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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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with some projects, but now it is time for bigger regional solutions. >> we are really involved in a traffic crisis here. it's one of the worst places in the country as far as the traffic is concerned. so we need to take a regional approach. >> reporter: the plan is to ask voters in all nine bay area counties next year to approve a toll hike of up to $3 on the seven state-run bridges in the bay area. and the state has just released a list of specific planned improvement projects including $500 million for hundreds of new bart cars, $300 million for freeway express lanes, including i-80 in alameda and contra costa counties, and 101 in san francisco. $275million will be for new ferries and more ferry service. $200million will bring caltrain to the transbay terminal in downtown san francisco. and $125 million to ease the gridlock in what's commonly called the novato narrows, between marin and sonoma counties. >> why it's important to say exactly what you're going to be
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funding is so voters have accountability. they know exactly what the money that they're going to be putting into this will be going to. >> reporter: another $400 million will be allocated for the bart extension to san jose. it will help pay for phase 2 of the project which will extend bart from here at the future berryessa station into downtown san jose, diridon station and ultimately to santa clara. >> three more dollars? that's really mean of the that's brutal! >> reporter: not everyone who pays bridge tolls is happy with the plan which residents of alameda, contra costa and solano counties paying nearly two-thirds of all bridge tolls. >> $3 more? oh, my god! >> too much? >> it's too much! >> reporter: now, exactly how this bridge toll increase would be rolled out is still being worked out in sacramento. it could be a one-time increase, it could be something tied to inflation. they are working on those details. this plan would have to pass with a simple majority in all
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nine bay area counties. back to you. >> thank you. a convict cat killer from san jose sentenced to 16 years behind bars. robert farmer was convicted of stealing and killing 21 cats. you can see him on surveillance video here. police say he lured some of the cats away from homes in the cambrian park area of san jose. many of the owners were at today's sentencing. some oklahoma police officers got promotions today but protestors call for them to be prosecuted instead. about 20 people from the "anti- police terror project" held signs in front of the greek orthodox cathedral in oakland. they claim three officers inside getting promoted tried to cover up the police department's sex scandal involving a minor. they believe that the officers failed to properly investigate. protestors say they are putting oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick and her department on notice. >> not interested in ending the good old boy's network.
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she is interested in the same old thing. we see what they're doing. we keep at it until we get a clean opd. >> oakland has a september deadline to respond to a recent report that criticizes the police department's handling of the sex scandal. a federal judge wants to know what the city will do to get opd back on track. new at 6:00 a fight to protect a marine sanctuary from oil drilling. the farralones national sanctuary includes well known islands in a large swath of ocean. president obama expanded it two years ago but kpix 5's emily turner tells us the trump administration is taking a second look. >> reporter: under this vast expanse advocates argue is something worth fighting for. >> while it looks like an empty canvas from above, it supports all of our livelihoods. >> reporter: in april, president trump ordered a review of all national marine sanctuaries declared within the last 10 years.
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it's called the america first offshore energy executive order. it reviews potential lost opportunity costs related to hard mineral mining and oil, gas and methane hydrate drilling. >> like it just dumbfounds me, i'm shocked. >> reporter: the sanctuary encompasses 3300 miles off the coast of marin, sonoma, and mendocino counties. actually getting to the islands themselves takes about 2.5 hours. but the part we're talking about is actually farther north. the expansion the part under review includes the 2013 miles along the sonoma and mendocino coastlines inducted in march 2015 through a rigorous public process that lasted more than two years. the sanctuary itself is not allowed to comment about the review process. but those who support it are happy to vocalize their frustration. >> they followed all the guidelines. they followed the regulations. they had the public meetings. they had the support. there's been congress people
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fighting for this for many years before i or other people were even around. so it's a shame that all of this great work is now needing to be potentially redone and actually revisited in such a short time frame. >> reporter: the oceanic society depends on the sanctuary for tours that support its research and programs. the sanctuary is home to the great california current that supports forests a newly discovered form of corral and endangered species. the western states petroleum association says they have no interest in the area saying instead, quote, our member companies proudly operate in some of the toughest regulatory environments in the country where we power economies and lead environmental protection and our focus is on how best to produce and refine petroleum products in the west. >> we need to think long-term
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solutions and not short term. i think that we have a lot of good science that's been done and hopefully the science will be looked at and recognized as what science is. >> reporter: you can contact the department of commerce until july 26 to file your support or arguments against the expansion. emily turner, kpix 5. chopper 5 over another brush fire burning in san jose. this one alongside the eastridge mall near capitol expressway and tully. no damage to the mall. the fire is out. the trails at alum rock park in san jose are open after a mountain lion sighting and a large wildfire. the trails have been closed for more than a week after the big cat was spotted near the south rim trail. when officials were getting ready to open the park just a few days ago, a 100-acre wildfire destroyed one home and damaged two others.
