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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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account, monitored correspondence between her and clients and waited for the perfect time to strike. >> the down payment to close escrow. >> reporter: using her email account hackers sent a message to a client telling them to wire hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fraudulent account. >> it's crazy. i'm being watched and knowing that i'm taking meetings all about emails. >> reporter: she is not alone. >> she was crushed. this was her life savings. >> reporter: a lawyer suing a different real estate company on behalf of his client who lost half a million dollars to a similar fraudulent email from her realtor's account. the national association of realtors and fbi are issuing warnings about email scams targeting the real estate industry. >> it's a nationwide scam. >> reporter: realtors aren't the only ones being hacked.
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>> it could be a realtor, title company, lender, someone a transaction coordinator. >> reporter: the hacker's goal, impersonate someone involved in a real estate transaction by sending emails from their account instructing buyers to wire money. usually at just the time the buyer is expecting to make the payment. >> they have been watching us all along. >> reporter: lucky for her clients, they questioned the fake email the amount requested was off by just a bit. >> they called me to how did you come up with this amount. >> reporter: they are hoping the warnings about wire fraud don't get lost among the reams of real estate paperwork and email overload. now, the realtors association and the fbi advise everyone in a real estate market verify any instructions they receive by email in person or on the phone and never wire money unless you're positive the instructions came to a reliable source. >> talk to someone. >> reporter: they are actually stalking these email
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conversations. they know the exact time to strike. >> yeah. scary. thank you. "skydrone5" over the phillips 66 refinery where environmentalists are sounding the alarm, concerned even more oil tankers could be docking here. more shipping and more crude that they claim could endanger bay waters around the rodeo refinery. kpix 5's susie steimle is live outside vallejo city hall where neighbors are pushing back against the plan. susie. >> reporter: well, veronica, public meeting here just got under way and one of the biggest developments that we have learned so far is that phillips 66 is facing a violation from the air quality district from that oil spill that happened last year. and that's making neighbors reluctant to approve any kind of expansion. >> and i don't think it's a good idea. >> reporter: vallejo residents like robert will have the opportunity tonight to fight plans to increase traffic at the phillips 66 oil refinery across the bay. the company wants to more than
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double the number of tankers bringing in crude oil every year. if this permit request is approved by the air district, it would mean a lot more oil tankers in the san pablo bay. currently, only 59 oil tankers are allowed to deliver to phillips 66 in rodeo. this proposal would up that number to 135. >> i think the size of the stanchion is a big concern for us. >> reporter: this woman from the environmental protection group baykeepers says this expansion puts the bay directly at risk for more oil spills. >> the increase in ship traffic i think increases the potential that a ship will have some sort of catastrophic accident and have a major oil spill. >> reporter: less than 10 months ago an oil spill at the phillips 66 refinery sent more than 100 people from vallejo to the hospital. they were sickened by noxious odors. the air quality district released a list of preliminary concerns it's addressing
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tonight like diminished air quality, increased diesel emissions, impact on coastal marsh habitat, increased greenhouse gas emissions, risk of toxic exposure to emissions. phillips 66 won't attend the meeting. the idea is to decrease transport from the pipeline and increase transport on the water. opponents say the plan is a step in the wrong direction. >> we should be thinking about more sustainable ways of living in this world and not just increasing more oil. >> reporter: now, i did ask the air quality district members who are here tonight if this violation has any impact on the proposed permit that they are talking about tonight. they said because it's still under investigation, that something they simply can't answer yet. live in vallejo, susie steimle, kpix 5. public comment on the topic is still open online through august 28. we want to take you now to
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san leandro. chopper 5 over a neighborhood near days of street and douglas drive. the s.w.a.t. team has set up a perimeter and police are looking for two suspects involved in a shooting. shots were fired in the neighborhood and bullets hit a car with two people inside. the people inside the car have minor injuries. san leandro police tell us they believe they have the suspects contained in that perimeter but they are asking people to stay away from davis street and douglas drive. there you see them going door to door and searching. we are going to stay on top of this story and bring you any developments as we get them. if you drive to work, you probably noticed that rush hour is starting earlier than ever. new numbers show that more and more workers are beginning their morning commute in the middle of the night! new at 6:00, da lin is life at the bay bridge in san francisco where a lot of those commuters are now starting the long ride home. da. >> reporter: allen, this is one of the choke points leaving san francisco and as you can tell, these drivers are spending more
