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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 14, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning. it is friday, july 14. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning as the morning rush is about to start. a live look at 880. are we going to see "friday light" this morning? jaclyn will tell us. >> i will tell you. we're not seeing "friday light" -- in that shot you can see "friday light" but north of there we have some big delays. >> you know, you really are educating me. i have been here a really long time working here at kpix 5, 21 years, and at this time we never saw this kind of traffic. you were explaining there is no relief ever. there's always a traffic hour now. >> right. we used to always have a rush hour, you know, you needed to leave by this time. and that's still true for some areas. but for the most part, it's just 24/7. >> i hit traffic bumper-to- bumper on the dublin grade at
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1:20 in the afternoon and that used to never happen. and i'm in slow traffic at 2:30 a.m. coming into the city. that used to never happen. so you have your work cut out for you all the time five days a week. >> we'll talk more about traffic coming up but we'll take a look at what you can anticipate out the door on this friday. you will see traffic and also some clouds at the coast into the bay. we have clear skies inland. livermore 59. we do have a heat advisory in effect for that yellow highlighted area which encompasses most of the inland areas. temperatures soar into the triple digits. right now, we have the relief of that onshore push. clouds right there right now are developing along the seashore hugging the san mateo coast. what you need to know higher temperatures this afternoon, hottest days the weekend, a short heat wave but still above average next week with highs in the 90s. temperatures today 60s at the coast with clearing at rockaway
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beach. 60s, 70s around the rim of the bay into the peninsula 70s and 80s. then from the 80s to 90s inland . good morning. and traffic alert for drivers in oakland along southbound 880. look out, we have a full freeway closure between 23rd and 29th. all southbound traffic diverted off at 23rd. but caltrans should have this wrapped up, they said by 5:00. so hopefully they are getting all of that cleared. in the meantime traffic is backed up beyond fifth avenue at this point. and it's a little over 30 minutes making your way from broadway to 66. once you get past that, no problems. you're in the green. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of a backup in those cash lanes. but your ride heading into san francisco looking good across the span. back to you guys. we have learned new information about a deadly plane crash in the north bay. the plane crashed soon after take-off from the sonoma
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skypark yesterday. authorities have identified the man who died in the accident. kpix 5's jessica flores is outside children's hospital oakland where two survivors were taken. jessica. >> reporter: yeah. the father's two children were also aboard that plane. they are here at children's hospital oakland. we do not know their conditions. we do not know how badly they were injured. but we are learning more about the father and mother on board. the father died, the mother hospitalized. what we can tell you about the crash, the family was on board that single-engine plane when it crash just before 1 p.m. yesterday. about 1,000 feet from the sonoma sky park airport, the parachute deployed, the father now identified as 38-year-old william s. goldman. he died and his wife serra goldman was taken to sonoma valley hospital. the couple both have ties to the university of san francisco and william is reportedly a grandson of the late san
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francisco philanthropist richard and rhoda goldman. the president of usf sent out this statement: >> reporter: now, witnesses do describe the plane crashing shortly after take-off. but those details are still being investigated. the faa is investigating the crash. back to you. >> thank you. the undocumented immigrant accused in the high-profile shooting death of a woman on san francisco's pier 14 is due
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in court today. 54-year-old juan francisco lopes sanchez is accused of killing kate steinle in july 2015. a trial date may be set today. steinle's shooting set off a national debate. president trump has pointed to the case multiple times as an argument against sanctuary cities although steinle's family has asked that her death not be used for political purposes. president trump and the first lady are heading back to the u.s. after a trip to france. air force one departed france today. senate republicans in washington have released another version of a healthcare overhaul. opinions on the new bill are split largely along party lines. john lawrence explains why that could be a problem for the gop. >> reporter: for seven years, many republicans have called for repealing and replacing obamacare. have they finally done it? >> it's not the ideal bill i'd like to pass. but it does represent a bill that reflects the concerns
