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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  July 16, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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news: lawmakers could vote as early as tomorrow on governor jerry brown's controversial cap ram.. we' now on kpix5 news, lawmakers could vote as early as tomorrow on governor jerry brown's controversial cap and trade program. we will look at the passionate plea to extend it and criticism he is facing from his own party. >> recent revelations that bart refuses to release video. ahead, we'll discuss declining rider ship and on going shortage of cars. >> extra $3 to cross bay area bridges? a toll hike could be headed for the valley. we will sit down with jerry hill to talk about who gets what and who is going to pay. good morning. it is 7:30. >> the red cross is helping more than a dozen people find a place to stay after a fire swept through two homes near
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pittsburgh over night. crews were called to tackle the three alarm blaze on north street before 11:00 last night. >> i was watching tv. i heard the crackling of the fire. i looked out my window and saw the red flaming up. >> to make things worse, power lines came down during the fire slowing down the crew's progress. >> any time you have live wires down, the possibilities of explosions could be fireworks, propane tanks. you hear things exploding, you will back out for the safety of the crew. >> dry trees on the property hemmed fire spread quickly. because it was so hot firefighters had to take turns going in and out. no one was hurt. cal fire issued a red flag fire alert. that means fires can easily ignite in certain dry areas. firefighters across california have been busy with soaring
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temperatures fueling massive wildfires including the whitier near santa barbara where 1600 firefighters are battling the 17,000-acre blaze that's already destroyed eight homes. firefighters in the bay area are taking note of the warnings and getting prepared. >> we'll call for additional alarms to ensure we can rotate people out, limit exposure, make sure they take their jackets off, get cold water. >> the heat wave we have experiencing this weekend means it will take longer to put out fires because crews can over heat working in the sun and the fire can spread faster. in the south bay, they will be setting up 11 cooling centers. for san jose folks looking to beat the heat, centers will be open 1:00 to 9:00. the temperature there is expected to reach 95. let's go to julie who has been tracking temperatures. >> if you think 95 sounds hot,
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head inland. it will be even hotter. in concord we are just shy of 70 at 7:30 in the morning. temperatures are already warmer today than we saw at this time yesterday. in the 60s pretty much area wide, marine layer is more shallow than this time yesterday and that's indicating a warmer day today. a heat advisory is in effect, triple digit heat for bay area hills, east bay valleys today and also the santa cruz mountains. the cement, concrete can be hot. if you are walking the dog, do it in the early morning or evening because it will get very hot in the sun. red flag warning in effect for all bay area hills above 1000 feet and santa cruz mountains. we are talking high temperatures, low humidity. high fire danger. i wouldn't be surprised to see at least some brush fires today because we are seeing such dry, hot conditions. what to expect? hot again inland with triple digit temperatures.
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overnight we have cooling on the horizon with low clouds moving in. cooling begins tomorrow. we'll talk more about the extended forecast coming up. highway 4 near brentwood is open after a crash injured at least nine people. it happened last night near the off ramp. chp says a stolen honda accord was driving on the wrong side of the highway and hit a van head on. the van had a family inside. it's unclear what charges the driver will face. we have learned two adults and a child are recovering from mild hypothermia after the coastguard had to rescue them from the bay. the three people were pulled from the water by helicopter after their small boat somehow capsized. all three boaters were wearing life jackets. lawmakers can vote as early as tomorrow on whether to extend the cap and trade program with even stricter environmental controls. governor brown says california needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% to 1990 levels by 230 and extending his cap
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and trade program is how we will get there. he says it will improve air quality across the golden state. that's one of his main goals. scientists say this plan will do the opposite. >> fills the gas chambers for children's future and our climate's future. >> california cap and trade system is copied by the biggest country in the world, china. don't throw this out. >> an impassioned plea for the governor. for california republicans in congress are urging counterparts to vote no and using this as an opportunity to speak against the state's high speed rail project. we know that the single biggest project will benefit this is the high speed rail project. it will get about $800 million. >> that funding is critical if we will continue high speed rail which a number of people are opposed to. this has two sides of the spectrum against it. we have groups saying it will result in higher costs at the pump and environmentalists
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saying it allows polluters to pay and get credit to keep doing it. >> according to the department of finance it will result in either a $.15 increase at the pump up to $.63 by 2021 and that is on top of a recent gas tax passed. >> put it all together. >> no wonder the governor is yelling. >> a california state member wants public access to body camera footage and has drafted a bill for a statewide policy on release of video within 90 days. some law enforcement agencies say it should be up to the local police departments. >> for us this strikes a compromise at balancing the public's need to know and right to know and at the same time protects law enforcement. >> groups that have urged transparency should be weighed against privacy. it's a national debate that could be headed for a vote in sacramento. if it doesn't pass this year,
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he will try again next year. in a rare move a bill backed by democrats failed in the assembly after a number of others voted no object abstained. it would have eliminated mandatory sentencing for people who commit crimes using firearms. it would have given judges the discretion. >> that a judge has authority to look at a case honestly and directly and make a decision about whether or not in this circumstance, in this case, those enhancements are needed. >> this is not the firearm enhancement law. this is the the get out of jail free card for using a firearm in the commission of a crime that results in great bodily injury. this does nothing to make california safer. >> the final vote was 31 in favor and 34 against with 15 abstaining. >> i have to bring that up. 31 in favor, 34 opposed, and 15 decided to get up and leave.
