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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  July 30, 2017 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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fans flee a huge fire at a music festival. the u-s military responds to the st. how up in flames. thousands of fans flee a huge fire at a music festival. >> u.s. military responds to the north korea missile test. how the army is sending a reminder of its strength. >> good morning. it is 7:30 am this sunday july july 30. >> we are following breaking news out of south santa clara. police are on the scene of a fatal crash on south bound highway 101 and met calf road. chp confirms one person died and two others are injured. the victims have been taken to the hospital. >> it is time for a quick check to your forecast, starting the day with gray skies over the golden gate bridge. we are going to see a drizzle
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along the coast. temperature wise we are in the 50s area wide, 51 santa rosa. we may be socked in to start later today. we'll see the marine layer begin to compress, pull away from the coast with sunshine and temperatures beginning to warm, five degrees for many locations today. we are looking at fog to start the day along the bay and coast. the warming trend begins, hot inland by tuesday of next week. today we will see hot temperatures, already triple digits for sacramento valley. we will see triple digits here by mid week. if you are heading to the california state fair, sunny and hot. your full forecast is coming up in a bit. it's on fire! >> oh my god! >> new video of a terrifying scene as a huge stage goes up in flames. the fire happened during an electronic music concert in spain. it began in a stack of speakers
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during a live stream of tomorrow land music festival in barcelona. over 20,000 concert goers had to flee the area, and the festival was canceled. spanish authorities say about 20 people were treated for minor injuries or anxiety but no major injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. developing news this morning, the body of a 54 year old man was discovered. his death is investigated as a homicide. officers were called to a business south of highway 237 yesterday where they found the victim. investigators have not released other details but anyone with information is asked to contact the police. a deadly crash involving a bicyclist and a light rail train is under investigation this morning in san jose. yesterday evening the cyclist was crossing vta track at ray street and park moore avenue when he was hit. investigators don't know what caused the crash. service on vta trains was
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delayed but this morning it is back to normal. a lyft driver says she was beaten for refusing a ride. she told eight people they couldn't fit and then she says they started punching and kicking her. >> they all looked like they were having fun, having a good time. >> reporter: hall was ending her night as a lyft driver. little did she know it was about to take a dramatic turn downhill. >> all the way in my back seat three people got in. i said "no we can't do that." >> reporter: hall can only fit six passengers. in the group was eight young adults. >> they were like no, f that. >> reporter: she turned her car off to get the point across and told the group she would call 911. she said the group became violent. >> the guy on the passenger side started pouring water on
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me. some passengers behind me started pouring water on me. >> reporter: they didn't stop there. >> there were two on this side, two men hitting me on this side and then there were two females a came from the side and rotated and took turns kicking and punching me. >> reporter: these photos taken after the incident showing a gash on her forehead, clothes drenched from the water. the entire ordeal lasted about 15 minutes before she could drive away. all she says she could think of -- >> my girls. not being able to see them again. >> reporter: lyft sent a statement in response saying as soon as we were made aware of this incident we deactivated the passenger from the lyft platform and stand ready to assist law enforcement in the investigation. she says this was a wake up call for her and for her lyft and uber drivers. >> you need to be prepared, as prepared as you can be.
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>> what a horrible story. the driver says she is doing better and continues to recover from her injuries. right now, voting has started in venezuela. on the battle is the election of a new assembly that will have sweeping powers to rewrite the country's constitution. the vote is back the by the president and opposition sources are boycotting, say they don't have the power to ask for the vote. opposition members aren't on the ballot guaranteeing a result which could lead to a pro meduro constitution. in the months leading to today's votes there have been massive protests and more than 100 people have died. the president began imposing sanctions on the regime because of the election. more are promised. experts believe u.s. sanctions can cause gas prices to jump by 15 to $.25 a gallon. police have broken up an alleged terror plot that could have brought down a jet liner.
