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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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conference in oakland on how to build more housing. >> the keynote speaker today was scott weiner. he talked about removing certain zoning restrictions. >> being pro housing is progressive and obstructing housing is not progressive. >> the organizers and attendees were mostly young activists. a small group of progressive activists protested outside of of the conference, saying they're selling out and teaming up with billionaire developers to gentrify oakland. >> i quick my tech job to do this full time. i left a six figure salary to do this. >> they believe that this will need to lower rents and less homelessness, but protestors don't agree with that theory.
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and the disagreement is heating up in oakland. four construction fires in the last year, most of them set intentionally. some worry the motive might be opposition to new development. >> if someone is burning these buildings down as a protest against development, that would be tragic and terribly counterproductive. >> the conference wraps up tomorrow. not sure if the protestors will be back. in oakland, kpix5. just to put the red hot real estate market in a little more perspective, we have an update on a home we told you about in june. it sets near the berkeley border. it went on the market last month for $649,000 and it needs about $200,000 in repairs. guess what? it just sold for 850 grand. the bay area leads the nation in
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over-asking home sales. nearly 70% of oakland homes sold above their sticker price last month. in san francisco it was slightly more than 70%, and in san jose, nearly 74% of buyers paid more than the list price. those are the top three cities in the country. of course renting isn't much cheaper for more and more people and the only way they can afford it is with roommates, no matter how old they are. betty has that story on 5 a little later. the other big story this weekend is the heat. numbers at this hour are still in the 90s. no surprise that both red flag warnings and heat advisories are posted through tomorrow night. it is warm and dry. northwesterly winds are kicking up to 25 miles per hour. high pressure will keep us hot all weekend. temperatures will be above 100 degrees again tomorrow inland, but at the beach, it will just be in the mid-60s. we'll have a complete forecast in just a few minutes.
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warm weather is one of the reasons toxic algae blooms are forming at a lot of popular swimming spots in the bay area. >> the last time inspectors came out here to discovery bay to test the waters was june 29th. where we are in the east part of the bay, they got the all clear, but that algae is still in the water. >> the water is essentially clear at the yacht club where it's cool. the part of the reason algae isn't so bad here is because it's closer to the fast-moving water. that's not the case for the southwest pocket of the bay by newport drive. that's where the advisories are posted. >> sometimes the water is coming in, flowing, if your neighbors don't block off the flow from the sides, it cleans the water and takes it out and around, keeps it moving. >> jake has lived in discovery bay for 18 years. he says where he's located, the algae isn't bad, but it is annoying. >> it gets in all the hoists and stuff. it's not good to leave your boat
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in the water and suck that stuff up in your prop. it's not good. >> the sludgy, blue-green muck is more than bother some, though. the california department of health says you risk getting a rash in your eyes or on your sky if you touch it. and at high levels, people and dogs can get seriously ill or die. two dogs who had contact with the water in napa valley last month died. a small bloom is going on in a local lake right now as well. our meteorologist said after the intense heat, she won't be surprised if a lot more bodies of water become no swimming zones, likely growing more algae because of high temps and stagnant water. a great white shark attacked a kayaker off the coast of santa
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cruz last week. the city shut down the shoreline for several days as a precaution. >> it was an actual predatory style attack, not just a sighting, not swimming by and bumping somebody, but it appears an attack with intent to eat. >> the kai acker wasn't hurt -- the kayaker wasn't sure, but her kayak was ruined. the coast guard posted signs at the beach on what you should do if you get caught in a rip current, swim across and out of the current and then to shore. float or thread water and wave and wait for help. even the strongest swimmer can get caught in a rip current, so if in doubt, don't go out. explosives were cleared from