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it's one of the hot button issues where they didn't want to vote yes or no, didn't want to look like they were soft on crime or hard on offenders. >> san francisco board of supervisors there is no abstaining. everyone present has to vote yes or no. i think there is a question whether we should even allow this or make everybody be sick. >> makes for crowded restrooms at the capitol when the call comes around. on a lighter note, you may have heard of cal exit, the ballot measure to ask california if they should succeed from the union. >> this week a new comic book series called cal exit was launched. it envisions state under federal law. the author wants to explore real divisions in california, differences that would be very clear if we were to be independent. back on transportation and what could be a blow to the future of high speed rail, a small scale version of the hyper loop was successfully
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tested by hyper loop 1. they used magnetic levtation and managed to move a pod from 70 miles an hour on a company's test track. eel on musk's goal is to have three systems in service by 2021. coming up, bart crime. why the agency refuses to release certain surveillance video. >> one of the world's most famous selfies has its day in court. the battle over whether a monkey can own copyright.
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release surveillance video out of concern for perpetuating racial stereotypes. but our lissa caen spoke to kpix5 broke a story that bart does not routinely release surveillance out of concern for perpetuating racial stereotypes or because juveniles are involved. mellisa spoke to the manager and found out she's been
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changing her story. >> reporter: we wanted to know more about a memo and e-mail saying one reason bart doesn't always issue press releases or surveillance video when crimes happen is because they don't want to unfairly characterize riders of color. when confronted she offered a new explanation. >> the law considers minors to be in a different category. we don't release when it comes to minors. this is all about release of videos for minors. >> reporter: now it is said the reason bart hasn't turned over surveillance video of three different robberies is because the agency believes it's minors. >> the statements made were that we don't release when it comes to minors. >> reporter: she didn't mention minors or anything about the age of suspects in a july 7 memo where she laid out the policy of public access to crime data. in the memo she did write press
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releases could unfairly affect and characterize riders of color. >> you didn't mention the word minor or juvenile in the memo. >> the word minor is in the memo. >> that is not true. we checked the memo. there is no reference to minors or people's ages. it is only in your follow up e- mail when you were asked to explain. >> the word minor is definitely in the memo. i was definitely talking about video in relationship to minors. that's what the hot topic was about. >> reporter: a bart board member asked hamill to elaborate on the race concerns and she did. she expressed concern about sensationalizing videos that involve minority suspects particularly when minors. in three paragraphs about race and the media, that's the only reference made to minors. we asked again. >> you didn't mention the idea or notion that the people were juveniles in your initial memo
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to the board. you only mentioned it once in the follow up e-mail. you spent more time talking about not perpetuating racial stereotypes. can you please address that. >> the conversation about releasing the video has been going on for months. >> reporter: the memo said it would make bart look crime ridden to publicize petty crimes like the recent robberies. >> we know our riders are concerned. we are making sure there are a number of strategies underway now. >> reporter: to be clear she's the person who decides what crime information is public. the police chief makes recommendations but she is where the buck stops and apparently she's decided in the last four days or so to change her policy. >> instead of sending out police logs they have moved it to a system called crime watch or something like that that other jurisdictions use but don't necessarily contain all the information surrounding the crimes. >> reporter: that's right. bart has decided to stop using
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the crime logs which have very detailed information and started just using this crime mapping thing which is supposed to let them know basic information like robbery at 8:00 p.m. in this location. the police log has more narrative detail. when you ask bart, they say their jurisdictions use crime mapping too. i asked do other police agencies using crime mapping only use crime mapping and no other detailed information like bart is proposing. >> i am not aware of an agency that just uses crime mapping. it's just one component to the outreach to the media. i wouldn't promote using that in lieu of press releases or press conferences or anything like that. >> reporter: to be fair the chief has only been here for about a month and a half and he is working to provide more detailed information. >> bart has itself a situation. do they release the videos because they supposedly have videos in every car?
