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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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plus, day seven of a workers strike in oakland at the city and its employees continue to battle over wages. we are following breaking news in new york city it is monday, december 11, i am tran eight, >> i am kenny choi, there was an explosion, this is a live look there right now, they have learned that a man had an explosive device when it exploded near the port authority bus. again, live responders at the theme -- seen. it serves hundreds of thousands of commuters each day from new jersey and well beyond new york city. 8000 buses come into that terminal everyday and there are subway lines that run underneath it. the police department says that the suspect is in is in custody
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and as of right now there are three people injured as well as the suspect. the terminal was evacuated and trains are bypassing that station right now we will keep you updated on the situation on air and online. as it warrants. press secretary sarah huckabee took to twitter saying that president trump has been briefed -- briefed on the is that incident, the president has not yet commented. >> an explosion in many subway lines were forced to bypass the area. they are headed to the scene and will have a live report at 630. and today marks one week since massive wildfires started in southern california, this is a live look out at the flames, the fire has now scorched almost a quarter of 1 million acres, well firefighters are making progress on some, the largest, the thomas fire is still running out of control for the new evacuations in santa barbara county. there are a total of at least
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six fires burning together, the fires are burning an area larger than new york city and boston combined. 18,000 homes are in the past of the thomas fire and it is now the fifth largest blaze in state history. the fires have scorched 230,000 acres so far with an 80,000 acre burned in just one day. property damage is extensive over the weekend, a total of almost 800 homes and buildings have been lost. containment on the thomas fire actually fell last night from 15 down to 10%. this fire has acted in an unpredictable manner it has been very rapidly moving and it is going to be a multi-day event, so please do what you can now to prepare to evacuate. those who have evacuated and these homes are still standing allowed, they were allowed for a few minutes to gather what belongings they could. >> this is the first time i have experienced a fire. so, i have been in panic mode all day. >> many firefighters went door- to-door making sure everyone is
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getting out, fire crews from san francisco and menlo park are now being deployed to the front lines of the thomas fire. crews from across the country even as far away from alaska are also helping out. smoke from those fires continue to filter a peer into the bay area, this is a live look outside, looks pretty nice out there right now but there is a fourth consecutive spare the air alert has been called for today, tracking those conditions out there. >> we are not getting much of the wind to blow that smoke out of the area so it is actually coming from the south to the north, as far as san francisco, even eureka so it is going to be impacting us possibly around noon, 1 o'clock. that me show you the air quality forecast today, this is issued by the folks over at spare the air and yes that alert for the fourth time means no fireplace allowed, no wood-
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burning stoves. high-pressure is sending the wind from the east of the west but also from the south to the north so as this moves a little bit east, you can see the wind direction, we are going to notice smoke by 1 o'clock today, this one issued by the national weather service could be impacting us, you will start to smell that smoke in the air. this is all from southern california, moves its way across the pacific ocean then gets pushed a little bit onto the land so it can move as far as eureka, you may smell that in the air. conditions right now, we will talk about your temperatures here coming up. it is a typical monday morning you have delays as you work your way to san francisco, take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is stacked up into the mesa this point. you have about a 21 minute ride heading into san francisco, give yourself an extra 10 minutes to make that commute, here's another view of the
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area, here is a westbound view heading into the mesa traffic, really stacked up this morning out of oakland. take a look at summersville, left lane remains block for a wreck -- here's kenny. an environmental group made of children and young adults is suing the trump administration. sandra osborne is live with more on that unprecedented global warming lawsuit. >> reporter: good morning to you, this is a landmark environmental lawsuit and it is heading to federal court here in san francisco just a little later on this morning. this group, there are about two dozen young people in this group, they range in age from only 10 years old to 21 years old. while they are suing president trump and the fresnel government, the lawsuit actually originated before trump took office, the groups global warming lawsuit claims the violet -- the government is violating to have a healthy planet by not doing enough to limit the use of fossil fuels. they do things like subsidizing fossil fuels
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energies to actively developing fossil fuel and leasing out public lands for fossil fuel production so they are not just sitting on the sidelines watching this happen they are actually really pushing it along and actively making our future is worse. the kids filed the case two years ago against president obama, the justice department has tried to get the case thrown out but a federal judge in oregon actually agreed to hear this case. so, what happens next? there will be a panel of three judges here at the ninth circuit court of appeals here in san francisco, they will be the ones to decide whether or not this case will move forward, that's just in a couple of hours now, live in san francisco. sandra osborne. it is the second week of a strike by thousands of oakland workers but there are some encouraging signs, anne makovec joins us. >> reporter: mediation set to begin today and of course that will take a while, but the strike could and as soon as the mediations begin. according to the union as long as the city shows up ready to