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expressed across the conference. >> reporter: one of the bigger changes to the bill comes from senator ted cruz's amendment that gives insurers the right to offer less expensive bear bones policies. -- bare-bones policies. other adjustments include more money for opiod treatment and funding to help pay lower premiums for high cost enrollees but it faces criticism. >> it's rearranging deck claire's on the titanic. >> it's not going to come close needing the needs that our colleagues say they are hearing about in their communities. >> they made their bill even worse, even meaner. >> reporter: despite the constant call to replace obamacare, the new bill holds on to a pair of obamacare's taxes towards the wealthy. but it maintains earlier gop proposed cuts to medicaid that could result in millions of people with less coverage by 2026. >> it aims to stabilize and reform the collapsing insurance
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markets that have left too many with no options and it aims to make insurance more affordable. >> reporter: he needs 50 votes to pass. he can only afford to have two gop senators vote no. president trump has called for republicans to move fast on the bill and speaker paul ryan said if the senate approves the measure, the house will finish the bill. i'm john lawrence reporting. a plan to extend california's signature climate initiative for another decade will go before state lawmakers on monday. but it is in trouble after not securing enough democratic support. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now with more on governor brown's push to pass it. >> reporter: it's getting pushback from both sides of the aisle. we are talking about the "cap and trade" program that took effect in terryl 2012 as an effort to reduce greenhouse gases. it expires in three years. but governor jerry brown wants to extend it to the year 2030. from feedback he got so far from both republicans and democrats, that will be difficult. conservatives with upset about what it will cost while some
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liberals say this proposal wouldn't do enough. brown is criticized for only pushing this because of his legacy, but he said that is not the case. >> maybe not in my life. i'll be dead. what am i 79? i have five years more? most of you people, when i look out here, a lot of you people are going to be alive. >> four californian republicans in the u.s. house of representatives are stressing to their colleagues in sacramento that they should vote no. in a letter from house gop leader kevin mccarthy's office, they also took a jab at california's high-speed rail project, a project they say would be funded using money from "cap and trade." they wrote, quote, california republicans in washington and in sacramento remain united in opposition to this boondoggle. previous attempts to fund the project through "cap and trade" revenues have been disappointing which is why we must now ensure this does not pass. brown claims without "cap and trade" state regulators would be forced to enact restrictive
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mandates on polluters burdensome for businesses and more expensive for consumers. >> we know where the governor stands. what happens next? >> reporter: votes on the floor of the assembly and senate need to happen. the plan needs two-thirds to pass and almost every republican opposes it. it could go to a vote in the senate monday. california doctors on probation will not have to tell their patients at least for now. lawmakers could not agree on a bill that would have required doctors to notify their patients before treating them. supporters of the bill say that they will work to revise it. documents show that less than 1% of all active physicians in the state are on probation. 5:09. crews in northern california are dealing with a massive wildfire and some brutal conditions over the next few days. >> reporter: a plan for a new pot shop moves forward despite hundreds of people coming out against it. we'll show you what's next. >> hot weather returns to the bay area just in time for the
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weekend. we'll tell you how long it will last and the advisory you need know about. >> and we have been tracking big delays for drivers on 880, a full freeway closure, details coming up. handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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the california nevada border has exploded in size. since tuesday.. about 33-thousand acres have burned in lassen county. that's about two he town of a massive wildfire burning near the california-nevada border has exploded in size. since tuesday, about 33,000 acres have burned two miles norths of the town of doyle and 50 miles north of reno. crews say the so-called long valley fire is moving dangerously close to hundreds of structures. it's 20% contained. a fire burning in santa barbara county is nearly under control. the alamo fire is now 85% contain. it's destroyed two structures and scorched nearly 29,000 acres since it started more than a week ago. crews are getting a helping hand from more than 400 inmates who are preparing meals and even assisting on the fire up lines. some inmates say they are interested in pursuing a career with cal fire when they get out of jail. a san leandro man is accused of luring men to his house with the promise that they could sleep with his girlfriend but instead he
