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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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moment. we can't clearly see the granite cliffs that towers 3,000 feet over our heads. you can tell that there's smoke coming in. >> reporter: now, here in the yosemite valley the smoke gets thicker. when asked, yosemite park rangers have been telling hikers probably best not to take a strenuous hike in these smoky conditions here in the valley today. >> give us some perspective. how close is this fire to the border of yosemite national park? >> reporter: it's in the ballpark of about 50 miles from where i'm standing. that's how large the plume of smoke is. we have seen maps from the national weather service satellite photos that show the smoke line going all the way up to nevada. >> thank you. several bay area fire departments have crews on the fire lines. firefighters from san francisco left for mariposa county just after 1:00 this morning. marin and san rafael departments are helping, as
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well. new at 6:00 a berkeley teacher who has drawn heat and praise is arrested for her role in a riot last summer. charges are based on several videos that show the teacher confronting a neo-nazi demonstrator at the state capital. she faces charges of assault and inciting a riot. kpix 5's susie steimle at the school district offices in berkeley where the teacher is still on the payroll. >> reporter: yvette felarca was arrested inside l.a.x. after stepping off a plane on tuesday night. since then, e has been held inside of a women's jail in l.a. county. because these are felony charges, not convictions, she is still a teacher at king middle school. [ screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: this is the video that led the sacramento district attorney to charge yvette felarca, a berkeley middle school teacher with
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felony assault. the riot happened in sacramento in june of 2016. protestors from a group called "by any means necessary." >> thinking about joining racist genocide like the nazi [ indiscernible ] that they are not welcome and if they trip and fall [ indiscernible ] they need go. >> reporter: three others were charged with felonies from that day. it took the d.a. this long to press charges because they were sifting true so much video. initially they had submitted arrest warrants for 101 people. but only 4 charges stuck. in addition to felony assault, felarca has been charged with participating in and inciting a riot. she still has her job, according to the district. when this video first circulated, she was placed on temporary leave. but the teachers union fought that and won. the district would not go on camera to discuss felarca's
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arrest but told us in previous interviews, they have little control over deciding when to let a teacher go. >> many people think that schools really do have the moral compass that we're able to use. that's absolutely not true. california education code very clearly defines if and when they would take action. >> reporter: california education code says a felony conviction automatically starts the dismissal process. but until that happens, legally, felarca should be able to remain a california teacher. we have learned through "by any means necessary" she posted bond at 6 a.m. this morning but for some reason her attorney hasn't been able to get her released from that l.a. county jail. and they are not sure why that is. they are hoping to bring her back home to berkeley. she will later be arraigned in sacramento. live in berkeley, susie steimle, kpix 5. no charges for three chp officers who shot and killed a man on highway 101 in san mateo back in april.
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the officers first responded to a rush hour traffic accident. then they got into a confrontation with luis pacheco orozco. police say he was armed with a handgun and was trying to carjack the other driver involved in the crash. some witnesses say the officers opened fire to protect themselves. now the district attorney's office says the lethal force that they used was lawful. southern california's attorney general is suing to block a deal put together by valero. he worries it could lead to a spike in gas prices. the case involves valero's purchase of a petroleum terminal in martinez. kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen on why the deal is raising questions. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. we are here in martinez at the plains petroleum storage and distribution facility. and this is the facility at issue in the center of the federal lawsuit. essentially, valero's refinery wants to purchase this facility, this distribution facility, but the state
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attorney general says has a refinery that also owns the distribution creates a monopoly and he has gone to court to stop it. >> this is a california thing. as -- i mean, just look at the price of gasoline. >> reporter: the price of gasoline is definitely a california thing. we pay more for gas because of taxes and environmental laws. but attorney general becerra says those are the only reasons to pay more. >> to pay for things that are meant to be paid for, not to line the pockets of a particular company. >> reporter: when the valero oil refinery decided to buy the last independent gas distribution center in northern california, his office stepped in to stop the sale. >> they don't have a right to gouge us. they don't have a right to manipulate the gasoline market. and the laws say that. >> reporter: the professor is an economist who specialize this is petroleum markets. he explained how valero could
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manipulate the market with this perform. >> where there are facilities that competitors need to use as well, and one firm buying them can gain a competitive advantage and reduce competition in the market by restrict the access of the other firms in the market. >> reporter: california's attorney general is fighting the sale. a hearing on his motion is scheduled for next month. but the professor says this is just a first step. >> so something is clearly wrong in the california gasoline market. >> reporter: he says state taxes and laws only cost about 35 cents a gallon. so why are californians paying 60 cents more than the national average? he doesn't know. and finding out costs money. >> legislature, if they are really interested in saving californian money and gasoline, should be putting significantly more resources into figuring out where the problems are and how to fix them. >> reporter: we reached out to the defendants in the case. now, valero did not respond to
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our questions. and plains issued a statement saying they are disappointed in the actions by the attorney general and they vowed to vigorously defend against this lawsuit. live in martinez, melissa caen, kpix 5. new at 6:00, san francisco drivers will be seeing more red as in those painted red lanes for buses only. the plans moving forward would make it tougher to navigate one of the city's busiest streets. kpix 5's emily turner live on geary street. >> reporter: it's called geary bus rapid transit. but not everybody is on board with in new program. it will make this east/west corridor like market or van ness, it will be red-plus only lanes, expanded sidewalks and street corners and restricted left turns. >> not only is geary one of the busiest corridors for buses west of the mississippi, but it's also one of the most dangerous for pedestrians trying to get across the street.