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sunnyvale headquarters tonight when somebody turned in ammunition and three rocket-propelled grenades. patrol cars belonged entrances while a county bomb squad tested the materials. >> the devices were inert, there were no explosive devices in them. they were disassembled and found they were insert. >> police later sent this picture of the weapons. the evacuation situation was lifted about three hours ago and headquarters is back to normal. the pilot of this experimental plane walked away with minor injuries after crashing in a sonoma vineyard. you can see from this video, the aircraft ended up nose down in the dirt like a dart. no one on the ground was hurt either. so far, no word on exactly what went wrong. check out this video from
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the chp. rescuers in placer county hoisted an injured rock climber to the safety of their helicopter after he fell more than 20 feet. it happened thursday near tahoe city. the man was taken to the hospital with serious low body injuries. rescue crews say the hiker's friends called 911 and helped them reach him quickly, saving his life. the stanford professor who became the first woman to ever win mathematics highest honor lost her battle with breast cancer on friday. she essentially won the nobel prize for math. she earned her doctorate at harvard, taught at stanford since 2008. the university president said in a statement, she is gone, but far too soon. her impact will live on for the thousands of women she inspired to pursue math and science. her contributions both as a scholar and role model are significant and enduring and she'll be dearly missed here at
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stanford and around the world. she was just 40 years old. she leaves behind a husband and a daughter. still to come, time runs out for a popular san jose lunch spot. the lawsuit over parking that forced the deli owner to close his doors. a high-end heist at a san francisco luxury store. how thieves pulled after a grab and go at gucci. the effort to get k-9 officers bullet proof vests, the same protection as their human partners.
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a popular san jose sandwich spot served up its last lunch today. kpix 5's devin fehely on the lawsuit -- the deli owner simply co after nearly seven decades in business, a popular san jose sandwich spot served up its last lunch today. we've got the story regarding the lawsuit the deli owner simply couldn't counter. >> time today simply ran out for san jose's landmark time deli. >> this is the last time i've been open. i have moments. i've been thinking about it. it's a very sad day, after 67 years in business, the deli closed its doors for the final
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time this afternoon, much to the disappointment of its loyal, long time customers. >> it's not going to be the same for us. we hold the deli and the people in our hearts. >> the owner was recently slapped with a lawsuit alleging that the business was out of compliance with the ada because their bathroom was too small and the handicapped parking spots too far from the door. >> we have lost a lot of businesses and it's tragic. >> the lawsuit was filed from an attorney who has filed thousands of similar lawsuits around california. customers were saddened today that they've become the latest casualty. >> the food and the people, that's why we come. donald. >> and that had been the recipe for a successful restaurant for decades. >> come monday, when it's closed, i'm going to be hurting. i'm going to be really, really
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sad. in san francisco, the windows are boarded up at the gucci store near union square after a bold overnight smash and grab. about 3 in the morning, a car drove right through the front of the store, burglar got out, started grabbing expensive merchandise and then took off. there's no word on how much it was all worth. the store was open all crews cleaned up the mess. berkeley police are trying to track down suspects in a fight that erupted in gunfire near the cal campus. police say two groups started arguing, then shots were fired. three people were hit and taken to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. officers confiscated a gun and made two arrests at the scene, but five people got off. police say a mom is in
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custody after her daughter was finally found. she turned up today in pittsburgh and accused of kidnapping the child yesterday afternoon. we have a sad update about a young falcon. a chick born on a ledge at the berkeley area has died after flying into a window on campus. the falcon was one of two chicks born on the tower in may. just last week she took flight for the first time, but on tuesday, she got trapped on the balcony on the tenth floor of evans hall and before a volunteer could get in to help, she hit a window and died. in concord today, a push to protect k-9s across the bay area. they showed off their skills and some even got a good wash. it's all part of a fundraiser by the group cover your k-9. they're raising money for k-9
