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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and what we're learning about the cause of the fire. plus, presiden paris-- an inferno tears through a lafayette building overnight. a look at the damage left behind and the cause of the fire. >> plus, president trump arrived in paris this as he continues to defend his eldest son's meeting with a russian lawyer during the 2016 election! what the president has to say about the investigation. >> good morning, it is thursday, july 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with a check of traffic and weather. jaclyn has the commute. >> everyone is heading out the door right now and we're seeing a lot of crowds along 101. we have had a lot of problems on 101 and the bay bridge. so if your ride has you heading there, be careful. those are the hot spots this morning. the san mateo bridge is busy westbound. taillights moving out of hayward into foster city. we are still in the green focusing on the positive here. starting off right.
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just under 15 minutes. as you make wear into foster city. foggy out there. headlights inbound southbound direction into san francisco. we are tracking no delays over at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. looking a-okay. but it's starting to get slowing an lot eastshore freeway. near richard parkway. slow 23 minutes, hope you grab the extra cup of coffee. that's a check of traffic. roberta has the forecast. one of my favorite sounds in the bay area? [ foghorn sound effect ] >> don't you just love that? one more time. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> good morning. looking towards the port of oakland this morning, gray conditions there. thick clouds and fog at the coast. sunshine inland. that's from our mount vaca cam. temperatures are in the 50s. the beach hazard statement is
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extending until tonight because the waves are just pounding the seashore. we do have some of those sneaker waves and some very dangerous rip currents. your full forecast is coming up. right now in downtown lafayette, firefighters are working to put out some hot spots from a massive building fire. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in lafayette with the damage done. >> reporter: good morning. we just saw firefighters throwing large amounts of water on this building. they are trying to get out those remaining hot spots. they are mopping up right now, wrapping up six hours later after the fire started. no one was injured in this fire here in downtown lafayette. but many people work in the building. it's actually two, two-story buildings. the restaurant connected to an office building through a breezeway which houses the "the
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chamber." our anchor ken bastida was on the way home after the 11 p.m. newscast took this video for us. it started about midnight. firefighters went into defensive mode to keep the fire from spreading. they knocked it out within the hour. folks downtown could see huge flames shooting in the air in the middle of the night. people were standing outside their homes and apartments watching as the building burned. contra costa county fire protection district officials say the fire was seen for miles. >> when they crested the hill they could see the fire from pittsburg. i could see the embers from the fire from about 2 miles out. this was a large fire. >> reporter: firefighters did evacuate three neighboring apartment buildings but those evacuations have been lifted. the estimated damage right now at this hour is $1.1 million. of course, that could climb as fire crews get inside that building and really take a look at the full damage but they say now it's a total loss and the
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cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. this morning, a funeral is planned for two children who were killed in a deadly hit-and- run in concord. friends and family say a mass will be said for 5-year-old vincent and 10-year-old lorenzo reyes in richmond. they were in the car with their mother and her baby when another car slammed into them on highway 4. the woman and the 3-month-old were seriously injured. police say that lemuel wilson was driving on a suspended license when he fled. he is facing charges including vehicular homicide. a federal judge is laying down the hammer against the oakland police department in the case of a sexually isolated teen. jackie ward has the did section -- sexually exploited teen. jackie ward has the story. >> reporter: just weeks before
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the federal judge leaves he is handing the case over to another judge. henderson is giving the case to judge william orrick. oakland officials are now required to hand in a report by september 15 based on findings on the underaged prostitution investigation. jim chanin is the attorney for the plaintiff and says the department needs to face consequences for what he considers a botched job. >> they must be investigated and held accountable. >> reporter: an oakland police officer who committed suicide wrote a note saying other officers were having sex with an underaged prostitute. the investigation was inadequate and defective. judge orrick says he will hold another hearing in three months. steve scalise is out of intensive care but is
