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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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"karl the fog" is still here with us. good morning, jaclyn and roberta. do i look a little short this morning? >> you are a little short. [ laughter ] >> i know that. >> put on your heels! >> you're petit like my mom was. >> i'm 5'1." [ crosstalk ] >> my driver's license says i'm 5'7". >> fake news right there. again. [ laughter ] good morning, everyone. let's get to it right now. let's take a look at our live weather camera towards san jose. we have a little bit of stratus over the santa cruz mountains. we'll call it partly cloudy in san jose. 58. 56 in livermore with clear skies. the crescent moon is just gorgeous this morning. oakland at 59. can't see the moon in redwood city where we have overcast skies. warmer today than yesterday. 60s, 70s, 80s and back into the
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90s. the full forecast is coming up but right now let's say good morning to jaclyn dunn. good morning. and happy wednesday. right now, we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers heading through the altamont pass nothing too unusual but we did have an earlier incident. chp was pulling over a wrong- way driver so they had stopped traffic in both directions. it looks like everything has cleared but there are residual delays. only 25 minutes from 205 to 680. then we'll take it to the bay bridge. things are moving at the limit. no delays from the maze into san francisco. an entire town has been forced to evacuate as a massive california brush fire continues to spread. it's burning near yosemite national park. for now, crews have it 5% contained. kpix 5's andria borba shows us how locals are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: after flames ripped through more than 20,000 acres in two days --
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>> the mountains, it's totally on fire, the detwiler fire has tinted the skies an eerie amber color. >> i haven't seen these conditions in a long time. it's wind driven. >> reporter: west of yosemite, the fire has forced people from their homes. >> i had to evacuate from my mobile home. >> reporter: a race against the flames to get cattle out of the foothills. >> we weren't prepared whatsoever. >> i almost had to use it to cut the barbed wire fences. >> reporter: fire is mowing down trees and highly flammable manzanita heading to mariposa. >> 20 years ago one made it to bear valley and they stopped it there but just these winds are totally different this year. >> reporter: all 2,000
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residents have been evacuated in advance of the impending flames. even staging operations for cal fire crews have been moved 40 miles west into merced. >> scary situation. pray for the residents in mariposa. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. in the south bay, crews now have this massive brush fire at 75% containment. the winds spared homeowners from facing major property damage with gusts pushing the flames away from the streets but firefighters had a setback when a flying drone forced a helicopter to stay grounded for the day. >> had to be waved off and then with that drone in the air, the helicopter was grounded for the day. >> there's a drone now being kept as evidence. authorities are still searching for the owner, who could face a misdemeanor charge. we have so many fires going on in our state right now. roberta, it was nice yesterday
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to get a bit of a cooldown which helped out. >> the ocean influence is lined up next to the coast. san jose partly cloudy skies. air temperature in san jose 58. otherwise, cool conditions in santa rosa in the low 50s. overcast in oakland in the high 50s and good morning to you in the tri-valley. the winds this morning are onshore. that's a westerly flow, 11 miles per hour. otherwise 8 in hayward. fluctuating winds in san ramon up to 10. and west-southwest at 14 in fairfield. later today the winds will be pretty much more of a southwest and westerly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. and temperatures will be warmer than yesterday with the earlier burnoff, 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s will be common today around the peninsula which is spot on for this time of the year. mid- to high 80s santa clara valley. east bay numbers flirting with nearly 90 in pleasanton. so yeah, you still need the air- conditioning on in many neighborhoods. 84 degrees, however in walnut creek, concord, clayton,
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antioch in the low 90s. 83 today in santa rosa. and some of the warmer temperatures will be found around lake county in the low 90s. we have the full forecast coming up plus we'll look ahead towards the weekend because jaclyn always says, never too early to start talking about the weekend. >> that's right! let's talk about it! right now, we have to talk about traffic. we are tracking an accident along northbound 101. it's right near the capitol expressway. we have a truck that hit the guardrail there. it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down. chp heading out to the scene. maybe some injuries will be involved. we'll keep an eye on that. you're good to go in the south bay. in oakland, 880, the nimitz, nothing nasty about it this morning. all lanes clear in the southbound direction. we are tracking an easy ride 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. and again, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, still in the green, and moving right at the limit. back to you guys. the white house is now acknowledging a second meeting between president trump and