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robbed them at gunpoint when they arrived. police say the suspect lured at least three victims to a home on jefferson street in may and june. each victim says the man approached with a gun and stole their valuables. 31-year-old devin craft is now facing charges. police say he found the victims through back page which is the largest site for prostitution ads in the u.s. he is dubbed slumlord king and now some say he is trying to skirt the city's new renter protection law. several renters at the property on rexford way showed us cockroaches, mold and video proof of mice that they live with every day. they say their landlord michael lukich never makes repairs. dan also claims he evicted him right before a new rental protection law took effect
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preventing landlords from ee investigating renters without just cause. he says his landlord knew he couldn't move on such short notice. >> he knew it. and so he say, well, i'll let you stay here but you'll come in as a new tenant. it was suspiciously close to the new ordinance passing. >> his rent went from $1,850 to $2,200 a month. lucas told kpix 5 he didn't want to be interviewed on camera and everything at the complex is fine. plans to open a controversial medical marijuana shop are moving forward despite protests. the planning commission cleared the way at a meeting late last night. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco's outer sunset to tell us what's next. anne. >> reporter: yeah. that meeting went up until midnight. the proposal now goes to the full san francisco board of supervisors. here's the site behind me here in the outer sunset. it's the corner of noriega and 32nd. it used to be a pharmacy, then yesterday hundreds of people came to the planning commission
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meeting to try to stop it from becoming a marijuana dispensary. they wore pink. supporters of the dispensary wore green. right now, there are 38 pot shops in san francisco, none in the sunset district. >> the quality of life will be impacted negatively. >> six years on market street, we have never had a police incident. we have had no complaints from merchants, from neighbors or parents. we are across the street from a lutheran church that operates a daycare within 1,000 feet of us. >> reporter: that is the owner of the apothecarium which would run the proposed dispensary. part owners former mayor jean quan and her husband, a doctor, who say it will be a bilingual clinic incorporating traditional chinese medicine. the vote last night from the planning commission wasn't even close, 5-1. we'll see what the full board has to say. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. let's check traffic with jaclyn. hey, how are the roads? >> we have been tracking delays
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already for your friday morning commute. good morning. this is along 880. caltrans had a full freeway closure in the southbound direction and that was between 23rd and 29th. and we have been tracking speeds in the red. now, it just jumped back into the yellow so it looks like they are in the process of re- opening some of those lanes which is good news for drivers making their way through that stretch because we were tracking a travel time over 30 minutes making your way from broadway towards 66th. but it looks like two lanes remain shut down and will be shut down until about 6:00 this morning. so do be prepared for some delays making your way through oakland and then once you get past that things are in the green. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, getting crowded but we still have no metering lights and you're in the green as you make your way along the eastshore freeway to the maze and from the maze into san francisco. just under 15 minutes on that western span. over at the altamont pass, the usual crowds are developing.
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westbound 580, we are in the yellow from 205 on out towards 680, 27 minutes and this earlier accident they are just waiting for a tow truck to arrive. this is along 85 right past saratoga avenue there. over in san mateo, here's a live look at your ride along 101. this is near peninsula avenue and you can see traffic nice and light moving well in both directions. no troubles at sfo on 101. jaclyn, you have to put your hands in the air and just say, hallelujah! >> hallelujah! >> does that make you feel good? it's our live weather camera from sutro tower. we're looking -- it looks to the south and to the east. we see the sun coming up. us compressed that deck of low clouds and fog -- you see how compressed that deck of low clouds and fog is as it sweeps in off the coast into the bay this morning. that is just glorious! temperature-wise right now, 51 degrees in santa rosa with some
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cloudiness. san francisco overcast in the mid-50s. clear skies livermore at 59. also high 50s in oakland and san jose. good morning to robert, our weather watcher, 62 degrees redwood city. hey, robert, thank you very much. he is reporting that barometer 29.99 and on the rise. that's high pressure building in. today sunshine away from the beaches. we have moderate air quality with haze and looking ahead a hot hazy weekend in store for us. satellite and radar suggests high pressure four corners states is bringing the monsoon moisture into monterey county, san benito county over the weekend. we'll keep an eye on the high sierra as well for the potential of dry lightning. heat advisory effect for the yellow highlighted areas anything away from the bay this weekend as the temperature soars into the triple digits. you're going to feel the difference. it's a huge climb from today.
