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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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costco... and the thieves ma ith jewelry. breaking news at 5:00, a smash and grab at a bay area costco, and the thieves make off with jewelry. thank you for joining us, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. a manager at the store is confirming the robbery. a large display case in the jewelry department is now empty. police say three men walked into the store wearing surgical masks. they ran out to a getaway car, described as a dark four door sedan with paper dealer plates. witnesses say the suspects were all young men, african american. it is similar to another jewelry heist in may at a
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costco in danville. we have more breaking news in los angeles, a van has just plowed into pedestrians. police are on the scene investigating. they have blocked off the area. we're told at least seven people were injured. one person in critical condition. the others are expected to survive. close to a dozen emergency vehicles responded. this is in the mid-wilshire area downtown on pico boulevard. police were called to the scene a little over an hour ago. at this time, it isn't clear what caused the crash, but we will be keeping a close eye on developments, and will bring us an update at 6:00. back here in the bay area, an oakland citizen is facing drug dealing charges, and we're learning he has a checkered past. the 68-year-old is a 14 time felon. he lived in this senior living complex. that's where police say they seized $20,000 worth of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. neighbors say they noticed a lot of undesirable activity around the senior's home, and
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they're glad police caught him. >> it was really worrying, in a supposedly nice neighborhood like that, stuff like this is still going on. it was also really frustrating, because we had all of had proof and evidence that it was going on, but it took a while to actually catch someone. >> he's due back in court a month from day. a lift driver sharing that violent ordeal in the sacramento area. first show told 8 people that they could not fit in her car. as she tells reporter, angela musalem, they started punching and kicking her. >> reporter: nakayla hall was ending her shift as an iewber driver. the group who requested her
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early thursday morning, 8 young adults. >> they just kind of were like no, f that. >> reporter: hall says she turned her car off to get her point across and told the group, she would call 911 if they didn't get out. that's when she said the group turned violent. >> on the passenger side, he started pouring water on me, and some of the passengers behind started pouring water on me. there were two on this side. two men hitting me on this side. then there were two of the females came from this side, and they kind of just rotated, and took turns kicking and punching me. >> reporter: these photos taken right after the incident, showing a gash on haul's forehead. her clothes drenched from the water poured all over here. hall says the ordeal lasted about 15 minutes before shecould drive away. all she says she could think of. >> my girls. not being able to see them again. >> reporter: lyft sent a
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message, saying we deactivated the passenger from the lyft platform. hall says this was a wakeup call, not just for her, but for all lyft and uber drivers. becoming complacent, haul's only regret. >> you need to be prepared. >> hall says she's doing better now, and that she continues to recover from those injuries. san francisco fog is being blamed for a power outage that left thousands of people in the dark. it happened about 9:30 tho morning, when a power pole caught fire at california street, and 16th avenue in the richmond district. the damage was visible at the top of the poll. a pg and e worker on scene, saying condensation caused a park from the electrical equipment. the outage hit nearly 5,000 customers. pg and e, is still trying to
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restore power. the sweltering heat expected to hit the bay area for much of the upcoming week. katie nealson is live in dublin, where temperatures will get close to 80 degrees. >> reporter: people from throughout the area packed water park today. it's almost at capacity. they were coming in to chill out as temperatures here soar to 95 degrees. >> how was it? >> reporter: meet caitlin and her mom lauren. it's caitlin's 11th birthday, and she isn't afraid of a little speed. >> do you like it? >> yeah. >> reporter: today, the birthday girl and her best friend. >> this is caitlin. >> reporter: yep, two caitlins. came to the wave in dublin. >> we came over with a few friends, and we're just celebrating the day. >> they've got plenty of water and sunscreen, and more than enough laughs to go around. >> reporter: temperatures are supposed to hit triple digits for many of the inland areas
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and valleys by tomorrow and tuesday. and keeping cool with some sweet treats, and good old fashioned splashing. and the right day to feed this birthday girl's need for speed. >> that's why i like it. >> reporter: tomorrow is in addition heat stroke prevention day, and they say it's a good reminder to stay hydrated. make sure you're taking a lot of breaks in the shade, if you're going to be out in the sun, and also check on those pets. live in dublin, katie nealson. >> we look live out at dublin. mostly clear skies right now. it actually wasn't all that warm inland today, but that's going to change by the time we get to tuesday. so far, we just got up to 91 at concord. of course, closer to the shore line in san francisco, just 64. but there are excessive heat warnings posted for most of the counties north of the immediate bay area for triple digit heat.
