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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on. and you've guessed it. it's a 20-minute ride from the maze to san francisco. let's check with roberta. half moon bay at 66 degrees. hot spot, 108 in sonoma, 108 in brentwood, and 110 in some people's backyards. you need relief or a cooldown. brian kylie took this picture yesterday. elevation, 9000 feet. wow. sun is coming up over the bay where we have a small craft advisory in place. today we'll be cooler by a good 10 degrees in many of our locations. concord down from 105 to 95. and we'll hit 100 in brentwood. the full forecast is coming up at 18 after the hour. happening today, crews will
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start making repairs to morgan territory road near clayton. a stretch of the road was washed away during a february landslide. it's a mile south of marsh creek road. a detour has been set up for locals only. the heat and fire led to a close call in san jose when a brush fire erupted a mile from a residential neighborhood over the weekend. sandra osborne is there live. and after a string of recent brush fires, people in the area must be nervous. >> reporter: good morning to you, kenny. and there are so many signs reminding neighbors of what happened here just yesterday. we can see signs that the high fire danger, you can see the charred bits where a car pulled off and caught fire and the grass surrounding it. and it's prizing that it didn't
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spread faster. fire crews were able to get it under control quickly. and we're surrounded by dry vegetation with high fire danger. and last week a fire in san jose burned a home to the ground. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but yesterday's fire is assumed to have come from a vehicle. >> that was going on and somebody had lit a fire over here on our ridge where all the horses are. and this one happened last night where around 3:00 in the morning, god knows what happened. somebody might have lit a cigarette or whatever. >> reporter: fire crews have tips. they say first of all keep 100 feet of defensible space around structures. and clear dead weeds and vegetation. remove leaves and needles from
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gutters. and trim tree branches 6 feet from the ground. they believe this is a car fire and you can see the burned bits on the roadway there. they say that if you have to pull over on the side of the road, if you're having car trouble, try not to pull over where there's dead vegetation. >> three young people are behind bars for an attempted robbery on bart. the group tried to rob someone of a cell phone by purging them. this comes amid a rash of robberies on bart trains. robberies on bart trains climbed 45% in the past year. and the first three months of this year, there were 71 incidents compared with 49 in the same period the year before. and bart is trying to crack down on rider who is are not paying fares. >> a new entrance at the
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downtown berkeley station is open. jessica flores is live. >> reporter: this is the first clipper only entrance in the bart system. today this southern entrance at the berkeley downtown station opened but why is this so important? >> it's very important because it's been closed for a decade. since i've been on the board, people have been asking for it to reopen. there's been a lot of growth and people wanted another way to get into the station. >> reporter: why do a clipper card only entrance? people can't use paper tickets. >> you need a clipper entrance to go in. to come back out. you can use a paper ticket. we didn't want riders to be
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confused. already 68% of riders use them. they're easy and work on all of the transit systems all over the bay area. >> hopefully, this helps cut down on the fare evaders, the people who jump over the gates. >> we are trying to cut down on fare evasion. something else was did was install these glass walls higher than the previous wand >> thank you so much. and we'll have more at 6:30 a.m. so right now. if you are coming to the berkeley station downtown. this is the southern entrance. you can use clipper cards and entrance using the paper tickets. in oakland, one councilmember says private investigators are the city's best chance at preventing a tragedy like the coast ship fire. some local business owners say
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their calls never prompt action. after the ghost ship fire, the city says it is doubling the team of inspectors from 6 to 12. but councilman -- says it could take a year for them to be hired and trained. he wants private investigators to pick up the slack and keep people safe. >> they can join us immediately to investigate your house and hold you accountable and responsible before losing a child, a family, or another fire. his chief worry is that everybody knows the rules and nobody is actively enforcing them. president trump is starting the week with new poll numbers. the washington post pop shows 36% of americans approve of the job he's doing. that's the lowest six month approval rating in 70 years. and the week is seeing a setback for the republican healthcare plan. president trump promised action
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in the week ahead on trade, military and security. it's the latest attempt to change the conversation to policy issues as the cloud of the russia investigation. >> there's nothing illegal about the meeting. >> reporter: jake second low defended the meeting that included russians linked to the kremlin. he hammered home that the president did not know about the meeting. >> the president's engagement -- he was not aware and did not participate. >> critics insist that donald trump jr.'s story is raising more questions. >> you said no meeting every happened. >> the president will have to wait a bit longer. senate republicans hoping for action on the healthcare bill say the timeline has been pushed back. they are waiting for senator john mccain who is recovering
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from surgery to return. >> the more conservative republicans will realize it's not repeal. >> reporter: the analysis after been delayed. and two republican senators have indicated they are against the healthcare bill. supreme court justice neil gorsuch will be in san francisco this afternoon. he'll be attending the 2017 9th circuit. he'll speak to new citizens at a naturalization ceremony. he will be nominated -- or was nominated by president trump. anne makovec joins us with a preview of the cap and trade program. >> the new bill would extend it to 2030. the state senate voting to extend the initiative.