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do they release videos of crime? does it affect minors? lead to racial stereotyping? does it increase public concern about safety on bart when they're trying to up the rider ship. >> they have to understand there is a fundamental difference between something that happens in your city and something that happens when you are stuck on a train with nowhere to go. there is a special vulnerability for riders that has to be recognized. i think there is heightened expectation that they'll release certain videos because of the situation people find themselves in. >> we'll keep an eye on this. i am sure it will continue to develop. also developing is the weather. i know everybody has their days planned. what are they looking forward to? >> it's going to be hot definitely inland. we have fire danger today, certainly some concerns about heat stroke and other heat related issues. right now we are already near 70 in concord, 64 oakland, 67 liver more, 67 san jose, 58
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santa rosa. high pressure continues to hold steady. in fact it is building and as it is our temperatures will build a bit more today as well, warming up. we have a heat advisory and red flag warning in effect for much of the east bay. a heat advisory for east bay valleys and hills. a red flag warning for bay area hills and santa cruz mountains. we are looking at triple digits inland and very dry conditions. it will though be cooler at the beach where we will see more on shore flow. still overall a bit of a northerly gradient at the surface. beach temperatures mid 60s to near low 70s for warmer spots near the beach. pacifica could see low to mid 70s. high temperatures are above average for this time of year. triple digits 103 concord. the average is 86. 95 is the forecast high in san jose, 82 in oakland.
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we have triple digits today. it will be a hot one in the south bay. mid to upper 60s along the beaches today and inland we are talking about triple digits triple digits, well into the triple digits. 103 concord, 101 danville as well as san ramone. we are in the low 80s around the bay for many locations. east bay berkeley, a alameda, 100 forecast for santa rosa, 94petalu ma. hotter at the sacramento valley, state fair, we will see 105, much cooler for the for
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the aids walk. we your extended forecast shows cooling begins tomorrow. cooler temperatures for monday in the 90s. we can see upper 80s inland by tuesday and we sort of even out there. we are looking at 90s for warmest spot inland, 70s by the bay, 60s along the coast. remember that selfie of a grinning monkey a few years back? it is before a federal appeals court in san francisco. it's at the heart of a long running copyright case. it's a battle between monkey and man over who owns the the video. >> this lasting impression will be made in federal court where attorneys are arguing over who owns copyright to the photos. man or monkey? >> there has never been a case where a nonhuman has been given
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rights as copyright holder. that's why peta is trying to extend the rights a little bit further. >> if peta wins, he will be the trail blazer. judges are uncertain why an american based organization is filing on behalf of an indention monkey's business. >> how is there an allegation in the complaint that peta is a qualified next friend of the monkey so that peta can represent? >> peta argues the monkey should own the copyright for selfies saying he is a cognizant creature that can feel and be creative who intended to push the camera button. >> we think the law of copyright should apply. he took these photographs. copyright law is clear. he who takes the photograph
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owns them. >> does that he apply to apes especially when an artist set it up? >> that can open up different avenues as to where the law can lead. on the defendant's side they're saying this should be limited. >> if the primate gets the copyright, peta will administer the proceeds from selling the image. the other side argues an animal owned copyright creates its own threat legally. >> monkey see, monkey sue will not do in federal court. >> a judge initially sided with that but peta appealed making the rebuttal this morning. whether private, public, or primate the photo copyright's final owner will be decided in three months to a year. >> the photos were taken in 2011 and published in 2014 by a san francisco company which is why the case is being heard here in the bay area.
