could have gone even worse. this is exactly what the plane looked like that had a front row seat on the taxiway air canada 759 beginning its approach into sfo. it's a boeing 757 that was heading to singapore. if the air canada flight had landed where four planes were waiting to take off, it would have been a catastrophe. >> probably one of the worst in aviation history. probably hit the first one and then the second one and there would be more than one aircraft in the accident. >> reporter: a former airline pilot flew in and out of sfo hundreds of times and logged more than 30,000 hours in the sky. >> somebody wasn't paying attention. it blows my mind to be honest. the only thing i can think of is the possibility of fatigue. >> reporter: the moments leading up to air canada 759's approach seemed routine. [ radio chatter ]
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>> reporter: other pilots waiting on the taxiway see something out of place. ter: now the national transportation safety board is investigating. they will interview air traffic controllers and pilots involved. a conclusion could take months to reach. but within a week or so, we should get the preliminary report which should tell us what went happened. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. now to the latest on the investigation. today donald trump, jr. released a string of emails that initiated his meeting with a russian lawyer. kpix 5's mola lenghi has been following the trail live at the white house with the latest.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: well, allen, the president's son said he tweeted these emails in an effort to be more transparent, but his critics say they could just be the smoking gun to the collusion investigation. in an attempt to clear his name, donald trump, jr., released an email chain that initiated his meeting with that natalia veselnitskaya, an email exchange between him and rob goldstone saying the lawyer had information from the russian government that would be damaging to hillary clinton. don junior replied, if it's what you say, i love it especially later in summer. one of the emails also revealed the meeting was part of the russian government's support to aid his father's candidacy. >> it was in black and white that it was part of a russian government effort to help trump discredit clinton. >> reporter: the russian lawyer met with don, jr., the president's son-in-law jared kushner and campaign chairman paul manafort at trump tower last year. but in an interview with nbc,
6:39 pm
she denied ever having any information on clinton. >> quite possible that maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> reporter: members of congress are calling on special counsel mueller to look into this latest revelation as part of his investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. >> it is certainly another shoe that's dropped, needs to be pursued and looked at. >> raises so many questions, um, and it's just -- this question of collusion which essentially starts to transition into potentially treason. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee says it wants to hear testimony from everyone who attended the meeting. don, jr., says he will cooperate with the investigation. well, despite the email revelation and the contact with the russian attorney the white house says that no collusion ever occurred between the trump campaign and russia. mola lenghi, kpix 5. the white house. an electric car designed here in the bay area that can
6:40 pm
go 235 miles an hour. >> is it going to give tesla a run for its money? ♪[ music ] who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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of the bay. after it capsized months ago. it's sitting in only about 40 a salvage team spent the night trying to get a barge out of the bay after it capsized in april. it's sitting in 40 feet of water. it's been a tricky operation bringing out that barge piece by piece. the coast guard keeping a buffer zone clear so divers can work safely. but the process seems to be long and tedious. >> i'll put this one up there. in a different location it would be straightforward. it's the location that's making it very difficult. >> the coast guard says that operation should be wrapped up by this weekend. in the east bay an oakland elementary school is cleaning up after being hit by vandals. two classrooms at acorn woodland elementary school were spray-painted with graffiti over the weekend.
6:43 pm
vandals also damaged several computer screens and broke a window. the school has set up a "go fund me" account to pay for security cameras and replace what was destroyed. we are looking at clear skies over san francisco. we are fog-free. a sign of a big significant warmup over the city. we'll talk about that and which two days will feature triple- digit heat. yes, it is returning! that's next.
