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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but the goal is to prevent future accidents. >> the bright lights and impact and the psychological pay. the recurrent nightmares for mendoza. two-and-a-half months after this accident, carla relies on a walker. she will have her knee surgery in two months. for her five-year-old brother jonathan, doctors say he may never be able to walk again. >> the doctor will take care of me. >> are you feeling better? >> yes. >> police say a licensed driver hit jonathan and r nathan was pinned under the front tire. he is able to move his toes giving him hope he will gain
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mobility. >> i look up to him a lot. >> their cousin, jackie has a cold but she says she still has a hard time walking. neighbors say it is the 3rd time in three years that a car hit someone at this intersection. the city just repaved the restriped fruitville avenue. there will be a pedestrian crossing signal here like this one. it will alert drivers to stop for pedestrians. the hope is to have it in place in the next few months. >> i see the motorcycle officers going down the street and giving people tickets for speeding. >> i want to make sure it doesn't happen again because no one deserves this emotional and physical pain. >> carla has forgiven the driver so she can move on but the physical injuries, especially for jonathan will take years to heal. >> i'm just happy that me and my brother are alive.
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>> the police did not arrest the driver and that driver will not face any criminal charges. now, that is because police say he actually stayed at the scene and he cooperated with the police. they also say it is a tragic accident. the family found out that the driver was underinsured so they will not get much money out of him. that's why the family are thanking the strangers and friends that donated to their go-fund me page. horrifying. new developments on the free speech week event for berkeley. the university says there have been repeated deadlines missed. security costs for thursday's visit by conservative commentator ben shapiro came to $600,000 and that was for a single speech in a single venue. the berkeley patriot has a dozen events planned for for
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the four day event and the university says the group has yet to put in official requests and payments for police services. campus officials say that berkeley patriot has not submitted any proof that the high profile speakers are coming. the vice chancellor can't defend spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide security arrangements for events based on a press release and inconsistent schedules. they want to comply with the security requirements. if the group can't get its act together the chancellor says the university will ask them to reschedule. you may notice extra police on bart this weekend. transit police are stepping up patrols at many stations in the bay area. in the wake of yesterday's bucket bombing on the london underground. they are encouraging riders to
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speak up as they see something suspicious. i always and i have been saying it for years, see something, say something and i can guarantee something suspicious about carrying two buckets on to a subway probably didn't look right to somebody. >> muni says it is beefing up security and working with sfpd to to keep extra officers around. a suspect is dead. officers were trying to pull him over and gunfire erupted. it happened at 7:00 last night on northwhite road in east san jose. the man that died had a felony warrant out for robbery and not clear if this is a what led to the attempted traffic stop last night. the suspect was shot at least once. he died at the scene and so far his identity is not released. california is one step closer to becoming a sanctuary state. kpix jackie ward says a bill that would limit how local and
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state police can interact with icelanded on the governor's desk. >> late friday night after senate bill 54 was approved the state senate cleared it 27-17. the bill would make california a sanctuary state is in the hands of governor brown who in the press has expressed support. vice chair howard eppstein thinks governor brown should reject the bill. >> i am hoping he vetoes it and shows common sense. why do the people think they only have to cooperate with laws they approve. >> democrats wants to get the bill passed in january a week after president trump signed an executive order threatening to withdraw the federal grant from established sanctuary cities like san francisco. if passed the bill would prohibit law enforcement from asking about a person's immigration status or participating in immigration enforcement efforts. kevin deleon is the sponsor and says law enforcement will cooperate with immigration
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officials when it comes to violent felons. there have been in this country for many years. >> eppstein thinks this will be bad for the state's economy too. >> some people would move out. i think businesses would think twice about expanding here. >> yet supporters of the bill say the legislation is exactly what it will take for families living in california and fearing deportation to not be scared anymore. jackie ward, kpix 5. several daca recipients got legal help in san jose. catholic charities hosted this workshop. 800,000 so-called dreamers could be at risk for deportation if congress can't strike a deal within six months. >> i hope it is political and
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will blow over. it worries me because of daca. i have been able to continue my education to work and to be able to support my family and to have somewhat of a life and not be scared of just being who i am. >> earlier this week president trump says he would be willing to support legislation to protect dreamers but only if the package includes a master border upgrade. hundreds were on ocean beach as part of a state-wide clean-up. it is all geared towards helping wildlife survive. >> reporter: california coastal clean-up day is being called the largest statewide volunteer event. about 1,000 people came here to ocean beach and put on gloves and grabbed the buckets to help make a real difference. trash and debris came in by the bucket full at ocean beach. the largest bay area clean-up site on the 33rd annual clean-
