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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 3, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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culture, and we'll be back in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the search for a motive. >> we anticipate substantial amounts of information to come in, in the next 48 hours. e> mason: the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman is called a person of interest. >> we are in conversation. >> mason: and a memorial grows me the numbers become names. also tonight, the president visits hurricane victims in puerto rico. at i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack, because we spent a lot of money on puerto rico. we've saved a lot of lives. >> mason: and... ♪ well, i won't back down >> mason: ...remembering a rock star. >> i feel pretty blessed because i've always had a job that i loved going to. ♪ no, i won't back down
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this is the "cbs evening news," reporting tonight from las vegas. here is anthony mason. >> mason: good evening. a memorial here is growing larger by the hour as mourners anave flowers and words of condolence for victims of the massacre. that outpouring of love and sympathy is in sharp contrast with another image that emerged today-- the gunman lying dead in his 32nd-floor sniper's nest amid the arsenal he used to kill at least 59 people. more than 500 others were injured. the sheriff revealed today the attack lasted nine minutes, and about the search for a motive, he said investigators are in conversation with the killer's girlfriend, who is in the philippines. he called her "a person of he called her "a pd he expects inbstantial information in the next 48 hours. we have extensive coverage tonight, beginning with john blackstone.
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>> reporter: pictures of the pandemonium continued to show up on social media. the happy venue quickly turned into a bloody killing field as some fans dropped to the ground with nowhere safe to go. others literally ran for their lives. ( gunfire ) dis cab driver was trying to drive away from the scene when she picked up some rattled passengers. >> there's a shooting. there were dead bodies everywhere! a> reporter: in response to a question from cbs' norah o'donnell, clark county sheriff joseph lombardo said 64-year-old stephen paddock had set up cameras, including one on a service cart outside the room. >> reporter: and he had set up how many cameras? >> i don't know what the specific number is. >> reporter: and for what purpose, do you think? >> well, i-- i anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody. r: reporter: around 10:08, the shooter was in a hotel room wito a sweeping view of the las vegas strip, but he was really here
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for the direct line of sight into the music festival 400 yards away. fi 10:13, more than five minutes after paddock fired his first anots, police realized he was inside the mandalay bay hotel and casino. a floor-by-floor search ended around 10:24 on the 32nd floor, outside room 135. the spacious, vista suite paddock shot into the hallway through a closed door, wounding a hotel security guard. during the next hour, the floor was secured and swat officers arrived. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: at 11:20, police broke down the door. e we have one suspect down at 135 mandalay bay. >> reporter: police said inside paddock's suite they found 23 guns and rifles, including this one. th all, the rapid-fire shooting lasted nine minutes. >> i realize that he was a-- i seriously thought he was next door. >> reporter: chris bethel was staying two floors down and could hear what was going on. >> the walls and the windows yore vibrating.
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you could feel the-- kind of the compression, the sound. >> reporter: when the shooting finally stopped, those who came for a night of fun were left clinging to each other, and to life. >> i haven't had any sleep. i close my eyes, i relive the moment. >> reporter: the sheriff confirmed that at least one of paddock's weapons appears to have been converted to allow rapid fire, and, he said, three of the victims remain unidentified, anthony. >> mason: john blackstone. thank you, john. now to washington, where justice hed homeland security correspondent jeff pegues has the latest on the investigation of the gunman. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that stephen paddock recently purchased some of the 49 rifles, guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition found in his hotel room and two residences. but investigators still have not determined why he chose to target the country music festival. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: they are also looking into whether paddock initially had a different target. a source briefed on the police
