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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> not too bad. huh? it's thursday, it's july 27. i'm back. >> yeah. we're so glad. >> welcome back. >> it's good to be back. it really is. i'm michelle griego if you didn't know. >> yeah. and i'm anne makovec. and kenny is not here. i'm in for him this morning. >> he is sleeping in this morning. >> yeah. >> girls hour. >> it is. >> i like the girls hour. >> not bad at all except if you are in the makeup room there's all kinds of things flying. >> true. >> you don't even want to know. >> we got curlers and blow dryers and makeup and powder flying! [ laughter ] >> hi, everybody! i know you're getting ready this morning, as well. so let us get dressed with you as you get set for your brand- new day. when you're looking at the "salesforce tower," keep in mind that's 1070 feet tall and when you can see just the top of it, you get an idea of how low the deck of low clouds and fog is. temperatures this morning 50s and low 60s. 61 clear skies in livermore. clear in san jose. now, the winds have been pretty much under 10 miles per hour except in the usual spots as we
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head out towards the fairfield area with a southwest wind at 16. southwest winds today 10 to 20 miles per hour. when you forecast 99 degrees in concord and livermore, somebody's backyard will hit 100. clayton perhaps, hercules, pinole, definitely brentwood. full forecast on how long this heat wave is going to last is coming up. but now let's say good morning to jaclyn dunn. >> good morning. and happy thursday, everyone. we'll start off with an accident westbound 4 right at bailey road. three lanes blocked currently. speeds drop just below 40 miles per hour as you make your way through that stretch. we may see even more slowdowns if they don't get these lanes cleared. so give yourself some extra time. other than that past that, things looking okay. southbound, 680 and the connector eastbound 24 roadwork with alternating lane closures until about 6 a.m. speeds drop eastbound in
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highway 24. a little backup at the bay bridge toll plaza in the cash lanes. it's that time again, the shift change. back to you guys. people across the country are showing their support for transgender men and women. this is what san francisco city hall looked like last night. mayor lee said the city stands in solidarity with all the transgender people who have courageously served in the u.s. military. protestors are taking a stand against the president's new military ban. kpix 5's betty yu talked to demonstrators last night. [ screaming ] >> reporter: they chanted a phrase popular during the harvey milk fight for gay rights in the 1970s. people spoke out about against the transgender ban against people in the military showing their frustration at the mic and on signs. [ men and women screaming ] >> makes no sense other than to
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cater to his base who are in many ways conservative religious folks. >> reporter: theresa sparks a transgender woman served in the navy for 5 years before she became a man. whether they served or identify with a transcommute, a huge crowd turned out in support. >> i'm so tired of having to say the stuff that should be understood, like, even though it's not your life, everyone is still a human being. >> reporter: the president's tweets sounded like new policy. the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. the white house could not explain what this meant for thousands of transgender individuals serving now. >> obviously, it's a very difficult decision. it's not a simple one. but the president feels that it's the best one for the military. >> but you can't answer the question of what's going to happen to transgender who are
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in the military now. should you have been able to answer that basic question, with a policy of this magnitude? >> i think sometimes you have to make decisions and once you made a decision, he didn't feel it was necessary to hold that decision. >> reporter: estimates of transgender individuals in the military range from 1300 to 15,000. in his tweet the president said their continued service would burden the military with tremendous medical costs. a 2016 study found transgender individuals who may opt for gender reassignment surgery or other procedures would add 1/10 of 1% to overall military healthcare spending. >> lgbt is starting to like donald trump. >> reporter: during the campaign, trump said he would fight for this community. >> we actually have somebody in the white house that's unlike anybody who has ever been there. a coward, a liar, somebody who didn't have the courage to serve during the vietnam war.