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we will have triple digit heat in the east bay bay tuesday. it will warm to near 100 degrees inland, within 48 hours. in terms of your own specific numbers for tomorrow, a transition day. we'll have that in the full forecast in just a few moments. president trump taking the day off today after one of the more tumultuous weeks of his presidency. spending part of his sunday at trump national golf club at washington, d.c. he's not backing down from the healthcare fight. melissa cane shows us the president could still undermine obamacare. >> let obamacare implode. >> don't let recent senate votes fool you. the president can let obamacare implode with the stroke of a pen. bailouts for insurance companies, and bailouts for members of congress will end
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very soon. what he calls bailouts for insurance companies are government subsidies for people earning 20 to $30,000 as a individual, and 24 to $62,000 for a family of four. for people who qualify, insurance companies charge a discounted rate, then bill the u.s. government for that discount. last year, the government paid about $7 billion to insurance companies to subsidize coverage for about 9 million people. >> it really would be detrimental to some of the most vulnerable citizens if those payments were cut off. >> reporter: but they can be cut off. because congress never appropriated money to pay the subsidy. under president obama, the treasury department just started paying them. under president trump, that has continued, but all mr. trump has to do is tell his treasury secretary to stop making the payments, and that's it. no more subsidies.
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and that can cause obamacare to implode. >> i really think it's incomprehensible that we have a president of the united states that wants to sabotage healthcare in america. >> reporter: if the president ends the subsidies, insurance companies will be stuck holding a $1 billion bag. under obamacare, companies cannot change those reduced priced plans, and can't drop out of the exchange in the middle of the year. there could be months of un reimbursed costs piling up this year, and driving companies out of the market for next year. >> the threat to cut off those payments has contributed to the instability in the insurance market. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix 5. a show of force amid escalating tensions with north korea. it was in direct response to north korea's ballistic missile
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test yesterday. the u.s. military is also strengthening its defense tactics. the air force tested their antimissile system over the pacific ocean. in an interview today, senator dianne feinstein called north korea a clear and present danger. >> north korea has never moved at the speed that this leader has to develop an icbm and to have a trajectory which, as of the latest analysis, would enable it to go about 6,000 miles, and maybe even hit as far east as chicago. >> feinstein went on to say serious negotiations with the north are needed to put a stop to their missile program. coming up, a passenger gets punched by an airline employee, while holding a baby. what led up to that blow. >> plus minced, chopped, or on top of french fries. we have a look at this year's top dishes.
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passenger... who was holding a baby. it happened at the neece airport in fra the victim check it this out, an airport worker punched a passenger who was holding a baby. it happened at the nice airport in france. the airport director said the victim complained about the delay to the airport worker, and the worker suddenly lashed out. easy jet released a statement saying easy jet is very concerned to see this picture, and can confirm the person in the photo is not an easy jet member of staff, and they do not work for easy jet's ground handling agents in nice. we're urgently taking this upy nice airport. the victim did board his flight, but there was a mark on his face from the punch. mandatory evacuations have been lifted for communities surrounding a fire in gold country. the 700-acre blaze broke out just south of jamestown.
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the fire is 60% contained, but advisories are still in effect for the area, and there are still road closures along wards ferry road. there's no word yet on how the fire started. sky drone 5 over the gilray garlic festival. since 1979, the garlic capitol of the u.s. has been attracting enthusiasts from all over the country. venders got creative with the ingredient. >> we are coming at you from the gilroy garlic festival. where the moment you open the car door, the aroma hits you like a punch in the face. to get off the beaten path, and try some new stuff. >> reporter: there is no doubt about the superstar dishes at the festival. the ones that loom large, burn bright, and cast long shadows. no, we are looking for two great tastes that taste great together. like garlic donuts. the festival's latest newcomer.
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the mini donuts come fresh out of the fire, and get tossed in grated parmesan cheese and garlic. the owner came up with the recipe, just so she could win over the committee, and break into the festival for the first time. >> i was shocked when i got in. i was super surprised. it's something i had on my bucket list was getting into the festival, and it finally happened. >> reporter: next up, three words, fries, garlic, and crab. beer battered fries, tossed in a garlicky parm with pesto. >> how much more bay area can you get than crab garlic fries? >> you can't, and we're the original. >> reporter: last, but not least, garlic kettle corn. that is garlic powder fresh. there is a reason why the
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workers are wearing masks. >> it's actually much better than i expected. >> reporter: that's kind of how it goesat the garlic festival. doubt and skepticism followed by surprise. i remember about the time this whole garlic festival started, and i thought, who is going to want to go 10 minutes for garlic? how wrong he was. it's going to be hot this week. by tuesday, numbers will be 100 degrees as we look high atop mount vaca, to a few clouds and sunshine. it got up to a fairly average 91 degrees at concord. livermore 91. in san jose, 80 degrees. san francisco, 64. my goodness is it ever dark out there. how did that happen? what i would like to look at is the addly neglected richmond bridge. concord has got 91 right now.