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officers raided homes and made four arrests. suspects are accused in taking part in a conspiracy to use an improvised device to target an airplane. the plot was islam is inspired but they're not naming a specific group. president trump taking aim at china following friday's test featuring a missile that could hit california. he tweeted i am very disappointed in china. our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions in trade and yet they do nothing for us with north korea, just talk. we will no longer allow this to continue. china could easily solve this problem. meanwhile, u.s. flew two aircraft bombers over the korean peninsula in a show of force after the tests. south korea fighter jets and japanese air forces participated. they say if called upon they are ready to respond with overwhelming force. >> people across the nation and in the bay area rallied to
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protect the affordable care act. protesters spilled into the streets. hundreds voiced concerns about republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. even those who have insurance through work say they're afraid of what can happen if they lose their jobs and their coverage. >> because of obamacare, we were able to get insurance right away, the aca. it covered us. there were no gaps. during that period of those few months, we both did have issues that we had to see our doctors about. >> even after the so called skinny repeal was defeated, president trump tweeted that the effort to repeal is not dead. phil and i asked the former san francisco mayor willie brown if democrats should step in and take action. >> the democrats should have started sometime ago, phil, tinkering with those things that need to be changed. because after all, that measure is several years old and
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invariably experience of use causes certain modifications the need to take place. democrats should have been leading the charge to secure that, and they ought to be very active in it now. >> part of the problem though is the things that are needed and the democrats i have talked to, in their estimation, are things that require more money, subsidies, spending. either under obama where you had a republican dominated congress or now where you have a republican controlled government the idea that you are going to be able to make the changes even if you know what they are and you have a ten point plan, pass those and spend additional money. forget repeal. >> that's the dialogue you prefer to engage in. that's a substantive dialogue. it's the dialogue that will have a constituency that will be generated as a result of these new definitions of care. believe me, you are in much better shape and on far more solid ground to be speaking
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from that perspective. the democrats should be leading the charge. there will be some republicans who will instantly embrace what they're talking about. >> i will say this. democrats are within their rights to say republicans, you have been talking about repeal and replace for seven or eight years. let's lay back and be quiet and see what you have and let those ideas that you do have or don't have after all the years of talking, we have had it. fine. now you have the stage. let's see what you can do and not present a competing agenda yet. >> republicans have only wanted to abolish healthcare provided in the administration of barack obama. all they wanted to do was kill the program completely. >> the president has the ability to kill the program. i understand he has been on social media talking about potential of repealing subsidies for insurers which is
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a crucial part of obamacare. without that what would happen? >> it would be a total disaster. insurance companies are going month to month on the subsidies. president obama put them in place through executive fiat and that means that the president can take them away. what is happening is each month trump administration is announcing whether or not it will fund the subsequent month's subsidies. at the point when he says we are not doing that, the insurance market would be a complete disaster. it's like a nuclear option that so far no one has been calling for. now the president seems to think this is back on the table. >> very interesting. i am sure we have a lot more talk about this in the near future. >> we can do a whole show every week on healthcare. >> senator john mccain is returning to his home state of arizona where he will start radiation and chemo at the mayo clinic monday. he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. he returned to washington to
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cast what would be the decisive vote that sank his own party's latest obamacare repeal effort. his office says he plans to keep working from arizona while undergoing treatment and return to washington after august recess. still ahead, you are about to close on a a home and then your life savings is wiped out. this morning, a new scam targeting the bay area. >> dozens of bay area artists packing up and leaving an oakland warehouse. why they say the owners are pushing them out.
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dozens of tenants need to pack up and leave.. a major shake up in oakland this morning. dozens of tenants need to pack up and leave. some are being evicted from the warehouse known as american steel studios while others are choosing to leave because they don't agree with the new rules implemented by the new owners.
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one bans structures over 12 feet high which applies to much of the art work in the warehouse. the owners need to balance safety with creativity especially after the ghost ship fire. >> house rules and standards and not stopping creativity and keep people safe. >> some tenants who are staying say they welcome the changes. six new artist groups are moving in as others move out. o.j. simpson granted parole and a museum will dedicate a museum to him. starting august 18 the gallery will feature sports memorabilia, videos, and the white bronco part of the display. it does appear he will miss the exhibit. park peterson will be temporarily banned from practicing law while state bar association determines whether he should be totally banned.
