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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sends police on a frantic search... as the kidnapper takes off on a muni bus. now at 5:00, a baby taken from a parked car in san francisco sends police on a frantic search as the kidnapper takes off on a muni bus. thanks for joining us. i'm brian hackney. >> the infant girl was taken about 9:00 this morning from a car parked near the victoriam a dralo park. >> reporter: that baby girl was sitting inside a car right here on this street this morning, when a woman, according to police, came along and took that baby away. as you mentioned, it was right
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alongside a park. that's on columbia square, near harrison street, south of market. the parents believed to be a homeless couple, had stepped away from the car. >> a couple here at the park decide to get some water for their baby, for the baby formula, and left the baby in the car seat. when they came back the baby was no longer there. sfpd responded very quickly. >> reporter: witnesses saw the suspect get on a muni bus. police quickly figured out which bus, and coordinated with muni, and eventually got the bus driver to stop at bay shore, and arleta. that's where police arrested the woman for kidnapping. the baby is okay. the parentses are with the child now. now as you mentioned, all of this happened within the course of one hour this morning. that's why supervisor jane kim says she's actually going to honor the police for their quick work in recovering that
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kidnapped baby this morning. reporting lie, joe vasquez, kpix 5. a high fire danger. today in the south bay, a brush fire burned a little more than a mile from a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: another day, another fire in the east san jose foot hills. at 4:00 a.m., neighbors noticed flames along sierra road. about a mile and a half east of the neighborhood below. the fire started at the vehicle, and spread to the nearby grass, burning about three acres. the san jose fled says the situation was not unusual, and so this fire is not suspicious. caesar and his father, however, disagree. they're repairing the fence from the sierra road fire this morning, and are convinced recent fires are suspicious. a fire on crater road was just over the hill.
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>> while that was going on, somebody had a little fire over here on our ridge where the horses are. and i guess this one happened over here last night, where around 3:00 a.m., god knows what happened. somebody might have lit a cigarette or whatever. if you guys have a heart to stop what you guys are doing, please do so. you guys already destroyed a home. you guys are destroying property. you guys are really messing with our lives here. >> reporter: the hot weather has proven to be deadly in san jose, when a homeless man died in his car last month. the city to react quickly and open cooling centers at 11 different community centers. jeffrey bell heard about the last minute announcement, and came here since his home does not have ac. >> it's murder out there today. i would not want to be outside today too much. it's way too hot. >> reporter: so these community centers typically are not open on the weekend, but they open them up, especially just for the warm weather today. they'll close at 9:00 p.m., and
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the local governmentses want to remind you, that any community center, any library, and valley medical center can be used to beat the heat. >> thank you, kit. there is only one place today to beat the heat. that was here by the beach. because some inland locations were 15 degrees warmer today. so again, red flag warnings for high fire dangers have been posted throughout 9:00 tonight. look at some of those temperatures. there is relief on the way, but we're going to have to wait until monday. in the meantime, we do have red flag warnings posted for all bay area hills above 1,000 feet. at the same time, we've got heat advisories posted through 9:00 tonight. we'll have the complete forecast for you, coming up when we cover weather in just a few minutes. oakland fire inspectors are under the microscope yet again. a new report by the bay area news group shows up to 80% of buildings are not getting inspected. katie nielsen has more on the ghost ship fire that happened