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a live look, the heat making a comeback, from our dublin cam. chief meteorologist paul deanno reports. >> 100 degrees is in our forecast for saturday and sunday. the heat advisory that was initially issued for just the hills is expanded. east bay valleys are in there as well including the cities of concord, antioch and dublin. just be smart if you are out and about this weekend in our inland towns. we are going to be hot. now, how much hotter than average? these are your normals for this time of year. the normal for san francisco is only 67 degrees. 7 degrees warmer than that tomorrow. but look at concord, the biggest deviation from normal. 100 degrees is 14 degrees above average. it will be a degree or two hotter on sunday. we'll have the forecast coming up. new at 6:00 a heart- wrenching story drawing new attention to san francisco's homeless crisis. pictures circulating on social media this week of a woman and an infant living on the street! now at times, the baby appears to have been left all alone.
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kpix 5's devin fehely spoke with people trying to help. >> reporter: it was these photos shared on social media that sparked concern and outrage a homeless mother and her newborn on the streets of san francisco. a woman snapped these photos concerned about the baby. >> using this child to make money. i think it's human traffic. >> reporter: she called 911 tuesday and police checked on the baby. >> we found that the child had food, formula, supplies was warm. but just as a precaution we called in medics to check the health of the child. >> reporter: we reached out to san francisco's homeless services agency. privacy rights prevented them from discussing the case directly. but they say they do everything in their power to help homeless families with young children. the city and county work to connect families experiencing homelessness, with services, to save places, and so ways to end their homeness.
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we work to connect families with permanent support of housing in some cases. >> reporter: in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5. only on "5," surveillance video out of oakland shows three children getting hit in the middle of a crosswalk. kpix 5's da lin at fruitvale and brookdale avenue with the call to make that intersection safer. da. >> reporter: that's right. we also want to warn focus the video they are about to see is pretty graphic hard to watch. now, the accident happened here in this crosswalk a car hitting three kids pinning one of them underneath. neighbors say it's not the first or second time that this has happened. now they want the city to put in flashing lights to make this crosswalk more visible. a horrifying accident caught on camera. >> oh, my god. oh, that is crazy. >> reporter: a young driver takes out two teenaged girls and little boy. you see the girls on the
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ground, can't see the boy. he is pinned under the car. >> everyone is scrambling, like the baby is under the car, let's help the baby! >> reporter: all three people survived. >> luckily the baby just went under the car. >> reporter: the police say the accident happened last wednesday night around 9:30 at the intersection of fruitvale and brookdale. i'm told the two girls are cousins. the little boy is the younger brother of one of them. they were on the way home that night. they looked both ways and apparently thought the car would stop. just before the accident, you can see the girls bracing for impact. >> no one's got killed, surprisingly. >> god was with them. that was a miracle. >> reporter: it happened in front of a restaurant and captured by the owner's camera. he said this is the third pedestrian accident in three years plus a number of car on car accidents. >> seen three pets get killed, run over. >> reporter: he blames speeding
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and distracted driving. he reached out to noel gallo to get a more me down the street. >> they will have to come out here and do a road study, a traffic study. how many accidents we have had, but i think this one is a no- brainer. >> reporter: noel is hearing all three victims are out of the hospital and now back home recovering. >> the driver stopped and cooperated with the police. but witnesses say the driver had a passport, not a license on him. i'm waiting to hear back from the oakland police if the driver had a valid driver's license and if he was arrested. live here in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. we first broke the story of the homeowner who caught a pair of package thieves in the act. well, now police are hot on the case. the hunch for the porch pirates before they do it again. >> a lamborghini goes up in fire after a driver made a mistake at a bay area gas station. >> this selfie fail belongs in
