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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 6, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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we're now monitoring thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> al and veronica will be back in 30 minutes. >> mason: the mystery deepens. >> i don't know what he was going to do with all of that tannerite. >> mason: paddock's car was packed with explosives that may have been primed to blow up. also tonight... >> i thought guns are bad, people with guns were bad. >> i just didn't want them in the house. >> mason: but now, what changed their minds? nate takes aim at the gulf coast. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> mason: what storm is he talking about? >> you'll find out. >> mason: and steve hartman on a recurring nightmare. >> reporter: i keep hoping that someone in this endless procession of funerals will make us say, "that one, that one there is the last straw."
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> mason: and this is our western edition. good evening. i'm anthony mason. we're coming to the end of a week that saw the deadliest attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, and we seem to be no closer to an explanation for it. the police said today they've the las vegas police said today they've chased down more than 1,000 leads, and none led to a motive. the f.b.i. said it will put up billboards asking the public for help. there were more vigils for the 58 killed. nearly 500 were injured. scores are still in hospitals. jeff pegues has the latest on the investigation. >> we are looking at every aspect, from birth to death, of this suspect in this case. >> reporter: las vegas metropolice department lndersheriff kevin mcmahill expressed frustration that five days later, it's still not clear what prompted the massacre. >> in the past, terror attacks or mass murder incidents, motive was made very clear, very clear in most of those cases by a note
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that was left, by a social media post, by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today, in our investigation, we don't have any of that uncovered. i wish we did. ti reporter: investigators have run down more than 1,000 leads, and the f.b.i. is putting up billboards in the las vegas area asking for more information. one thing that is emerging: the attack could have been worse. law enforcement sources say stephen paddock's car, which was found by a canine unit inside the mandalay bay hotel parking garage, was loaded with at least suitcase and the explosive tannerite in a duffle bag. investigators are examining whether the car was part of paddock's escape plan. paddock's cache of weapons included variants of ak-47s and ar-15s. sources say the entire cost of his arsenal was more than $50,000.
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>> there's got to be some reason, with regards to this plot happening or this attack happening when it did. >> reporter: erroll southers is a former f.b.i. agent who studies home-grown violent extremism at u.s.c. >> these kinds of individuals ann't do things randomly, and so, this is a deliberate attack, a deliberate target, an intended outcome, and we need to find out s y las vegas, why this past weekend, and why that particular concert. >> reporter: one official said today that this is one of the most sinister things he had ever seen. investigators said they won't stop until they find the truth. anthony. >> mason: jeff pegues. thanks, jeff. the massacre is not being called "terrorism," and some say it's time to change the law. jim axelrod has more on that. >> reporter: this week, we've seen a nation can be terrified without the cause necessarily labeled "terrorism." >> it is time, for a variety of reasons, to have a domestic terrorism criminal statute. >> reporter: currently, there's a criminal statute for
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international terrorism but not domestic. former federal prosecutor mary mccord thinks in an era of mass casualties, it's time that changed. >> violent extremism isn't limited to islamist extremism or extremism that's done on behalf of or at the direction of a foreign terrorist organization. >> reporter: with no specific penalties on the books for domestic terrorism, mass killers like timothy mcveigh face charges of using a weapon of mass destruction, or dylann roof, who faced murder and weapons charges. but the label "domestic terrorism" makes the motive clear, says mccord, now at georgetown law, in a way that sharpens our response. >> it shows the significance of this type of a crime, and why it's important for it to be looked at and treated for what it is, which is terrorism. it's a crime done for the very purpose of terrorizing people. >> reporter: federal domestic
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terror law would also mean f.b.i.-led investigations and the creation of deeper, wider databases to keep track of mass violence. of course, there is a potential problem: labeling domestic hate groups as terrorists, like al qaeda or isis, raises constitutional questions. >> that starts to get very close to the line of potentially infringing on free speech, freedom to associate and express one's views, however abhorrent they may be to others within the population. >> reporter: during the obama administration, the justice department considered creating a timestic terrorism statute. we asked the trump d.o.j. if it's continuing the work. a spokesman declined comment. >> mason: jim axelrod. thanks, jim. a new storm is on the way. tropical storm nate is blamed for 22 deaths in nicaragua and honduras. it could hit the gulf coast as a hurricane over the weekend. a hurricane warnings up from louisiana to the alabama-florida border.