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up day. >> we found the computer, like a broken computer, it was cool. >> it was crazy. a lot of beer cans and people not cleaning up after they eat which is pretty sad. >> volunteers of all ages spanned out across the shoreline. the golden gate national recreation area says the most common area picked up is a cigarette butt. last year people picked up 600,000 pounds of trash in the state. >> it is a huge thing. we are expecting 200 volunteers in the park in san francisco. when we add up their hours it is just tremendous. it is something we could not do alone. >> the california coastal commission says the hours of work put in today across the site in california will save animal lives. >> i believe that work for all of us is saying plastic and styrofoam by being ingested by
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animals and getting entangled with animals. >> corey martinez came to do his part. >> just to clean up, we live out here. we come out here to party sometimes and we to have to keep it clean and safe. who knows how much longer we will be here. >> in san francisco, betty hu, kpix 5. 42,000 people volunteered across california and organizers say at last check they picked up more than 300,000 pounds of trash and recyclables. still to come. another piece of the old bay bridge goes out with a bang. plus why it could soon cost you as much as 9 dollars to cross the new bridge. >> it is the grand opening for a bay area summit that is off limit for decades is open to go to public. sky 5 shows us the view from the top. >> that looks nice and so will
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tomorrow. the forecast is coming ahead after a break.
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scheduled implosions.. running through this fall. e >> another of the concrete piers went out with a bang. the second of six implosions. 11 of them will be demolished. caltrans will remove the remaining ones every weekend. you will have to cross the new bridge and that will cost as much as nine dollars. lawmakers raised tolls by as much as three dollars. that is putting crossing costs to 9 dollars on the bay bridge that has congestion pricing. state senator bell of san jose authored the bill. he says added revenue would fund nearly four-and-a-half billion dollars of transportation projects aimed
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at reducing congestion. good luck. if the governor signs off, voters would still have to give their approval on the june ballot next year. the only bridge exempt, the golden gate bridge, and that one is run by its own transit district. it is a few that people around the bay have been waiting to enjoy for decades. mount emma is about to open to the public. devin fehely gives us a sneak preview with sky drone 5. the cue, the concrete tower, the last remaining remnant of the cold war radar station has called to the curious for decades. mount emma has been close but off limits to the public until now. >> there is a whole new set of trails and weather shelters and interpretative displays for people to see the cultural military native american
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national history of the area. >> the mid peninsula regional space district held a ceremonial cutting for the property they bought back in 1986 that will open to the public monday. >> the view up here is absolutely phenomenal. >> reporter: retired lieutenant colonel chuck skinner was the last commander there and returned to the summit for the first time in nearly four decades. >> i appreciate the fact that restoration has taken place and the fact that military and its contribution is recognized. >> the open space district is partnering with the native american tribes that once called it home designing a sacred circle at the summit. >> we requested that there will be a circle there, a place for the ceremony and a place where we could pray to the directors to keep this in our life and world. >> mount emma where
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breathtaking views meet. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. home of the national service radar site in the santa cruz mountain. what would we do without it? >> as we have a look we have clouds in the lens from time to time and the numbers around the bay area, the sun sinks slowly in the west and continues warm and different perspective of the bay bridge. concord 81 and oakland 76 and livermore at 77. warm in the east bay. mile at the shoreline. 64 in san francisco. 71 for santa rosa. tomorrow? looking good. temperatures will be in the low 80s inland. bay 72 and the coast will be in the mid-60s. for highs tomorrow, sunny and mild weekend continues for sunday and low cloud department will be blossoming overnight and dissipating. as the sun comes up, we will
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have a mostly sunny sunday. tomorrow looks good and the trough is on the way for next week will make things breezy and cooler. we won't get any rain but we will get breezier conditions and lower temperatures monday. in the meantime clouds will continue at the coast and it will be mostly sunny and nearly seasonal highs on sunday and the mild and somewhat breezy early part of the week is coming up. the arts and wine festival. 80 and mild and at the grand prix of sonoma. 81 degrees. the jets tomorrow. mainly sunny and 81 degrees. over on the san francisco side of the bay, the giants and arizona diamondbacks. travel forecast out of the bay
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area, doesn't look bay, up to ukayi has come down out of the stratosphere. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, weather won't slow you down and new york, very nice, 78 degrees and thunderstorms in chicago. overnight lows. temperatures in the low 60s and it will make for a mile saturday night. 80 in santa rosa and concord 82 and 82 for livermore and san jose at 93 degrees. inlands and away from the water, it will be warm but not hot and closer to the water not bad. 68 in san francisco tomorrow. so tomorrow, everything looks nice and a little bit of a cooling trend. breezy on monday. low 70s around the bay and the mid-60s around the shoreline so all in all it is looking like a splendid week ahead. juliette. dozens of pets rescued. get a golden reception from the
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warriors. when you can adopt one. what could ignite a picture like this? happy sweating men in the ends zone. those pictures coming up next.
