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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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technical difficulties ] >> reporter: this is what's coming. early friday irma slammed turks and caicos with 20-foot with waves. >> i thought i might be more useful here and help out. >> during did andrew when the surge came in the boats later came down and impaled themselves on the pilings. >> reporter: lines are growing for last minute supplies and traffic is moving slowly north. if you're still planning to leave miami tonight or tomorrow on a commercial aircraft, you are out of luck.
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the last flight leaves tonight at 9:30 from miami international airport. >> what has the mood been like there in miami? >> reporter: i think it's become more and more desperate over the last couple of days. i've been here since wednesday. it's now friday. people are recognizing the severity of the storm and they're taking it very, very seriously. i asked 1 guy how he felt earlier today. he told me here everybody is very anxious. they certainly want to put this storm behind them and the waiting game is not fun for anyone at this point. >> as we can imagine. kenneth craig live for us in miami. stay safe out there, thanks. let's get the latest on irma's position from chief meteorologist paul deanno who has been tracking this storm. >> people talk about hurricane andrew in 1992, that one kind of popped up and strengthened it's of nowhere, so there wasn't that many, many days of being anxious. we've watched this -- out of
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nowhere, so there wasn't that many, many days of being anxious. we've watched this. watch the wind field. this will be very interesting because seem the gusts, the strongest gust -- see the gusts, the strongest gusts, hit the florida keys as soon as this time tomorrow and watch that bubble of the strongest wind gusts move to the north enveloping miami, west palm beach, ft. flyers all at once sunday just before lunchtime. all -- ft. myers all at once sunday just before lunchtime all those cities may receive 100 mile-per- hour or stronger gusts. there is not one place in the florida keys to stay safe. everybody needs to get out. this will be stronger than andrew this weekend and the wind and storm surge will be something we have not seen for at least a generation this florida and it happens this weekend. people trying to avoid the hurricane are arriving at bay area airports. they are telling stories about people who are very happy to get out. >> as we took off, when we were finally in the air, this 1
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person kind of did a slow clap and the whole plane kind of went with it and did the slow clap with him. i think there was tension because the flight before us in the same gate was canceled because there weren't enough flight attendants. >> we want to show you live night tracker 24 showing the skies above -- flight tracker 24 showing the skies above florida, right now just a few flights bound for the ft. lauderdale at upper and none headed to miami international. right now irma is slamming cuba and the bahamas. this is what it looked like earlier as irma made landfall in the southern bahamas, low lying islands lashed by wind and pounding rain, but this is just the beginning of the storm's arrival. in cuba churning surf, seaside flooding, the eastern side of the island the first to feel irma's wrath, but it will feel the full brunt of the storm later tonight and the turks and
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caicos slammed by irma. the tiny island woke up to severe damage and flooding. for those refusing to evacuate, this is what they can expect. and posted this to twitter. the sound is almost deafening... and n hardly see wha a resident of tortolla rode out the storm and posted it to twitter. the sound there is almost deafening and you can hardly see what's going on outside through all the sheets of rain. several windows have been blown out. this is what st. maarten looks like right now. one official said the entire island has been destroyed. people have been reporting frightening conditions with armed looters roaming the streets saying police have been powerless to stop them. with hundreds of thousands of people forced to evacuate in florida the roads are packed. i-75 in the tampa area saw a steady stream of cars today and the same story in miami, long lines of cars on the highways and at the gas pumps.