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>> reporter: eight times more dangerous than any other street, she says. but there's also danger facing businesses along geary. impacts from construction and the resulting gridlock, lack of park, not to mention the general confusion when it comes to navigating a new road system. >> think it's going to be a huge -- i think it's going to be a huge challenge, especially for a destination business like ours. as i said, it relies on parking. we have people coming buying cases of wine, have to be loaded into cars. if people can't park right in front, you know, they're note going to come here. >> reporter: bus riders will save an average of 10 to 15 minutes per trip when it's all said and done. drivers, on the other hand, be prepared to wait. mta plans to improve the traffic signals but are taking away an entire lane for the entire length of the corridor. what's your message to drivers who feel like first market, now van ness, and then geary is up and coming? they're frustrated. >> they are a little frustrated. but they also have options. people will have the option to
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take a bus by saving time that way. >> reporter: before the project begins, which could be as early as january, mta plans to meet with local and business owners to work on detailed design plans. phase 1, which is the part you see in red, will go from market to stanyan where bus-only lines will take the lanes closest to the curb. >> as much as we, you know, really do support public transportation, it just doesn't always fit into everyone's schedules including ours. >> reporter: sfmta still has to get approval from caltrans and also sta before they move forward with the fall meeting with the stakeholders here on geary. there is a pending lawsuit right now that was filed against sfmta in regards to this. but because it is pending, they have no comment. live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. the warriors are already the most expensive ticket in basketball. now fans are being asked to make a big commitment to see them in their new arena. we break down the new season
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ticket plan. >> bay area city feeling the parking crunch. would you pay more for a premium spot? the new ideas to free up space. >> and oj simpson soon to be a free man. a live report on what's next for the former football star once he is out of prison. >> sunshine in dublin, sunshine just about everywhere throughout the bay area. that will be the constant. temperatures though, will not. yet another weekend warmup. your forecast next. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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and now the warriors are following suit. new at 6:00 the 49ers did it when they built their new stadium, and now the warriors are following suit. >> pretty common. the team just announced its new seat licensing agreement for the season ticketholders. kpix 5 reporter da lin on why the warriors say, this program's different from the rest. da. >> reporter: right. it's refundable. that's what they're saying. well, now this new arena is under construction, set to open in 2019. [ large background noise ] >> a lot of fans will be watching the game on tv instead of here in person. that's because they think the new pricing structure will price them out. >> the fans are the people that are going to be hurt most by this. sure, we're going to have tons of corporate seats and people paying to go see the games but are they going to be the people who got you there down at the
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rally in lake merritt? probably not. >> reporter: disappointed fans believe future games at chase center will be out of reach. >> season tickets are pricy enough without a fee on top of it. so i'll be watching on tv. i won't be attending the game. >> reporter: the warriors say fans who want season tickets at the new arena will first have to pay a membership fee. it will give fans the privilege to buy season tickets. the warriors president released a video statement saying the team will refund the full amount after 30 years. >> memberships are transferable. members will have access to tickets for public events to other events other than warriors games at chase center before the general public. >> reporter: essentially it's an interest-free loan to the team. they haven't had said how much but half of the season ticket memberships will be under $15,000. the other half would be higher. >> i kind of think of a car. [ laughter ] >> that seems like car value. >> reporter: mike has been a season ticketholder for five
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years. >> i'm going to buy any -- to mesh the warriors are the best entertainment in town. >> reporter: supporters tell me it's fair to ask fans for the money to pay for an expensive arena and highly paid superstars. >> so seats are going to be worth, you know, a substantial premium to what i'm going to pay. so, you know, here again, that makes me feel good. i don't feel like i'm investing in a losing proposition. >> reporter: most fans say they will be cheering from home. >> just an insult to your everyday fan for a team that's been with them through thick and thin. >> makes it more and more expensive. >> love you dearly but not in my budget. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of fans feeling that way. love you dearly, warriors, just don't have the money for it. now, sports experts say this is the best time for the warriors to get their fans to pony up. that's because interest is at an all-time high. two championships in three years, some of the best players in the league, some of the most likeable players in the league, as well. the warriors saying, 43,000 people on the wait list for the
