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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the boys' room. it's not enough. 105 in concord. 107 in brentwood. and 108 in discovery bay. and today cooling by 10 degrees. temperatures right now from 57 degrees in santa rosa -- boy, that sounds good. 58 in san francisco. and otherwise in the mid-60s in livermore after 103 yesterday. the winds have been picking up. san francisco 15. 21 in the fairfield area. bringing down the temperatures, 67 in pacifica. and still nice. 75degrees oakland through berkeley to emeryville. and mid-90s away from the bay. 100 and 87 degrees, 5 degrees above average in san jose. and 80s and 90s north. >> right now the heat is not helping fire conditions in the
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east foothills of san jose. >> it's where we find sandra osborne where a fire got a little too close to home. >> it's still so dark out here it's a little hard to see. behind me the grass has completely been burned away. you're seeing charred marks on the side of the foothills. fire crews were able to get out and get the fire contained. this has been an ongoing problem out here. the high heat is not helping. san jose fire department responded to reports of a car fire on sierra road east into the hills from piedmont. the fire spread and was contained to 3 acres of brush fire. while they believe there was no foul play, neighbors are worried at multiple fires in the area. >> that was going on, and somebody had lit a fire on our ridge where all the horses are.
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and i guess this one happened over here last night where around 3:00 in the morning, god knows what happened. somebody might have lit a cigarette or whatever. >> they believe a car fire sparked all of this. fire crews have tips for keeping your home safe. keep 100 feet of defensible space. remove leaves and needles. and trim tree branches 6 feet from the ground. since they believe it's from a car fire and up just a little ways you can see the outline burned on the ground from a fire that looks like a car. if you have to pull over on the side of the road. try nod to do so on dried vegetation. sandra osborne, kpix 5. we already have a fatality on the road. let's check in with jaclyn. >> and chp has reopened another
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lane on southbound 101. the crash near grand avenue. and at one point. chp has shut down all southbound lanes at oyster point. looks like only one lane is closed. here's a live look. southbound 101 near 380 and you can see traffic starts to pick up and move at the limit again. we're tracking another big lane closure on 880 in the southbound direction. caltrans is doing overnight roadwork and they should wrap up by 5 a.m. which is coming up here. and they should have all that wrapped up by now. and northbound lanes will be closed until 6 p.m. in a moraga, a contractor
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is starting construction on a sinkhole. the work on the underground culvert is expected to last through mid-october. intersecting-- anne makovec joins us with a preview of the cap and trade program. >> cap and trade is set to expire in 2020 if lawmakers don't take action very soon. the state senate is voting this morning to try to extend the initiative. big polluters get a cap or limit on the amount of greenhouse gases they can emit. if they want to go over the limit they have to buy credits from other companies at an auction and that price is passed along to consumers at
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the gas pump. in 2021, cap and trade could increase the cost of gas by .63 per gallon. they send a price signal to customers that would encourage them to reduce their consumption of carbon intensive fuels. >> i think that's how the program is designed to function to provide that incentive for households and businesses to look for alternative vehicles that use less fuel or alternatives to driving. >> reporter: the program also requires air quality monitoring or improvements in the most polluted neighborhoods. the governor told senators this is the most important vote of their lives. and gas prices are going up regardless. >> lawmakers recently passed another gas tax hike in april.
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that's a 12-cent increase in the base gas tax and a transportation fee set to go into effect on november 1st. the latest chapter in the saga over donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer now includes the secret service. and more questions are emerging. john lawrence has the developments. >> reporter: the list of people at the meeting has grown. a russian american lobbyist told the washington post he was at the event at trump tower. sources tell cnn a translator and one other person were there too. the president's lawyer says he doubts they posed a threat. >> i wonder if this was me the far -- nefarious, why did the
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secret service allow them? >> members of both parties say there are a lot of unanswered questions about the meeting and several versions told. >> we don't know really what happened at the meeting. what we do know is donald trump jr. did not tell the truth a variety of times. >> we need to get to the bottom of this and the only way we're going to do it and to talk not just to donald trump jr. who has offered to cooperate for which i give him credit but to everyone who was at that meeting and who was involved in setting up the meeting. >> donald trump tweeted hillary clinton can illegally get the questions to the debate and delete 33,000 e-mails by my son don is being scorned by the fake news media.
