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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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this morning. your next local update at 7:26. >> bye. e. good morning. it's monday, august 28th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." catastrophe escalates overnight in texas. flooding intensifies after crews release water from two vital reservoirs in houston. norah is there. an enormous rescue effort unfolding, rising waters trapping people in their homes. many were rescued overnight. but more trouble lies ahead. some areas could get more than 4 feet of rain. we will get up-to-date information on the disaster from texas governor greg abbott. and health and human services secretary tom price sxwroop a report from our houston affiliate khou steps in to save a life. a dramatic effort to get help from a trucker who was stranded
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in several feet of water. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> if you are venturing out on the roads for any reason, you are going to run into high water. that is a certainty at this point. >> catastrophic flooding devastates texas. >> it is hard to describe the extent of the danger. >> pretty terrifying watching that water come up, come in. >> so many needed to be rescued emergency crews could not keep up. >> volunteers joining first responders helping to pull neighbors and total strangers to safety. >> i'm not even thinking about myself. i'm here to help and want to d my part. >> the national weather service calls the flooding unprecedented and beyond anything experienced before. >> this is a landmark of texas. texas has never seen an vent like this. >> trump has convened an all cabinets meeting to ensure all agencies are doing everything
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they can to support the state of texas in its response. >> president trump plans to visit texas tuesday surveying the damage. >> the trump administration has provided us everything that we need. >> might see the most rain ever from a tropical system just tormenting areas of southeast texas with more heavy rain. >> this is one of those events that just doesn't happen. >> is there any light at the end of this tunnel? unfortunately, not yet. >> all that. >> some of music's biggest stars hit the stage at the mtv video music awards. >> katy perry took a moment to those affected by hurricane harvey. >> we stand with you as you rebuild because we're all in this together. >> and all that matters. >> houston texans star j.j. watt took to social media to help those in need while donating $100,000 himself. >> houston is a great city. we're going to come out of this stronger than ever. >> on cbs krb. >> i am terrified for him. >> report we are our affiliate may have saved a truck driver's life and it played out on live
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tv. reporter brandi smith noticed a driver trapped and not a moment too soon. >> i just thank god that you guys were right here to get me, put me back on land safe. i appreciate it. >> can i hug you? i know it sounds weird. i'm so happy you're okay. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota -- let's go places. i'm captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." the head of fema says texas will have to find a new normal. you know exactly that that is very true. norah o'donnell will join us in just a second. she is in houston. charlie rose is off today but margaret brennan is here, maurice debarber also with us. the flooding in southeast texas is likely to continue for days or weeks. rescue crews worked all night long in houston pulling stranded people out of the vehicles and their homes. >> most of america's fourth
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largest city is now under water. radar shows no end to the rain from tropical storm harvey which made landfall as a category 4 hurricane more than 489 hours ago. a new threat comes from a pair of flood-controlled reservoirs that started releasing water overnight. >> and right now that water is flowing down buffalo bayou, straight into downtown houston. norah o'donnell visited that area this morning bug had to leave because of rising water. she is now outside the george r. brown convention center in downton houston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. the army corps of engineers says it had to let the water out of those reservoirs because they were filling up too fast. but the water heading this way is expected to flood hundreds of homes adding to the misery here. so far two deaths and 14 injuries are directly blamed on the flooding from harvey and according to the most recent report there have been up to 2,000 rescues.
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and there's no way to know how many people are still stranded by flood waters. our correspondents are all over this area following the extent of this disaster and the emergency response. let's first bring in mark strassmann with me here. mark? >> no question about it, norah. this crisis has become all hands on deck. fema is recruiting volunteers, emergency responders have to prioritize. and neighbor is helping neighbor because there's nobody else to help. now we have some victims griping that they should have been evacuated sooner so they wouldn't now be stuck waiting for help. >> reporter: in america's fourth largest city, rescues continued overnight. the rising water is everywhere, pushing into homes and crippling a metro area packed with nearly 7 million people. the u.s. coast guard plucked the stranded off rooftops, many of them blind sided by the historic amount of rain. >> right now this mission is very important, it is a life safety, life sustaining mission.