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here's how the program works. it's a little bit complicated. big polluters get a cap or a limit on the amount of green house gases they can emit. if they want to go over, they have to buy credit at an auction. that price is often passed along to the consumers at the gas pump. the state legislative analyst predicted that in 2021 it could increase the price of gas by 15 cents a gallon. the program also requires air quality monitoring and improvement in the most polluted neighborhoods. the politics of cap and trade can be a little dicey. californiaens support aggressive climate action but are wary of the increased cost. >> this is no that simple. if we ask people to give a lecture on cap and trade. there are not five people in here who can give us a lecture on cap and trade.
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not now, not ever. >> increased taxes are an intentional design of the program. they send a price signal to consumers to encourage them to reduce their consumption. the governor has been beyond this enthusiastic about the bill. >> any indicators on how the senate will vote? >> all eyes are on the super majority possibility. but in order for the democrats to pass this with a super majority they need all of the 27 votes that they have. all of the democrats would have to vote for it. most are on board. but if any of the democrats say no, the bill needs republican support and that could be hard to come by. as google looks to build a huge office space in san jose, new questions being raised. and speaking of traffic. we've got a big backup at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. but not just here. we're tracking delays on 680, 580. 880. you name it. 10 -- 10 degrees. temperatures will be cooling 10 degrees in inland locations. i'll show you where it's going to top off at 100 degrees. plus, in our tech report. tesla's ceo, elon musk's warning about artificial intelligence. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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medical marijuana industry should be regulated. the 36-pages of rules under review range from how many parking santa rosa, a draft ordinance on how the medical marijuana ordinance should be regulated. the pages of rules range from parking spaces at businesses to how many feet away the site should be from schools. they are considering banning
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them from downtown and the smart stations. an apartment complex -- developers of the san leandro tech campus want to build a seven story building with apartment units and commercial space. city councilmembers will consider it at tonight's meeting. google hoping to build up to 8 million square feet of offices for 20,000 workers in san jose. now they are questions about skyrocketing housing costs. to address the concerns, google is in talks with city leaders to possibly build affordable housing. traffic is always a concern everywhere in the bay area. we don't want more of it. this morning, we're having a few issues. >> it's been a tough morning and many of the problems we've
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been tracking have cleared. the quiet spot, the south bay, and we'll focus on the positive for the beginning of the traffic report. all in the green on 101, 880, 280. if you have somewhere to go. go to the south bay. right now on 68 in the southbound direction, we're tracking the normal commute and that's getting very heavy. it's just a little under 15 minutes. we had an earlier crash near androtti. >> and we've continued to tracked delays through oakland. all lanes have reopened in the southbound direction. and speeds still drop between 980 and broadway. you'll be tapping on the brakes. and east shore freeway looking crowded. and bay bridge toll plaza, you
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guessed it. a 22-minute ride from the maze to san francisco. >> i got to tell you after 105 degrees yesterday in pleasanton. i just want to do a face plant right in the snow right there. this is the peaks above -- you think i'm kidding. this is 9000 elevation compliments of brian kylie who took a hiking thin this weekend. look at all that snow still left. wow. for the mountains to the bay, where we have a small craft advisory in place later today. we have clear skies, a little bit of haze. look at this view looking at the golden gate bridge. temperature-wise, 55 degrees in santa rosa. that sounds so good. and livermore, a high yesterday of 102. and it was 110 in lower lake. still reporting 70 in san
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francisco. 55 with a west wind at nine and the wind more consistent out of the west 10 to 20 with the on shore push. the temperatures inland will come down by 10 degrees in concord. and additional cooling tomorrow and little change. we have a hint of stratus. and that's about it. high pressure still over the four corners and it's beginning to retreat ever so gently. that's why we'll see the cooler temperatures with the on shore push. and it's 81 in the greater lake tahoe area. official sunrise at 6:01. and today we're seeing the bright sunshine and temperatures in the 60s with the sun. low 60s daly city. and 80s around the peninsula. and 80s and 90s to the north. and 90s to the east. outside number, 100 degrees in brentwood. and discovery bay with the west wind 10 to 20. we bump up the temperature
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slightly over the weekend. that's a look at the weather report. i've got myself some artificial intelligence, michelle. >> it's all real. tesla is warning u.s. to regulate artificial intelligence. he claims to have the most cutting edge a.i. and described it as the biggest risk we face as a civilization. and the governor of louisiana blocked it from selling cars there. facebook is trying to figure out where to put more ads. the company is making the most of its revenue. and it's running out of space to put more ads on the main page. facebook has started doing mid- video ads and plans to add some
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in the messenger app. buy your own snap chat spectacles in san francisco. a vending machine is up and running at fourth and marks streets. it's one of 16 locations in the world. and the first in the bay area. the glasses cost $130 a pair. and by the way, today is world emoji day. pick your emoji. the holiday was created three years ago by a website that keeps track of all emojis. they were first invented in japan. the a's jump into the trademark and steph curry's final loud -- round was so good his dad took a jump in the lake. e-mail your camp nomination to we may feature your camp on a thursday morning show.