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season tickets. so the demand is there. live in san francisco, da lin, kpix 5. burglars broke into cars parked at several east bay bart stations. they got away with cash, fastrak transponders and in some cases, the cars themselves. bart police say the thieves broke into two cars at the rockridge station in oakland yesterday. one car at fruitvale and one at the coliseum station. at south hayward, one car was stolen and another burglarized. the same goes for the bay fair station in san leandro. police also say someone told a catalytic converter from a car at the hercules park and ride. police in fremont looking for this car. they believe it was involved in an arson. a home owner says someone set fire to an american flag on their porch at mission boulevard and pickering avenue this week. the car is a light-colored newer honda civic. walnut creek's downtown is booming and it has a parking problem to match. but as kpix 5's john ramos tells us, the city has a plan to fix it. >> reporter: walnut creek has a
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problem that most cities would love to have. it's downtown is so popular that at times, there's simply no place left to park. >> but very difficult to find a spot. >> reporter: it may seem that way. but if you move just a block or two from the downtown's three main streets, there are often lots of empty spaces. so tonight, the city's transportation commission is considering a plan to even things out a bit. >> to lower parking rates and extend time limits in areas that are under used downtown and to increase rates in areas that are oversaturated. >> reporter: it would work like this. on core downtown streets and in the parking garages that now regularly fill up, the hourly rate would increase by 50 cents with street parking extending to 3 hours. but just outside those areas, the price would decrease by 25 cents per hour, with no time limit at all. >> so someone who wanted to park all day or maybe has a shift at work for four hours can park outside the main core
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downtown and walk to work or their destination. >> reporter: the goal is to have 15% of corrierre spaces available at any time which the city says will help commerce but some businesses say that may be a tough sell to their customers. >> people want to pull up in the front. they want to not walk. it's not for lack of that they don't want to exercise. they want to pull up where they're going. >> my feeling is if get away with that let's bump it again, you see how much of that we can get away with. >> reporter: officials want to encourage people to park farther out, freeing up spaces for those willing to pay more. they insist it will help business. and it wouldn't hurt the city's bottom line, either. in walnut creek, john ramos, kpix 5. in 2013, street meter rates were doubled to encourage people to use the city garages. now the garages fill up. so under the new proposal, the rates would go up there, as well. paul deanno joins us now. not a bad day out there today, paul. >> the reason why everybody likes to shop here and live
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here and work here and this is a big part of it. some of the best weather in the country arguably the best weather in the country. where can you find sunshine, 79 degrees and no humidity? san jose is one place. you like it one degree cooler, we have that at redwood city. how about the 60s in july? oh, we do that all month long in san francisco. and if you do like it warm but still with a lack of humidity, concord hit 90 degrees today. livermore 84. california state fair, if you like it hot, head to the state capital. not as hot as last weekend when they hit 107. but still 102 degrees in sacramento this weekend. and the stern grove festival is 40 degrees cooler or will be. that's sunday afternoon. of course, everybody sunday at stern grove throughout the summer mixture of sun and clouds should be a pleasantly chilly sunday afternoon in san francisco. so i'm loathe to use the words, you know, warm or cold because warm is 75 degrees to you in san francisco, cold is 80 degrees this time of year in places like concord and antioch. so it's all relative. but everybody will get an opportunity to warm up a few degrees over the next couple of
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days as this ridge of high pressure gets closer. one encroaching from the west, another one moving over the ocean, the bottom line the marine layer will get harder to push inland this weekend and it won't be as efficient in bringing that cool air inland. so you will be warmer with a few areas likely flirting with the 100-degree mark for a third consecutive weekend. fog returns to the coast and bay overnight tonight. lows will respond to the mid- 50s overnight tonight. we'll take a look at those numbers and look at another pleasant night, 57 for new fremont. san jose 57. san rafael 54. and redwood city 56. staying near normal tomorrow, the warmup is the weekend. tomorrow almost to the weekend, but we won't be terribly warm right atage for livermore, 87 degrees. 84 in napa. 89 for santa rosa. 60 for pacifica. then we warm this up weekend but seemingly for the ninth time this summer, the warmup will only be away from the water. temperatures near the bay, you might climb to the mid-70s. that's it. at the beach, you may make it
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to the mid-60s. that's it. but inland, well into the 90s with a few spots near 100 degrees. as we head toward next week, as soon as the weekend ends, so does the heat. we cool back to average as soon as monday. that's your forecast. >> thank you. it is a moment in time that they cannot recreate. the bay area newlyweds desperate to track down their stolen wedding photos. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. three americans are leading the british open. question is, did any of our insightful anchors pit the right leaders? we'll find out coming up.