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deal. the city did make what it's called its last best final offer on thursday, the strike has been going on since tuesday. you can see some of the thousands of city workers ticketing outside city hall last week. the city workers have been at an impasse and the last offer included a 4% raise for these workers during the first year, the two parties still disagreeing about what would happen the second year. this weekend, though, that agreement changed to work with a mediator that was shows by the union. his name is david weinberg giving both parties reason for optimism. after eight months of the city negotiating in bad faith.>> reporter:>> i think they are going to reach an agreement with us so i think it won't last too much longer.>> we love our workers, we expect -- respect them so much but we can't spend money we don't have.>> they don't have any legal authority but they can
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help sort through some of the rhetoric. everyone from garbage collectors to the people that work at senior centers and head start children programs, so today, most city services and buildings will once again be shut down. live in oakland, anne makovec. today more than a dozen women have accused president trump of sexual woman -- sexual misconduct, many of the women came forward during his presidential campaign, a 2005 axis hollywood tape of president trump bragging about groping woman also surfaced during the campaign, the president has denied the report however there are now calls among senators for trump to follow in senator al franken's step and resign over the allegations. senator sanders tweeted we have a president who acknowledged on tape that he assaulted women i hope he would pay attention to what is going on and think
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about resigning. cory booker also urging trump to resign over the reports. tomorrow is the day that voters in alabama will make a decision in one of the most-watched elections in history. will it be roy moore or doug jones, both sides ramp-up, last- minute campaign pushes the president is now taking a bigger role. >> in the waiting lowers of the race, president trump is doubling down on his endorsement of embattled republican roy moore, he reported a robo call going out to voters.>> roy moore is the guy we need to pass our make america great again agenda. >> insisting it is all politically motivated. >> i do not know them or they had no encounter with them, i never molested anyone. >> several republicans are refusing to back him. they say he wrote in another republicans name. >> so many accusations, so many cuts, so many drip, drip, drip.
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we have got to the 14-year-old story. that was enough for me. i said i can't fully -- vote for roy moore.>> the man helping to dispute him, doug jones got a push. he is trying to become the first democrat from alabama in 25 years, they will likely need a very large turnout of african- american voters. >> this is an election to tell the world who we are and what we stand for. >> several lawmakers say if he wins the election he could force -- face and almost immediate probe. >> he contains a slight lead over democrat doug jones. >> going green, how much the city of san francisco is expected to cash in once recreational pot sales start in the new york. what test its new cards --
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cars need to pass before getting the track. >> delays, though, big ones, detailed coming up. taking off your monday was below freezing conditions in some areas, i will talk about a warm-up, though, it will be arriving, i will tell you how warm we are going to get this evening.
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marijuana consumption could triple to 30 million grams a year. a draft report from the city of san francisco suggest legal marijuana consumption could triple the $30 million a year, recreational pot, use begins legal under proposition 64 which was passed in 2016 in california, report also says pot sales in san francisco could reach $240 million. tomorrow the san jose council is expected to vote on
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a new plan for housing almost, city leaders recently unveiled these new designs for what they call tiny homes, they are 80 to 140 square feet and would have space for a bed and storage shelves, and these plans are roughly how the tiny home communities would be arranged. city officials say the big challenge now is deciding where the communities will be located. approaching its self- imposed deadlines about a dozen of its new trends -- trains on the tracks. they hope to have part of its upgraded fleet by writing -- running by friday. at least 10 cars are still being tested and need some instructions. not yet clear if that will be completed by friday's deadline, the entire car replacement is expected to be finished sometime after the year 2022. a lot of passengers are saying bring on the new train.>> absolutely. that will help you get out and about easy. it is on time with no delays, all trains moving with no problems at all. the rest of the trains look
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good as well. looking over to the freeways right now, westbound 37 at sears point, this is where we had a traffic alert for most of the morning, it is cleared, all lanes are open but the damage is done, we have got some major delays this morning as you work your way through there even a loins are open, still about 36 minutes to make your way across westbound from 80 two 101, so that looks like upward of an hour, just in delays so give yourself some extra time. that is also starting to get stacked up, so you need to pack your patience this morning as you work your way through the north bay heading out of the east bay. jumping over to highway westbound, that earlier accident now, looks like we are in the green now, still about a 22 minute ride so, 680 itself a little busy as you work your way through the bridge.