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an education center turned shelter in miami had to turn away hundreds of people as it reached capacity today. the county had planned to open 43 shelters with room for more than 100,000 people by tonight. scientists are astounded by this satellite imagery, three hurricanes stacked up in the atlantic, the first time in modern history we have ever seen this and a couple other firsts to tell you about. hurricane irma sustained winds of 185 miles an hour for 37 straight hours which has never been seen and those winds are also the highest on record for a storm in the atlantic ocean not including the caribbean sea or the gulf of mexico. help is on the way to florida from the bay area. air national guardsmen left moffitt field today. kpix5's anne makovec was there for the sendoff. rsamina, 129th rescue wing - ays ready to >> reporter: this c-130 is full of air national guardsmen and women who don't know what they're about to face. 100 members of the 129th rescue wing are red to the east coast
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to help with the aftermath of hurricane irma. >> we're always ready to answer that call. >> reporter: many of these guard members just got back from texas where they're credited with saving 113 people after hurricane harvey. >> harvey it's like they kind of came in afterwards. this time they're kind of going in beforehand. >> reporter: her husband was only home six days. >> it's hard, hard with the kids trying to keep them busy and distracted and not upset. >> reporter: she brought them to the tarmac at moffitt field to say good-bye again. >> kind of bad, but he will survive no matter what. >> reporter: the guard's mission in florida will be similar to texas rescuing people trapped by floodwaters. they're bringing two helicopters with highly trained pararescuers on board. >> situations like these where they're saving lives make it worth it because they're doing something good. >> reporter: the guard members who left yesterday make up about 10% of the force at moffitt field, so there are
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about 900 left if we have a natural disaster of our own. president trump will get briefings on hurricane irma while he is at camp david over the weekend. he briefly commented on the storm as he left washington. a15-billion dollar disaster aid package to help victims of *and harve well, today the president signed that $15 billion disaster aid package to help victims of hurricane harvey and irma and increases the debt limit and funds the government through early december. five former u.s. presidents are now raising money for harvey victims. >> hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction, but it also brought out the best in humanity. >> as former presidents, we wanted to help our fellow americans begin to recover. >> our friends in texas including presidents bush 41 and 43 are doing just that. >> we've got more love in texas than water. >> we love you, texas. >> the former presidents also
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came together to raise money following the tsunami in asia, hurricane katrina and the earthquake in may -- haiti. of course, we'll have much more on irma coming up on the cbs evening news. let's get you now to mexico where the strongest quake to hit the country in a century has left the nation badly shaken. ism lip turner tells us the death toll and damage estimate -- emily turner tells us the death toll and damage estimates are rising by the hour. >> as of an hour ago, the death toll is at 60 and continues to rise hourly as officials search through the rubble and damage in some of those hard to reach places. n. "it was horrible...she says... i never felt something so ugly in my life." (newspath pkg) it was the strong seen in the 8.1 magnitude quake hit 60 miles offshore of chiapas, a pacific coastal state just north of the guatemalan border. it leveled buildings all over southern mexico and could be felt as far away as 650 miles. nearly 2 million people in mexico city lost power and
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schools there are closed. this woman was left shaken. it was horrible she said. "i never felt something so ugly in my life." it was the strongest quake the country has seen in a century and while the damage is extensive and the death toll rising, mexico's deputy consul general in san jose says the recovery process has begun. >> mexico city is now like in total nor mall normalitv -- normality, still doing evaluations on the southwest side of the country. they have a lot of problems. >> reporter: those southern states have the most damage. this reporter was in southern mexico at the time. >> it felt like a train was rolling beneath our feet and moments later we started to see the building shaking side to side. it sounded like pieces of metal just scraping together. >> reporter: the force of the
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quake was so strong it moved the fault up to 32 feet where the north american and cocos plates collided. there's concern the aftershock may bring already damaged buildings down and the death toll further up. to add insult to injury, mexico is also bracing for hurricane katia now a category 2 in the gulf headed its way within days. in the newsroom emily turner, kpix5. >> like she was just saying, as mexico deems with the earthquake damage, this coastal town is also bracing for hurricane katia, the storm already bringing rain and rough seas. both have pushed onto the shore and the civil protection agency is keeping tabs on the water supply. katia is expected to bring dangerous flash flooding and mudslides. searchers found a small plane that crashed along the marin county coast today and the pilot was dead. it was heading from santa ynez to santa rosa yesterday but
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never made it. the wreckage and the pilot's body was found in the backwoods area of the national seashore. the pilot was the only person on board. the search is on for a man who broke into a bay area ice cream store. >> the break-in happened wednesday night at a bask in robbins in vallejo, the store owner posting surveillance video on facebook in hopes of identifying the suspect. the guy has no shirt on, goes into the store, disappears, comes back moments later with an armful of packages. those are ice cream cakes. >> and they took a rock, threw it through the side door so hard it smashed through the window of the side door, through our sundae station and made a hole into the back wall. then they came in, tore apart the cake freezer doors, grabbed as many cakes as they could and just walked right on out. >> the owner said she's had problems before including an
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armed robbery back in march and she said police haven't done much. >> it is incredibly frustrating. it hurts because this is a family place and i don't like the reputation of somebody coming in and doing this because they should feel safe and this should be a sanctuary for families, not a place of oh, my gosh, look what happened now. >> the owner plans to increase the number of surveillance cameras in the store. while the store will need extensive repairs, the owner says they are still open. >> thank you. the bay area being invaded by fleas, we'll take a look into what's behind this itchy explosion. >> plus facebook's billion dollar plan to bring more people to its site, what it wants to do to keep your eyes glued. >> and thousands of flood damaged cars could soon flood the used car market, some simple tips to make sure that you don't end up with a leftover from hurricane harvey.
