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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> once a giant, always a giant. >> not everybody agrees. cheers and boos, as former giant pablo sandoval returns to the team for the first time back in the bay area. good evening. sandoval left san francisco on a sour note, and just recently said he's sorry about it. he is works his way through the minors. kitty was at the san jose/giants game. she talked about the return of the panda. >> reporter: it was an interesting night here in san jose, as pablo sandoval made his return to the single-a team, but when he stepped up to the plate, fans had mixed reaction. tonight is one of those stellar nights, perfect for takingment kids to a minor league game. but the crowd came for one
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reason. the return of former giant pablo sandoval. >> i love it! go giants, i'm so glad he's back. >> he's awesome. he's from here. >> reporter: but with every cheer, there was an equally loud jeer. he left the giants in 2014 after helping the team win the world series. he went to the boston red sox where he struggled at the plate and defense. >> i'm pretty sure that boston didn't care for panda the way we do. so hopefully he'll be successful here. i hope he is. >> reporter: now after three years, he's back, and apologized in a statement for saying the only giant he would miss were bruise bochy and hunter pence. he said when i left the giants in 2014, my comments were emotional, and insensitive and miss guided. i truly regret and apologize for my actions. >> you know what?
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he apologized. i feel bad. but, you know, i guess he's sorry. might as well give him a chance. >> i'll always love him. once a giant, always a giant. >> whatever happened, happened. the team needs a spark and i think he's going to deliver. >> reporter: this is the first of three games pablo sandoval was scheduled to play in san jose. he did not talk with the media tonight, but is scheduled to play again tomorrow, and monday. tuesday, he'll head to the aaa sacramento river cats. in san jose, kpix5. two of the best soccer teams in the world real mad drift, and manchester united are to faceoff at levi stadium. the game is expected to cause major gridlock. because great america right next door is going to be open. 49ers play at levi, the theme park closes so the fans can use the parking lot and get out with less traffic, but not tomorrow. so traffic will likely come to
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a standstill. >> now they close the roads, all the games here and stuff. >> santa clara pd and highway patrol will be on hand to help with traffic and security. the game starts at 2:00. just about 8 hours from now, runners will fill the lanes of the gold again gate bridge for the san francisco marathon, 27,000 people will take part in the 40th annual event. security will be tight. the gold again deny gate will be shut down from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. >> runners' safety is a top priority, and we work with organizations up and through race day to make sure we're making precautions and augments plans, to secure the safety for spectators and runners. >> race organizers say there will be street closures and gridlock in some parts of the city, so leave the car at home
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stations will be closed -- >> what is the weather going to be like? high pressure's over southern california, not as strong tomorrow, so the high temperatures will ease off. a nice day for the marathon. red flag warnings are positioned in the sierra thunde threat in the eastern sierra. worry is that lightning could spark fires, and it did get warm in the bay area, but not red flag warnings here. but it's warm, temperatures up to 100, morgan hill, 94. we've have the complete forecast in a few minutes. a pair of fast-moving brush fires are burning in san bernardino county. one got close to homes near running springs. the so-called dollar fire has burned 85 acres and is now 40% contained. it broke out this afternoon. another brushfire is burning about 10 miles away in the city of highland. it also broke out this afternoon. several streets are crossed off, but no mandatory
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evacuations. the fire has charred about 20 acres and tonight there is no containment. muni passengers will be rioting in style in a few months, but first, they'll pay the price. andre borba is on the station closures to get a new fleet of trains in service. >> reporter: at the westport station, platform is empty, but rolling in is the train car's future with the clock ticking. they have shut down subway service for the next few weekends from 4th for montgomery station to get the cars tested and rail ready. >> everything from testing the propulsion, brakes. >> reporter: muni had been testing the trains during the two hour window in the middle. night, but more time to work out the kinks. >> looking for a clean handshake between the new trains and the subway system. >> reporter: john says once the cars go online, riders will notice the difference. >> i think the riders will notice right away the smoother