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>> reporter: med ral officials said this morning they expect 450,000 disaster victims to file for assistance and anticipate more than 30,000 to be placed in temporary shelters. >> oh, yeah. got you. >> we are seeing catastrophic flooding, and this will likely expand and will likely persist. >> we have nothing -- >> reporter: but some victims in houston are still waiting for help. this woman told us she has been stuck in the water ace long side a 95-year-old man since yesterday morning. >> we need help out here because it's starting to rain and thunder again and we can't take any more rain. >> reporter: overwhelmed rescue crews are getting help from anyone willing to lend a hand. >> helping texas overcombcom this disaster will be far greater than fema coordinating the mission of the entire federal government. we need citizens to be in awe. >> reporter: but harvey is not expected to blow over anytime soon. >> what i'm saying to
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houstonians, let's be very patient. >> reporter: houston's mayor sylvester turner is standing by his decision not to order a mandatory evacuation. >> it was the right decision in terms of their safety and always we must put the interest of the city of houston and houstonians first. >> reporter: meteorologists are now saying these floodwaters may not crest until wednesday or thursday. fema has sent 1,800 employees to respond here and given the scope of this crisis the this city will need every last one of those employees. >> it was interesting because just moments ago we saw a dump truck arrive with about 25 people that they unloaded. i saw four dump trucks last night unloading people here. they're rescuing people any way they can. last night when e wrp here they said they had 700 people inside the shelter. when we checked in with the ross this morning they said there are 2,500 people inside, only cots for 1,200 so, half the people did not have beds to sleep in. i think we're just starting.
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today will thereby more rescues. >> more dump trucks and people brought in, exposed to the elements, heading inside to live with 2,500 other people. that won't be a pleasant experience but these people will be grateful to have it because what's in there is better than where they came from, and where they came from is a never-ending flow of need. and we do not have the resources here to meet that need and that's why fema, the coast guard, everybody is saying if you can help in some way, volunteer, bring a boat, do something because there are so many folks out there who just need a hand. they're on their knee, on their back and they need a hand to get up. >> last night during the night it was only life and death rescue operations. now it's people who have ten feet of water on the first floor of their home who are calling 911 saying i need help. think about that. so many calls coming into the 911 center they have to prioritize which is the true emergency as it now stands. >> mark strassmann, thank you so much. some of the rescues we of seen throughout this area are amazing, volunteers from all
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over are helping with boats and high-water vehicles. david begnaud is in meyerland. >> reporter: the rain will not let up. in fact, there's a guy who just flagged me down and said we got here, where should we go? you have people showing up by the minute with boats ready to help out. the city of houston this morning is still asking folks if you've got the time and you've got a boat, come on down. the cajun navy, the good old people from south louisiana, instrumental during hurricane katrina, are here in houston. it is a mass effort of civilian samaritans doing everything they can to help. to. >> okay. we'll try to get a boat out here. >> reporter: around the clock search-and-rescue teams have been working to take stranded victims to safety. more than 50,000 911 calls have come in. the coast guard has only responded to fraction of those requests. on sunday, localofficials
7:10 am
pleaded for help. >> i ask for volunteers to come forward with boats and high-water vehicles. a lot of people just did it on their own. >> reporter: enter jeff chase. >> if everyone did this, weed have a lot less to worry about. >> he and his friend helped a family of four evacuate their flooded home sunday night. they'd been calling 911 since 6:00 a.m. >> putting yourself in harm's way to help others is awesome. >> reporter: chase is just one of hundreds of people who showed up wanting to help. when this big rig drifted into danger, civilian samaritans grabbed rope and pulled the driver to safety. >> that's white all about. spirit of texas. >> reporter: we found denoose lucille holding her 6-month-old son wading through waist-high water. do you have a place to g? >> my inlaw's house right here on beechnut. >> reporter: watch the water, ma'am. sue mattison has four feet of water in her home.
7:11 am
when we found her, she was gist looking for a place to sleep. >> the house is totaled, all my furniture totaled. >> reporter: what's the smile? >> could be worse. you're here. right? >> reporter: good luck. sue is a cancer nurse. think about that for a minute. she's got 3 feet of fwhaert her house and she's wade eight way with a smile on her face because she knows it could be worse. norah, right now, people are being told if they're in their home wait tock rescued, and we know there are people who have been waiting for more than 24 hour, you're being told that if you can't get out and you think the roof is the only option, you're being asked by the coast guard to put something on the top of your roof that will attract the sight of those pilots in the air right now simply flying all over, looking for people who are either on the roof or items on the roof that will tell them somebody down there needs help. it's happening right now. >> david, thank you. we just heard a coast guard helicopter just fly right by
7:12 am
here because after they are picking up people from locations like yours, they're dropping them off here at this shelter because this is the primary shelter for storm victims right here in downton houston. the red cross has set up what's described as a megashelter facility here at the convention center. fishes tell us there are now 2,500 evacuees here. people are getting here on foot and even by the truckload. these massive city dump trucks served as rescue vehicles delivering people plucked from flooded homes and roadways. >> how did they get you onto these trucks? >> ladders. and we hld on for dear life. >> and they drove you through the floodwaters here. >> exactly. >> reporter: this is at least the fourth dump truck here and as you can see people are just coming out being led down ladders and even carried off. once inside the red cross helps them get situated with a hot meal and dry clothes.