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hospitalized. the congressman was shot last month when a gunman opened fire on a republican congressional baseball practice in northern virginia. the suspect in the june 14 shooting was killed by police on the scene. four other people were injured. this morning, president trump and first lady melania trump begin a whirlwind 4 hour visit to france. before leaving the u.s., the president said the white house is functioning perfectly despite questions over his campaign's involvement with russia during the 2016 election. >> reporter: as president trump begins his day in paris, the focus of the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election continues to daunt his administration here at home. >> we are now in july. we're not talking about infrastructure. we are not talking about tax reform. we're not talking about anything. we're talking about comey and obstruction of justice and potential criminality and russia. >> reporter: in an interview with the christian broadcasting network at the white house
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yesterday, president trump said russian president vladimir putin was likely rooting for hillary clinton over him. >> we are going to be exploiting energy. he doesn't want that. he would like hillary where she wants to have windmills. >> reporter: cbs news has learned special counsel robert mueller's investigation and congressional investigators are looking into whether the trump campaign's digital operation overseen by his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner coordinated with russian operatives to target voters with fake news. a congressman from southern california has formally introduced articles of impeachment against our president. representative brad sherman accused our president of obstructing justice in the federal investigation. he cites the president's abrupt firing of former fbi director james comey. later today officials will be reviewing plans to open a controversial medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec is live where the shop would be in the sunset to tell us why some
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people don't want it. >> reporter: this is a neighborhood with a lot of different businesses, restaurants, bank, hardware store. and the marijuana dispensary would be right here behind me in this storefront that used to be a pharmacy but neighbors say a pot shop has no business here. >> no, no, no! >> reporter: the plans up for a vote this afternoon. but you can see that the recent community meeting, neighbors were passionately against it. they came out swinging and have been collecting signatures. the proposal comes from the former mayor of oakland jean quan and her husband. and it would turn this empty corner storefront in a pot shot and traditional chinese medicine clinic called the apothecarium. >> what's your concern about it? >> because it's bad for our kids, bad for our schools, right? and also, you're going to bring a lot of crime, bad people
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around in your community. why? >> there's not enough access of medical cannibis to the chinese community. >> reporter: he says there's also a lot of confusion in the chinese community of exactly what a pot shop would en time. there are now 38 dispensaries in the city. none of them are owned by chinese people, and none of them are here in the sunset district. of course, it is going to be legal to sell marijuana for recreational reasons coming in january. so that's going to certainly be another point of this discussion that's taking place in front of san francisco planning commission this afternoon. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 6:09. paying the price. next, how much it could cost raiders owner mark davis to move the team to las vegas. >> plus, rate hikes approved. how much more san jose water is planning to start charging its
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customers. >> that will take a big hit and a hurt. hi,, from the kpix weather center. a perfect summer day today except air quality. i'll talk about how california fires will affect the air that you breathe. >> and 880 no sigh of relief. right now we are tracking some slowdowns. is it affecting your ride? find out coming up.
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approved the proposal from the san jose water group. monthly bills are incr water bills are going up in the south bay. state regulators just approved a proposal. bills are going up 3.7% for the average customer, an increase of about $4 a month. it will help with the higher costs of wholesale water rates from the santa clara valley water district.
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fremont city council has decided to reject a set of rent control measures. council heard from landlords and tenants this week weighing three possibilities. opponents argue that the new rules would make it too difficult to evict tenants. as for council members, some argued that the best idea was to strengthen existing programs that mediate disputes between the two groups. it will be harder for smokers to buy flavored tobacco products in contra costa county. this comes after the board of supervisors voted unanimously to prohibit the sales of products near parks and schools. it will be taken up again next tuesday. if approved, it would go into effect 30 days later that. comes as big tobacco company is going after a ban on flavored products. they are trying to overturn it. a proposed measure to repeal the ban was recently filed with the department of elections. work will soon resume on novato's smart train station
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after the city approved more than $3 million of funding for the next phase of the project including the installation of rail systems and electrical equipment. more than half of the work will be financed by a grant from the mtc. construction begins this fall. >> will you go out to the ding, ding, ding, ding, ding today? >> yes. >> that's what you call it? >>s.>> the 54th annual cable ca bell ringing contest. >> i promise you tomorrow i'll bring you in the trophy from when i competed and i won. it's the biggest trophy i ever won in my life. >> what is it? >> it looks like a supermoto cross contest. >> you got that from ringing the bell? >> yeah. >> do we have video? >> i can share it. it's a lot of fun.