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quarterback tom brady is getting ready to launch his new book. the san mateo native is chasing his 6th super bowl ring this season in an exclusive interview with cbs this morning nora o'donnell he opened about his health and playing football at 40. is this your last year? >> no. i am faster and quicker now than when i first started playing football. >> faster at age 40 and 18? >> yes. >> you can catch more of nora o'donnell's interview with tom brady tomorrow on cbs sunday
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morning. brady's new book, how to sustain peak performance and published by simon and schuster and it will be released on tuesday. >> we were just talking about this. six quarterbacks taken ahead of tom brady in the nfl draft and where are they now? they are watching tom brady. >> pro football the king. we have cal, stanford moving pictures on the late show but up top the 49ers, a two- touchdown underdog. bad enough the defense will chase down quarterback russell wilson and he could be in a downpour. seattle coach pete carroll says the best secret weapon may be 9ers general manager john lynch
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hosted 14 seahawks games. >> i like john a lot and he asks a lot of questions, more than most guys and we went in to depth and he knows how we think but i never thought john would be opposing us. i am fired up for him and he will do a good job. >> and home home opener with the jets. jojo was a soccer player before asking football head coach kevin macy for a chance to keep american football. >> such our funniest moments were him kicking as a junior. he didn't understand the game
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or the mechanics. i remember his first kick was a p-a-t and the kids were saying you have to kick it over the bar. memphis locked down into ucla in white, 4th quarter, josh rosein having to work for it to roberts. ucla in front, 45-41 but memphis won the shoot out. riley ferguson to six touchdown passes and this one to phil mayu. it got bumped off, 48-45. 1200 yards of total offense combined. the thrillers of thrillers. florida, last play of the game with tennessee. >> he is going to go deep and he is deep and i mean
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touchdown. florida. >> philippe frank, 63-yard hail mary gave the gators a 26-20 win over the rival volunteers. one minute and 15.52 seconds. that's how fast joseph new garden got around the raceway track. that's a record. it earned him his first poll position for sunday's indy race league finale. warriors clay thompson. race scheduled for 3:30 in the afternoon. another guy eligible to win the whole championship. alexander rossi. what a story. now, think about your profession. let it marinate and now imagine the greatest thing that could possibly happen, happened on your first day on the job. take you to sonoma. this is alexander rossi.
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his office this week, sonoma raceway. >> alexander rossi. he has done. >> it auburn born, nevada city resident, shocked the racing world when he won the 2016 indianapolis 500. first event of his indy race league career. 9 years removed from forest lake christian school in auburn. >> the experience of being at the indianapolis five hundred on memorial day is great and having 300,000 people around you was amazing experience. forget the end result. just being able to page part was very special. sonoma raceway is a homecoming, not just because of northern california, this is where his passion for racing began. >> how old were when you you first started to come out here? >> i was -- that's a great question. probably 11.
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>> 11? >> 11 or 12, yes. i remember the grandstand. i used to -- there was crawl spaces underneath the bleachers and we were set out that area and hang out and hang out. >> he wanted to prove the point that i belong at the front of the field. the 2016 rookie of the year is having a strong second season. he won his second career race in watkins glen new york. for 2017, rossi has ten top ten finishes. he is 6th in points standing and headed to this weekend's season ending finale. another chance at the top ten as he will start at the top role tomorrow. his birthday is next weekend. all right. >> what a present that would be. >> he is doing all right. >> terrific career. >> first day on the job. here is a check for two million dollars for winning the indy 500. >> he seems very calm.