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the a's traded sean doolittle and ryan madson to the nationals in exchange for blake treinen. and two minor league prospects. do little's -- not along -- >> marshawn lynch throwing out the first pitch. it was 4-0 in the -- and the a's win 7-3 and sweep the first place tribe. >> brandon bell out with an injured wrist. and jeff samardzija struggling.
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and then in the third, corey span generalburg to dead center field. and padres win 7-1 and take two out of three from the giants. roger federer showing no signs of slowing at 35. he became the first man to win eight wimbledon titles. steph curry had what he called the best round of his life in lake tahoe. curry shot a 68 and finished fourth. he had the best round of all the golf everies yesterday. mark mulder won the event for the third straight year. so it looks like the trade deadline is starting to heat up as we get close to the deadline. we'll keep you posted tonight at 6:00. i'm dennis agnaw toe. have a great day. next how long it's expected to fix a gaping moraga
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sinkhole. and high fire danger keeping neighbors concerned. you can see burned grass from a recent fire. we'll have details coming up. ♪ mom. ♪
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> when he came back the baby was gone. >> a bay area woman is behind bars after allegedly grabbing a baby out of a car seat and hopping on a bus. >> it's going to be difficult to reduce the fare evasion problem. >> bart looks to crack down on those not paying fares. >> i don't know whether it will pass. >> gop leaders are dealt another setback in the efforts
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to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> the heat is not helping fire conditions. it's monday, july 17th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. sandra osborne is live where a fire got a little too close to home. >> reporter: we're talking about a mile and a half away from a whole neighborhood in the east foothills of san jose. and if you take a look behind me, you can see where the whole thing started yesterday morning at 4 a.m. notice the charred bit next to the asphalt. that's where a car pulled off to the side of the road. the fire spread to the very dry vegetation right off the side of the road. the grass just igniting. neighbors noticed the flames on sierra road, about a mile and a half east of the neighborhood below. that fire started at the vehicle and spread to the nearby grass and burned about 3 acres.
