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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 15, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the shot where the denver broncos will lose this saturday. >> okay. you think so huh? >> it's my prediction. >> it's preseason. it doesn't matter. >> i'm michelle griego by the way. >> i was just saying with the prediction like that kenny, you should weather forecast. >> okay. >> ooh. >> we'll see if he's right or not. >> so nice is that it's going to be kind of football weather. a little -- chill in the air. right? and yeah we have some unseasonably cool conditions. hi everybody. this is our live camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid looking due east and you can see all the bright lights? that's the port of oakland. right now, our temperatures are relatively on the mild side. he60iesantkland ro and livermore. it's the winds that have been most notable currently 13 in the oakland area. 17 concord and clayton. sacramento at 16 and 17 in fairfield where we have lad gusts up to 40. today with another brisk wind, 10 to 20. gusts up to 30.
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temperature-wise 60s and 70s and we will little 0 degrees in -- hit 80 degrees in santa rosa and talk about the cooler weather for the inland areas and how long it's going to stick around. that's coming up shortly. but right now good morning and bring in jacqueline dun. good morning and happy tuesday everyone. right now we are looking at some slowdowns along westbound 580 the altamont pass. do be advised we have a wind advisory in place. both hands on the wheel and a firm grip. a 25 minute ride between 205 and 680. over at the bay bridge toll plaza. few cars and that backup in those cash lanes, other than oon ouatgr yeen. e 'r 12 minutes from the maze into san francisco. back over to you. president trump is back home in new york city for the first time since taking office. he arrived at trump tower last night but it was not a warm welcome. protestors were angry at how long it took the president to denounce the hate groups in by kpix 5's katie kneelton has the -- nealson has the latest on the violence. >> i woke up and i thought my baby is gone.
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>> reporter: susan is drugging with the death of her -- struggling with the death of her daughter, 32-year- oldheather heyer, she died when the car accelerated into a group of white protestors in charlottesville, virginia saturday. >> i'm proud she stood for what she believed in. she gave heart to it and she gave soul to it and now her life to it. >> reporter: 20-year-old alex fields jr. was arrested on second degree murder charges and denied bail. police records show fields was accused of threatening his brother with a knife after beating her. white supremacist supporters blamed the police. >> the police department, did absolutely nothing to enforce a legal permit. we defended ourselves. >> reporter: charlottesville police chief al thomas says his force did the best they could. but he was sand about the -- saddened about the final
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outcome. >> i certainly have regrets. ciostithzen t e reand two fello officers. >> reporter: president trump was criticized r ilfaing toby n addressed the attack on saturday but that changed -- >> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk, neonazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups. >> reporter: president trump has yet to clarify what took him so long and called the reporter who asked him to explain fake news. katie nealson, kpix 5. a man in clayton was outed sosocial media for ascending the charlottesville -- attending the charlottesville rally. last night we tried to talk to his father. >> have a good day. >> cole white's father rick refused to speak on camera but he says his attorney will be releasing a statement sometime in the next 48 hours. a neighbor had this to say. >> there are those type of
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people everywhere. so it's no reflection on a neighborhood. you know. and it is what it is. you know. but you have to condemn them where they are. >> the photo of cole at the rally cost him his job at top dog in berkeley. there's no evidence cole was involved in any of the violence we want to point out. extremist groups are planning more rallies here in the bay area. kpix 5's joel vasquez explains some right wing groups are posting plans on social media to come here in about two weeks. >> reporter: we've seen the violent clashes on bay area streets more than once this year. this happened in berkeley back in april. now we've learned some of the same folks will be coming to chris see field in san francisco on saturday, august 26th. a spokesperson for the area confirms they issued a permit to a group called patriot pray which claims to be a peaceful organization. joey gibson is the leader of
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patriot prayer. this is him at the microphone advocating nonviolence. >> don't respond by yelling, but respond in kindness. >> reporter: here ti with a counterdemonstrator in berkeley. >> go, go. go. onayau ryth, at the ne very same site of those violent clashes in april, another right wing demonstration is planned. a group called no marxism in america scheduled an event at martin luther king jr. civic center park. joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> san francisco police sayer this aware of the planned -- say they are aware of the planned protests and will be ready to help. right now near yosemite, the helicopters are part of the fight against a fire that spread more than 1600 acres. officials say the flames have been burning through trees, killed by a beetle infestation. the fire has brought a massive cloud of smoke over part of yosemite national park. officials believe a recent lightning strike may be the