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investigation said he tried to get a hotel room near a music festival featuring chance the e pper and lourde a week earlier, but the specific suites he'd requested weren't available. >> something happened that drove tom into the pit of hell. >> reporter: today in florida, paddock's brother, eric, was still trying to make sense of >>at happened. >> steve is a-- was-- was a highly intelligent, highly successful person. he could have done anything he wanted to do, and he did. he made himself wealthy. he made us wealthy. >> reporter: a former kecountant, paddock once worked for the postal service and as an i.r.s. agent. in recent years he spent his time gambling. leading up to the shooting, paddock transferred tens of laousands of dollars, some of it overseas to the philippines, where his girlfriend is believed to be now. edrilou danley is considered a person of interest in the investigation, and it's unclear when she plans to return to the united states. eric paddock described his
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brother as quirky and narcissistic. >> my heart is torn, is destroyed for all these people. i-- but i can't tell you why steve did what he did. it doesn't-- it's so far over the side of the cliff from the steve that i knew. >> reporter: the las vegas sheriff says the weapons recovered are being sent to f.b.i. labs. agents have been working to document the still-active crime scenes inside the mandalay bay hotel, and at the concert venue. anthony. >> mason: jeff pegues with the investigation. thanks, jeff. among the wounded is nick campbell, a 16-year-old basketball player who was protecting his girlfriend when he was shot through his shoulder and chest. i spoke with him today in his hospital room. nick, what do you remember happening? >> people started getting hit, and some of them actually went down, and every time it stopped
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thr the guy to reload, people started moving behind walls and stuff and i got hit in the second round so i couldn't go anywhere. and this dude eric helped us out, and helped my girlfriend get over the wall, and once she's over, i had to duck down because more bullets come behind the dead person, until it stopped. >> reporter: eventually a stoppe stranger helped stopped the bleeding. >> he picks me up and puts my on his shoulder. >> mason: and put you in an uber. >> yeah, and in the uber, there was a guy that got shot in the leg, he was an army veteran, me, and his wife, wendy, who talked to me the whole time to make sure i stayed conscious, because if i passed out-- >> mason: make sure you didn't pass out. they came here to university medical center with the only level-one trauma center in the state. heat are you thinking in the middle of all that? >> like, it didn't feel like-- when i got shot, because the nerenaline rush it didn't hurt that bad. it was more like, i have to get the hell out of here. i have to get everyone-- make sure my girlfriend is okay.
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because when i lost her, i got scared. i was like, "where is she at?" en mason: there's a picture over here of you with a trophy, your basketball team. u u're a basketball player. >> yeah. >> mason: how are you feeling? >> mentally, i try not to think about it, like, watch tv. physically, i'm-- i'll get better. >> mason: you will. >> yes. >> she's not responsive. >> reporter: at nearby sunrise hospital, we met mary moreland, who flew in from maryland, and pearl grummet, from california. >> both our daughters got facial injuries from bullets. so we just hugged and cried and ug're b.f.f.s now. ar reporter: moreland's daughter rt 27-year-old tina frost. she was at the concert with her boyfriend. how is your daughter doing? >> the bullet went in through this.ight eye and up towards this. she lost her right eye. um... she lost the-- her whole she got a cat scan
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but she got a cat scan this whrning, and there was no brain swelling, which is very good. >> mason: grummet's daughter-in- law, 37-year-old natalie grummet, is no stranger to iprdship. >> she's tough. she's one of the toughest people i know. >> mason: she survived breast cancer. >> yes, she's a ten-year breast cancer survivor. >> mason: what about you? >> i'm okay. it's-- i'm-- i'm okay. i've got my faith, and my family. we're all here to support natalie. and, we'll get through it. >> mason: how are you two helping each other right now? >> just trying to keep each other amused a little bit, because laughter is good healing, too. >> mason: our thoughts and prayers with all those families, and our thanks that they spoke with us today. police have identified all but three of the 59 who were killed here sunday night. among the lives lost, christopher roybal, of corona, california, was at the concert to celebrate his 29th birthday. roybal had been shot at before
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as a navy master of arms in afghanistan. 35-year-old adrian murfitt of anchorage, alaska, was a giant teddy bear according to his friend bryan mckinon, who was at furfitt's side when he was gunned down. jack beaton from california was celebrating his 23rd wedding shniversary. he died shielding his wife. jenny parks was a kindergarten teacher and mother of two. her husband, bobby, was also shot, but survived. d with herditus posed with her husband, tony, at the concert before the shooting started. she died in his arms. 23-year-old jordan mcildoon was from british columbia, canada. fr the confusion, he had become separated from his girlfriend. but thanks to a good samaritan, arityoung man did not die alone. adriana diaz has more on that. >> there were screams and there were shouts.