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bullet proof vests along with emergency kits to help dogs who accidentally sniff deadly opoids. a third grade boy raised over $1,000 for the k-9 cause. >> they help us. no reason why we shouldn't help them. >> they're able to receive a vest with the same protection that our officers have. >> the fundraiser continues tomorrow at participating pet food express stores in the bay area. bring your pet to get a wash. proceeds can be donated to the cover your k-9 fundraiser. >> it's going to be hot tomorrow, so why not. even hotter tomorrow. >> so there you go. >> we've got high pressure bringing up subtropical moisture is coming in as well. it's 30 degrees cooler the at the beaches, you can see a sprinkling of people out in enjoying that bone-chilling
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water. 100 degrees still in concord. oakland, 75. livermore is 95 degrees. san francisco it's 70 and san jose, 87 degrees. we have heat advisories through tomorrow night. winds are up to 25 miles per hour, but it's a fairly moist direction out of the northwest. it will be hot all weekend. low pressure continues, but that high over the desert southwest is expanded. it's parked over california and it's going to keep us hot all weekend. temperatures come down a bit on monday. the high clouds over the south bay and monterey county stay through tomorrow night. but this is 8:00 tomorrow vere clear conditions as wey of get into sunday. so with more sunshine, the temperatures warm a couple more degrees. highs inland are going to be 100 degrees-plus. and as low clouds remain overnight, temperatures fall to 90 degrees for the rest of the
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week after tomorrow. in the central valley, 108 at redding. 105 in fresno and sacramento is at 106 degrees. it's only in the 60s in mendocino. eureka, 62. overnight lows tonight, santa rosa at 55 degrees. napa, 58. fremont, 58. san jose, 61. tomorrow, san francisco will be in the mid-70s, 10 degrees above average. concord, 103. it's going to be a warm night in the east bay. san jose, 95 degrees. and oakland, 82. down in the south bay, it will be as warm as 102 in morgan hill. los gatos at 100. 95 for san jose. over in the far east, the numbers will be in the mid -- well, it's not going to be 150. it will be 104 at antioch, 106 at brentwood and 102 at travis
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air force base. in the north bay, 100 in santa rosa. petalulma, 100. 80 degrees in sausalito. 103 in clear lake. extended forecast, we're going to be looking for numbers to begin to cool on monday. they'll tumble ten degrees inland and they'll stay there the rest of the week. tomorrow still looks plenty warm, though. that's weather. with the latest, here's mike. it's a first for the bay area. you can now get snapchat spectacles from a vending machine in san francisco. for about $130, you can get the plastic glasses that record ten-second snapchats. there are 16 of these machines worldwide. coming up in sports, we've
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got a giant back and venus is back at wimbledon with one woman trying to be the first one to ever beat both vena and venus in the same year. we'll be right back. -- both serena and venus in the same year. we'll be right back.
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earlier this week: he spent some time teaching san jose students why it's important for football players.. to do their math homework: "there's a lot of components to eally do a former 49er linebacker is taking a new job, teaching students why it is important for football players to do their math homework. >> there are a lot of components that you don't see and it's cool to interpret that for these kids and show them that there is math within football. >> the program is designed to prepare students for their next level math courses and keep them on track for college. good role model in the classroom there. >> i don't think people realize
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how difficult football is to learn the playbook and everything. it's really difficult. venus williams was trying to make history today, becoming the oldest woman to win a wimbledon final at 37 years old, but she had to take on garbine muguruza at the final in the all england club. muguruza lost two years ago to serena and she wins a long rally here over venus. she won the first set 7-5. muguruza led 5-0 in the second set. she challenged the williams shot and she wins the challenge. how weird of an ending is that? that's how muguruza wins her first wimbledon and her second career grand slam. madison bumgarner was penciled in to make the start tonight, but johnny cueto was