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taking a look at our cameras, we wait for the sunrise, still very dark out there of course also still very cool out there. 35 degrees in concord right now, 38 in oakland, livermore's, 36. it's a little bit more than it was a couple hours ago at 33, but santa rosa is still below freezing. santa rosa is starting to see some patchy fog we want to show you that visibility, we are in the clear for most of the bay area. except for in santa rosa where those temperatures have now dropped below the dew point and that's why the patchy cog -- fog is a cream. you may run into some of the foggy area. it looks like still getting a pretty decent sized wind. berkeley, a little bit windy as well around eight miles per hour. southwest wind, san jose, nice clear conditions and it is cooling down but we will be
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warming up. san jose broke a record yesterday expecting temperatures today to arrive a little bit more, maybe one or two degrees warmer across the south -- southbay. high clouds across our area right now, that sunrise should look really pretty with those clouds out there. it is happening today at 715, sunset at 450, our air quality, still heavy. we are expecting to get a smoke from the southern california fires into our area, so it is going to be pushed from the south to the north. here's what's happening for those temperatures. 71 and san jose, 71 in palo alto. upper 60s and low 70s for the south bay, east bay, mid to upper 60s about 10-14 degrees above average. mid 60s if you are around the bay for san francisco, also san rafael, low 60s, even reaching 70 degrees today. if you are traveling around northern california also going to continue to see more of that sunshine pretty much everywhere
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because high pressure is still in charge of our weather -- weather pattern. wednesday getting another high- pressure ridge to come through. are humidity levels will bump up a little bit it won't be as dry on the skin. shall come over to you. that is good to know. apple is reportedly making a move to step up its game in music services, the tech giant is looking to inquire shazam, tech crunch reports a deal is expected to launch later today. apple could pay about $400 million for shazam at 27 million subscribers behind rival music streaming service spot if i, 60 million users. >> hoping to get in on the big coin game, global markets, a top u.s. owner financial exchanges began offering big coin futures allowing investors to speculate on whether the digital prices will go up or
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down. it has surged past 17,000. >> google is adding to its mapping system who will help give users real-time notifications. they will even remind you when to get off the bus or train. google's new feature also includes updates about schedules, delays for trips on metro's and public buses. the 49ers went -- win back- to-back games for the first time since 2014 and there is now a two-way tie for first place in the afc west, the are the raiders one of those teams? kickoff coming up. but first, what's cool about your school, you can email your nominations to us. we may feature your school on the show.
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shutout at kansas city, played out more like a lid on for remuneration. it oakland played against the chiefs that took the field without suspended quarterback and the result, a disaster. derek carr looking for his first career win in kansas city, second-quarter chiefs leading with their best and it ended with car was hit, picked off, he had two interceptions in the game and the third quarter, kendrick west scored from 13 yards out to make it 26- 0, the chiefs win 26, -- 26-0. not a good game. looking to be 2-0 as the 49ers, san francisco leading 39-9, but backup to deandre hopkins and they led 16-13, later in the quarter, it is tied at 16, and the 49ers win 26-16, they are 2-
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0. they had overtime, minnesota skates through the sharks defense and scores the game- winning point,--- 4-3. once again with the national championship in soccer. baseball winter meetings on the way will have the latest, did the giants finally get an outfielder question mark we will have that tonight at 6 o'clock work have a great day. we are still following that breaking news, and early- morning scare in new york city. and explosion has been reported at the port authority in times square. a live look at the skeen -- scene. cleanup still under way after the wild fighters -- wildfires. plus a group of bay area kids is suing the federal government, i will tell you why
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ligands from the cbs -- live from the cbs news studios. breaking news in new york and explosion rocks the port authority terminals block from time square, a live report on the investigation underway right now and -- want to acknowledge the 4435 men and women who are out there right now putting themselves at risk to put this fire out. this morning, there is no end in sight to the six wildfires burning in southern california. the evacuations underway as homeowners rush to safety. plus the clock is running out for wine country wildfire victims to apply for federal
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aid. but first, we start with our breaking news in new york city explosion at the port authority, largest transportation hub just a block from time square, monday, december 11, i am kenny choi. and i am michelle griego. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny and michelle, well it happened just around 715 this morning not only in one of the busiest places, but one of the busiest times for new york commuters. folks come in from new jersey or travel throughout the city and as you point out, it is not actually tear time square, but we understand that the explosion happened in a tunnel between port authority and time square and almost unbelievably at this point there are reports of just for non-life- threatening injuries associated with the explosion. now that could be because police believes that this pipe bomb went off prematurely.