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the hall of fame. did this woman really wreck $200,000 worth of art? who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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captures a woman snatching a package from a san jose porch... then dumping it when the homeowner arrives. we showed you the video yesterday. some surveillance captures a woman snatching a package from a san jose porch and dumping it when the homeowner arrives. we showed you this video yesterday. police told the victim there
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would be no investigation because there was no crime. that was yesterday. today kpix 5's len ramirez says they have changed their tune. >> reporter: a video showing the thieves caught in the act. a license plate even a still shot of the driver getting away. heidi thought her recording of the brazen package theft and her daring confrontation of the thieves would be enough to solve the case right away but two days later all she has is a case number. she's thankful for that. >> it's frustrating because basically i feel like i put the puzzle together and all they have to do is just, you know, go over there and write them a citation. >> reporter: after calling 911 immediately after the confrontation in which the thieves threw back her package, she says an officer first told her there would be no investigation because she got her package back. but after kpix 5 broke the story showing her home surveillance video and still photos of the cup alls car and license plate, she says she got a housecall from a police officer. >> he basically very bluntly
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put it that they decided to open a case and make it official. and because he didn't realize there was so much information available. so they kind of blamed it on miscommunication at the department. people didn't realize i had photos and videos. >> reporter: even though the package was thrown back, it's still a crime. the post office which delivered the package filled with ebay tape and tissue paper says it's a felony and federal offense. >> it just takes time and we just ask people be patient. >> reporter: san jose police say they will try and track down the couple and investigate the potential tie-ins. >> any information that we get could tie these two people into additional cases that are outstanding where maybe we had a vehicle description but we didn't have a license plate. >> reporter: police say so far this year in san jose, they have 10800 reports of property crimes many of them also with some form of surveillance video. but this case with its combination of video, still photos of the suspects and a license plate probably makes it one of the most solvable.
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in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a controversial marijuana dispensary now has the green light from the san francisco planning commission. hundreds of people showed up at a hearing last night with some saying a medical cannibis store in the sunset district would endanger children. but just before midnight, commissioners approved it by a 5-1 vote. the dispensary is owned by former oakland mayor jean quan and her husband. they hope to open for business in 2018. opponents can still appeal to the board of supervisors. we now know that the man killed in a sonoma county plane crash had deep ties to san francisco. william s. goldman taught international studies at the university of san francisco. he was the grandson of two prominent san francisco philanthropists. goldman was one of four people on board a small plane when it went down near the sonoma skypark yesterday. his 6-year-old daughter and 8- year-old son and their nanny survived. they were all rushed to the hospital. the president at usf says goldman was an assistant
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professor who will be missed by his colleagues and students. he and his siblings founded the goldman family foundation to help people in underserved communities. his grandfather was richard goldman, his grandmother rota goldman and heir to the levi strauss fortune. the couple established the goldman environmental prize which honors grassroots environmentalists. take a look here a simple mistake leaving this lamborghini going up in flames. the driver didn't shut the sports car off when he went to fuel up last night. so the gasoline ignited, melting the car and parts of the gas station. the redwood city fire department posted this picture with the caption, safety message always shut off the engine when fueling. artists with this summer's "burning man" festival now using dead pine trees killed off by the bark beetle. the bugs and drought led to more than 100 million dead pine trees in the sierra.