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he pleaded guilty to perjury for lying about using campaign funds. the list to take over is distinguished including judges and prosecutors but one really stands out. thomas kensic attached a letter written by a man he prosecuted and put in jail for murder. it says you would be a great d.a. and it says there are some great d.a.s but if anyone else had my case, i would have been out long ago. tuesday the contra costa board of supervisors will begin reviewing the applications. governor brown signed a bill to extend the cap and trade program through 2030. it requires companies to buy permits to release carbon emissions. the money is spent on environmental efforts. the governor says california is an example for the world. >> china is copying this cap
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and trade plan. quebec has joined. ontario is coming in, washington, oregon, and i believe other states on the east coast will follow. other states and nations in the world. >> a former governor arnold schwarzenegger signed the first bill in 2006 and joined governor brown during the bill signing ceremony. state legislature is in recess for a month and while they were out some students took over. there was a mock assembly where they debated the gas tax. after the debate the students voted and they voted against the tax, dramatically against the tax with 46 yes and 73 no. >> ayes 46, no 73 on the bill. the measure fails. [ applause ] >> the very real california tax goes into effect in november. let's get a check of our forecast. >> thank you. we are looking at fog this
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morning over the golden gate along much of the coast, socked in with drizzle as well. temperature wise we are in the upper 50s pretty much area wise with the exception of santa rosa at 51. temperatures will begin to warm today as we watch high pressure continue to build over the region right now. this access over the four corners region, that is going to shift our way over the next couple days. today we will start to see the ridge build a little bit. as it does, so will our temperatures. we are staying mild and near average for this time of year. it's not until mid week when we see the full effect of the area of high pressure of the strong ridge. we will see hot temperatures mostly inland. most bay area locations will top out with warmest locations in upper 90s. we will see the triple digits or more triple digits in the central valley, sacramento valley. the problem is you see extended period of time with 90s. it is still warm in the bay area. that's when you start to see
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heat related effects. we are still calling it a heat wave because you will see several days with temperatures in the 90s, upper 90s for many inland locations. gradual warming begins today, markedly warmer by tuesday with the potential of several days of triple digit heat inland and near there for many bay area locations in the east bay and north day. today we are still close to average or just above average for this time of year. we will see temperatures building five degrees in many locations, warmer than yesterday. we are near 70 for san francisco, mid 90s concord and 87 san jose, mid 70s around oakland. we are topping out in the low 90s for the warmest locations, 60s along the coast, inland triple digits for the warmest spot and in the 90s for concord and walnut street, 80s around the bay and mid 70s for
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oakland, alameda, mid to upper 80s for napa and near triple digits for the warmest spots near lake port. finally, a look at your extended forecast. temperatures are building with upper 90s for the warmest for the work week and triple digits triple digits by mid week. we stay warm for the extended forecast. the comic-con of politics, politicon kicked off. members of all parties are invited to attend. it started off quiet but quickly got ugly. wearing swastikas and shouting slogans this couple shocked this packed ball room and was quickly shouted down. >> usa! >> before the panel could hit the reset button, another couple offered their
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unsolicited agenda. they were quickly shouted down and then booted out. organizers say this is a political convention for all. republicans, democrats, comedians, commentators, a comic-con for politics and all it entails. >> what can i say? i love my country. >> reporter: it is an unusual mix from super heroes to elder statesmen. there is a reputation for reasoned airing of political differences. >> giving people the opportunity to hear the other side and not just a cartoon version. >> reporter: they tackle timely topics. the place was packed for censorship on campus. >> free speech on campus is a big deal. i think our first amendment is under attack. >> reporter: some featured big names. others didn't. the guaranteed would have been this guy, the mooch was listed as one of the speakers. >> a lot of people are talking about the fact that he isn't here. he was supposed but but backed
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out. >> reporter: but on second thought he sounded happy that he didn't make it. >> i feel like i have heard enough from him. >> reporter: with the week he's had, can you imagine if he had been here? a new scam targeting the real estate industry. how hackers are posing as realtors to take advantage of home buyers. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to ad the rtine. join energy upgrade california
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and do your thing. realtors, to prey on home there is a new real estate scam targeting the bay area,
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cyber criminals posing as realtor to his prey on home buyers. on 5, you are on the brink of owning a home and then your life savings is wiped out. bay area home buyers falling victim to an alarming new scam. >> that's right, one woman lost half a million dollars. we are told this scam is because of the hot market. people are rushing deals to close competition and that's leaving some vulnerable. >> timing was impeck able actually. >> reporter: like most realtors, cristina e-mails clients all day. last year unknown to her criminals hacked her account, monitored correspondence and waited for the perfect time to strike. >> it was time to send the remainder of the down payment to close escrow. >> using cristina's e-mail hackers sent a message telling them to wire hundreds of thousands to a fraudulent
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account. >> it's creepy being watched and knowing they had been reading our e-mail. >> reporter: she was not alone. >> she was rushed. this is her life savings. >> reporter: suing a different company on behalf of his client who lost half a million dollars due to a similar fraudulent e- mail. the national association of realtors along with fbi are issuing warnings about sophisticated e-mail scams targeting the industry. >> it's a nationwide phenomenon unfortunately. >> reporter: realtors aren't the only ones being hacked. >> an agent's e-mail sometimes, can be a title company, a hinder, a transaction coordinator. >> reporter: the hacker's goal, impersonate somebody involved by sending e-mails from their account instructing buyers to wire money usually at just the time the buyer is expecting to make the payment. >> they have been watching us and reading our correspondent.