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ride, they -- i was on the vibration testing the other night at 50 miles an hour. which is our maximum speed in the subway, and didn't notice you were going 50 miles an hour very smooth ride. >> reporter: our camera was just allowed to the end of the platform to take a peek inside the shiny new cars with extra hand grips. even non-riders will notice the difference, thanks to extensive vibration testing. >> and the pounding on the streets of the tracks that exists now from some of the trains, so it's -- so far, there's been no show stoppers on the test. >> they hope to have the testing documents turned over by august 20. once the cpuc gets the go ahead, the cars will be put into service. in san francisco, andrea borba, kpix5. >> all 149 of the muni's current train cars will be swapped out with the new model. san francisco is putting new league pressure on uber and
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lyft to hands over driver records. the city attorney is asking them to supply with companies. they want information on the impact on traffic and public safety, and information from drivers, like the number of hours logged, and incentives for those who operate in san francisco, but don't live there. your per and lyft say they are in the process of responding to the subpoenas. new details on the air canada flight that nearly landed on a cravened sfo taxi way. the pilot did not activate his computer guidance system that would have high pressured. the airbus 320 passed over four fully loaded airplanes, about 50 feet away from one before it ascended, turned around and landed safely. experts say it could have been a catastrophe. new at 11:00, a young california man is back home after contracting a deadly
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disease known as the hantavirus. elizabeth spoke to the man's father who said the 22-year-old college grad got sick while working at a state park. >> he was on death's door for four days. he was -- he was just barely there. >> reporter: spencer fry is finally home in citrus heights after nearly dying just days ago. a recent grad, accept ad job at a seasonal worker in eastern sierra. he had only been there a month and a half before you contracted one of the ten most deadly viruses in the world, hantavirus. >> it's horrible, anybody that watching their child sever -- suffer like that, it tears you up. >> reporter: spencer came down what the local doctors concluded was the flu. his family was visiting at the time. his fever spiked and complained of severe headaches. the family rushed him to the hospital. >> we got him home on the second day of fever, and upon
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arriving to will emergency room in roseville, he started vomiting. that's the third stage. and within an hour, he was going into respiratory failure. >> reporter: hantavirus is a serious rest practice those disease transmitted by infected wrote dent, mostly deer -- rodents, mostly deer mice. in 2010, richard johnson, a seasonal state worker died from railroading the hantavirus -- contracting the haunt rice, they believe their son got it from the employee living quarters it the park, seen here in the family photos, where seasonal workers are still living. >> it would kill me to hear that one of those other employees sed the virus -- contracted the virus, and they have to go through that. >> reporter: the road to rivery will take time. he has -- recovery will take time. >> he has hearing loss. >> health officials say that since 2002, they've seen about
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one case of hantavirus every year. new tonight, police have identified a man found stabbed to death on a san francisco street. 42-year-old jason lid dell was found on the sidewalk -- riddle was found on the sidewalk on thursday. police found him dead at the scene after 7:00. so far, there's into word on any suspects. still to come, the new cocktail that is code for danger. how it let bartenders know discreetly that you need to get away from your date. the main goal is for another person not to lose their life. >> the now call to convince caltrans to install guardrails on one of the most dangerous areas of highway 1. lawmakers rolled out a new plan to punish russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential campaign.
