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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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of videos for minors. >> reporter: she now tells kpix 5 that the reason bart hasn't turned over surveillance video of three recent robberies by mobs because they are minors. >> the statements i made to the board members were, um, that we don't do -- we don't release when it comes to minors. >> reporter: but she didn't mention minors or anything about the age of suspects in her july 7 memo where she laid out the agency policy of public access to crime data. in the memo she said press releases could unfairly affect and characterize riders of color. you didn't even mention the word minor or juvenile in the memo. >> the word minor is definitely in the memo. >> reporter: but that is not true. we checked the memo. there is no reference to minors or people's ages. >> it's only in your follow-up email when were you asked to explain that portion. >> the word minor is definitely in the memo.
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i was definitely talking about video in relationship to minors. that's what the topic -- the hot topic was about. >> reporter: bart board members asked her to elaborate on the race concerns in the memo and she did. in an emailed response, she expressed concern about sensationalizing videos that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors. but in three paragraphs about race and the media, that's the only reference hamill made to minors. so we asked her again. you didn't even mention the idea or the notion that these people were juveniles in your initial memo to the board of directors and you mentioned they were minors once in the follow-up emails. you spent far more time about not perpetuating racial stereo times. could you, please address that? >> the conversation about releasing the video has been going on for months. >> reporter: the memo also said it would make bart look crime- ridden to publicize petty crime like these recent robberies. >> we know that our riders are concerned about it.
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and we're very concerned with making sure that there's -- there's a number of strategies under way now. >> reporter: she is the person who decides what crime information is made public. the police chief makes recommendations, but she is where the buck stops. and apparently, she has decided in the last three days to change her policy. >> and bart has just decided to stop sending out police logs as well making it harder for people like us to, journalists as well as the public to get details about these crimes. did the police chief address this? >> yes. it's an issue of timing that's really interesting but bart is now using something called crime which gives really basic information like robbery at atm at this location, but the police log had more narrative detail. but when you ask bart about this, they say other jurisdictions use crime mapping. today i asked do other police agencies only use crime mapping with no detailed information like bart proposes? >> i'm not aware of an agency that just uses crime mapping.
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it's one component of your outreach to the media. so i wouldn't promote using that in lieu of press releases or press conference or anything like that. >> reporter: so to be fair, the chief has only been with bart for a month and a half and he says he is working with the communications department to provide more detailed information on an ongoing basis. >> stay with it. >> we will. >> thank you. new details on the air canada plane that almost landed on top of four jets on the taxiway at sfo. canadian investigators say the air canada jet was just 100 feet from disaster. our ken bastida in the newsroom with the new information for us. ken? >> reporter: yeah, allen. the transportation safety board of canada is now involved. they are weighing in on friday's near miss. the pilot somehow confused the taxiway with the runway. canadian officials say the plane flew 100 feet above two fully loaded planes waiting to take off. it missed the third aircraft by
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200 feet, the fourth plane by 300 feet as the pilot aggressively climbed out of the landing attempt. then he was already a quarter mile over the taxiway. now, another interesting detail from the canadian report. it says the air traffic controller handling the approach was busy with other flights when it happened. it says that one of the planes on the taxiway actually alerted the controller about the wrong approach. at that point, though, the air canada jet was already directly over the other aircraft that were on the taxiway. >> where's this guy going? he is on the taxiway. >> in a go-around. >> looked like you were lined up for charlie there. >> united one, air canada flew directly over us. >> yeah, i saw that, guys. >> well, that plane eventually landed safely after another pass. but passengers weren't told about the near miss. the faa and the ntsb are now looking into why the air canada pilot got confused about where