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last year to explain what's being done to prevent another tragedy. >> smell it? smell the fire? >> reporter: city council member noel guyo says the city of oakland owns the old miller library. homeless and drug users have come in and taken over, starting three fires in the past few months. >> this is where the fire started, because people are living inside. >> reporter: he says the city knows about the problem, and owns the building, but a lack of inspection and oversite is leading to problems not own here but at other buildings across the city. >> we're not communicating with each other and we learned from ghost ship, that the fire is now talking to police. yet, we're all there. >> reporter: guyo says the solution is simple. oakland should contract with private inspectors, until the city can hire and train the inspectors they need. >> they can join us immediately
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to investigate your house and hold you accountable and responsible before i lose a child, a family, or have another fire. >> reporter: it could take a year or more to get those people hired and trained. he says until that happens, the proposed private inspectors could follow up on hundreds of reports made by firefighters about unsafe living conditions, in homes and apartment buildings. right now, no one is forcing landlords to make the necessary safety upgrades or changes. >> we know what the rules are, and i continue to take a short cut, because i know you're not going to be able to enforce it. >> reporter: we reached out to the oakland fire department for comment, and none of their representatives got back to us. tonight at 6:00, we'll talk to a local business owner who says he is really impacted by these issues. a fiery three car crash in the east bay sent two people to
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the hospital. a passing motorist captured this scene on 680 in pleasant hill last night. the driver of a nissan ultimate set off a chain reaction involving two other cars. the flames injured two passengers, and that road was closed for about 90 minutes. in brentwood, eight people are recovering after a crash with a wrong way driver. it happened just after 8:00 last night on highway 4. the chp says a stolen honda accord was driving east in the westbound lanes when it rammed a minivan near sand creek road. police have arrested 24-year- old rafael duarte, who is now facing several charges, including suspicion of felony dui. wearing life jackets, keeping him afloat. a passing kayaker had to have them hang onto his boat while they waited for the rescue swimmer. all three were taken to stanford hospital.
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at least two were treated for hypothermia. protests again today at the president's golf club in new jersey. anti-trump protesters stood silently at the u.s. open. they wore purple shirts that say usga dump sexist trump. and mr. trump took time to comment on his latest approval rating which is now at 36%. he tweeted the abc washington post poll, even though almost 40% is not bad at this time, was just about the most inaccurate poll around election time. the trump white house continues to face questions about alleged ties to russia. the reporter told us, some members of congress are wondering aloud if more disclosures are coming. >> reporter: president trump returned to his golf club in new jersey today to watch the final round of the u.s. women's open. the low-key setting in stark contrast to the evolving controversy over donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer who promised dirt on
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hillary clinton. >> we may find out there may have been other meetings as well. we don't know that yet. what we've seen is a constant effort to hide contacts with russians. >> reporter: this morning, the president once again defended his eldest son, tweeting my son is being scorned by the fake news media. one of mr. trump's lawyers said there was nothing illegal about the meeting, and the president only recently learned about it. >> the president's engagement in this is that he was not aware, and did not participate in any of this. i want to be really clear in that. >> reporter: the legislative agenda also had a snag on sunday. the republicans postponed voting on the healthcare bill, as they await store john mccain. republicans need his vote. >> there are many of us who have concerns about the bill. it could lead to insurance plans that really are barely insurance at all. >> reporter: a new washington
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post abc news poll puts the president's approval rating at just 36%. that's the lowest 6 month mark for a president since 1975. cbs news. former fbi director james comey is writing a book. he's already had meetings with editors and publishers in new york. it's expected to go to auction this week. the book will cover comey's experience in public service, including his four year tenure as fbi director. a position he lost in may after president trump fired him. the book will be fully vetted before its released to make sure nothing classified gets out. coming up, tackling the healthcare debate before today's a.i.d.s. walk. >> what you need to know before heading to lake tahoe.
