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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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get to. >> this is our second traffic alert this morning. i think it's due to wet roads. they have slick conditions and it's caused many problems for drivers already. we'll take it over to the maps. we are tracking this motorcycle accident blocking two lanes along westbound 24 approaching wilder road. traffic backs up to acalanes and you can see that speeds drop below 5 miles per hour. we are tracking our travel times that have just shot up about one hour for drivers from 680 to 580. you backup southbound 680 on walnut creek. so be careful. 580 westbound near macarthur boulevard, heavy as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza, as well. metering lights are on. and traffic backed up beyond the maze 20 minutes from the
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maze into san francisco. we had an earlier excellent along southbound 101 approaching spencer avenue. all lanes are reopened but traffic is still slow due to those residual delays from 580 to the golden gate bridge. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. i want to show you our hi- def doppler to show you the rain and lightning coming down this morning. you may want to take extra time because the roads will be slick depending where you are headed. so let's pinpoint some of the areas that are seeing more rain coming through. it looks like it's picking up pretty strong for folks on the highway 4 right here. look at this. this is an intense amount of rain coming down. more than 2 inches of rain per hour in that one spot. but, of course, it's moving quickly. so expecting to reach brentwood, antioch, even you guys may see that very soon. bethel island, discovery bay two bands coming through. and walnut creek, concord now this storm system has moved
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towards your direction. it was just to the south. so now you can see it there on highway 4. highway 680. if you are heading that way, keep that in mind. there are the strong cells popping up here to the north, healdsburg, santa rosa, you're seeing lightning bolts near cloverdale and areas of red, orange, yellow, strong amount of rain coming through. again these are fast-moving. but it looks like they are intensifying throughout the morning so cell after cell starting to pop up. more of these lightning strikes i wouldn't be surprised if we saw hundreds of them this morning. very similar to what we had the other night with over 1200 lightning strikes in just the span of five hours. that is what we're likely going to see over the next couple of hours this morning as that instability in the air just leads to more of these thunderstorms. also rain showers here in los gatos area, looks like right in the mountains as well near that woodside fire, as well. saw some lightning strikes in that area. so here's what you can expect through the morning, chance of showers and thunderstorms continuing for the next few
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hours. small hail could happen with these cells coming through with the lightning bolts that come down and temperatures this morning you will notice they are feeling cool today. they will pick up. the winds will pick up later on this afternoon which could pose a problem if those lightning strikes lead to fires. it is a sudden alert in an alameda neighborhood. avoid your tap water. kpix 5's katie nielson is live in alameda with more on what led to the alert. katie reporter: michelle, water officials are telling people here in alameda point, don't drink the water. the rest of the city of alameda is not impacted. east bay m.u.d. is offering people bottled water until they can get the issue resolved. the water district got complaints from residents saying the water didn't taste or smell right. after doing some tests, officials think an irrigation line with nondrinkable water somehow contaminated the water lines that go into homes. >> east bay m.u.d.
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is watching the system now and flushing it. we are seeing improvements already. >> reporter: they say this water system isn't one of theirs, it's a legacy system left over from the naval station. they are just helping out the city of alameda. and we are here at city hall west in alameda where there are cases of bottled water here ready for residents to pick up if they are impacted. we spoke to one resident a few minutes ago. she said they had been drinking the water. people in her house were feeling sick with stomach aches. so this is in effect for the next two days or so. in the meantime, they are advising people only drink bottled water. live in alameda, katie nielsen, kpix 5. across florida, homeowners and first responders are starting to get a sense of the sheer damage done by hurricane irma. the florida keys were the hardest hit area where some one in four homes were destroyed according to fema estimates. the region still has no running water, no gas, no power. since many roads aren't safe to