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to raise awareness about it, the artists got in touch with pg&e which is now hauling dead trees to the bay area where they are being milled into lumber and used to build the "burning man" temple that gets burned at the end of the festival. >> it's a tragedy that all of these trees are dying. and we're just trying to make something beautiful out of a bad situation. >> last year we removed another 236,000 dead trees from the infrastructure. and some of that wood from tuolumne county you see behind me. >> the temple is being build inside and abandoned warehouse in west oakland. it will be shipped to the black rock desert in nevada when the festival starts at the end of august. >> that will be hot. >> yeah. definitely be hot out there. >> nevada desert late august, yeah, very, very strong chance it's going to be extremely hot and also dry. around here, we have the dry part going but it's not hot in san francisco. look at that. here comes the fog about to invade the financial district. it's nice to see the height of
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the fog and see how thick it is. the thicker it is, the better chance it will move inland. that's not happening. high pressure is compressing the marine layer and the fog is about to take over all of san francisco. highs today in the city, 66 degrees. one degree warmer than yesterday. get away from the city, get away from the fog it got warmer. concord 91. livermore 93. we'll add 10 more degrees. coming up this weekend, triple digits, sacramento it's going to be hot. hotter than anyplace we'll have here. very hot for the california state fair. 105 degrees if you are heading to the state capital. much cooler with some patchy clouds for the aids walk in san francisco. sunday golden gate park, low to mid-60s there. much better walking or jogging weather. the ridge has returned and what this means is it's going to cut off the onshore flow. it's going to cut off the onshore influence inland. that's why you're going from the low 90s to the low 100s like that by tomorrow. so fog is already here.
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it will return overnight tonight in the san francisco bay area. and overnight lows in the 50s. fremont 57. napa 53. heat this weekend, yes, it is going to be hot way from the water because you lose that cooling influence of the ocean. also some high, thin cirrus clouds out there tomorrow afternoon. vallejo, 92. hot for you. 67 degrees at pacifica milder at the water. two hot days, only saturday and sunday. a couple of degrees hotter inland but staying in the 70s near the bay. 60s at the beach. and next week we'll cool back to average wits upper 80s to low 90s away from the water and the mid-60s near the bay. so as hot as it sounds for folks living near the water, this is only about 10 to 12 degrees above average. >> sounds like a lot. >> hot, two days. we can make it. brides-to-be in a panic after a major designer shuts down without notice.
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scramble for bay area bridal shops. >> and coming up in sports, a san francisco native is trying to become the first american to reach the grand slam final in wimbledon since 2009. and baseball returns from the all star break. but a former giant great is looking for a new team. we'll be right back.
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last few days. he became the first american to reach the semifinals at san francisco native sam querrey has accomplished a lot of firsts in the last few days. he became the first american to reach the semi finals at wisconsin since 2009. he played his first major semifinal on center court at wimbledon. he also met draymond green for the first time. but he wasn't all that impressed. >> draymond is cool yesterday. i met him for five minutes. i'm a laker fan so i'm not going to be too nice to the guy. >> well, maybe querrey could have gotten some advice on how to become a champion as he faced
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cilic. he wins the point with the shot on the net. he took the set. but it was all cilic after that. tie-breaker he puts querrey on the run and gets the point to win the set. cilic wins in four sets advancing to his second career grand slam final. and in the second semifinal, roger federer looking to reach his 11th wimbledon final facing tomas berdych. federer puts berdych on the run to win the point and federer wins in straight sets to reach his 11th wimbledon final. to baseball now. the red sox have designated former giants third baseman pablo sandoval for assignment. in 2 1/2 years with boston, the panda hit just .237 with 14 home runs. the red sox still owe him $49 million from the five-year, $95 million deal he signed after winning the 2014 world series mvp with the giants. well, american century
