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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it's friday. we made it. wahoo! >> what's going on? >> looking at that golden gate bridge -- >> let's look at my necklace real quick. that's more important. >> all good now. >> we're looking at the golden gate bridge, big doings with the san francisco marathon this weekend. they are having some closures. that's the best part of the whole race, the rest of us healing, but running over the bridge is the best part. i'm not doing it this year, but i have done it twice before. you have to gather at vista point. it's drizzly from the fog and it's freezing and you can't wait for the race to start. once it starts, you want it to end. it's a hard race. >> i always want the race to end. >> it's the only marathon in the country in july because we can because it's so cool. so you can do that. how cool is it going to be? let's look at the low clouds and fog. you can't see the bay because
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it's dark outside. temperature-wise into the 50s. it's 53 in santa rosa. 56 degrees in san francisco. wind speeds have been picking up away from the bay up to 12 in san ramon and towards the antioch area and in livermore. 21 fairfield. later today breezy afternoon, numbers are going up. we'll talk about this weekend, triple digits, which day to expect it. right now, let's say good morning to the lovely jaclyn dunn. good morning. happy friday. we made it! we are dealing with a crash westbound 80 at el portal drive. we have one lane blocked. at one point the chp had blocked all lanes. so now they have just one lane blocked. and a little bit of a backup. speeds are really at the limit now through there. it's still early, traffic is light. here's a look at your ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like we have some
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minor slowdowns across the upper deck. but other than that, no metering lights. just a backup in the cash lanes. this massive wildfire near yosemite has destroyed nearly 100 structures and it's now burning closer and closer to two towns. kpix 5's andria borba shows us the fight against the flames and how yosemite campers are reacting to the change in scenery. >> reporter: in the hills outside coulterville airplanes chase the fading sunlight looking for a place to drop retardant on the detwiler fire. managing the skies above the fire is a delicate dance of planes and helicopters weaving in and out of the smoke trying to stop the fire while avoiding each other. >> our firefighters that have come in here are treating this fire as if it's their home ground. >> reporter: on the ground, more than 3,000 firefighters continue to make a stand against the fire to save homes. throughout the central sierra, the effects of the fire were
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felt. 50 miles away from the detwiler fire, the most famous vistas in the world like half dome and glacier point disappeared behind a shroud of smoke. >> we came yesterday and we were at first disappointed because we had been looking forward to the great views. and we were a bit afraid that the smoke would take all the views. >> reporter: with road closures and evacuations still going on, yosemite's famous west gate which should be full was empty. >> we got stuck trying to get in through mariposa. capital go that way. so we are going down 120 -- can't go that way, so we're going down 120 to get out of here. >> reporter: coulterville is evacuated. there are more firefighters heading here to try and get containment on the fire. so far, cal fire thinks the earliest they can get this fire fully contained is august 5. in coulterville, andria borba, kpix 5. right now, the flames have
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burned more than 70,000 acres. the fire is just 10% contained. 1500 structures are considered threatened. back in the bay area, crews were kept busy by a few grassfires yesterday. one charred five acres in los altos hills, but it never approached buildings or homes. investigators suspect that the flames stem from a mower that was cutting brush. this brush fire in san jose forced an off-ramp closure from highway 85 to bascom avenue. that's not far from good samaritan hospital. the flames also shut down one lane of the highway temporarily. all right. 4:34. let's get a check on our hot forecast this weekend. >> well, that's why it's so important, the stories that you just mentioned about people working outdoors and cutting down grass and weeds and doing the defensible thing right now to protect your home, but you have to be mindful of the sparks. think back to the oakland fire in 1990. all right, good morning. we have overcast skies. you can see the top of the
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transamerica pyramid, which is a good thing. the ceiling hasn't lowered yet this morning. transamerica pyramid 853 feet tall. so the ceiling has to be above 900 feet at this hour. 53 santa rosa, 57 and clear in livermore. it's overcast in oakland. winds have been picking up away from the bay, 12 in throughout the san ramon valley and also in antioch. 21 in the fairfield area. winds will be variable 10 to 20. so it's going to be warmer this afternoon. the warmest days again will be saturday and sunday. scorchers over the weekend. then the quick cooldown begins with near normal temperatures by monday. the only thing i don't like about it being hot on the weekend is you can't get the free air-conditioning at the work if you have the weekends off. but i digress. 60s through 90s today. 48 in san jose. triple digits and the day to expect it the details coming