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russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in germany. it's been a secret until now. we have a response from the trump administration. >> reporter: witnesses say it lasted an hour and happened halfway through a formal dinner with the heads of 20 nations and their spouses. no staff or cabinet members were present. mr. trump didn't even have a translator at his side relying only on putin. >> the official explanation is each head of government was allowed only one translator and trump had a japanese translator but not a russian one. i suspect they could have solved that problem pretty easily. >> reporter: these pictures from that dinner show putin was seated next to first lady melania trump at the beginning of the dinner. witnesses told the "new york times" halfway through the dinner, trump got up, walked over to putin and sat down. other world leaders noticed and told one witness who spoke to the "times" they were confused and surprised that presidents trump and putin talked so long
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but there are no photos, videos or transcripts of this discussion!! >> there was no third party from the american side to make a record. in order to understand what happened at this meeting, we have to rely on the memories of donald trump and vladimir putin. >> reporter: the white house was quick to dismiss the "new york times" report that the meeting was anything but after dinner casual conversation saying in a statement, there was no second meeting between president trump and president putin just a brief conversation at the end of a dinner. the insinuation that the white house has tried to hide a second meeting with false, malicious and absurd. going back to the president's dinner conversation, another reason why it's so problematic is that vladimir putin is a former kgb agent who is very skilled at gleaning important information from what seems to be an innocent casual conversation. in los angeles, elsa ramon, kpix 5. >> now that the gop's latest effort to repeal and replace
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obamacare failed, president trump wants lawmakers to let the current system collapse. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell did not have the votes to repeal and replace obamacare after members of his own party publicly opposed the plan. mcconnell tried to rally republicans to repeal the affordable care act and figure out a replacement later and that effort also appears doomed. >> in that proposal, there's a two-year delay which would give us the opportunity to work out a complete replacement. >> i believe that it would cause the insurance markets to go into turmoil. >> the president's path, which is simply to sabotage the system and hope it hurts millions and millions of people, make things far worse. >> president trump has invited senate republicans to the white house today to discuss their next step. the oakland police department is cutting ties with federal immigration agents. the move is in response to the trump administration's crackdown on illegal
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immigrants. oakland is a sanctuary city but last year the police department signed an agreement to allow police officers know act as i.c.e. agents. the council member doesn't want i.c.e. to use immigration status. they voted to terminate the agreement. also in oakland, police are trying to piece together a murder mystery. in december, 2013, someone shot and killed 13-year-old lee weathersbee. a few weeks later his brother lamar broussard and derek harris were also murdered. this surveillance picture is released of the suspect vehicle a silver dodge. police are offering a $30,000 reward to help find the killer. a landlord in san jose is under the microscope. his tenants complained that the property is filled with cockroaches, mice and mold. kpix 5's maria medina showed us the conditions last week. this week she saw the landlord. >> reporter: can you tell us
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about the code violations sir? are you fixing them? >> reporter: his name is michael lou search. >> i don't need to talk to you. >> reporter: a san jose landlord. >> get out of here! >> reporter: and many of his tenants say their units are infested with mold, cockroaches and one renter claims hers is infested with mice. meanwhile, lu cich live here. >> we have had a good amount of complaints over the years from his building. >> reporter: she says the landlord is being given time to resolve recent code violations from this month. but kpix 5 also reached out to the city's housing department after a couple of tenants told us loucich said they could only stay of this they signed a new lease as a new tenant and their rent would go up by hundreds. >> i could take my $2,200 and go somewhere else that won't have cockroaches or moldy water. >> landlords have to state the reason for the eviction.
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>> to allow people to leave and come back in and pay higher rent is a violation of the ordinance. >> reporter: the housing director is looking into the allegations to see if he broke any laws. the landlord may have also broken a law that says i can't hike up rent more than 5% in san jose. after i spoke to him last week on the phone, he told his tenants that he would have an exterminator out on monday and some of them tell me that that happened. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. 4:41. two people break into a bay area verizon store undetected but their exit was not smooth. >> experts are seeing a big spike in skunks in the bay area. coming up.
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climbed in through the roof of a verizon store in the south bay... and stole thousands of dollars of electronics. as kpix five's betty yu explains -- they may have gotten away ean if it wasn policing are hunting for burglary suspects who climbed into the roof of the verizon store and stole thousands in electronics.