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celebrity tournament in tahoe, steph curry catching a pass from aaron aaron rodgers. on the par 4, 11th, he nearly holes the second shot. he got a birdie and is tied for 23rd after the first round. the warriors second round pick jordan bell sitting out golden state summer league finale in vegas. he got to seem his former teammate in oregon knock down eight three-pointers and score 35 points in the warriors's win over the clippers. they finish summer league play 2-4. two weeks ago all star paul george was traded from indiana to oklahoma city to team up with mvp russell westbrook. well, this week he was asked about a proposed trade that could have sent him to the warriors. >> indiana offered you to golden state for klay thompson, golden state said no. were you aware that that conversation happened? >> yeah. i was aware of t, you know, i
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would have looked forward to -- i was aware of it you know, i would have looked forward to it to be in a good situation to win a championship. it's fun to team up with a special challenge and team up against that team. >> general manager bob myers said no. thank you but no, thanks. >> we'll pass. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, the coast guard is a vital line of defense in the war on drugs and terror. but it's facing a fierce fight in washington. how a shrinking budget could derail its mission. >> and protecting the police dogs that sniff out dangerous drugs. the new kits that could save k- 9s from opiod overdoses. >> the pope is weighing in. the new rules for communion. cing a fast
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one homeland security agency with a huge presence in the bay area.. is feeling the heat. the u.s. coast guard is no longer et increase. with congress facing a fast approaching budget deadline one homeland security agency with a huge presence in the bay area is feeling the heat. the u.s. coast guard is no
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longer looking for a budget increase. it's fighting against a massive cut. the president's budgets calls for a nearly $3 billion increase in spending for the department of homeland security. the coast guard part of the dhs was slated to see a budget cut of $1.3 billion. after a lot of pushback, homeland security is now lobbying congress just to keep the coast guard's budget the same. it's one of three cutters based in alameda part of the coast guard's new fleet of ships used in the very modern battle against terrorism, illegal immigration and drug smuggling. in a recent interview with kpix 5, the coast guard vice admiral described the enemy as a very sophisticated bad guy. >> they're peddling drugs, money and death and they really don't have a moral or ethical way of doing business. but they are a big business. >> reporter: more drugs are being confiscated now than anytime in his 35 years with
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the coast guard. last year, it was a record 444,000 pounds of cocaine. but in addition to battling terrorists and smugglers, the coast guard is also in a furious fight in washington over money. just after the president's 2018 budget was announced, an admiral from the coast guard was asked by a california congressman about the proposed cuts. >> please give me the top three problems that it would create for the coast guard. >> well, i begin with the acquisition of our ninth national security cutter. because that would be removed. it would cut our department's only counter-terrorism capability. >> we enjoy the highest retention rate of any armed service but our service members look to me as though i have broken faith as their leader. they look to me as their leader, nobody else. >> reporter: the admiral made it clear a cut would be devastating. and even keeping the budget the same would be a setback.
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>> i cannot take delight in a budget that continues to fall short of our annualized requirements and operations and maintenance. our current level of service are our old ships and an underfunded and undermanned service. >> many changes to the budget are expected. congress would have to pass the budget resolution by the end of september to keep the government from shutting down. the attorney general jeff sessions is promising a new appeal to the u.s. supreme court over who should be included in the travel ban. last month they allowed the ban on travelers from six muslim- majority countries to go into effect. but that ruling added an exemption for people with close relationships in the united states. now a federal judge in hawaii says the exemption must include grandparents, grandchildren and other extended family. the trump administration has said only certain relatives to come in such as parents, children and spouses and not grandparents. president trump was the
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guest of honor in paris today for a double celebration to mark bastille day and the u.s. entry into world war i a century ago. today american and french troops marched down the champs elysees in uniform from the world war i era and jets from both nations flew overhead. the spread back in washington where democrats demand that his son-in-law jared kushner resign from his white house job. cbs reporter seth lemon has the latest twist in the russia investigation. >> reporter: president trump touched down in newark, new jersey as members of the house intelligence committee questioned former trump can pain adviser michael caputo behind closed doors. house minority leader nancy pelosi renewed calls friday for an independent panel to investigate russian collusion in the 2016 election, specifically calling out the president's son-in-law. >> i also call for the revoking of the security clearance for