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up. but right now, let's send it to jaclyn. we are tracking a hot spot in the south bay. an earlier fire, looks like it spread to some of the grass in that area, fire crews on the scene. it's near highway 85 at bascom avenue. fire crews have shut down the off-ramp. but no problem for drivers. if you see smoke or flashing lights as you are traveling along that stretch, that's what's going on. over at the altamont pass, the usual delays along westbound 205 heading out of tracy continuing along 580. once you get past livermore, things pick up. we have still under 25 minutes between 205 and 680. this crash is cleared, westbound 80 at el portal but we are still seeing a residual delay on westbound 80 through the san pablo and richmond areas. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. right now, san francisco
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police searching for suspects after a deadly stabbing in hayes valley. officers found the victim on the sidewalk at lily and octavia around 7 p.m. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no motive. deputies have identified a father shot and killed while pushing his baby in a stroller. he is 29-year-old daniel del toro. there is now a memorial for him on willow street where it happened. it happened on wednesday, deputies believing del toro was targeted. neighbors say they are tired of all the crime in the area. >> i don't like it one bit because over there i got shot and i thought i was going to die. [ crying ] >> and i'm really scared of this neighborhood. and have a little sister. and i don't want her to live here and grow up in this neighborhood. [ crying ] >> that's tough to hear. so far, there have not been any arrests or information about a suspect. the baby is okay and is in child protective services.
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police in fremont are searching for the arsonist who torched an american flag on someone's front porch. take a good look at this car. surveillance cameras recorded this video around the same time the flag was burned. police believe that the driver may be connected to the fire at mission boulevard and pickering avenue this week. the car is a light-colored newer model honda civic. after spending the past nine years behind bars, oj simpson will soon walk free. kpix 5's betty yu shows us the former football star convinced a nevada parole board to release him from jail. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. and that will complete this hearing. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's exactly what he wanted to hear. oj simpson now 70 years old, will soon be free on parole. >> it was a serious crime and there was no excuse for it. >> reporter: the hearing via video conference lasted more than an hour as commissioners asked simpson how prison had
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changed him. >> are you humbled by this incarceration? >> oh, yes. for sure. >> reporter: while expressing regret, he insisted it was others who decided to bring guns. the day in las vegas, they robbed two memorabilia dealers of items simpson believed had been stolen from him. he said he never meant to hurt anyone. >> i'm no danger, i didn't pull a gun on anybody. i never have in my life. i have never been accused of it. >> reporter: simpson has made amends with his victim. one of the dealers robbed that day told the parole board he has forgiven him. >> he is a good man. he made a mistake. >> reporter: simpson's oldest daughter. >> we just want him to come home so that we can move forward for us quietly. >> i'm not a guy who lives a criminal life. you know? i'm a pretty straight shooter. >> reporter: this lit up social media given the accusation he murdered his wife and her friend. >> i have always thought i have
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been pretty good with people and, um, i basically have been a conflict-free -- i basically have lived a conflict-free life. >> there are a lot of things you might say about oj simpson. you might say the acquittal is fair. to say he has lived a conflict- free life? i don't think so! >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> simpson said he missed 36 birthdays with his children while behind bars and missed their college graduations. once he is out, simpson plans to return to florida where he was living before he went to prison. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says they'll remain on the job despite a very public vote of no confidence from president trump. >> we love this job. we love this department. and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> the white house insists that the president still has confidence in the attorney general but president trump told the "new york times" that he was frustrated that sessions recused himself from the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. >> if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me
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before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> he also said that robert mueller shouldn't dig into family finances because that would cross a red line. 4:41. researchers from the bay area are trying to take something positive out of the disastrous detwiler fire near yosemite. >> plus, a warning about the fish in a bay area lake. developing news overseas.
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at least two people have died.. from a powerful earthquake in turkey and greece. initial reports.. say it was a magnitude 6-point- 7. coastal overseas authorities say at least two people died from a powerful earthquake in turkey and greece. it was a magnitude 6.7. some people evacuated hotel rooms and slept on the beach. two people died when a ceiling collapsed on them. the latest reports say that nearly 200 people are hurt in both countries. a small tsunami also hit the greek island of cos.