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usual military planes have been flying in with personnel and supplies. and the loss of electricity has sparked deadly situations in the state. two adults and a child died after deputies say a generator was used in a home without power. fire rescue crews found 6 people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. three are now in the hospital for advanced life support but three others died. and while as many as 5 million people are without power in florida, officials warn it might not return for weeks. some traffic encounters are already turning deadly as a result. police in marion county say a man was killed at one intersection where none of the traffic lights were working. >> people are blowing through these intersections not stopping. >> the president of france is promising to rebuild after irma destroyed massive stretches of st. martin and st. bart's. they brought in food and medical supplies yesterday. firefighters are making
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progress on containing a fire in a heavily vegetated area of san mateo county near the town of woodside. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there now with the latest on the firefight reporter: we are keeping a close eye on the weather this morning because that is going to impact what firefighters are doing significantly. i did see several lightning strikes in this area heading down from san francisco at around 4:00 this morning, and there may be more on the way. that is what they believe started this fire originally. it's called the skeggs fire. and it has been burning in the western san mateo county hills. it's burned about 50 acres in an area with a lot of fire fuel, tall trees. this fire has been spreading through some thick underbrush and it is 10% contained this morning. it ignited monday night when thunderstorms moved through and this is one of several fires that started in san mateo and santa cruz counties believed to have been started by lightning. so cal fire and local firefighters have been on guard
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as they try to get a handle on this fire and watch for any others that might ignite this morning. the good news is that there is a lot of moisture in the air and that's been telling me some sprinkles on the way here in woodside. so that could certainly help them in their mission. live in woodside, anne makovec, kpix 5. a san francisco police officer charged in connection with a child porn investigation is due in court today. joshua innaiah is set to be arrayed today at a pittsburg court. the 37-year-old was arrested back in july and charged with possessing child porn after his own department investigated him. enea is a 10-year veteran officer with sfpd. a documentary about oakland's police force will begin this week. it's a look behind the scenes at the oakland police department over two years. it was directed by the filmmaker behind the 2012 film the waiting room about the e.r. at highland hospital. he said that he started out hoping to do a documentary on the reform effort at opd but
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then the sexual misconduct scandal broke taking down former police chief sean whent. >> my gut feeling was that he was so close to satisfying the requirements of reform that when this scandal broke, he wanted to just go away. >> the force opens in san francisco and oakland on friday. today the palo alto school board will meet to discuss a long-awaited report on how the district handles sexual assault allegations. parents demanded an outside investigation after a case last year when a students was allowed to remain in palo alto school after being convicted of an off-campus sexual assault. he had also been accused of two assaults on campus. the law firm that put together the report will be at a public meeting a week from today to discuss the findings. a woman who was a champion for gay rights died. she got equality rights for same-sex couples.
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she filed a lawsuit in 2009 after the death of her partner of more than 40 years. they illegally married in canada in 2007. after the person's death she got the estate but didn't qualify for marital exemption. the irs slapped her with a $363,000 federal estate tax. windsor sued and it went to the supreme court. >> i am today an out lesbian, okay, who just sued the united states of america, which is kind of overwhelming for me. >> that landmark case led to the end of the "defense of marriage act." in 2013, she was runnerup for "time" magazine's person of the year behind pope francis. time now, 6:09. today san francisco is expected to make another attempt to crack down on a persistent problem at one of the city's most popular parks. >> and some daca recipients
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qualify for renewal by october 5. people in the bay area want to help them with paperwork. >> we have showers and thunderstorms showing up this morning. is your neighborhood next? >> and tracking a new accident out of antioch along westbound 4. the backup and the travel times coming up. get 35% off on coit residential cleaning services
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that's 35% off everything coit cleans.
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including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 35% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. people should be fined one- thousand dollars - if they littler in dolores park.