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>> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> gop leaders are tweaking their plan to replace the affordable care act. the chances for survival still in doubt. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the initial vote to repeal and replace obamacare failed. senators spent yesterday adjusting that plan but they could not gather any more support. nine republicans voted against it. it would have slashed medicaid, cut taxes for the wealthy and allowed healthy people to buy cheaper plans. now gop leaders are pushing what they are calling a skinny repeal. it would allow them to eliminate a few of the more unpopular elements of obamacare. that process set to begin later today. new security rules are in place at u.s. airports in the next few weeks. the tsa says any electronic item larger than a phone will have to be put in a separate bin during screening. that includes tablet computers, ereaders and hand-held game consoled. right now only laptops have to
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be taken out separately. the applies to standard lines, not precheck. it was a dream homecoming for jordan morris in last night's gold cup soccer final at levi's stadium. the seattle sounders striker scored with minutes left in the match to give team usa the 2-1 victory. fans had time to celebrate. there was gridlock in santa clara, two hours after the match. kpix 5's maria medina has more on the excitement at levi's stadium. >> usa, usa! >> reporter: it was a win they got to watch with their own eyes. [ applause and cheers ] >> awesome game. they came through. so excited. usa! >> reporter: but before the u.s. won, soccer fans turned to social media during the game to point out the turf. quote, hey, jed york, do 49er fans need to start a "go fund
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me" account to fix the stadium? one tweet included a picture with the words, i'm not exaggerating, either, with the response, levi's stadium had one job, repeatedly. >> we know that. watching the 49er games. but you got play through it. >> reporter: did you notice anything tonight as far as the turf? >> they were slipping a little bit. >> both teams have to play on the same turf. so it's equal. >> reporter: a spokesman for the 49ers did not want to comment on the grass. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: good turf or bad, it didn't keep the u.s. from winning its sixth gold cup title. >> waited until the last three minutes to score the conclusive goal. it was great. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. ah, that is awesome, though. too bad for the turf but hey, the team won. >> mm-hm. >> something like that neither one of you knew about me? back in the day, back in the day worked for a soccer team i
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was a news director for the major indoor soccer league. we won six championships in a row in san diego. >> it would have been cool if you were an announcing, then you could go goooooooaaaaal! >> that was the voice's job who is now with the san jose sharks. it's all the same, right? >> we know him. >> he is very good at what he does, too. he has those chords, wow! we have the mostly cloudy skies. we can see at this particular time the tip-top of the "salesforce tower." [ foghorn sound effect ] >> 1,070 feet tall. give it up one more time! [ foghorn sound effect ] >> this time a little cowbell. all right. maybe not so much. temperatures -- [ laughter ] >> -- are in the 50s and 60s. it's now 61 degrees in san jose and in livermore. 52 degrees and overcast in santa rosa. we have the winds up to 9. that's a west wind onshore in san francisco. otherwise, you know, the winds are fluctuating in san ramon out of the southwest. southwest at 16 fairfield. three things i want you to
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remember about today. temperatures are going to jump inland areas. seasonal bay and coast. temperatures hit 100 degrees well inland. perhaps hotter than that. staying that way for a week. today 60 clearing skies in pacific, rockaway beach including the "banana belt." half moon bay will see some sunshine not so much in daly city or in colma. otherwise, noticed temperatures in san francisco. that's a good-looking summer day in san francisco at 71. across the bay, approaching 80 degrees towards grizzly peak in oakland. 90 in san jose. look at livermore and concord. so if it's 99 in livermore, now it's going to be 100 in pleasanton easily, that's a slam-dunk. 95 in santa rosa. approaching 100 degrees in brentwood and discovery bay. we'll have the full forecast featuring how a hurricane can actually affect the bay area
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weather. that's coming up. but first here's jaclyn. >> good morning. i'll be standing by to hear about that, roberta. right now, we are tracking an accident that's already causing a bit of a backup along highway 4. this is the westbound direction at bailey road. two lanes remain blocked and traffic backed up to about railroad at this point. also some overnight roadwork along 160 between sherman island and highway 12. that's towards rio vista. one-way traffic control until 6 a.m. so you will have delays if you are heading out that direction. we do have a connector ramp that's closed along eastbound 24 to southbound 680 should be opening up here in the next 15 minutes or so. and also various lanes closed along highway 24. so just a few delays right near that interchange there. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. it might take months before an investigation reveals how a ride turned deadly at an ohio amusement park and cameras caught the moment when the ride malfunctioned. we are warning you, it's graphic.