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there's no word on the damage yet. a health warning about the fish in a san francisco lake. state environmentalists are concerned about the level of mercury and pcbs in the northlake at lake merced. mercury causes damage to the brain and nervous system of children and adults. pcbs cause cancer in animals. avoid eating channel catfish caught in the northlake and limit consumption of black bass and rainbow trout. in santa barbara county, a kayaker now speaking about his scary run-in with a great white shark. the incident sparked a third shark advisory in southern california. he says he was kayaking off east beach when he saw a shark's nose and jaw coming straight at him. the 6' kayaker wasn't hurt but he explained it was quite a shock. >> it grabbed on. i didn't see it coming or anything, just i was getting bit on the side of the kayak like that. and it drove me sideways two or
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three feet, flipped me over without thinking, i just ended up on the bottom of the kayak which was out of the water. >> one of the recent southern california attacks involved a male great white shark. one expert estimates it had to be 11 to 13 feet long. the detwiler fire is causing huge problems in mariposa county. but kpix 5's maria medina shows us it's providing an opportunity for research that may save lives. >> reporter: it's a sight normally taken as a threat to life. >> it's beautiful, majestic in its own sort of way. >> reporter: but to these men a smoke plume is a sign for them to stay. >> it's very exciting. >> reporter: if you take a closer look at the video they captured of this smoke plume just yesterday at the detwiler fire, you can see it rotating. >> the fire whirl which is very dangerous and extremely dangerous fire behavior. >> reporter: these ar others at other past fires. what is new is that san jose
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state researche are getting a rare glimpse inside smoke plumes using special instruments that collect data like wind speeds. >> it creates its own weather but this is the first time to document it. >> reporter: the goal to figure out whether smoke will affect air quality on the ground or miles away and warn firefighters of changing winds or even fire whirls. >> the goal is to be able to do realtime warnings. >> reporter: the detwiler fire massively destructive. but someday, it may actually save lives. >> it's what we're out there for, to better understand these systems. >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. we just can't get enough of that flame video. you never want to see that fire, but the flames are just -- it's, um, very appealing to watch, i guess. >> mesmerizing. >> yeah. >> yeah. it is. >> we really got to be careful out there. yeah. it's really a sad state at this particular time.
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my favorite forest ranger out of yosemite, phillip russell, he always sends me these gorgeous pictures of yosemite. so he sent me this picture yesterday, just gorgeous, black and white photographer. i wrote, how are you? how is the fire? he goes, well that's why i sent you a black and white. i didn't want you to see the haze. no, i want to see it! i want to see what's going on. but it was a gorgeous black and white photo. i'll share it with you later in the newscast. hi, everybody. good morning. let's head outside right now, where we have some overcast skies. transamerica pyramid, we can see the top of the beacon there which leads me to believe the ceiling is above 853 feet. clear in santa rosa. by our satellite and radar you can see the stratus developing hanging very tight to the san mateo coast this morning. we will see sunshine back to the beaches except for daly city and in colma. zonal flow continues for us here with the area of low pressure to the north. but high pressure this dome is
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expanding, getting closer to the bay area. when that happens and it strengthens, our temperatures go up. 60s in monterey bay for today this big getaway friday all the way back through carmel and pebble beach. 90s common in throughout the interior valley. high 70s in the greater lake tahoe area and in yosemite. but the air quality has been compromised through sacramento into fresno. we have the upper-level winds. they are beginning to turn to the west. they will be pretty robust later this afternoon with the westerly flow. and that means we'll see some less smoke in the tahoe area which yesterday a couple of people told me was pretty thick. temperatures across the bay area in the 60s at the beaches, 60s, 70s bayside, 70s and 80s around the peninsula. 84 in san jose. 70s60s through 90s today.
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variable winds 10 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures pop away from the bay on saturday. then we begin to cool down sunday, near normal temperatures on monday through thursday in our inland areas. jaclyn has been waiting to go to the california state fair. she wants herself some corn dog action here. the weekend will be very hot in sacramento. i know you like those corn dogs. or was it the funnel clouds? >> the funnel cake. >> here's jaclyn with traffic. >> cotton candy and churros, you name it, i love that fair food. i'm going to sacramento this weekend, so who knows, maybe i'll go. a quiet ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are moving right at the limit. no delays for drivers heading westbound making your way into san francisco. pretty quiet on the roads. we had a couple of earlier accidents. they are cleared.