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time in their cars and less time with their families. and new transportation data is telling us that the morning commute is starting earlier than 6:00. it's now 4:00. >> metering lights are on! >> reporter: for more and more drivers, the morning commute starts way before sunrise. >> the 4:00 hour, that's the leading edge of the change in the commute pattern. >> reporter: that's right. 4 a.m. that's when people start to pack toll bridges. the metropolitan transportation commission says the bay bridge is now seeing 36% more cars in the 4 a.m. hour compared it a few years ago. over at the san mateo bridge, a 31% increase and at the richmond/san rafael bridge, a 20% jump. >> on some months, the 5:00 hour is the busiest of the whole morning commute. so it is really starting early. >> reporter: not only is the morning commute starting earlier. it also ends later. this was the traffic at the bay
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bridge toll plaza 11:20 this morning. hard to make out, but i was inching along right there. stuck here at the toll plaza. traffic is going very slowly even though it's after 11 a.m. it's taken me about 15 minutes just to travel the distance of about a block. >> reporter: that wasn't moving. i met drivers and new friends from out of state. where are you from? >> germany. >> reporter: is it like this in germany? [ laughter ] >> much better in germany, huh? [ inaudible ] >> traffic is terrible! >> reporter: my trip from oakland to san francisco took an hour and 10 minutes. >> it's crazy like there's so many cars on the road. >> reporter: and leaving san francisco to go back to the east bay is no picnic, either. that commute starts getting congested around 1 p.m. and traffic on most nights doesn't thin out until 10 p.m. >> if you have kids, you won't, you know, be able to hang out with them, you know, it really
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does kind of take away from the quality of life, i'd say. >> reporter: this is helping starbucks. they are opening earlier and earlier. one starbucks in antioch opens at 3:30 in the morning to deal with all the early drivers. the sad news in this is there's no relief in sight. one plan being talked about is to make the carpool lane hours all day long. 24/7 instead of certain parts of the day like now. life in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. there's been a sharp drop in smartphone thefts in san francisco. they are down by 50% since their peak in 2013. the d.a.'s office says it's a direct result of a state's new smartphone theft prevention act which took effect in 2015. it mandates a kill switch on all phones sold in california and requires users to create a unique user name and password in order to activate them. >> somebody else tries to put that phone on a new network, god for bid it's stolen or
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otherwise, it's going to request a password to reregister the device. without that it's just a paperweight. >> reporter: california law is having a worldwide impact. when it went into effect, manufacturers offered to add the technology to phones to be simple. bart is launching a new public safety campaign in a response to a rash of smartphone robberies on trains. riders will now hear announcements on the platforms and on board the trains to keep phones out of sight. bart is also planning a poster campaign with the same message. new at 6:00, santa rosa wants its neighbors to know it's a great place to live. the city is trying to annex a chunk of land in unincorporated roseland and other pockets of sonoma county in fact southwest of the city. but the people who live there have some questions. kpix 5's emily turner live with the city's big pr push. emily. >> reporter: yeah. the city says they want to make everything uniform and thus easier. right now, for example, i'm standing in county land.
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on the other side, well, that's santa rosa land. so two different police forces versus the sheriff's department, different utilities, very confusing. they are hoping to make it all streamlined. it's called roseland, but it's that green island in the middle of santa rosa. it, along with the four other colored islands on this map, could soon become a part of the city. >> there's confusion, different level of repair and replace roads, drainage, police, sheriff services. >> reporter: it would be the biggest annexation the city has ever done. 713 acres with more than 7,000 people. the first part of the process begins next week. but it's been in the works since 2013. the process has included community outreach, public meetings, even an ad campaign. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: food trucks will be allowed in.
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residents, farm animals will be grandfathered in and allowed and one portion got a rural designation but there's still some convincing to be done. >> his concern is over keeping the area nice and keeping its hispanic culture intact, something the city says it recognizes as well and wants to make sure they do. [ indiscernible ] >> preserving the culture that's currently here and trying to keep that as [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: outside of uniformity, we asked the city what else it stands to gain as far as tax revenue. they say $2.5 million or slightly over that in tax revenue from this annexation. the folks who will be living in the area that would potentially become a part of santa rosa would likely be paying around $50 more in fees every year depending on the size of the household and the utilities
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they have. reporting live in roseland, emily turner, kpix 5. scrutiny on thrill rides after a deadly accident at the ohio state fair. the fireball breaks apart throwing people into the air. how bay area theme parks are taking action to keep riders safe. >> california college student killed in a terror attack abroad. her family now fighting for justice. why they blame bay area tech companies for her death. >> a fight to save hundreds of trees from getting the axe. the questions over a bay area city's deal with pg&e. what happened when we pushed for answers. >> microclimates, hayward is just one degree warmer than yesterday. but novato is 14 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. coming up, will your town get warmer or colder as we head toward the weekend? there's a little bit of both. we'll have that coming up.