6:31 am
unexpectedly. and that could be the reason that there wasn't more damage done. police do now have a suspect in custody. he has been taken to the hospital with minor entered -- minor injuries and they say that the actually had a second device that did not explode on him at the time he was apprehended. all this is caused major travel disruptions in that area were so many people come and go. the port authority bus terminal was closed for a couple hours although within the last five minutes or so i have seen commuters starting to come in from new jersey's -- where the buses are now coming in. the buses have not been running through the 42nd street station. live in new york. certainly concerning because a lot of people are in that area. are we learning any other details about the suspect?>> well, they are sketchy in terms of what we can report and
6:32 am
confirm at this point, there is a photo circulating of him and cbs news has confirmed that he is originally from bangladesh. as a fee, he was brought to a nearby hospital, bellevue hospital with minor injuries and certainly p lease will not only be questioning him but calming his online history, and other information to try to find out as much as they can as quickly as possible we do understand that the president has already be briefed on the investigation. cbs this morning does have a team of reporters covering this explosion you can look for more live coverage ahead at 7 am. a group of young people taking president trump to court this morning in an unprecedented global warming lawsuit, kpix live at the ninth circuit sort -- circuit court. good morning to you, kenny. this group is made up of about two dozen young people and here's the interesting thing, the oldest is 21 years old but the youngest is nearly 10 years old. taking on the federal government now this is a
6:33 am
landmark environmental lawsuit and it is heading to federal court today in san francisco. now while they are suing president trump and the federal government, this lawsuit originated before he took office. the groups global warming lawsuit claims they are violating the constitutional right of its citizens to have a healthy planet by not doing enough to limit the use of fossil fuel. >> we are here on very basic rounds that every single citizen has fundamental inalienable rights to resources necessary for life.>> if this continues, then our planet and the outdoors, nature, might be completely destroyed. >> that was levi, only 10 years old, the kids filed the case two years ago against president obama, the justice department under president trump tried to get this case thrown out but a federal judge in oregon agreed to hear it. what happens next? well, it goes to the circuit court of appeals here in san
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francisco this morning there will be a panel of three judges, those judges will decide whether or not this case can move forward. live in san francisco, sandra osborne. time is running out for wine country wildfire victims to get help from the feds. today is the last day to apply for assistance through fema. loans, grants and other forms of assistance are available, representatives say everyone affected should apply even if they don't think they qualify for a. the agency has already approved more than $100 million in assistance. fema will be shutting down of local assistance centers in napa today, centers in sonoma and santa rosa will remain open for the time being. time now, 634, let's take a look outside, a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge on the left, clear conditions out there. and on the right we have a shot of the golden gate bridge and some traffic there as well. not looking too bad, though. i have been off for a week and a half and driving over the bridge this morning i'm like i
6:35 am
love this you. -- i love this view. a lot of people heading out the door right now are like yeah, right. it looks like our conditions outside are looking really pretty head of the sunrise we are just seeing a few of those clouds out there so taking a look here at our camera, that gorgeous glow, we are going to see that for the next hour or so as that son is set to rise at 715 this morning, look how cool it is ahead of the sunrise, 35 in concord, 40 in oakland, 36 in livermore and santa rosa you are still at 30 degrees, below freezing, that's why in this -- visibility is being impacted. we saw that in our life camera but santa rosa, visibility now down to three miles. they could see patchy fog, our wins are also fairly strong around the beaches. around eight mile-per-hour
6:36 am
winds, the rest of our area pretty calm as well, looking like seven mile-per-hour winds and at nine, they have picked up a little bit over the past hour or so but we are expecting clear skies today expect a chance of smoke could be making its way from the southern california to our area because the wind directions. i will explain all of that coming up. we were just talking about the bay bridge let's get a live look at conditions there you are backed up as you work your way out of the maze into san francisco, here is right before the meeting -- metering lights. 26 minute ride to go to san francisco that's about a 14 minute delay, so give yourself a few extra minutes. let's get a live link at 80. looking at some stop and go conditions as you passed the coliseum, southbound moving okay you are going to hit the brake lights in you -- as you get into hayward. 26 minute ride from eight 82 101 not too bad on 101 itself as you make your way north. over on the den martin bridge,