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96 sacramento. 103 redding. low 80s in the high sierra. 63 monterey bay. san jose we are forecasting a high temperature of 85 degrees by the warmth of the afternoon hours today. your average high is 83. so slightly above average. but you will soar into the mid- 90s over the weekend. numbers today mid-60s at the coast. 60s, 70s bay. 70s and 80s into woodside and palo alto. foster city in the low 80s. 80s across the north bay, 90s in the eastern portion of our bay area. outside number 96 in brentwood and discovery bay and the mountain view area. there's your triple digits. and then still slightly above average monday through thursday. taylor family foundation, helping terminally ill children and their families, we'll have a big fundraiser tonight at blue agave club. hope you can join me there as i emcee. the california state fair is going on at 103 degrees in sacramento and the aids walk in
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san francisco, 67 degrees. enjoy your weekend. hey, michelle, instagram photos? >> instagram photos. beyonce could be breaking the internet with these photos. overnight, she shared the first picture of her new twins and, of course, it was in typical queen b style wearing a veil and standing under some flowers with the ocean in the background. the caption says, sir carter and roomy one month today. in just a few hours, it already has more than 4 million likes. no surprise there. all right. watch out, obama and biden. there's another "bromance" in the political world. former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton have some fun at a dallas conference last night and they even poked a little fun at their friendship. >> now, why do i have a friendship with him? well, because he's called a brother with a different mother. he hangs out in our -- [ laughter ] >> he hangs out in maine more than i do. >> bush's attempting the phrase brother from another mother.
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that's all right, though. the duo also talked about grandchildren and lives post- white house. the nominations are out. we now know which shows are up for an emmy. "saturday night live" and westworld lead the pack with 22 nominations each. some of the other shows are the crown, stranger things, the hand maids tale, "this is us," veep, and unbreakable kimmy schmidt. be back for season two! it premieres >> she went missing last season season. there are rumors though she will be back for the season 2. it premieres around halloween on netflix. as for the emmys, you can see them right here on kpix 5. stephen colbert is hosting them on september 17.
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hey, good morning, everybody. i got a little tennis for you as the story continues to be the king from wimbledon, because of a queen of the court. five time wimbledon champ venus williams faced johanna konta. ladies semis and williams came out firing yesterday. 103-mile-per-hour serve took the first set 6-4. age 37, get out of here. watch her go to work from the far court. williams reached the finals for the first time since 2009. 6-4, 6-2 the final.
5:26 am
konta was just 3 when williams turned pro right here in oakland in 1994. over to a little basketball. warriors patrick mccaw got a title ring. playing against boston in the summer league. mccaw, my gosh, he had 20 points but the warriors were already down 21 and lost to the celtics 93-69. bird late of the cal berkeley bears, he had 17. warriors face the clippers later on today. also, major league baseball, back from the break. the a's will be hosting the indians tonight at the coliseum. the giants on the road in san diego against the padres. madison bumgarner will pitch on tomorrow from petco park. we'll see you later. a deadly plane crash in sonoma leaves two children hospitalized here in oakland. i'm jessica flores live with the latest coming up. whoa!