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it's at union square again. >> union square 12:00. >> debbie durst is the funny and best san francisco flavor we have, she always hosts. >> it's awesome. >> we'll be there. so we'll say hi. we'll get to traffic real quick. we are tracking slowdowns for drivers heading along 101 through san jose. no accidents, no stalls. and no lanes are blocked. it's just very crowd. so give yourself some extra time. your ride across the san mateo bridge getting heavy but also along southbound 880 and southbound 680. we are start to see a lot of those yellow sensor light up our screens here. we have travel times just jumped into the yellow for southbound 880 from 238 down to highway 84. it's a little over 15 minutes. san mateo bridge crowded. we are still in the green. travel time about 15 minutes. 880, nothing nasty about this nimitz heading through oakland a-okay. but as you get over to the bay bridge toll plaza, you're in for some delays. we are still tracking about a
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25-minute ride from the maze into san francisco. we do have some air travel delays this morning one hour one minute on some arriving flights at sfo due to that right there, the low -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> yeah! >> not because of the music but because of that right there! because of the clouds and the areas of fog. we also have delays heading out to boston due to strong thunderstorms. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> all right. one more time. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> yeah. there you have it right there. the marine layer is pushing onshore. temperature-wise we are in the 50s across the board. inland, however, clear skies, livermore 59 degrees. brentwood 60 clear skies, so says paul. george is socked in. linda clear and windy. sunshine away from the coast today. moderate air quality in all areas due to the local fires. a little bit of a haze in the atmosphere all the way through the weekend. high pressure over the four
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corners states is beginning to lift up in a northerly direction and as it does so will encompass more of the bay area and our temperatures go up. that right there, it was once a hurricane, now a tropical storm. and then pretty much the remnants of it it's churning up the surf in southern california. high surf there but for us some dangerous rip currents also some neeker waves. the waves are pounding the seashore from santa cruz all the way to stinson beach. another hot weekend in store for us as high pressure builds over the state. 101 redding and fresno. 94 state capital. 81 high sierra. we are currently 46 degrees. and also 64 in monterey bay. sunrise at 5:57. it sets at 8:32. temperatures back in between today 60s to 70s, 80s and 90s. that is pretty spot on for this time of the year. average high san jose 83. warmer on friday triple digits 100s way from the bay on
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saturday and on sunday. make it a great day. roberta, thank you. there is an invaluable resource for bay area teachers to master science lessons while school is out for the summer. >> yeah. it's called the summer institute at the exploratorium in san francisco and it's this week's "cool camp." >> press your layers. >> reporter: this is called a squeeze box, it's a miniature version of an exhibit at the exploratorium that speeds up geologic time in order to see how faults fold and rock layers change. >> they try really hard to give us materials and lessons and ideas that will be immediately useful in our classrooms. and so it feels really practical and hands on and useful. >> we are here to inspire teachers. >> reporter: 60 teachers chosen from more than 300 applicants will spend the summer learning to make what the institute calls [ indiscernible ] inexpensive hands on science projects. >> we actually hold the teachers ' hands while they learn to use
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band saws and drill presses to make their own versions of exploratorium exhibits. >> reporter: raleigh mclemore is a former science teacher in the bay area who volunteers in the workshop. on this day, he is helping teachers make an inexpensive microscope using a smartphone. >> they see the teachers empowered, they can do it. it makes the students more confidence they can do it. >> reporter: 85% of the selected teachers are from the bay area but the program also reaches out to school districts around the world without resources like this. >> i wouldn't be able to do it back in my country. but when i saw this, that's exciting. >> the greatest thing is to go out with the experts to the floors to see the exhibits and see how we can bring that back to the classroom for our kids. [ pause ] >> check out the exploratorium website. there's a also of all those recipes for the science projects for your kids this fall. >> gives you some good ideas. all right. that's awesome. we want to know what's cool
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about your camp. you can email your nomination to us at coolcamps at >> the raiders move to "sin city" is coming with a large fee. next the cost mark davis the owner faces to move the team out of oakland. >> good morning, everybody. hey, slow wednesday night in sports, huh? no! last night, hey, it's the one night where the athletes and entertainment world intersected and who in the world was kevin durant mad dogging? what was up with that? who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. good morning, everybody. in sports, it was awards night last night. not exactly the sports slowest night of the year.