6:31 am
the situation was not unusual and the fire is not suspicious. but some neighbors are convinced there could be foul play. >> if you guys have a heart to stop what you guys are doing, please do so. your guys are destroying home and property. and messing with our lives here. >> reporter: and that property caretaker was out mending a fence where the fire happened yesterday. fire crews have tips for staying safe and aware. ready, set, go. be ready by making sure there's at least 100 feet of defensible space around your home. be set with a wildfire plan. and be prepared to go. we have that critical fire danger happening out here. and we have the heat. and while we're on the topic of the heat. city leaders want to remind you if it's getting to too hot go
6:32 am
to a community center. sandra osborne, kpix 5. time now is 6:32. and as we take a live look outside a gorgeous shot of the city of san francisco from outskirts suit row camera. and on the right. a look at sfo this morning. temperatures a little bit cooler than the weekend. it was a beautiful weekend. >> 108 degrees in sonoma. 109degrees, 10 degrees in present -- brentwood. you know, i'm just done. >> but in san francisco, low 80s. >> it was 97 isan jose. and looking out to san jose, we have clear skies and a little bit of morning he has. and that's a look at mineta international airport. mid-50s in santa rosa after 97 degrees. that's the morning he has. temperature-wise, 67 degrees in san francisco which is spot on
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and still 10 degrees above average in the concord area. and 89 in campbell. 100 in brentwood and discover bay. and cooler than the 108 yesterday. and 66 in stinson beach. back to you, jaclyn. and right now we are taking a look at the ride on 680. so we'll begin south of the cordelia adjudication. and southbound on the right side, it's about a 20-minute ride from 80 to marina vista. and then we take a look at 680. this is as you're heading through walnut creek. and it's an eight-minute ride from willow pass to highway 84. once you get into hayward, that's where you'll be tapping on the brakes, 238 on down towards highway 84 and 680 and 880 are just slow in that
6:34 am
southbound direction. no accidents, no stalls, just the monday morning commute. back over to you, michelle. bart is trying to crack down on riders riding for free. jessica flores is live at the berkeley station to show us the changes. jessica-- >> reporter: we're on the southern platform of the station and this entrance has been closed for a decade. today it opens as a clipper card entrance. and right now i'm joined by rebecca saltman to tell us about the program. >> we're excited to reopen this entrance, downtown berkeley is a bustling place in the city and people wanted the entrance we opened. and we're opening it for clipper only. we're trying to get more and more riders to use clipper cards.
6:35 am
>> reporter: how is this going to reduce some of those people who jump over the gates? >> something we saw when the entrance was closed was the barriers were lower and people could just hop over. if you see the glass barriers behind, they are much taller. and they'll make it a lot harder to jump over. this is something we'll be doing at more and more stations. >> is there a plan to make the entrances taller so people don't jump over? >> ultimately, we'll look at replacing the fare gates. it's probably not going to happen right away. it's an expensive thing to do. in the future, we'll probably move to something higher that looks a little bit different. for now, we're focusing on the barriers around the gates. and there's going to be a vending machine for clipper cards. >> we're rolling out vending
6:36 am
machines to sell clipper cards. right now you can load value, but you can't buy them yet. that's coming soon. thank you so much for joining us and talking to us about the pilot program. again at the southern platform at the downtown berkeley bart station. you can only use clipper cards to get in. but you can use paper to get out. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. state lawmakers are expected to decide the fate of a landmark climate deal. >> anne makovec is here to explain. >> reporter: lawmakers need to take action. the program is set to expire just three-years from now. the state senate voting to extend the initiative. and the governor tweeted saying it's not about a -- big
6:37 am
polluters get a cap or limit on the amount of greenhouse gases they can emit. to go over, they have to buy credits from other companies or from the state at an auction. the price is usually passed along to consumers at the gas pump. the legislative analyst predicted that in 2021 cap and trade could increase the price of gas by an estimated 15 cents a gallon. and it could be as much as 63 cents a gallon. >> i think that's kind of how the program is designed to function to provide the incentive for households and businesses to look for alternative vehicles that use less fuel or alternatives to driving. >> the program also requires air quality monitoring and improvements in the most polluted california neighborhoods. gas prices are going up regardless. lawmakers passed a separate gas tax hike in april, a 12-cent increase in the base gas tax.
6:38 am
and that goes into effect on november 1st. and some environmentalists are questioning the program. >> >> reporter: the goal of the program is to cut down on carbon gas emissions. and some environmentalists say it pays them to pollute rather than forcing them to curb emissions. a professor died in a small plane crash last week. he was piloting the plane when it went county on thursday, injuring his two children and the nanny. this morning's memorial service starts at 10:00 in san francisco. a baby girl is waking up with her parents after a woman kidnapped the child from a parked car. police say the couple stepped away from the car for just a minute to get water for being
6:39 am
formula. and when they came back, their child was gone. authorities put out a citywide alert. and witnesses said they saw a woman with a baby get on a muni bus. the driver stopped in time for the woman to be taken into custody. >> the father was distraught. he was sobbing and walking up and down the street. >> reporter: what was he saying? >> he was blaming himself for losing track of the baby. >> san francisco police are not naming the suspect. she is in custody facing kidnapping charges. the list of people at the meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer has grown. a russian american lobbyist telling the washington post that he was there. a translator and one other person were there as well. the president's lawyer says he doubts they posed a threat.