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for meddling in last year's election. there's also new details tonight on president trump's attorney general... and his contact with the russians. cbs corres new details on president trump's attorney general, and his contact with the russians. >> reporter: president trump started his saturday firing off ten tweets, all before 9:00 a.m. in one, he bashed a new report from the washington post, confirmed by cbs news, that u.s. intelligence intercept shows jeff sessions discussed campaign related matters with russian amebiases am ambassador sergey kislyak before the election. >> he called it a new
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intelligence leak. for his part, sessions has frequently denied talking to moscow. >> let me be clear, i never had meetings with russian operatives, or immediate -- >> reporter: he said he never talked about interference. conditioning is push -- congress is pushing ahead with. [ indiscernible ] it's expected to pass quickly once its introduced on tuesday. the trump administration has not issued a formal veto, but several officials have spoken out against the legislation. >> if the fight does come, it will always end the same way. we will win, win, win. >> reporter: the president praised american military during the commissioning ceremony for america's newest
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aircraft carrier, the uss gerald r ford. the bill to sanction russia will come up for a vote tuesday and is expected to easily pass the house and senate. toronto, hollywood is mourning the death of actor john heard, best known for his role in the home alone movies. he was found death in a palo alto hotel room yesterday. representatives said he had minor back surgery and that the actor had plans to stay at the hotel during recovery. authorities say his death is not considered suspicious. john heard was 71 years old. a heartbroken father turning his pain into action. his son is believed to have crashed off a cliff on highway 1 in may, but parts of richard's car were found at montara state beach. how the father is trying to prevent future tragedies. >> i just want to get his remains, properly take care of
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richard. >> reporter: somewhere, along the jagged cliffs, under the waves, dan believes he will find his son. richard was missing in late may, and investigators believe the car went off the road along highway 1 south of pacifica. >> i wouldn't wish this on anyone, honestly. >> reporter: the car, and tire belonging to his car have washed ashore. but so far, efforts to locate the car or richard himself have come up short. so he is working with others who lost loved one to convince caltrans to installed a guardrail. >> the goal is to not have anyone lose their life. if there were barriers, richard and my sister might have had a chance to live. >> reporter: rosa died in 2016, 8 months before richard's car is believed to have plunged into the sea at the same spot.
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guardrail both families may have prevented their deaths. >> they shouldn't have died. roads -- they should have put up the barriers a long time ago. >> reporter: a community united by loss, and desire to prevent similar tragedies in the future. on highway 1, kpix5. new at 11:00, some bars in southern california are offering a way out for women who feel unsafe on a date. christy tells us it involves maked coded drink orders that bartenders understand. >> reporter: bartenders have an ear out for a drink order not on the menu. ladies can signal they need help by ordering an angel shot. >> guys take it to another level, and it happens with girls, like the opposite, too. just making sure our customers are safe. >> reporter: bar manager heard about a similar program in the
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u uk. for the last four months this sign in the lady room has explained the code, order an angle shot neat, and someone will walk you to your car. on the rocks, and the bar will call you a ride. with a line, the bar will call police. >> we're in an area where there's a lot of stuff going on, lot of people, and you know a lot of -- i think it's a good idea. i think a lot more bars should do that. >> reporter: the idea is catching on. the neighbors are adopting the code. she often sees women in uncomfortable situations. she's grateful she found a way to make them feel safe on the bar stool. >> so far, has anyone asked for an angel shot? >> no one has, but if they do, we're here. >> reporter: the signs have been up for four months, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. the police chief supports the idea, and pictures of the signs are plastered all over social
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media. in hermosa beach, kpix5. things will cool off inland, by the time we get to tomorrow, and monday, even further cooling. at the moment, low clouds have come to the rescue along the shoreline. it got up to 100 in concord, 94 down in morgan hill, sonoma, 96, 4 degrees warmer than in napa. as we look at the golden gate bridge, scene of the marathon, concord is, is that possible? till 80. oakland 65, livermore, 76 in and san francisco, a chilly 59. there's the west coast, high pressure over the west coast, and those are the strong, warm temperatures that we're expecting as a result. high eased though. temperatures come down inland, and remain the same at the shoreline. those numbers being held in check by the pretty extensive
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marine layer. so as for usual, we'll find that that marine layer will cool things off inland, even as they maintain chilly temperatures at the beach. mild temperatures inland will return by monday, that is inland, down into the 80s by monday, but tomorrow, still hot with reading in the 90s. the giants will take on the padres. tomorrow, 1:05, mainly clear and 69 degrees as we head out, it will be at 57 with some low cloud around, but no for long. it will be sunny all day at the fair in sacramento. 101. overnight lows tonight in the bay area, mid-50s will do it, sun up at 5 minutes after 6:00. 108 at redding, 79 in yosemite, and monterey bay aquarium, 66
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degrees. down in the south bay, over in the east -- numbers will be just in the 90s, in the north bay, nice, low clouds and long along the shoreline, and 80s elsewhere. in the extended forecast, we're going to look for the numbers to come down tomorrow and come down even more dramatically as we head into the middle of the next week. otherwise, status quo, low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon, and vern on sports. could he come home again? the panda and his day. his second tour the duty as a giant. 811 is a free service to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig,
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and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. they know how to keep it interesting.
