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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the sudden death of mayor ed lee. the transfer of power at city hall. next.
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to the senate. but tonight... embattled republican roy now at 11:00 for the first time in years alabama votes in a democrat as mayor. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. we have news on the mayor's life and legacy. and the transfer of power. what happens next. we start with joe. >> reporter: all evening folks have been coming here and dropping off bouquets of flower and lighting candles. dropping them off in front of the building where mayor ed lee has worked for the better of a decade and now he's gone.
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there's an outpouring of love and gratitude as the loss of mayor ed lee soaks in. >> i don't know san francisco without mayor ed lee. i participated in helping him become the mayor. i can't imagine the city without ed lee. >> reporter: this afternoon police officers escorted the mayor's body draped with an american flag to a funeral home in daly city. along the rout, firefighters stood saluting on freeway overpasses. as san francisco's first asian american mayor ed lee was an inspiration to many especially in china town where he worked
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as an activist before becoming mayor. >> the mayor was a tireless activist. >> reporter: the mayor often found himself at odds with progressive and other asian men leaders. - - and other asian leaders. tonight there's a call for unity. >> it's important for us to come together and stand behind the family of mayor ed lee. and expressing my sincere condolences to family, colleagues. >> reporter: ed was not a politician. he did not offer the best sound bite or carry the room with inspoking charisma.
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i ask for your patient and support and i ask for your prayers. >> reporter: she has a full schedule fulfilling the duties of her position tomorrow as she and her colleagues continue to mourn. >> at 65 he clearly died way too early. he clearly had a lot to do and much to give to his city. all of b.a.r.t. slowed to a stop today as the operators made an announcement. mayor lee was not just focused on the big issues
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facing san francisco but the entire bay area. >> reporter: the passing of mayor lee is also being felt by other big city mayors. in 2016 mayor lee appeared on ktvu public television with libby shaaf. saying the three were teaming up to build a regional coalition. >> when we do all of this together we raise the bay area to compete at a worldwide level. because every company that's now accomplished in our city they think globally. >> reporter: throughout the years, the three mayors worked on partnerships. >> i lost a friend but san
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francisco lost a great champion. >> he was so collaborative and he cared so much about working together. and it's a great legacy of him that collaborative leadership. >> reporter: today mayor shaaf released a plan hatched bid lee to head to napa. >> we were going to drive up to napa, have dinner in napa at a napa restaurant to send the solidarity of us mayors. that's a giving, thoughtful person that ed lee was. >> it's another example of how ed was always concerned about how we can bring people together. >> reporter: tonight mayor licardo told us he has spoken with libby shaaf. the possibility of the wine country dinner still exists but
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for now a moment to remember ed lee and his family. so big question, what happens next at san francisco city hall. kpix5's melissa cain reports. selecting a mayor is a big process. >> mayor ed lee is termed out. already in the books is an election in may 2018 to elect a new mayor of san francisco. that's already scheduled. it will happen. but now because we don't have a mayor that's officially e hreblgted we need to find someone. the to find someone who will serve from 2018 to 2019 we're going to have an election of june 2018. that's what we learned today. june5, 2018 is going to be the election for the person that
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will serve that final year. >> the supervisors can vote for a interim mayor to serve the next year. mayor lee worked for the organization for 13 years from 1976 to 1989. by the 90s he headed the city's human rights commission. he also worked as public works director before taking on his final role as mayor. he was appointed in 2011 to finish gavin newsom's term. at the time some called lee the accidental mayor. he promised not to run for the job. but lee broke that promise and
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spent nearly seven years presiding over seismic changes in san francisco. >> we tend to forget, but when mayor lee was elected he faced tremendous challenges here in the city of san francisco. >> maybe that's the first thing one should say about edward ma lee's tenure. the city he leaves behind is much different than the one he inherented. revitalizing mid-market with a tax break aimed at luring tech giants like twitter. >> definitely i want to invite. i want 10 companies to move
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here. >> reporter: the city's technology move brought traffic along with people. people pointing to his reserve friendly style as being detached from the city's growing pains. >> to many people that came across as he didn't emote move. sometimes that's what people want from politicians. >> reporter: tony winnicker was a an advisor to mayor lee. >> the door is wide open now, it's going to happen. >> reporter: the contrast in styles speaks for itself. >> it wasn't about flash it was about substance. >> reporter: if you wanted a mayor that would stay as furious about uber, this is about as angry as you're going to get. >> you want to work with mayor lee because if you don't we're
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going to make a decision. >> reporter: mayor lee was an overwhelmingly under stated mayor. >> mayor lee's political opponents like to draw characatures of him. but he's really one of the nicest men i've ever worked with. >> and that was seen in the faces of the council.
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this was a general sense of shock and grief in a city hall that has experienced plenty of both. >> he has earned our affection because he was one of the sweetest man any of us has ever known and he will be truly missed. wilson walker, kpix5. >> the headline mayor led city in time of change. the people of alabama has spoken. >> this democrat beat an alleged sex molester but moore says it's not over.