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>> reporter: bartender heather gooze was working inside a tent when she heard the shots. >> like, thousands of people came running through the front of our bar and immediately they were screaming and shouting, !shooter, shooter! gun, gun!" >> reporter: what did it look like in the tent? >> it looked like a war zone. >> reporter: she helped 23-year- old canadian jordan mcildoon, who was shot in the stomach. >> his fingers were kind of wrapped on my hand. his hand, like, kind of squeezed a little bit, and then just... like, went loose. en reporter: mcildoon had been w the concert with his girlfriend, amber. gooze spoke with her by phone. >> she said, "is he okay?" and i said, "no." and she said, "be honest with me. like, what's going on?" you know, and i said, "he didn't make it." >> reporter: she stayed with his body for more than four hours, but says she's not a hero. >> the heroes, to me, were the ones running in to go get the people out.
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i did what i would hope that an anybody would have done for me, woat they would have made sure that i wasn't alone. te reporter: in a statement, mcildoon's parents said their only son loved mountain biking, country music, and was rarely seen without his cowboy boots. he would have turned 24 this friday. anthony. >> mason: adriana diaz. thank you, adriana. by one estimate, paddock fired off as many as nine rounds per second. carter evans looks at how he might have turned a rifle into a rapid-fire weapon. he shows us how it works. >> reporter: this is not an automatic weapon. >> whoooo-hooo! >> reporter: but it's been modified to shoot like one, and it's completely legal. it's done with a simple plastic e vice known as a bump stock, that converts a semi-automatic rifle to perform like a fully automatic one.
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a semiautomatic rifle requires the shooter to squeeze the trigger each time to fire a bullet. law enforcement officials say the las vegas gunman used a bump stock to convert at least one of his guns. photos from inside his room show two ar-15 rifles on the floor. experts believe this one has the device installed. >> it's not an automatic gun. the gun itself has to recock every time, and the trigger has to be pulled every time. >> reporter: but gun range owner e ankie mccrae demonstrates how a bump stock allows continuous firing, as the gun slides back and forth on the stock. >> so basically, when you place your trigger finger on the trigger here in this little groove, you're basically pressing against this and holding there, and the trigger itself is trapped down inside. >> reporter: the bump stock allows a shooter to fire hundreds of rounds per minute, says robert ferago, publisher of >> it is not a practical device att it is one that allows people to experience the simulation of
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fully automatic fire. >> reporter: the devices are made by several manufacturers. in nevada, there is no permit, t,ckground check or a waiting triod to buy one. we picked one up at this gun icked one up at thless than $200. ss the people who buy this buy it as a kind of toy. it's not a practical device. >> reporter: now, it's illegal for civilians to purchase fully automatic weapons made after on86, the year they were banned. these are widely available online, and lawmakers have nttempted to crack down, but a bill to ban bump stocks back in 2013 did not pass. anthony. >> mason: carter evans. thank you, carter. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," the president : sits puerto rico. and later, a look back at the career of rock idol tom petty. .. in jellyfish.
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>> mason: president trump will be here in las vegas tomorrow to meet with first responders and families of the massacre victims. he y, he was in puerto rico with victims of the hurricane. david begnaud is there. >> flash lights! you don't need them anymore! you don't need them anymore! >> reporter: president trump seemed unaware that 94% of the island is still without power. he handed out supplies like prizes, lobbing paper towels into the crowd. >> how did your house do? >> reporter: flanked by the first lady, mr. trump toured guaynabo, one of the suburbs. the trump administration has he suburbs.ized for a slow response following hurricane maria, but today, the president awarded himself an a-plus, and congratulated local officials on the relatively low death toll-- 16-- compared to what he called a real catastrophe like katrina. mr. trump also reminded the island of its debts.
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>> now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico. and that's fine. >> reporter: one place the president did not see is the doral town of utuado, a two-hour drive from san juan, and a world away from relief. here, more than two weeks after the storm, there is no running kiter, and people are drinking and bathing with water from a stream. in the capital of san juan, some mrre unhappy with mr. trump's visit. >> it's just like he is showing off. it's a show. >> i don't see that what he said was appropriate to what we are suffering now as a country. >> reporter: one of the president's fiercest critics has been the mayor of san juan, who said in the past, "you're killing us with the inefficiency."