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"panda watch" pablo sandoval re-upped this morning in san francisco, signed a minor league contract. and tonight in his 1st at-bat a single playing for single-a san pablo sandoval in san francisco, a minor league contract, and the first at-bat, a single, playing for single-a. san jose in a designated hitter role. he is schedule to played triple- a sacramento on tuesday. as for the big leaguer, that's flotation. mccovey cove. padres pitcher got -- it was 4- 1. bottom of the 4th, 4-2. bases loaded. nunez drove in two to tie the game. he was 3 for 5. and extra innings, okay. bottom of 12, one on, nick
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hundley, and hero time. a walk-off number and giants won 5-4. 15th extra inning game. looking inside -- a's in queens, and here's how dominant they were. they were up 4-0. chapman went yard. 5-0, but the mets nickel and dimed them. here is the bottom of the 8th, a duda shot. a two out single tied the game. in the bottom of the 9th, florez lined a walk-off homer. and met came all the way back. they won it by a final of 6-5. wait, wait, i'm not con -- done, i'm coming back. we have a golf major to discuss. the british open, well, jordan spieth, win or lose.
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over at the royal birkdale course in lankishire.... today, the story of branden the fourth round is going to start shortly. over in royal birkdale court, today, the story of brandon grace here.
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he came out of nowhere, a long effort at 16. what a jump. grace who shot up to fifth place. he's the first player ever in major championship history to shoot a 62? jordan spieth, matt kuchar, birdie effort for a one shot lead. and the next hole, after kuchar birdie, kuchar, the wheels fell off. three-putt, double bogey, dropped him to three behind spieth. and at 18, spieth put the biscuit in the basket. 11 under, he lead the field by 3. jordan spieth, trying to work on is that career slam. he already has a masters and u.s. open. into tomorrow's final round,
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the two have separated them selves from the rest of the field. and two of the three time -- spieth has gone on to win. your mind set? >> you control your own destiny, and sometimes that's, that can be a pig thing on your mind -- big thing on your mind. it's a little tougher to sleep, but i've machine fine recently did, been fine recently. if not, i can sleep during the day. i, i wouldn't be in -- i would rather be in no other position. u.s. in white against costa rica. back of the net, in the 72nd 72nd minute. there goes the shirt, usa won it 2-0. and advance to the gold cup final, next wednesday at levi stadium against either mexico or jamaica.
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>> u.s.! >> flex the muscles! we'll be right back.
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thousands gathered in jack london square for an event called pedal-fest. bike lovers were on cloud 9 in oakland, thousands gathered for an event called pedal fist -- fest, there was an impressive collection of vintage and hand built bikes. this was the 67th annual pedal fest event. we're done spinning our
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wheels. the next newscast tomorrow morning at 7:30. clever! and the marathon tomorrow. good luck, runners. see you tomorrow. i can't believe this is only our second date. i know, i feel like i've known you all my life. me, too. i'm assuming you mean that as a good thing. absolutely. (both moan) you're such an unexpected surprise in my life, alan. oh, thank you. uh, once again, i'm assuming that's good. (laughs) it's great. (both moaning) do you always wear your socks in bed? oh, oh, no, it's just one of my toenails is kind of snaggly and i didn't want to scratch you with it. oh, okay. had i known we were going to make love, i would have slapped a corn pad on the little bugger. (chuckles) (door opens) boy: mom! damn it. eldridge, why aren't you with your dad?! 'cause he's a giant douche! don't talk about your father that way! he's actually a colossal douche. um, uh, should i go? no, no, it's fine.


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