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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 16, 2017 2:07am-2:38am PST

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separate sea lion attacks. tonight one of the men who was bitten says he has a warning for swimmers. it was the first word that came to mind when swimmer christian isberg came face to face with a 400-pound sea lion. >> no. >> i said no because i was saying no to death. he got one tooth on me like that right here. ripped a good piece of skin off. >> he was still hospitalized when he heard about a second attack. a swimmer named rick melville bitten in the groin area. >> he just came here shocked. he just wanted to get to the hospital. >> reporter: witnesses
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captured a picture of melville being helped from an suv to an ambulance. >> it's going to be very difficult to know if it's a single sea lion that's attacking swimmers. >> reporter: melville says he will swim closer to shore and he warned fellow swimmers. >> learn about these majestic creatures. learn to respect them, learn to give them distance, learn to defer to them. >> there's a different reasons why a sea lion would attack. it could be a young sea lion being territorial or it could have been sick or feeding near by. a red flag warning is in effect for all the bay area hills. bryan acme joins us.
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a bit unusual for mid-december. >> it doesn't happen often. but it's been a few years. warnings have been posted area wide. the combination to the north, high offshore. strong winds right through sunday morning. that's why there are wind advisories posted. we're going to have these conditions through sunday morning. we're going to have the complete forecast coming up. tonight pg & e say s if those winds get too strong it is prepared to cut off the power lines just to make sure that it mitigates the fire risk. >> we're following breaking news. a deadly crash in dublin. the incident happened at 8:30
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on a connector between 580 and 680 that's close to the dublin- pleasanton train station. they believe it may have been a suicide with the man putting himself in the path of traffic. >> early indications show that the person put their vehicle in park, and jumped from the overcrossing landing on the transition road below it where it was struck by multiple vehicles, the body was. >> reporter: chp hopes to reopen all lanes by 11:30 tonight. hundreds showed up to say goodbye to mayor ed lee. his body lay in stay tonight at city hall rotunda. >> whether you knew the mayor well. >> he just hard all the time.
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he sacraficed so much. >> reporter: or if you just admired him from the afar. >> mayor ed lee was a great politician. >> it's important for us to remember what a blessing he was to our city. how grateful we are to mayor lee and to his family for sharing him with us. >> reporter: mayor lee returned to city hall for the final time this morning carried in by an honor guard made up of me who were on his security detail. his body lay in state all day friday and city hall's rotunda. >> seeing all these people who lead the city overcome with e emotion is really intense because i look to them as my leaders and my mentors and it's really humbling and it really shows the humanity in all of us and i just think people should remember that and carry on his legacy. >> it's a somber scene watching city leaders say goodbye to one of their own.
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those close to him say, you may have disagreed with his politics, but that his humanity went unquestioned. >> he was very down to earth and always made jokes. and i know they were his own because of how long he waited for your laughter after. >> he was a very nice man. he really wanted to help the city. >> i think he will be remembered as a good man with a good heart. >> reporter: staffers tell us more than 10,000 people came through here today to pay their respects to mayor ed lee. there will also be a celebration of life that will take place here at 3:00 p.m. on sunday. in san francisco, suzy steimel. >> that public memorial for mayor ed lee is set for sunday afternoon. the celebration of life as suzy said will start promptly at 3:00 p.m. we will stream it live on and our our facebook
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page. the embarcadero plaza is being suggested for a name change to mayor ed lee. tonight key gop hold outs a falling in line. the final plan retains seven tax brackets. a family making $75,000 a year would see its marginal rate go from 15% to 12. >> i think that we are going to be in a position to pass something as early as next week which will be monumental. >> reporter: republican leaders made a change to retain the
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support of marco rubio and mike lee. they boosted a child credit to $1,400. low income parents will pocket that cash even if they don't owe taxes. >> people making 20, 30, 40, $50,000 will be able to keep more of their money. >> reporter: the bill slashing the corporate bill permenantly from 25% to 21%. nancy pelosi said in a statement the gop tax gives to the wealthy. according to the joint committee on taxation is
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expected to add $1.6 trillion to the budget deficit over the next decade. >> the state just issued the first few licenses to sell recreational marijuana beginning january 1st. one of those businesses is in anita cruz. kpix5 maria medina talked to the founder tonight. >> that beautiful colorful flower. >> reporter: in just weeks, palatal will open his marijuana business. his was one of the first to get a license to start selling recreational marijuana. >> it has been our dream to become a center to help the public. and now that's coming true. on january 1st, we get to serve to anyone 18 and older. i'm anticipating increased sales of 30%.