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u.s. open last month...the pessimist might say he's rusty..the optimist? he'll pick up right where he left off, right?? brooks koepka hasn't played a tournament since he won the u.s. open last month. he might be rusty, or he will pick up where he left off,
6:24 pm
right? the weather expected done april factor this week at the british open. jordan spieth playing for the first time since winning in connecticut last month and he picked up with every he left off. he sticks the approach on 8 to set up one of five birdies. he shot a 65 got a share of the lead. another player spent more time in one of the course's 123 bunkers than he perhaps would have liked. the first attempt rolls back into the trap. this is not a replay. rolls back on the second attempt. he triple bogeyed the hole. u.s. open champ brooks koepka did better out of the bunker, holes out for birdie. no rust there. he has the lead at 65. shot of the day belonged to that man! charley hoffman from the rough on the par 4 second hole and he can keep the putter in the bag. hoffman holes out for an eagle. he is just 2 shots back. matt kuchar joined them atop
6:25 pm
the leaderboard. koepka trying to become the first player to win the u.s. open and the british in the same year since tiger in 2000. spieth credited his bogey-free round to a key change in his routine. >> brushed my teeth and then brushed this and then i got out here and i -- cameron offered me a piece of gum. i thought i better keep it in and it's still in now. [ laughter ] >> probably time for a new piece. >> do not change that! here's the anchor picks. veronica 57th with mcilroy. >> not bad. >> paul terrible pick. >> fleetwood mac horrible pick which belongs to wayne our director. learn the game and get back to
6:26 pm
me. former giant sergio romo is basically cut. he has an era over 6. maybe he will return to san francisco. our catch of the day. look at this baby. braden, isn't that something? look how happy that kid is. he is from petaluma. he is only 4.5. and this is his first-ever rainbow trout at lower sardine lake. >> oh. >> in the sierra county. i have been in that sardine lake. fantastic place to take your family and go backpacking. send us your fishing pictures to i trade tried with no success at sardine lake. no fish in this lake. >> way to go, brandon! [ laughter ] coming up, in our next half- hour oj simpson granted parole. the world watches as the former athlete makes his plea for freedom. what life will be like once he is out of prison. >> a bay area police dog bites
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a toddler! now her parents are demanding justice. they are speaking out about her painful recovery. 811 is a free service to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. a las vegas robbery.. the former n-f-l player could be released a our top story at 6:30, oj
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simpson granted parole after nearly nine years in prison for a las vegas robbery. the former nfl player could get out october 1. in our snapshot poll we are asking if you agree with that decision to grant oj simpson parole. yes or no? go to we'll show the results as they come in at the bottom of the screen. but first, cbs reporter chris martinez live in carson city where the board granted simpson's release today. chris. >> reporter: allen, this did not take long for them to reach that decision. they distributed for just about 30 minutes or so before coming back in and voting to grant oj simpson parole and now in less than three months he will be a free man. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: with a unanimous vote, a nevada parole board agreed to release oj simpson from prison. >> you're a low risk to re- offend on our guidelines. >> reporter: the decision came after a hearing where simpson testified that he was
6:31 pm
remorseful for his part in an armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in las vegas in 2007. >> i spent nine years making no excuses about anything. i am sorry that things turned out the way they did. >> reporter: the parole board in this case could not consider simpson's acquittal in the 1994 murder of his wife and her friend. the 70-year-old said he apologized to his victims in the robbery including bruce fromong. >> bruce is traumatized by it. fortunately, as i said, we talked it out. he knew that, um, i would never condone, um, what happened. he accepted my apology. >> reporter: simpson appeared nervous at first as did parole board members who don't typically get this much media attention. >> you are currently -- well, very recently turned 90 years old -- 90! i'm sorry about that. [ laughter ] >> i feel like it though. >> reporter: simpson's daughter
6:32 pm
