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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now to learn more. >> mason: this is a cbs news special report. i'm anthony mason reporting from cbs news headquarters in new york, good day. that week is beginning like the last one ended with another shake-up at the white ho s the >> this is a cbs special report. another shakeup at the white house. the new communications director is now the old communications director. anthony scaramucci is out 10 days after the appointment was announced. he was fired by the new chief of staff, general john kelly on his first day of the job. that happened hours after president trump tweeted there's no chaos at the white house. july21st white house press cret
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after scaramucci was named communications director. he then butted heads with then chief of staff reince priebus. and last friday president trump replaced priebus with scaramucci. >> there's something close to chaos. a four star marine corps general has been brought in here in large part to try to get rid of the choose. and looks like his first step in doing that is to get rid of anthony scaramucci, the brand new communications director. profanity laced -- that he launched at reince priebus and at steve bannon. it was anything but military discipline. and military discipline is what he plans to bring to bear around this place. there are some people who believe that president trump is only going to change so much.
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and remember, there were reports after anthony scaramucci's tirade, president trump liked it. we'll see if this is one step or are they going to get rid of three or four different power centers that are at constant war fair with one another. are they going to be able to install military discipline. >> is mr. scaramucci out of the white house entirely? >> they are about to put out a statement. and we don't know exactly what is going to happen. certainly he is not one of the main people talking to president trump and talking to
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the press if general kelly has anything to do with it. >> again, his first day on the job. and it's already been an eventful one with the ousting of anthony scaramucci. the tenure was just 10 days but it had a significant impact because it resulted in the departure of reince priebus and sean spicer. >> reporter: that's right sean spicer left because scaramucci was brought in. and reince priebus left apparently because of this battle. but at this point, that's been wiped off the board. and it's hard to believe that general kelly would bring in anybody other than a respected communications director, perhaps someone he worked with at the department of homeland security or someone he knows from military circles and will
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help him install military discipline. >> do we have any indication what sort of conditions general kelly accepted the job of chief of staff on. intersection a lot of questions. mr.scaramucci reported to the president, not the chief of staff which is one of the points of contention with reince priebus. >> i think what is happening today is our first big clue on the conditions that he demanded here. because it was very much up in the air as to whether he would be able to impose discipline, get his way, get his own people in there. get rid of people not acting in the way of -- >> we're waiting for other shoes to drop if he'll perhaps get rid of other people who are
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at constant war fair or shuttle them off so that the people reporting directly to him are marching together as they do in the marine corps. >> i want to read the statement that the white house just put out. anthony scaramucci will be leaving his role as communications director. he felt it was best to give john kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. we wish him all the best. that would seem to indicate that there's not another job at the white house. that's pretty much what reince priebus said last week. well, again, the president tweeting there's no white house chaos but another day of turmoil in the white house as the white house communications director 10 days after taking the job -- a very loud 10 days -- is leaving and we don't know who will be replacing him.
