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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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* *update: each promo needsa banner, 19 characters max. the search tonight for jewel thieves who targeted a north bay costco, next. iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a bunch of disappointed kids. >> now it is gone. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. the message it owner is sending to the thieves who ripped off
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this train. >> the train was taken over over night. east of 680. kpix 5's betty yu spoke to the devastated owner tonight. [ music ] >> reporter: this electric train was at there fairgrounds just yesterday entertaining kids and adults. by this morning it was gone. it was sitting inside this trailer in the parking lot outside the office in pleasant hill. >> when i saw my trailer my stomach just dropped. this is more than just a business. you put your heart and soul in to this. first thing, there will be a bunch of disappoint said kids today. >> reporter: it was booked for a community event. >> they had to turn their truck sideways, hook a train to our
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trailer to drag it to hook on to it. >> reporter: you can see marks from the 7,000-pound trailer being dragged out over night. the owner says the thieves put in a ton of effort to get it out. the train is worth $60,000. but it is not likely what they were after. >> why would you take the train? what are you going to do with it? i mean, first thing, keep my trailer. you can have it. give us back my train. if you don't there will be kids disappointed. >> the train had been booked for events every weekend from now till the end of october. the train cost 2 grand to rent for four hours. anyone who helps them find the train, they will throw them a free party with the train. betty yu, kpix 5.
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two undocumented immigrants are held by immigration officials tonight. they were arrested as they were heading to work on thursday while agents searched for another man that rainbow apartments. they did not find him but they trailed two neighbors instead and arrested them. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the agents knocked on the door and yelling at everyone and started intimidating the neighbors. we have kids that were very scared. >> reporter: did you talk to your dad? >> a little bit. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he wants to see me too. that he soon going to come back over here. >> reporter: both men are undowntown toed. they lived in -- undocumented. hayward became a sanctuary city last month. police sent us this statement, i.c.e. officials did not provide hpd information regarding any
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arrests as a result of the operation. the chief put in a request to i.c.e. regarding what happened during the operation and any arrests that may have occurred with it. three men are on the run after shattered display cases a at coast co. kpix 5's joe vazquez -- costco. kpix 5's joe vazquez says it is a similar to a pair of heists in the spring. >> reporter: the robbers struck after the novato costco opened. three men wearing masks went for the jewelry section. used a hammer to smash the display cases. one witness said they took loads of jewelry and whomps. >> suspects didn't say -- watches. >> suspects didn't say anything. didn't heard anyone. >> reporter: it has similarities to two robberies a at costco in danville. on may 19 masked robbers cracked the jewelry display case and took off with jewelry.
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may 8, a group of robbers hit the same costco. in that case an employee tackled one of the robbers. he was arrested. very similar crime. police will be looking into the possibility the smash and grab here is related to the ones in danville. >> investigators will follow up with other agencies. >> reporter: today's robbery, nobody was arrested. they ran out and took off in a get away car. nobody got hurt. investigators are helping surveillance video once they get it from costco could help lead to arrests. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> police are looking for a car, dark four door sedan with paper plates. the u.s. is flexing its muscle after north korea launched a ballistic missile on friday. it had the capability of striking los angeles and
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possibly new york. the report from los angeles. >> reporter: the united states flew two b one bombers over the korean peninsula today. a direct response to north korea's most advanced missile test to date. over night the u.s. demonstrated its ability to intercept ballistic ballistic missiles. he is president of the policy institute. >> these small little steps, a fly over, joint military activity. all are designed to let the opponent know we are ready, prepared. we have our eyes opened. north korea reacted on state run television saying inthe u.s. continues to resort to military sanctions they will respond with its act of justice. the white house is pressing the
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global community to act. president trump tweeted i am very disappointed in china. they do nothing for us with north korea. >> calling on china, other countries, saying this isn't just our problem. >> we need international support but we also need american leadership. >> reporter: china condemned the launches saying they violate united nations resolutions but says the country does not hold the key to solving issues. >> president trump is calling this week american dream week. starting tomorrow he will be dealing with changes to healthcare. also the first day on the job for his new chief of staff. >> reporter: president trump will begin his week with a new chief of staff. monday he will swear in his former department of homeland security secretary john kelly after pushing out reince
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priebus last week. john kelly will inherit a white house with conversation and a president reluctant to move on from the gop healthcare bill. sunday he tweeted don't give up republican senators. the swirled watching. repeal and replace and go to 51 votes. >> the president will not accept it is time to move on. he wants to help the millions that suffered. >> reporter: president trump threatened to end federal payments to assist those with lower incomes as required by the affordable care act. one of the three senators who voted against the healthcare bill says that would be a mistake. >> the uncertainty about whether that will continue from month to month is clearly contributing to the destabilization of the market. >> reporter: a new poll shows americans favor a bipartisan approach to fix obama care versus a full repeal. 52% disapprove of the
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president's handling of the issue. a guarantee to continue the federal subsidies expires monday. he will make a decision about them this week. >> senator dianne feinstein spoke out about speculation president trump is getting ready to fire attorney general jeff sessions. >> i think there has been opposition for the president not to do so. unless, of course, what he really intends is to end up firing robert mueller that could be the beginning of the end of his presidency. >> special counsel robert mueller was appointed to lead the investigation in to russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. russian president vladimir putin says he is ordering 755 u.s. diplomats to leave russia by september. the cuts limit the number of u.s. diplomatic staff in russia to 450.