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placed on the dl with blisters on his hand. president trump watching the u.s. women's open at his course in new jersey. on 16, choi, a 17-year-old amateur sinks a birdie putt to tie for the lead. she finished the day at two under 70. then we've got a birdie setup here to take the outright sunday. tony romo may be retired, but he's still good at throwing. this one to steph curry. no celebrity tournament is complete without showing charles barkley. he gets lucky when the ball hits a tree and rolls after a tree. he's last in the 89-player field. as for steph curry, he shot a
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107 and is tied for 13th. former a's pitcher leads going into tomorrow's final ground. two weeks ago, all star paul george was traded to oklahoma, but this week he was asked about a proposed trade that could have sent him to the warriors. >> indiana offered you to golden state for klay thompson. golden state said no. were you aware that that conversation happened? >> yeah, i was aware of it. i would have looked forward to it. just being, again, in a good situation and a chance to compete for a championship. it didn't happen. it's still fun to team up with a special talent and have a chance to compete against that team. in this push button world, technology is reinventing itself everywhere, including america's pastime. dennis has the story. >> behind at&t park sits the giants television production
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truck and in front is a much smaller one. the company is hoping baseball in a head set is the wave of the future. >> you're taking in what somebody is feeding you from start to finish on television. we're way more interactive. >> they'll offer one game a week for the rest of the season in virtual reality. you need a cell phone, the mask, and their app. it's a 360-degree experience that is impossible to replicate on a tv screen. >> this is great. >> earlier this month, at&t park was set up with five camera pods and 12 lenses in each pod. shots are sent back to the truck and processed with a statistic overlay, plus an announcer track. you choose what you want to see and where you want to see it. >> just like the broad casts have done, we've seen them go from black and white to color to super slow-mo to flying cameras
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above players head. really the sky is the limit. they can choose the camera angle, where in the stadium they want to view. >> looks like they're just prepping the field. >> resolution in the head set i. you currently can't zoom in. and let's face it, you can't smell the food either. >> we can't sell you a beer at home yet and we can't do the dogs yet. >> baseball has been around since the civil war, steeped in tradition and the reaction in the giants clubhouse to virtual reality is a virtual mixed bag. >> virtual reality, so not regular reality. >> i think we know your thoughts. >> my thoughts are to be totally honest, you can take a flying kite with it or a flying kick, whatever. see you later. >> this is interesting. when you go to the ball park, you want the whole experience of the garlic fries and everything.
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>> nothing like the real ball park and just being able to observe with your realize. >> it's always fun to see will clark, though. >> that's true. coming up in our next half hour, the battle against isis hits home for one family in santa cruz. the local activist who just lost his life in a fight for freedom. a deadly fire erupts in a honolulu high-rise, trapping people inside. the key piece of safety equipment the building was missing. and three real life california heroes are about to become hollywood stars. the new movie clint eastwood just cast them in.
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our top story at six-thirty: this santa cruz activist flew to
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you're watching kpix5 news. >> and i hit the floor and handed the phone to my mom and said mom you have to take this call. >> our top story at 6:30, this santa cruz activist flew to syria to join the fight against isis and his family learned he's now never coming home. he was gunned down earlier this month. >> we spoke with some of the people who knew him best. >> i'm sorry that he can't continue to do good work in the world. i'm sorry that his energy isn't here. >> robert's mother and sister lean on each other for support after losing their son and brother to isis. this is him a few months ago. >> i'm about to go to syria. this is something i care about. >> five months after arriving in syria to help the kurdish independent movement, he's killed by gunfire. his family receiving the phone call last weekend.