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don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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thrilled about it. we'll explain. the uc regents have approved a new budget for the office of the president. but they aren't thrilled about it. we'll explain. >> and with scorching hot temperatures this weekend, water is the place to be. but one popular destination will be off limits. >> and here we go again! another hot weekend with temperatures into the triple digits. i'll tell you how long this heat wave will last. >> and it's friday. we typically see "friday light." but not this morning. we're tracking some delays and a big backup. we'll have the details coming up. good morning, everyone. it's friday, july 14. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we have learned new details surrounding a deadly plane crash in sonoma county. the accident happened shortly
5:31 am
after the plane took off from the sonoma skypark yesterday. the pilot was killed and his young children were taken to the hospital. kpix 5's jessica flores is live at children's hospital in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: kenny, those children were on board the plane that their father was piloting. now, we do not know how badly they were injured, but we do know they were rushed here by helicopter to children's hospital oakland and we do not know their conditions at this time but we are learning more about their parents. we are told that the family was on board that single-engine plane when it crashed just before 1:00 p.m. yesterday. just about 1,000 feet from the sonoma sky park airport it crashed. the parachute deployed. the father now identified as 38- year-old william s. goldman, died in the crash. his wife serra goldman was taken to sonoma valley hospital and the couple both have ties to the university of san
5:32 am
francisco. william is reportedly a grandson of the late san francisco philanthropist richard and rhoda goldman. the president of the usf said: >> reporter: the statement goes on to say, bill's wife, serra, is an alumina of the usf school of law and i member of the university's board of trustees. we are standing in prayerful solidarity with her and with bill and serra's young children. now, witnesses describe that the plane crashed shortly after take-off. those details are still being confirmed and sorted out. the faa is investigating. jessica flores, kpix 5. there's a warning in the east bay to stay out discovery bay because of toxic algae.
5:33 am
samples taken last month show unsafe levels of a toxin. county health officials say the problem is bad especially in the southwestern part of the bay. the "chronicle" posted these pictures. you can see the water is bluish green and now everyone is advised to stay out of the water and told to not eat any fish caught in the bay. >> somebody had a boat party there last weekend with a lot of kpix 5 employees. >> you're riding in the bay part, it lines up especially when you have stagnation at the edges. we have been talking about this for weeks saying we knew would come on with the hotter weather. temperatures have been well above norm for the summer. if you are riding to union point, you'll be okay out there at the delta. good morning, this is our live weather camera. this is really interesting. we are looking towards the transamerica pyramid. it stands 853 feet tall. we could see tip-top of it. but we have overcast skies above it. so take a look at this view.
5:34 am
this is from sutro tower. you can see the tip-top of the "salesforce tower" and that's 1,070 feet tall. you can see with that compressed deck of the marine layer, it's about 900 feet deep this morning. we'll keep a watchful eye at sfo because when we have that layer and as it lowers to 600 feet, we start to see delays at sfo. right now 51 santa rosa overcast. san jose partly cloudy 59. livermore is clear also in the upper 50s. that huge highlighted yellow area, that's where we have a heat advisory in effect for the weekend as we see temperatures soar again into the 100s. we have our satellite-radar suggesting right there right now, you can see the development of that cool refreshing deck of stratus that keeps the coast on the cool side. temperatures away from the beaches climb beginning this afternoon. hottest days will be saturday and sunday and little relief at nighttime. 60s coast, 70s bay, 70s, 80s peninsula. through the 80s to the mid-90s
5:35 am
today. that's today. the huge jump begins tomorrow. we'll talk more about that at 48 after the hour. right now, jaclyn, where are your hot spots? we are tracking a new crash in the east bay. this is along 84 vallecitos right near 680. it's reportedly blocking one of the eastbound lanes there. this is some injuries involved and a couple of cars got into it. so heads up if you are heading there. be prepared for slowdowns as well as heading out of tracy into livermore, typical for this time of morning, just under 30 minutes from 205 on towards 680 the dublin- pleasanton interchange. looking much better along 880. we still have a few slowdowns, but caltrans is wrapping up with their overnight roadwork. at one point they had southbound 880 entirely shut down. but it looks like they just have one lane closed at this point until about 6:00 this morning. that's between 23rd and 29th. give yourself some extra time. 10 minutes from broadway to 66th . back to you.