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we have reports of an accident right on the shoulder, westbound starting to see some delays as well. north 101 looks like we are getting reports of an accident more on that coming up, but first, here's kenny. the strike goes on fourth thousands of city workers but the encouraging news, negotiators have agreed to help get help from a mediator. anne makovec is life today to help take a look. >> reporter: set to begin again today. there is a sense of optimism as the strike enters its second week. the city and the union have been at an impasse in the past -- since the city has made its last offer last thursday. this did include a 4% raise for the first year, they are still disagreeing about what exactly will happen the second year and this weekend, they did make that agreement to work with the
6:38 am
mediator who is chosen by the union. his name is david weinberg he's going to have to sort through all of the rhetoric to find some common ground.>> reporter:>> we respect them so much but we just can't spend money we don't have. >> oakland finances are in better shape than they have been in decades and the city's liabilities are actually lower than they have been in decades.>> the mediator does not have any legal authority here, but can help sort through what has become a very bitter battle. the workers included in this strike everyone from garbage collectors to the people who work at senior centers and headstart children's programs. the strike has had a real widespread effect and a lot of people here in oakland, most city services and buildings will be shut down again today. live in oakland, anne makovec. family of a man who was shot and killed by a san francisco police officer this month hired civil rights attorney last week.
6:39 am
they released this body cam video of the december 1 fatal shooting. shows an officer driving up to a carjacking suspect, 42-year- old quixote o'neill, then opening fire. o'neill was on armed, but his vow to investigate what he says was his improper and wrongful best, the officer has been on the force a total of four days. two men charged in connection with the warehouse fire will be back in front of a judge today. they are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person killed in the fire. the judge is deciding if there is enough evidence for the men to stand trial. last week a lease holder for the warehouse testified that they laughed him off when he told him the building should be brought up to code. they say a gunman who killed five people last month died by suicide in a final report issued on friday the department says that an autopsy determined that kevin neil shot himself in the head after police forced his car off a
6:40 am
road. lease say that neil killed his wife on november 13, then went on a shooting rampage that killed four others and wounded eight. they say that he suffered from mental problems. just a few hours president trumps former campaign chairman is expected back before a judge hoping to loosen the restrictions on his own confinement. paul and his former aide have pleaded not guilty to money laundering and conspiracy. the alleged crimes were uncovered as part of special counsel robert interruption interference in the 2016 presidential election. gates and manafort are accused of secretly working for pro- russian groups in ukraine and hiding the payments they received. right now new evacuations are underway in southern california as wildfires scorch hundreds of thousands of acres across several counties, they are live in santa barbara county with more on the raging thomas
6:41 am
fire.>> reporter: we are actually in tauro canyon here there are a lot of sprawling properties that are threatened by the fire that you see up on the ridge line, that is the root thomas fire it has roared up and hit patches of trees and brush up there, fire captain just told us that the thick gross up there has not burned since the 60s or 70s and when the flames hit it during the past 24 hours, that's when the thomas fire once again exploded, traveling actually about seven more miles. we did drive in under a thick tree canopy actually had to turn back around at one point because the visibility was so low, that happens when the smoke blows through here and embers fly this way with the tree canopy that there is and the wind picks up, the fire can spread quickly, so, overnight, deputies, fire crews went door to door in this canyon as well as the nearby mission canyon enforcing those mandatory evacuation orders. >> we are asking them to get out early, we already have the very first night, and elderly
6:42 am
lady died and she was trying to evacuate, we don't want that to happen.>> mission canyon aire about 12 miles from here, cruz actually pushed doors in if nobody answered, just a testament to how serious they consider the threat, they want to make sure everybody is aware of the danger moving this way because michelle, they say, really that danger lies in what you can't see because of the tree canopy, because of the darkness overnight they were worried that the fire could be upon some of these people before they really realize that. daytime we are getting the daylight hours now with the sun coming up, so we hope to get a better assessment from crews shortly as to how much more acreage was actually burned here overnight. >> we know that battle has been going on the ground. what has the air attack been like? >> well, because this is such rugged terrain out there, so hard to reach that, air attack has been crucial in yesterday, 29 aircraft were up in the area, 29 helicopters doing those
6:43 am
air dropping operations, each of those helicopters was up for a maximum of seven hours they also had four air takers on so very aggressive air attack and we hope to see more about today. time now is 643, up for debate, the changes that could soon be made to the states gas tax and how could impact what you pay at the pump. you will be able to find on this green monday. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes go as we look at the board, the dow is down about 11 points and we get an update from financial reporter jason brooks when we come back.