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>> they said that it was the state department from the iraqi embassy and that they were calling concerning robert. and i hit the floor and handed the phone to my mom and said mom, you have to take this call. >> he went to syria in february, just days after his 28th birthday. he joined a kurdish militia known as ypg. he explains his reasons for making such a dangerous decision. >> my reasons for joining was to help the kurdish people in their struggle for freedom in syria and elsewhere and do my best to be able to fight isis and create a more free world. >> he believed we all have the capacity to change the world. you just have to do it. >> friends and family say he was always fighting for change. in santa cruz he worked for two years on a campaign for equal
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rights and also fought during occupy wall street. >> it was so important for him to create a better world for his daughter. >> just his knowledge and everything that he had to share with the world was incredible. he always had some plan, some idea, something in the world that he's got to take care of. so we'll greatly miss that. >> now, robert was killed alongside another american and a british volunteer. his family is now trying to bring his remains back home. the pentagon says u.s. forces have killed the held of isis k, the terrorist group affiliate in afghanistan. u.s. officials say he was killed tuesday by a drone airstrike northeast of kabul. a u.s. military commander says he's the third isis k leader that they have killed in the last year, adding, quote, we'll
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continue until they are all gone. the three sacramento men who failed a paris attack on a train are about to make their movie debut. clint eastwood hired the three men to play themselves in the upcoming film, 1517 to paris. it follows the trio's friendship from childhood to the moment in 2015 that changed their lives. production has started on the film, but no word on a release date. >> and at 87, clint eastwood is still going. fire investigators in hawaii are trying to figure out what sparked a five alarm fire at a honolulu high-rise. the blaze raged through the upper floors leaving tenants with no way out. a small piece of safety equipment likely could have
6:33 pm
prevented the tragedy if only it had been installed. >> residents were allowed to return to the apartment building saturday. late friday a massive fire tore through the building starting on the 26th floor, sending huge flames and thick black smoke shooting into the sky. >> i could see the smoke coming up. i heard three women's voices, screaming, pleading, moaning, please help me, please. continuous screaming for five or ten minutes. >> more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze as it blew up within hours and damaged apartments on two higher floors. broken glass and fiery debris rained down toward the ground. the building did not have fire sprinklers. >> without a doubt if there were sprinklers in this apartment, the fire would be contained in the unit of origin. >> residents say elderly people and children lived here which made evacuations very difficult
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for emergency crews. >> i saw a couple of older people come out of the building and their faces were black and it just brought me to tears. >> the cause of the deadly fire remains a mystery. >> fire officials say they had to evacuate their own firefighters several times because the flames were just that intense. honda is recalling more than two million accords worldwide because their battery sensors could potentially short out and start a fire. the recall covers vehicles produced between 2013 and 2016. honda says the sensors may be sufficiently sealed against moisture and that means substances like road salt can get in and cause the sen sor to short. honda will begin notifying affected owners later this month. the organizers behind january's women's march in washington were back in the nation's capital this weekend, this time to protest the
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national rifle association. the demonstration actually began yesterday when hundreds of protestors marched 18 miles from the nra headquarters in virginia all the way to the justice department. the rally comes amid heightened tensions between activists and the nra after the organization released a recruitment video. >> this is all to make them march, make them protest, make them scream raise ism and sexism. the >> the group calls the video a direct endorsement of violence and are asking the group to apologize to the american people. a another march was organized by black women to celebrate black women. the ain't i a woman march was
6:36 pm
focused on em powering black women. >> it's about celebrating black women, our ancestry of being strong and courageous. >> this is important. >> issues from healthcare to schooling were at the forefront. the president's travel ban is at the forefront of the news again, after a hawaii judge made exceptions to it. the justice department wants the high court to spell out the specifics and freeze the ruling in the meantime. more details have come out about the meeting between the president's son and a russian lawyer. it's adding to a big political headache at the white house. >> after returning from paris
6:37 pm
friday, president trump waved to l pga guests at his golf course in new jersey. but as he spends another weekend away from washington, his administration is reeling from continuing revelations as it relates to the russia investigations. reportedly yet another russian attended the now infamous get together at trump tower with donald trump, jr. and senior campaign staff last year. the associated press says the russian-american with suspected links to russian intelligence also attended the meeting with a russian lawyer. >> as far as this incident is concerned, this is all of it. >> it contradicts statements th week, that there were norlier additional attendees or discussions other than adoption and potentially hillary clinton. it also raises questions about
6:38 pm
how much then-candidate president trump knew. while visiting the french president in paris this week, the president defended the meeting. >> zero happened from the meeting and honestly i think the press made a big deal over something everything would do. >> jared kushner revised his security clearance paperwork twice, most recently to reflecting the meeting. his spokesman said the disclosure is not legally required. we have a russian specialist and his views. >> being reached out to the russian in -- reached out to by the russian intelligence should certainly concern the fbi. still to come, a giant garage sale coming from the faa. and san francisco's central
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subway project is running almost a year behind schedule, but this week it literally hit bottom.