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this college professor is living in her car. >> with what i make at san jose state i can't pay $2,000 a month rent. >> we found ellen is the changing face of bay area homelessness. as she pays off massive student loans, she keeps a reminder of better times. >> i hold onto this because it's the hope that someday i'll have a home again. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. >> kpix5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. ive's don fo blood- sucki the bay area is in the middle of an outbreak of fleas. kpix5's don ford said the blood sucking insects are quite a nuisance and not just for animals. >> cats don't have fleas. i comb them. i put flea medicine on them. i do have fleas, though. >> reporter: you have fleas, not your cats? >> correct. >> reporter: daniel said fleas are invading his apartment and while he takes good care of his cats, he said the fleas are eating him up. >> i've killed about 20 fleas since i got back home about 20 minutes ago. >> reporter: daniel isn't alone. one bay area exterminator i spoke to said the recent hot weather was perfect to cause a flea outbreak throughout the
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bay area. folks fighting fleas are finding supplies are running thin. >> try to go guy some carpet powder to kill the fleas, sold out at target, sold out at petco, sold out at the other pet store, can't get it. >> reporter: they suck your blood, crawl in your hair and sometimes the bite leaves red marks that itch. ex remember it matters say there's -- exterminators say there's a backlog of flea calls and daniel said he'll have to wait until next week for his exterminator. meanwhile he said he'll stay at his girl friend's place. in alameda don ford, kpix5. a new federal audit shows tens of millions in taxpayer dollars were misused to fund the california water tunnel project. the tunnels will be used to ship water from northern california to southern california. the audit shows federal officials gave $84 million in taxpayer money to help fund it, but the water districts were supposed to foot that bill.
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the general manager of one district in fresno is defending the financial arrangement. facebook has some ambitious plans to turn the social network into its own tv network. the wall street journal reports the company plans to spend up to $1 billion to attract and develop original content for its new watch video platform. facebook is also competing with tech giants like youtube, amazon and twitter to stream sports and other live events. we are about to get a closer look at apple's new spaceship headquarters in cupertino where the tech giant will unveil its latest iphone next week inside steve job's new theater, a 1,000 seat state of the art auditorium, a 30- acre park and four-level atrium for ventilation. more fallout in the wake of uber's decision not to move into oakland's old sears building. a second possible tenant is pulling out of that project. newbury market and deli was slated to move into the ground
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floor, but now that uber has put the building up for sale the specialty food market is pulling out as well. a major blow to workers in the central valley, dole foods will lay off more than 400 workers as it continues to downsize its operations. just last month it let go nearly 175 workers in southern california. dole is the largest producer of fruit and vegetables, but it's sitting on nearly $1.3 billion in debt. hurricane harvey left hundreds of thousands of cars, suvs and trucks under water in texas. hurricane irma is bound to leave even more. as nikki battiste reports, these flood cars can be a golden ticket for scammers. >> reporter: this racetrack outside of houston has become a refuge for thousands of vehicles flooded when hurricane harvey hit the gulf coast. it's estimated $1 1 -- 1
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trillion gallons of rain dumped during the storm left more than 1 million vehicles flooded. >> flooded cars literally rot from the inside out. >> reporter: scam artists will buy the damaged vehicles, clean them up and try to resell them. >> not only will they be resold in texas, but they can move their way hundreds, if not thousands of miles away to people who have no idea that that car was once under water in a flood. >> reporter: it is illegal to sell flood cars as -- isn't illegal to sell flood cars as long as flood damage is disclosed on the title, but times it's not. >> it may seem to run fine. a year from now that corrosion that started to build up inside can come back to haunt you. >> reporter: aaa said used car buyers should always look for signs of flooding like a musty odor, rust and water marks on the seats and seatbelts. >> look everywhere, in every
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nook and cranny for sand, silt, things that don't belong in a certain place. >> reporter: but it can be hard to spot damage. this video from carfax shows how scam artists can scrub away evidence of a flood. always do a background check and have a mechanic in effect a used car before you buy it. it is friday evening, so, of course, we'll have your weekend forecast, but there's something you may not be planning for in the seven-day, two days with a rain chance. find out which days you may actually need to find your umbrella for coming up. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight the new hi-tech drone capable of making new interesting discoveries hundreds of feet under water.