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as kpix 5's betty yu explains, they may have gotten way clean if it wasn't for a critical mistake. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office said that this was an unusual break- in and these burglars definitely had a plan. but they didn't cover all their bases. you're looking at what a pair of thieves made off with after burglarizing a verizon wireless store in cupertino. nearly 200 iphones, ipads and samsung galaxy phones worth about $140,000. authorities say the two men broke into this stevens creek store by cutting a hole in the roof yesterday morning. it's now covered with plywood. and the burglars were familiar with the space. >> probably requires prior planning to bring all the equipment to also disable the alarms and video surveillance system. >> reporter: the investigators say they used a saw to cut an opening into a metal door to scoop up inventory from the
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storage room. they are 40-year-old tam nguyen of san jose seen here and mark tran of american canyon, seen here. they didn't make it very far get ting away. >> there were other alarms. >> reporter: deputies stopped them in san jose and found all the stolen items in the back seat and the trunk. >> this is heartbreaking to happen in our society and community. >> reporter: all the stolen items have been returned and the men have been charged with burglary. verizon believes other bay area stores may have been burglarized in the same way and they are looking into whether these cases may be related. in cupertino, betty yu, kpix 5. skunks like this could soon be leaving a stench in your neighborhood because the population is on the rise across the bay area. staff at the animal rescue service wildcare says that the center typically sees 40 a year
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but that number is almost double as of this month and apparently it's not all bad news. >> the things that dig through your lawn, the things that eat your flowers, right, your skunk friend is eating all of those things. he is also eating the rats and mice that run through your yard. he is doing a good service for you. >> wild care believes that the wet winter boosted the skunk population by beefing up the food sources. >> so welcome them. >> they just stink. >> we need more skunks in the east bay. i was talking to two individuals last friday, one in fremont, another one in san ramon, they are having an infestation of rats. they need skunks. it's because of the drought. we had so much food and not not so much and they are coming in and they are hibernating in your car, and they are going into the cars. if your car isn't starting,
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because they're going up -- nevermind! mostly cloudy skies over san francisco. we can still see the bright lights of oakland, between 51 in santa rosa to 59 in oakland. breezy this morning, west 11 san francisco. that's an onshore push. otherwise, slight winds in the san jose area. 14 in fairfield. i checked in with our weather watcher linda mather and she has winds up to 21 in fairfield, as well. today, well, it's cooler with a repeat performance. temperatures, coming much down than what we experienced last weekend and on monday. high pressure still in command right there. we are seeing more of a zonal "pushhhh" and so we're seeing that influence of the ocean. here's your futurecast lunchtime today san mateo coast still socked in. we're talking about daly city and colma. you do have the sunshine around santa cruz although breezy late day. then as we forge ahead for your
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thursday, we wake up with a larger intrusion of the marine layer further inland to the east making tracks towards the altamont pass. and then the clouds back off. high pressure builds in, lose the sunshine, slightly warmer conditions. a pleasant southwest and west flow today resulting in, again, that onshore push cooler temperatures at the coast, beginning to warm gently inland. 102 fresno. 98 redding. 60s at the coast. you will see sunshine at the banana belt in pacifica today. 86 in concord, clayton and walnut creek and the tri-valley 76 in mountain view. extended forecast shows a dip in the temperature with thickening of the marine layer on thursday but then we bounce back up again and recover for the weekend all the way through tuesday. boy, jaclyn, certainly is summertime in the bay area. it sure is. and i did smell a skunk
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yesterday out by my house and so did lady blah blah my dog. she didn't like it. we are tracking that earlier crash northbound 101 the location now at yerba buena but no delays. if you are making your way along 580 heading through the altamont pass, you will see that we are dealing with the usual slowdowns, a few more than what we typically see due to an earlier incident that has cleared. 27 minutes between 205 and 680. out of antioch into hercules, no problems. no delays, speeds in the green just under 30 minutes if you are connecting with i-80. over at the richmond/san rafael bridge, the toll plaza, headlights moving westbound looking good. no slowdowns just yet. a few slowdowns over at the bay bridge toll plaza. eastshore freeway still moving at the limit. no delays into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. good news if you are going on a trip, flights out of san
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jose are going down. frontier is adding new nonstop services. the first is to denver on october 5. then las vegas on november 1. and austin in and san antonio starting next spring. prices start at 29 bucks one way. san jose city and business leaders joined airline executives for the announcement. frontier is mineta san jose's 16th airline. >> we think first and foremost that we want to fly where travelers want to go from silicon valley. and we're tremendously excited to get support from the community. we believe in affordable low fares and growing our business with the community. >> once the service to san antonio starts, you will be able to get from sjc to 42 destinations nonstop. time now 4:50. a hiker finds the remains of a bay area man who went missing almost two decades ago. what police are now saying about his disappearance. >> plus a mob of teams stalks a
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bay area bus rider and then attacks -- a mob of teens stalks a bay area bus rider and then attacks.