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cause. locals have been warned but so far no orders to evacuate. time now 4:36. roberta is back with a check of the forecast. >> did you enjoy the cooler weather yesterday? >> oh -- a little bit yea. you know i always get chilly. >> you're so tiny. no body fat. [ laughter ] >> yeah, well kidding i know you're closer to the watt herer so you night -- water here so you might not have felt the difference. but the inland areas with the breeze and have a nice little break and lots of the fresh air to circulate around the house. hi everybody good morning, a look outside right now with our live weather camera, we are looking in the direction of mineta international airport. reporting ercast skies and 56 degrs. herwe 67 insan francisco and 60 oakland and low 60s in redwood city, winds are slight in the san jose area, but 16 in throughout the san ramon valley. 13 in oakland and 11 berkeley. o chce the theme here, pretty mu
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wi. and not as windy as yesterday with the trough blowing through. cooling us down. ushering in the cooler air mass and three things to remember today. it is not going to be as chilly as it was yesterday but still below average as far as our temperatures are concerned. away from the bay. gradual warming trend. throughout the week and again not conducive for a warm-up next to the water. in fact 64 in san francisco and when we should be right around 67 degrees. we're talking about mid 70s from san jose through willow glen. cupertino. we will top out of at 80 in thr and high 70s in fairfield. full forecast straight ahead. but right now jacqueline how you doing? i'm doing well how are you doing roberta? >> how you doing. >> how you doing. right now we are tracking a pretty nice ride for drivers out of t laabweouboun d ock,kn
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i-4 looking good over to i-80 wdes. soul northbound direction. looks like caltrans has road work along the stretch. 580 live look. there's your diamonds and your rubies on the tuesday morning commute. 25 minute ride. this is westbound 580 between 205 and 680. we have a wind advisory for the altamont pass for drivers. please be careful. highway 24. this is right near telegraph and eastbound traffic a bit sluggish and heavy due to overnight roadwork. that should be wrapped up approaching the tunnel right around 5:00 this morning. so we'll keep a close eye on that. other than you're checking in problem free. that's a check of your traffic. back over to you. in lake county a man who was flying a confederate flag before allegedly firing at law enforcement officers has been arrested. the tense exchange took shape as the six hour standoff. 43-year-old joshua brown now faces several charges. authorities say the trouble started outside his property near kelseyville just before
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g.the caltrans inatmo rn employees. and our officers. and then moments later started shooting at us. >> we're glad this came to a safe conclusion, we have some family members of his that were very concerned about this as well as community members. a safe conclusion for all of us here in the community. >> the cause y have been a property dispute with caltrans energies oakland friends and loved ones are remembering a musician who was killed over a laptop. kpix 5's joe vasquez shows us how the victim's father is working tirelessly to find who did it. >> reporter: at rosa's tap room in oakland, family and friends gather for a celebration of the life of a singer/songwriter who touched many lives with his music. >> senseless carnage has to stop. >> reporter: gene deporeis said his son devoted his life to sharing messages of life and love. his death hit the community hard.
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>> dave was an incredible soul who was an extremely prolific and talented musician. ♪ >> no one should be lost the way that he was. >> reporter: david was sitting outside a cafe on telegraph last wednesday when a man stole his laptop. david chased thief. af then ended up being dragged behind the car to his death. so far no one has been held accountable for david's death. no arrests, david's father won't rest until that happens. >> i'm here to help in any way i can. to help find my son's killers. and i'm also here foperhaps to help this town heal. my dream for oakland is that i'm the last parent whoever gets a phone call that their son is killed because somebody wanted his laptop. >> reporter: in oakland, joe vasquez, kpix 5. two people are charged -- who are charged with a murder at twin peaks are pleading not guilty.
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19-year-old lamont hims and 20- year-old fantasy decure appeared in court yesterday. they are also facing robbery charges. police say the pair took a 71- year-old's camera and then shot and killed edward french last month. the bail was set for both. both are due back in court on friday. still no arrests in a freeway shooting in the east bay. it happened yesterday morning along 880 southbound ara necal rage incident and then a report of shot shotinreto the black mitsubishi with four people inside that car. the driver was hit in the head and critically wounded. >> we can say that it was a targeted hit. being the fact that we had the incident first and then shots fired shortly after that. but who it was and what the motivation was, we are unclear at this time. >> the three passiers in the car are okay -- passengers in . 40:41 -- 4:41.
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with the total solar eclipse fast approaching, state energy officials have request for all residents. plus a big change on the way at cal otball and basketball games as the athletic department tries to close a huge budget gap.