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he was supposed to land. >> thank you. the faa is arriving to investigate a deadly plane crash in sonoma county. a small plane went down in schellville about 1 p.m. chopper 5 was overhead shortly after the crash. one person is dead, three others hurt. we have calls in for updates on their conditions. the plane is based out of palo alto, but there's no word yet on who was killed. the plane was equipped with an emergency parachute. it looks as though it did deploy but it's unknown if the plane got enough altitude for it to work. new at 6:00 a mexican museum in san francisco is putting itself on exhibit as it tries to clarify recent reports that some of its artifacts may not be authentic. kpix 5's susie steimle went digging for the truth about this extensive collection. >> printed out really not correct information. it spread like wildfire. >> reporter: andrew kleuger of
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san francisco's mexican museum is determined to set the record straight. he says local newspapers got it wrong when writing about the authentication of the museum's artifacts. >> i think it was a misinterpretation. >> reporter: it stems from this study released in june. the study commissioned by the museum states only 85 of nearly 2,000 prehispanic pieces will be permanently displayed at the new mexican museum being built. the newspapers took that to mean the rest of the nearly 2,000 pre-hispanic pieces were fake. >> the initial interpretation, in my opinion, was the individuals didn't receive the report. >> reporter: the archeologist who wrote the report says the rest of the pieces are still being studied and may turn out to be real or may turn out to be fake. >> so the process is not final. we have the duty to continue examining the collection. >> reporter: the archeologist
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points out u.s. museums often receive high-end forgeries as donations. the authentication process is meant to sort those out. the mexican museum is now under heavy scrutiny before it goes into its new location near the sf moma. the $33 million location will open up in 2019 and is recognized by the smithsonian. this makes it a national level museum and, therefore, brings it higher standards. so while the artwork itself can be left up to the viewer's interpretation, the quality cannot. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. the city of oakland has a new deadline for responding to a report criticizing the police department's handling of an officer sex scandal. a federal judge wants a detailed report by september 15 explaining what the city will do to get opd back on track. in a court commissioned report last month, attorneys determined that former police chief sean whent failed to
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thoroughly investigate claims of officers' sexual misconduct with an underaged prostitute, celeste guap. city officials are being ordered to appear in court on october 2. a developing story right now. this is new video just in of an overflow crowd at san francisco city hall. people eager to speak at the planning commission meeting. many are fighting a proposed pot dispensary in the sunset district. the storefront would be on noriega street next to sunset boulevard. as kpix 5's john ramos reports, both sides have mobilized their supporters. >> reporter: cannabis supporters believe the people have spoken bypassing proposition 64 legalizing recreational marijuana use. but apparently, others still have a lot more to say about it. >> you know, why can they impose on our children and schools like this? are we the united states or are we in a third world corrupt country? >> reporter: about 400 asian residents of the san francisco sunset district are at the planning commission this evening to oppose a plan to put
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a mcd, medical cannibis dispensary, in their neighborhood. former oakland mayor jean quan and her husband want to open a dispensary a storefront on noriega street. but neighbors say it's too close to a preschool. >> the consequence would be disastrous. >> reporter: why? what would the consequence be? >> reporter: that the children would get used to marijuana and when they grow up they can easily be addicted. >> reporter: they say there's widespread cultural opposition within the asian community of san francisco. nick lao who says that's what's hard to get the cannabis his grandmother needs for pain. >> there's a language and culture barrier. there's one of the obstacles and also someone like my grandma or her caregiver shouldn't have to travel across the city to access this medicine. there's no reason why we shouldn't have it in our own neighborhood. >> reporter: recent community meetings on the topic have been heated and they expect the