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jared kushner. it's absolutely ridiculous that he should have that clearance. >> reporter: cbs news has learned kushner had to update his security clearance form three times to include 100 names of foreign contacts he had meetings with during the election after initially saying there were no meetings. democratic senator richard blumenthal has called for kushner's resignation. >> he apparently concealed a meeting that is harmful to our national security. >> reporter: that meeting involving a russian attorney who said she had dirt on hillary clinton has placed members of the president's inner circle including his oldest son under a cloud of suspicion. a russian-american lobbyist alleged to be a former soviet spy confirmed to the "associated press" that he also attended last june's meeting. the president says his son did nothing wrong. >> it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee says donald trump, jr. and kushner will be called to testify. kushner's attorneys say he will
6:36 pm
cooperate with the investigation. seth lemon for cbs news, the white house. the man behind one of the deadliest bay area shootings will spend the rest of his life in a maximum security state prison. this morning, 48-year-old one goh was sentenced to 7 consecutive terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole. in 2012, one goh opened fire at oikos university in oakland killing seven people and injuring three others. while goh did not make any comments in court today, his lawyer read a statement on his behalf saying, one hopes his sentence brings closure and that he is sorry. >> i would have liked the death penalty. but i mean, i'm glad that it's over and there's actually justice. >> yeah, he is extremely sorry. he feels -- he was friends with these people. this was a tragedy borne of mental illness. >> the sentencing comes just a few months after doctors said
6:37 pm
goh was competent to stand trial. he is receiving treatment at napa state hospital for mental illness. coming up, they said yes to the dress. now they are out of luck. how a major retailer's sudden closure has left brides scrambling. >> and selfie destruction! a woman's art gallery photo has disastrous results.
6:38 pm
and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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makers of wedding dresses has suddenly closed up shop. consumerwatch reporter julie some brides-to-be are getting bad news. one of the nation's buggest makers of wedding dresses has suddenly closed up shop. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the dress mess. >> we are doing the disney collection. >> this one was the cinderella. >> reporter: it specializes in fairy tale breasts but brides who ordered gowns made by alfred angelo are getting a dose of reality. >> i don't have any contact anymore. there's no more communication. >> reporter: this company says the dress company stopped responding to calls about a week ago. and yesterday came word the florida based business which
6:40 pm
also operates its own stores is out of business leaving brides and bridesmaids out of money with nothing to wear down the aisle. >> five girls each wedding ten dresses, it's ridiculous when you can't get an answer. >> i can't sleep. i have to get up there and camp there and make an attempt to pick up my director. >> i have never seen a major manufacturer close like this. >> reporter: the owners say it's all the more surprising but alfred angelo is one of the oldest players in the wedding dress industry. >> they weren't keeping up with the rest of the market as far as quality and style. >> reporter: still, the company has its fans and now they are scrambling for dresses and answers. the company has posted signs on its doors advising customers to contact the company's lawyer. bridal shops that carry the line like trudy's are being more hands on. >> i'm assuming that we're on our own now and we really need to go plan b with all our
6:41 pm
customers' orders. >> reporter: he says he is determined that all his brides make it down the aisle in the dress of their dreams. david's bridal a competitor is now offering discounts to affected brides. meanwhile, alfred angelo's lawyer did not respond to our requests for comment by deadline. the company has reportedly filed for bankruptcy in florida. in the newsroom, julie watts, kpix 5. when lawmakers on capitol hill demand the right to bear arms, the house of representatives sit on the steps of the capital today in sleeveless attire. it is a protest organized by bay area congresswoman jackie speier. they are fighting a decades old dress code that bans bare arms on the congress floor. the pope takes a hard-line stance on community wafers without wheat. >> there is no sign of a heat wave or hot weather at the golden gate bridge because we are just fogged in with temperatures in the upper 50s.