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well tomorrow could your wednesday. current conditions around the bay area, right now we are in the 50s and later today topping off at seasonal highs 60s at the coast and yeah, we will see some clearing in half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, not so much. 70s and 80s at the peninsula today. average high in san jose is 83. and bingo, that's what we're forecasting today and nearly 90 in morgan hill. east bay will warm to the low 90s away from the tri-valley into the delta today. a stiff breeze late day southwest and west to 20 miles per hour. high 70s carquinez strait. north bay, good morning to you in stinson beach, you'll have some sunshine to 60s. otherwise, 80 in novato and one
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of the warmest locations today will be cloverdale, lakeport and clearlake. we begin by taking a look at your ride along 280 right at the 101 connector in san francisco. will we see those delays on the extension? find out coming up in the next traffic report. a break in a missing persons case in contra costa county. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us after almost two decades, the case is finally solved. >> reporter: he has been missing for 19 years. police say richard simons took a walk down this trail on private property in august of 1998 and then disappeared. >> he leaves his house in lafayette and goes for a hike in the remote area and never comes back. >> reporter: moraga's police chief says simons kept walking from lafayette into neighboring moraga where a hiker found his skeletal remains in march of this year. police sent the remains to a lab which finally identified them after all these years. simons was 37 years old. >> we all knew the family, like, it's really sad he went
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missing and he wasn't found. >> reporter: the family had no comment but we understand they were upset by the news. as for how he died, the coroner reports there were no signs of foul play, no sign of trauma. so what exactly killed richard simons? >> we don't know at this point. he could have had a medical emergency out there. it was very hot in that august. we did find him kind of under a tree. so there was some thought perhaps he got overheated and decided to sit down take a rest in the shade. and something may have happened at that point. >> reporter: in lafayette, joe vazquez, kpix 5. san francisco police searching for a group of teens who attacked a man riding muni. police say that the victim got on bus at van ness and mcallister monday night but after he saw the group, he switched at market to a different bus. police say that the teens followed the 27-year-old on the 5 fulton bus and at least three of them punched him and stole his phone. >> to see this incidence where
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a group of 10 teens, young adults, would even go so far as to follow the victim off one bus to another and attack him, that's very brazen and alarming. >> police are reviewing surveillance video from the buses and plan to release the images of the suspect in the next few weeks. a possible fix may be on the way for the sinking skyscraper in san francisco's soma neighborhood. according to a new report, the 58-story millennium tower at mission and fremont streets sank 7 inches in the past 7 months. city officials and other sources say it's dropped 17 inches lower since 2005 and is leaning two inches at its base. two engineering firms hired by the developer say they can stabilize the tower by drilling up to 100 new support beams from the basement down to bedrock. the spokesman for the millennium tower said: fix:
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up t llion dollars. the city and developer insist.. the building is safe. >> the price tag for the proposed fix, up to $150 million. the city and developer insist the building is safe. 4:57. thousands are evacuated as an intense wildfire creeps closer to their homes in mariposa. we'll share an update on the detwiler fire next. >> reporter: a worker falls again at a facebook construction site, details coming up.
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griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... drivers hitti good morning. it's wednesday, july 19. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this wednesday morning. take a gander, take a close look at this shot on the left from our sutro camera looking at the city. really close look. you see those two lights right
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there? yeah. the "salesforce tower." you can hardly tell. then on the right 880 in oakland things looking good this morning. jaclyn's look at traffic and roberta has the weather. >> hi, guys. >> hello. >> good morning. >> happy wednesday. >> yes. >> kenny learned a new word. we all looked at each other. gander. >> gander. >> you saw us looking at each other. >> it's nice. we should have a word of the day, right? >> all right. >> so just saying, take a look at this live weather camera right now where we have areas of fog. this is our live look at the transamerica pyramid. [ foghorn sound effect ] okay, give it up. give to me one more time. [ foghorn sound effect ] [ laughter ] >> i just love that. we're taking a look at the beacon brightly this morning on the transamerica pyramid. even though we have fog, we have good visibility looking at the bright lights of oakland right now. air temperature around the bay area anywhere from 50 in santa rosa to


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