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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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clayton area of geyserville. we're going to continue, of course, to update the evacuations because the situations are changing, wind conditions changing and obviously the fire is changing, too. meantime in napa county, let's take you there. three fires continue to burn in napa county including what is being called the atlas fire. last word, it has burned at least 25,000 acres. queen of the valley hospital tells us they have treated 50 people for a variety of injuries related to the fires. one man told us his elderly parents were killed. the fast moving fire left them no time to get out. >> it was like a rainstorm except it was fire. it was blowing hot debris through the air and the -- like i say, it hit here first. there was no responders here yet because eventually i think later on down the road where the fire eventually got farther
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a lot of the responders were going door to door pulling people out of th hobody was able to t hereand mye es, motherbu and father bei and 98 were not able to move fast enough to get out at all. >> reporter: so very, very tragic. now some homes in the silverado resort area were just wiped clean off the face of the earth leveled by the flames. we've seen so much ruin here, many families, of course, wondering tonight are they going to have homes when they get back into their neighborhoods? others able to get back into their streets, they're finding just like behind me here there is nothing left. kpix5's juliette goodrich introduces us to two sisters here in santa rosa. juliette? >> reporter: allen, they're just like so many. they had just minutes to evacuate and i want to show you what's going on directly behind me. this family is returning back to what's left of their home sifting through the rubble to see if there are any valuables they can collect.
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they have masks on because of the dust in the area. as you mentioned, i want to introduce you to two sisters who have grown up here in santa rosa. one lost her entire home. the other is a schoolteacher and she's not sure if her classroom is still intact. >> the front door was right here. >> reporter: sometimes it's the littlest things that matter most. >> here's my mug. >> reporter: when you have suddenly lost everything. >> look at that. i've had this since i was a kid. aarp angela england, her husband and three -- >> reporter: angela england, her husband and three daughters made it out of the devastating fire with just the clothes on their backs. >> i've got no more baby pictures, no wedding album. i mean things are things. >> reporter: her sister's family had to evacuate, also. >> it's terrifying. it was terrifying. we grabbed our kids and the clothes on our back and that was it. >> reporter: tina teaches 4th grade and still doesn't know how her classroom is after fire spread through this market estate neighborhood.
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when did you find out your sister had lost everything? >> probably early the next morning. >> reporter: you are unbelievably strong. >> i'm trying. >> is that what it is? >> i'm trying. i've had a couple of days to sort of soak this in. i need to be strong for my kids. they see me cry, they cry. >> reporter: but angela says home will always be here. >> we're going to rebuild this house. we're going to move on. we're going to make more memories. this is not deterring me from moving back here at all. coming back to 230 pacific heights, that is my address. that's home and that's where we're going to stay. >> reporter: and back out here live you can see this family here returning back home or to what's left of it and in so many neighborhoods there are still hotspots, so some people are not allowed to go back in to see what's left. allen, coming up at 6:00 i found some still photos that a historic photographer took with the san francisco police department. he took some unbelievable images of the fire.
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i want to share them with you, kind of what he saw through his lens. they tell quite a story as well. we'll have that at 6:00. for now back to you. >> all right. the pictures and the stories truly amazing coming out of here no matter what they show. thanks so much. now the sonoma county sheriff gave us an update a few hours ago on the situation here. he says they have had reports of 240 people who are missing. so far they've safely located 57 of those 240. at one point the fire actually came pretty close to the sheriff's office. he said they didn't have to evacuate. however, there are some employees with the sheriff's department, they're trying to help people, but they find themselves homeless. >> i'm very fortunate. unfortunately my home is fine, but i would estimate at least 20 deputies -- or excuse me, 20 employees have lost their homes, 20 employees of the sheriff's office. many of them i found out about the night the fire broke out
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because they were coming off the hill evacuating telling me they lost their home. >> reporter: the sheriff said right now they are only responding to calls with top priority emergencies until the hotspots have cooled and it's safe for search and rescue. you can hear that chopper flying over me. it looks like a military chopper actually and they've been circling and circling this coffey park neighborhood assessing the damage. the fires, of course, still burning out of control, 0% containment, the big fires, of course, in sonoma and napa counties have been burning for almost 48 hours now. kpix5's joe vazquez is on the fire lines of the napa/sonoma county line near glen bell him with the latest. joe -- glen ellen with the latest. >> reporter: just getting to the front lines of the fire is
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fraught with challenges. trinity road has power lines down and spot fires continue to pop up along the way. cal fire says it is still in defensive mode trying to protect property while getting people and equipment into position to work on containment. its priority is still on getting people out of harm's way. the fact is they're dealing with attacking a huge amount of fire across the state. >> the scope of this is unreal. we have about 115,000 acres. to put that in perspective, a football field is about an acre. so it's 115,000 football fields of uncontained fire line in california right now. so that's a pretty big lift for our firefighters and obviously we're prioritizing and engaging and working as hard as possible. >> reporter: the temperature is noticeably warmer and the wind has really picked up and here's the danger. you can see the flames on this side of the road. they have leapt across the road and are attacking the other side now.