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project made headlines this week..
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after word it's running nearly a this week san francisco's central subway project made headlines this week after word it's running nearly a year behind schedule, but this week the project really hit bottom. we're looking at why that's actually a good thing. >>reporter: what you're looking at is approximately 100 feet below grade. trains and customers will be traveling at that depth. the last time i was screaming at you over the found of the fans and the construction equipment down here was back in february. now if you remember, they were still making their way down to the tunnels. they had another 30 feet to dig before they even got to bottom. well, tonight you can call this the bottoming out. they are actually pumping out the foundation of the union square station. we've hit the bottom, and we're actually pouring our first inward slab. >> the other big central subway
6:42 pm
headline this week, the nearly year-long delay that has developed at the chinatown station. the project manager tried to put it in perspective. >> the overall program was established in november of 2008. we predicted 11 years. we're experiencing the first set back in chinatown. you have a ten-month delay in chinatown while work moves ahead at union square. that's maybe the theme from the bottom this week, a tale from two stations. california made a whole lot of quick cash today, auctioning off a warehouse full of property, calling it their summer blowout. it includes lots of stuff people had to surrender to tsa agents at airports through the state. there is quite a bit of material
6:43 pm
that chp officers confiscated from drivers as well. >> there is a lot of jewelry. this auction particularly, if you're a car repair guy, there's all kinds of equipment having to do with car repair. >> the state holds these auctions in sacramento four or five times a year. you can even make bids online. still to come, for some special needs children, this new bay area playground is truly majority. only on 5 how a girl scout made it a reality. and in the weather department, we've got a break coming up, but first we've got more hot weather. as we look live toward diablo, we'll have the forecast for you in a minute.
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away.. will soon be moving closer to home. disney officials just announced: they're opening two new star a galaxy far, far away will soon be moving closer to home. disney officials announced two new star wars themed lands they are opening. there's a look at the models. one is at disneyland and the other at disney world. the star wars lands are scheduled to open in 2019. a bay area girl scout spoke and city council listened and
6:47 pm
now sunnyvale stands to build a playground for kids with disabilities. we have the story only on kpix5. >> there are ramps for kids in wheelchairs, structures for kids with autism and fun friday concerts in palo alto. when 18-year-old esther learned about this playground where all kids could play, she felt badly there isn't one for disabled kids in sunnyvale. >> kids aren't able to go to the park and have a good time like everybody. >> so she created an online petition last fall and appealed to the city council. >> i had never done anything like this before. i was extremely nervous. >> the council invested $1.8
6:48 pm
million to her project, unanimously voted yes. >> how can you go wrong with an exclusive plan for play? >> the plan is to renovate fair oaks park into the third all-inclusive playground. the second breaks ground this fall. >> there are people who drive hours to get to this one, which is pretty incredible. it's great that we're expanding. >> sarah's daughter has cerebral palsy and is legally blind and deaf. >> she'd have to sit on the bench at regular parks, which is really sad. >> sunnyvale will get a playground like this because one girl worked her magic. >> that's great to see. >> it is indeed, jen having some fun out there. we have numbers exceeding 100 degrees inland today, red
6:49 pm
flag warnings are posted and heat advisories in the bay area. high temperatures, low humidity and winds up to 25 miles per hour. right now it is still 100 degrees in concord. even in san francisco, it's 70 degrees. san jose is 87. that's ocean beach there. here is the west coast of california with 100 degrees expected inland again. hot all weekend. a little warmer tomorrow before we get a little break on monday. warm again. there will be low clouds overnight at the shoreline and high clouds at the south bay, but it will stay at 90 degrees inland for the rest of the week. not a bad week for the california state fair. 105 in sacramento. the aids walk in san francisco tomorrow at golden gate park is going to see temperatures of 64 degrees. 76 degrees in san francisco right now. nine degrees above average.