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today's aids walk in san francisco... the event taking on special significance this year with the health care fight new at 5:00, thousands turned out today for the a.i.d.s. walk in san francisco. that event taking on special significance this year, with the healthcare fight in washington. kpix 5's john ramos has the story. >> reporter: the a.i.d.s. walk has been raising money and awareness of hiv/a.i.d.s. for more than 30 years. today's was different. today, the a.i.d.s. walk sent a message. >> you know, because of the political climate that we're in, you know, politics and this message have definitely become more central, than they have been for the last 10 or 12 years. >> reporter: the message is aimed at those seeking to dismantle obamacare, which for all its flaws, has provided healthcare coverage for people with a preexisting condition of hiv. without that coverage, many here feel the disease will once
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again become a rampant killer. a small portion of the a.i.d.s. quilt sits on a hill above the walk. it's meant to remind people of the horrific toll the epidemic took in the '80s and '90s. >> i lost about a thousand friends in the first ten years. >> reporter: kelly has lived with hiv for 25 years, he's not thinking about the past. he's worried about his future as congress contemplates huge cuts to the medicaid system that pays for his lifesaving drugs. >> medicaid covers my access to my meds. if i don't have my meds, i'm as good as gone. >> reporter: at a time when scientists are actually talking about an end to the epidemic. now comes a new threat. while many says it's politics, for many here, it couldn't be more personal. kpix 5. >> organizers say about 10,000 people participated in this
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morning's a.i.d.s. walk, raising about $2 million for a.i.d.s. research and treatment. right now, ten major wildfires continue to burn across northern california, with more than 6,000 firefighters battling difficult weather conditions along with those flames. the whittier fire in santa barbara is among the worst. it's burned more than 16,000 acres. right now, it's just 36% contained. 10 homes have been destroyed, and 2600 people evacuated. with the weather heating up, lots of people are heading to lake tahoe to cool off. and the cold water can catch visitors by surprise. local officials urging anyone out on the lake to wear a life jacket. the swollen lake level has led to increasing safety concerns with more eyes watching people on the waves. >> we've had a lot of close calls this year. i've heard a lot of stories of people falling off of boats, and getting caught out in the wind, and they haven't all
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ended badly. we can't depend on luck for safety. >> a law in nevada requires life jackets not just for people on boats, but also on kayaks and rafts. when that water is cold, you can get hypothermia quicker than you think. >> the water is frigid, even in july. the skies are mostly clear around the bay area. plenty of sunshine. as we look live from the top of transamerica out toward the bay, that is looking pretty cool right now. temperatures have cooled all the way to 102 in concord. well, it was 104 today. oakland's got 81. in san francisco, very pleasant at 72. look at santa rosa. right now, after 5:00 at night, it is 107 degrees with sunny skies and not much in the way of winds in santa rosa. in fact, we're going to have to adjust this. as you can see, it did climb just a few minutes ago. concord, 104.
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fairfield, 103. san jose hilt 96 today, in san francisco, 87. red flag warnings as a result of this weather. the fire danger remains high in the bay area. all bay area hills above 1,000 feet. heat advisories also in effect for triple digit heat. as you can see, it's getting warmer. high pressure that was over four corners next week has generated over the west and south, and now over south central california. the sea breeze will kick back in, and that means things will cool to the 90s inland. if you're getting fatigued, tomorrow, we'll drop about 10 degrees inland. low clouds will return to an extent tonight, it will remain near 90 degrees for highs inland. so it will go from hot to warm. 105 at redding.
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107 at fresno. sacramento, 98 degrees. yosemite, 77. lake tahoe, partly cloudy skies and 82 degrees. heading completely out of the bay area, it will be sunny and windy at sfo. new york's dry. los angeles dry, and their temperatures aren't that different. 86 in l.a. tomorrow, and in new york, 84 degrees. 74 up in seattle. for us, sun up tomorrow at 6:02 a.m. overnight lows tumble into the mid-50s. daytime highs are dead on cue for san francisco. 67 is our average for monday. concord, 93 degrees. san jose, 86. in oakland, 72. down in the south bay, a few low clouds by half moon bay in pacifica. 96 at morgan hill. over in the east bay tomorrow, 90 degrees. in the north bay, san jose will be down to 93 degrees. 65degrees at bodega bay.
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still plenty warm for ukiah at 96 tomorrow. extended forecast, a little bit cooler tomorrow inland. numbers will be in the 90s. further cooling on tuesday, then wednesday through the rest of the week, a little bit on the warm side. still, we'll get some relief tomorrow. relief for sports in dennis o'donnell. yes, indeed. the a's trade two players, and they break out the brooms. it turns out steph curry can do more than play basketball. the warrior star thrills the fans at lake tahoe, next.