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internet giants taking part in an online protest against the fcc's plan to roll back net neutrality. why they say it is a bad idea.
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government regulators. they're calling the f-c-c-s plan to en "mistake." facebook, google, amazon and many other companies sending a message to users and government regulators. >> they're calling the plan to end net neutrality a mistake. >> reporter: you may have noticed earlier this week wednesday was the day of action as they called it where tech
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giants joined to protest the the fcc's plan to end the neutrality. current rules prohibit internet service providers like cable and phone companies from giving preferential treatment to certain websites. that can soon change and they're concerned it can impact your ability to access the web. we took a look at how it might directly impact you as these changes are looming. they're still a little bit of a ways out. do we have that story? no, we don't have that. we will get that when we can. we can talk about what this means and how it does impact folks. >> i hear about this in terms of big companies and hear about the bandwidth and all the technical terms. for you and i, what are they talking about? >> say comcast owns nbc. it might be good for them to say slow down web speeds for abc and cbs that connect competing networks. right now they couldn't do that. if there was an end to the net
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neutrality regulations they would be able to. it's not saying they would of course, but they could. we have a few more details for you. >> take action. >> maybe you saw it on your favorite website. a day long protest against the fcc's plan to roll back net neutrality rules requiring internet providers to treat all websites the same. we were told that the internet drive before the current rules which he says stifles investment. >> because the regulations are so prescriptive many companies big and small told us they're holding back on investment in the internet networks. >> net neutrality supporters say getting rid of it will allow internet companies to double dip charging you to see a website and the website to be seen. >> it's going to mean that we will take the internet today and have it look more like cable tv. >> electronic frontier foundation explains now you control what you access.
7:57 am
comcast which owns nbc can't slow down the load time for competing networks like abc or cbs and att and verizon can't charge more to access each other's content. without net neutrality with competitors or small websites that can't afford fees. >> isps would have the ability to block websites or make it hard to access them by making it slow. >> reporter: since most people have limited choices so they hope people vote with their voice. they've already received more than 6 million comments on this topic since april. internet providers released statements saying they do support net neutrality. the final decision from fcc could be in a few months. we'll be right back.
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good morning, i'm phil matier. i'm melissa caen. let's start this half hour with our forecast.. julie wa welcome back to kpix5. it is 8:00. it's a beautiful day. good morning. >> let's start out this half hour with our forecast. >> it's going to be another hot one day. take a look at your current temperatures outside. it's already 75 degrees at 8:00 am in concord. liver more 73, 71 san jose. certainly the marine layer is
8:01 am
compressed, not as deep as yesterday. all those things means it is likely going to be warmer today. a heat advisory until 9:00. this is in effect for all bay area hills, east bay valleys including concord, dublin. a red flag fire warning is in effect all bay area hills above 1000 feet and santa cruz mountains. we are talking high temperatures and low humidity. if you are walking the pets, do it for the morning before the cement is too hot and then do it again after the sun goes down if you can wait that long. winds are going to exacerbate that red flag warning. new, australian foreign minister criticizing president trump for comments to the wife of the french president. president trump told macron that she's "in such good
8:02 am
shape." a reporter asked julie bishop how she would respond. >> i would be taken aback. i think it's a rather interesting comment to make. i wonder if she could say the same of him. >> the president and first lady wrapped up the trip with dinner at the type of the eiffel tower with the french president and his wife. they said their good-byes at the bastille day parade. >> the president is back in the united states and he is tweeting about his administration's success in the stock market saying it is up over 17% since the election. brook silva-braga has more on the president's weekend from new york. >> reporter: president trump spent much of saturday at the u.s. women's open which is being held at this golf club in new jersey. questions over his campaign contacts with russia now follow him almost everywhere. new campaign filing shows more than 600,000 in legal expenses for april, may, june. 50,000 went to the firm representing his son. that payment was made a week
8:03 am