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the manufacturer telling operators around the world to keep the ride called, the "fire ball" closed for now. new safety questions after an amusement park accident at the ohio state fair, manufacturers must keep the fireball closed for now. it has multiple safety checks including one just hours before one flew apart yesterday. video taken by a bystander captured the horrifying moments when a section holding four riders came apart. two people were ejected. a high school student who had
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just enlisted in the marines was killed. 7 others were injured. cal/osha shut down six similar rides around the state and investigators are working to determine what caused the accident. officials closed the ride at the santa cruz night after the kpix 5's devin fehely reports there live this evening. >> reporter: operators of the fireball here at the boardwalk in santa cruz closed that ride preemptively even before being asked to do so by state regulators and it has remained closed now for nearly 24 hours with no apparent end in sight. it's not clear yet what operators of rides like the fireball will have to do before state regulators will allow them to re-open. >> we heard from them again this morning just asking us to keep the ride offline while they investigate. >> reporter: the boardwalk voluntarily shut down their fireball ride last night after a similar attraction at the
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ohio state fair had a catastrophic failure killing one person and injuring seven others. state regulators have since ordered six ride operators across california including the boardwalk in santa cruz and great america in santa clara to close their rides until further notice. but most people we spoke with today say they wouldn't hesitate to try the ride when it reopened. >> i don't think i would have any hesitation to get on with myself and my daughter. this is a permanent ride. i think it's a bit more safe than rides that break down and move around. >> reporter: the malfunction at the ohio state fair is known as a portable attraction, part of a traveling carnival and many guests said a permanent ride like the one at the boardwalk would make them feel more confident. >> sure, it's not the most pleasant feeling to know that a ride similar to this broke down and caused injuries. but it wasn't this ride exactly. >> reporter: but the boardwalk's fireball and others like it will remain closed
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until state regulators can say with confidence they're safe. now, state regulators say they will be guided by the preliminary findings of the investigation of the tragedy in ohio whether or not they need to take a closer look at the design, construction, maintenance or operation of this ride before they can certify it safe to re-open. in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix 5. a napa couple who beat a 3- year-old girl to death and stuffed her body in a freezer will spend of rest of their lives in prison. a 27-year-old woman and 29-year- old man sentenced to life without parole for the murder of krueger's own daughter. in 2014, kaylee flesher was found dead in her bed frozen. her body was kept in a suitcase in a freezer for days. they found evidence the girl had been sexually abused. google snapped up some land in sunnyvale buying areas in
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moffett park north of 237. the land had aging office and industrial buildings and it has a combined value of about $800 million. today google confirmed the purchase but didn't say what it plans to do. twitter lost users in the united states. the number of active monthly users fell by 2 million from the previous quarter and revenue down 5% from a year ago. the daily active base grew 12% suggesting more engagement on the platform. for those of you still on whitewater, @paul deanno kpix 5 for more information weather on the go. if you want weather information now we are here live. there's your highs. beautiful view from san jose. looking toward the diablo range, mount hamilton over a good chunk of the city. away from the water, yes, you did get warmer but san
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francisco, no, you didn't. 67 degrees. even with the sunshine half moon bay, 65. some showers popping up. look at the one just north of lake tahoe. just east of truckee. those are some lightning bolts that popped up about 5 lightning strikes in the past 20 minutes and some showers just to the east of yosemite. around here in the bay area, the unstable air, no. we're not going to see that around here. we'll stay dry on hi-def doppler and your backyard for the next several days or weeks. nhra sonoma nationals this weekend at the beautiful sonoma raceway. sunshine, comfortable, not as hot. we'll talk about why in a second, 89 degrees especially on saturday a little bit warmer coming up on sunday. so we have been talking about this ridge of high pressure. watching this basically since the middle of june and its proximity to the bay area. if it's closer we get hotter inland. if it's farther we get an ocean influence bringing cooler air. the wall area of low pressure is exerting its influence on northern california keeping the ridge away, retreating tomorrow.