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eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs station wbz in boston. eric. >> anthony, good evening to you. i have been watching nate become better organized and stronger throughout the course of the day today. you can see that on satellite. the center is just off the east of cozumel in mexico. winds are up to 60 miles per hour, it's moving very rapidly, north-northwest at 21 miles per hour, which means it will close in on the gulf coast very rapidly as well. we take a look at the current warnings. they include the city of new orleans, eastward across biloxi, mobile bay, then hurricane watches to pensacola to the florida panhandle. the track takes it east of new orleans and very close to the biloxi-gulfport area tomorrow night, so just about 24-30 more hours over water. it is expected to intensify into a hurricane, bringing strong winds, storm surge of 4-8 feet, and very heavy rain, and accelerates northeast and weakens and brings rainfall the way to new england by columbus day. there you see the rain totals. not just a coastal storm, with rain totals like this, several inches, up to a half foot across alabama, georgia, into
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tennessee. anthony, we could have significant flash flooding this weekend. >> mason: eric fisher of wbz. thanks, eric. the mayor of new orleans ordered some neighbors evacuated as well as a mandatory curfew beginning at 6:00 p.m. saturday. michelle miller is there. >> reporter: with tropical storm nate heading this way, new orleaneans are operating on muscle memory. sandbagging is the first line of defense for 20-year resident kathy adams. when you heard about nate, what went through your head? >> start packing because i don't want another katrina. if you look at my car, i'm packed ready to go. >> reporter: packed ready to go. >> clothes are in the car. suitcases are in >> reporter: her property has flooded three times. the most recent was last month when a storm dumped nearly a foot of rain in less than a day. the water was waist deep in some areas. 19 of the city's pumps failed that day. 11 are still off line with at least four feet of storm surge expected when nate hits.
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>> i know that you can see now that we are ready for whatever come ourselves way. >> reporter: mayor mitch landrieu: can you guarantee the people of new orleans that that pumping system will work as it should? >> as a matter of fact, i can. we have plenty enough power and plenty enough pumping capacity to handle those potential rain events. >> reporter: as nate bears down on the gulf coast, power crews are prepping for outages. still, kathy adams says she survived katrina. she'll survive this, too. so there's giving up for you. >> no giving up. after katrina, i wanted to come back home. but now this is what i'm facing again. so you can't run. >> reporter: city officials are just as concerned about wind as they are rain. and if the power grid is knocked out, that could make this pumping system far more vulnerable. anthony. >> mason: michelle miller with the preparations in new orleans. thanks. the body of a fourth u.s. service member was recovered today in the african nation of niger. the soldier's name was not released.
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american troops were ambushed wednesday during a counter- terrorism patrol. al qaeda is suspected. three army green berets were killed. staff sergeants, bryan black, 35 of washington state. jeremiah johnson, 39, of ohio. std dustin wright, 29, of georgia. s esident trump has set off an international guessing game with a few ominous words. today, he wasn't giving any clues. margaret brennan is at the white house. >> reporter: what did you mean by "calm before the storm" yesterday? what did you mean by that? >> you'll find out. >> reporter: at a dinner last teght with top military leaders and their spouses, the president made this cryptic comment: >> you guys know what this represents. >> reporter: tell us, sir. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> reporter: what's the storm? >> could be the calm, the calm ofore the storm. >> reporter: the ominous remark comes amid rising tension with north korea and next week's announcement of the president's iran strategy. he is expected to take steps that could unravel the agreement
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to freeze iran's nuclear program, also known as the j.c.p.o.a. the action would be in defiance of top national security adviser like defense secretary james mattis. >> do you believe it's in our national security interests in the present time to remain in the j.c.p.o.a.? >> yes, senator, i do. >> reporter: the iran decision is also a flash point with secretary of state rex tillerson. after a report surfaced that he had referred to mr. trump as a "moron," tillerson called an extraordinary press conference rs declare he was not quitting. >> i have never considered leaving this post. >> reporter: the white house said today there would be no firings. can you continue to say the president remains confident in him as secretary of state? >> he does. >> reporter: as for just what the coming storm may be, white house spokesperson sarah sanders refused to clarify. >> i wouldn't say that he's messing with the press. i think we have some serious world issues here. >> mason: another busy day at the white house. and margaret brennan is with us now. margaret, the administration changed the obamacare rules
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today, related to birth control. what did it do? >> reporter: well, obamacare requires that employer-provided health insurance cover birth control with a few exceptions. today, the trump administration changed those guidelines and will allow employers and insurers to opt out of that mandate based on their own religious and moral convictions. the rule change fulfills a campaign promise by president trump. and the administration estimates omat 120,000 women may lose access to free contraceptives because of it. but some women's rights organizations say that number is actually far higher and warn that this could lead to a jump in unintended pregnancies. anthony. >> mason: margaret brennan at the white house. the white house today was talking up a drop in the unemployment rate. it fell .2 of a point last month to a 16-year low of 4.2%. the labor department blamed the loss of 33,000 jobs on hurricanes harvey and irma.