6:50 pm
concord is going to see 103 tomorrow afternoon. san jose, 85. oakland 82. morgan hill, 102. cupertino, 98. same for campbell. milpitas, 92. 104 at walnut creek. 101 at danville and pleasantville, 10 degree these. -- 103 degrees. at the marin civic center, 92. and in novato, 97 degrees. for ukiah, above 100. 103 at lakeport and 101 at clear lake. things are going to stay warm tomorrow, a notch or two warmer, with temperatures falling to 93 inland. in the warmest spots monday, temperatures cool further to 88 on tuesday. wednesday, right through the weekend, low 90s will do it
6:51 pm
inland. warm weather ahead, but not as warm as we've had and will have tomorrow. >> thank you. the bay area boom among people in their 30s and 40s and. that story is coming up next.
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6:53 pm
many people in the bay area. new numbers from financial eet now to a story that hits a little too close to home for
6:54 pm
people in the bay area. new numbers from financial news site 24/7 wall street show an estimated 19 million americans are spending more than half of their income on housing. no surprise six of the cities where it happens most often are in or near the bay area. santa cruz number 1, san francisco is number 6. vallejo, napa and santa rosa also made the list. so how do you make ends meet and still live here? >> according to some, one word, roommates. betty shows us they're not just for millennials anymore. >> inside this multi-family home on grove street, three, even four isn't a crowd. >> it's never a dull moment. >> they share a four-bedroom house in a city where rents are reaching new high. the median one bedroom in san francisco is more than $3,300 a month. >> it's definitely really expensive. >> that was my first reaction.
6:55 pm
>> i was like wow. it could get more expensive than that? no. >> it's mainly why this woman, a former investment banker, and the other woman, the owner of a recruiting firm in the city, found each other on craigslist. they pay $1,600 a month. one brings in $200,000 a year as a sales director as a startup company. >> i want to be here long term for work and life and everything else and you have to live with roommates to save any money. >> this group is not alone in choosing to save their cash. uk based spare room is a site that helps connect roommates. it's research found that one in five roommates in the u.s. are now over 40 and people over 40 are also the fastest growing group of roommates, particularly in san francisco. >> i think a lot goes down to the past few years, going through the aftermath of a financial crisis and san
6:56 pm
francisco being a city that generates a lot of well paying jobs. >> there are more people looking for housing here than is available. roommates in san francisco do stand to save the most. the city tops the list of yearly savings at more than $25,000. >> in san francisco, you could be a millionaire and live with other people. >> i think pretty much they're not married, they're single. not everyone wants to go home to an empty place. >> justin says even those who can afford to live alone are choosing to live with roommates. >> there is a culture in the bay area of sharing and innovation and kind of the sharing culture with uber and stuff like this. a lot of it is let's live with people that inspire us. >> that community is something these roommates embrace. >> i think it's the best way to make new friends, network. >> we're very lucky to have such a diverse -- lots of culture and
6:57 pm
lots of interesting people here. >> in san francisco, kpix5. >> you've got to do what you've got to do. >> there's rent a couch, you can do that. there are all sorts of things nowadays. >> there are a thousand different ways to try to solve the housing problem in the bay hour and still stay here. >> that's right. thank you so much for watching. we'll be back here at 11:00 and we're always on on our website. have a nice saturday evening. [ end of realtime captioning ]
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well to the kitchen experts so. we are at the home of randy and marie salazar. they moved out, rented this house out. came back 18 years later. then new need add new kitchen or lynn was not going to move n they went with another company and sended up going with kitchen experts. kitchen experts has been in business over ten years they have designed thousands of kitchens in the bay area very successfully. we'll show you their kitchen. coming up on today's kitchen experts show. why homeowners are choosing kitchen experts over other companies. >> i think the difference business the designer. >> any other companies didn't have a desunshine. >> didn't have. >> get a price quoted on


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