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>> doing demonstrations in virginia and washington as counter protestors and protestors face off. there's stepped up security around the celebrities tomorrow.
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dueling demonstrations near the rotestors and >> you're watching wcnc charlotte news. our top story at 6:30. dueling demonstration. protestors and counter protestors face off over confederate monuments. one of the biggest rallies was in richmond, virginia. officials are questioning whether to keep the confederate
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monument because of the deadly rally in charlottesville. >> counter protestors outnumbered the new states of america at a hate rally and demanding virginia state officials to keep a statute honoring general robert lee. >> once a veteran, always a veteran. >> we are all undergod and we need to defend all american history. >> others say it is a painful reminder of the past and time for it to come down. >> it is history. but it is all history. >> that history keeps reminding everybody of how they wanted to keep us as slaves. >> virginia is an open carry state and some protestors came armed and the demonstration was mainly peaceful. heavily armed police used barricades to keep the crowds from getting too close to the statutes. >> there were also dual demonstrations in washington d.c. members of the rally took
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over the mall. at the other end. several other pro trump supporters gathered for the mother of all rallies. >> this is to support america and support our leader. you need to have faith in your leadership. >> a large police presence and no reports of violence. nicky batise for cbs news new york. one woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she threatened a by stander. >> a police officer that shot a black driver to death was found not guilty of murder. it sparked angry demonstrations that continued to the night. some rioters broke windows at the mayor's home and others threw bricks at police. ten officers were were injured. state television has images
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of the latest ballistic tests flying over japan on friday. it flew far enough to hit guam. >> state officers aired these images of kim jong-un enjoying the event. >> we will defend our people and nations and our civilization from all that dare to threaten our way of life. this includes the regime of north korea. >> days before his speech to the u.n. president trump talked about the air force sending a signal to north korea. >> our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. >> the latest missile launch occurred three days after the security council enacted new
6:33 pm
sanctions. >> it is one of the most dangerous security problems. >> national security adviser hr mcmaster said friday the time to address the global threat is running out. >> we have been kicking the can down the road. >> the president's speech tuesday at the u.n. will feature similar warnings against the regime as well as assurances to american allies. >> i personally thinks he hugs the right people and comes with the u.s. being strong in the end. >> previewing next week's speech u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says the u.s. will promote peace and prosperity during the meeting of 120 nations. >> the utter weakness and incompetence of the united nations. >> it is a landmark moment for a commander in chief that railed against the global body during the campaign. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy, it is not a friend to freedom. it is not a friend even to the
6:34 pm
united states of america. >> but the president's america first agenda is unlikely to be met with cheers of the general assembly. on friday, haley said the world would have to wait and see whether president trump would commit the u.s. to funding the u.n. at current levels. >> the president has believed there is great potential. >> another topic is the u.s. commitment to the iran nuclear deal. already he has called it the worse deal ever and there's international concern. he may find iran in violation of the deal. the first hint could come in tuesday's speech. british police raided the home near london and cleared out neighbors buildings searching for clues to a bombing on a subway injuring 29 people. a forensic team searched a
6:35 pm
house and a street was cordenned off with tape. officers arrested an 18- year-old man in the city of dover and brought him to london for questioning. the question's home security called that arrest very significant. the terror threat level in britain is at critical meaning that another attack may be imminent. armed officers patrolled around parliament and the prime minister's residence in central london. soldiers and police deployed to other strategic sites. law enforcement in los angeles on high alert ahead of the emmy awards. there's extra enforcements rolling out with the red carpet. >> as thousands of travelers pass through la's station officers and sheriff deputies are onguard watching for potential threats. >> it is scary that anything could happen at any time. >> the lapd says the counterterrorism and special operations bureau has been in
6:36 pm
contact with u. k. and u.s. agencies and determined no evidence of a threat. nonetheless they are increasing security at the rail and bus lines and the popular tourist venues. commuters notice the extra officers. >> as i went from car to car there were several policemen alert. >> it is nice to see extra security around. it makes me feel safer. >> but most people say threats won't keep them home. >> i know it is a reality but they won't stop me from living my life. >> the emmies air on cbs and hollywood says expect surprises. danielle nottingham is in los angeles with a behind the scenes preview of television's biggest night. >> steven colbert could make history as the first performer
6:37 pm
to win multiple awards while hosting the ceremony. >> what can we expect this year? >> i hope a lot of jokes. a nice music number. >> the late show star is up for six emmies and 2016 election special and talking about humor on stage. >> we have to talk about donald trump because this night is celebrating television and everybody knows the biggest television star is donald trump, why he is not nominated i do not know. >> cbs late show with james corden and the amazing race received nods. this is us and stranger things and the crowd are crown and west world for repeat nominees, house of cards and better call saul for house of drama. >> we are used to having an incumbent but not this year.