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planning commission meeting to last for hours. both sides are set in their positions, so the planning commission will have to weigh the city's general acceptance of cannabis dispensaries with the wishes of the neighbors who will be living near them. >> they have to understand our feelings, um, mutual respect and compromise are important in any community. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. this may not be the last fight over this. city health officials say of the 29 pending applications to open dispensaries in san francisco, five are in the sunset district. there's more growth in downtown san jose. adobe now says it will double the size of its headquarters. the company has just bought property on san fernando street near its three existing buildings and plans to build a fourth office tower. those expansion plans come as google is planning its own downtown campus. it wants to build a brand-new village near the diridon
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transit station with eight million square feet of offices. coastal regulators approve a deal to shut down a sand mine. cemex has been dredging santa on the beach for more than a century. now as we explain, that practice is going to stop within a few years. kiet do reports. >> reporter: for the cemex sand mine which has been around for 110 years, this is the beginning of the end. >> the settlement provides for a timeline and proposed phase- out of the last coastal sand mine in the united states. >> reporter: they met in seaside today to vote. a cemex representative looked on. >> hundreds of thousands of tons of sand are trapped and removed from the system annually by the operation. >> reporter: cemex was given a full hour for rebuttal but spoke for only three minutes. >> respectfully disagrees with certain aspects of fact and law
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in this matter. we set aside this disagreement today in the interests of seeking a resolution of this matter. >> reporter: for years, cemex has denied the violations as public opposition steadily mounted. but in may, the issue took on new urgency when the state lands commission determined cemex was stealing public sand. a month later cemex finally signed a "cease and desist" agreement. they agreed to reduce its take by 25% and stop mining altogether on december 31, 2020. and then they will sell the land to a non-property or government agency for at least a 20% discount where it could be converted to some kind of recreational area with public access. the state lands commission says the deal avoided a 10-year long court battle. >> we unanimously vote yes to the motion. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> all we can do is say, thank you, this is awesome. everyone should celebrate. the coast should celebrate. it's the coast that wins. it's mother nature who wins
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today. >> reporter: there is one final hurdle left to clear. on august 17, the state lands commission will meet to vote on this agreement and all indications are it will pass at which time the cemex sand mine will ramp down operations. in seaside, kiet do, kpix 5. the ultimate package theft bust. a woman thinks she is getting away with the goods. what happened when the homeowner pulled up? >> a bay area connection to the russian lawyer who met with president trump's team. a former oakland mayor's link. >> and the push to go cashless. a credit card giant is honing up to change how we pay >> the weather is going to change. a heat advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area this weekend. coming up, well talk about how hot and how long. next.
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and steals a package right off the front porch. well, this time: it wasn't just a camera that well, we have seen it time and time again, a a thief steals a package off the front porch. kpix 5's len ramirez is in san jose where the homeowner pulled up just in time to mess up a clean getaway. >> reporter: this is happening all over this neighborhood and throughout our viewing area. it's happening in people's neighborhoods again and again as you mentioned. usually, the thieves get away with the goods. but not in this case. plus, not only did they not get
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away with the package, they also got their picture taken. >> this is a video that i caught of a couple stealing a box off my porch. >> reporter: heidi's surveillance video shows it all, a soccer mom-looking woman coming off the sidewalk to steal a package on her porch, then a dodge pulls up with a accomplice at the wheel. then you can hear her arriving home seconds later [ beep beep ] >> reporter: in the nick of time, blowing her horn and confronting the couple while snapping photos of their license plates. >> i'm screaming, of course, saying a few choice cuss words. [ laughter ] >> and i was very upset and keyed up. and i said, um, you know, i'm, like, i'm going to take your picture! i'm going to call the cops right now. >> reporter: it was too much for the would-be thieves to handle. they threw out the box, backed up and then tore out of the neighborhood. >> they couldn't figure it out. i'm like middle-aged white couple stealing a box in a nice