5:36 am
president trump is headed back to the u.s. after attending the bastille day parade in paris with the first lady earlier today. the president is taking some heat for his comments about the wife of french president emmanuel macron. president trump told bridge macron, you're in such good shape while the two couples were posing for photographs just yesterday. meanwhile, two senate panels now want the president's son to testify about his meeting with a russian lawyer who promised damaging information on hillary clinton last year. members of the senate intelligence committee have sent an official request for documents from donald trump, jr. senators say they are troubled by members of the president's inner circle repeatedly issuing false statements that they later walk back. >> we have had trump campaign officials, we have had trump administration officials, all say they have had no contacts with russians, there's nothing to look at here, until the evidence comes out that there were meetings with russians. >> senator warner says that donald trump, jr., should have
5:37 am
declined the meeting and reported it to the fbi. warner also says he expects testimony from the president's son-in-law jared kushner who is also at that meeting. a debate is raging in the state capital over a plan to extend the signature climate initiative for another decade. lawmakers are poised to vote on the "cap and trade" program but the plan is in trouble after not securing enough democratic support. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: climate change is something governor brown feels intensely about but his opponents say it's only for his legacy. he says california needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 40% to 1990 levels by 2030 and extending his "cap and trade" program is how we could get there. improving the air quality across california is one of the main goals, but scientists say this plan would do the opposite. >> builds the gas chambers for our children's future and our
5:38 am
climate's future. >> california "cap and trade" system is copied by the biggest country in the world, china! don't throw this thing out! >> four california representatives in washington are urging their counterparts back home to vote no and are using this as an opportunity to speak against the state's high- speed rail project. from the opposite gop house leader kevin mccarthy they write, california republicans in washington and in sacramento remain united in opposition to this boondoggle. previous attempts to fund the project through "cap and trade" revenues have been disappointing which is why we must now ensure this does not pass. the senate could vote on this proposal as early as monday. new this morning, the uc regents have approved a nearly $800 million budget for the office of the president. about $300 million of the budget is coming from the legislature as part of a state budget deal signed by the governor last month. the regents aren't happy with that because lawmakers will
5:39 am
have some say over how that money is spent. and the regents want full control over the purse strings. loaned is now recalling -- honda is now recalling a over a million cars over concerns about inflammable batteries. roxana saberi reports. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, futures are mixed with the nasdaq pointing up. the dow hit another high yesterday gaining 20 points. and the nasdaq added 13. social security recipients can expect the biggest payment hike in years this january. the increase is projected to be 2.2%. that's about $28 a month for the average recipient. honda is recalling more than a million accords after reports their battery sensors could catch fire. the recall covers models from 2013 to 2016. the automaker will start reaching out to owners by the end of the month. so much no injuries have been reported. and on-again, off-again. the merger between draftkings and fan duel is now off. both companies said they will
5:40 am
stay separate for the good of the customers. last month, federal regulator opposed the merger saying it would create a company controlling more than 90% of the u.s. market. >> all is okay for sports lovers. krispy kreme wants to give you a gift for its birthday. what's all this about? >> reporter: yeah. the donut chain is celebrating 80 years today and is offering a second dozen of original glaze for 80 cents. the first krispy kreme opened in winston-salem, north carolina, in july 1937. >> looks good. thank you, roxana saberi. ♪[ music ] 5:40 right now. storms in the midwest leaving homes flooded. we'll have more on that and also our forecast here in the bay area. >> reporter: and hundreds of people came to speak out against this place turning into
5:41 am
a pot shop. were they able to sway the planning commission? the results next.
5:42 am
5:43 am
groceries to their doors. the severe flooding has sparked blackouts and states. right now in the midwest, some people are resorting to kayaks to get groceries to their doors. the severe flooding has sparked blackouts and evacuations in multiple states. lightning strikes hit illinois and one ohio suburb saw a football field and carnival space completely covered in water. the state also tallied at least 45 evacuations when a mobile park experienced significant flooding. flood warnings are expected to continue through the weekend in seven states but some locals say they have had their fill of all this water. >> we are going to pray that this is it, this is as high as it goes, nobody else needs more water. >> it just wouldn't stop.