was among several supporters who asked for his freedom. >> he truly is remorseful. and we just want him to come home so that we can move forward. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> reporter: that day could come as early as october 1. >> this was widely expected to turn out this way today by a lot of folks. one of the reasons why, this same parole board, the same four board members, voted in 2013 to grant simpson parole. the problem then was that he still needed to serve four more years, allen, in order to reach his minimum sentence of 9 years. >> so chris, he said he wants to move to florida when he gets out. any word on how he will be able to afford it? how he is going to make a living? >> reporter: well, that's what he wants to do. that's going to be -- they have to work that out between the state of nevada and the state of florida. his family is there. many of his family members are
6:33 pm
there. so that's his support network. but if nothing else, he does still have access to his nfl pension and we are told that it's estimated to run about $25,000 a month. so he at least has that. >> he can do that. all right. chris, thanks so much. new information on a deadly shooting near hayward. a man killed while pushing his 3-month-old in a baby stroller. 29-year-old daniel del toro was on willow street in hayward when he was gunned down. del toro had been released from jail recently and was spending time with his wife and baby. authorities say they are still looking for reasons someone would shoot someone in front of their child. the killing brought tears and prayers from neighbors including a 9-year-old who was nearly hit by a stray bullet last may. >> i don't like it one bit because over there, i got shot and i thought i was going to die. [ crying ] >> and i'm really scared of this neighborhood. i don't want to live here anymore in this neighborhood.
6:34 pm
[ crying ] >> alameda county authorities say the area where the shooting took place is not a high crime area. >> it's just heartbreaking. president trump says he regrets tapping jeff sessions to be his attorney general. but today sessions said that he is going to stay on the job for the time being. >> we love this job. we love this department. and i plan to continue to do so as long as it's appropriate. >> the white house says the president still has confidence in the attorney general. but earlier, he told the "new york times," well, he was frustrated that sessions recused himself from the investigation into the alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. >> if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> during that interview, the president also said the independent counsel mueller shouldn't try to dig into the family finances saying it would cross a red line. senator john mccain of arizona is thanking people who sent him their best wishes as
6:35 pm
he fights brain cancer. today he tweeted, quote, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon. so stand by. doctors have diagnosed the 80-year-old senator with an aggressive type of brain tumor. they found it while removing a blood clot above his eye last friday. mccain is now at home in arizona considering a course of treatment that may include chemotherapy and radiation. coming up, a dream wedding then heartbreaking news for a bay area couple. the search to find the stolen photos from their big day. >> elon musk has the green light, he says, to build the hyperloop through several states.
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a police dog. it happened last friday as officers were trying to arrest the girl's uncle. now... kpix five's devin fehely her parents ar a san jose toddler was bit by a police dog and got stitches. it happened last friday as officers were trying to arrest the girl's uncle. now kpix 5's devin fehely tells us her parents are seeking a settlement from the city. >> all i want is justice for my
6:38 pm
daughter. >> reporter: justice for the emotional and physical scars store the 22-year-old-month-old daughter arabella from a police department k-9. >> the first thing the dog did was bite my daughter on her back. she wasn't doing anything provoking the dog. >> reporter: surrounded by police officers, the mother was helpless to stop the attack last friday night or even to comfort her daughter. >> she was screaming and crying. she was saying, ouch, ouch. and it's something that could have just been all avoided. >> reporter: san jose police wouldn't discuss the attack on camera today. but in a prepared statement, police say they were attempting to serve pena's brother with an arrest warrant. but when officers and the dog entered the home, things went wrong quickly. >> it was horrific what happened. i just wanted to hug-goer and kiss her and tell her everything is going to be all right. you're okay. but i couldn't even do that. the officers wouldn't release me. >> reporter: arabella was left with a bite mark on her back.