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the same number that russia is allowed to have in the u.s. the move is in response to new sanctions on russia that president trump is expected to sign. vladimir putin says the measures were necessary. tonight 11 people are recovering after a van crashed into bystanders in los angeles. here is a look at the after math. it happened this afternoon. lapd says it all started when the driver of the van ran a red light and collided with a pickup truck. and that is when the van went into a group of people in an outdoor dining area. one witness saw a father throw his daughter out of the way before he was hit. he was the most seriously injured. >> they were screaming. they were in pain. some others, you know, they were calling 911. >> witnesses say the driver tried to get away after the crash but good samaritans found him and brought him back.
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he was arrested. oakland senior citizen is facing drug dealing charges. the 68-year-old is a 14 time felon and he lived in the senior housing complex. that is where police seized $20,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and marijuana. neighbors noticed undesirable activity and they are glad the police caught up to him. >> it was really worrying i guess that in a really nice neighborhood like that stuff like this is still going on and it was also really frustrating because we had all this photograph, this evidence that it was going on -- proof, this evidence that was going on. >> he is do back in court a month from today. targeted distracted walkers. the state that is banning pedestrians from using cell phones in sidewalks. and the bay area city ranked
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one of the worse in the country for rentals. and it is not san francisco. >> also ahead, get ready for a wild week of waves. why life guards up and down california will be on high alert the next several days. >> the 7th 7th busiest airport in the united states, we have a warming trend on the way. all coming up in the forecast after a break.
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it's a dangerous habit... that
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n . we see a lot of this in downtown san francisco. people texting and crossing the treat. it will soon be illegal in honolulu is the first city targeting pedestrians. pedestrians will not be able to text messages while crossing the street. listening to music or talking on a phone is okay because you are not looking down. >> it is not intended to punish people. >> fines range from 15 to $99. the honolulu will enforce the law october 25. it is oakland that has the third worse rental market in the country. they analyzed 150 cities across the nation. oakland is 148 city on the
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list. beating out only cleveland and detroit. san jose was the next bay area city in the study, number 73. san francisco 70th. they considered cost of living, safety, vacancies and affordability. the top four cities are all in arizona. a pair of storms in the pacific are stirring up a dangerous swell heading to san francisco's coast. john ramos found out even the shallowest water could sweep you away. >> reporter: ocean beach is a popular place to flirt with the power of mother nature and that is why ocean rescue super visor keeps a sharp eye out. >> ocean beach is a very dangerous beach. we look for people knee deep or less. anybody past their knees we will bring them in. >> reporter: rip currents are a common thing at ocean beach but what is coming this way will be
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over the top. large swells reach here tuesday morning. when they hit the shallose, 6 to 8-foot waves will be created and their energy will be moving parallel with the coast, the rip danger will be severe. even for people wading in shallow water. >> they will build up and they can create a flash rip that will be a daps more of a problem for -- a -- more of a problem for us. they shoot up north along it pacific coast all the way to alaska. normal waves come in at 8 second interviews but on tuesday, they will be 18 seconds. >> you can be swept off your feet really easily once you get past your hips. >> reporter: then it could take you out? >> then it could take you out.