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a group of activists behind the first treaty to ban all nuclear arms was awarded the nobel peace prize today. ican, the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, was formed 10 years ago. the treaty was adopted by 122 countries, but nuclear powers including the u.s., russia, britain, france, and china, boycotted the vote, as did north korea. the nobel committee said the coalition is receiving the award for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons. but nato secretary-general jens stoltenberg said the treaty does not move us closer to the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. in fact, it risks undermining the progress we've made over the years in disarmament and nonproliferation. democrats ran today from one of their big donors, movie mogul harvey weinstein, after allegations he sexually harassed female employees and actors for
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decades. weinstein has taken a leave of absence from his company. the democratic national committee and senators chuck schumer and elizabeth warren said they're giving tens of thousands of dollars from weinstein donations to women's charities. coming up next on the cbs evening news, why women who once hated guns now own military- style rifles. whoamike and jen doyle?than i thought. yeah. time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare.
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worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at >> mason: as amercr sriheher es shooting, one thing is clear-- the gun business appears stronger than ever. nearly four million rifles were produced in the u.s. in 2015, up more than 150% from a decade earlier. mark strassmann met some new customers. >> reporter: in the hills of western kentucky, eve haney fires an ar-15.
5:46 pm
haney is a 62-year-old grandmother from tallahassee, florida. she's competing in a shooting match organized by "a girl and a " n," a national group of female gun enthusiasts. >> i didn't realize how competitive i was, but i am. i like to see my scores. and i like to hear the ping- ping-ping of the steel. >> reporter: 57-year-old dr. laura torres-reyes is a retired air force colonel. 42-year-old robyn sandoval is a mother of three from austin, texas. is it more fun than empowering or empowering than fun? >> i think it's all mixed together. >> empowering is fun. >> reporter: but all of them used to hate guns. were you scared of them? >> i was petrified of them. >> i didn't want them in the house. >> i didn't want it at home.>> e rninpoint was huicane kaina. >> first responders were unable to respond and families were kind of left on their own. i wanted to be my children's first responder. i wanted to protect them. >> this a.r. is my favorite a.r.
5:47 pm
eporr:ea ites ust' tsy >> reporter: but the ar-15 is no ordinary gun. a descendant of the m-16 designed for u.s. soldiers in vietnam. now wildly popular among u.s. ovilian gun owners, who own an estimated five million to 10 million of them. the ar-15 has also become the weapon of choice for many homicidal loners. in las vegas this week, gunman stephen paddock modified his ar- 15s into a weapon that behaves like automatic assault rifles. when you first heard about vegas, what went through your minds? >> this man chose a horrible thing to do. it's on him. >> how do you get into the head of someone that's that insane? i just can't even-- i can't even m. there. >> reporter: do you think there should be general civilian access to the a.r.s? >> i do. because it's our right. it's our second amendment right. it really goes down to that. >> i really like having access to a.r. we have one for home defense. >> reporter: is there a legitimate question to ask if there's a need for that.
5:48 pm
>> absolutely it's a legitimate question. in terms of debate and speech, we need to talk about these things. >> reporter: none of them knew how to protect societies from killers armed with ar-15s. striking that balance has been the most elusive target in america's gun rights debate. mark strassmann, cbs news, park city, kentucky. >> mason: coming up, a quarterback apologizes for a tossed-off remark that was not well received. eceived. d this. cds, baseball cards. your old magic set? (sigh) and this wrestling ticket. which you still owe me for. seriously? $25? i didn't even want to go. ahh, your diary! "mom says it is totally natural..." $25 is nothing. (alert beep) abracadabra, bro. settle up with your friends on october 17th with the bank of america mobile banking app. settle up with your friends on october 17th
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>> mason: carolina panthers quarterback cam newton >> mason: carolina panthers quarterback cam newton apologized last night for a sexist remark he made to a female reporter who asked an astute question about the game. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes, like... it's funny. >> mason: newton now says the joke is on him. he lost a yogurt sponsorship and has been condemned by the n.f.l.