7:13 am
>> i lost everything. cars. i lost a couple vehicles. my howhole apartment is flooded. >> people coming in with very small trash bag, sometimes, no sometimes just wrapped in a towel. >> reporter: betty robinson are is with the american red cross. >> supplies are here, more are coming and we want to make sure everybody has what they need. >> reporter: the patel family spent the night here after being rescued from their flooded neighborhood by a coast guard helicopter. how did the coast guard know where to find you? >> i had an umbrella and a white t-shirt just flagging them. >> reporter: free ta and her sister, who is nine months pregnant, were lifted to safety by the coast guard too before brought to the shelter with a handful of belongings. >> the coast guard is amazing. they're like -- the coast guard, i don't know -- >> reporter: i know. true heroes. >> true heroes. >> reporter: you see how dpratful people are to the u.s. coast guard for having been rescued. officials now in dallas say
7:14 am
they'll be opening a megashelter there tomorrow morning for people fleeing the e facts of the storm. dallas already has three shelters currently open to evacuees. fema said they need maybe 30,000 places. the flooding is not just here in the city of houston. reservoirs and bu yous are burst. the colorado rimp could reach its highest level in more than a century. bow is along the colorado in la grange, texas, where hundreds of people have been ordered to evacuate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the flooding emergency in places like la grange is unfolding right now as you can see. all the rain from harvey filtering down the colorado and it's overflowing its banks and into the city. there are rapids as you can see here in the middle of town.
7:15 am
when we first arrived here, that stop sign was not as submerged as it is right now and you can see the destruction happening to those buildings back there. in fact, i can count about a dozen buildings here in this one area of town that are taking on water. you wouldn't know it, but this right here is highway 71. it is the main highway through town. it's submerged. now officials here knew this was going to happen. that's why they triggered those mandatory evacuations. they of got two shelters in this county and 100 roads closed because of flooding. i'd hate to think that someone did not heed the warnings to get out because on top of the water rise heerg in these low-lying areas, you have this current. so anyone trying to get help right now and any first responders trying to reach them will have to deal with these very dangerous situations that are unfolding here not just in la grange. but remember, this water has to flow south so you will have areas downstream that will also
7:16 am
have this type of flooding. one of those areas, bay city, texas, mandatory evacuations have been ordered. norah? >> it's an important point. new mandatory evacuations just this morning, manuel. thank you. more to come from houston. back to you in new york. >> all right. norah, we all know you're a texas girl so you know this state, you know these people. i love the man in the "eye opener" who said listen, this is the texas spirit. we are here to help people and that's what you're seeing all morning long. you've been there since yesterday. >> that's absolutely right. everyone is trying to help one another in true texas spirit. >> thank you, norah o'donnell. see you in a bit. lonnie quinn of our new york station wvshgs wcbs is tracking harvey. you said all the factors of harvey, none of them good. >> flat town, 48, 50 feet above sea level. so much concrete has been put down you've lost a lot of the
7:17 am
absorption of the earth. heavy ys bands east of houston houston into louisiana spinning back around texas. this storm between corpus christi and houston is going back into the gulf, going to do another loop-d-loop, come back onshore for another landfall in texas. look at how much more rain is to fall from this point forward. watch for this yellow number to e emergency. that is going to be the number of 24 inches or more of rain. look for it, look for it, here we go. starts to e emergency northeast of houston, texas. you put another 24 inches of rain on top of big totals. i of added it up. these are the actual amount of rain that's fallen combined with some of these numbers. take a look at this. downtown houston, you'll probably end up with somewhere around 45.5 inches, that's 25.5 already falling, maybe 20 inches more. look at league city. 35.5 currently fallen, maybe 20 inches more, 55.5 inches between 4 and 5 feet of rain. epic. unheard of. har vees impact is not just
7:18 am
flood big any means. the town of rockport, texas, is in ruins after taking a direct hit when the powerful category 4 hurricane made landfall. evacuees are being told not to come back. one person has died. the storm shredded buildings and caused widespread dooj damage in the coastal community. homes collapsed into the water. nearly every police vehicle in rockport was damaged. the white house says president trump will visit the texas flood zone tomorrow. the president sent nearly 20 harvey-related tweets over the weekend and a few more this morning. he tweeted last night, "historic rainfall in houston and all over texas. floods are unprecedented and more rain coming. spirit of the people is incredible. thanks!" dpa major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a massive rescue and sheltering operation in the greater houston area for sure. but the federal government believes there is devastation and damage heading toward
7:19 am
louisiana, the most clear example of that fear, the president just about an hour and a half ago signed a major tis aster declaration for the state of louisiana, freeing up federal funds right away for governments and individuals who may be affected by what is to come from hurricane harvey. even so, the nation has neither seen nor heard from the president since hurricane harvey made landfall. the only white house voice anyone in the nation has heard was that of vice president mike pence. this morning on three houston area radio stations. margaret, as you mentioned, the president and the first lady are scheduled to go to texas probably to the corpus christi area tomorrow to survey damage there. that's where hurricane harvey made landfall. and the first chance the country is likely to hear from the president talk about the scale of the federal response will be later this afternoon at the white house during a press conference with the president of finland. margaret, back to you. >> we'll ba watching for that, major. thank you. the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold.