6:39 pm
she was rushed to the hospital where doctors put in 6 stitches to close the wound. and the emotional trauma hasn't healed, either. watch what happens her mom tries to show us her injury. police eventually arrested her brother. devin fehely, kpix 5. a mountain lion has been spotted near the cal campus. yesterday morning, somebody spotted the big cat near warring street off the campus track. close to the claremont canyon regional preserve. it's an area where animals are known to hunt for deer. police say there have been several big cat sightings and they are warning people to keep their pets indoors and not to go out alone. a bay area grandma about to face her fear of flying. in an extreme way. why she is going skydiving for the first time. >> baseball tonight at at&t park. the padres in town for four games. 62 degrees. pretty comfortable. not that windy in san francisco right now. subtle changes as we head
6:40 pm
toward the weekend. isn't that a gorgeous picture? the forecast is coming up. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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a 6.7 magntitude earthquake has jolted the greek isalnd of kos. the mayor there says at least two people were killed.. searchers breaking news from overseas. 6 poison 6.7 quake hit a greek island. two people were killed. searchers are looking for others who might be trapped now. that quake hit at 1:30 a.m. local time. chester bennington was found dead this morning. the lead singer of linkin park hanged himself as a suicide. bennington was linkin park's front man and known for his piercing scream. the band was scheduled to go on tour next week and play in san jose in on the. he was-- he was supposed to play in san jose in october. no word on whether the show will go on. a woman got married at san francisco city hall and her photos were stolen. after the wedding the
6:44 pm
photographer the couple hired had parked just outside of the presidio and the thieves stole his cameras. the memory cards were inside. >> the equipment can be replaced. but the pictures cannot. so at this point, that's our last concern. our main concern is our wedding photographs. >> they can't recreate the day but the photographer has offered to shoot new pictures. elon musk is hyping up the idea of bringing hyperloop to the east coast. now on twitter, he wrote, just received verbal government approval for the boring company to build an underground new york-philadelphia, baltimore, dc hyper loop. new york to dc in 29 minutes. no details of the next steps. hyperloop would let people travel in pods through tubes using magnetic levitation at speeds of more than 700 miles an hour. so far, new york city and philadelphia leaders say they
6:45 pm
haven't been contacted about the plan. a bay area grandmother what a fear of flying is about to face those fears. maria medina in danville with why that woman is skydiving at 71 years old. >> i don't like heights. i don't like to fly. >> reporter: at 71, rebecca byram is doing something she never imagined. >> i will be jumping out of an airplane. >> she just came up with this idea. >> reporter: her husband will be there with her skydiving for the first time. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: but out of all the people who will cheer them on, there's one person in particular they are doing it for. >> he is not afraid to fly like i am. >> reporter: their grandson alex. >> i hope it just shows him how much we love him. >> reporter: last year doctors diagnosed him with a rare bone cancer. he was only 11. >> well, it's been pretty hard. yeah. >> reporter: as she watched her grandson suffer from the pain, the chemo and surgery, it
6:46 pm
brought up emotions. >> this is cynthia. >> from two decades ago. >> i lost a daughter years ago in a car accident. so i know what it's like. to loses a child. >> reporter: she began working as a grief counseling to help other parents. now she wants to do more for children with cancer. >> this weekend rebecca and tom will skydive in san diego for kids diagnosed with cancer. >> maria medina, kpix 5. now the results of our snapshot poll. we asked to you weigh in on the nevada parole board's decision. whether to grant oj simpson parole. do you agree? >> 60% of you tonight say yes. simpson should be set free. 40% of you, though, say no.