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not in los angeles. at the awards named the espys the nba champion warriors took it home for best team and kevin durant won the best championship performance and best nba player but he didn't escape from kidding from show host peyton manning. >> and our gymnastics team was so dominant that kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. [ laughter ] >> and i got to tell you, i don't think you would start for that team, kevin, yeah. russell westbrook what do you think? >> oh!! >> we'll get out of here with this one. san francisco native sam querrey took center court at wimbledon yesterday in the far court against top seed number one andy murray put on a show. 24th seed shocked murray by winning a five set quarterfinal match the first american to
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reach the semis in eight years. that will do it for sports at this hour. everybody have a terrific thursday. i will see you later. the raiders move to las vegas is costing the team. a new report from espn claims that the total is about $378 million. the team will pay the fee over the next 10 years. experts say that the nfl's relocation policy is expensive because the league would rather have teams stay where in their home markets. why some police union leaders are upset about sheriff's deputies responding to the scene of last month's deadly u.p.s. shooting in san francisco. coming up.
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we'll be laying out a revised version of the repeal and replace effort. >> today gop lawmakers will lay out a new version of their proposed healthcare plan. when a vote is expected. >> and months after a sex scandal rocked the oakland police department, a federal judge is laying down the hammer. the harsh words he had for leaders. plus -- >> it's really something we just don't want in our neighborhood. i think we've all tried to fight it in the state but at least we would like to not have it in our neighborhood. >> the battle over a proposed pott dispensary in san francisco's outer sunset comes to a head. >> but first in downtown lafayette, crews are working to control some hot spots after a massive building fire. good morning, it is thursday, july 13, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. kpix 5's jessica flores is
6:31 am
live in lafayette with more on the fight against the flames. jessica. >> reporter: good morning. that firefight is now wrapping up. but the investigation into what caused this fire is just starting. take a look at the damage behind me. you can see that two-story building just ravaged in this fire black charred building left behind. and you can see how one floor collapsed on to the other. now, it's actually two buildings, one is a restaurant which is connected to an office building that houses the chamber of commerce. our anchor ken bastida was on his way home after the 11 p.m. news when he saw massive flames. he took this video for us. the fire broke out just after midnight. and firefighters went into defensive mode to keep the fire from spreading. they knocked it down within the hour. but, of course, they continued to work on those hot spots. folks downtown could see the huge flames shooting in the air in the middle of the night. people were standing outside watching as the building burned. contra costa county fire
6:32 am
protection district officials tell us the fire was seen for miles. >> the things that we were also concerned about particularly with the amount of embers that were being cast off of this fire was that, you know, they might spread to additional structures. likely there was no wind. if there had been some wind, we might have been looking at a different problem altogether. >> reporter: fire crews did evacuate three nearby apartment buildings but those evacuations have been lifted. total damage $1.1 million, a total loss. the investigation is just starting into what happened. time now is 6:32. let's get a live look outside this morning. three letters. fog! look at all that fog. golden gate bridge on the right. look at the fog. >> you spell well. >> thank you.
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>> i'll get into the spelling bee contest. >> our window to the world here in san francisco, we have a lot of fog next to the coast and into the bay. but i got to tell you one thing that's going on here. our air quality is deteriorating because of all the fires around the bay area especially the butte county fire due to the variable bringing haze into the bay area. hot hazy through the weekend. that's the scene with the fog right now with the current conditions in the 50s, 60s. fog is working into the bay. later today 60s, 70s through the 80s and 90s. full forecast coming up at 48 after the hour. very slow out there for your morning commute.