7:20 am
the red cross has taken in more than 6,000 evacuees at its shelters. we'll talk to a spokesman ahead. and you yourself help out by visiting or text the word harvey to 90999 to make a
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this is a morning update. good morning. it's 7:26. police say that they made 13 arrests following rallies when thousands took to the streets and parks yesterday. one officer was hurt during an arrest. search and rescue crews from the bay area are now in texas helping with hurricane efforts. this is video from there. stay with us. your weather is just in a minute.
7:27 am
we continue to track the massive rain and that's the
7:28 am
motorcycle and then the monday morning down is 71 minutes and then that's a commute from highway 4. and that's the 101 and tracking the accidents south bound and 21-minute drive. good mornings, everyone. there's limited visibility and then the seashore since last night and pulling down last night. san jose is 96 degrees and then today an excessive heat and then otherwise an advisory around the bay and then 70, 80s and 90s up to 109 in the hottest areas.
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ floodwaters are surging dramatically through parts of houston. the head of fema said this morning that nearly half a million people will need assistance because of this storm. he calls the flooding a landmark event. he also said that you could not dream this forecast up, which when you think about it, seems very true. asking all citizens to get involved. welcome back to "cbs this morning". charlie is off. nora is in houston where the rain, we're sad to say, continues to fall very heavily. harvey has stalled out over southeast texas and nora, word is we have not seen the worst of this flooding yet.
7:31 am
>> reporter: no, that's right. and the rain, the flooding expected to last for days, even weeks, they're saying some of the water won't crest until wednesday or thursday. there are some areas of southeast texas that could get up to 50 inches of rain before the threat from harvey is over. now as of this morning, there are at least two confirmed deaths. we don't know how many people are still trapped in their homes by the high water. the flooding catastrophe is being called one of the worst disasters in texas history. now we know harvey is moving slowly over the gulf coast. the national weather service says peak flooding is expected wednesday and thursday. demarco more gone is in dickenson, texas where he watched hundreds of people rescued from a flooded bridge over a highway. >> reporter: we are now standing on a boat. we were first in a truck as we made our way across parts of 45 and 517. behind me are pictures that we were not able to show you because we just couldn't get on this side. the water is still deep.
7:32 am
you can see the roads pretty much covered in water. the vehicles stuck where they were but the water was actually higher than this yesterday. it is actually down by a foot so the water is starting to recede in this area but we are not out of the clear just yet. a number of rescues also took place in this area as well. you see vehicles at some of the businesses nearby, meaning people just had to get out while they could. then when you look at this area where we're going to have norm turn around, if you can, you see the sanitation truck. that's one of the vehicles that they actually used to save and rescue those 15 elderly women that were trapped inside that nursing home. we saw at least four loaded on to a sanitation truck. one had an oxygen tank attached to her. the other had to be lifted by a blanket. if you look at the trucks right here that had to just is to be underneath the overpass, that just shows you how powerful this water was. those vehicles couldn't even make it through the current was so strong. at one point the water was up to your chest. to some people's necks.