6:42 pm
on the other side of the bay area, we have sunshine. and yes, there is hot weather on the way. find out how hot you will be tomorrow. next.
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or an elaborate hoax?
6:45 pm
check this out... watch the woman in the upper right hand corner posing forel at a so horrible accident or elaborate hoax? watch the woman in the upper right-hand corner posing for a selfie at an l.a. art exhibit. she falls backwards, sets off this domino effect disaster. more than a dozen sculptures tumbled destroying more than $200,000 worth of art. >> it's like not the first time that something weird happened taking a selfie. maybe people should be a little more careful and not too into themselves, i guess. >> well, some suspects the whole thing was a pr stunt. the gallery didn't release the video. a friend of one of the artists did. the gallery said it was caught on security camera. it is the first program of its kind in the state. deputies in alameda county want to start carrying narcan a life- saving direct to protect k-9s from deadly opiods. across the nation, nearly a dozen police dogs have been affected by fentanyl a drug 50
6:46 pm
times more powerful than heroin. if a dog or person overdoses on it, narcan can act as an antidote. a group is using the kits to protect alameda county sheriff's k-9s. >> they search into a house for a suspect and the drugs are readily available. they are on a counter, the floor. they can walk through them, inhale them. >> this weekend there is a fundraiser involving pet food stores across the state that hopes to expand the program to additional k-9 units. gluten-free options are all over restaurants and supermarkets but catholic church is not getting on board. kpix 5's john ramos reports the pope is clarifying the rules for holy communion. >> reporter: the catholic church is known for sticking to time-honored traditions. that's particularly true with those that involve jesus christ
6:47 pm
himself. >> that's totally off limits. nobody is going to change that. >> reporter: father morris in moraga says in june the pope issued a directive to all bishops prohibiting the use of gluten-free communion hosts. >> they have to have some wheat in it. why is that? >> that is so that it is -- fits the definition of real bread. >> reporter: to catholics, bread and wine are the actual real and substantial body and blood of jesus christ and given at mass. people began asking rome if they could offer gluten-free hosts made of rice and potato for parishioners who may be allergic to wheat. the answer is no. >> must be bread. and in this incident it must be wheat bread because that's the tradition that goes back to jesus christ. >> reporter: the debate isn't a new one. at the vatican ii conference in the 1960s there was argument over what constituted bread and
6:48 pm
wine. could sake be served in japan? or tacos in mexico? no. far morris says they had to draw a line. >> the people just simply said, you know, we have to stick with the symbol that jesus himself used. >> reporter: in fairness, the vatican does allow extremely low gluten hosts with 20 parts per million of wheat and people with strict non-gluten diets can receive wine if they choose. but as of now the church will be sticking with wheat. a recipe that comes from the highest authority. >> it goes back to jesus christ. >> reporter: they don't mess with that tradition. >> no. >> reporter: in moraga, john ramos, kpix 5. let's head down to the south bay. san jose cue the plain landing at mineta airport -- cue the plane landing at mineta airport right now. you will not hit 100 degrees san jose this weekend. you will be in the 80s and 90s. currently 81 in san jose.