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one local business owner told us his calls for help over problems at local buildings never sparked change. the ghost fire killed 36 people and the city is doubling the team of inspectors from 6 to 12. and they may not be highered and trained for a year. so he wants private investigators to fill the void for now. >> kids, fires, you know, illegal activities. blight, >> they can join us immediately to investigate your house and hold you accountable and responsible before losing a child, a family. >> the key concern is that everybody knows the rules and nobody is enforcing them. a day of summer fun turns tragic for a morgan hill family. a 35-year-old father jumped into a large pond to rescue his son. he ended up going under and the
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man's name has not been released. his son did make it to safety. a memorial service is scheduled for the bay area college professor and philanthropist killed in a plane crash. william sax goldman was a professor and was known for his charity work. goldman's two family and the nanny were on board the plane at the time of the crash and are recovering. the faa is investigating the cause. time now 5:09. months after winter storms cut a community off from the rest of the bay area, repair work begins later this morning. bart crews are putting the finishing touches on a clipper car in berkeley. i'm live with the very latest coming up. temperatures cool by 10
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degrees today in many inland locations. i'll show you where it will still top off at 100 degrees. and a deadly crash no longer causing delays for the drivers on southbound 101. we'll have a new problem on 880. we'll have the details and the travel times coming up. who are these people?
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seconds later it crashed into the roof. there are skid marks on the ground. the suv was going about 80 miles per hour. and no one else was hurt. bart's first clipper only entrance is opening up. the agency hopes it helps crack down on riders who don't pay fares. we have more about the program. hey there, jessica. >> reporter: hey, michelle. we were just chatting. we're looking at the clipper card only entrance. and i want to show you something that's really difference. not only is it clipper card only. but look at these barriers. they are 5 feet tall. and they want to keep people from jumping over, evading fares and costing the system a lot of money. and this is a pilot program.
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this is the southern platform here. this is near the east austinway if you're on austin way, this is the entrance. they are testing the idea in hopes that the entrances help with crowding, reducing people holding up the line with the paper tickets and helps with fare evaders. >> we've had reports of anywhere from three to 5% of our riders which could amount to 22,000 riders a day. >> it's estimated fare jumpers cost the system $25 million a year. the clipper cards cost only a couple of dollars, and if you don't have one you can't get in through this entrance at the downtown berkeley station. but if you don't have one and are coming off the train, you
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can use a paper ticket. that's one good thing. they estimate that this will save money in the long run. and they are talking about making the barriers taller to keep people from jumping over the gates. police are investigating an attempted robbery at the daly city bart station. a group of kids punched a victim and tried to take a cell phone. three suspects were arrested and taken to juvenile hall. in clayton, this area a mile south of marsh creek road was heavily damaged last a winter. crews will be installing structural retaining walls, reconstructing the pavement and adding drainage improvements. the damaged stretch will be completely closed off. and the construction work is expected to wrap up in october. 5:15 and let's get a check
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of traffic with jaclyn. and a brutal start. one lane is hut on southbound 101 south of roadway point. a liberty closer to grand avenue there. traffic is starting to move at the limit. and one lane remains closed. and chp with some activity out there. definitely a visual distraction towards sfo. and we're tracking major delays through oakland. southbound 880 is slow due to overnight roadwork between 23rd and 29th. the closure was supposed to wrap up by 5:00 this morning in the southbound direction. it hasn't just yet. and traffic continues to stretch back beyond 5th avenue. closer to about 980 at this point. just past broadway. right now a 44-minute travel
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time to go from broadway to 56. just over 25 minutes between 205 and 680. over to roberta. >> you look gorgeous in yellow. reminds me of bright sunshine. we have a lot of orange as the sun is making an appearance. hi, everybody. this is our live weather camera. isn't that gorgeous? official sunrise is at 6:01. and we'll have one minute and 18 seconds less of daytime hours. and boy, will we have the sun. 50s and 60s across the board. linda, our weather watcher is reporting a wind up to 18. 67degrees. and slow to cool after realizing 104 in fairfield. the winds have been on shore. it's a westerly push at 15 in san francisco. northwest wind at five in oakland. and about five in san jose.