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voters in alabama just dealt a major blow.. to president trump. veronica de la cruz tells us: the solid-red state.. is bringing in some blue blood. veronica? tonight voters in alabama dealt a major blow to president trump. the solid red state of alabama is bringing in some blue blood. veronica. >> reporter: doug jones will be the first democrat to serve alabama in the senate in 25 years after nearly defeating accused sexual harassment candidate moore. >> we have shown not just the state of alabama but we have shown the country the way we
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can be unified. >> reporter: tonight zuni cafe passed out free champane in honor of jones victory. moore's supporters cried and prayed as they watched the results roll in. in brief remarks, moore quoted scripture but refused to concede. >> what we have to do is wait on god and let this process play out. if the votes are still comeing in and we're looking at that. >> president trump reacted to jones' win by congratulating him. he tweeted the right end vote played a very big factor but a win is a win. he added republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. moore's victory reduces the minority the. veronica dela cruz. tonight the man convicted of killing sierra lamar has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility
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of parol. sierra lamar disappeared in morgan hill 5-1/2 years ago. a jury found torrez guilty of kidnapping and murder even though sierra's body has never been found. in the courtroom, sierra lamar's mother told torrez quote i find it incomprehensivable that you can do a heinous crime. you have robbed sierra of what god had planned for her. >> have you thought about forgiveness at all? >> no not there. you have to tell us where she is first. >> garcia torrez has 60 days to appeal the life sentence it has the co-owner of a legendary restaurant is facing sexual harassment charges tonight. after former employees at several of his new york restaurants came forward in the new york times with sexual
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misconduct allegations. the article sited two women that say that ken friedmann groped them and shoved their faces in his crotch. friedmann apologized in the times story and has been removed from management operations of the rest ranted. -- restaurant. andrea borba. a man has died after being struck by a vta train in san jose. the man was walking on the tracks on first and mary street. >> there were 100 passengers on board. none of them reported injuries during the incidents. they've been transported safely on another train. >> you can see yakuba ouattara
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-- i was up to my chins when we were going in there. we took anything that could have been damaged from the floor and moved it. >> the store had some roof damage but no one inside or on that bus got hurt. after a week on the picket lines, oakland city hall was back to work. >> reporter: today was the first full day of work after
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the strike. these pink fliers quite literally the first sign that the city's p public works is back at work. >> they're trying to get away from here as quickly as possible. >> this man did not want to talk on camera but told me that he would rather live on the street than a tool shed. james told me he was one of the first in the city to accept the city's invite to move into the tool shed. >> it's been beautiful. >> the impending eviction has been part of the city's plans all along.
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but as soon as they get evict tomorrow, they will simply move into another tent city. two new backage claim carousels. the airport serves 13 million passengers each year. a lot of people coming to the bay area for the beautiful weather. >> why not. why not travel to hawaii. we have sunshine, we have pleasant temperatures. 37 in livermore. it's san francisco running warmer.
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43 in oakland. 47 in san francisco. radar is dry, has been pretty much the entire month. we should have an inch and 2/3 of rainfall in san francisco. instead, .02. snow pack for the season. not looking that great. 37% statewide. just 27% in the north sierra. we could use snow and rainfall but mother nature right now has other plans. that other plan is this ridge. my gosh we've been talking about it for a week and a half. this is coming from hawaii. if it went due east it would hit cabos. rather than mexico it's moving to canada. it'll be very interesting on where it will specifically go. if this happens we may get a
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shot of cold arctic air right before christmas. if you think it's chilly outside now that scenario keeps us very chilly. it's not chilly it's 9 degrees above average. hazy sunshine in walnut creek. another mild day in san francisco. high of 64. windsor and lake port also in the 60s. we're waiting for a change in the weather. we will keep waiting for a change in the weather because it's once again not coming until the next seven days. maybe by the middle to end of next week. why are we begging for rain in december. haven't we done this before or enough recently. >> we just know what can come. >> we don't want too much when it does arrive. >> exactly. thank you paul. a bay area battle against killer robots. here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen
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colbert. >> kpix weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. ♪
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movie. tonight a video about killer robots.. yes, killer robots.. has san mateo county taking it looks a little something like something from a science fiction movie. >> a movie about killer robots has san mateo county taking
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action. this fictional video is what supervisor david canaba feels will happen. >> now is the time to act before we feel the threat is present. none of us will be safe. even inside our homes if autonomous weapons are allowing to proliferate. they will take it up again january 24th. jose conseco's take on sexual harassment just cost his him baseball gig. we'll explain next. ♪ toyland, toyland
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harrassment claims...canseco claims he'd been molested by women and never complained be jose conseco is in hot water for his tweets. he claimed he had been molested by women and never complained because in his words it was a
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turn on. he adds these women are just racists against ugly men. conseco will not return as an a's analyst next season. aaron rogers announced he has been medically cleared to play football and will start against north carolina. packers are just one game behind for the final wild card spot. according to the odds, on offensive line men, it don't mean anything if they dope beat dallas sunday. >> if we don't win sunday, --
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callahan likes to catch up on games but he says these days tv networks don't show long enough highlights. >> before i go to bed i will watch whatever highlights are on. but since they stopped nfl prime time. i feel the highlights don't tell as good of a story. you only get a couple from each game. i'm definitely off with that compared to when i was younger. >> if you're watching at home you need to watch game day. every sunday night 11:30 kpix. >> i'm wondering what the 49ers chances of winning the super bowl are. and the raiders. >> 49ers are favored to win a football game. they face tennessee this sunday. must win. >> you heard it here first. >> on game day. >> thank you.
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good night.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> and we leave you with images of the memorial outside of city hall for mayor ed lee. at long last, we am find out if roy the rep nominee who has been accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl, will be elected to the u.s. senate ♪ ♪ >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, who wants moore? plus, stephen welcomes tom hanks katy tur and mac demarco sitting in


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