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in oakland, 68. san francisco at 64. in san jose, 79 degrees. so you know, a warm day, but not exceptionally warm. for that, we've got to wait until tuesday, until high pressure really builds. still, if you think there is relief at the beach, there is, because temperatures are only 60 degrees. you just have to have a care, because there's a big swell coming up out of the south, that will provide big breakers tonight. rip currents threats if you actually dip your toe in the water, with the excessive heat warnings posted a the the moment, north of the immediate bay area, but triple digit heat on the way for northern california. i mentioned this if your travel plans take you out. warms up here in the mid-90s tomorrow before we top the century mark on tuesday. along the shore line, always relief with the low clouds, and it will be cool at the beach. with sunshine inland, future cast shows low clouds do begin to reform again overnight, and
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burn back to the shore line, as per usual, mid-morning. that will keep things mild, an close to the water. the temperatures warm inland into the mid-90s tomorrow. fog and low clouds at the shore line, then temperatures above triple digits by tuesday in the warmest spots and the usual suspects, which is livermore, and pleasantton. you know where it is. brentwood, and up by ukiah. the forecast by the airport, mostly sunny tomorrow, with a high of 75. very pleasant at old mills field. seattle, 80 degrees. l.a. and new york, both sunny, and in the 80s. for us overnight, we'll look at mid-50s. sun up tomorrow morning at 12 minutes after 6. we're not that far above average for tomorrow, but we will be by tuesday. monday, 88 degrees at sunnyville. in san jose, 88. in milpitas, 87 degrees. hayward, 82. over in the east bay, the numbers will be 102 in
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brentwood. with 97 degrees at antioch, and 94 degrees at fairfield. up in the north bay, the numbers will be about 84 degrees in san rafael. look at ukiah, goodness, 100 degrees. some inland spots will top that for tuesday and wednesday, and ease off later in the week. that's weather. colin kaepernick may soon be employeed. we'll tell you which team is showing some interest in the qb, and the trade deadline is quickly approaching. the a's face the twins. we'll be right back.
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away. sonny gray is one of the biggest names on the trade block... but as of ri w... he remains a member of the oakland a's. baseball's trade deadline is less than 24 hours away. sonny gray is one of the top targets, but so far he is still a member of the oakland a's. minnesota hit a pair of homers in the 1st, as cotton gives up 5 runs in just 3 2/3. bartolo colon, now with his 10th team. he was an all-star with the a's in 2014. jacob brutman goes deep to cut the a's deficit to two. top of the 6th, the twins trying to tack on.
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chris davis robs him of extra bases as he bangs into the wall. simon castro really liking that effort there. bottom of the 8th, matt chapman up, and the rookie delivers. just over the head of rosario. chapman has driven in 9 runs since the all-star break. into extra innings we go. bottom of the 12th, yonder alonzo hits the homer to win it. the a's win on a walkoff for the second straight day, and take two out of three from the twins. baseball's hall of fame class of 2017 was inducted into cooperstown today. bud selig, punch rodriguez, tim rains, and jeff bagwell. bagwell played his entire career in houston after he was dealt by the red sox. he had a parting shot for the reliever he was traded for in 1990.
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>> larry used to get on me when i went to philadelphia, and said hey man, you've got to step it up. people are not actually talking about me anymore. so i played my entire career larry. and i got here. is this good enough for you? got enough props? adrian beltre will have his career in cooperstown. beltre becomes the 31st player of all-time to do this. >> the 3-0. beltre, base hit into left field! and there it is. number 3,000 for adrian beltre. >> a huge milestone for him, and he is the first dominican player to do that. ravens president dick haas says the team has spoken with colin kaepernick and has continued discussing having the former 49er as a backup to joe
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flacco. joshua garnett played all 11 games that kaepernick started last year. tonight, he weighs in on his former teammate's struggle to find a job. >> not to have a job, it hurts, because he loves football. every day he came to work. i saw the look in his eyes. he loved the ball, and it just saddens me to see that he's not playing right now, when you know all of the talent that he's had in the past and the present. i know everything's going to work out the best for collin. he's a strong guy. a great guy. and whatever his path holds, he's going to do right. to golf, the pga north of the border outside of toronto. charlie hoffman was trailing by 1 on the 18th hole. this eagle put would have won the tournament for him. instead, it runs wide right. he would tap in a birdie, and force a playoff. both players found the bunker on their first playoff hole. hoffman went for the green. he hits the jackpot, and
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birdied the hole, and wins the rbc in back-to-back seasons. the grand stand was packed in sonoma for the grand stand. he's down the strip at over 300 miles per hour. todd's first ever funny car race, and it's a win. and in the top fuel class. his third reason in the last four races. torrance is getting used to these post race interviews. >> the cap co-guys did an unbelievable job all weekend. i don't know what the thing ran, it was shaking all the way through there. i don't know what the hell i was doing. we're going to celebrate tonight. i might drink some wine. hell, i might even eat some pizza somewhere. >> they're in wine country, so why not? >> back after this. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. hundreds gathered for the ratha-yatra chariot fe well an explosion of color and sound in golden gate park today. hundreds gathered for the chariot festival. it's a hindu celebration that takes place in major cities across the world. he they gather to celebrate love, and their connection to the deity lord juggernaut. weather cooperated. looks like a great time. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> news updates always on we'll see you at 6:00.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: a supersonic show of force. united states responds korea's latest missile test with a pair of b-1 bombers. president trump points the blame at china but he's got other battles closer to home after a shakeup in his inner circle. >> reince was a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> quijano: also tonight venezuelans head to the poles hoping to improve their lives but some fear the beginning of the end of democracy. and this is no child's play, we head to the beach with a new york artist whose sand castles give new meaning to shorefront property. >> i've had some wonderful encounters with people. and that's definitely nice. but if they weren't here, i would still be here doing this.


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