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ente y. sands of students were unpacking in the dorms yesterday during move in day. family mbmetimes lot er reweto their stuff. >> i've got some plates and out thes and bedding in here. -- towels and bedding in here. >> oh this is pretty large. i mean we have nearly 10,000 students are going to converge on campus. >> you see all the top ramen they were taking in? >> late night snack for all the college students. >> i remember those days. [ laughter ] >> me too. all right alcohol could be sold at cal football and basketball games. >> the university says it is looking for ways to boost revenue for the financially strapped athletics department. the department says it lost
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about $22 million last year. selling alcohol at games could generate 150,000 dollars to $300,000 a year. the department of athletics says quote -- the department says its also seekin memoral st that ensures sales are handled appropriately and responsibly. the department says it is also seeking a naming sponsor for memorial stadium that could generate $4 million to $5 million annually. the total eclipse is less than a week away and california energy officials are now asking people across the state to be conservative about their energy use. kpix 5's good good shows us -- juliette goodrich shows us why. >> reporter: for some next week's total eclipse is -- >> it's exciting. >> reporter: for others? >> when is the eclipse? >> reporter: next monday. in a range about 70 miles wide. running from oregon to charleston, south carolina. here in northern california,
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t e ecnolips'r e inbutht even a partial eclipse of the sun could alter the power grid. >> we see this kind of loss of sun. we probably will lose nuouclear powered generators. >> reporter: 75% of overall solar production will be reduced in northern california. this is a solar farm in richmond. that will be affected during the eclipse. with the moon obscuring 58% to 76% of solar rays. but grid planners say they are always preparing for big events like monday, they say they can rely on hydroelectricity, wind, and also other sources the solar can't come into play that day. >> the puc is calling on its customers to help out as well. >> what if people just stepped forward and did one thing to replace the sun by reducing their electricity use? >> reporter: besides reducing electricity, a word of warning from those who have spent years studying the sky. don't look up. it can blind you.
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but with the tight glasses, they say sit back and enjoy this rare sight. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> as for concrete ways you can reduce the strain on the grid, you can replace lightbulbs with leds and don't charge electronics during the eclipse and turn your thermostat up two to five degrees. >> we're going to be here in san francisco during that eclipse. and i'm not going to see much huh? >> no we're not. really vitally important tracking the marine layer and how expansive and extensive it is. but as of right now if the forecast plays out, along the coast and san francisco, and in throughout the bay you are not even going to see the partial eclipse due to the marine layer. tri-valley. good place to go, get on a boat in discovery bay, that will be place. okay so from lincoln city, oregon, just after 9:00, the eclipse begins and it ends in charleston, south carolina just about 2:14 in the afternoon. again the bay area, a partial eclipse. next up october 14th of 2023.
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if you want more tips on the solar eclipse, visit us online at we have the countdown clock at six days and five hours away. you can see it there. so exciting. all right. settle down. live weather camera looking outdoors this morning. hi everybody. that's san jose. where we do have overcast skies. clouds have rolled in over the santa cruz mountains into the santa clara valley. the winds are not as aggressive this morning as 24 hours ago but nonetheless still at 13 in oakland and 17 in concord back in through walnut creek, 17 also in the fairfield area. linda is our weather watcher in fairfield and she's picking up a wind to 17 as well. and she says with the wind, the temperature, got yourself a windchill that makes it feel like 55 outside. even jaclyn would say it feels cool to her this morning, satellite and radar suggests that's that extensive marine layer, roughly about 2,000 feet deep and it's producing some condensation. some drizzle all the way a good
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40 miles inland. here's the satellite and radar with the trough that blew through yesterday. knocking back our temperatures a good 10 to 12 degrees and comparison with sunday's highs. futurecast, again we'll be monitoring this very carefully as we approach next monday. so we can see when the burnoff will occur. but for the most part, i would head away from the ocean for any kind of clearing. so again what can you expect? overcast skies, moderate winds, cool conditions, gradual warming across the state today. very similar to yesterday. our high 60 to 80 degrees. jaclyn? your house then if i want to watch this. right now, we are tracking a pretty nice ride forfolks going out the door on thetuesday morning commute. you can see the goat, they just -- golden gate bridge, they just did -- they're doing it right now, the lane reconfiguration there as the morning commute starts to pick up. headlights heading inbound into san francisco. we'll take it over to the richmond-san rafael bridge where things are nice and quiet. no delays in either direction. at the bay bridge toll plaza,
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no metering lights just yet and still in the green along the east shore freeway from time to time the maze into san francisco, no -- from the maze into san francisco, no problems. over at the altamont pass a wind advisory in effect but we are still seeing travel times right as we should around this time of morning. 25 minute ride between 205 and 680. so nothing you can't handle. 101. that is right near 380 just north of sfo. you can see traffic doing well in both directions. everyone on their best drive behavior this morning if you have a flight to catch you shouldn't have any trouble getting to the airport. we are tracking some slowdowns along portions of highway 17 and making your way along 101. if you are heading through the south bay. just a reports of any henodent- so e -- accidents just some overnight roadwork. to ckyou lending his support to a bay area church choir fighting an eviction order.