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and 18 in fairfield. hey, linda, you're spot on. and variable winds becoming more consistent. and the westerly push will drop the temperatures by a good 10 degrees in many of our locations inland away from the bay. and we had 107 and 108 yesterday. it was 105 in concord. cooler today and repeat performance tomorrow. and still unusually warm away from the bay. high pressure has been over the four corners states. and it's beginning to retreat gradually today. that will drop the inland temperatures. and then it stays put for the next several days. 98 in sacramento. already 71 degrees. and we're in the 40s in truckee. and 81 in the greater lake tahoe area. 66 pristine monterey bay. stinson beach looking good. approaching 70. and same around rockaway beach. we'll see a hint of clearing at daly city. 70s around the rim of the bay.
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and 80s to the south. and 90s to the north. and 100 to the east towards brentwood and discovery bay. a nice looking day around the bay. and we remain in the 90s all week long. to say it's a hot summer is an understatement. hey, michelle. i know one of your favorite shows is returning to hbo. >> i'm a new fan of game of thrones. i binge watched it. game of thrones is back. the long awaited season seven premiered. hbo's website crashed at one point. trying to watch through hbo -- the network confirmed streaming outages. the final season happens next year. >> and ann coulter is blasting delta on twitter. she started posting after there
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was a mixup with her seat. she took a picture of the woman who took her seat and posted tweets, calling delta the worst airline in america. delta said they'll refund the $30 she paid for her preferred seat. >> you julys are unacceptable and unnecessary. doctor who is making history. the bbc is casting its first female doctor. the executive producer always wanted a doctor to be a woman. it's a really exciting time for the show. she's set to make her first appearance in this year's chstthe a's jump into the trademark and steph curry's full-time round was so good his
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dad took a jump in the lake. >> >> and what's cool about your summer camp. e-mail your nominations to we may feature your camp on a thursday morning show.
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baseball. derrick holland on the mound for good morning. happy monday. we are tracking a bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. we will continue to track those delays and how far that backup stretches but first a check on sports with dennis. the a's traded sean doolittle and ryan madson to the nationals in exchange for blake treinen. and two minor league prospects. marshawn lynch throwing out the first pitch before the a's took on the indians. the a's win 7-3 and sweep the first place tribe. jeff samardzija struggling to keep the ball in the yard. and then in the third. corey-- dead center field. and padres win 7-1 and take two of three from the giants.
5:25 am
roger federer showing no signs of slowing down. the first man to win eight wimbledon titles. steph curry had what he called the best round of his life at lake tahoe. he so the a 68 and finished fourth. he had the best round of all the golfers. mark mulder won the event. the trade deadline is starting to heat up as we get close to the deadline. we'll keep you posted tonight at 6:00. have a great day. let's check out the play of the day from major league baseball. the white sox facing the mariners' slugger robinson cano. >> collins -- dropped the glove. >> take a look a couple more
5:26 am
times. he throws the entire thing to first and gets the out. it's 526. and coming up. more on the cap and trade. it's up for a big vote today. the arguments for and against next. plus neighbors are very concerned after a fire gets way too close to homes in the foothills of san jose. details on the fire coming up as we face more fire danger again today. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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becoming live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the gop healthcare plan may never reach the senate floor for a vote. the bill's future is becoming increasingly uncertain. crews near santa barbara have their hands full with a wildfire. temperatures will come down 10 degrees inland. and it will top off at 100 degrees. a deadly crash in south san francisco. you can see emergency crews remain on the scene. we'll track the delays and the backups coming up. good morning, everyone. it is monday. yeah, monday. july17th. i know, back to work. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. state lawmakers are expected to decide the fate of a landmark
5:30 am
climate deal. >> anne makovec is here to explain. >> if lawmakers don't do something, the program will expire in 2020. the state senate is voting at 10:00 this morning to extend the climate initiative. the governor said this is not a cook a mamie legacy. i'm going to be dead. and extend it now. big polluters get a cap or limit on the amount of greenhouse casts they can emit. they have to buy credits. and the price is often passed along to customers at the gas pump. the legislative analysts predicted that in 2021. gas could increase by 15 cents a gallon. but that could be as much as 63 cents a gallon.
5:31 am
some lawmakers say that's better than what could be the alternative -- a carbon tax. >> because of that goal that they have, the carbon tax will come on and we'll see a major increase. >> the program also requires air quality monitoring and improvements in the most polluted neighborhoods. lawmakers passed a separate gas tax hike in april. that's a 12-cent increase in the base gas tax and that goes into effect on november 1st. >> it would seem that most environmentalists would be on board with this. >> some say the theory is wrong. polluters are still allowed to pollute like the oil refineries in the bay area. all they would have to do is pay more to pollute. environmentalists say this is not the right theory either. we'll see what the state senate has to say today.