7:33 am
we saw parents with their kids on their shoulders. it was extremely dangerous. the bridge was the only safe place for everyone to stand on both sides of the bridge. it is covered in water. this morning on one side we were able to make it through. it is starting to recede in that area as well. things look clear but the rain continues to come. if you plan on coming out here -- don't. change your minds. be safe. back to you. >> reporter: incredible reporting there. thank you so much. you are right about the rain. sometimes you get a brief period of a couple of minutes where there is no rain, then of course it comes sheeting down again just a short while later. with us now on the telephone, anthony tornetta, a national communications director for the american red anthony. thank you for joining us. how many people are you caring for? >> we have at least 6,000 people in our shelters across the gulf coast region. even into dallas, texas. it is just a very emotional time
7:34 am
for the region. >> how large do you expect that number to grow to? >> you know, we're prepared to assist as many as come in. we can't predict how many people that number is going to impact. we can tell you as people come in, the red cross is going to be there for them. we can assure you that we'll provide a safe place to stay. we'll provide some food and shelter so that they can get out of the elements, they can regroup and start to think about the next step and how we'll help them in the transition process and recovery process. >> because of the flooding, i know it has closed so many roads, so many highways. are you able to get in the food and supplies you need to care for these evacuees? >> yes. we were able to pre-position some of our resources. obviously as the weather continues to unfold we're working with our local partners to make sure that we get the resources where they need to be
7:35 am
to help those who have been impacted. it is a evolving disaster. it is just that -- a disaster. we are doing everything that we possibly can with our community partners to ensure the folks that have been impacted here have everything they need to put some sort of normalcy to a very unnormal situation. >> anthony, i'm standing in front of the george r. brown convention center. i was also here last night when there were 700 people. overnight this shelter filled to 2,500 people as of this hour. i know that they only had 1,200 cots. are you going to get more cots to this convention center? >> we're going to do everything we can to get more cots, more blankets. make sure there is enough food. we will continue to work with our community partners to ensure they get everything they need, whatever shelter they may be at. >> anthony tornetto with the red cross, thank you so much.
7:36 am
margaret? here is a look at some other stories making headlines. the "wall street journal" reports energy companies are bracing for the fallout from harvey. the storm's path cuts right through the heart of the u.s. energy industry. it knocked almost 15% of u.s. refinery capacity out of commission. that means now gas future prices are rising sharply overnight. experts predict that gas prices at the pump will increase by 5 cents to 15 cents a gallon. "the washington post" reports that while donald trump was running for president, his company pursued a deal to built trump tower in moscow. the "post" says a russian-born real estate developer suggested he could get russian president vladimir putin to say, quote, great things about mr. trump. the project was abandoned in january 2016 just before the presidential primaries began. usa "today" reports the remains of all ten sailors missing after the "uss mccain" collision have been recovered. they ranged in age from 20 to 39
7:37 am
years old. the destroyer collided with an oil tanker near singapore last week. the accident is under investigation. san francisco krchronicle reports right wing demonstrators gathered yesterday but were vastly outnumbered by counter demonstrators. hundreds ever police were on hand. anarchists or antifa protesters chased some of them away. uber has picked a new ceo. he's been the head of expedia since 2005 but he will replace controversial former chief executive travis kalanick who was pressured to resign earlier this year. a reporter for a houston affiliate jumped into action to help save a driver in serious danger. >> i am terrified for him so i can't imagine the level of fear he has here but these -- kudos,
7:38 am
incredible kudos to these two sheriff's deputies who are risking themselves on this boat in very deep water to pull this driver to safety. >> you can hear the intensity in her voice there. ahead, we'll tell you how she handled the broadcast by herself when her station was forced to evacuate. you're watching "cbs this morning." lilly.
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wieler is avoiding this is a kp x i update. good morning. piedmont mayor has resigned. he is avoiding a special counsel meeting that is scheduled for today that was going plan on moving in. is and in just a few hours, the suspect charged had in a deadly shooting of a liquor store owner is going to face a judge. he was on probation when he shot in owner last week during a botched robbery. stick around. we will have traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
or owe seos or owe or yoowe good morning. we're tracking slow downs for the drivers across the bridge. we with also have some mass transit
7:58 am
delays to tell you about. system delays for bart riders due to police activity out of west oakland. we're tracking a slow ride over at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the back up is all along the shore east freeway. over an hour commute from highway 4. how about this everybody? this is the place to be if you want a cool day. head to the coast. we have areas of fog, low clouds and can then sunshine in the 60s and even low 70s. livermore, we're at 69 degrees. you're only going to 67 overnight. same today. excessive heat warning in affect away from the bay today. pretty much the bay area is sunday an advisory. up to 109 today. highs 60s #1k37 0s at the
7:59 am
beaches and 97 degrees is what we will cool down to on tuesday.