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>> reporter: lucky for cristina, they requested a fake e -- questioned the fake e- mail. the amount was off by just a bit bit. >> reporter: the realtors association and fbi both advise everyone in the real estate market to verify any instructions they receive via e- mail either in person or on the phone and never wire money unless you are positive the instructions came from a reliable source. the scary thing is they are monitoring conversations. they know what to say to you to convince you that it is a realtor. >> the idea that they break in and wait for the appropriate time and then send the e-mail is incredibly frightening. >> who knows what other financial information they're garnering. >> you have to be careful what you send over the internet. still ahead, a raging wildfire forcing mandatory evacuations this morning.
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the latest on containment efforts.
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morning. the time is _ _. good morning, i'm melissa caem and i'm julie watts. phil has e day off.. le welcome back to kpix5. the time is 7:59. >> we'll get started this half hour with a quick check of the forecast of the we are starting with cloud cover, fog socked in
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along the coast. around portions of the bay, this is a look at the golden gate bridge where temperatures are warming up in some locations. it is 60 san jose, upper 50s for many locations around the bay. we are going to warm today. watch what happens with futurecast. we are socked in along the cost, mostly clear for inland bay locations. as we advance through the day we start to see the clouds pull back or we would if my computer was working, but it is not. you will have to take my word for it. your weather headlines today, we are going to warm by a few degrees with more significant warming coming our way wednesday. we will figure out what's going on with the weather computer and i will toss it back to mellisa. >> thanks. president trump will begin to push agenda with the help of a new chief of staff. reince priebus is out and homeland security secretary
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general john kelly is in. one author has studied presidential chief of staff and says priebus didn't have enough authority to control white house personnel or tell the president hard truths but did have experience with congress on capitol hill. >> priebus made rookie mistake after rookie mistake. kelly doesn't really know the hill. generals have not done well in this position. >> priebus says he will stay on for two weeks to help kelly with the transition. elaine duke has been named acting secretary of homeland security. phil and i asked the former san francisco mayor willie brown if it is possible to get rid of leaks in any administration. >> absolutely not simply because the person at the top starts the leaking. whenever you want to get a story out early, want to get your angle in, and want a reaction, sometimes you have to call your friendly inside reporter. that's a leak. >> it seems though that we didn't see this during the
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obama administration for example. >> more. >> really? >> it was not advertised. you don't think those stories were because reporters were going out doing shoe work? of course not. they wait for it. >> wait a minute, i will take exception with that. first, we do a lot of shoe work. >> thank you. >> second, it is interesting how you talk about call your friendly reporter. president trump just tweets it out, you know. >> he is not leaking. he is broadcasting, phil, when he does it that way. what you don't know about trump probably is he is constantly using his relationship. believe me, i suspect that he had a relationship with both anchors on morning joe. after all, they gave him always the first 15 or 20 minutes of their program during the primary involving republicans. and he was most effective achieving the goal of getting
8:03 am
the nomination. >> you say he is the one doing the leaking? >> yes. he starts the leaking. he starts it. >> oh we have heard there are issues with people getting buy in, having collaborative decision making when you operate like that in a very top down kind of operation. you get a lot of unhappy people who feel like they haven't been heard, concerns haven't been addressed. even bringing them in and pretending what they have to say can go a long way. >> sometimes the only way to get anything in the paper is to leak. >> you have been covering politics for a while. how often do people leak political information about opponents or even their bosses to you? >> it's certainly happened a number of times. but sometimes the people in the administration don't know where to look because they forget. there is always someone in the room cleaning. there is an intern, someone watering plants. when they start looking and trying to figure out who is leaking, these are the people