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the next 48 hours are going to be incredible. south florida has not seen a storm like this because now it's going to be everywhere. first we were focusing on just miami, maybe just ft. myers. it is the whole peninsula that will be dealing with major
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damage saturday and sunday and likely days and weeks beyond. one of the many reasons we love living in the bay area our ocean is so cold you couldn't get a hurricane within 500 miles of this place because it needs energy from the ocean to survive and there's more energy in the water when the water is warmer and we don't do warm ocean water around here. we do fog efficiently rolling over san francisco right now, 65 degrees, concord the warm spot at 84, really comfortable inland today, santa rosa 81, oakland 68, livermore 79. we have more thunderstorms in the sierra, highway 50 and interstate 80 impacted, down towards yosemite numerous thunderstorms. for us no rain chance for now. as soon as monday, the beginning of next week, you may need your umbrella. we'll start off tomorrow morning very comfortable, redwood city 61, napa 58, san jose tonight 62. lots of activities this weekend, opera in the park sunday, golden gate park, hence the name, mostly sunny skies,
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78 degrees in san francisco and the chocolate festival, who doesn't love that? this weekend ghirardelli square saturday and sunday, sunday the warmer day. football is back, the season opener, the 49ers hosting the panthers. sunny and warm, 92 degrees at kickoff, toasty and the seats in sun at levi stadium. almost is moving out. this ridge of high pressure will move in. the two warmest days of the week will clearly be saturday and sunday. then this low begins to meander back towards central california and draw up some moisture and give us that rain chance. tomorrow morning minimal morning cloud cover. it's gone by about 9:00 or 10:00 burning back to the coastline, not much temperature change or up the coastline inland, 90s tomorrow, 80s to low 90s and mid-90s sunday. a weekend warm-up especially inland, then some tropical moisture returns. we'll go cloudy by sunday
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evening with a shower chance both monday and tuesday. there could be some widespread scattered showers or even some light rain. how about that for early next week? vallejo tomorrow 82, beautiful day in santa rosa, sunshine, 85, san jose 83, a few low 90s including the tri-valley, livermore 92e did, san francisco afternoon sunshine, 69 degrees. warm over the weekend especially inland and sunday where a few areas near the bay may hit the low 80s of then showers roll in -- 80s. then showers roll in. monday and tuesday scattered showers and behind that area of low pressure moving out we will stay in the low average. please enjoy a sunny and pleasant weekend. we'll be right back.
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the cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> reporter: tonight on the cbs evening news gridlock and gas shortages as residents try to get out of irma's path while some prepare to stay put. >> plus personal information was stolen from 143 million people, what to do if you're a victim of the equifax breach. >> and hillary clinton in her first tv interview about her white house run, we have a preview tonight on the cbs evening news. >> anthony mason is up next. thank you so much for watching at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 allen and veronica are back in 30 minutes. >> see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: getting out. >> this storm just has a different feel. >> glor: with all of florida in the hurricane's path, highways are clogged, gas is in short supply, shelters are filling up. irma's already taken a deadly toll in the caribbean. >> the whole-- everybody-- barbuda is just gone. >> mason: also tonight, the hack. 143 million americans had their personal information exposed. >> really can't get worse than this for consumers. >> mason: hillary clinton on debating with donald trump lurking behind her. >> it was so discombobulating. >> go! >> mason: and steve hartman with a football team that's undefeated against hurricanes.


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