8:00 am
it is monday, august 28th, 2017. welcome back to cbs this morning. ahead, on still reeling from a historic flooding catastrophe. we'll check on the region and get an update on the emergency response from the governor greg abbott. but first here's the eye opener this hour. >> rain and flooding expected to last for days and even weeks. some of the water won't crest until wednesday or thursday. >> this crisis has become all hands on deck. >> and neighbor is helping neighbor because there's nobody else to help. >> the rain will just not let up. in fact, you have people that are showing up by the minute with boats ready to help out. >> all the rain from harvey filtering down to colorado and it's overflowing it's banks and
8:01 am
into the city. >> this storm is going back into the gulf and we have a loop to loop come back on shore and another land fall. >> the water is starting to recede but we're not out of the clear just yet. a number of rescues also took place in this area. >> we're going to go save e lives and help more people until this all blow over. spirit of texas. that's what this is all about. >> texans are the best. i'm so proud of them and the way they're responding but the first responders are making life and death decisions and helping so many people live and rescue these people and i'm so proud of them and what they're doing and i want our fellow texans to know that we will continue that effort until we get to every single person. >> >> spirit of texas that's what everyone is saying this morning. i'm gayle king. charlie is off and if you have been watching, nora is in
8:02 am
houston. we'll go to her in a second. official sas the wors say the w flooding in houston is two or three days away. the country's fourth largest city is facing what could be one of the worst flooding disasters in american history. >> two deaths are blamed on hurricane harvey and the aftermath. hundreds of streets and highways can only be navigated by boat. thousands of people stranded have been rescued. authorities have had trouble identifying the hardest hit areas. >> the national weather service says some parts of the houston area could get 50 inches of rain. that's more than 4 feet before the storm is finished. nora is outside of the convention center in downtown houston. nora, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. this catastrophic situation is only going to get worse. we just heard from houston's mayor and fire chief, the fire department has handled more than 5,500 calls they say in just the last 24 hours. think about that. officials are still trying to
8:03 am
get 185 critical rescue requests and people should stay on the line they say when they call 911. the mayor says the fire department has rescued nearly 300 people since midnight last night and the national weather service says this is beyond anything it has ever experienced. now the head of fema said this morning as well that houston area will probably get another 13 to 20 inches of rain. that's in the next several days. i just don't know where that water is going to go. the flooding is going to max out on wednesday and thursday they say and then they say will finally start to recede but very slowly. the fema administrator also predicts that more than 30,000 people are going to need temporary shelter. now last night we visited the shelter here and there were about 700 people then overnight that number increased to 2,500 people but about half of those people probably did not get beds last night. the army core of engineers started a controlled release of
8:04 am
water overnight from reservoirs that usually protect downtown houston from flooding. however, that will make the flooding worse for neighborhoods around the reservoirs and along the buffalo bayou. now the army says that releasing pressure on those will prevent an uncontrollable wall of water heading for the heart of city right here in downtown. texas governor greg abbott talked with local officials around the state this morning. he issued a state disaster declaration for 54 texas counts. now the governor has also requested and received federal disaster declarations from the trump administration for 18 counts. he said he is sending another 1,000 national guard troops to houston today. we spoke with the governor earlier this morning and asked him if houston has the means. >> well listen this is an enormous challenge and we're making sure that we continue to provide houston all that it needs as well as fema is
8:05 am
assisting tremendously. i want you to know that today, we are delivering another 150 boats as well as 300 high water vehicles to assist in the rescue program understanding that our first and foremost priority right now is to ensure that we continue to save every life we can. secondarily of course you were talking about the evacuees. we are providing more as well as the city of dallas soaping up a center that will be able to house 5,000 evacuees. we'll have air lift operations out of galveston to make sure that they will all be accommodated in ways they need for this temporary basis. >> have to ask you i spent time with the rescuees that arrived on dump trucks. didn't have shoes on.