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that means temperatures away from the water will not be as hot. we are going to get a two-day break before we get hot next week. so drizzle and fog and low clouds near the water and especially at the coastline, speaking of the coast pacifica tonight 54 degrees. redwood city 59. vallejo 58. napa 57. low 60s inland and for the santa clara valley. tomorrow temperatures are more seasonal. closer to average, still above normal. we'll still see some low 90s inland. but concord you hit almost 100 today down to 89. san francisco 67. temperatures aren't moving in san francisco but we are up to 10 degrees cooler inland and we'll stay warm this weekend away from the water. and we get toasty next week. i'm just going to roll out to days 6 and 7 on the forecast. the two hottest days prepare yourselves next week for some triple-digit heat to return. but only inland. we'll stay in the 70s near the bay. that's your kpix 5 forecast. thank you. coming up a new ultimatum for
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sanctuary cities. the feds say they are helping a violent street gang thrive. the threat of a tougher camp down. >> 49ers kick off camp. at 42 joe staley is sexy. he will explain. is colin kaepernick getting back in the game? the haw bar connection is next.
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kayleigh five...and with a new general manager and head coach, the team seems to be jacked out of minds. the 49ers preseason kicks off two weeks from tomorrow against kansas city right here on channel 5. and with the new general manager and head coach, the team seems to be jacked out of their minds! >> this is my favorite shirt. jp flynn gave it to me. little pictures. ♪[ music ] i'm sexy ♪ so sexy ♪ yeah >> yeah. staley was posing for the
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cameras. rookie solomon thomas is a no show. the third overall pick is one of three first rounders still unsigned. and gm john lynch admitted there is a learning curve to being a general manager. >> you know, i'm concerned right now. i wish this were done. i think it should be done. disappointed with myself in a certain way that it's not and i learned that this is part of the business, part of the game and i'm hopeful we can get it done and we'll see. got a couple of hours. >> colin kaepernick thrived under jim harbaugh. now there's a chance he could play for john harbaugh. the ravens head coach expressed interest in signing him as a backup for joe flacco, who has a back injury. >> he and i have been talking, you know, throughout the summer a number of times. we have had some great phone conversations. it's been a pleasure to talk to him and get to know him. i like history and politics and stuff too so we have had some debates and it's been fun.
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and, um, he is a great guy. and, um, he is a guy right now that's, um, that's, um, being talked about. we'll just see what happens with that. >> seems like tempered interest there. javale mcgee agreed with a one-year deal to stay with the warriors which gives golden state 15 guaranteed contracts and completes their roster. getting a chance to get the save after the meltdown by casilla last night. 9th inning blast for the second game. tenth inning hendricks walked the bases loaded and then steve pierce put one in play. that's a walkoff grand slam. blue jays win 8-4 to sweep the four-game series, oakland dropping six of seven on the road trip. somebody buy melvin a drink, make it a double. good night, that is a huge fish! >> our catch of the day, who
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is that, veronica? yeah. this is bruce bochy, the giants skipper, getting some fishing in on his day off. he sent this to his buddy and former giants third base coach tim flannery, then tweeted it out. how about that? do you think you can do better? >> that's a good fish. >> i would tweet that out, as well. send your pictures to that is a big salmon! that's going to make a postgame clubhouse -- [ crosstalk ] coming up in our next half- hour, tech on trial. the parents of a murdered college student take on social media giants and the question, should they be held liable for a terror attack? >> infighting in the white house turns ugly! the president's communications director launches a vulgar tirade on his colleague! >> and pop star justin bieber turns to religion and accidentally runs over a photographer. the wild run-in at a california church.
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attack... is going after bay area tech companies... accusing them of ena . our top story at 6:30, the family of a california college student who died in a terror attack is going after bay area
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tech companies accusing them of enabling extremist groups. kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen shows us what the family's attorneys are arguing and why they may face an uphill battle. >> if you ever host content that contains a song on youtube, it's removed. overnight. make up your kid's birthday party with a song in the background, they remove it because you don't own the rights. but if you post a video of a isis terrorist beheading an american aide worker with a knife, that content won't be removed. won't be filtered. somebody might report it, they might catch it ultimately remove it. but they will allow that same video to be posted again and again and again by the same people. >> reporter: youtube video showing isis warning about attacks on france started about a year before terrorists murdered 130 people in november 2015 in paris. >> isis could not function without social media.