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car. it just seems very shocking to me. [ laughter ] >> and stupid at 5:45 p.m. >> reporter: here's the shot of the license plate. >> the picture i got was pretty darn clear. i was impressed, being so keyed up, i wasn't sure if i was getting a good picture. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she said she didn't think twice about confronting the couple at the time. but now she has second thoughts. >> i know, it's probably very ignorant of me to have done that because you never know nowadays what people have. >> reporter: what was all the fuss over? she says the couple took a risk over practically nothing. >> they would have been sadly disappointed because it was literally a box full of tape and this is a box full of tissue paper for my packing supplies for my work. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she said she did call the san jose police department yesterday evening after this happened. she was initially told by the officers that there would not be a case started on this because the thieves gave back
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the package. but after recognizing this great video that is available not only of the act itself but the license plate involved in the incident, apparently the police department now is going to be opening a case. i just spoke to an officer who said that. and also, they will be using that video to try and tie it into other cases in the area. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a three-alarm fire in downtown lafayette overnight destroyed a two-story office building. "skydrone5" got a view of the charred shell left behind. blackened rubble and a big mess, the building used to house the city's chamber of commerce and a restaurant and several small businesses, but not anymore thanks to these flames that could be seen for miles away around midnight. fire crews worked into the morning to battle the fire and embers. at one point they evacuated buildings to protect people from the heat and because
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propane tanks were exploding. the damage is about a million dollars. >> there's a hair salon in the building, all of our lives are impacted. >> there's financial loss, emotional loss. you know, when tragedy happens, i'm sure that the community will come together. >> fire investigators say it could be days or even weeks before they can determine the cause of the fire. paul, are we headed for a warmup? >> now we go back up with the temperatures. once again, most of the warming will be found away from the water where you'll see triple digits starting saturday. already kind of hot in concord. you have been hot all week long. 91 for you, san jose. your high 82. look at all sunshine over san francisco. but the ocean influence is still there. your high for the second straight day 65. 75 in san rafael. 78 for fremont. we are in a dry stretch. we do this every summer. it has been 35 days since we had rainfall, june 8. a quarter inch of rain for parts of the
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north bay. the past month and a quarter nothing, nor do we expect anything for the foreseeable future. no rain this weekend in sacramento. california state fair, sunny, 103 degrees. stern grove festival, sunday in beautiful san francisco, mixture of sun and clouds. we'll stay in the mid-60s. san francisco's temperatures are going nowhere but hotter inland. notice where the ridge of high pressure is. it's going to get closer and stronger. it will cut off the ocean influence away from the water. but notice the clockwise flow around that ridge will still give us a light onshore flow into the bay and along the coastline which will keep your temperatures in check. so if you want it cool, the beach. you want it hot, head toward the delta. inland heat is coming this weekend. fog is coming overnight tonight. you can see it building through the golden gate. overnight lows, in the 50s. a little bit warmer tomorrow. the most significant heating will be over the weekend but we'll begin the process tomorrow. 90s for fairfield, concord and
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livermore. mid-80s for san jose and santa rosa. but san francisco, stuck at 65. mountain view 78 degrees tomorrow. and that heat is coming this weekend. here's a look at your extended forecast. we are about 7 or 8 degrees hotter and amazingly, 102 in a place like livermore is only 14 degrees above average. look at temperatures near the bay. you will stay in the 70s. the heat snap lasts two days. monday back down to average. that's your forecast. a shark took a bite out of a kayak but that's not shaking santa cruz surfers. how they are blatantly ignoring warnings to stay out of the water. >> absolute greatness on the tennis court. and father and son playing catch. but what if i told you this was not supposed to happen? one of them, maybe both, are lucky to be alive.