before news surfaced of donald trump junior's meeting with a russian lawyer, a meeting the president defends. >> nothing happened from the meeting. zero happened. honestly the press made a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do. >> donald junior was joined by paul manafort and jared kushner from the campaign, rob gold stone, the russian lawyer, and we now know a former soviet military officer, a russian american lobbyist with suspected ties to russian intelligence whose presence at the meeting trump junior failed to mention. >> as far as you know, as far as this incident is concerned, this is all of it. >> this is everything. >> the white house announced saturday that the white house has hired cobb to represent him. he tried to focus on the agenda with a tweet saturday with a promise on progress on healthcare. the senate will vote on
8:04 am
legislation to save americans from obamacare disaster he wrote. but it is not clear if there is enough senate support to pass the bill. >> mitch mcconnell says that the senate will defer consideration on the healthcare bill. that means that the healthcare bill will not come to the floor this week. this follows words that senator john mccane of arizona will be absent as well after he had surgery friday to remove a blood clot from under his left eye. two other republicans are opposed. that means not enough votes to bring the bill up for consideration. here is what a draft would look like, adds billions in funding to fight opioid addiction, puts more money into tax credits low income americans pay for coverage and leaves in place some obamacare taxes on the wealthy. the court battle over the travel ban continues. the trump administration is asking u.s. supreme court to clarify the recent ruling on the ban where it limited entry
8:05 am
to certain people with bona fide relationships to people in the u.s. the justice department defined bona fide relationships as immediate family and excluded grandparents and other family. a federal judge in hawaii disagreed with the definition and expanded it. the justice department wants the high court to decide who is right. what is a bona fide relationship? they want a freeze on the hawaii federal judge's ruling in the meantime. hawaii has to file their brief on tuesday. former fbi director james comey is writing a book and publishers are eager to pay big money for it. according to new york times comey is meeting with companies ready to secure the deal. the book will reportedly cover his four year tenure as fbi director, a position he lost in may after president trump fired him. the book will be fully vetted before released to be sure nothing classified gets out. >> i am sure. residents of a hawaii high rise allowed back into their homes after a deadly fire
8:06 am
ripped through the upper floors friday. thick black smoke could be seen all over the island as debris rained down. more than 100 firefighters worked to put out the blaze. the building was not equipped with the right safety gear. >> without a doubt, if there were sprinklers, the fire would be contained to the unit of origin. >> three people died in the fire. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. $3 more to cross bay area bridges? a toll hike may be headed to voters. state senator jerry hill is here to explain where the money would go and who would be paying it. >> gluten free not cutting it with the vatican. the pope takes a hard lined stance against communion wafers without wheat.
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the ballot: three extra dollars to cross bay area bridges. the increase would bring tolls on s there is a plan to put a toll hike on the ballot, $3 extra to cross bay area bridges. this would bring tolls to as much as $9 on bay bridge and $8 on other bridges. proponents say individual cities and counties have done a good job with some projects but now it is time for bigger regional solutions. some say it is too much. >> joining us to talk about the possible tolls is state senator jerry hill from the san mateo area. you have been working behind closed doors. you've got a deal, $3 possibly for the state run bay bridges
8:11 am
that would include golden gate. then it would go up with the cost of living index. >> that's right. >> in other words we vote once and it can tick up and up for years. >> it can if the bay area authority agrees to that. >> have you ever heard them say no? >> no. >> so it will tick, tick up. >> everyone gets something out of this. there will be new bar trains, 300 additional ones. that's to add more so we'll get more people on bart. the corridor will be increased, highway 37 up north, marin county will get something. everything gets something. >> they've got to because that's the nature of politics. >> that's right. you want the votes. >> it's interesting. under the law the money from toll increases is supposed to be used to do things that help decrease congestion on bridges. when you start going to solano
8:12 am
and other areas how much of this is getting somebody what they want in order to pass this thing? >> it's getting someone what they want so it will pass. that's the the bottom line. when you look at santa clara which only 2% of people pay the tolls that are part of this, 22% of voters, they will get bart to go to san jose. that will relieve people that have to cross the bridge. >> exactly. santa clara voters get something out of this and don't pay much for it. the alameda voters, who are some of the biggest users, are they? >> of course. they'll get more bart trains, easier access on 880 to san mateo. if they're not taking bay bridge, it will relieve congestion as they come around. >> i will play devil's advocate
8:13 am