6:40 am
>> i've wondered if this was nefarious, why did the secret service allow the people in. >> they said he was not a protect tee of the u.s. secret service in june 2016, thus we would not have screened anyone. members of both parties say there are a lot of unanswered questions about the meeting. president trump defended his son on twitter writing hillary clinton can illegally get the questions to the debate and delete 33,000 e-mails, but my son don is being scorned by the fake news media. senate republicans are delaying a vote on the new healthcare bill, primarily because john mccain will be absent. he's recovering from surgery. he's one of several republicans who have expressed concerns with the bill. two senators have opposed the latest version entirely. >> we need to go through the
6:41 am
normal committee process and get input from people on both sides of the aisle. that's what would produce the kind of legislation that we need. the latest version contains the so called cruz amendment. there's no word on when the senate plans to vote. search crews in arizona will be looking for at least one missing person swept away by flash floods. the cell phone video captured the vie from the tonto national forest saturday. dozens were cooling off and caught by surprise and nine were killed. >> it came and when it came it instantly was just like up to your waist within a matter of seconds. >> investigators say that a thunderstorm triggered the flooding. the victims killed by the rushing water range in age from a 60-year-old woman to a 2-year-
6:42 am
old girl. more than 1600 firefighters are racing to crush the flames from two wildfires in southern california. on the left, the whittier fire has burned 18,000 acres and forced thousands of evacuations. containment has dropped from 52 to 35%. meanwhile, the alamo fire has farm workers on high alert. employers managed to keep the falling ash away from the crop. in moraga, a contractor is set to begin construction on a sinkhole that's costing the town millions in repairs. the work is expected to last through mid-october. several utilities may require replacement. drivers will face detours and the end date for the repairs could slide back, depending on weather conditions. making emergency repairs, next, the progress being made on the damaged oroville dam.
6:43 am
and how delta hit back at ann coulter after her tweet storm over a seat mixup. the dow is down about 8 points. coming up we'll get an update from jason brooks. of i- phones... and a
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bay area based retailer is opening generation of i- phones... and a bay area based retailer is opening new locations... joining us now with the details... k-c-b-s radio on brooks. apple fans may have to wait a little longer for the next generation of iphones. and a bay area retailers is opening up new locations. >> joining us with the details is jason brooks. >> good morning kenny and mill shell. the 10th anniversary iphone is drawing all sorts of attention for apple. and taiwan's daily news says apple is dealing with delays.
6:47 am
in particular, the premium version of the iphone 8 is supposed to come with a full led display screen. apple is not confirming any of the reports. but there have been reports of production problems, mainly supply shortages of circuit boards and fingerprint scanners. and ross is defying the retail landscape. the news has been terrible for a lot of department stores. and ross keeps opening new stores. the dublin based chain says in june and july it will have opened 28 new locations in 15 states. ross' stock is on the rise on that news. stock market coming after record highs on friday for the dow and the s&p 500. this morning a mixed start. the dow is flat and the nasdaq
6:48 am
is up 10 points and the s&p 500 just turned positive and it's up about one point. jason brooks, thank you. delta is and ann coulter are battling on twitter. she had to switch from her preferred seat. she called delta the worst airline in america. she's still tweeting this morning. and delta called her comments unacceptable and unnecessary. it's also refunding the $30 she paid for the preferred seat. the muni will close early on weeknights and over the weekends. there will be bus shuttles running between the embarcadero and saint francis circle. closures run through august 20th. it is 6:48 right now.
6:49 am
and let's get a check on traffic with jaclyn. >> the commute has a case of the mondays. we're tracking a new accident on highway 85 northbound direction and it looks like fire crews have two lanes blocked. you can see the backup that's starting to build on 85. right now the travel time is about 35 minutes from 101 in san jose and reconnecting with 101 in mountain view. give yourself a little extra time. speeds drop below 15 miles per hour. further north on 101 near 380, you can see traffic is doing just fine. this was a problem spot earlier this morning due to a deadly crash that occurred just after 3 a.m. traffic is moving at the limit and all lanes have reopened. looking at delays at the san mateo in westbound direction. and to foster city, 20 minutes.