6:47 pm
thanks so much for voting in tonight's snapshot poll. all right. paul, let's go to the weather. we like it. >> two thumbs up around here. tell you what. there's not much to argue w temperatures near normal, sunshine even at the golden gate. this would be ground zero for the intruce of fog. 86 right now in concord. santa rosa 1 degree warmer at 87. san jose a nice stretch of weather. 70s and low 80s for the past several days. san francisco breezy. 62 so that marine air is still there even if you can't see it. san francisco marathon, golden gate bridge closed for a time. coastal fog, one would argue some pretty nice running weather, not many marathons in july. 57 degrees but the one in san francisco certainly will be. overnight tonight, mid-50s in
6:48 pm
san francisco and san rafael and napa. fairfield tonight 57 degrees. fremont 57. 55 in the tri-valley and redwood city overnight tonight, 56. just minor changes to this map. it looks like every other satellite review i have showed you throughout the week but these tiny changes can make a significant impact on our weather. our weather is so sensitive, how strong is that onshore flow. is it there? is it turning a bit? low pressure in the pacific northwest is moving away. this will compress the marine layer which means it's harder to move in. if it's thick it will spill into the everyone's backyard. in this days, less so. and we are going to see more warming inland tomorrow. and even more as we head toward the weekend because the marine air will not make it as far to the east or the north. overnight tonight low cloud cover, san mateo county, san francisco spilling into alameda and contra costa counties. but it will burn off very rapidly and you will enjoy another sun splashed afternoon for your friday. as you begin your weekend. saturday, that will be the
6:49 pm
warmest day. the ridge will be at its closest, marine air weakest west to east. warmest day will be saturday. two or three degrees warmer at the coast. inland warmer close to 100 degrees. so close to the triple digits mark for a third consecutive weekend. warmer this afternoon but warmer on the weekend. how close to average? we're talking with two degrees of normal tomorrow. cloudy in half moon bay tomorrow. dublin 83 with sunshine. low 90s tomorrow. delta the low 90s. only 60 in daly city. berkeley morning cloud cover 71. napa 84. santa rosa 89. cloverdale tomorrow still hot for you 93. extended forecast shows you the two hottest days inland.
6:50 pm
saturday and as you understand. but still 60s at the beach, still 70s near the bay with cooling back to average by the beginning of next week. so if it's going to be hot, why not hot on the days where you actually can use your pool? perfect timing. >> why not? >> perfect timing. >> why not. thanks, paul. coming up, drones battle it out in a drag race. we watched top pilots go head to head in a remote-controlled showdown of speed. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 new research shows americans are having less sex than ten years ago. tonight we're asking you why you think that is. maybe technology or have people changed? tweeting me at #veronicadlcruz. oin us on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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6:53 pm
series of races... with a 10 thousand a competition in san francisco today was the first of its kind, drone pilots took part in a series of races with a $10,000 prize on the line. >> going to be cool. kpix 5's kiet do shows us the organizers have another goal in mind besides seeing who can fly the fastest. >> reporter: he was in the middle. let's face it drones have an
6:54 pm
image problem from concerns about snooping and invading privacy to interfering with airlines and firefighters, drones have been getting a bad rap. but the aerial sports league is out to change that. 16 of california's fastest drone pilots have gathered in san francisco for the first officially sanctioned drone drag race. follow the racetrack along the blue line and go through the red rectangles as fast as you can. so drones are insanely fast, finishes a quarter mile track in seconds. >> 103 miles an hour. >> reporter: mark is the ceo of the aerial sports league. he said sporting events like these help to put drones in a more positive light. >> not only have i seen drones being used for sports and games but increasingly they are being used in education and science and engineering programs. so the "stem" possibilities, the educational possibilities, in addition to these kind of sporting events, have real lay made drones mainstream. >> reporter: this pilot is one of the heavy favorites and says
6:55 pm
drones are moving out of the fringe realm of geeks and nerds. >> more and more people have seen it on it, hear it on the news and come up with interest, not privacy concerns or thinking we're trying to look at their backyard. >> reporter: that's one final rule, don't crash! take it from the jinx pilot here, 11-year-old from the youngest pilot, 11 years old. >> if you are too confident you might start going fast. don't be too overconfident and get out of control and hit something and your drone blows up. you have to stick with what you're flying and you don't try to do anything extra crazy. >> reporter: in san francisco, kiet do, kpix 5. >> too cool. >> it's all about being crazy. ♪[ music ]
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey!
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[captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how are y'all? [indistinct] thank you very much. [indistinct] i'm very blessed, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one today. returning for their third day with a total of $40,000, from atlanta, georgia, it's the champs, it's the black family. [cheering and applause] and from chicago, illinois, it's the zamost family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and somebody, somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] well, let's go meet 'em, y'all. it's the champs.
6:59 pm
it's the black family. [cheering and applause] woman: yeah! steve: i don't--i don't know what to tell you, man. you win two games and $40,000? whoo! [cheering and applause] yeah. now, folks, tre is playing to get his phone privileges back. [laughter and applause] tre lost his phone privileges... for two years. [audience oohs] he has broke e t


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