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su ed today san francisco supervisors will decide whether people should be fined $1,000 in dolores park. a $1,000 fine will prove a much stronger deterritory deterrent to littering. the fine would apply to all city parks not just dolores. the legislation also entails a ban on the use of glass bottles in parks. today some of the biggest names in dc politics are talking strategy to save "dreamers." jackie ward reports from the newsroom reporter: kenny, it's been eight days since president trump put a six-month expiration date on daca and that move has motivated congress to work for a quick solution. nancy pelosi, paul ryan and house majority leader kevin mccarthy will meet to discuss legislation to protect 800,000 daca recipients from
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deportation. congresswoman pelosi wants to pass something quickly. >> so while the president gives congress six months to act, we want to do that sooner. we're going to do it within six weeks. >> reporter: for the people enrolled in daca whose permits expire by march 5, 2018, they can apply for a two-year renewal by october 5. catholic charities illegal immigration services says 290 clients qualify for renewal and they will have workshops this week in san jose and gilroy to help those people. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. the san mateo county board of supervisors has passed a resolution asking state lawmakers to crack down on distracted pedestrians. a supervisor says people are talking or texting on cell phones while crossing streets and they are just as dangerous as distracted driving yapping. >> we have seen all those pedestrians yapping on the
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phones in the crosswalk, just see people walking into water fountains. >> people are going slow. what's going on? they are on their phones. >> not good. all right. what's not good is the morning commute. out of antioch a new accident has lanes blocked and it has traffic backed up into antioch. the crash is just passing willow pass road there. it's over in the center divide but four vehicles are involved in the crash. it's a 52-minute ride so it's close to the one hour commute for drivers heading out of antioch into hercules. the eastshore freeway starting to get heavy, as well. southbound 680 and 242, seeing a few brake lights. first reports of a crash southbound 680 right near livorna isn't causing backups. but we had an earlier motorcycle crash along westbound highway 24. all lanes have been cleared but there's still a lot of activity and flashing lights on the
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shoulder there. so traffic continues to be backed up along westbound 24 with the travel time a little over 30 minutes just as you make your way from 680 to the caldecott tunnel. as you make your way closer towards the bay bridge toll plaza, i should say, the maze, we are tracking an earlier crash still has one lane blocked westbound 580 near macarthur boulevard traffic slow at the toll plaza. metering lights are on. eastshore freeway as well as the ride into san francisco both in the yellow. we are getting first reports of a crash in san francisco. northbound 280 to 101, no backups so far. here's neda with the forecast. we are seeing a lot of action here in our forecast. you can see to the south, to the east, to the north, lightning strikes around the bay area. it's cause for concern. these strong cells bringing
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rain down along highway 4. this just passed through french camp, moved across even discovery bay, got 2 cells coming through. brentwood and antioch next in line. so it looks like from this cell alone, there's a lot of rain coming down in a short amount of time. hercules next in line. you can see the storm just passed through concord, 680, benicia next and vallejo will get a little bit of this rain and then richmond, as well. so keep an eye out there. you may have slick roads this morning. to the north, there's a whole lot of action going on. this is a significant amount of rain coming down. and it has been doing so for the past two hours. so this could cause some even flooding concerns there on some of the roads and in the mountain ranges there. the lightning strikes. this is coming down with
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lightning and rain so it may not be causing any fires later on today. guerneville, santa rosa, healdsburg with 25 lightning strikes over the past 25 minutes. so it will wake people up early this morning. lightning strikes in monterey for two hours. hoehighway 101 to gilroy, morgan hill next as these thunderstorms make their way quickly through these small neighborhoods and move up north. it's moving count ever clockwise. a little east to west, as well.
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six a.m. we'll see these showers for the next hour. they will pick up. may see rain as well east bay also going to see this. but after 11, 12:00 it should clear up. all the action is reserved for the morning commute. higher clouds off in the distance, no fog at the golden gate bridge. but again slick roads, drizzle is out there. concord 67. oakland 65. livermore 65 degrees right now. our wind speeds also picking up. gusty winds because of the thunderstorms that are going on. so some areas may see those gusts at 30 miles per hour. here's what's happening. this low that's off the coast is going to eventually move east. and then we are going to get our temperatures to finally actually rise. we'll see the clear skies
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again. but not until friday. so today's temperatures drop off. they will be cool, 79 concord. by tomorrow temperatures will be about 5 degrees cooler and thing we are jumping about 10 degrees in time for the weekend. >> thank you
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good morning, everybody. 50 years ago, hall of fame announcer bill king was on the mic when a's made history. >>he athletics have accomplished what no one has before! they have won 20 consecutive games! >> just 15 years later, francona and the indians could match the 2002 a's but cleveland . detroit lined into an inning ending double play. glover pitched a complete game shutout.
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cleveland won 2-0 to win their 20th straight game and tie the 2002 a's for the longest streak in american league history. a's in boston, oakland not threatening any indians streak. mookie betts hit two home runs drove in 6. boston crushed the a's 11-1. >> joe montana throwing out the first pitch to jeff samardzija. in the fourth, l.a.'s puig doubles off cueto bringing home chris taylor and cody bellinger and the dodgers led the giants 4-1. bottom of the 9th, bases loaded against janson. trailing 5-3, struck out buster posey and nick hundley to end the game. l.a. wins 5-3 snapping their 11-game losing streak. that pitch to foster was right down the heart on a 3-2 pitch and he didn't get it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight.