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>> mason: david begnaud in san juan. anank you, david. and when we come back, tom petty, a rocker who never backed down. ♪ and i won't back down you can't always predict them, but you can game plan for them. for 150 years, generations of families have chosen pacific life for retirement and life insurance solutions to help them reach their goals. being ready for wherever life leads. that's the power of pacific. ask a financial advisor about pacific life. and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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>> mason: tom petty once told an interviewer, "music is the only true magic i've found in this world." he worked his magic for generations of rock fans. petty died yesterday after being found in cardiac arrest at his california home. he was 66. ♪ well, she was an american girl raised on promises ♪ >> mason: tom petty made his recording debut with the heartbreakers in 1976 and went on to sell 80 million albums. ♪ don't do me like that don't do me like that ♪ >> mason: in 1999, petty told charlie rose on his pbs show that rock 'n' roll music was his life.
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>> reporter: how long do you want to do this? >> oh, >> oh, as long as they'll put up with me. >> mason: so this is your office? ou coul, yeah, i guess you could call it that. >> mason: we visited petty in 2009 for "cbs sunday morning" at a warehouse where the band often practiced. we counted before, 144 guitars? >> and you only need one. >> mason: what happened? >> it got a little out of hand. ♪ well i won't back down >> mason: petty had a defiant streak. he once fought his record company when it tried to raise the price of an album $1, to $9.98. he won. there is this theme running through a lot of what you've ndne and through your music, the bole "i won't back down" theme. >> yeah. i just like things to be right. ♪ everybody's got somebody to lean on ♪ >> mason: in the 1980s, he joined other hall of famers-- george harrison, bob dylan, roy
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orbison, and jeff lynn-- to form the traveling wilburys. ♪ i'm just glad to be here happy to be alive ♪ >> mason: dylan called petty's death "shocking, crushing news." pe petty once said inspiration is everywhere. his lyrics represent his life's experience. >> i knew very early on that i wanted to do this, when i was really young. so i feel pretty blessed because i've always had a job that i loved going to. logonna leave this world for a while ♪ ♪ and i'm free free falling ♪ patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> mason: we hear it over and oer again from the families of victims, that the response to the tragedy here in las vegas has been overwhelming. s ople wanting to help the victims in any way they could answered a call for blood donations in enormous numbers. they waited in line patiently for hours. one donor said she got in line in the morning yesterday, stayed until 7:00 at night, and then had to come back this morning. today, people were being told there is enough blood now for the injured, thank you, though donations are always appreciated. amid all the death, the good people of las vegas offering the gift of life. it has been an exceptional response by the people of this city. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm anthony mason in las vegas. thanks for watching. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the mass shooting shines a spotlight on las vegas as the wild west for powerful kpix 5 news begins with a first look at a killer arsenal. the mass shooting shines a spotlight on las vegas as the wild west for powerful weapons. a culture that caters to gun lovers. we are getting our first look at the hotel suite where the gunman carried out a 9:00 rampage. images show a glimpse into stephen paddock's room from outside and the door has been bustth -- busted down and there was a food service cart and authorities say there was a camera hidden on that cart to keep an eye out for anyone heading his way. you can see a gun on the floor with a crime scene tag next to it. investigators found 23 weapons inside that room, at least one of the rifles was outfitted with what's called a bunt stock to make it mimic an automatic
6:00 pm
rifle. a device that enabled paddock to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. police say he shot at officers as they breached the door, but by the time they made it into the suite, paddock had taken his own life. >> as officials search for a motive and investigate the crime scene, they believe it was premeditated and paddock may have planned an earlier attack on the "life is beautiful" fast val two weeks ago -- festival two weeks ago. he sent 100,000 to -- $100,000 to a bank in the philippines. authorities have questions for her when she's back. coverage from las vegas,julia? >> this massacre was brought up the issue of gun control and here in las vegas there are ranges throughout the wrair where tourists -- where tourists can shoot assault rifles. you can look at a guide of what to do in las vegas and you can


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