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just listen to the wind. it is harsh and the possibility that it will continue to increase has firefighters worried. >> we are very concerned about the changing weather conditions again and the additional north wind that's anticipated. our firefighters are obviously going to be prepared for that, but again mother nature can take control pretty quickly. >> reporter: you see this branch right here behind me. it has been burning all day and just a short while ago it finally just collapsed onto the street here. that is why it's still dangerous here on the front edge of this fire, allen. that is why they're telling evacuees you can't go back in yet. this is still an active fire and with more high winds to come there's a long way to go before people are going to be back to normal. >> reporter: such a very long way to go and many people in that same situation, joe. thanks. we know you'll cover the very latest for us. we will check back with you
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later in the evening. i should tell you i am standing in the middle of really probably what was the garage of the family home of bob and tammy christianson. they were telling me they've lived in this house for three decades. so they came back today and gathered a bunch of stuff. bob works as an electrician, so this is obviously what's left of a hammer. he's got pipe wrenches, clamps. this is a pileful his tools that will obviously have to be replaced because that's his livelihood, but when they came back here today, they were very gracious and let us kind of tag along. i'm going to show you what they found not only is a treasured memory, but there's extra special meaning to not only that memory, but why their family is intact and safe. take a look. >> there's a lot of memories in this house and this is horrible. >> reporter: bob and tammy christianson have lived on
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hopper avenue in santa rosa for 30 years. they've raised three kids in this house or what was this house. the fire sunday was a shock. >> my wife woke me up at 10 after 2:00 and we had about 20 minutes to get out. >> reporter: they took separate cars, got stuck in the traffic gridlock as embers blew and houses burned all around them. now less than 48 hours later their house, like many of their neighbors, is ash and rubble, but they are back to salvage whatever they can. >> one thing builds on another, you know, hope. she's hoping she can find something else and try to dig something out of all this rubble. >> it was important to come back because there's a lot of sentimental items that i was sentimental as in ore somebody her wedding ring she took off before going to bed sunday night. she heard another woman had success. >> she found her wedding ring and i thought well, i've got to
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try and so we got in and i found it. >> reporter: and she had a pretty good idea where to start looking. >> i started in through the front door and i immediately went to where i knew my jewelry box was and i just started sifting and there it was and it's still in pretty good shape after all these years and a fire. >> reporter: to say this is a happy ending doesn't tell the whole story. you see, a week before the fire the christiansons' daughter was at a bachelorette weekend at a country music concert in las vegas. >> it was a rough week because the sunday prior, the 2nd of october, she woke me up around 10:00 to let me know that there was an active shooter in las vegas and my daughter was at that concert. so we were up all night trying to find her location and make contact with her while she was barricaded in a building in las vegas because of the shooter. >> reporter: believe it or
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not, you look at all this and bob said they are indeed feeling very grateful for their family's safety. liz, i can tell you tonight there are other families in the neighborhood, there's one across the street from where i'm standing, they, too are going through what's left of their home hoping to find one or two of those little memories. >> unbelievable, boy, the strength and resilience of that couple just takes your breath away what happened to them in the past couple of weeks. it's unimaginable. i have to ask do they plan to rebuild in that location again? >> reporter: i asked bob because, you know, you look around the neighborhood and you wonder how in the world? one man told me that the destruction of this fire in this one neighborhood goes from 1.4 miles, so about 1 1/2 miles by a 1/2 mile. how are you going to rebuild and bob said, "i've already talked to our insurance company and i found a contractor and we're going to start rebuilding
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as soon as possible." >> good for them. we just got another update from pg&e tonight. right now about 75,000 customers are still without forward. the majority of them are in s, 50,000 and napa about 15,000. sonoma county airport in santa rosa is closed for a second day in a row from these fires. the terminal is without power. the airport said even though they have backup generators for the control tower, they can't accommodate passengers without electricity. >> we can't run the tsa checkpoints, so we're closed to commercial flights, but the airport is open for cal flight and other flights. >> the airport is working with pg&e to restore forward or get a backup generator, no word when the santa rosa airport will reopen. a lot of people cognizant of the weather and it's been okay the past couple days. >> wind has not been a huge