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>> reporter: right now californians can use recreational marijuana but need a card. >> it's a safe way to get it no not scary. and a clean way to get it. >> reporter: to get the licenses both dispensaries had to prove they had security including guards. they also have to be away from schools. now they're prepping for what is expected to be a big day for their cannabis customers. they're stocking their shelves and opening their doors. >> we're hoping that we'll be -- we'll see an increase of
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people who are in the cannabis community. this california police officer broke a man's leg then smashed his head. why the police department says this use of force is justified. this man ,$8drw
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it started as a traffic stop and turned violent... including hits from a police officer's baton. reporter tom wait has the video from pasadena. the beginnin a rough arrest caught on camera. it started as a stop and turned violent. >> reporter: watch the beginning of this video. a man is seen grabbing a police officer's baton. the officers fight him off and knock him to the ground. it turns into a beat down with the suspect getting hit with a baton and punched as the officers finally subdue him. this video sparked outrage from some saying that officers used excessive force. so police released this body camera video. >> come on bro.
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there you go. >> come on man. >> you better stop. stop. stop. >> don't get up. don't get up. >> do not get up. >> reporter: the officers repeatedly tell the man to not get up and give them his hands. on the video it appears that the man is restricting arrest. police followed him to the gas station because he was missing a license plate and his at -- his windows were tinted too dark. as far as charges against the suspect, the l.a. county prosecutors office says at this point there are no plans to file any charges. reporting from pasadena. i'm tom wade. today a break in a san jose
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case. alicia vallejo is accused of helping them. the suspect shot and killed cesar sanchez at a mobile gas station on south wind chester boulevard last year. police are still searching for 24-year-old joseph duran. police believe he may have fled the mexico. police do believe it is gang related. an undocumented bay area father spent months in federal custody. tonight he celebrated his freedom with those who fought to make that happen. kpix5's andrea borba reports from marin county. >> reporter: the christmas celebration started early inside the gym. as the school community rallied around hugo mejia who spent six months in a detention facility in elk grove after he went to
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work at travis air force base and a detention order was discovered. hugo was released just before thanksgiving. a crowd including marin county congressman huffman came to welcome the father of three back to san rafael. >> it's a disgrace that for six months this good peacefulman was locked up like a common criminal. >> i thought about my family. always it was about my family. and to be free again. >> reporter: hugo may have won the battle but whether he gets to fight the war depends on what happens with his case in the nine -- ninth circuit court of appeals. if they don't accept to hear the case, hugo who has lived in the united states for 18 years must leave. >> i hope they listen to case and let me stay here in this country with my family. >> reporter: hugo's daughter who was a daca recipient says
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the weight of not knowing what will happen is weighing on her family. >> i am dealing with whether or not people want me in this country and that entire thought resting on my shoulder is definitely a lot to handle. >> reporter: the mejia family says at hand what's most important is to celebrate christmas as a family. and they will handle whatever comes after. >> we've always stayed together as a family, so we have to stay together. the working on overdrive to collectively deliver 60 million packages a day even weekends. a 50% increase over normal volumes. a christmas display has become too popular.
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now police have set down a number of laws to enjoy. >> reporter: if you want to go to rancho cucomonga lights, you have to drive or fly. because walking is no longer allowed. >> reporter: not everyone realized the rules had changed. >> we were surprised. with respect we guys. we like walking though. it's funner to walk. >> reporter: and maybe faster. homeowners say that it seems there's more traffic now that everyone is in their cars. >> i want everyone to be safe
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out here. but i think you don't have to go so drastic. >> reporter: people who still live here and their guests can still walk. >> these are public streets. how do you stop people from walking on streets they pay for. we just want people to come up here and see the lights and have a festive holiday. >> reporter: all over the bay -- all over the bay area and around the world for that matter people are waiting to see santa. we all know santa enlists helpers this time of the year. one of those helpers is eric martin. it was his first day and the lean was out the door. ron zino helped out for years. but when ron died last summer eric stepped in.