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two players while adding that the rebuild parallels with the search of a a's vice president billy bean says the team is in rebuild mode. these comments after the trade of two players, while adding that the rebuild parallels with the search of a new stadium. the a's traded reliever sean doolittle and ryan madson to the nationals in exchange for blake tryman, and two prospects. expected to help fix the league's worst bullpen. somebody forgot to tell doolittle, he's done. how about marshawn lynch? beast mode throwing out the first pitch. he spent almost as much time on the mound. the a's score 4 in the 4th, bauers only lasted 2/3 of an inning. so low shot to right, going to bolster that cause. oakland 5-0 lead. 10th home run of the year for
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lowry. top of the 7th, sean manaya, the pitcher picked up his 8th win. a three hit day for joyce. the a's win 7-3 and they sweep the first place indians. cleveland will stay in the bay area for three games now against the giants. not exactly a day at the beach for the giants in san diego. brandon belt was out of the lineup after hurting his wrist on a check swing last night. jeff samardzija trying to avoid losing his third game in a row. this is going to help. 4-1 padres in the 3rd. samardzija left it out there. in orbit, 7-1. trevor cahill struck out 8 in 6 2/3.
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going down swinging in the 7th inning. even when the giants got traffic on the bases, hunter pence thought he had a base hit. robbed of a couple of rbi's. san diego wins 7-1. they take two out of three from the giants. roger federer may be 35, but reports of his demise were somewhat premature. he won his second grand slam of the year on sunday. federer in the far court taking on 7th seed marin cilic. a backhand winner. federer needed just 1 hour and 41 minutes to beat cilic in straight sets. he becomes the first player since the ford administration to not drop a set in the entire tournament. federer becomes the first man to win 8 wimbledon titles, and adds to his record, 19 career
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grand slam titles. patrick rogers looking for his first pga win. bryson has other ideas. on 18, a birdie put, pulls even with rogers. moments later on the par 5 17, rogers left himself a long par put, and it lipped out. he would hold on for his first pga tour win. he gets a spot in next week's british open. president trump at the u.s. open. he owns the place. 17-year-old amateur choi had a shared lead late, but her chances of becoming the first amateur in 50 years to win the open would sink on 16. she finished second. fellow south korean park takes the lead for good.
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park wins her first lpga tour event. jumping in the lake after the final round in tahoe. it was hot there. prior to that, curry turned in the shot of the day. curry nearly holed out the approach. we tap in for eagle. curry finished fourth place, he's an up and comer there. he will go against the pros in a few weeks. the former a's pitcher, mark mulder pulled away from derek lowe to win the event for the third straight year. he had 11 points. curry picked up 3 points for that eagle. he's a player. he's a scratch golfer. one handicap. he played augusta. >> if he's a great athlete in one sport, doesn't it usually translate? >> not necessarily. michael jordan never had that kind of game. obviously, he didn't have a baseball game either. i think curry can do anything. superman. >> thank you. we'll be right back. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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to watch artists put their finishing touches at the annual chalkfest in wisconsin. from portraits and pop culture to finally, this afternoon, hundreds of spectators came to watch artists put their finishing touches on the annual chalk fest in wisconsin. from portraits to pop culture, the festival had a little something for everyone. organizers say the event drew thousands of people throughout the weekend. that's beautiful. that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> cbs evening news is next.
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updates always on as we think cool thoughts. see new 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the president's new low. a new poll shows president trump esth the lowest six month approval rating of any president in decades. otso tonight iran says it has locked up another american. die state department calls for his immediate release. as wildfires rage in the west, the company that owns the world's largest firefighting plane claims federal officials are keeping it grounded. d rrifying video shows two young women and a little boy being mowed down by a car. they survived and now they're telling their story. and get ready for another o.j. simpson media circus as the fallen football star gets another shot at parole. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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