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see this play of the day from soccer. one of the stars kicking it up a notch in london for chelsea. >> a sensational goal! >> from long distance the sharpshooter from chelsea aiming it from the top left corner. chelsea wins 6-0. an east bay city is handing out cases of boat recalled water after telling residents, don't use the tap. we'll explain why coming up. for residents of one bay area neighborhood -- who >> and a fire continues to burn through heavy vegetation in san mateo county this morning. coming up, the conditions firefighters are dealing with this morning.
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"...deepest sympathies and support to those individuals who were injured by the violence" ===vo cont=== congress issues a challenge to president trump afte called we received a taste and odor complaint. >> a warning for residents in a bay area neighborhood who says their water isn't safe for drinking. >> deepest sympathies and support to those individuals who were injured by the violence. >> congress issues a challenge to president trump after what many called a lackluster response to white supremacist violence in charlottesville. >> good morning, it is wednesday, september 13th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. let's get right out to katie nielsen in alameda. >> that's where some people on the island are being told not to use the water. katie reporter: kennel any, that's right. . >> reporter: this affects alameda point, not the rest of
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the city. east bay m.u.d. is offering bottled water to residents of alameda point until they can get the issue resolved. it only impacts people there because the neighborhood gets water from an old system once used by the navy base. residents said it water smelled and tasted bad. >> we realized that the profile, the makeup of the water, is a little different. >> reporter: after testing, water officials think an irrigation line with non- drinkable water contaminated water to houses. they are flushing it to cleanout the line. residents are picking up bottled water being supplied by east bay m.u.d. for the next two days residents are told not to use tap water. katie nielsen, kpix 5. berkeley city council has
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decided to allow police to use pepper spray in a crowd. [ screaming ] >> it came as ben shapiro is speaking tomorrow night. they will use it only when targeting specific violent confrontations, not to disperse a crowd. the use of pepper spray came under scrutiny when uc-davis used it on sitting students. republicans and democrats in congress joined forces to pass a resolution calling on the president to condemn hate groups and urges attorney general jeff sessions to investigate acts of violence by white nationalists. the kkk and similar groups. this comes after president trump was criticized for his response to the violence in charlottesville. today a crew from the bay area spent the week helping victims of hurricane irma is expected to arrive back home. the c-17 global master 3 crew
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flew to st. croix to bring 34 aid workers including 24 medical team members in the wake of irma. the crew was also able to get 55 patients off the island of st. thomas and take them to puerto rico for care. they will be at travis air force base this morning. more than 100 pg&e workers are in florida right now to restore power to homes and businesses impacted by irma part of a mutual aid agreement between pg&e and florida power & light. the pg&e workers were deployed to the state last friday. so far they have been inspecting power lines. repairs begin today. this steep heavily vegetated area is a challenge for firefighters fighting a lightning-sparked fire. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: this morning, firefighters are on the watch for more possible lightning here in woodside. i saw some on 280 on the way
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down here at around 4 a.m. there is the possibility of other strikes later on todayas well as firefighters continue to work on what's called the skeggs fire. it's been burning in the western san mateo county hills. it's burned about 50 acres an area with a lot of fuel for fire and trees. it's 10% contained. at sun-up they will reassess the percentage of containment. this fire has been spreading through thick underbrush. it started monday night when thunderstorms moved through. this is one of several fires that started in san mateo and santa cruz counties believed to have been started by lightning. >> holy moly! it's a giant cypress tree that just took a direct took a direct hit. >> reporter: that was a strike in half moon bay during our last storm hitting a cypress tree splintering it, the impact so strong that wood tore a hole
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in the roof of a house. so cal fire and other departments are on alert for other lightning strikes. the good thing is there high humidity. that should help firefighters. >> hopefully now is the chance they can get a line around that thing. because of course while it's still cool out there, and humid, it's their time to really attack that fire. but yes, as anne said, there's lightning in the forecast. also some rain showers out there. so that will hopefully help. i want to show you the fire conditions now for the skeggs fire. temperatures cool. 62 degrees and barely a breeze. so this is a good time right now for those firefighters because look at the winds later on. they are going to pick up to 20, 25 miles per hour sustained winds and then the gusts this afternoon up to 30. so that's what we're going to see throughout our entire area. and right now, we are seeing lightning strikes a good amount of them, significant numbers, from the south around the east to the north. so there's a lot of action in the skies this morning.