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today.. for "green monday." about a decade ago.. "ebay" erm "green monda if you missed out on black
6:47 am
friday and cyber monday you can still catch great deals today for our green monday about a decade ago, ebay coined the term green monday which falls on the second monday in december, but in recent years it has picked up seen with other online retailers and today, target says shoppers will save $20 for every $100 they save, walmart will also have some pretty big promotions, many stores are guaranteeing shipping by christmas.>> keep on shopping, i know, i need to get going. >> me, too. i have done nothing so far. for the first time, a major u.s. stock exchange will allow investments tied to the market.>> joining us now, financial reporter, jason brooks. >> in morning, michelle, future exchange started the trade today, first rule acceptance for the crypto currency and it was quick to debut, it features about 25% higher, even
6:48 am
triggering a couple of stoppages along the way to prevent volatility in the trading getting about $19,000, rival exchange starts trading next monday. a lot of u.s. brokers have not joined in yet, they are a little suspicious of the currency markets still, but many other future traders are getting in on this and it is lifting the value of the coin to about 16.5 -- 16 1/2 thousand dollars. it starts meeting tomorrow, wrapped up wednesday it is expected to raise interest rates, it will be the third hike of the year, the strong job report that came out on friday was likely the last adhesive residence -- expected by the market and right now the market is heading a little bit higher up at the dow, started out at all-time highs, although the dow now turning a negative down a point, back and forth actually, nasdaq up and gaining one point nearly going.
6:49 am
michelle and kenny, back to you. we should have invested.>> they say a good rise another 20 times about what it is and others say it could be a quick bobbling had a lot lower it is very volatile, you really need to make sure you have some money that if you lose it you are not going to cry over it.>> a roller coaster ride. california higher gasoline tax has received its share of criticism. transportation officials say they are looking at ways to charge drivers based on how many miles they drive than the amount of full -- fuel they reason. -- fuel they use. more drivers are getting fuel- efficient cars. it may not generate enough revenue to support those projects that are much- needed. i was pumping gas over the weekend and i noticed prices have gone up. >> they are going up and up, it is the worst. no fun this
6:50 am
morning on the roadways, we've got a couple new hotspots on the south bay, so let's get a look at that over here you've got some delays along 101 two 80 also on highway 17 looks like the busiest is right around 101 northbound, the left lane is blocked for an accident, backed up pretty substantially. here's a live look at delays and this is part of that backup, north 101 at first street. 35 minutes to go to san antonio avenue, that they bout a 25 minute delay this morning. as you work your way along 37 this morning we have been monitoring the troubled spot your claims are open but still very very slow. give yourself an hour to commute from the east bay all the way toward 101, very slow and go conditions your a new wreck reported in that backup as well. the bridge was the better option, looks like we are seeing delays here as well, 25 minutes to go. from marina bay parkway to st. francis boulevard. taking a look at these gorgeous colors that we are
6:51 am
seeing across san jose this morning just a few high clouds is all we are noticing right now, later on you may notice the haze in some of those lot low-lying areas. south of chile right now you will definitely notice that if you step outside without a jacket on. later on you take that jacket off because we are going to see our temperature stay pretty warm well above average we are actually going to stay dry like we have been seeing until at least december 20, a long-range forecast showing high pressures still taking over a lot of california, we are going to see some smoke working our way into our area. looking at this great shot of the skyline there. 35 degrees at concord, 40 in oakland, livermore 36, santa rosa is still below freezing at 30 degrees. that sunrise is happening this morning at 715 and sunset at
6:52 am
450, should be able to get some nice views of both of those today. here's a look at the overall picture of california in the west coast. high pressures still indefinitely dominating, not allowing this low-pressure system down in baja to even nudge its way down at all, no moisture in store for california we are actually going to get some smoke and work its way from the south to the north. because where this ridge is and the clockwise direction of the wind, some -- sending some wins likely. you may not smell too much of that smoke out there we are under a fair the error alert simply because of our weather conditions not necessarily because of the fires. but that is the future casper today, around 1 o'clock this is what our air quality will look like. if you are sensitive of course limit your time outdoors also around the south bay it is going to be really nice to be outdoors. san jose, where does this put us compared to our average conditions? we should be in the upper 50s, we are about 9-13 degrees above average and overall we are