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>> i feel today like i'm honoring ron zino. he was the original santa here for years. i have giant shoes to fill. i'm just doing my best right now. it's been a wonderful day. >> a lot of people are trying to find out if santa is going to run into any rain. >> the indications is there's not much in the way of rain coming into the forecast. not for the forseable future. as we look out to the forseable day which looks very nice out there tonight. overnight lows we'll see them mostly in the mid-30, 40-degree range. sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:18 a.m. on your saturday morning. looks like a good weekend. there are those red flag warnings for all the bay area hills. winds will pick up tonight, peak saturday morning. the purple color is the
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stronger winds. this is tomorrow afternoon. and till about sunday morning then the colors and the winds begin to ease up. all because of the come by -- combinations to the soáult. and later in the week, by sunday there'll be northernly winds. it'll be chapped hands weather this weekend, really dry. dry weekend it'll be windy saturday morning. all in all not a bad weekend at all. the winds couldn't above average. for saturday sunny vale at 63 degrees. los gatos tomorrow at 64 degrees. and more sunshine tomorrow than we had today. that cold front moved through, no rain. plenty of clouds today but that will change for tomorrow. we have plenty of sun coming into the bay area and up in
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ukiah that will hold true as well. with temperatures around 60 degrees. expected forecast sunny side up right through midweek. wednesday things will cloud up a little bit. we really probably won't get any rain. that can change but at the moment that's how it's looking. >> lots of things can change. >> you bet, have a good weekend. >> today oxford's dictionary word of the year. >> and the presents are starting to pile up under the christmas tree. here's one from mr. ken the anchor man. we would like to see your holiday light displays share your photos and
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it is youthquake... a significant change arising from the actions - or influence - of young people. p? oxford dictionary reveals the word of the day. >> it's youthquake. it means changes brought upon by young people and -- friday night lights just ahead. including a first for tom brady's high you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. when i grow up...i want a beard like brent burns... hail to the champs in a moment but first up, check out the pros. when i grow up i want a beard like bret burns. san jose sharks hockey a wild one. this one went quick. burns he just scores gold. sharks came from 3-2 down to tie it and force overtime. in overtime sharks took a shot and the canucks attack the other ways. gagne gain. sharks come back, fell shy. final of 4-3. over to basketball now for you. we have jared hash and his bin in white hosted denver. cardinal up nine mid-way. denver commits a will the of
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turnovers. davis heard about that. a pick and a jam the other way. he scored a career high 20. stanford won the game 75-62. with a record just 5-6. all right, football long time sarah coach patrick walsh in sacramento trying to win a title in blue. attacking cowboy. early luke batari to isaiah kendrick. kendrick scored three times and took a while to shake off cajon. coach walsh got the ice bath and the padres tom brady's alma mater won it 38-14 for their first state title in school history. champs at the 2aa level. the giants trade moore to the rangers for future prospects. this is a salary dump deal. saves them $9 million as they go for the illusive big bat. that is sports on a friday
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night as we send you off. >> still waiting. >> we're still waiting for the giants to make a move. >> spring training, mid- february just a few months away. >> i can't believe it just a few have a great weekend. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend.
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if you have time send us your holiday lights. we'll putt -- put them on the air. we'll see you. >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the hd mirrorcam, brought to you by inventel products, llc. yep, they're out there, driving recklessly, causing accidents, and driving up your insurance rates! this is a show about car accidents...
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this screen is build right into the rear-view mirror. it slips over your existing rear-view mirror with adjustable straps, and you have a built-in video recorder, a built-in dash cam. you're not gonna have an extra thing stuck on the middle of your windshield. well, i'll let jim explain how it works. >> so, here's what the hd mirrorcam looks like. this is the camera lens. so small and unobtrusive, it's less than the size of a quarter. you have these flexible straps that are going to wrap around any existing mirror, no matter how large or how small. when you turn it on, right there is your lcd screen, built right into the mirror, where you can view and play back your videos right from the unit. and you can turn off the screen while you're driving, and it will still keep recording. it records high-definition video and audio onto an sd card that goes right into the sd slot. you can use it to record what's happening anywhere outside of your car or inside of your car with the 350-degree swivel lens.
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it has cyclical recording, meaning you can record video on an endless loop. it also has motion detection. [ beeps ] so it'll turn on automatically if it senses any movement of someone walking around your car, for instance. and it has night vision led bulbs that let you capture crystal-clear hd video at night, as well. it also has one-touch picture mode to instantly snap a still photo even while it's recording video. finally, it has a g-sensor. so, if there's an accident, it locks down your footage and won't record over it. the hd mirrorcam is simply the most important tool you'll ever own for your car. >> we've all had experiences with reckless drivers, road rage, fender-benders, or, god forbid, a more serious accident. so, what's the first thing people start doing? >> pointing fingers. >> [ laughs ] right. because no one wants to admit fault and take the chance of getting sued or having your insurance rates go up. before you know it, you could be out thousands of dollars in legal fees, hospital bills, car repairs, insurance deductibles,
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and rate hikes. >> yikes. >> well, that's why the first time you use the hd mirrorcam, you're going to love it because it's gonna capture everything. >> everything. >> can you imagine the power of being able to show the police exactly what happened? >> people are driving crazy these days. they're running lights, they're cutting you off. now with hd mirrorcam, you capture it all. you not only capture the video in hd, but you also capture the audio of anything that's happening inside or outside of your car at any given moment all the time. >> wow. it's like having a black box for your car. >> exactly. >> now, i know that many of you may be thinking "the last thing i need is another piece of technology to worry about." but that's the beauty of the hd mirrorcam. it is so easy to use! and you don't have to think about it at all. >> you know what? let's show everyone just how easy the hd mirrorcam is to use. first of all, it's ready to go


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