6:49 pm
80 in santa rosa. 87 in livermore. 67 in oakland. it's getting foggy in san francisco. breezy to windy as well 60 degrees. hot spot has been all week concord 91 degrees. we had a heat advisory this weekend. told you about that yesterday for the hills. now it's expanded. the national weather service includes the east bay valleys in the heat advisory. triple digits likely in concord and antioch, dublin and surrounding communities. it's going to be hot away from the water. the indians are in town to take on the oakland a's. 7:05 first pitch. a couple of clouds, 62 degrees your first pitch temperature this evening. it will be warmer for a's games this weekend. livermore 59. napa 53 overnight tonight. redwood city 58. sunrise now getting later. it's back to 6:00. fast forward a month or so it will be 6:30. satellite-radar one big h. it's sitting over southern california right now. now the position of the ridge of high pressure is not just is there a ridge close but where
6:50 pm
is it centered? it's to north or northwest would be a north wind and everybody would warm even even san francisco and pacifica. not the case. near the water not much changes for you. away from the water, you'll be 10 to 15 degrees hotter as soon as tomorrow. futurecast says minimal fog at the coastline spilling through the golden gate up to about el cerrito, south to about alameda and that's it. so we may get an earlier breakout of the sunshine tomorrow. but watch what happens in the afternoon. high, thin clouds begin streaming in from the south wrapping around that ridge of high pressure. so filtered sunshine and hot inland saturday and sunday. what changes next week? we are talking about two days of hot weather and this low pressure area takes over and gets closer cranks up the onshore flow and it won't be as warm because it will impact you away from the water cooling you back down. the two hot days are saturday and sunday. we're not talking record heat but it will be 10 degrees above average at least. then the ocean influence returns and we go back to normal. san jose close to 90 tomorrow
6:51 pm
nearly 10 degrees above average. fremont 86, pacifica67. lots of hundreds inland. saint helena up valley we'll exceed 100 degrees tomorrow. your extended forecast calling for two hot days then back to normal on monday. once we get back to normal, we stay back to normal. 60s and 70s near the water, 80s and 90s inland. that's your forecast. >> thank you. coming up, a health scare that was no game. a bay area host of back on the air. >> the roommate boom here in the bay area. spare room now says that one in five people live with roommates and they are older than 40. we want to know tonight, could you live with a roommate at that age? send me your thoughts by tweeting me at #veronicadlcruz.
6:52 pm
i'll read your comments tonight on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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6:54 pm
of the most popular voices in bay area sports talk radio. but in april bruce almost lost that voice. vern glenn has his story. damon bruce is one of the most popular bay area sports talk radio but in april he
6:55 pm
almost lost that voice. vern glenn with his story. >> reporter: very rarely does the on air light go dark for damon bruce at 95.7 the game. but for over a month he left the airwaves for something that could have killed him. >> it's crazy. >> there's not a lot of times where they say you're too young for that anymore when you're 42. but i think at 42 i'm officially still way too young to have a stroke. >> reporter: bruce was set to cover the long stretch of warriors play-off games in late april. it was an exciting time for the dad until he woke up one morning feeling off kilter. >> when i got up i went to send an email to my producer here at the station and i noticed that my left arm, my left hand, my left fingers were not normal. my entire side shut down. >> reporter: roughly 20 to 40% of strokes affect speech. even though he couldn't move
6:56 pm
his left arm, bruce felt like he dodged a bullet. >> had i had a stroke that affected my speech, my cognition, i would have been left devastated and questioning whether or not i would be able to return to my job. >> reporter: bruce and his wife spent their six-month anniversary in the hospital but in a stretch of three weeks, a team of doctors and therapists got him back into shape. >> if you told me that a monkey slapping me in the face every day would make me better i would say bring in the monkeys. >> reporter: he said he exceeded doctors' expectations and was back on the air june 1 for game one of the nba finals. the cause of his stroke came from an unhealthy lifestyle which is now flush away like a bad caller. >> not managing my blood pressure, not managing cholesterol, always ordering the fries, never the salad. >> i'm calling shenanigans on that. >> i thought my high blood pressure made me good at my job, made me a little more
6:57 pm
fiery than maybe the person who grew up without high blood pressure. um, i was wrong. >> wow, lucky. ♪[ music ]
6:58 pm
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let's get it on. give me mabel, give me jeff. ["family feud" theme plays] top 8 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women, give me a word starting with the letter "b" that describes your man in the nude. mabel: buff. steve: buff. ha! ah! buff. ooh. jeff: uh-- got to do it. steve: pass or play? minamotos: play! mabel: we'll play, steve. steve: come on, let's go. [cheering and applause] eddie, we talked to a hundred married women. i'ma say this one time. we asked 100 married women, ok? give me a word starting with the letter "b" that describes your man in the nude. ed: broad. woman: yeah, good answer. [ed chuckles] woman:oo


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