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no surprise on highway 4. we are tracking a 45-minute ride out of antioch into hercules. also, some slowdowns for drivers heading along highway 29. a "sig alert" remains in effect. an overturned mail truck has speeds down 10 miles per hour northbound. take american canyon to i-80 and cut back across from highway 12 to bypass all those delays. following two mob attacks on bart in just a few hours we may get a better idea of what the agency is doing to keep you safe. in the past two months two mobs of teens attacked and robbed transit riders in the east bay. bart would not release surveillance video. according to an internal memo from bart, the assistant general manager said releasing them could lead to racial bias. they will talk about it at 9 a.m. later today we should learn
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more about the plans for a controversial medical marijuana dispensary. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: people are furious. this is noriega and 32nd here in the sunset a neighborhood with a lot of different businesses, restaurants, and eye clinic and that is the site of what could eventually be a new pot shop that used to be a pharmacy. it won't be a pot shop if the neighbors have anything to say about it. no, no >> no, no, no! >> reporter: neighbors have been collecting signatures against this proposal. it comes from the former mayor of oakland jean quan and her husband and it would turn an empty corner storefront into a pot shop and traditional chinese medicine clinic called the apothecarium. it's up for a vote this afternoon in front of the san francisco planning commission. >> what's your concern about it? >> because it's bad for our
6:36 am
kids, bad for our schools, right, and also you're going to bring a lot of crime bad people around in your community. why? >> there's not enough access of medical cannibis to the chinese community. >> reporter: jean quan's husband says there are a lot of myths about medical marijuana within the chinese community. and this would be the first chinese-owned pot shop in the city. right now there are 38 dispensaries here in san francisco. none of them is in the sunset district. and, of course, it's going to be legal to sell marijuana for recreational reasons this january. so that's certainly going to be part of the discussion when it comes to additional traffic around here in a quiet neighborhood. the planning commission is meeting this afternoon. live in the sunset in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a federal judge has issued a deadline to oakland police department after the sex scandal that rocked the
6:37 am
department. kpix 5's jackie ward has details. >> reporter: he wants to wipe his hands entirely clean of all of this after more than a decade of the oakland police department being involved in an ongoing civil rights case. the latest scandal was an underaged prostitute and pushed the judge over the edge. in september, 2015, a police officer committed suicide and left a note describing how other officers were having sex with a minor. the oakland police department didn't tell the court about the note so six months later, when the court did find out about it, an independent investigation was ordered in which it found the department, quote, defective. john burris is an attorney for the plaintiffs. after years on this civil case, he is remaining cautiously optimistic. >> i hope this isn't deja vu all over again meaning that we have had many hearings over 17 years where the police chiefs good faith intention would dom before the court and tell them all the great things they were going to do and then nothing happened. >> the judge who has been at the helm for most of those
6:38 am
years is retiring next monday judge henderson, handing the case to judge william orrick. a report from opd on how it will improve is due in court by september 15. judge orrick says he will hold another hearing in about three months. it turns out not everyone is happy about how san francisco sheriff's deputies responded to a shooting at a u.p.s. warehouse last month that left three employees dead. according to "the examiner," a union leader from the san francisco police department complained that the 18 deputies presented a danger to other law enforcement officers on scene including sfpd. the specific concerns were not detailed but it reportedly came when the deputies were preparing to enter the facility armed with rifles. right now, president trump is in paris. he arrived this morning. it is his third foreign trip since taking office. this is a live look now right there later today president trump will have dinner with french president emmanuel macron at the eiffel tower and
6:39 am
hold a short joint news conference. cbs will bring it to you live at 9:15 a.m. the president will attend the french nation's annual bastille day parade tomorrow before returning to the u.s. president trump gave an interview to the christian broadcasting network yesterday during which he said that russian president vladimir putin would have preferred hillary clinton to win last year's election. speaking to the reuters news agency, the president also defended his son donald trump, jr.'s decision to meet with a russian attorney last year. meantime, the president's pick to be the next director of the fbi is expected to receive bipartisan support at a senate confirmation hearing this week. christopher wray told lawmakers he would never let politics get in the way of the bureau's mission. gop is expected to introduce their revised healthcare plan today. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he is ready to unwrap the latest bill to repeal and replace obamacare. some senators are still worried about the number of people who
6:40 am
could become uninsured. but a top republican says a big difference with the revision is keeping a pair of tax hikes on wealthier americans. >> all over tv you have republicans talking about the death spiral of obamacare. that is real. but you know how the republicans are going to fix it? by subsidizing it. they are not going to fix the death spiral of obamacare. >> lawmakers could vote on the bill as early as next week. time now 6:40. the bay area under water. why scientists say we could see chronic flooding in the years to come. >> plus, cashing in. why apple is expecting a lot of iphone users to upgrade around christmastime. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board. we'll get an update coming up from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. or a at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. from new york.