5:44 am
you just keep saying, oh, please, just stop, stop! >> house speaker paul ryan traveled to burlington, wisconsin, where water levels posed a threat to a dam and even cut off power to nearly every business in the area. new this morning, a controversial marijuana shop is one step closer to opening in san francisco's outer sunset. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there with the latest from last night's meeting. >> reporter: yeah. the planning commission did approve it last night. but it still has to go through the board of supervisors so the fight isn't over. here's the site in question behind me, the corner of noriega and 32nd. this shop used to be a pharmacy and yesterday, hundreds of people came to the planning commission meeting to try to stop it from becoming a marijuana dispensary. they wore pink. supporters of the pot shop wore green. part owners former mayor jean
5:45 am
quan and her husband, a doctor. >> opened the very first bilingual to serve our patients to help chinese speaking patients in their language. >> i do not think all san francisco residents do not need marijuana for their sickness. i wonder if this because there is a big profit for the owner. >> reporter: one of many arguments against the shop also that there's concerns that marijuana could be a gateway drug. there's also a church and a preschool in the area. right now, there are 38 dispensaries in san francisco, none in the sunset district. a lot of people in this neighborhood have been very vocal about keeping it that way. but we'll see what the full board of supervisors has to say. last night's vote with the planning commission was 5-1. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. piano melodies will complement the sweet sounds of nature at golden gate park today. ♪[ music ]
5:46 am
>> sounds sweet. a dozen pianos are now set up in the botanical guarders and they will be there for the next eleven days part of the flower piano event going on since 2013. the organizers encouraging players to come out and play a song or two. >> the pianos feel really at home in the garden. it's almost like they weren't intended to be a part of a room or concert hall instrument. they feel very natural out here for some reason. i don't know why that is. >> the organizer said yesterday's opening day was the busiest one he has seen so far. he expects big crowds in the coming days, especially for some of the special concerts lined up. >> we have a piano player right here. >> 10 years. are you going to take your daughter to it? she has a piano recital tonight. >> saturday night she has a recital. >> we should check it out. >> good idea. >> that's so cool. i always wanted to play the piano but instead i took drum
5:47 am
lessons. [ laughter ] >> more fitting, i think. >> pound, pound, pound. >> going crazy. >> pound! >> you got that right. [ laughter ] >> i wanted to light our piano on fire after i saw that movie great balls of fire with jerry lee lewis that used to do that. i asked me parents and they just about flipped. >> wasting a lot of money. how are the roads? >> well, right now, we are tracking a couple of problems and it could slow you down if you drive along vallecitos. that's shut down at this point. that's just east of 680 due to an injury crash there. emergency crews have the roadblock. so do expect delays. we are starting to see that backup build in that westbound direction especially trying to get to 680 if you are making your way along that stretch this morning. rethink that. over along 101 through san jose, the usual crowds. speeds drop around 45 miles per hour between 680 and 880. we have some overnight roadwork and caltrans had the entire
5:48 am
freeway shut down in a southbound direction of 880 as you're making your way towards oakland but they have reopened that. they still have some various lane closures along the stretch and we're seeing just some of the residual delays as you make your way in that southbound direction from broadway towards 66th. about 10 minutes so not too bad, nothing to write home about at this point. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, eastshore freeway is in the green just under 20 minutes as you make your way from the carquinez bridge to the maze but you have the metering lights on and it's starting to back up just beyond the west grand overcrossing and we're looking at about just under 20 minutes. we just jumped into the yellow. sizzling hot this weekend away from the bay and way from the coast. good morning, everybody. let's do this because we've got lots to talk about. overcast skies looking towards the transamerica pyramid. the ceiling is about 900 feet
5:49 am
at 5:49 a.m. we have another view for you this time around, we're taking a top the sutro tower looking out towards the "salesforce tower." [ foghorn sound effect ] >> this deck of stratus -- now can i have a little bit of cowbell? i don't think so. but we do have clouds stacking up into the bay this morning could possibly cause airport delays, sfo. we'll continue to monitor that. 51 to 59 degrees, those are the numbers that will greet you heading out. hayward, katie reporting 56. in fact, everybody is reporting overcast skies right now except for alan hughes in lower lake at 61 degrees. what you need to know on this friday as we wrap up this workweek, sunshine away from the coast. moderate air quality in all areas and a hot hazy weekend. high pressure still in command. it's expanding over the four corners states right there. all this monsoon moisture is lifting up. there's a chance of thunderstorms right there around san benito county, monterey county over the weekend maybe even the high