and ask this. one of the biggest beneficiaries will be google's, facebooks, santa clara businesses. anybody talk about taxing them? >> facebook is contributing a lot for a study for the corridor to be sure we can do something with that to bring more people across easier. they are contributing and helping. but there will be more. >> i have to ask you this before we go. cap and trade, a big vote tomorrow. a lot of controversy. you have business people and environmentalists. one says it goes too far. the other says it doesn't go far enough. what's your pre diction. >> if you have people on both sides, it's the right thing. i think it will pass. the governor is supportive not that that makes a difference for the voters in legislature but it is something we have to do. like he said it will be the most important vote we ever make. if we don't do it now, taxes
8:14 am
will be greater. we have to reduce our carbon footprint by 2030. if we don't do it this way. >> what about costs at the pump. >> right now it is about $.12 more at the pump. this can gradually increase it. if we don't do this the carbon tax will come right away and we'll see a major increase. this is extremely important. >> we just raised the gas tax. >> we did. >> alameda and other counties raised transportation taxes. you will raise the bridge tax. now you will do cap and trade that will raise more at the pump. will it finally be enough? >> it should be helpful. i don't know if it will be enough because we have so many people and so much congestion. we have to relieve it. it's gradual and it has to be that way. it's the only way we can succeed. >> success on transportation fund, almost like an oxymoron. thank you for joining us. i know you are battling it out
8:15 am
there for my dollar and everybody else's. julie, what can we expect? >> hot weather once again. we have a heat individuals river valley, red flag fire warning for most of our bay area hills. right now temperatures are in the 70s already at just 8:15 this morning for most locations, 75 concord, 71 san jose. satellite perspective showing high pressure dominant and building. as it does our temperatures build with it. a heat advisory, red flag warning in effect for folks inland. most of our bay area hills including santa cruz mountains, and we are going to see inland valleys with that heat advisory, red flag warning for higher elevations. we are talking triple digit heat inland. notice the northerly flow at the surface. we do still have a similar northerly flow at the coast helping clear things. temperatures in the mid 60s to
8:16 am
70s. it's warm along the coast, or mild to warm, and hot inland. san francisco 76. your forecast is well above average. we are forecasting 103 concord, san jose 95, 82 oakland. here is a look at the temperatures where you live. triple digits for morgan hill, 90s sun evil. along the coast, upper 60s to 70. inland, down right hot, 104 antioch, triple digits for pleasanton, liver more. you name it, it will be a hot one. temperatures will be in the 80s for many east bay locations. richmond, berkley, oakly. we are at 76 in san francisco, 65 daily cities, triple digits for santa rosa. napa you are in the upper 90s
8:17 am
today. triple digits clear lake. it's going to be hot. hotter if you are headed to the state fair. very hot in sacramento today. if you want to cool off head to san francisco for the aids walk. sunshine will prevail here before too long and plenty sunshine in the city as well. triple digits for inland locations, 80s by the bay, 60s along the coast. we cool tomorrow getting down to the 90s for the warmest locations and then a dip to the upper 80s. then leveling off next week. gluten free options are all over restaurants and supermarkets but the catholic church is not jumping on board. kpix5 reports that the pope is clarifying rules for holy communion. >> the catholic church is known for sticking to time honored traditions no matter how quick the world changes.
8:18 am
that is particularly true with those that involve jesus christ himself. >> that's totally off limits. >> father john morris says that's why in june the pope issued a directive to all bishops prohibiting use of gluten free communion hosts. >> the host has to have some wheat in it. why is that? >> that is so that it fits the definition of real bread. >> to catholics bread and wine symbolize body and blood of christ. it is offered during masses as a remembrance of jesus at the last supper. but lately people began asking rome if they could offer gluten free hosts made of say rice or potato for parishioners who may be allerto wheat. now they've got their answer. >> it must be bread. in this sense, it must be wheat bread because that's the tradition that goes back as far as we can remember. >> the debate isn't a new one. at the vatican 2 conference in 1960s there was argument over
8:19 am
what even constituted bread and wine. could saki be served in japan or tacos in mexico? father morris says they had to draw a line. >> the people simply said we have to stick with the symbol that jesus himself used. >> in fairness the vatican does allow extremely low gluten hosts with only 20 parts per million of wheat and people with strict nonglutten diets can take only wine for communion if they choose. as of now, the church will be sticking with wheat, a recipe they believe comes from the highest authority. >> it goes back to jesus himself. >> they don't mess with that tradition. >> they don't mess with that tradition, no. >> the policy was actually created in 2003 but bishops were reminded of it in the june letter and it was made public by vatican radio. next, the fate of the
8:20 am
majestic giant sequoias is up in the air. we go to a debate over the man to drastically shrink the monument.