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a live picture i want to show you of the fire burning in east san jose. it's in alum rock park. it's a rare afternoon when we have no wind around the bay area. unfortunately, today is not one of those days. looking at our weather maps, we see that there are winds anywhere from 10 to 15 miles an hour currently in both fremont and san jose. looking at 16-mile-per-hour winds in hayward. this is typical this time of the year. we get the onshore flow from the pacific ocean spilling into the bay working its way down san jose so northwest winds 15 to 20 miles per hour is not
6:47 pm
good news for this fire but it is also not uncommon. fog-free in san francisco but still only 61. that ocean influence is still there. it did work its way inland. yesterday at this time it was 93 in concord. today it is 83. livermore 83 degrees, as well. san jose 78. not terribly hot in the south bay but it certainly is dry and it will stay dry for a while. oakland 68 and santa rosa 75 degrees. your lows tonight low to mid- 50s in the north bay. napa 53. san rafael 54. upper 50s from mountain view and san jose. fog at the immediate seashore, pacific dropping to 52. ridge of high pressure over the four corners region is drag up tropical moisture and the beginning of the monsoon season is now going on in new mexico, utah, colorado, arizona and southern california. this ridge will play into our weather when it builds back into that direction. when it happens, it cuts off that ocean influence and inland towns that drop to the 80s today, i know it felt good outside for you, you're going
6:48 pm
to be back here in 100 as soon as that ridge returns this weekend. as for futurecast overnight tonight, fog along the coast, yes. we'll see that. but following spilling into the san francisco bay, which actually will be a good thing in raising the humidity levels a bit in the south bay, we're not going to see that happen and the clouds will clear very early, and we all even the coastline will get sunshine tomorrow afternoon, although temperatures near the water will stay chilly. your highs only in the 60s. now we're talking about the weekend. it will be another hot weekend as that ridge builds back closer. so three things for you to remember. temperatures near the bay, not changing much. you have been chilly. you'll stay cool with afternoon sunshine. but inland highs that ay cool through thursday will rise and this weekend will likely top 100 degrees. concord 87 degrees for a high. normal is 86. santa clara your high tomorrow 82. and that's your kpix 5 forecast. thank you. we want to get back to the fire in east san jose. we're seeing one of the air
6:49 pm
tankers preparing or just finishing one of its drops. i believe we have sheryl on the phone. sheryl, can you here me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> great. can you give us the latest? give us the update that you have for us now. >> right. so what we know is that san jose fire department is working closely with cal fire on attacking this fire. we have three helicopters in the air and cal fire has also called in a couple of dc-10s, aggressively going after the fire both to protect homes and also to protect the park which has some very deep ravines. very concerned about any spreading of the fire. and also, we have opened up the berryessa community center as an evacuation center throughout the evening for anyone who might need that. >> and you can confirm that two homes have been destroyed? >> we can confirm one house has completely been destroyed. one is seriously damages. others are threatened as well
6:50 pm
as the park being threatened. >> and cheryl, can you estimate how many people will be evacuated? i know you're opening up the evacuation centers now. >> right. so it's a voluntary evacuation. just for anybody who feels they need to get out, they are welcome to come to the berryessa community center. >> and also, so the park has been evacuated as well, alum rock park? >> yes. the park is closed until further notice. >> okay. we know it's an extremely difficult thing to estimate but the weather plays a factor here. any idea how contained this fire is at this point? when that might happen? >> reporter: no. no information on containment yet. >> all right. well, cheryl, thank you. city of san jose fire department, appreciate the update we'll be right back.
6:51 pm
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released this video of its electric car.. hitting 235 miles per hour! tesla may have competition. lucid motors has released video of its electric car hitting 235 miles per hour. but it's still years from release. kpix 5's keit do took a tour of lucid's menlo park facility. >> reporter: the video waspiesed a day ago and if you
6:54 pm
-- the video was posted a day ago and if you haven't seen it yet it shows an electric car on a test track going 235 miles an hour. the verge called that top speed brain melting. >> we were within half a-mile- an-hour of prediction at 235 miles an hour. >> you already knew it was going to happen? >> yeah. >> reporter: peter is the chief technology officer of lucid motors based in menlo park. the car in that video, it now sits inside their design studio and begs the question, what are they trying to prove? >> i'm here to do my part in transforming the way humanity comports itself in a sustainable manner. >> reporter: lucid about two years away from actually delivering the "air" with some eye-popping numbers. the base model hyena go will go 240 miles. the top of the line model will
6:55 pm
go 400 miles and 1,000 horsepower. it's designed like a midsized sedan but with the roominess of a large sedan. he brushes off the notion that the air is a tesla killer. >> tesla is only scratching the surface. this is not kind of like a knockout fight between two pugilists. there's room for new entries if a product is good enough. >> reporter: he was tesla's chief engineer of the model s and is nothing if not brutally honest. he says a lack of funding delayed construction of their new manufacturing plant in nevada and they are currently seeking investors for a large but undisclosed amount of money. he is confident and optimistic. what do you say to the nay- sayers who think you're late to the game? >> i think we're on the crest of the wave. i think that others have proven the viability, and we can be in
6:56 pm
that marketplace on the crest of the wave when the world wakes up to the value of electrification. >> reporter: in menlo park, kiet do, kpix 5. a final look at the grass fire that's burning in east san jose. the city opened their emergency operations centers and the berryessa community center as a shelter and information center for those who are being evacuated. we spoke with an evacuee moments ago. take a listen. >> a boy was coming out of his panicked because his house was burning. i was scared. on the way out, we forgot our little doggy. >> we have crews on all sides of this fire and we'll have updates throughout the evening online at, live reports from the fire zone ahead on nightbeat on kbcw 44/cable 12 at 10:00 and then back here tonight at 11:00. >> rest assured they're
6:57 pm
throwing everything at this. good night.
6:58 pm
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[chuckling] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the mcconico family. kim, how you doing? kim: i'm doing great. how are you? steve: good, good. where are you all from? kim: we're from parker, kansas. steve: parker, kansas. kim: yes! ha ha ha! [laughter] the country. steve: it got to be. [laughter] never heard of it. is--what-- what city is it close to? kim: it's close to olathe, kansas. steve: ha ha ha! [laughter] where? [laughter] boy, you know how far you're in the country when your closest city is another place ain't nobody-- [laughter] "it's close to olathe, kansas"? ain't nobody heard of olathe, kansas. let me ask you all something. how big is parker? kim: about a hundred people. ha ha ha! yes. steve: you got l


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