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you can see the ride swinging down and spinning back up when seats ripped off the ride sending the riders dropping. one man was killed. here's a look at the chaotic moments just after the ride broke. some of the 7 people who were hurt are getting help from first responders. investigators say the ride has passed several inspections before it started operating yesterday. doctors say they also studied the video of riders flying off to gauge the extent of the injuries. right now three of the victims are in critical condition. the other four are expected to survive. >> all three patients are here at osu now in intensive care. one in surgery with injuries that are all serious but still under evaluation. it's a variety of ages from -- i don't have a complete list, but individuals in their late teens to early 20s into the 50s and 60s. >> here's the fireball ride operating as it's supposed to
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last year. it swings like a pendulum as the seating area spins. the dutch company behind the fireball describes it as an aggressive thrill ride. inspectors plan to check out an identical fireball ride at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. it was shut down last night following that deadly accident in ohio. and the california state fair in sacramento also shut down its fireball ride after ohio. >> we were alerted probably about 10 minutes afterwards. we shut it down immediately. that ride will stay closed until the manufacturer contacts us, tells us what happened to the other one and gives us a repair or it's okay to re-open. >> we also spoke with managers at great america in santa clara. the park has a similar ride to the fireball but since a different company makes it, that ride is open. time now 4:42. a trio of escaped inmates from southern california turns into a documentary film crew as they
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"chronicle" their week on the run. >> plus, why warning signs are going up at all 10 major beaches along the russian river. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine.
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join energy upgrade california and do your thing. battling the detwiler fire in mariposa county. "the merced sun star" reports: police got five reports of >> investigators are trying to figure out who stole from firefighters who are fighting the detwiler fire. equipment from trucks was stolen while firefighters were sleeping. the fire has burned more than 81,000 acres and is 70% contained. at least 63 homes have been destroyed. nearly 5,000 firefighters from around the state are fighting the fire. two teenagers accused in the brutal murder of miss flo are back in court tomorrow. one of those suspects 19-year- old johnny brown was arraigned in san jose yesterday. another 19-year-old suspect is also facing murder charges. police believe the two men robbed miss flo's house last
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september and then beat her leaving her to die. >> based upon the evidence, witnesses we have recovered we believe beyond a reasonable doubt that mr. brown was responsible for her injuries that evening. >> two women who are accused of trying to cover up the crime also face a judge tomorrow. we're now learning just how three southern california inmates escaped their cell and wound up snacking in a van outside a san francisco grocery store. kpix 5's andria borba shows us the new video of their run from the law. >> reporter: this is the jail break that captured california's attention for eight days. the inmates recorded it themselves with a stolen cell phone. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and set it to the mission impossible theme song. the three men escaped from the men's central jail in santa ana on january 22. shawshank redemption style
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through an air bed out the plumbing system tunnel before shimmying down to freedom. from there the video released through an attorney shows the trio and cab driver they kidnapped on the beach in santa cruz. they even thanked the man they held hostage for days. >> we were so grateful he decided to help us. this man is truly a hero. i wonder if people will ever realize what i'm talking about. >> reporter: from there, one took the cabbie back to orange county and turned himself in. but the other two escapees headed north to san francisco. they kept documenting their time on the lam including taking photos here at the corner of haight and ashbury. >> haight-ashbury, baby!! >> reporter: they hung out in this stolen white van outside the whole foods and kept the cameras and good times rolling with jack daniels and marijuana. >> this is our casa right now for the moment. this is our crib, all the basics? we don't have crack.
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we don't have crystal meth. we are smoking weed and eating bananas. [ chuckling ] >> reporter: life as fugitives came to a halt in the haight. >> he is running toward the pub. >> reporter: cops chased them down a stone's throw from park station at stanyan and waller. >> code 4, we got 'em down. >> reporter: at the end of the jail break/music video. >> caused a lot of anxiety and fear. at the end of the day i can't say i feel good about that. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> that is wild. a health warning for the russian river this morning. test results showed a low level of algae toxins in certain areas. caution signs are posted at 10 beaches along the river. county health department wants to keep you and and pets away
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from the algae. don't drink it or use it for cooking. >> caution when you have seen those signs. they are all over the place. >> it's driving me insane. it's occurring all over the place. but why? i keep getting the same old thing standing water and the sun is baking and we have the hot temperatures. but we have had that before and we have only seen this problem for the last two, three years. i have been swimming in lake del valle since 2005 and the last two, three year, i can't, last two years that i can't because of this problem. why? why is it happening now?! we can't seem to come up with a reason except the sun is bake the very top of the layer of the water. well, we'll try to get to the answer of that. but meanwhile, be very mindful heading into our local lakes and reservoirs. just check and see if there's any watches or warnings. we do have an advisory you need to know about coming up. right now, mostly cloudy skies over the bay waters. we have right now some pretty calm winds next to the bay.