6:38 pm
if you have a crystal ball i will tell you who will win. >> and a new face could knock a veteran off of the throne. >> in these political times, you have great shows like atlanta that had a fantastic first season from donald glover ... >> it could be a big night for streaming services. netflix has the second most nominations of the night behind hbo, danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. you can check the primetime emmies tomorrow at five on kpix 5 followed by encore presentation at 8:00 p.m. and stay tuned for a special edition of kpix news. do you believing the shrinking of seat is making the flying public less safe. >> definitely. >> and those shrinking airline seats are not just for
6:39 pm
travelers, how they can be hazardous in an emergency. kpix news.
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scientists say that southern california is not overdue then certainly due for a major earthquake and a high school in los angeles is doing
6:41 pm
its best to be ready. reporter amy johnson shows us a warning system that is the first of its kind. >> students in mr. de leon's class knows what that alarm means. >> earthquake. strong shaking expected. >> it is an early earthquake warning system. eagle rock high school is notified through the usgs shake alert system. >> start covering holes and be alert. >> the class sees what can be done in less than 8 seconds to prepare for an earthquake. >> 8 seconds can mean life or death. >> an early warning system in mexico gave some people up to a minute to prepare for the 8.1 magnitude quake last week. >> it was a reality check and kind of scary thinking that we will have to be doing that
6:42 pm
eventually if we have an earthquake. >> eagle rock is the first one to get the pilot program two years ago. >> there's the best technology, i would like to be at the forefront. >> they started this season in ten science classes. >> i was working with acid and it gives students time to turn off the fire and put acid down the sink, it is important. >> the principal is connected to the system and can make an announcement over the loud speaker. >> it is not just about the warning, they have used it as a way of teaching their students. >> we are giving them the science behind it and it starts from the epicentre. it doesn't detect us. it tells us that an earthquake has happened already and how many seconds we feel the shaking. >> that was amy johnson reporting. not clear whether the usgs will get the necessary funding to
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install the statewide warning system for california and washington. lie tell you this. the san andre us fault went to washington d.c. they would have it by sunset. scientists need $16 million a year to complete and maintain a warning system. startling new study on air pollution finds it can cut months or years off of your life. los angeles tops the list when it comes to the worse air in america. a recent study by the world health organization finds gritty air is shortening the life span of the average person here by 8 months. we are ranked 18th on the unhealthy air list. those things get into the airway and can cause irritation and inflammation which can exacerbate and other lung issues. >> some places overseas have it worse. air pollution can shorten people's live by 3 years in
6:44 pm
china and four in india. >> that's not the only health hazard. chris van cleve reports the air shrinking seats can put people at serious risk. >> when this american airlines had a fire during take off it took more than 2 minutes to get everyone off. according to faa requirements airline manufacturers have to show they can evacuate an airliner with half of the exits blocked. this delta block veered off the runway in 2004 and it damaged the system and the evacuation took 17 minutes. and now there is a new concern as airlines shrink seats to fit more people onboard. advocates worry that evacuations would take longer. the space has shrunk from 35- inches to 31 and in some cases
6:45 pm
down to 28. even as passengers themselves are getting bigger. >> do you believe that the shrinking of seats is making the flying public less safe? >> oh, definitely. >> paul hudson has an advocacy group that sued to update the safety standards. >> the biggest concern you can't get out in time before you are overcome by smoke or fire. you won't be able to engage in a brace position that means your head will hit the seat in front of you. >> this summer an appellate court sided with him and ordered the faa to look at the issue. the faa says it is reviewing the decision, airlines and airplane manufacturers say they meet or exceed all federal safety standards and evacuation tests are done but it is virtually impossible to simulate a real world crash
6:46 pm
environment. chris van cleve, reagan airport. these puppies need your help. we have a nice weekend but there are changes. we will do them for you on the weather coming up after the