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they have forgotten who are in there who are the people in my experience who are the ones who for me have been leaks. we have people at the top but you have to look out for people at the bottom. be nice to the cleaning staff. >> a reminder to be careful how you treat people. >> interns are important, having been one. crews are busy keeping a wildfire from spreading. the blaze broke out 120 miles east of is san francisco near jamestown in the gold country. mandatory evacuations are underway. the fire started just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon and has grown to 600 acres. one man saw it get within a dozen feet of his home. >> we were watching the fire come up the hill and turned around and it's already jumped the fence. those dc10s dropped. see the barns, they're red. they're rusty color, not red by choice. i had a power hose until the
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power went out. >> last check, firefighters had the blaze 30% contained. evacuation orders are in effect for dozens of homes. there is no word yet on how the fire was started. after weeks of firefighters battling flames, this blaze is over 85% contained. firefighters continuing to mop up the area to ensure that hot spots are contained. as wildfires rage across california, firefighters may soon have a game changing tool to add to their arsenal. the global super tanker is a converted boeing 747 jet capable of dropping 19,000 gallons of water or fire retardant. it has been approved for use now by inner agency air tanker board. before that, the world's largest aerial fire fighting tanker was sitting idle. it has now been cleared for use over the next 17 months. san francisco may become the first city in the country
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to ban flame retardant chemicals in furniture in children's products. legislation was introduced tuesday at the board of supervisors' meeting. this is intended to slow the spread of fire but for decades some of the most commonly used retardants have been linked to serious health concerns including cancer and developmental delays. some are found in high levels inside the human body especially studies find in children and nursing mothers. the chemical industry defends these insisting they save lives and provide valuable time to escape from fire. joining us today is a former state senator now running for mayor. you didn't introduce the san francisco ordinance but have introduced four separate pieces of flame retardant legislation, one which now requires furniture come with notification labels telling you if there are retardants or not. >> correct. >> you have a lot of background
8:07 am
on this. what are implications? could a san francisco city ordinance ultimately impact california or the country. >> having fought this for years, i have my battle scars to prove it all. san francisco could lead the nation in this. it would not be the first time. think of banning cigarettes in restaurants, banned mercury thermometers here in san francisco, provided domestic partners for same sex couple benefits, provided equal access to county health plan for transgender employees. it is amazing how a small town like san francisco can lead the way on any number of issues and change the way not only business but government operates across the country. >> it will not be an easy fight. you have a lot of experience. this is why he is here dealing with the industry. it successfully killed three of your four deals. opponents of your bill circulated this flyer showing a child being saved from a
8:08 am
burning building and it called it a deadly mistake. i believe they successfully did kill one of your first pieces of proposed legislation. this ordinance will face the same opponents as well this time around as retailers who in san francisco won't be a be to sell anything that doesn't have retardant. it puts more flame retardant free products on the market. how hard is it going to be to get this passed? >> i think it has a great chance in san francisco but the chemical industry spent about 6 or $7 million to kill our first bill. in the context of sacramento that's a lot to invest in one piece of legislation given there are thousands produced each year. they spent it on newspaper advertisements, television commercial, radio commercial, robo calls, mailers. all of it was suggesting if you vote for the legislation, your child will dinah fire. they were selling fear. keep in mind this is a multi
8:09 am
billion dollar end rethat did not want government suggesting that their product was dangerous. of course the chemical industry couldn't say vote no on the bill so they set up a fraudulent group called californians for fire safety. if you went to the website you would think it was a collaboration of teachers, parents, fire marshals and all these good people. >> how does it impact the ordinance? you still have the same opponents i assume and then you are throwing in retailers who will feasibly sufficient because they have to come up with new stock. in the case of car seats there is only one car seat on the market that does not have flame retardant. that could mean they couldn't sell any but that one. >> as they debate this, keep in mind there are two proponents. it is upholstered furniture as
8:10 am