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>> reporter: at ocean beach, john ramos, kpix 5. speaking of big waves, they are heading to southern california just in time for the largest surf competition in the world. it kicked off this weekend. surfers are hoping to ride bigger swells this year that will make the competition much more exciting. >> requires a bit more effort. just practice really. waves are faster. but, yeah, good fun. >> it wraps up next weekend. well, after a mild day in the bay area today things are going to be getting hotter tomorrow and really warm by tuesday. already there are excessive heat warnings posted throughout northern california. for monday through thursday. for triple digit heat. red is warnings. yellow, advisories. not the bay area yet. north, to the central valley,
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it will be hot. hot here tuesday as well. low hundreds in the bay area. high pressure over the southland is building in. 92 concord. livermore 92. that will seem like a cold snap tuesday. the richmond bridge. concord 65 degrees. oakland 58. san francisco 57. it will warm up inland tomorrow. highs in the mid-90s. that is a step towards the low 100s tuesday. low clouds and cool at the beach. future cast, low clouds come back, burn back to the coast line later in the day and leaves everybody with sunshine till tomorrow night. low clouds move in. and so we will warm up tomorrow. it will peak on tuesday, temperatures reach 100 degrees. mostly sunny skies at sfo. new york, upper 80s. 88 degrees in the big apple. and sunshine. over night lows in the bay mid-
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50s. the numbers are warmer than average. not for tomorrow. 88 sunnyvale. upper 80s to mid-90s in the south bay tomorrow. warm in the east bay, low 90s. all the way to 102 at brentwood. north bay, low clouds along the shore, clearing in the afternoon. stop me if you heard this before. better go on. 103 lake port and extended forecast, low clouds along the shore all week and near 100 degrees by tuesday. that is is what is ahead in weather. up next, a lake in the foothills that may be tainted with e.coli. new details on the children recovering tonight at uc davis. and new tonight from southern california, the tour guides banning together to find a tandal up humpback whale. >> coming up on game day,
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madison bumgarner dealing versus the dodgers and the athletics win the best way they know how. >> ready for a nice cold shower. >> the raiders trying to avoid the distraction of the move to las vegas. >> nfl season is almost like how you look at dog years. >> offensive lineman joins us on the show to talk about all the positive changes taking place in santa clara. all coming up on game day tonight right after the news.
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humpback whale in trouble.. . rescue teams in southern california are on the look out for a humpback whale in trouble. spotted saturday morning tangled in fishing line near long beach. rescuers tried to free the whale but they lost their light and their chance. now captains are barning together to try find him. >> we rolled up, it was lethargic. sitting at the surface lot which is not typical. no deep dives. i believe it is our job to help animals in need. especially if they get hangled with a product -- tangled with a product like us the. >> they will be -- like us.
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>> they will be back searching tomorrow morning. beach in lake wildwood in nevada county is closed after a woman and three kids tested positive for e.coli. one of the children is now at intensive care suffering from kidney failure. >> it has been devastating. very stressful. the feeling of helpless to watch their three-year-old go through something like this. just devastating for all of us. we are all very scared. >> reporter: she the aunt of this little boy who faces a big battle to stay alive. >> it is still in a critical state at this moment trying to see if dialysis will work. >> the three-year-old boy began dialysis treatment after his kidneys began to fail which can happen in extreme cases
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related to e.coli. the parents noticed blood in his stool on tuesday and took him to the emergency room. >> my biggest concern is just treatment works. and that he starts to make a turn. gone from bad to really bad quickly. >> reporter: he is among three children hospitalized. all who spent time at main beach. a pregnant woman may be a 4th victim. the cause of the outbreak hasn't been identified. a construction project is underway nearby but pueblo works didn't find any failures. signs are warning people to stay out of the water at main beach. her nephew is putting opstrong fight -- up a strong fight and the family hopes he comes home soon. >> i love him. i am praying for him. so i want him to come home. >> reporter: in sacramento, kpix 5. >> he is in good hands with the
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doctors at uc davis. we wish him well. >> i say so. we will be right back.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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park in san francisco today. hundreds gathered for the annual ratha-yatra chariot festival. it's a special procession g several deitie color and sound filled golden gate park today. hundreds gathered for the festival. celebrating several deities. >> in this country, we have everything that we need. somewhere deep inside we are not happy so what is that that
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is missing? the connection with the supreme soul. that is what this is, a reminder. >> the celebration takes place in major cities across the world. the smell of garlic is starting to fade in the bay area. >> sky drone 5 was over the garlic festival. every year vendors get more and more creative with what they do with garlic. the new comer, the garlic doughnut. >> i was shocked when i got in. it was something i had on my bucket list and it finally happened. >> if it sound good to you, you have to wait another year. we will be right back.
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