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a lot of instability out there. right now, where anne, woodside fire, you can see this rain cell right there. and as those cells were moving through, a lot of people were seeing lightning. it may not be the cloud-to- ground lightning. but there are some flashes lighting up. los gatos may see rain with this cell coming through. so if there's lightning in the mountains, that's what firefighters will be watching for. to the south, look at this near gilroy, watsonville, this is significant amount of rain coming through. that's about a half inch of rain per hour in the areas of orange. areas read up to 1.5" of rain per hour the areas in red. all these lightning strikes have been occurring for the past couple of hours near monterey just off the coast of monterey. santa cruz, as well. that's expected to move further north. we have seen a lot of this north motion today. also some of the east to west motion, as well. especially with this one coming down across antioch now. just moved through brentwood, still bringing some lightning down there.
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bethel island got hit by it and now antioch's turn it's going to be moving along highway 4 towards concord, most is likely benicia, vallejo, you may be next. walnut creek may be next. we'll have the latest coming up up. we are tracking three separate accidents along 4. so those drivers definitely dealing with those wet conditions that you were just mentioning. as you can see on our map here, we have sensors that lit up with red and yellow along the westbound direction of highway 4. getting out of antioch, it's going to be tough for commuters. we have an accident near loveridge. that's blocking one lane. we had an earlier hit-and-run crash westbound 4 near bailey road is no longer blocking any lanes but traffic is still very slow until you get past willow pass where we have a four-car crash. that's over on the center divide. so your travel time just shot up over an hour commute, 78 minutes from highway 160, the antioch bridge, over to
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interstate 80 in hercules. give yourself some extra time. bart has no delays. southbound 680 through pleasant hill, walnut creek, slow. we have a crash near livorna into alamo. 15 minutes. and highway 24 dealing with a new crash in the same location we have the earlier crash near wilder. so expect delays. about 30 minutes westbound 24. hat's a check of your traffic; ove r to you. surveillance video is giving us a look at the aftermath of a shooting in san francisco. sfpd found out about yesterday's shooting via shotspotter. you can see follow the aftermath on surveillance video as a car zips away from the scene. it came to a crashing end near o'farrell in union square. there's very little information about motive or suspect. today max harris and derick
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almena will expected to plead facing 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter for the ghost ship warehouse fire. they say the 47-year-old master tenant and 27-year-old creative director allowed conditions at the warehouse to pose a significant fire risk. 36 people were killed at the ghost ship on december 2nd. the a's are looking forward to a future in oakland. they have settled on a site for a new ballpark. phil matier reports that it's a 13-acre site south of laney college on 880. the a's have given up on the coliseum site and on the waterfront north of jack london square. before they can build a new stadium, they have to make a deal for the land and come up with $500 million in private funding. if that happens it open in 2023. the 49ers are working to resolve a frequent fan complaint that the heat can get overwhelming at levi's stadium. the billion-dollar facility that's just three years old. the team says it has hired architects to possibly build some awning to provide shade in
6:40 am
the stands. during sunday's game the temperature on the field hit 91. ♪[ music ] time now 6:39. yet another example of the bay area's outrageous real estate market. this time, on the peninsula. >> plus, some counties in california are showing their support for daca recipients and one bay area county in particular is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to help them.
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gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. thanks. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king has more from new york. good morning, gayle. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, michelle. ahead we'll take you inside the massive effort to restore power in florida, which is dealing with one of the worst outages in u.s. history. plus, we're near the end of the florida keys with residents who
6:44 am
had massive devastation and are now trying to rebuild without power, internet or cell service. and we'll talk with democratic senator from west virginia joe manchin about last night's bipartisan dinner. he was there with president trump on tax reform but what was on the menu? i'll bet he will tell us. and nick compton on the iphone 10. what the $1,000 device, yes, $1,000, says about apple's innovation post-steve jobs. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> i have to tell you -- >> i was in palo alto last week for an interview there. i turned you on and i was waving to you from the hotel room. hey, michelle! >> i wish i had known. i would have tugged on my ear. >> i was in and out, otherwise i would have called you but it was really -- i wasn't even there 24 hours. >> next time, coffee or breakfast. >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you. >> have a great day. see you at 7:00. it's a date. apple revealing some new stuff
6:45 am
at its spiffy new facility in cupertino nicknamed the spaceship. with more on how investors are reacting to the new iphone, here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. even more important than the $1,000 price tag on the new iphone 10 is the shipping date for the 10th anniversary iphone. apple announced the 10 won't ship until november 3rd. that really surprised investors. that sent apple stock lower immediately yesterday. shares are down another 1% today. not only will those sales happen later for apple's earnings, it could impact the new 8 and 8 plus because some customers will wait for the 10 to do a comparison with the new iphone compared to the 8 and 8 plus and that could hurt sales of 8 and 8 plus in the meantime. apple shares being down does weigh on the overall stock market. target has some pretty big hiring plans for the holiday.