8:21 am
8:22 am
view over california's giant sequoias... the majestic trees stand within one of the national monuments that president trump wants to sky drone 5 giving us a unique view over the giant sequoias. they stand within one of the national monuments president trump wants to demolish or dramatically shrink in size. the monument is one of several california sites in the president's cross hairs. >> some are actually on board with the president's plan saying it could help reduce fire risk in the area. >> reporter: they are some of the largest and oldest living things on earth. towering giants with limbs stretching sky ward 300 feet in the air. a battle brewing for below the majestic tree tops would determine the fate and future
8:23 am
of the national monument. >> locking them up in a monument and doing nothing which is what the forest service has done for the last 20 plus years is not in their best interest. >> reporter: trump administration is considering a plan to shrink the monument by more than 2/3 from the current 328,000 acres to roughly 90,000, a plan that's found unlikely allies. >> i don't think anybody had an intent to destroy or diminish this treasure in our backyards. >> reporter: chairman voted against the letter spent on behalf of the board of supervisors, a proposal so controversial that only the three supervisors in favor of it would sign their names to it. those in favor of shrinking the national monument say a lack of management coupled with massive tree die off have left it worse for wear, weakened and vulnerable to wildfire. smaller would be better managed and more protected. critics say it is not about
8:24 am
preserving a forest as about resurrecting timber industry. >> taking any designation from the few pieces of protected land of intact habitat that we have is a mistake. >> the giant sequoia grows and the landit is protected from logging but that could change. there is little dispute that the estimated 8 million dead and dying trees just in the monument alone has increased threat of wildfire but it is not clear if private companies would have interest in bark beetle infested wood even if logging would resume. >> i want to protect them that but in the monument status they're not as protected as they would have been had they been under general forest jurisdiction. >> critics say the answer is to increase funding not decrease the monument. >> taking any protection away in any way is basically a slap
8:25 am
in the face. >> we flew sky drone 5 over the monument, another monument that could be scaled back. lawmakers on both sides of the isle sent a letter urging protection of monuments like this. how difficult is this? is it going to be battled out in congress? will are this is fairly difficult to do depending what law they were designated under. it can be impossible or nearly impossible to do this. some say they're ready, lawyers are ready. they're going to fight these in court in every way they possibly can. i don't think we will see something like this happen in the very near future. it might take years, and they're ready to fight. a final check on our weather after the break. we'll be right back.
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"face the nation" is next here on "k- p-i-x five.". one last look at your
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forecast, hot inland. triple digit temperatures will begin to cool overnight and into tomorrow as temperatures begin to decrease, high pressure increasing. a heat advisory is in effect inland with triple digit heat for all bay area hills, east bay locations, concord, antioch, dublin. the heat advisory is for these, not necessarily the triple digit heat. we have a red flag warning for all bay area hills above 1000 feet. we are talking high temperatures and low humidity. on a day like this, be mindful with your pets. walk them early. be sure they stay hydrated. if you can avoid outdoor strenuous activity, it's a good idea. >> if you do, drink plenty water. thank you for joining us. >> face the nation is next. senators mark warner and rand paul will be joining us. have a great sunday.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," fallou52i=5 trump campaign was eager to work with russians seeking to1%9 another setback for senaut republicans trying to get a healthcare bill passed. president trump left the washington heat behind, and spent the weekend enjoying golf at his club in new jersey after news that up-ended months of denials from trump officials about contacts with the russians during the presidential campaign. >> it's disgusting. it's so phony. >> dickerson: did anyone involvedj9the election? >> absolutely not. dickerson: did any advisor or anybody in the trump campaigz have any contact with the@fc 3 russians trying to meddle in the electrjzq >> dickerson: this week the presrt


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