5:32 am
in santa barbara county, the whittier fair has burned at least 50 buildings. 2600 people evacuated. crews have been using 16 helicopters and four fixed wing planes to crush the fire but it's only 36% contained. down from 50% days ago. fire crews say all they can do is brace themselves. >> a lot of variability and a lot of uncertainty. but you're going to be in another fire fight. >> unpack the house, i don't know if it's going to be here when i get back. over the weekend, a brush fire in the east foothills of san jose got too close for comfort for some neighbors. >> sandra osborne is live in the area. >> reporter: good morning to you. this has been an ongoing problem as we've seen multiple fires within the last week. the most recent one started
5:33 am
yesterday morning at 4 a.m. and let me go ahead and show you what you can see from the fire. there's the charred out of a vehicle where the fire started. the grass next to that lit up quickly. you can see the blackened grass there. neighbors noticed flames on sierra road a mile and a half east of the neighborhoods below. the fire started at the vehicle and spread to the nearby grass, burning 3 acres. this situation was not unusual so this fire is not suspicious. some neighbors are convinced there's foul play. >> if you guys have a heart to stop, please do so. you've destroyed a home and property. and you guys are messing with our lives here. >> reporter: and a home not far from here was burned down last week. the cause of that is under investigation. fire crews have tips for staying fire safe and aware.
5:34 am
remember ready, set, go. make sure there's 100 feet of defensible space around your home. and create a wildfire home with your family. and be prepare to go if needed. evacuate early before it's too late. and of course, we have the high fire danger again today. and the heat is not doing many people favors. and city leaders want to remind you if the heat becomes too much. go to a public library to get free ac. reporting live in san jose. sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> weather plays a huge role in these conditions. >> many of our inland conditions are still at 100. i'm just done. done. there's only so much you can do when it's 105 in concord. cooling to 95 today. and 100 towards brentwood and
5:35 am
discovery bay. yes, you can applaud this. official sunrise at 6:01. doesn't 57 degrees sound nice. slow to cool in livermore. 66degrees there. and 64 in san jose. san francisco now with a west wind at 15. that's an on shore push, west, southwest, fairfield. out of the west. ten to 20 miles per hour. and that's going to cool us down into the mid-and high 90s. except brentwood and discovery bay and the mountain house area, you are -- byron too -- temperature at 100. and stinson beach to the north. five above average in san jose. and 90s in occidental and santa rosa. the full forecast is minutes away. here's jaclyn. it's been a busy start to the monday morning commute.
5:36 am
good morning, right now, emergency crews remain on the scene of a deadly crash we've been tracking since earlier this morning. first reports came in just before 3:15. a deadly accident southbound 101 right at grand avenue. one lane remains closed and chp still out there. we have all the flares and if you're heading through the area. you will be tapping on the brakes. traffic is backed up just beyond oyster point at this time. and we are starting to see slowdowns in the northbound direction of 280. we haven't seen any reports of accidents or activity. we'll keep a close eye on that. in the meantime, if you're on 280 northbound, give yourself extra time or be prepared for delays. in oakland. we continue to track a big backup. caltrans was supposed to wrap up the roadwork by 5:00 this morning. southbound 880. all lanes closed between 23rd and 29th.
5:37 am
it's an hour from broadway to 66th. you're going to need to give yourself extra time and use 580 as an alternate route. gop leaders are facing another setback in the efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. arizona senator john mccain will not be in washington this week as he recovers from surgery. the latest version contains the so called cruz amendment which allows cheaper policies. that would affect some of the most vulnerable in our society. including disabled, children, poor seniors, rural hospitals and nursing homes. >> the nonpartisan
5:38 am
congressional budget office was expected to release analysis of the new bill today but it doesn't appear that will happen. president trump is promising action on trade, military, and the security. 36% of americans approve of the job he's doing. that's the lowest in 70 years. subscribers of dow jones publications may have reason to worry after a recent data leak. hena daniels have that story. >> reporter: we'll see if the markets can continue record highs. the dow set a new record on friday. if you subscribe to the wall street journal, your private information may have been exposed. an error left private information of 2.2 million
5:39 am
subscribers open on the internet. the dow says once it was discovered they fixed the problem. they don't believe any of the data was taken. on friday, reebok -- mocking the compliments given to emmanuel macron's wife last week. he told her she was beautiful and in great shape. the chart says when it's appropriate to give those type of compliments. >> common sense works as well. what is this about? >> it's affecting marriages. americans in the military are seeing higher divorce rates by age 30. that's according to the u.s. census data. enlisted military supervisors had a divorce rate of 30%. the next highest came from
5:40 am
careers including -- military jobs too three of the top 10 spots. >> and we appreciate all that the men and women do in our service. hena daniels, cbs money thank you so much. and 5:40 now. a bay area woman is facing kidnapping charges after grabbing a baby out of a car seat and taking off. >> reporter: bart crews putting the finishes touches on a new clipper card only entrance here in berkeley. i'm live with the very latest coming up.