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5-time wimbledon cha got tennis up top. the story continues to be king because of a queen of the court. five time champion venus williams faced great britain's johanna konta. ladies semis. williams came out firing! that's a 103-mile-per-hour serve. here it is again as she took the first set 6-4. this power in the second. at age 37, there's no shelf life on her. watch her go to work from the far court. williams rolled over a 26-year- old opponent to gain the finals for the first time since 2009. 6-4 and 6-2. now to the other semifinal. garbine muguruza far court. easily ousted unseeded magdalena the 23-year-old from spain dropped only two games. won 6-1, 6-1. and venus williams will be waiting. now, here's a look at warriors patrick mccaw. got a title ring, "dubs" ran
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with boston today vegas summer league play-off. mccaw, good if it goes, whoa! but they were already down 21. mccaw finished with 20. cal bear fans remember bird? there he goes. bird scores 17. celtics eliminated the warriors 93-69. warriors finish the summer league with a record of 1-4. all right. now on monday, one of the great bay area cancer awareness tournaments is about to hit. 5,000 have played, almost 3 million has been raised. this one so big, it's happened twice a year for the last dozen. fresh out of the box or should i say boxes. bob hammer two time testicular cancer survivor displayed t- shirts, boxes of his upcoming 13th have a ball tournament. roughly 25 cancer-related organizations benefit. >> funds they have raised from the tournament has underwritten
6:27 pm
our care for over 250 cancer survivors. >> you never forget the 26 rounds of chemo that i went through and my wife was there getting me through it. >> reporter: son josh hammer was the biggest gift for bob and his wife kim. 15 years ago, doctors told him to forget about having a second child. bob had been fighting another bout of cancer. the doctors were wrong. and through incredible faith, help and support, this miracle baby was born. 15 years later, here he is playing catch with dad. he has grown up as this tournament has. >> it's evolved so much. it's still mind boggling. >> without the help of how many -- i mean, the story can go on and on. without their help, he wouldn't be here. he would not exist let alone maybe even bob. >> reporter: i'll see everybody there monday morning third hole at crow canyon in danville. six weeks later, i'll see you in september, balls in the air at 8 a.m. they have been approached to do
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a third tournament. but they both have full-time jobs. they just don't have time. >> that's great. >> what a story. amazing. >> fantastic. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, a bay area connection to the russian lawyer who met with president trump's team it. a former oakland mayor's link. >> a police investigation into this nasty wipeout. skaters blame an officer. now the man who shot the video gives his account of what really happened. >> and a seagull population explosion! how the thriving birds are causing some serious problems.
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russian lawyer who met with donald t link to lobbying b our top story at 6:30, we are learning more about the russian lawyer who met with donald trump, jr. and the link to lobbying by a former bay area congressman. it involves ron dellums who was once the mayor of oakland. our elizabeth cook is here to break it all down for us. >> reporter: allen, foundation geared toward changing a law that restricts russian business activities here in the u.s. hired the former bay area lawmaker. ron dellums lobbied last year for a nonprofit organization set up by a russian businessman who recently settled a money
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laundering case against him in the u.s. the lawyer natalia veselnitskaya represented that russian businessman and she has also been engaged in lobbying on his behalf. now, that money laundering case was an outgrowth of a law restricting russian investors here in the u.s. now, both dellums and the russian lawyer have worked to try and get it changed. after the law passed in 2012 president vladimir putin retaliated by freezing american adoptions of russian children. and at the meeting with donald trump, jr., last year, trump says, the russian lawyer raised the subject of adoptions. dellums' career as a bay area elected official began in the 1960s. he was a berkeley city councilman before becoming a member of congress in 1971. he served 13 terms in the house and was also mayor of oakland for a single term. dellums is now vice chairman of a lobbying firm called watts
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partners based in washington. today we found a declaration filed by dellums. it confirms that he lobbied in 2016 for the russian-backed nonprofit called the human rights accountability global initiative foundation but it's not clear if he received any money for that work. veronica? >> thank you. tonight, president trump and first lady melania trump had a private dinner high above paris. they were at the jules verne restaurant inside the eiffel tower with the french president and his wife. there was nothing improper about his oldest son's meeting with a russian lawyer last year, president trump said. mola lenghi reports from the white house. >> reporter: president trump continued to defend his son june 2016 meeting with a russian attorney with alleged ties to the kremlin. >> he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer but a russian lawyer. >> reporter: the president said he believes the press made it a bigger deal than it is. >> most people would have taken
6:34 pm
that meeting. it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. >> reporter: according to emails, donald trump, jr. released them, that opposition research was supposed to be compromising material on hillary clinton that allegedly came from the russian government. >> nothing happened from the meeting. zero happened from the meeting. >> reporter: some lawmakers insist this email exchange could be a smoking gun targeting not only the president and his son, but his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner who also attended the meeting. >> we saw cold, hard evidence of the trump campaign indeed the trump family eagerly intending to collude, possibly, with russia. >> reporter: cbs news confirms that special counsel robert mueller and congress are looking into whether the trump campaign's digital operation headed by kushner coordinated with russians to target voters with fake news stories on facebook and on twitter. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house.