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san jose, your winds are under 10 miles per hour. you are waking up to overcast skies. san francisco 54. san jose 61. in between, pretty consistent in the mid-50s. again, the wind speeds have been dialing back relaxing but today picking up 10 to 20. we are picking up a wind out of the southwest at 16 in fairfield where linda, our weather watcher, is reporting a very mild 60 degrees. inland, your temperatures will not dip below 60 for the next seven days. san francisco is at 54. it's in the high 50s in redwood city. so the blanket of low clouds and fog along the coast is breaking up a lot earlier today due to the fact that this area of low pressure is pushing out and dissipating. high pressure is building in for the four corners states and that is strengthening. it's warming up the air mass. and we have ourselves again a heat wave true the weekend. this is tropical storm greg causing a flood advisory in
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effect for oahu. not going to be a big factor for the hawaiian islands. that's hurricane irwin and right on its heels a bigger hurricane hilary. too far out to tell the track towards the islands but definitely what it's doing is churning up the surf. rip currents and sneaker waves from santa cruz to point reyes. please be mindful of that if you are heading to the beach where by the way, santa cruz is the spot to be today. approaching 80 degrees on the sand. wow! at the boardwalk, as well. now, sunrise 6:08. today's temperatures from the 60s to the 70s. into the 80s and 90s. take your pick, 68 to100, hotter in discovery bay. we begin to dip.
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but these temperatures are either side of 100 degrees each and every day, unseasonably warm through wednesday. just looking at that forecast, i think i'm going to have to change my afternoon plans and get outside. right now, we are tracking some slowdowns but all lanes are clear from this accident westbound 4 right near bailey road. the crash is cleared to the shoulder. but speeds still very slow about 25 miles per hour. do give those crews some space and get over to the left lanes. 33 minutes out of antioch heading into hercules connecting with 80. if you are heading north along 160 out of antioch, up towards rio vista be prepared for a slowdown. caltrans has one-way traffic control in effect until 6 a.m. speeds drop right around 40 miles per hour. so some slow traffic you there that stretch. locking much better along 680 -- looking much better along 680 the 24 connector ramp is reopened. speeds back in the green. roadwork wrapped up. altamont pass usual slowdowns
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speeds around 35 miles per hour, 25-minute right from 205 to 680. your ride heading along 680 and 880 in the green. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome to your thursday. it is july 2. let's go 7. let's check the coastal temperatures today. not feeling the effects so much of this heat wave but still approaching 70 in pacifica. low 70s in san francisco, which is sweet! mid- to high 80s around the peninsula with the abundance of sunshine. inland high temperatures 99 in concord. 99 in livermore which obviously means somebody's backyard will
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top off at 100. it will be 100 in brentwood. here's jaclyn. >> we are starting to see a backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see in those cash lanes, but fastrak is zooming by in the green from the maze into san francisco. 13-minute ride. the 18 yearly father accused of abandoning his -- 18- year-old father accused of abandoning his 16-day old baby in a strip mall on monday pleaded not guilty to charges of child endangerment and abandonment. his bail is $500,000. a floating fire station in the bay is closer to reality. san francisco officials say the two-story firehouse would be built off pier 22 and a half. it would be an expansion of the historic aging fire station nearby. the department of public works says the firehouse would be more than twice the size of the current building. three fire boats, rescue watercraft and jet skis would be kept there while the
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station's single-engine fire engine would remain on land. >> it would be anchored to piers that will allow it to float up and down as much as five feet or so. and so see it as a barge that's out there in the water. and it would be a two-story barge and so the first floor will be mainly for the offices and things of the sort on the second floor will be the things that firehouse has. >> under the current proposal, construction wouldn't begin until at least 2019. the early budget estimate is just under $40 million. it is 4:57. and an horrific accident at an amusement park in ohio has facilities here in northern california taking a second look at safety. >> reporter: a lawsuit against facebook, twitter and google heads to federal court today. it claims that the tech giants are helping terrorists. [ crickets chirping ]
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and i'm anne makovec, in for kenny. let outsid good morning, everyone. it is thursday, july 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. kenny choi has the morning off. and let's start with a live look outside this morning. >> yeah. the morning rush is about to start up. on the left-hand side, you're taking a live look out at san jose. and on the right, you're looking at the golden gate bridge where we're looking at some fog. yeah. >> i even had to turn on the windshield wipers on the way to work this morning. >> yeah. >> everybody was coming in even yesterday saying, you didn't forecast rain. it's like, it's not rain. it's condensation. >> there's a huge difference. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we are seeing all the gray skies the overcast conditions in san jose and that's so good for all those big soccer fans. san jose is like the home of soccer, right? and big u.s. win last night. you want to wake up slowly. with the gray skies this morning after celebrating big time last night. hi, everybody. alsoca


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