6:46 am
they will hire 100,000 seasonal workers for this season. and that's opposed to the 70,000 that it hired last year. those jobs will come across in stores in distribution and fulfillment centers. stock market flat to start as there were record highs yesterday. dow lower by 2 points after a positive open. nasdaq down by 13. and the s&p is down by 2 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. just when you thought bay area real estate couldn't get any crazier, a house in silicon valley sold for 800,000 over asking price. it was listed for 1.6 million and sold another $2.4 million. the agent says there were 20 bids but this might be a record. today some of the biggest names in politics are meeting in washington, dc to save daca.
6:47 am
kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the newsroom on their fight to keep "dreamers" in the u.s. >> reporter: michelle, closer to home, counties are taking action into their own hands as they wait for washington to come up with new legislation. monterey and santa cruz counties are now so-called "dreamers" counties. each county passed resolutions in support of undocumented youth and urged congress to move quickly in their defense. some daca recipients voiced their approval of these "symbolic measures." >> i want to have a life here and i think that my economic contribution is definitely appreciated here. >> i have been saluting to the american flag from a very young age. so i consider this my country, too,. >> reporter: the santa clara county board of supervisors is also trying to help "dreamers." yesterday, the board unanimously approved to allocate $200,000 in aid for those recipients trying to renew their permits. the money will be for legal
6:48 am
assistance through the process. for those daca recipients, they can apply for a two-year renewal as long as they do it by october 5. jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:48. let's get a check of traffic with jaclyn. we continue tracking major problems for drivers in the east bay and as neda mentioned, that's where the storm is passing through now which makes a lot of sense because our traffic maps just lit up with incidents coming in. 3 separate accidents along highway 4 in the westbound direction. so if this is part of your commute, beware. please be careful. give yourself some extra time. extra space between you and that car in front of you. one crash over at loveridge, that's no longer blocking lanes. one near bailey road that's off the freeway now. but we still have this accident right near willow pass road and that's in the center divide. we continue to see slowdowns building as you make your way in that westbound direction. over an hour commute for 87
6:49 am
minutes so an hour and a half. that's not good from 160 over to interstate 80. your ride heading along 242, 680 is very slow. we are seeing a lot of yellow and red light up our screen. an earlier crash near livorna not blocking lanes causing a backup. a visual distraction. that's been a hot spot this morning. this is westbound direction near wilder. we had an earlier motorcycle crash in that direction. so 32 minutes from 680 just to get to the caldecott tunnel and then your ride continues to be heavy as you make your way towards highway 13. we are dealing with the usual slowdowns. westbound 92 near hesperian. 26 minutes in that southbound direction. 25 minutes across the san mateo bridge. please be careful. >> that's a check of your traffic. let's check in with neda on the forecast. >> the slick roads as jaclyn
6:50 am
mentioned causing some accidents out there. let's get right to the area of the trouble. one cell came through the past hour. there it went. here's another one. so you really got a feel for brentwood, antioch, concord, even walnut creek. you guys are seeing back-to- back strong cells coming through. these are lightning strikes several of them coming down so of course the distraction on the driver slick roads for the drivers and these cells are bringing down about an inch of rain per hour but they are moving fairly quickly. this is just the last hour two cells coming in back to back but they bring down strong amount of rain and then they move on to the next place. but it could cause some areas of ponding, as well. let's move through the south and show you what's going on. this just picked up to the west of los gatos there. it looks like boulder creek also going to get some rain from this. woodside area where the fire is may see some sprinkles. lighter showers there. to the south though watsonville, highway 1 stronger rain coming through.