8:06 am
soaking wet. some with pets, with babies with them and they were really scared. the mayor of houston as you know is defending his decision not to call r for a mandatory evacuation of the 6.5 million residents. do you still think that was a wise idea? >> listen, the time for making that determination has passed. no need for us to relitigate that issue right now. what we have to focus on is making sure that we continue this evacuation process. get people out of harms way. get them relocated and then begie rebuilding process. >> i want to bring in my colleague who is in new york. >> thanks, nora. governor, the president said he will be traveling to texas as soon as a trip can be made without causing disruption in the wake of this hurricane. right now he's scheduled to come tomorrow. is that the best time for him to come? >> the place he will be going to will not be houston so he will not be getting into harms way or interrupting the evacuations or
8:07 am
emergency response in the houston area. he will be going closer to where the hurricane hit land and that's where i will be going today to meet with the fema administrator brock long. we will be surveying the corpus christie area as well as areas like rock port that was harder hit by the hurricane. these are areas where we have already begun the clean up process but it just goes to show the magnitude of this storm where the focus for the past few days has been the torrential rain in houston. people have already forgotten the horrific way the corpus christie area got hit by this hurricane a few days ago. >> i imagine you have spoken to the president a number of times. are you satisfied with his engagement and response so far. >> the engagement and response by the president, the white house, by his cabinet and by fema have been remarkable. we begin working with them a week or two in advance of this and i have been in constant
8:08 am
contact with either the white house or fema on a daily basis and they have provided texas everything that we need. whenever texas asks for anything the answer was yes and so we have been very pleased with their collaborative response but also as brock long, the fema administrator made abundantly clear publicly as well as to me, this is just the beginning of what will be a very long process. people can remember the time it took for people to recover from katrina. this area in houston texas that was subject to the flooding is going to take a very long time for us to be able to overcome. >> he says this scene breaks your heart buts it's texas and we will get through it. >> not only how first responders were able to help out but countless stories about how our fellow texans have come together and bring up their own boats
8:09 am
helping to rescue their fellow texans. this is typical texans helping each other. we rallied behind each other at times like this and i could not be more proud about the way they have helped their neighbors respond to this challenge. >> governor, the images are so gut wrenching. what do you tell ordinary americans and people around the world that want to help? what should they do and what should they not do in terms of donations and giving and so forth. >> the first way to make sure that we can coordinate donations and get it to the emergency needs that are most dier right now will be through the red cross and people can go online to red and that is perhaps one of the best ways that people can help out. i know there's so many people that want to help out and need to have addressed. these people going to the shelters as you pointed out they need cots and blankets and towels things like that. i want you to know also that we are benefitting from grocery
8:10 am
stores that are providing critical food needed by these he v evacuees. >> we'll go back to nora in a little bit in houston. right now the latest on the storm and it is not going anywhere. >> bingo. that's the problem with harvey. there's just no steering mechanism to bump it out of texas and now into louisiana it had it's chance it missed the bus if you will and the bus was, watch it right here coming through the midwest. that front. look at that picture. look how it interacts. it maybe skims the northern portion but it doesn't drop far enough south to give it that kick. that kick is going to come wednesday late going into thursday until then it stays in the same spot. this is the 11:00 update from national hurricane center about where harvey is going. harvey is going to actually bounce back into the gulf of
8:11 am
mexico. it's been doing all of these little loops around the area. never really moving more than 50 miles from where it made land fall and now it's going to exit into the gulf and do another u-turn and some on shore somewhere around port arthur. within texas once again all the while never getting far enough away from the coast that the rain stops so these rain fall totals are epic. off the charts. i put together a list that puts it in perspective for you. a few of the biggies, hurricane katrina and super storm sandy and andrew, at least the most expensive storms this country has ever dealt with. take a look at this. you add them up. katrina 16.3, andrew 13.98, sandy 12.5, 42.86 from three storms will not equal the total from this storm that could be over 50 inches in spots. gayle back to you. >> it's good when you're playing it as a kid but not so good in weather. >> the worst. >> but certainly makes a point. harvey's historic flooding
8:12 am
forced thousands of people to leave their homes in houston. ahead we'll visit a church that's taking in flood victims include a boy that needs serious medical help but first it's 12 minutes after the hour.
8:13 am
>> ahead we're on one rescue boat to see how extensive this disaster is and how the rescue effort is progressing this morning. you're watching cbs this morning. crohn's disease. you're more than just a bathroom disease. you're a life of unpredictable symptoms. crohn's, you've tried to own us. but now it's our turn to take control with stelara® stelara® works differently for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower the ability of your immune
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8:23 am
defensive end j.j. watt reached his $200,000 goal in
8:24 am
less than two hours. he told us via skype he feels helpless waiting out the storm in dallas while his hometown of houston suffers. >> to see it going through such a disaster and to not be there and not be able to help it's very difficult to have to watch it from afar and see it on tv and look at streets that you know and you can barely recognize underneath the water. it's difficult. the people of houston are resilient. people are willing to help each other and that's why we started the fund-raiser and situation so we can get the help these people need. there's going to be families and communities that need to be put back together. >> increased the fund-raising goal to $500,000. >> everybody that knows him says he is a really good guy. kevin hart is donating $25,000. with his celebrity friends saying they should step up too.