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southeastern states are just beginning to rebuild their lives. the storm is now blames for at lea a week after hurricane irma barreled through many people in florida and southeast states are just beginning to rebuild their lives. the storm is blamed for at least 70 deaths, nearly half of them in the u.s. thousands of people across the state of florida are still without power and damage estimates are in the billions. meanwhile the golden gate warriors and miami heat are working as a team to help pettings displaced by the hurricane. we learn that they are on a cross country mission to find the new homes in the bay area. >> excited puppies drown out the roar of jet engines at oakland international airport. fedex donated a flight and loaded 160 animals from the florida keys and miami on board after a sendoff by the miami heat. >> and you know what, they were all good and they have their
6:50 pm
own first class cabin and they were great and we checked on them and they were good animals. >> their shelter dogs and cats from hurricane irma. zsa zsa and larry o'brian and others gave them a welcome. >> jordan bell is looking for a championship win but a furry friend. >> hopefully i get a cuddle cushion before i take it home. >> 60 dogs and cats will end up with the humane society to be adopted out. >> here is when you can adopt them. >> it depends on each animal. >> on the roughest assignment
6:51 pm
of my life. andrea borbet. kpix. hurricane irma rescue pets will be available at the fairgrounds. these pets are helping with the search and rescue campaign. another team from alameda county is due in around 10 tonight. the fog and low clouds are due in. that's the best i can do for a transition. for the east bay shoreline they are filtering in over the city as we look from sutra cam, you can see the tangles of fog beginning to float in around sunset. the highs today, concord at 84 and morgan hill up to 81 and 86 at livermore and san jose at 80
6:52 pm
and santa rosa 79 and san francisco 78 and concord has 81 and oakland 66. right now it is 63 in san francisco and san jose very nice mild saturday night. it is 75 degrees. tomorrow around the coast, we will be in the mid-60s and low 80s and the bay will be in between. as we look. it will be a nice weekend high pressure over the west coast. low clouds will cover the peninsula and dissipate not long before sunrise and sunday will live up to its name. look at the nice sunny day and temperatures about the same as today. this weekend high pressure in command such as it is and low pressure trough that will spread rain over seats tomorrow afternoon and will dive south and give us nothing in terms of rain but the breeze will pick up by the time the cold front gets here it will dry up and kick up the winds.
6:53 pm
clouds in the morning, mostly breezy this week. the wine festival will be nice tomorrow. 80 degrees and mild. the ground is pretty in sonoma. oakland raiders taking on the jets. 78 degrees. the diamondbacks take on the giants at the old ball yard tomorrow. 68 degrees. heading out of the bay, 80s in the central valley and heading out of california. sfo looks good and going to new york, not bad but chicago has thunderstorms. for tonight the numbers will be in the low 60s, sun up at 6 minutes before six and here are the highs tomorrow. 90 in san jose and 68 in san francisco and 72 in oakland. extended forecast status status quo.
6:54 pm
weather is looking good. this northern california student spent much of his childhood sick and suffering and his journey from the
6:55 pm
hospital to homecoming king.
6:56 pm
medical it's closed-captioning sponsored by living spaces for this newscast. the high school senior in sacramento has battled a host of medical issues and the student body had a plan to honor him. >> and we show you he got the surprise of his life. >> in the midst of the chaos of adolescents. most find the toughest commodity is acceptance. but for 17-year-old eddy towel
6:57 pm
kindness has come to rule. >> just want to make this night special for him. >> the high school senior suffered from a disease that impairs his windpipe and learning disabilities. never the most popular or the smartest kid on campus but he owns the market when it comes to strength of spirit. >> he is such leader. he is nice and opens the door for people. he has a good spirit. he is a good spirited kid. >> but now with help from his peers. a break from the medical equipment. >> for a surprise crowning as the school's homecoming king, a symbol of pride and validation under the flood lights of a football field and a student body teaching us all an important life lesson. >> if you look at the story that this young man has, it
6:58 pm
just -- i don't want to cry but that's why we are teachers every day. >> in elk grove, adrian moore. kpix 5. i love those stories, right around homecoming time with all of the other seniors watching. keep that in mind. when we nominate people. thanks for watching, we will see you back here at 11:00. the latest news is on we will see you at 11:00 tonight and at 10:00 on channel 44.
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