6:50 am
880, nothing nasty about the nimitz. and the bay bridge toll plaza is slow, stop, go. a 30-minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. let's get a check on the forecast. 6:50 and live weather camera from our kpix studios. the flag is on the fly. we do have a little bit of a ripple in the bay water where a small craft advisory will be in place later today with winds up to 25 knots. as we traverse from there to there, kind of gotham city like. 55 in santa rosa after realizing 97 degrees yesterday. it's 66 and slow to cool in livermore at 102 on sunday. now it's 64 degrees. wedwood city was also in the high 90s and now in the 60s. john in santa rosa, george in san francisco, thank you so
6:51 am
much for checking in. everybody is reporting clear skies in the 50s. a hint of a light stratus at the seashore. and support, more of the westerly push. that's an on shore push that's going to knock back the temperatures significantly. and still up to 100 in brentwood and discovery bay. cooler today and hot inland. and additional cooling takes place tomorrow. we still have a little hint of stratus at the coast. stinson beach will clear out nicely. high 60s. cooler inland. down from 105 to 95. 98 at the state capital. and low 80s in the greater lake tahoe area. and 66 degrees in monterey bay. high 60s in san francisco. pretty spot on weather. and 90 degrees in napa.
6:52 am
sonoma around 95 degrees. down from 108 yesterday. wow. it was 108 in brentwood as well. and a streak of 90s each day away from the bay. today we have the golf tournament. an annual event. today we're expecting to raise $300,000. bob hammer, hats off to you. 95degrees in danville. make it a great day. we're getting a bird's-eye view of the progress crews have made as they continue to repair the oroville damage. this video was released last week. part of a new foundation in drainage systems. the structure was damaged in february after the reservoir reached capacity and water started spilling over the dam. oakland lawmakers stepping in. the new push to prevent another tragedy like the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire.
6:53 am
the first clipper card only bart entrance here in downtown berkeley. i'm jessica flores live with all of the details coming up.
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6:55 am
map: the entrance is on the southern platform...near allston way will only be able to get through the gates if you purchased the reusable card...the one time paper tickets will not work... bart officla hope the clipper card only system reduces people holding up the line using paper tickets...and they are hoping the new en with a c i'm jessica flores live at the downtown berkeley bart
6:56 am
station where the southern entrance opens for the first time after a decade. and it opens as a clipper card only entrance. they are hoping to convince people to use the reusable cards. i want to show you one more thing. they are hoping the high glass bar carrier reduces people from jumping over. you'll only be able to get through here if you purchase the reusable cards, the one time paper tickets will not work. they hope the clipper card only system reduces people holding up the line with the paper tickets. and they are hoping the new entrance helps deal with the costly problem of fare evaders. the new entrance will be designed to try to keep folks from jumping over the gate. it's estimate that had fare jumpers cost the system $25 million a year. clipper cards only cost a
6:57 am
couple of dollars and you can order them online. in the future, they'll have vending machines. for now, you can only use clipper cards getting through. and you can use the paper tickets getting back out. time for the final five. president trump is starting the week with a 36% approval rating. >> one of his private attorneys spend sunday morning defending donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer. he maintains that the president's son did nothing illegal. a plan to extend the signature climate initiative is set to go before legislators. many republicans are against the plan. a memorial service is scheduled for bay area college
6:58 am
professor killed in a plane crash. william goldman was killed last week in sonoma county. an oakland city councilmember is pushing the city to hire private investigators to prevent another tragedy like the ghost ship fire. starting today in -- a sinkhole is requiring millions of dollars in repairs. the work is expected to last through mid-october. and we have a couple of lanes blocked due to an accident on northbound 35. right now over an hour commute for the drivers from 101 in san jose to 101 in mountain view. give yourself a little extra time. and at the richmond, san rafael bridge, delays and a 16-minute ride to 101. the east shore freeway, slow,
6:59 am
stop, go. 31-minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and from the maze to san francisco, another 25 minutes. good morning. san francisco. wow, look at the visibility. unlimited at this hour. and clearing at the coast. daly city, 61 degrees with a hint of sunshine. otherwise, high 60s stinson beach and pacifica. it's 66 in san jose and going up to a high of 87. that's 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we were at 108 in sonoma. today around 100 degrees. high 60s in san francisco. and 80s around the peninsula. still hot inland at 100. and down from 108 in brentwood to 100 degrees. we'll keep on hanging onto the 90s each day through the weekend. it's been a hot summer. [ laughter ] >> we have to come to the -- >> i work in the city.
7:00 am
>> come over. >> thanks for watching, everyone. keep cool. >> the next local update is 7:26. have a great day. john mccain recovers from surgery and a yoga and meditation teacher is shot and killed by police after she called 911 to report a possible assault. the mayor wants to know why police body cameras were not turned on. plus we debut our new theories robot irks


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