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it would be 50 guys standing in the desert jumping up and down, you know, chanting around a fire. >> reporter: in the attack nohemi gonzalez was shot in the chest and died. she was a student at cal state long beach studying abroad. keith altman and robert represent her estate and family. they are suing google as a parent company of youtube. >> social media sites including google allow isis to use their sites to conduct terrorist operations to raise money to radicalize individuals, to plan and conduct terrorist operations. >> reporter: federal law says victims can sue anyone who gives substantial assistance to a terrorist but websites have a special weapon. another law says that website owners cannot be sued for what other people put on their sites. >> they don't have to police it. they can take it down. they can leave it up. they can do whatever they want. and they are immune from any kind of repercussions for that. >> reporter: google used this special immunity it ask a federal judge to throw out the gonzalez lawsuit. at a hearing today in oakland
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the judge seemed ready to side with google. >> this is tough. she was hard on us. >> reporter: lawyers for google had no comment but if the judge dismisses the case, the plaintiffs say that congress should update the law. websites just aren't what they used to be. >> the things that we are seeing in terms of the way that the internet is being used were not even imagined by the people who created that communications decency act. >> reporter: the plaintiffs are seeking damages. but they have not asked for a specific amount of money yet. and the judge will officially decide whether to dismiss this case sometime in the next few weeks. melissa caen, kpix 5. the other big story in washington, a very public very ugly fight between a pair of top white house advisers. new communications director anthony scaramucci is calling the chief of staff reince priebus paranoid to say the least. the white house is downplaying conflict between its new communications director, anthony scaramucci, and chief of staff reince priebus. >> this is a white house that
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has a lot of different perspectives, because the president hires the very best people. they are not always going to agree. there are going to be a lot of different ideas. >> reporter: scaramucci lashed out last night implicating priebus as the source of leaked information about his finances. it now appears that information is publicly available. scaramucci later deleted the tweet and spoke this morning on cnn. >> when i put out a tweet, i put reince's name tweet they are all making the assumption that it's him because journalists know who the leakers are so if reince wants to explain he is not a leaker, let him do that. >> reporter: but in an interview with the new yorker published late today scaramucci said reince is an expletive paranoid schizophrenic a par kneic. scaramucci also went after chief strategist steve bannon. i'm not steve bannon. i'm not trying to suck my own expletive. i'm not trying to build my own brand off the expletive strength of the president.
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scaramucci followed up on twitter saying he would refrain from using such colorful language. some in washington say scaramucci and preibus need to mend their relationship. >> reince is doing a fantastic job at the white house. and i believe he has the president's confidence. so if -- if -- if -- if those two gentlemen have differences, my advice would be to sit down and solve them. >> reporter: scaramucci vowed to fire anyone who is caught leaking information and says he and the president have a good idea who is responsible. now, the president must decide whether to sign a bill that slaps new sanctions on russia. it passed both houses and the senate today with veto-proof majorities. mr. trump opposes a provision that gives lawmakers the power to block him from rolling back those sanctions. >> reporter: the republicans are trying to pass a healthcare bail. the push has been on something called the "skinny repeal." it's basically a placeholder bill. if passed, it would allow senate and house negotiators to
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hammer out a final healthcare bill. republican senators want assurances that the house won't simply vote on the skinny bill as is and then send it to the president. >> i am convinced that we can move forward. but we have to have an assurance that it will go to a normal conference. right now, that is not the case. >> house speaker paul ryan has promised he will negotiate a final healthcare bill. but minutes ago we learned that's not enough for at least two gop senators putting the entire republican plan into doubt. the country's top immigration officer is threatening more enforcement activity in sanctuary cities. >> it appears sanctuary cities, that's where we'll send additional resources looking for you at home, employment, we are going to enforce the law. sanctuary cities, that's the advertising. we'll get to you a sanctuary city. >> isis set a priority of targeting criminal gangs like ms-13 including raids like one in santa cruz this year that
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netted 12 arrests by i.c.e. new push back over a plan to let pg&e chop down hundreds of trees. why critics aren't buying the reasoning. >> the tsa providing endless entertainment with all the wacky stuff people try to bring on planes.