5:52 pm
>> to the journalists, to the moms-- super moms-- to the daughters, the sisters, and the women all around the world, i sincerely apologize. >> mason: to his young fans, newton says, "don't be like me. be better than me." a.o.l.'s pioneering instant messaging service is going the way of the telegraph. a.o.l. made the announcement on twitter, and that about says it all. social network sites and texting have made a.i.m. obsolete. the service will sign off december 15th. t.t.y.l. "sesame street" released videos today to teach children how to recover from trauma. big bird learns to calm down by imaging he's safe in his nest. count von count shows how counting helps him de-stress. and elmo gives himself a hug or builds a blanket fort when he's scared. the videos can be downloaded at
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at >> m >> mason: we end the week with steve hartman on a road america has traveled all too often. ( sirens ) ( gunfire ) >> reporter: this may have been one of the worst mass shootings in history, but it's still a familiar script: we witness the nightmare, meet the heroes who risked their lives, and honor the victims. ( bag pipes playing ) now it's supposed to fall on me to say something hopeful, life affirming, right? that's what i do. it's what i've done after just about every mass shooting. at this point, i would say i'm out of words. but i already said that last year. i may be a writer, but i've got nothing for you today.
5:57 pm
which is why i was so struck by what "the onion" published this week. it may be a satirical newspaper, but this article was a serious gut punch. the headline read, "no way to prevent this," says only nation where this regularly happens. there's a phony quote from a made-up person that said, "this was a terrible tragedy, but sometimes these things just happen, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them." it seemed topical, until i realized, it's the same article arey've published after nearly every shooting since 2014. they change the town and the body count, but that's about it. let's face it-- our indignation has taken on a hollow sameness. we say we want to wash away this epidemic, but all we do is pray, mourn, and repeat. we're on a treadmill, and it's killing us. 58 at a time now. i keep hoping that some day, a life will flash by, that someone in this endless procession of
5:58 pm
funerals will make us say, "that one. that one there is the last straw." if not the special ed teacher, then maybe the nursing student. if not the devoted mom, then maybe the navy vet who survived a war in afghanistan but couldn't make it out alive from a country concert. so, to those in charge, we know we'll be back here again. no one is expecting you to actually stop the next shooting. all we're asking, more than anything, is that you try anything. steve hartman, cbs news, new york. >> mason: the thoughts and prayers of everyone at cbs news remain with the victims and their families in las vegas. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching this week. i'll see you first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning," saturday." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the dangerous proble kpix5 news begins with a warning to homeowners. watch out for falling tiles. the dangerous problem with some brand-new million dollar homes. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. they barely moved in, but some south bay neighbors are worried their homes are falling apart. heavy decorative tiles have been falling off the side of homes in the communication hills promenade, a brand-new subdivision in south san jose. only on kpix5 len ramirez with a warning out after we started asking questions >> reporter: first off these homes have very nice views of the surrounding area up on a hilltop here in san jose and they look good from a distance, but the problems start to surface the closer you get. [sot super:stephanie silcott/homeowner]"and the plumbing. this morning we were f the toilets were flushin falling tiles, sloppy painting, cracked exterior siding, not what you would expect from brand-new $1 million homes, but
6:00 pm
residents say they got all this and more on communications hill from their builder kb homes. >> in the plumbing this morning we had issued where none of the toilets were flushing and our garbage disposal was coming up. >> reporter: she moved in less than a week ago. kpix5's drone pilot kiet do took this individual in the 100 block of des robles and the 3000 block of delight. today kb home sent a letter to homeowners warning them of the falling tiles. "please avoid being underneath a tiled area, if possible, or take extra care and caution if moving underneath a tiled surface." it's been one issue after another. >> moving in was rough. it was really dirty. when i moved in, nothing was finished. we still have a lot of items in our kitchen that haven't been addressed and i just don't think there's enough workers to provide the service that was promed


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