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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 3, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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for an hour of news. >> there's updates on cbs evening news is next. and we will see you at 6:00 p.m. ning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: troublesome tweets. the president's twitterful weekend. could it trip him up in the russia investigation? a prominent senator, says an obstruction of justice case is building. and alabama's special election. our new poll finds republicans roundly reject sex allegations against ray moore and blame the media. >> could she be leading a secret life? >> a florida girl's secret relationship with a soccer coach. >> a monumental land issue. >> people are still angry. >> they're still angry yeah. >> quijano: and his books have taken us to mars and now the moon. jeff glor with down to earth author andy weir.
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>> i write about those things. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. hours before the rooster crowed sunday president trump was ruffling feathers again on twitter. he railed about the russia investigation, defended his firing of national security advisor michael flynn and railed on james comey. fbi member who was fired for sending anti-trump texts. here is errol barnett. >> president trump, why did you file general flynn? >> reporter: ignoring questions as he returned to the white house yesterday, president trump had just implied via twitter he knew general mike flynn lied to the fbi before making the decision to fire him. but that tweet sources tell cbs
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news was drafted by the president's lawyer john dowd, who didn't mean to suggest that he knew he had lied to the fbi at the time. flynn pleading guilty to lying. >> i took it this is what he wants me to do. >> reporter: the president's first tweet this morning was he knew it was a denial, to independently his inquiry into flynn's possible crimes. calling comey's june testimony a lie and saying the fbi is tainted dishonest with a reputation in tatters. >> retweeting comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril, i would be careful if i were you mr. president. >> reporter: lindsay graham. >> if there was coordination between trump campaign and the russians, i can't think of anyone who would know more about that than flynn. >> i do not believe general flynn was a rogue agent. >> the ranking member of the
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senate committee, dianne feinstein. >> i think we're beginning to see the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice. >> reporter: the fbi says it does not plan on responding to president trump's critical statements but former attorney general eric holder did. defending on twitter, said you would finder integrity and honesty at fbi headquarters, he says not at the white house. elaine. >> quijano: errol, thank you. let's bring in john dickerson. john the senate passed a tax reform bill saturday morning. will the president have the bill he wants by christmas? >> i think so because in part, the president has defined the bill he wants as any bill that comes before him. the two bills of the house and the senate need to be reconciled. but they are going to be able to
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work out any minor differences between the two bills and get one final bill to the president for his signature. >> quijano: turning now to the guilty plea of mr. flynn, could his tweets have an impact on the russia investigation? >> it could have impact on the obstruction of justice. it's not exactly clear what the president has said, but on saturday he said he knew his national security advisory had lied to the fbi and fired james comey head of the fbi investigating if flynn lied, comey pursuing an investigation of no merit many it lends more to the obstruction of justice whether the president got in the way of the case because he knew how harmful it would be. that may be a problem because the president seems to suggest that he didn't have the meaning of the tweets conveyed, more word to word analysis.
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>> quijano: john dickerson. where nearly a week away, our new poll finds 71% of alabama republicans say the sexual misconduct allegations against roy moore are false. among likely voters moore now leads democrat doug jones, 49 to 43%. david begnaud is in birmingham. >> reporter: at the pellham diner we met penny lloyd, disputes the allegations against roy moore, she will vote for him because. >> he is the lesser of two evils. >> was there any implication -- >> not after he won the primary. >> penny's husband is george lloyd. he too is voting for roy moore.
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>> reporter: do you have any reason not to believe the women? >> not especially. no. i believe that it's very possible that all of the women could be absolutely truthful. that on the other hand, i think it's very possible that the other camp could have motivated a lot of women to do and say what they're saying. >> reporter: kayla smith says her decision is based on policies. >> there are a few of roy moore's that i agree with, but it's not my party. >> reporter: is the allegations what you turned off? >> i feel in the middle about this. personally, i want to believe the woman when she says she was sexually assaulted but to come out later, i feel that is very weird. >> reporter: he believes roy moore's accusers and he thinks roy moore should step aside but
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the people of alabama ought to decide. the other senator from alabama is richard shelby, he has already voted, didn't vote for roy moore he voted absentee and he wrote in the name of another republican. elaine. >> quijano: david, thank you. thousands rallied in salt lake city, utah this morning to protest the trump plan to slim down two national monuments. mireya villareal reports. >> reporter: the national monument in southern utah, in the two decades since this 1.9 million acre patch of desert was designated a monument, 29 new species of dinosaurs have been discovered. >> when it was created in 1996, it was originally envisioned that it would be an outdoor laboratory.