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republicans added billions of dollars in funding to fight opiod addictions to the republican healthcare plan. it helps low income americans pay for coverage and leaves in place some of the obamacare taxes on the wealthy. at least one conservative says this version is worse than the toys. >> we were elected on message of repeal and this doesn't repeal obamacare. >> the revised draft improves on the previous version in a number of ways all while retaining the fundamental goals of providing stability and improving affordability. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will need to win the support of almost every republican senator to get the bill passed next week. san francisco police confirmed they are investigating this wipeout. some witnesses say that an officer bumped a skateboarder sending him flying over a patrol car. kpix 5's da lin spoke to a man who captured that incident on video. >> reporter: this skateboarder shot the video with his cell
6:36 pm
phone and has watched it countless times. he believes the sergeant leaned in to bump the skateboarder coming downhill. >> i definitely think it was intentional. >> reporter: this is the result of the collision. the victim goes by anthony on instagram and his friend posted pictures of him in the hospital and his bloody right knee. on his instagram page, anthony says he has a broken ankle, a torn tendon in the knee, and sprained fingers. he is waiting for mri and "ct" scans to finalize surgery decisions. >> it was an intentional act that easily could have killed the kid. he was flipping through the air. >> reporter: they say the collision hurt the sergeant's shoulder and he is now recovering at home. >> it's very difficult to get an entire picture of what happened from just a few seconds of video. >> reporter: they say the sergeant could have been bracing for impact or reacting to a skateboarder coming fast in his direction. aside from the videos posted on social media, investigators will be reviewing the sergeant's chest cam. they want to see if the sergeant did anything wrong.
6:37 pm
>> you don't know if he was leaning back to avoid it. that's entirely possible, as well. so in this case, we didn't even get to speak to that individual because he ran off from the scene after he fell over the patrol car. >> reporter: san francisco police are not releasing the sergeant's chest cam. no timeline as to when they will conclude this investigation. in san francisco, da lin, kpix 5. >> san francisco police want to clear up some posts on social media. now, we showed you some of those at 5:00. they claim to identify the sergeant involved in the collision. sfpd says those posts do not show the right officer. a war on cash. a credit card giant wants to pay businesses to go all plastic. the pros and cons for you. >> and a slimy situation on 101. this is what happens when a truck full of eels flips over on a highway.
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rid of it altogether. cash may be king but credit card giant visa is offering some small businesses an incentive to get rid of it
6:40 pm
altogether. julie watts is here with the cost and the rewards of going cashless. jules. >> reporter: that's right. bay area-based visa's biggest competitor isn't mastercard or amex. it's cash. cash still makes up the largest chunk of retail transactions more than 30% likely why that credit card giant is encouraging retailers to get rid of cash and that's a trend that could be good and bad for consumers. every time you swipe, the credit card company gets a percentage. now visa is working to get more swipes with its new cashless challenge offering $10,000 to up to 50 food service businesses if they go cashless something a handful of restaurants like sweet green began experimenting with last year. >> there can be problems with cash. >> reporter: this person explains, despite transaction fees going cashless can benefit small businesses and speeds up service and prevents what's known as shrink, lost or stolen cash. more than two-thirds of consumers carry $50 or less.
6:41 pm
9% don't carry cash. and in many cases, credit can be safer for consumers. >> credit cards are a better option for consumers because they carry increased protection such as a charge-back rate. >> reporter: you can dispute charges on a credit card and if your wallet is stolen, your cash is gone. but you're not responsible for unauthorized charges on a compromised card but a debit card doesn't offer the same protections even if you swipe it as credit. if your debit card is compromised you lose access to your own money. with a credit card, it's the bank's money. >> when consumers use a debit card at a point of sale, they may unknowingly put their bank balance at risk. >> reporter: there are drawbacks. people who pay with plastic spend an estimated 12 to 18% more making it easy to rack up interest fees which can be costly for consumers but good for business especially the credit card companies. now, one other downside, some consumers like the anonymity of
6:42 pm
paying cash. they don't want to be cashed. and 7% of americans don't have bank accounts. they can't get a credit card. a cashless business shuts out those consumers. massachusetts is the only state that prohibits cashless businesses. there's no law prohibiting it anywhere else. >> convenience, but you know, you have to be mindful of the fees and how much you spend. >> and just dangerous. just dangerous. >> thank you. [ laughter ] a shark attack shuts down a santa cruz beach. but we find plenty of surfers willing to take the risk.