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a baby is back with her parents this morning after t bducted right fr good morning and welcome back to cbs 5 eyewitness news.
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a beautiful view from the foothills of san jose. a little bit of morning haze. and we'll be cooling by a good 10 degrees in many inland locations. and i'll show you where it's going to top off at 100 degrees. a baby is back with her parents after the little girl was abducted from her car seat and taken on board a muni be us in san francisco. the girl was snatched from her parents' car. and she turned up 5 miles away. the parents left the baby in the car seat while they went to get water at a nearby park. witnesses told police they saw a woman with a baby get on a muni bus. police figured out which bus and radioed to the driver. >> i was concern that had been was going to be harmed, very concerned and when i found out he was okay, it got me right
5:44 am
here. >> police are not names the suspect at this point. it's unclear if she had a previous relationship with the family. a new entrance is opening at the downtown berkeley bart station. only riders with clipper cards will be able to use it. jessica flores tells us more about the new program. >> reporter: that's right. we're here at the southern entrance. and right now they are putting the finishing touches at the station, make it all nice for all of the riders. and you can only use clipper cards. right here, clipper only. and if you're coming out of the station. you can use a paper ticket. but i want to show you the barriers. they are 5-foot tall. and the point is to keep people from jumping over the barriers. so they have these glass barriers. we are at the southern entrance near austin way east. bart officials are testing the idea in the hopes that the
5:45 am
entrance will help with crowding, reducing people holding up lines with paper tickets and they are hoping it deals with fare evaders. the new entrance will be designed to try to keep folks from jumping over the gate. >> accountability and consequences -- it's going to be difficult to reduce the fare evasion problem. the problem continues and gets worse. >> reporter: it's estimated fare jumpers cost the system about $25 million a year. the clipper cards are just a couple of dollars. that's the only thing that gets you into the southern entrance. clipper card only, not the one day paper tickets. if you're getting off at downtown berkeley. you can get out of the southern entrance using the paper tickets. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a larger than life tribute is drawing warriors fans from
5:46 am
across the area. >> a new mural is towering evidence of the bay area's love for the kevin durant. it shows him flying through the area. ready to dunk. check it out. it's near 49th street and telegraph avenue. >> what do you think? >> gorgeous. >> pretty cool. >> he's flying. >> warrior fear here to say. >> no way going back to the 3000 people in the stands. i remember those days. >> when they get the new arena i think it's going to be more crowded. >> a few more seats. >> a lot of corporate seats. >> corporate. right there. [ overlapping speakers ] >> a lot of the hard core fans might be priced out. but that's another story. >> don't get us started. >> i'm not going to get you started. we've had a lot of activity
5:47 am
already for the start of your monday morning commute. right now a deadly crash at one point had all lanes shut down at southbound 101. we just got an update from chp that all lanes have reopened. speeds drop below 45 miles per hour. those are the residual slowdowns. just a heads up if you're heading to sfo. just a little north of 380. hopefully, things start to clear up. and in the northbound direction, not a problem. in oakland. we've been tracking big delays. caltrans had an overnight road project that shut down southbound 880. and now they have various lane closures until 6 a.m. just another 15 minutes and hopefully, they should have all that wrapped up. traffic is backed up beyond 980. it's going to take well over an
5:48 am
hour to go from broadway to 66 near the coliseum. give yourself extra time or use 580 as an alternate route. slowdowns due to an earlier problem. just a few delays on 680. at the bay bridge toll plaza, still looking good on the east shore freeway. the metering lights are on. and a 20-minute ride from the maze to san francisco. i'll send it to roberta for a check on the forecast. it was nice this weekend. >> it was too hot in many of our inland locations. 107 in brentwood and discovery bay. and 103 in the livermore area. today the temperature will drop by 10 degrees in many of our locations. still, 100 brentwood, discovery bay, mountain house, and tracy. this is the camera. temperatures 57 degrees in santa rosa. refreshing in san francisco at 58.