well as juvenile furniture. upholstered has these chemicals inside the cushions within the piece of furniture we are talking about. so there are i believe about 75% of the market place as a result of what we did in sacramento is chemical free because that's where the market is leading. that's what consumers want, chemical free furniture. with regard to the juvenile products, if it is not entirely available at this point, supervisors might want to stage implementation until consumers would have choice. they're going to look at it carefully. >> that's how those proposals work their way through. i want to point out that we have a statement from the chemical industry which notes that these are subject to review by epa. basically consumers don't have to choose between chemical safety and fire safety. they can have both. i have seen this statement throughout my reporting on flame retardants. i have been interviewing you
8:11 am
for years on the topic. this implies that the epa reviews these so they must be safe for use if they're already in products. >> keep in mind, there are about 80,000 untested chemicals in our daily consumer products. for the epa, which this president wants to completely decimate by cutting all of its funding, how many thousands of years would it take for all of these chemicals which are subject to epa review to actually get review? in fact, they're saying you can be both chemically safe and fire safe, and we are neither. we are not chemically safe now and these chemicals in fact do not even keep you safe. when they burn, they convert to carbon monoxide. so firefighters are dying fighting fires, not from flames, but from the chemicals
8:12 am
emitted when these chemicals burn. in fact, san francisco firefighters have set up their own cancer prevention foundation because hundreds of san francisco firefighters have dealt with the very cancers caused by these chemicals when they burn. they convert to known carcinogens. these are very dangerous chemicals and they can impede your child's iq development. >> there are lots of studies that talk about the concerns here. a final question, do you think this will pass? do you think there will be a san francisco ordinance and we'll be the first in the country to ban the chemicals. >> i don't know that it will look like it does at introduction but some very significant form of it. i believe there will be political will at the board of supervisors to pass it. >> thank you for coming in and providing your decades of contest. that's it for us right now. we'll be right back.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees.
8:16 am
having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california. after bay area tech giants. the question: should they be held liable for the de the family of a california college student who died in a terrorist attack is going after bay area tech giants. the question is should the tech companies be held liable for the deadly violence? >> if you ever post content that contains a song on youtube, it's removed overnight. your kid' birthday party, you put a song in the background, and they remove it. you don't own the right. yet if you post a video of an isis terrorist beheading an american aid worker with a knife, that content won't be
8:17 am
removed, won't be filtered. somebody might report it. they might catch it and ultimately remove it but they'll allow the video to be posted again and again by the same people. >> youtube videos showing isis warning about attacks on france started about a year before terrorists murdered 130 people in november 2015. >> isis could not function without social media. it would be 50 guys in the desert jumping up and down chanting in a fire. >> gonzales was shot in the chest and died. she was a student at cal state long beach studying abroad. they're suing google as a parent company on youtube. >> social media sites allow isis to use their sites to plan and conduct. >> victims can sue anyone who
8:18 am
gives substantial assistance to a terrorist but websites have a special weapon. >> a get out of jail card. >> website owners cannot be sued for what others put. >> they don't have to police it. they can do whatever they want and they are immune from any repercussions. >> google used this to ask a judge to throw out the lawsuit. at a hearing today, the judge seemed ready to side with google. >> this is tough. >> if the judge does dismiss the case, plaintiffs say congress should update the law. websites aren't what they used to be. >> the things we are seeing in terms of the way that the internet is being used were not even imagined by the people who created that communications decency act. >> the plaintiffs are seeking damages here? >> that's right. the plaintiffs are seeking some. they haven't asked for a
8:19 am
specific amount. we know the judge will decide whether to dismiss the case sometime in the next couple weeks. >> one thing i think is interesting, if you post on youtube and get enough views, you can make money. youtube pays you per however many hundreds of views. isis could be making money off of the videos using the platform. did the judge bring that up? >> the plaintiffs did but it was one thing that the judge seemed interested in. she seemed to think that the special immunity pretty much isolated google from most of what was happening but seemed to invite plaintiffs to flush it out more, to come back with better allegations. if it is true that youtube is paying isis and it is true that youtube is also profiting, that is something that she looked to be more interested in pursuing even though she could dismiss the rest of the case and say come back with more information. with this, you might be onto
8:20 am