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hundreds of trees around town. many of those trees line a pair of new at 6:00 activists in lafayette are trying to axe a plan to chop down hundreds of trees around town. they line a pair of popular hiking trails. pg&e says they are growing too close to the pipelines. but critics tell kpix 5's john ramos, they think it's more about savings than safety. >> reporter: large shade trees along the hiking trails make them popular for residents so people were upset when they found out the city agreed to let pg&e cut down hundreds of them. >> we heard it through the newspaper. we didn't even hear it from our city. >> reporter: the gas pipeline
6:40 pm
run alongside the trails and in march, the city approved a plan to remove 272 trees such as this massive legacy oak. pg&e says it posts a safety hazard. but gina dawson with the group called save lafayette trees doubts that. she says the utility was out last week surveying which trees are unsafe. four months after they got the approval to cut them down. >> i believe pg&e's doing this for convenience for cost efficiency, for safety, they would be out here doing their surveys before they came to us with a list for trees to be removed. >> reporter: she suspects pg&e wants it clear tries so it can do aerial monitoring of its lines which is easier and cheaper. but she is really angry that the city agreed to it in exchange for half a million dollars in fees even though many of the trees are on private property. so the city is collecting fees for the removal of trees that
6:41 pm
actually belong to private individuals? >> yes. >> reporter: so a lawsuit has been filed against lafayette and pg&e to rescind the agreement. but today, the city manager made it sound like it's not a done deal after all. >> we'll be, um, in a settlement conference next week and i'm hoping we can work something out. >> reporter: so it hasn't been decided how many yet? >> yes, thanks. >> reporter: so for now, the residents don't actually know for sure which trees or how many will face pg&e's axe. and it doesn't look like the city is eager to shed light on that either. in lafayette, john ramos, kpix 5. >> late today pg&e sent us a statement saying that it is reviewing the lawsuit and adds, the community pipeline safety initiative is about keeping customers and workers safe. a celebrity church in the spotlight after justin bieber's wild ride with the paparazzi. why it's a spiritual magnet for
6:42 pm
stars. >> we live in a beautiful area although folks on the bridge have an opinion. weather is looking good. it did get warmer inland. we are going to dance up and down and there are a few days where we're going to hit triple digits. we'll talk about when next.
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♪[ music ] pop star justin bieber known for his hit song sorry might be feeling sorry after he hit a paparazzi photographer with his pickup truck by accident. the man is okay. bieber was behind the wheel when he hit the photographer in beverly hills last night. he was leaving a church service. more on that in just a moment. but immediately after the collision, bieber got out of the truck and asked the man if he needed help. the victim was taken to the hospital with a leg injury. police ruled it an accident and didn't issue citations. now, as we just mentioned, bieber had just attended a church service. reporter jeff nguyen shows us the church that's becoming a magnet with celebrities. >> reporter: the accident happened outside the theater
6:46 pm
where justin bieber went to church last night run by judith smith who talked about helping the pop stars through troubled times in this youtube video. >> i feel like i have learned just as much about life, um, hanging out with justin as maybe i have taught him. >> reporter: this was in western washington where he runs a ministry called the [ indiscernible ] church. he is also a chaplin for the seattle seahawks after developing relationships with players like quarterback wilson. he calls smith a friend who he turned to for advice when he decided to leave coaching to become a minister himself. >> this is similar to coach. it's able to connect with people. minister to the people easier. >> reporter: three people were at the service last night. they say bieber was in the front row and the other seats were filled with celebrities. >> they have to go to church also. so this is their outlet. you know, i'll respect that and i won't, you know, name drop anyone. >> reporter: the guys say they
6:47 pm
like the church because it doesn'tpass the plate. he was introduced to justin by the singer's mother. >> i know justin had kind of, like, not necessarily a good reputation and he is trying to fix it so he can feel safe. >> reporter: rocky santos says his friend and fellow preacher typically go to los angeles weekly to give sermons to celebrities. >> he is very compassionate, good listener. . >> some say bieber's new quest for spirituality is one of the reasons why he just cut short his world tour. the bay area's rent crisis has now reached such biblical proportions, the local church may be forced to close. the city of palo alto says the first baptist church downtown is violating residential zoning ordinances by renting out space to a music school therapists
6:48 pm