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>> on this remarkable site, god's handiwork is everywhere, on the discovery of dinosaurs and other prehistoric lives. >> reporter: suddenly limited in their ability to graze cattle, extract minerals or even build roads. >> the national monument was probably the most volatile issues. >> they're still angry? >> yes. >> reporter: he was thrilled earlier this year when president trump ordered his interior secretary ryan zinke to review and likely shrink the size of the national monument opening up to commercial development. >> it does not mean selling them off and it doesn't mean destroying them. all the laws, regulations, archaeological resources, protection act will all be in place. >> these are all about 75
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million years old. >> i'm going to put these back, okay. >> reporter: recovering specimens from the monument for years. if trump changes its status he fears there could be more recreational traffic like off- road vehicles and more chances for science the suffer. >> there is a possibility that fossils may be lost or destroyed, fossil theft or theft or vandalism. we've lost something from the american story. >> reporter: mireya villareal, cbs news southern utah. we're learning more about the florida teenager and the soccer coach she ran off. only one interview this week. meg oliver has it. >> reporter: your daughter was found safe. how was that moment for you? >> it was your heart pounding out of your chest, butterflies in your stomach.
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the almost a frantic can i get there quick enough? >> reporter: after an agonizing week, scarlett and ward reunited with their daughter in syracuse, new york. how long did you hug her? >> i don't know, until we had to breathe i think. >> it began in florida. kaitlin snuck out with the 27- year-old soccer coach, ryan rodriguez. the arrest warrant shows a friend told parents after kaitlin disappeared, ryan wants her to leave the country with him and other crazy stuff. it then reveals her parents uncovered sexual snap messages between the two. >> i wasn't there to protect her. >> police found the pair, and took rodriguez into custody. >> could she have been leading a
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secret life? >> we don't know at this point what all happened. all we know is that we have her back. and that she's safe. >> reporter: rodriguez faces a charge of interfering with child custody. a felony in florida. >> i've seen that there's consequences for your actions and that he needs to face those consequences. >> reporter: rodriguez will be extradited back to florida this week, he faces felony charges of interfering with child custody. elaine. >> quijano: thank you. a player for south carolina state ty solomon collapsed. paramedics say he was in cardiac arrest. one shock from a defibrillator got solomon's heart beating again. he's okay now. pharmacy giant cvs is purchasing aetna, a $69 billion mega merger.
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if approved, cvs could use its nearly 10,000 pharmacies to provide a broad range of services to aetna's 22 million customers. coming up: living with hiv, the therapy helping millions. and later, author andy weir tells jeff glor he's actually down to earth. f this world, but andy your belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than eighteen. it may harm them.
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boyd became hiv positive in college. >> there was still this thing, this underlying sense of shame and worthlessness, not necessarily deserving love. >> reporter: boyd is on antiretroviral therapy. >> i've been undetectable. >> reporter: that means there's so little of the virus it can't be detected. it means something else too. >> you can't transmit the virus to someone else. >> reporter: you equals you, undetectable equals untransmittable. cdc agreed with the u equals u message writing that people who take art daily as prescribed and achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an hiv negative partner.
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>> the implication are huge on many fronts. >> reporter: dr. barry zinman is medical director of the organization in the bronx. >> taking medications is good for them, it also adds this incredibly powerful tool that we have now to directly prevent transmission and also to help decrease stigma. >> reporter: reducing the stigma might also improve the rates of diagnosis and early treatment. this is a game-changer particularly for stable couples with an hiv positive partner. but many with high risk of dr. tara narula, cbs news new york. >> quijano: still ahead, the changing culture inside the kingdom of saudi arabia. women are asserting themselves like never before.