6:51 am
the way these cells move so quickly they won't last an hour, they will last a few minutes and move on. you can see them coming from the south to the north and then a lot of them are going from the east to the west, as well. santa cruz highway 101, highway 1, seeing all kinds of action. then to the north, this is near wine country. we saw a lot of rain coming down through healdsburg, napa, st. helena, all moved west towards 1 and the coast. so it looks like santa rosa now getting pounded from the cell that's coming through as well. so that's the direction it's moving out west from the south to the north and then east to west, so this is swirling around in this counterclockwise direction. we are seeing it as we zoom in close on those cells. here's the futurecast though. i don't know how much longer we'll see this activity. it looks like the next hour you're still seeing some to the south. the lightning in monterey won't let up anytime soon.
6:52 am
at least for the next hour or two. morgan hill, santa cruz, you will get some of that action. and then you will see some showers for the rest of our area near san jose. redwood city perhaps and then it's going to clear up after noon today. then calmer conditions and cooler. the winds will pick up. there's no measurable precipitation but it's a dark sky and cool temperatures. san francisco 63. livermore 65 right now. san jose only at 68 degrees right now. these winds are going to pick up in some areas where those thunderstorms are. gusts up to 30. west winds now sustained in oakland at 13. that's really high for this early-morning hour. they are coming in from the coast which is good news because that means it's going to push this low eastward. so that is finally going to leave us and then that's when those temperatures will drop one day then clear skies and a warming trend. so i want to show you where
6:53 am
that is in your seven-day forecast: people living near the cal-train corridor will notice a welcome improvement today... details straight ahead. time now 6:53. people living near the caltrain corridor will notice a welcome improvement today. details straight ahead.
6:54 am
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[fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. the only residents impacted by the water problem are in alameda point. the rest of the city residents in alameda are not affected.
6:57 am
east bay m.u.d. is offering bottled water until it gets the issue resolved. the water doesn't taste or smell right. after doing some tests, officials think an irrigation line with non-drinkable water somehow contaminated the water lines that go into the houses. >> east bay m.u.d. is flushing the system now and it's improving already. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. says this water system isn't one of theirs it's a legacy system left over from the naval base. they are just helping out the city of alameda. we are here at city hall west in alameda where residents can come by for the next couple of days to pick up cases of bottled water until the issues are resolved. time now 6:57. time for your final five. >> flushing from irma is threatening to overrun one of the main highways connecting florida to the u.s. more than a dozen people are dead from
6:58 am
hurricane irma. it caused widespread misery in georgia and south carolina. federal officials say the storm destroyed one quarr of all homes in the florida keys. millions have no electricity. today senator bernie sanders plans to propose government run healthcare for all. 12 democrats including kamala harris have co-sponsored the bill. seattle's mayor is stepping down today amid multiple accusations of sexual abuse. the misconduct allegedly happened in the '70s and '80s. mayor ed murray has denied all accusations. the oakland a's appear to have their eyes on a site for a new ballpark. the team will reportedly pursue a stadium deal at a location just south of laney college along 880. if everything goes as planned it could be ready for opening day 2023. caltrain should be a little quieter starting today. in an effort to reduce noise, engineers no longer need to continuously sound their horns when passing through certain stations. they only need to sound one short horn blast.
6:59 am
and expect delays if you are making your way across the golden gate bridge this morning. we are tracking a new accident in the northbound direction. it's just past that north tower. reported to be blocking at least one lane. traffic heading into the city moving at the limit. a little foggy out there. please be careful. also dealing with some wet roads. we are in the red along the eastshore freeway 37 minutes, another 27 minutes into san francisco. neda. you can expect to see a lot of driving problems this morning because of the weather. these lightning strikes are really lighting up on our hi- def doppler all morning long and this area of concord, walnut creek, antioch, brentwood, they just saw back to back strong cells. look at the lightning strikes there on your screen for west hartley, clayton, moving east to west. a lot of neighborhoods in the south as well are going to see a lot of rain. >> thank you for joining us this morning. our next local update is 7:26. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." florida is struggling with one of the largest power outages in u.s. history. more than 4 million people are still in the dark after hurricane irma. many will have to survive without electricity for at least another ten days. >> a quarter of the homes in the florida keys are destroyed. we're near the spot where irma made landfall. residents there face total devastation. plus what rescuers are doing to help americans in the northern caribbean where conditions are dire. president trump tries to get tax reform rolling with a white house dinner for a bipartisan group of senators. we'll talk with one of the three demos


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