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issue the past 24 to 36 hours. it will be again about this time tomorrow. air quality is unhealthy for about 2/3 of the area, a little less poor heading down toward livermore , san jose and gilmore, but the air quality is pretty bad out there, especially close to the fires in the north bay. very unhealthy again tomorrow. limit the outdoor exposure or maybe look at it from a half full approach. be thankful you have a home to stay inside and get away from that bad air because 2 or 3,000 homes have been lost at a minimum in the north bay. tomorrow winds increasing again gusting to 40 miles per hour. it's another dry front. we have 17 active fires. the spread of those fires will likely increase as we have an increase in the wind 24 hours from now. we'll talk more about the seven- day forecast coming up in a few minutes. thousands told to leave their homes and get out of the
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path of the flames, up next we're there as people flood evacuation centers. >> and we speak with some doctors and nurses stepping up to keep hospital staff even as their own homes burn in the fire. we'll be right back.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. d out two wildfires continue to burn in napa county right now forcing mandatory evacuations. >> many are struggling to find out when and if they can go back home. kpix5's sharon chin continues our coverage live in napa. sharon? >> reporter: ken and liz, the winds have picked up in the last hour. that means we have been seeing a wall of smoke and even some flames on the side of the mountain for the first time today. here at the shelter evacuees are desperate to find out if
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their homes are safe. peter and karen ross are asking anyone and everyone for information. >> we're just trying to find out if our house is still there or not and they have a list of the homes. we can't seem to find out who has this list. >> reporter: george and sandy bradley also feel in the dark. what do you want to know that you don't know right now? >> how about lake berryessa, the status? >> reporter: making matters worse, many parts of napa have no cell service or electricity and evacuees are trying to reach loved ones. at evacuation shelters some posted a list of the missing. some are flocking to a handful of places with working wi-fi and electricity like this starbucks. that's how this man found his friend. >> i was able to reach a friend of mine in dillon. his girl friend had kind of called me. they was really distraught, left a friend, couldn't find them. >> reporter: and the missing
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are letting family and friends know they're okay. >> when i came into wi-fi range, all of a sudden i had like 15 messages from people who were freaking out worrying about me. so i was able to send them a message, you know. i just did a group message we're okay, we're fine. >> reporter: here at the shelter at napa valley college, the county supervisor gave an update to more than 100 evacuees saying it's not safe to return home and kneel try to get them wi-fi. >> thank you. now let's send it back out to allen martin anchoring our coverage from santa rosa. allen? >> reporter: i'm sorry, ken and liz. i lost the audio. i can't hear you. let me just tell you amid all this destruction there are a lot of stories of close calls. people see the orn angeout of sounds kind of cliche to say they were running for their lives, but they were indeed running for their lives. kpix5's jackie ward with a
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close call at one of the big hospitals here in santa rosa. jackie? >> reporter: allen, as kaiser was being evacuated early yesterday morning, it's important to remember that the people who were getting those patients to safety live in this community as well and they were fearful about what was happening to their homes, to their families, but they put those concerns aside for at least a little while while they served those who needed them and waited for the fire to happen. in a matter of 2 1/2 hours kaiser hospital went from being fully operational to completely empty. an effort like that required the entire staff to safely help their roughly 130 patients get out. >> it was an amazing, amazing experience to see how the heros in this facility worked in collaboration. >> reporter: like many others, nurse judy coffey had to escape from her home, too, which she is is now in ashes. >> literally -- says is now in ashes. >> literally trees are falling down and ashes and we just saw
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it as it came over the hill. >> the emergency department was filling up with smoke. we were getting an influx of patients and then we started finding out about the fires breaking out nearby. >> reporter: all while his wife and teenage daughter were frantically fleeing their home. >> i was on the phone with her and my daughter was screaming from the car as flames were around the car. >> reporter: the staff is putting their own problems aside and focusing on the task at hand. >> it's our job. we need to make sure we are for the community, for our hospital and patients. we have to take care of them. that it's paramount. >> you just kind of go -- that's paramount. >> you just kind of go into this mode whoever is available, put their hands out and help. >> reporter: right now the hospital is running off the emergency generators and are waiting for the okay from the city and county to tell them when they can turn their systems back on for electricity and water. then once those systems are up
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and running they have to wait until 48 hours for testing to see if they were damaged. after that the state department of public health will come in to let them know when patients will be allowed to be seen again. good news, they did open up a walk-in urgent clinic that includes a pharmacy. a lot of times when people flee their homes, they don't take their much needed medication and prescriptions they need on a daily basis. so it's really good news they can get medicine here now at kaiser. >> reporter: absolutely great news, thank you so much. so many incredible stories of survival, hope and promise and that is indeed what people are clinging to tonight. we'll have more coverage of the wildfires here in northern california in wine country coming up in a little bit. back after this.