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good morning. thanks. cbs this morning starts at 7 o- cl coming up on "cbs this morning," norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ahead the russian controversy follows president trump to france. the latest on what one outside white house adviser calls a category 5 hurricane sweeping through the west wing. plus, a rare cancer linked to certain types of breast implants. the warning to women and why insurance might not fully cover the treatment. and we're in maine with why the cost of lobster is up even though fishermen are catching more of those lobsters than ever. all that plus the eye-opener your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> that makes some people in the studio very hungry. see you at 7:00. thank you. just a few hours, officials could approve "salesforce" naming rights to the new transi the $110 million deal would officially name it the "salesforce" transcenter for 25 years but the agreement does
6:45 am
not prevent other companies from sponsoring events at the center. a win for google in europe and let's check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. a rare break for google in europe. a french court has ruled that google does not owe france $1.3 billion in back taxes saying that it did not illegally route taxes away from france through ireland as it does not have its permanent base in france as it does in ireland. google france will appeal that decision. google already facing a record fine from european antitrust regulators over its search and shopping practices in europe as well as another potential record fine on its android mobile operating business and yet a third case involving its online tieing business in europe. a couple of key economic reports out from the labor department.
6:46 am
weekly jobless claims fell by 3,000 to 247,000. that ended three straight weeks of gains. and labor also says that its producer price index which tracks wholesale side inflation was up only a tenth of a percent in june up 2% from the year earlier. inflation is really cooling off the past two months. the fed chair told members of congress yesterday that lower inflation right now is keeping the fed fairly cautious on rate hikes that led to gains on the market yesterday a record high for the dow and stocks building on that this morning. the dow going up by a couple of points starting to lose the momentum right now though. nasdaq up 7 points. the s&p up by three, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. new this morning, climate scientists have a serious warning for the bay area! the union of concerned scientists predicts in the next 4 decades, chronic flooding from rising seas could devastate waterfront
6:47 am
communities like east palo alto, alameda and san mateo! the scientists also believe airports and low-income housing in low areas are especially vulnerable. time now, 6:47. let's get a check of the forecast with roberta. >> delays are reported. >> where are you? >> coming, i promise. >> hi! [ laughter ] >> hello. >> i took a -- jaclyn would be very disappointed that i took a left instead of a right. >> a lot of traffic in the halls. >> i'm sorry. i was getting ready for the midwest flooding over there. there's a lot of midwest flooding. sfo has delays going into boston due it flash flood watches in effect there. we have delays at sfo due to overcast skies like right there. one hour one-minute delays on some arriving flights. the coast is not clear this
6:48 am
morning. temperatures in the mid-50s in san francisco. currently 52 degrees in pacifica. and because of what was once a hurricane, now still a tropical storm in the pacific, big re ar the yellow highlighted area. we have dangerous rip currents and the swells are just pounding the coast. we have sneaker waves, as well. so high pressure is beginning to kind of lift up in a north direction as it does so we are going to have ourselves a warming trend again here in the bay area. meanwhile, 101 redding. 101 fresno. 94 degrees in sacramento. 98 in ukiah. truckee up to the low 80s. 60s to 90s in the bay area all average. really a near perfect summer day in the bay area as far as our seasonal stats are
6:49 am
concerned. variable winds to 20 ushering smoke into the bay area. so we have moderate air quality today. we heat up into the 100s away from the bay where we'll top off at near 80 degrees. you still have the california state fair going on and it's going to be smoking hot! >> oh, yes. i have been to the california state fair when it's been triple digits. oh, yes, definitely stay hydrated. right now, we are tracking hot spots slowing the morning commute down. we are looking at 580 here. this is a new accident near isabel avenue with debris in the road slowing things down. we were back in the green but now in the yellow about 30 minutes from 205 towards 680. so we'll take it to along 880 and 680, those rides getting crowded very slow as you make your way from 238 in that
6:50 am
southbound direction on down towards highway 84 there. it's about 20 minutes san mateo bridge, yeah, you will be in good company if you are heading there. we are in the red now a little over 30 minutes making your way out of hayward into foster city. in san jose, "slow, stop, go" that's the name of the game northbound 101 as well as 280. those are the biggest delays along that stretch heading over to sfo. now you may have some delays due to the fog but no delays along 101. this is right near 380. traffic is moving along just fine in both directions. we have been tracking the "sig alert" that has shut down the northbound direction of 29 through the napa junction. this is right near south kelly road and officials are telling us that because this was a mail truck, usps has to take all the packages back to the oakland center and that means folks won't be getting their mail today. hat's a check of your
6:51 am
traffic; over to you. in our tech report, siegel starts in late august as the chief operating officers amazon reached a biggest sales day in company history. they just reported record sales for its third annual prime day beating out its numbers for previous black friday and cyber monday shopping periods. in fact, prime day sales were higher than both shopping days combined in 2016. >> fewer people are upgrading iphones. this data concerns apple. apple will launch two standard iphone upgrades and an iphone 8 by the holiday this year. a massive fire in downtown lafayette takes out several businesses. i'm live with an update coming up.