and other groups. neighbors have complained about traffic and parking. the ultimatum is evict the tenants or face fines. >> church is different in 2017. there's a bigger issue that the city has to deal with. otherwise, they will be, you know, putting every church in palo alto out of business. >> rental income makes up a third of the budget. the city called us in a statement, the church may be able to keep some of its tenants if it applies for permits. we are looking forward to the weekend. >> it's cooling down toward the weekend. it's toasty out there. we are going to lose degrees and get them back by sunday. it's 95 outside your house but bring a jacket. it's 95 in concord but if you are heading in for dinner tonight or a show in san francisco, you might want the jacket because they are going to be cooling down from 65. it's 30 degrees cooler in san
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francisco in less than 30 miles. san jose 82 currently. santa rosa 85. livermore 94. as much as we have talked about the super warm weather, this month it's been above average but not that much above average. less than 2 degrees above average in san jose. less than one degree in san francisco. the most warming has been in santa rosa and livermore. inland between 2 and 3 degrees above average. we'll see fog and low cloud cover and chance of drizzle. we compress the marine layer it increases drizzle at the coast and the city with lows in the mid-50s in san francisco and pacifica. we want some wind this weekend especially in berkeley. the kite festival at berkeley marina sunny, pleasant, 72 degrees. thankfully there will still be an onshore breeze. as to be were of why temperatures take a step back tomorrow, it's because of an
6:50 pm
area of low pressure diving closer to us than we first thought and not allowing the ridge to get where we thought it would be. as that happens, we will see less of the influence from the ridge until sunday. once it gets here it's going to be here for a while. and it's going to get rather toasty next week with triple digits returning inland. but not tomorrow. we are looking at a morning low cloud cover and fog. yes, spilling into the bay. you can see it working through the golden gate burning back to the coastline in the afternoon. should be a fantastic friday afternoon, not as hot, 5 to 7 degrees cooler inland and staying seasonably chilly near the bay. not as hot tomorrow. temperatures climb sunday. sunday the warmer choice over the weekend. next week, yeah, here we go again. we'll likely see widespread triple digits. that will begin on wednesday. so temperatures very close to average tomorrow. can't get much closer. san jose one degree above average 83. that's 7 degrees cooler than today. cupertino 84. los gatos 89 degrees. still the 60s at the beach
6:51 pm
including pacifica, half moon bay, moss beach. san ramon 88. warm. not as hot. san rafael 83, but richmond only 67 with morning drizzle for you. wine country, two thumbs up. 86 in napa and sonoma. 96 toward beautiful saint helena. extended forecast shows that warming on sunday, and once we get to the mid- to upper 90s again, that's where we'll stay if not hotter by the middle of next week. 101 on wednesday and thursday. but if you go to the beach on the same day, maybe up to 40 degrees cooler. that's your forecast. coming up, the funny side of the tsa. how it's becoming social media sensation showing off all the strange stuff that comes through security. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00, we're focused on the white house tonight. asking you, do you think anthony scaramucci is the right person to head up white house communication? yes, know, why, why not? send me your thoughts right now in a tweet. i'm at #veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your comments tonight on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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likes on instagram. cbs reporter kris van cleave looks at the quirky posts... getting the t-s-a tons of followers. not a celebrity but a government agency has more than 3 million likes on instagram. cbs reporter kris van cleave
6:55 pm
looks at the quirky posts getting the tsa tons of followers. >> reporter: the tsa is bossy. but the tsa can also be funny. at least online. it's instagram aims to show the agencies' human side by posting a minds boggling litany of items people try to bring on planes. >> what's that? >> it's a shrunk voodoo head made from a goat. >> reporter: from gas mask, guns and propane tanks, the tsa has seen it all. this dead body was screened in atlanta. don't worry. it's actually a movie prop. and yes, it was cleared to fly. >> talk about it. >> reporter: blogger bob runs the tsa's instagram. his endearing combination of
6:56 pm
weird items and captions have earned him two webby nominations, 750,000 followers, and the number 4 spot on rolling stone's list of must follows. that's a ahead of beyonce. >> the purpose of the instagram account is to show people all the things we're finding nationwide and educate people on what you can and can't bring. >> reporter: the tsa is also on twitter. from this command center outside washington, they offer up to 1,000 realtime answers a day to more straightforward questions like, can i carry on this facemask? you can't carry it on. but you can check it. >> our goal was only to be able to help passengers and i think in the end, um, that this program has really helped to soften the public perception of tsa. >> reporter: a softer image bob helped build one light at a time. kris van cleave, cbs news. >> goodness. >> makes you wonder. good night. who are these people?
6:57 pm
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