8:25 am
putting it out on blast. harvey is triggering desperate pleas for help and houston is found the body of a missing kayaker in lake tahoe. the victim has been identified as 41-year-o good morning. it is 8:25 and i am michelle griego. the body of a missing kayaker was found in lake tahoe. he was last seen june 8 after heading out on his kayak to meet a friend. warm temperatures are causing problems for firefighters battling a brush fire near livermore. it has burned 15,000 acres and is 20% contained. we will have more with weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. the time now is 8:27 and we track major delays for bikers on this monday morning commute. this is 101 near first street which is just over at -- a one hour drive from san antonio avenue headed northbound. tough southbound. 880 from oakland. 41 minutes. we're dealing with an accident at fifth avenue. we have richmond and san rafael bridge was slow going. 20 minutes over to 101. we continue to track major delays for drivers on the shore. you cannot catch a break this morning. over an hour on
8:28 am
highway 4 to san francisco. good morning we have an excessive heat warning for much of the bay area. in san jose, your high temperature today is 94 which is down from 96 yesterday. you have blue skies. 50s and 60s. look at livermore at almost 70. after a high of almost 107 yesterday. the red areas is where we have warnings and yellow as an advisory. it will be hot just about everywhere today. the high temperature will top off at 74 and pacifica. sunshine at daly city and 69. 80s for oakland through alameda into berkeley. 98 at san rafael which is down from yesterday when we had a record. when 08 at walnut creek. 109 at brentwood and antioch. the coolest day this week will be on wednesday.
8:29 am
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8:40 am
from our kpix studios in san francisco, good morning
8:41 am
everybody pick it is a hot one again today, it will be the hottest day of the work week. we have the fog on the coast in the 50s otherwise it is 64 degrees in concorde, on its way to 106. the red highlighted area is just about everywhere away from the bay today. 80s, 90s, 109 in brentwood. slightly cooler tuesday. do
8:42 am
8:43 am
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♪ the flood waters in houston are still rising as the rain continues to fall. let's take you back now to norah o'donnell who will be covering what is happening throughout the
8:52 am
day for tonight's "cbs evening news." >> that's right. the things we're watching are additional rainfall and how it affects the bayous, which are already overflowing with water. you've heard the houston police say they have received over 5, 500 calls for help. i think today is a real turning point. we now rescue crews overwhelmed. they can't get to all the people that need help. all the good citizens of texas and other states nearby have come to help. and officials here get as many citizens out as quickly as possible and bring them facilities to like the shelter behind me. we'll have more for you tonight on "cbs evening news." >> certainly still underway. thank you. be careful. we'll see you tonight. nora will lead our coverage from houston on the "cbs evening news." you can get all the updates all
8:53 am
day on the streaming network and cbs new tomorrow we'll see you on "cbs this morning." ta
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning. i am michelle griego. police say they made 13 arrests following rallies that drew thousands of people to the city's streets and parks yesterday. one officer was hurt during the arrest with others hit by paint . search and rescue crews are helping crews in texas. teams from palo alto and san josi are also in the houston area. democrat pat harris plans to pitch himself for a candidate for the u. s. senate race for the seat currently held by senator dianne feinstein. he is expected to make the announcement at the steps of
8:56 am
city hall.
8:57 am
good morning 3rd -- good morning. we continue to experience delays for drivers headed along the bayshore freeway as well as mass transit dealing with 20 minute delay system wide for bart due to earlier problems at oakland. keep that in mind if you are planning on catching bart today. westbound 80 to eastshore freeway, two lanes are blocked
8:58 am
due to another motorcycle crash . a 53 minute ride as you make your way from highway 4 over to the maze. getting to the maze along 580 is backed up along highway 24 at this point, another 30 minutes heading into san francisco. let's check in with roberta. i wish the fog would make its way into our inland areas but it will not happen. this is the scene at the golden great bridge, totally sucked in there. after a high of 96 yesterday, you will have 94 in the santa clara valley. we are currently 69 in san josi, 59 in livermore and extensive heat warnings are in effect until tonight as temperatures sure -- sort again to 109 degrees pick it was 108 degrees yesterday. 107 in santa rosa. we had a record yesterday, today 98. gradually cooler
8:59 am
tuesday and we head up again thursday.
9:00 am
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