6:52 am
after a recent wedding brawl. "we've allowed everybody back >> facing a closure the fremont banquet hall that will be forced to shut down after a recent wedding brawl.
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i'm jessica flores live in downtown lafayette where fire crews have spent the last 7 hours putting out a massive building fire. take a look. the two-story office building houses the chamber of commerce and several small businesses. it's connected to a burned-out restaurant. business owners are devastated. at the height of it the flames were seen for miles. our anchor ken bastida took this video on his way home from work yesterday as of fire started around midnight. as firefighters arrived, they went into defensive mode trying
6:56 am
to keep the flames and embers from spreading. they contained the fire in an hour. and residents near downtown watched as the building burned. contra costa county fire protection district officials evacuated neighboring apartment buildings. >> we have allowed everybody back into their buildings. we did evacuate three buildings initially because of the amount of radiant heat. we also had some propane tanks that were exploding. and so we wanted to make sure everybody was safe from that. >> reporter: it's estimated the damage will cost about $1.1 million. if you are taking a live look out here right now, you can see how one of the stories collapsed on the other store floor. this is dangerous for fire crews to go in right now, so they are taking their time. he cause is under investigation. i can tell you no injuries to report. jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:56.
6:57 am
it's time for your "final 5. federal judge is bringing down the hammer on the opd in a case involving a teen who was sexually exploited. city officials are required to hand in a report by september 15 on an investigator's findings on the investigation. it comes just days after the same judge blasted city and police department leaders for their response to the allegations of rang doing. a fremont banquet hall could have its permit revoked by the city. officials say that the royal palace banquet hall violated eight safety and security provisions the night a big wedding party brawl happened. tonight the planning commission will decide on the issue. president trump is in paris. later today he will have dinner with french president emmanuel macron at the eiffel tower and hold a joint news conference. cbs will bring you that live at 9:15 this morning. today at the state capital a plan to extend the "cap and trade" commission will be taken up. lawmakers are working to extend the landmark program to
6:58 am
regulate climate warming greenhouse gases. the votes in the assembly and senate are monday. and after two mob attacks on bart, today we expect to get a better idea of what the agency is doing to keep you safe. police chief carlos rojas is planning to talk about the crime just after 9 a.m. and a "sig alert" remains in effect northbound 29 closed at south kelly road all due to an overturned mail truck. right now, northbound traffic being diverted on to south kelly road and there is no estimated time as to when that highway will re-open. do expect delays in the napa area. right now, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we continue to see a big backup from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 30 minutes, another 22 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. and just a heads up, we are tracking 10-minute bart delays out of the fruitvale station in the dublin-pleasanton direction. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, i'm so confused. whatever happened to your "summer light"?
6:59 am
no "summer light" anymore. but we have summer fog. this is very typical for july 13 in the bay area. the low clouds and fog coming onshore from the immediate coast. 50s to 60. we have clear skies away from the bay this morning. everybody will enjoy sunshine except the immediate seashore. hey, pacifica, you'll have some sun but not so much in daly city or in colma. boy, the fog just kind of stops there at mount davidson and just stays socked n78 in san rafael, 83 in san jose. warmer weather friday. and we do have 100s in the forecast away from the bay on saturday and sunday. moderate air quality today through sunday direct result of all those fires within the state of california. >> all right. be careful out there. all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. >> cbs this morning is next. make it a great day, everyone.
7:00 am
good morning to our in the west. this is thursday, july 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." police looking for four young men in pennsylvania find a mass grave. overnight they confirmed it includes the remains of at least one of the missing people. investigators say it's now a murder case. the controversy over donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer follows the president to paris. an outside white house adviser says a category 5 hurricane is sweeping through the west wing. and certain types of breast implants are linked to rare cancer. one patient tells us insurance companies may not cover the potentially life-saving treatment. plus, united airlines' new plan that could reportedly


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