5:50 am
sierra. all this yellow highlighted area, that's where we have a heat advisory in effect for this weekend as the temperatures again soar into the triple digits. 100s away from the bay. in fact, 103 today redding and in fresno. 96 in sacramento. it's going to be just as hot today in throughout our tri- valley as it is at the state capital. official sunrise at 5:59. sunset 8:31. hey, livermore, this week you have been in the 90s, today 92. you will feel the difference with the 9-degree increase over the weekend. mid-60s beaches and we'll have sunshine at rockaway beach not so much daly city and colma. that fog line stopped about mount davidson. 73 in berkeley, alameda and the oakland area through richmond. 78 mountain view. low 90s in throughout the tri- valley. 100s over the weekend. one of my favorite organizations in the whole wide
5:51 am
world the taylor family foundation, it's an organization for terminally ill children and their families. we are having a big fundraiser, blue agave club tonight, 6 to 9 p.m. i hope to see you there. my favorite band by the way, they will be playing tonight. 5:51. a california woman is speaking publicly about her ugly interactions with a racist airbnb host. who are these people?
5:52 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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a shark surrounded a man on tuesday.. and even took a bite out of his kayak. to be safe: the city closed the beache some surfers are still paddling in santa cruz despite a shark attack on tuesday that took a bite out of a kayak. to be safe, the city closed the beaches north of the boardwalk until sunrise tomorrow. but as "skydrone5" shows us, some surfers are ignoring the warning signs. >> i don't think the probability of a shark attack happening is much different, like, a few days after an attack than it is just normally. >> we just think it's safer to give a little break, make sure nothing else happens before letting people back in the water. >> the fire department says there is little they can do to stop surfers from going in. but they hope they see the warning signs on the beaches.
5:55 am
in oregon, a truck overturns and the sea creatures inside pour out. >> this is bizarre. the flying eels leave their mark immediately. check this out. they covered the roadway with this slime. authorities had no choice but to shut it down for a clean-up. now, the sea animals are also known as hagfish, also called snot snakes because they spew slime. the road is now open. >> looks like they were pretty nervous, too, on that road. >> very. a woman banned from hosting on airbnb over racist comments now faces an unusual punishment. the host refused to rent a place in running springs saying i wouldn't rent to you if you were the last person on earth, one word asian. airbnb banned the host. soon the california department of fair employment and housing investigated and its decision to enroll the former host in an introductory course on asian- american studies. >> it's sort of an element that
5:56 am
we like to call restorative justice. that means that, you know, people can make mistakes. people can do bad things. but they are not irredeemable. >> turning it into a good thing like an educational opportunity, um, i think, is a much better remedy than just paying a fine or having tank every sanctions. >> the woman and the host are expected to participate on a community panel about racism. governor brown makes a passionate plea to extend his "cap and trade" program as he faces criticism from his own party. >> and a deadly plane crash in sonoma leaves two children hospitalized here in oakland. we'll have the latest coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and his family is now fighting for their lives .. plus: the fight to keep a new pot dispensary... from moving into a san f a small plane carrying a north bay family crashes in the north bay, one man dead, the
6:00 am
rest fighting for their lives. >> the fight to keep a pot dispensary from moving into a san francisco dispensary rolls on as the proposal passes a hurdle. good morning, it is friday, july 14. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we start with traffic and weather. >> say good-bye to "friday light." we are tracking some delays. good morning, everybody. right now, we have an accident, along vallecitos just east of 680. now, emergency crews at one point had the entire roadblocked and we see a big backup in both directions along the road there. but we were just told by chp that the road is cleared. now we just have residual delays so give yourself some extra time if this is part of your morning commute. speeds just below 40 miles per hour. as they are trying to recover. southbound 880 at "a" street we have a hit-and-run crash leaving


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