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a girls' choir is fighting an palo alto .. but this isn't just any choir. kpix 5's susie st e a 49ers le a girls' choir is fighting an eviction order in palo alto but this is not just any choir. kpix 5's susie stammel reports they have a 49ers legend in therapy corner. >> reporter: through peaceful persuasion the young women of i sing asked palo alto city council leaders to let them keep their rehearsal space. ♪ problem is, they're renting the space illegally from a church. first baptist church is zoned residential which means no businesses can operate there. hundreds of palo alto parents including former quarterback steve young whose two daughters are in the chorus packed into city hall to fight the
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eviction. >> after over 30 years, it is time to revisit the zoning ordinance of treating churches the same as residences. >> reporter: did you know that you weren't technically following city law? >> no. not at all. this came as a real -- real shock to us. >> reporter: pastor rick nixon allowed therapists, choirs and dance groups to rent the space from the church during the week for four years now. without the money the church makes from the outside groups it will likely have to sell its property and relocate. >> we have the rules to enforce. we got complaints. we have to enforce the rules. but these are uses that the community loves. we you know we love having music groups and dance groups in our community. >> reporter: palo alto planning and community development director suspended fines and extended the window for the groups to allow them to come into compliance. >> i mean we want to solve the problems that we believe they're solveable. >> reporter: one option the church is currently considering, is applying to become a community center.
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which would mitigate the problems at hand. one corral group has already chosen to leave the church rather than fight but i sing will continue to fight they say, because they believe moving would mean disbanding. in palo alto, susie stammel. kpix 5. venture capital firm benchmark wrote an open letter to uber staff yesterday. it explained the recent move to sue coo la nick for fraud. the letter also say he failed on his promise to restructure the board. the letter reads -- travis' failure to make good on this promise as well as his continued involvement in the day-to-day running of the company has created uncertainty for everyone. he responded that he's disappointed by benchmark's behavior saying its actions are not in line with uber's best
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interests. protestors plan to march on google headquarters saturday. in support of a fired engineer. james damore is the engineer who wrote about women in the field. it's not clear if he himself will take part in the protest. >> i support google and i really do want google to improve. so i don't support efforts to try to hurt google directly. >> now mountain view police said quote we are not publicizing our specific security efforts or plans out of interest in public safety but we antares tenths to know -- residents to know we are taking a close look at the event. there are eight other cities with marches including new york city, boston and seattle. all right, it's a win for singer taylor swift. a jury ruled in her favor against a former radio deejay accused of groping the singer. the pop star says it happened before a concert in 2013. the deejay lost his job. he countersued for $3 million. claiming that he was falsely
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accused. the judge dismissed his case last week and yesterday the jury sided with swift. >> i think it is a new day because someone with the guts and the courage to stand up with absolutely no upside in doing so, that being taylor swift, has told everyone this is it. the line is drawn. >> swift was seeking $1 in damages. as a symbolic victory. singer says she will be making donations to organizations to help sexual assault victims. it is now 4:57. people are being called out for being at the white supremacist rally and now are facing the consequences. up next the fine line over blasting people on social media. and what a tech expert says about what should and should not be allowed. and new chancellor at uc berkeley announces her plans for the university today. what you can expect coming up. ♪
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and i'm kenn good morning everyone, it is tuesday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. a live look outside on this tuesday morning. as we take live look at880 in oakland the nimitz freeway and a beautiful shot of the pyramid in san francisco. you can actually see the top of it. meaning the -- not much fog out there. i think. right roberta? >> well, there's a lot of fog out there. yeah the ceiling hasn't lowered yet. but it probably will. the fog bank is about 2,000 feet deep this morning. so it is causing some drizzle along the coast and into the bay this morning. good 40 miles locally but as we noted it just hasn't lowered. when you can see that beacon that's a good thing. san jose does have some overcast skies. no reports of any delays at mineta international airport but if the ceiling drops to about 600 feet, sfo usually has the delays. right now temperature size, 50s and -- wise, s


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