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the usual slowdowns westbound 205 and 580. this is typical. we haven't jumped into the yellow yet still under 25 minutes between 205 and 680. in san jose, some slowdowns along portions of highway 17. but earlier, a fire had shut down the bascom avenue off-ramp from 85 southbound. but 85, speeds still at the limit no delays. out of hayward into foster city along the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic light moving well in both directions. no delays and we continue to see some good speeds as you make your way across the golden gate bridge. just a heads up there will be a closure in the northbound direction sunday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and that's for the san francisco marathon. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:50. homeland security officials are rolling back some of the recent
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restrictions imposed on international travelers. >> and a san francisco woman has the internet buzzing about a creepy image she captured on a flight from long beach. ♪[ music ]
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for the past 4 months... the u-s banned laptop computers from the cabins of planes heading for the u-s.. from the middle east. but eland security the laptop ban on planes is lifted. for four months the u.s. banned the laptop computers heading in planes for the u.s. from the middle east but now all airports in the region met new security standards. that includes testing electronic devices for hidden bombs and increased passenger screening. a photo taken on an airplane is going viral for capturing a nightmare passenger. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us why a woman got off on the
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wrong foot with a fellow traveler. >> here we are. the original photograph. >> reporter: at first, jesse's entire row was empty. she tweeted, my two favorite people to sit with on a plane. >> oh, yeah. i was jazzed for about three minutes. [ laughter ] until this happened. >> reporter: this, two bare feet that came out of nowhere. what jesse tweeted next has gone viral. today i flew on the set of a nightmare. >> it was a doozy, yeah. i mean, it was kind of surreal to see it. if you see the picture it looks like two separate feet right there. so it was definitely, like, a touch of horror in the image. fast funny, though. >> reporter: did they just appear? did they sneak up? >> one of the arm rests kind of came crashing down. and then i saw this little, like, slithering foot come out. >> ew. >> then another one out of the other side and i was like whoa, what's happening! i have to take a picture. i was trying to be undetected. >> reporter: what did we not see in the picture, did it
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stink? >> they weren't dirty. there's a half pedi left on them. when the left foot reached open and opened and closed the window shade. >> reporter: ew. >> it was real special. >> reporter: jessie a conference designer in san francisco says as airline incidents have become popular on social media, it doesn't surprise her the feet photo has resonated. still, she says it's been a strange experience. >> i mean, everybody gets their 15 minutes. i didn't think mine would be with feet. >> reporter: it's funny until the next time someone steps on someone's toes on an airplane. joe vazquez, kpix 5. police are looking into a string of car break-ins at several east bay bart stations. bart police say that the thieves broke into two cars at the rockridge station in oakland wednesday. one car at fruitvale and one at the coliseum station. at south hayward, one car was also stolen and another burglarized. the same happened at the bay fair station in san leandro.
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police also say someone stole a catalytic converter from a car at the hercules "park & ride." a man and wife recently married in san francisco are now searching for the stolen photos of their special moment. they got married at san francisco city hall. friends and family took some photos but someone stole them from their wedding photographer's car after the ceremony. cameras and cards are missing. >> the pictures can't be replaced. our main concern is our wedding photographs. >> reporter: their photographer has offered to take new pictures that might recreate their day. it's about 3 minutes before 5:00. a huge wildfire continues to burn near yosemite national park. new numbers on the structures destroyed and the challenges firefighters facing today. >> reporter: the golden gate
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, everyone. it is friday, july 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning. look at that. we have 880 in oakland on the right. and on the left, we have been told the golden gate bridge is there somewhere. can't really see it this morning right now but we'll see it eventually. >> but it is the golden gate bridge. >> i'm thinking this is friday. we have one more friday left in the month of july. where's the summer going? i was seeing in my email this morning, back-to-school specials. >> next you will see halloween and christmas stuff. >> summer is whipping on by. it's been hot here in the bay
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area. nine times we have had temperatures into the triple digits. this weekend the same. right now low clouds at the coast, clear skies at the east bay, you can see the lights of oakland. it's the 50s in the tri-valley also san francisco and good morning san jose. 59 degrees. windy at the delta. slightly warmer by this afternoon. warmest days saturday and sunday. a


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