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but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. cruz... isn't enough to keep some brave surfers from paddling out. e warning si a great white attack on a kayaker this week in santa cruz isn't enough to keep surfers from going into the water. kpix 5's devin fehely took "skydrone5" to santa cruz where shark warnings are being ignored. >> reporter: there were fewer people enjoying the beach north of the boardwalk in santa cruz than you would expect on a bright blue sunny summer day. but even all the signs warning of a recent shark attack didn't keep all away. >> we took the greater risk driving highway 17 getting over
6:46 pm
here. you know, i didn't think it was a very big risk. but i told bobby and i do the same thing, i said stay in the middle of the pack of 40 surfers. >> reporter: he and his son bobby spent several hours surfing this afternoon leaving believing the fears of a second attack being largely overblown. >> it's not different a few days after an attack than it is just normally. >> reporter: as a precaution the city of santa cruz has closed the beaches north of the boardwalk until sunrise saturday after a kayaker was attacked on tuesday. >> we think it's safer to get a break and make sure nothing else happens before letting people back in the water. >> reporter: although there are shark sightings in the area before, tuesday's attack is different and certainly cause for concern. >> what was different this time is that it was an actual predatory style attack not just a sighting, not a swimming by and bumping somebody but actual intention to eat.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: the fire department knows they can't keep people out. but they hope the warnings will convince most to catch a wave another day. in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix 5. a battle over cattle grazing in point reyes national seashore has come to a head and for now, the cows can stay. conservation groups just settled a lawsuit that they filed against the national park service last year. the agreement allows the feds to extend grazing leases for five years at a time. while park managers monitor the environmental impact, ranchers have been grazing their herds on that land for more than a century long before the park preserve was established. but environmentalists claim the animals are causing erosion and pollution of waterways. a passionate plea today on climate change from governor brown at the state capital. the governor is pushing his "cap and trade" bill but his plan is in trouble this evening after not securing enough democratic support. >> this is the most important
6:48 pm
vote of your life!! let's not be washington! let's pull together! show the republicans and democrats can respond to what's an existential threat and opportunity for the people of california. >> many republicans are against the plan concerned it could lead to higher costs for businesses and an increase in gas prices. the "cap and trade" bill could go to a vote in the senate as early as monday. it was a slippery slope on an oregon highway today. police say eels covered the entire road. take a look at this. they are known as hag fish and a truck carrying them overturned this afternoon near salem. police say the eels were on the way to be shipped to korea when the accident happened. the highway was closed for hours as crews cleaned it up. oh, boy. i'd say only in oregon but i don't know what happened in oregon. >> man, it looks like a nightmare on many different levels especially the folks in the car next to the truck! 89 degrees right now in concord. so we have the warm side of the bay area, certainly warm and
6:49 pm
getting warmer. we also have the cool side of the bay area only 67 in oakland, 61 with sunshine in san francisco. you are not going to warm up that much near the water. the warmup we're talking about will be primarily inland. san jose and santa rosa 7s are wild for you, 77 degrees and livermore checking in at 84. there is a heat advisory in effect both saturday and sunday just a high elevation, just the east bay hills, diablo range and santa cruz mountains. talk about getting it hot in places like livermore, walnut creek and antioch, yes, but you cool off at night with some ocean influence. get up 2,000 feet, 3,000 feet, you're above that ocean influence, and you're not going to cool off tonight. that could cause some heat stress. so stay cool, stay hydrated if you are hiking or camping in the hills this weekend. you want to cool off? wonderful cause is the aids walk san francisco. it is this weekend specifically sunday at golden gate park. partly cloudy skies, mid- to upper 60s for your afternoon temperatures. mid-50s tonight for oakland and vallejo. upper 50s for redwood city and mountain view.