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but an opening from the chief of staff john kelly. there'll be more on cbsn. i'm anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> for news 24 hours a day. go to cbs live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> breaking news as you heard there. the white house communications director anthony scaramucci has been fired. he was named to the position 10 days ago. this comes the same day that general john kelly was sworn in as the new white house chief of staff. >> more on these developments on kpix 5 and on our website. meantime, developing news in san francisco where a shooting suspect has barricaded himself inside a home. police telling people in the neighborhood to stay put or
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stay away. the standoff is 15th street. and that's where neda iranpour joins us. >> reporter: it's been more than 12 hours, and hundreds of people are impacted. this is the area blocked off. there are several condo complexes. and a lot of families were told they could not leave their homes. and many cannot access their roads because there's a man who has holed himself up in his residence. and police are hoping he surrendered immediately. police try to keep neighbors safe. they say an armed man is holed up in his home. and in scenarios like this, there's no telling what the suspect might do. >> it was a police officer in full s.w.a.t. gear. helmet, camera, the full thing. it was very strange. >> reporter: this after shots
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were fire asked a woman rushed to the hospital. >> we are still negotiating with the suspect and hoping that he surrendered to us as soon as possible. >> since the shooting around midnight. police have been trying to coax the man out. >> the officers have been on the roof since 1:00 in the morning. >> and since midnight. neighbors have been told to stay back. some are able to get out by using back doors. >> could you go to the other side of the building? >> those who can't get out are stuck at home. and others can't access their homes because the road is block. the main goal is to prevent any further blood shed. >> and we're seeing a lot of police units on the scene. the standoff is well underway. if you want to know if you can get back in your home, there's
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a number, 888777, text the word alert and they'll let you know when the road will be back open. and red cross is providing food and water. if this goes into the afternoon hours as people are trying to head home from work. they'll need a place to go. and the evacuation center is ready for them. i'm neda iranpour, kpix 5. two police officers were shot in los -- the officers arrived and got into a struggle with a man and all three were shot. they were airlifted to modesto area hospitals. no word on their conditions at this point. taking a live look outside. the east bay is heating up. and it's going to make the triple-digits by the end of the week. safety concerns along the water as well. roberta gonzales is here to
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explain it all. >> we have a small craft advisory that goes into place this afternoon. you can see a couple of rip currents there. but the beaches -- we have the beach hazard statement in effect for today. >> those sneaker waves are lapping on shore. if you're heading to the beach, please be very mindful of that situation. you don't want one of those waves creeping up. we have the hotter weather in the bay area. and we'll talk about that. first, we're going to send it back to anne makovec. >> sandra osborne continues our team coverage from pacifica. >> right now two storms are churning up hazards for us on the coast. and while at times things may appear normal. rip currents are a threat. >> don't go in the water, stay
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away from the water. >> john valentini and his family can be seen walking the dog on any given day but when rip currents and sneaker waves are there, he plays it safe. >> it's dangerous and it's cold. >> reporter: pacifica is nice and cool which means fewer people in the water. tourists can get a little too close to mother nature. the beach patrol has stayed busy. >> look for people knee deep or res. anybody past their knees we'll bring them in. >> it's best to stay out of the water. and the hazards include larger breaks from time to time. rip currents, and sneaker waves, and they say to avoid swimming, but it's also best to keep your eye on the water just in case. in pacifica, sandra osborne, kpix 5. bart is rolling out a new
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campaign. jessica flores on the transit agency's new warning to riders. >> cell phone on bart platforms and trains are an easy target. thieves swiped 225 electronic devices from riders. in 2006, bart saw a total of 274 cell phone thefts. and last week, bart police arrested a suspect for allegedly snatching a phone from a bart passenger just as the train doors closed. >> it's scary and they just rip it out of your hands, better to be more cautious about it. >> they want bart riders to know about the thefts. they'll have audio announcements alerting riders. >> protect your phone. especially near train doors and while waiting on the platform. >> do you think you'll change your habilitates? >> maybe on the platform. not so much inside the train.
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i'm hoping with the security cameras, it will be a little bit safer. >> in june, bart finished installing working security cameras on all trains. in castro valley. jessica flores. police have nabbed the man behind a series of fires. they arrested terry lee hill jr. on saturday who is accused of setting four separate fires between 2:00 and 4:30 in the morning. one of the fires was -- and one car was southwesterly damaged. and this footage of a person of interest was captured. he strongly resembles hill and he is booked at the santa clara main jail. a missing carnival train has been found. the colorful train was packed inside a trailer and someone dragged it away. a woman who works at a yoga studio found it in the parking
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lot. one tire was missing and otherwise, it was in good shape. the owner of the train is happy to have it back because he had parties booked through october. we'll be right back.