6:53 am
going to continue to stay above average until later this month, we will finally start to see a dip in that high-pressure and then some rain, chances me arise, but not very long. you can see that in our 70 forecast, a lot of sunshine for several days. time now 653 we are still following that breaking news, and early-morning scare in new york city, an explosion at the port authority terminal near times square, new details on the investigation underway next. the worker strike continues in oakland today stretching into its second week, there worker development getting some reason for hope, we will tell you about that next. my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible
6:54 am
and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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6:56 am
live in oakland where the worker strike is entering its second week, but there is some reason for optimism this morning, mediation begins today. the city and the workers union have been at an impasse since
6:57 am
the city made what it called its last offer last thursday, that included a 4% raise for the first year, but the union and the city still disagreeing about what will happen during the second year. this weekend they did agree to work with a mediator to use and by then mediator -- chosen by the union. the strike could and as soon as the mediation begins if, according to the union, the city shows up ready to deal. workers included in this strike, everyone from garbage collectors to the people who work at senior centers and headstart children's programs. the mediator does not have any legal authority but can help sort through the rhetoric in the meantime, the city services and all of the nonessential buildings are going to be closed again today. live in oakland. thank you, it is 657, time for your final five, well, more people will hurt in new york city this morning after a pipe bomb exploded on a pedestrian walkway near times square. it happened around six -- 715
6:58 am
eastern time in a tunnel and the time square subway station, police a 27-year-old man had the explosive device strapped to his body with federal -- beg -- velcro and ties. the massive wildfires in southern california which started about a week ago continue to bring this morning, this is a live look, you can see the flames in the picture right there, flames almost scorched a quarter of 1 million acres, the largest of the fires are still burning out of control, the thomas fire forcing new evacuations in santa barbara caliph -- california. roy moore could be sent to the senate, more to maintain his innocence. today is the last day for victims of the wine country wildfires to apply for federal assistance through fema, loans, grants and other forms of assistance are available. bart is approaching a self-
6:59 am
imposed deadline to get about a dozen of its new trains on the track. the transit agency recently said it hopes to have part of its upgraded suite running by friday. in our biggest trouble spot on the roadways has been highway 37 this morning traffic out of delay hoe over to -- this is eastbound and westbound 37 all those delays are westbound, from an early accident. all lanes are now open for the damages done, richmond bridge, an alternate, but still very slow. taking a live look at our camera right now and that is really pretty, so all we are going to see right now is high clouds this morning, here is our view, ocean beach temperatures are feeling pretty brisk out there in the mid 30s for concord and livermore, still below freezing in santa rosa. something to remember before you start your work week it will be cold in the mornings, but warm and sunny for several days for our afternoon highs. we are going for that again.>> thank you for watching kpix
7:00 am
news. we will have more coverage of that explosion in new york city. cbs this morning is coming up next, have a great day everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 11th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. breaking news. an e a new york city tunnel causes chaos at the height of the rush hour. we're at the busy port authority terminal where police say a man was carrying a bomb that malfunctioned. california's massive thomas fire races north into santa barbara county forcing thousands more people from their homes. 6,000 firefighters are struggling to stop what is now the fifth largest fire in the state's modern history. a cbs news investigation finds more than a dozen women at the elite air force academy who say they were sexually assaulted by fellow cadets. >> it's the


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