6:50 pm
napa 54 tonight, san rafael 53. you may be noticing sunrise getting later about a minute a day. it will be 6:00 in the morning come weekend time is when sunrise is. a lot of sunshine this weekend. a strong ridge of high pressure is doing a few things. it's going to increase the chance of showers and thunderstorms like we are seeing now about an hour south and east of tahoe drawing up some tropical moisture. but that ridge the impact it will have on us is slightly warmer weather tomorrow and a significant warmup on the weekend. futurecast fog, yes, low cloud cover spilling through the golden gate, berkeley, el cerrito, oakland, starting the day off cloudy. but we get sunshine in the afternoon. should be a fantastic friday with temperatures very close to average. then temperatures climb. 93 for livermore tomorrow. five degrees above average. 100 on saturday and likely staying above the triple digits on sunday. so temperatures beginning to climb tomorrow. the two hottest days will be saturday and sunday with that heat advisory in the hills because you will get little relief at night.
6:51 pm
high temperatures tomorrow close to average. concord your normal is 86. you'll hit 91 tomorrow. san jose three degrees above average with the high of 85. campbell 86. san mateo 80. hop over the hills, only 62 in half moon bay. 68 for hayward. but 92 in pittsburg, 93 in pleasanton. pleasant hill 92 degrees. vallejo a little cooler. 80s for san rafael and petaluma. mid-80s for novato and sonoma. but upper 60s for berkeley and alameda. morning cloud cover there. lakeport 98. cloverdale tomorrow 95 degrees. hottest weather, the weekend. but not really hot near the bay. not even warm. highs only in the 70s there. and inland towns will cool down to average by the beginning of next week. all in all very summer-like where you can literally pick anything between 60 and 100 and we have it here in the bay area. seagulls swarming around the bay area the population boom creating a flock of problems. >> and coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat, people are packed inside san francisco city hall right now to speak for and against a new pot dispensary. tonight we're asking you how
6:52 pm
you would feel about one opening up in your neighborhood. for it or against it and why? tweet me at #veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your comments tonight on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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6:55 pm
scene out of "the birds." sea gulls are swarming. we sent kpix 5's don ford -- to find out why. paris of the bay area are starting to -- parts of the bay area are starting to, like, a scene out of "the birds." they are warning is and don ford finds out -- they're swarming and don ford finds out why. >> reporter: if you think there are more seagulls around the bay area, you are right. >> in the south bay their numbers have increased. >> a lot? >> a lot. so we have over 50,000 nesting california gulls. >> reporter: researchers are not sure why the seagull population has jumped so dramatically in the last few years. it may be weather-related. lack of predators. simply lots of stuff to eat like at this dump. at this bay area dump, it's a constant battle to keep the flying rats at bay. they have used dogs and hawks but in the end, the battle rages on. >> they start eating other wildlife in the area including
6:56 pm
trash but not only. >> reporter: some bay area airports have noticed the increase, too. while most bird strikes result in little or no damage, some do cause problems like this one back in 2015. >> just hit a bird. declaring an emergency and returning to san jose. >> reporter: san jose international like other airports is working with the federal fish and wildlife department to reduce the number of birds near runways. at at&t park, the seagulls seem to have learned when a giants game is about to end. around the 7th inning, seagulls start to show up watching and waiting for fans to leave. then they move in by the thousands! >> that top number of how many birds we reach, we have never reached that number. >> reporter: so we don't know yet what the top is? >> no. >> reporter: this could get bigger? >> it could. >> reporter: a lot? >> it could. it could. >> reporter: mr. hitchcock would be proud! in fremont, don ford, kpix 5. >> you don't do that story
6:57 pm
without wearing a hat. >> oh, yeah. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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