5:49 am
slow to cool in livermore at 66. and san jose is at 64. linda is reporting 67 in fairfield. humidity is at 54% and the winds up to 18. thanks to linda for checking in. good to know. with the on shore push we begin to see the temperatures tumble into the 90s in many inland spots. 100 in the hottest locations. and little change from that right there. we have a little bit of stratus, it's very difficult to pick up on the satellite and radar. it's going to wipe away -- daly city low 60s. high pressure is still in command over the four corners. and it's beginning to retreat. 104 fresno. it's in the 40s in the truckee area. and we have snow pictures from
5:50 am
bear valley. snow pictures from photo journalist ryan kylie. there's the sunrise. sunset at 8:29. it's been a hot summer, hasn't it. 69 in livermore. 93 in santa rosa. here's the extended forecast that calls for the cooler air mass on tuesday through friday. and then bumping up the temperature a couple of degrees on saturday and sunday. that's your monday forecast. time now is 5:50. raging flood waters hit a popular swimming hole. leaving nine people dead. and incredible video from lake shasta. the houseboat goes up in flames.
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back to cbs 5 eyewitness news. you need to cool down a bit? photo journalist brian kylie sent me this picture from 9000
5:53 am
feet elevation. snow, doesn't that look refreshing. the sun is making an appearance in san francisco. we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. going up to high temperatures. 67 in pacifica and 100 in brentwood. we continue to track delays on 880. avoid the southbound direction. and we'll tell you why and how far the backup stretches coming up. the search resumes for at least one person still missing in arizona after a group of swimmers was swept away by flash floods. >> flash flood was barreling through a popular swimming hole in the tonto national forest. dozens were cooling off from the summer heat. and nine people, including five children were killed. investigators say a thunderstorm triggered that flooding. the victims killed by the
5:54 am
rushing water ranged in age from a 60-year-old woman to a 2- year-old girl. and what caused the fire on shasta lake? a houseboat was engulfed in flames. the boat was being refueled when it caught fire and no one was inside at the time. an american in iran is locked up on spying charges. 37-year-old wang is accused of gathering information under direct guidance of the american government. he faces a 10-year prison sentence. later this week, we could find out when o.j. simpson will be released from prison. he has a parole hearing on thursday. he's been in jail for nine years after being found guilty of robbery and kidnapping charges. the 70-year-old has served his minimum sentence and could get parole in october.
5:55 am
if denied, the next hearing is in january. his acquittal will not be a factor in the parole hearing. it's just about five minutes before 6:00 and a vote is expected today on the cap and trade plan to fight climate change. how much more it could end up costing you at the gas pump -- next. >> reporter: right behind me you can see the charred grass, a reminder of a fire in the san jose foothills 24 hours ago. details coming up in just a bit.
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5:58 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix news. >> taking action on what bart is doing to try to curb fare cheats. the problem that costs millions. the russian investigation continues to hang over president trump's investigation. it's monday, july 17th.
5:59 am
i'm michelle griego. >> jaclyn is tracking the commute. >> it's been a monday already. delays along many of our freeways. we have tracked a deadly accident on southbound 101. all lanes have cleared now near oyster point north of sfo. and here's a live look at 880, the nimitz. and traffic is okay on this portion. but we are tracking a big backup in the southbound direction between 23rd and 29th. caltrans had overnight roadwork with lanes blocked. and they have finally reopened all the lanes. and now we have a problem on southbound 880. a car broke down and it's bloking one of the lanes. not helping the travel time. at last check an hour between broadway and 66th. and we continue to track delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've got the metering lights
6:00 am
on. and you've guessed it. it's a 20-minute ride from the maze to san francisco. let's check with roberta. half moon bay at 66 degrees. hot spot, 108 in sonoma, 108 in brentwood, and 110 in some people's backyards. you need relief or a cooldown. brian kylie took this picture yesterday. elevation, 9000 feet. wow. sun is coming up over the bay where we have a small craft advisory in place. today we'll be cooler by a good 10 degrees in many of our locations. concord down from 105 to 95. and we'll hit 100 in brentwood. the full forecast is coming up at 18 after the hour. happening today,


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