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5:51 pm
allowed to drive but she is already shopping for her first car. a $170,000 mercedes benz takes her fancy, this after all is oil-rich saudi arabia. it will be a beautiful day she told us when women finally take to the wheel. women fought for the right to drive in saudi arabia. illegally taking to the road and shaming their government through these protest videos and some saudi women are fighting for other freedoms too. >> we are not victims, we're strong. >> reporter: hala al harani runs a boxing gym called fight like a girl, saying she wants an end to male guardian system. you hope that gets changed? >> i home it does yes. >> and you think government does it? >> we're going in that direction, god willing.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: by saudi standards, the new crown prince is a reformer. he's allowed women into sports stadiums for the first time and encouraged a stampede of saudi women to join the workforce, it's not just women who feel more liberated. take a look at saudi arabia's standup comedy scene. in this closed off kingdom, they still find plenty to laugh at, though this is no democracy and there are red lines. >> sex and religion, and this, ramjab -- >> reporter: politics. >> yes exactly. >> reporter: his comedic influences are all american. dave chappelle, kevin hart and chris rock. >> i do, but you know -- >> reporter: some here have told
5:53 pm
us they're disturbed by the speed of change. a backlash from religious conservatives is always possible but these children may live some day in a very different saudi arabia. holly williams, cbs news, riyadh. >> quijano: up next, the author of the martian sets his sights on the moon and sits down with jeff glor. (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation, and you've tried any number of laxatives, probiotics, and fiber,
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the moon is full as close to earth as it gets and appears bigger and brighter than usual. the moon is also the setting of a new murder mystery by best selling author andy weir. his stories are out of this world but jeff glor found him grounded. >> when i was out of college i became a software engineer. now i get to be a writer. >> glor: with no publisher backing him, andy weir self published the martian in 2012. it led to a very successful movie. >> i have no way to contact nasa. >> glor: you have a loyal following, you respond to every e-mail and notes. >> every e-mail. they took the time to e-mail me, it seems reasonable to respond.
5:57 pm
>> glor: a number of fans came to an artemis book signing. eager to hear about a novel set in the late 21st century, by a woman named jasmine besharaness. >> glor: tell the me about jas. >> as an adult when the story takes place she's a porter but she makes most of her money off illegal smuggling. >> glor: would you go to the moon? >> no no no, i write about brave i'm afraid of flying! >> glor: really, really? >> i'm here in new york, i live in california. i have to take meds is to fly. i spent most of my life just thinking well i'm broken and there's nothing i can do about that, now there are meds for that. >> glor: how does that manifest itself in your characters? >> when you are writing a story
5:58 pm
and think about everything that could go wrong that helps you in your stories. especially when you are writing about everything going wrong. >> glor: fans may get to watch the movie artemis soon. >> i've got book ideas enough to last me the rest of my life. it's just what am i most excited by at any moment and what do i think the readers want to read? >> quijano: tomorrow night the new chapter begins in the nearly 70 year history of cbs evening news, be sure to tune in for the very first broadcast of the cbs evening news with jeff glor, jeff is as excited as we are, here at cbs news. that's it for the cbs weekend news. later on cbs, 50 years of 60 minutes. i'm elaine quijano in new york, for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us and good night. ca
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tonight, we're asking: what s in honno. new at 6, congress goes back to work this week on a sweeping tax reform plan. tonight we're asking what's in it for you? good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we asked who the big winners would be under the house and senate bills. kpix 5's political reporter tells us he didn't mince words. >> the wealthier you are, the better you're going to do. >> and who are the losers? >> the losers are the people who lose the state and local tax deductions so you'll lose the income tax deductions. >> that's a lot of losers. in 2016, 28% of california's deducted their state income taxes according to the tax center. both the house and senate bills
6:00 pm
eliminate that state income tax deduction. the other losers? >> who have mortgages over $500,000. >> that's about half of all the homes in mortgages in california. this is according to the national association of relators. the house bill caps the home mortgage interest deduction at 500,000 and the senate caps it at a million. right now they're all deductible. >> if it stays, the house version that the senate seems to have agreed to because susan collins did, you'll have a $10,000 cap. >> this cap might not have a huge impact. there are just not that many people in california who deduct more than $10,000 in property taxes. last year only 9% did so. the average for californiaens were about $6,000 for property tax deductions. there are a number of


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