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gonzales... .synopsis...building high pressure over the state will result in a warming trend through midweek. very wa ures are expecte what gorgeous summer day in the bay afternoon. good afternoon. we're looking in the direction of the port of oakland in an easterly fashion and wrapping around towards the estuary of alameda. we have the clear skies and look at that beautiful view. we're looking at mount tam and you can see the marine layer pushing over the sunset and richmond districts. colden gate -- golden gate park. 64 oakland. and 77 san jose with the clearing of the skies. low 70s in santa rosa. first of all today, warmer temperatures than yesterday. and tomorrow blistering heat inland. and now the bay area district has issued a spare the air day
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for tuesday. high pressure is firmly in command and the end result is tomorrow a heat advisory in place for most of our north and east bay as well as the santa cruz mountains for triple-digit heat. and lots of activity over the open waters. we do have our beach hazard statement. yellow highlighted areas and all the south facing beaches with dangerous rip currents and zinger waves. when the sun goes down. the temperatures are going to be slightly above average. 95 in the tri-valley. and 60s, almost 70 at the beaches. and 60s and 70s around the rim of the basic. extended forecast, my bottom number is 63 in daly city. and notice, 104 tomorrow. and 100 wednesday, and wow, it's unseasonably warm through the sunday. battle of the bay is tonight at
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the oakland coliseum. clear skies and 67 degrees. sonny gray was supposed to start but that's not happening. i hear he's now a yankee. don't go away. we have more news.
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above" scholars are the first in their families to go to college... they're often unsure about what to expect once they arri since many of our student rising above scholars are the first in their families to go to college. they are unsure about what to
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expect once they get there. >> today's student decided to get a head start. and the college degree is the key to a family's future. >> questions? >> life is full of tough questions. but for -- the question of where to go to college was not one of them. >> berkeley has character. it's cheesy. but i felt like i belonged. >> belonging is one thing. but adjusting to college life and tough courses at uc berkeley will be a new challenge. she enrolled in summer bridge to get a jump on classes and live on campus. >> i'm playing the catchup game. >> a solid foundation is what bridge tries to do. building their confidence. >> the transition becomes critical to get a good foundation and graduate. >> transition is nothing new.
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she learned to adapt early in life. >> my parents are refugees from vietnam. and coming here they came with nothing. we started from the bottom. dealing with my parents not being able to be there for me because they have to go to work. i had to become independent with that. i immersed myself into education because that was my outlet. >> reporter: she believes a college degree will lead to a better paying job and a way to repay her parents. >> they sacrificed their whole life for me. >> we don't have a savings account. we live from paycheck to paycheck. based on the sacrifices, i'm okay -- they are my parents. >> her aspiration is to become a doctor not only to help her doctor but all doctors. >> i turn the disadvantage to an advantage. >> to learn more, go to our
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website, for students rising above.
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fresh grocer tony tantillo has a colorful addition for your next meal. time now for our lunchtime tip of the day. >> fresh grocer, tony tantillo has a colorful addition. >> this time of year you'll find heirloom tomatoes
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everywhere you go. it's the time. this is when they are at the peak of the season. there are so many different varieties and here's the key. they are only good when picked ripe. this means the shelf life is short. enjoy them within two or three days. with all the varieties, i love the names of these. the most important thing is the selection. make sure the colors are bright and beautiful and heavy. look at the stem. it's cool. when you bring them home put them on the counter. storage, one to three days. slice them with olive oil and a little bit of balsamic and a little bit of basil or mint. mint brings out the flavors more. heirloom tomatoes, dozens of varieties, beautiful colors. it's summertime.
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and i'm tony tantillo. and eat fresh and stay healthy. and keeping up with the breaking news. anthony scaramucci is out as communications director. the latest high profile departure from the trump white house. much more to come tonight at 5:00. >> i don't think there's ever been a time when the average person has paid this much attention to the white house. and sonny gray is a yankee. >> we'll have more on that at 5:00 as well. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> ♪ evite la tangodeur ♪ dans le tango de l'heure ♪ ♪ faut sentir comme une fleur ♪ sinon les mecs ont peur ♪ evite la tangodeur ♪ j'en ai horreur ♪ >> bill: [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] can you smell it? >> brooke: [ sighs ] jasmine and the sea. >> bill: no. money. monaco reeks of it. [ brooke scoffs ] [ inhaling ] ahh, so good. >> brooke: that is not real money, bill. >> bill: i always wanted my face on a dollar bill, and there it is. "in bill we trust." >> brooke: [ laughs ] you are so silly. >> bill: i'm handing them out at the event to encourage bidding. every dollar spent goes towards spencer charities. [ chuckles ] >> brooke: that is a good idea. >> bill: thank you.


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