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my name is jirnd'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. in sonoma county -- we are continuing our wildfire coverage right now. moments ago we just saw a home that we're told -- there it is -- is in glen ellen --
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completely engulfed in flames. again this is in glen ellen and sonoma county. this fire has 0% containment, homes still burning as you can see right there. >> the fire is still very active, paul, and so is the smoke. it's just inundating the bay area right now. the problem is this. we're getting the afternoon sea breeze today. tomorrow another dry front moves through which will kick up the winds again. at 0% containment today there should be no expectation that these fires will be completely under control by the time the winds increase once again tomorrow. looking live in sonoma county, that was a beautiful house which is now completely engulfed in flames. we'll get over to the weather computers. i want to set the stage with what's going on currently and what we can expect moving into tomorrow. we're looking at winds now west of 20 miles per hour in san francisco. all of our reporters including sharon chin said the winds increased in the north bay near these fires. they have. it's coming from the ocean. tomorrow we get that dry north
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to northeast wind again. look at the air over the bay area right now. especially in north bay it's still in the unhealthy category, 60s and 70s outside, so not as warm and tonight will be chilly, 49 in concord, fremont, 44 in santa rosa. keep the windows closed. the air quality is bad. you don't want the smoke inside your hope. here's the problem, a cold front which won't give us a drop of rainfall. in this case we get a front which does nothing but increase the wind. watch the wind in the north bay overnight tonight. midnight 2 miles an hour. that's fine. san rafael 9 miles per hour. by sunrise tomorrow 22 miles per hour in santa rosa, 25 in san rafael and winds in the mountains will likely increase further into the afternoon meaning a bad problem, a huge problem will get that much worse as we're looking at an increase in the wind from the north and northeast drying us
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out again tomorrow. we aren't as warm the rest of the week, but the wind will increase tomorrow afternoon especially in the hills. highs tomorrow 60s and 70s, oakland 71, santa rosa 72, need some rainfall, not a drop of rain for each of the next seven days, sunshine across the board. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪
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sonoma county including near the bennett valley golf course. let's get you a check on the very latest on the wine country fires, new evacuations ordered in sonoma county included near the bennett valley golf course. the death toll remains at 15 and authorities are checking reports on others still missing. more than 2,000 homes and businesses have burned. >> now the red cross is assisting fire victims all over northern california. a lot of folks have asked how can i help? call 1-800-red-cross or going to and for more ways to donate you can check all this out at we talked about it before. they want money and it sounds cold and hard, but they can buy what they need now and get it to people who need it. >> our coverage on the wine country fires continue at 6:00. >> including a report from the
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leading edge of the fire coming up in just 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: up in flames. >> armageddon. it's just gone. >> mason: thousands of california homes and businesses wiped out as wildfires burn out of control. >> it looks like chaos here, you know, like somebody dropped a bomb or something. >> mason: devastation in wine country. >> the entire 2017 harvest is no longer. >> mason: and the death toll rises. also tonight, harvey weinstein on tape. more alleged victims come forward, and the accusations now include rape. the las vegas massacre timeline changes, raising new questions about how it unfolded. and an i.q. match-up between the


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