something. that can be what we see in the case. >> so interesting. >> it was really a fascinating day. >> i am interested to learn more about this. i am sure for a lot of folks, you are going outside, you want to learn more about the forecast. i have that as well. we do have gray skies over the golden gate with a little bit of drizzle and fog to start your day. temperatures are beginning to warm. we are in the 60s right now in places like concord, liver more, san jose. temperatures will warm today, five degrees for many locations above yesterday. we are likely going to see the fog pull back and make way for sunshine around the bay and likely many spots along the coast will see sun at least temporarily today. we are waiting for this, high pressure from the four corners region, ridge access pushing west. temperatures will increase beginning today gradually. it's really monday, tuesday, even wednesday that we see the hot weather. we are talking triple digits
8:21 am
for inland valleys, sacramento, central valley, and upper 90s to near the century mark for the warmest east bay locations through mid week. what to remember? gradual warming begins today, much warmer by tuesday and then the potential for several triple digit days. again, if we don't hit the century mark it's prolonged heat, temperatures in 90s for several days when we see a heat wave and folks don't have the ability to cool down and we see health effects there. high temperatures are mild by comparison to what we are about to see but still above average. we are in the upper 60s around the bay. concord is in the mid 90s, upper 80s for san jose, south bay temperatures topping out in the low 90s for warmest locations, east bay topping out in mid to upper 90s near the century mark in places like brentwood. closer to the bay, low to mid
8:22 am
70s around berkeley, alameda. 80s for sonoma, napa, warmer for. the extended forecast shows temperatures increasing to upper 90s, flirting by triple digits mid week and staying in the forecast. the heat wave, i think we will feel it. we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
too mu it turns out there is a lot of pot at least in california. >> the marijuana growers association says california is growing too much. >> there has been a lot of growing. california is a great state for agriculture. >> could we be growing too much? executive director of california growers association. he says that the state is growing far more marijuana than it consumes. >> our organization thinks it's around eight times as much. >> put another way, california produces 14 to 16 million tons
8:25 am
of marijuana and it consumes 1.5 to 2 million. clearly some california product is going to other states which is and will continue to be illegal. >> in the past, when a product left the farm, there is a really good chance the grower had no idea where it was going. in the future, every license holder is going to need to know where every gram of product is ending up. so conditions are going to change quickly. >> the regulations are supposed to begin january 1, 2018. at that point, growers will have a choice. get a license and keep tons of extra marijuana in california or continue to farm and sellae cross state lines in violation of federal law and under the radar. >> nobody wants to operate under the radar. they want to do this legally, to say what i am doing is okay. >> reporter: growers will want a business license and when the retail space for marijuana opens, there will be new uses for new surplus. >> about 75 pounds of cannabis,
8:26 am
which is a lot, can produce perhaps five liters of oil. you look at that, a lot of cannabis can make a little oil. talk about a surplus, that's one very good avenue. >> he says the demand for cannabis products in california will be enough to handle the supply. >> i am not hearing that story of oh we have too much. come back in a month. it's moving. >> presumably once this is legal there will be more buyers. so there will be more people buying pot and the glut will decrease. they have to have a place to buy it. right now there is a limited number of legal locations. can that change? >> we are seeing varying responses from local governments who get to regulate what goes on in the borders. we have seen some places ban the sale of recreational marijuana which they have the right to do. or they can say yes but we will zone this so it has to be in limited places.
8:27 am
if they're choking the places where people can purchase this, we are back to where we started. that's really the key here. >> all right. well that does it for us today. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces.
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8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> pauley: today on "face the nation" the president shakes up his staff after a tumultuous week and threatens senate republicans after they failedñro pass the health care bill. word that chief of staff reince priebus had been replaced by homeland security secretary john kelly came in the form of a tweet from the president. he spoke in the driving rain at andrews air force base. >> reince priebus is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kellyçó has been a star. >> dickerson: the president had also called priebus a star, that star fellas he became irritated with the messiness of his administration. with the hiring of anthony scaramucci whose contempt went public in an interview, it quickly became clear the white house would no÷i be big enough for the two men.


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