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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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look at this. some traffic at sfo. have a wonderful weekend. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, december 22nd, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. stormy weather slows down the christmas travel rush with snow in the rockies and the heavy rain in the midsouth. we'll have the latest forecast and look at potential trouble spots for the record number of americans traveling this weekend. vice president mike pence surprises american troops in afghanistan. our margaret brennan was there. she asked him about the war strategy and cooperating with robert mueller's investigation. republicans say most americans will see a tax cut next year. we ask an accountant to crunch the numbers from three families and see who saves. and oprah winfrey warns
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americans someone's using her name to try and cheat you. how to avoid getting taken by the holiday scammers. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the getaway rush has already begun. >> everything's kind of backed up. >> packed. >> a record number of holiday travelers battle the elements. >> travel is going to be tricky. we're tracking three systems. >> flood advisories going on there. >> big snow in the morning. >> the united nations voted to condemn the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. >> this vote will make a difference on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the u.n. and this vote will be remembered. >> shut down averted. congress passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government running through january 19th. >> vice president mike pence making a surprise visit to afghanistan to encourage our troops. >> we're sending a deafening mess am to the enemy that we're
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here. >> big change announced today at alphabet, the parent company of google. eric schmidt is stepping down as executive chairman. >> all that. >> oprah has a warning about social media, a scam targeting her many fans. >> and all that matters. >> i'm heading over right now to walter reed military medical center to say hello to some of the bravest people anywhere in the world. >> president trump awarded a purple heart to a 25-year-old lieutenant injured in afghanistan. >> on cbs this morning. >> legendary broadcaster dick enberg has died. >> remarkable career in sports broadcasting. >> you name it, enberg covered it. who can forget his catchphrase "oh my." >> onward and upward and i guess that would be the obvious what i should say now, oh, the heck with it, i'm going to say it any way -- oh, my! >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places.
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welcome to cbs this morning. i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. we are thinking of dick enberg -- >> we sure are. >> so many super bowls and wi wimbledons. >> terrific career. a record number of americans are traveling this holiday weekend. and winter storms could cause major problems for millions. storms are expected to bring flooding, sleet, snow and bitterly cold temperatures from tennessee to montana and all the way up to maine. >> a lot of territory. parts of the northern plains in the northeast could see up to a foot of snow. snow has already created dangerous driving conditionings in denver. slick roads led to multiple collisions there. meteorologist danielle niles is tracking the holiday forecast. >> not what we want to see. stormy weather coast to coast with winter weather advisories
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and flash flood watches here for heavy rainfall from eastern texas back up through kentucky. snowing already in the higher elevations of montana, stretching back through the cascades. a storm system comes in off the pacific. heavy rain with localized downpours and flash flooding risks tonight into tomorrow, from kentucky, flashing to texas. interior ice in new england. with snow showers from the northern plains stretching back into idaho and into wyoming. through the day on saturday, next storm system impacts the coastline of the pacific northwest on sunday as well. how much snowfall, about a foot or more from upstate new york and across the interior of new england. 3 to 6 inch swath here from nebraska, stretching to the cascade mountains. and cold air comes in behind it. from sunday into christmas day with highs only running in the single digits on christmas morning. >> glad i'm staying on my sofa, danielle, thanks. the holiday travel rush got off to a rough start this morning at dallas love field airport. a small fire forced the evacuation of the main terminal.
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after 45 minutes, passengers were allowed back in. but rescreening could cause delays. >> aaa says more than 107 million americans will pack airport, roads and railways. more than 97 million will travel by car. nearly 6 million will fly. about 3.5 million are going by bus, boat and train. don dahler is at new york's la guardia airport. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i know what you're thinking, there is no place on earth you'd rather be than la guardia airport on one of the becausist travel days of the year, crowded in with a few thousand of your newest best friends here. they've wised up from years past so they get here early, get checked in. it's been going in ways. it's been really packed at times. and then it quiets down. it's definitely the beginning of the peak holiday year end travel season. aaa says that airfares are about 20% lower this year than in
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years past. of course, low airfares means more crowded airports. the travel agency projects an increase of just over 3% compared to last year. here in new york, the seasonal increase in travel is matched with the rise in police presence of course. people will see plenty of state troopers with bomb sniffing dogs and automatic weapons. the more than 8 million or 6 million excuse me expected to fly over the next two weeks. could see new security changes like this new automated screening equipment. it was just rolled out in boston. and is already in place in a few other large airports. passengers will also be asked to remove divided larger than a cell phone from their carry-on bags. the tsa, which this say line right here you can see moving well right now. the tsa is adding about 1,400 agents at the 50 largest airports around the country. they're also adding 55 more canine teams. so you'll see them sniffing
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around. gayle. >> you are so right. i was thinking, god, i wish i could be near gate d-1. there's an aunt annie's pretzels near d. can't walk by there without falling to that smell. >> that's so true. >> you're welcome. thank you, don. thank you very much. vice president mike pence is returning from an unannounced trip to afghanistan. pence met with american troops. help said the trump administration is committed to the war that the u.s. has fought for 16 years now. he gave the same message to the afghan government. only on cbs, the vice president spoke with margaret brennan at bagram air base in afghanistan. >> reporter: vice president mike pence made an unannounced visit to afghanistan, landing overnight for key meetings with its leaders and to visit u.s. troops. there are now more than 14,000 u.s. boots on the ground. reassure them, but also we spoke to them about the trump
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legislative agenda and that ongoing russia probe. >> the president made it clear we're going to stay in this fight for our security and to achieve a victory here in afghanistan. but he asked me to develop a relationship with president ghani. >> how often do you speak with him? >> it seems like we speak once a month. i met with president ghani today. heard about the parliamentary elections next year. >> is he giving you a day? >> he told me the plans are on track for parliamentary elections next year presidential >> on the heels of this win on tax overhaul, how do you approach 2018? >> to see the congress and the united states come together, pass the largest tax cut in american history, was deeply inspiring to me. >> do you see a toehold to get more done? >> you'll see them move on vigorously to an agenda that will include infrastructure and welfare reform. >> reporter: one of the things that i know frustrates the
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president, and i'm sure it must also stick with you, is the degree to which the russia probe continues to overhang all the things you just laid out. >> special counsel has a job to do. we're fully cooperating. >> when you say you'll cooperate, you mean you personally are willing to cooperate with bob muler? >> we've been fully cooperating with the special counsel's office and we'll continue to. >> just clarify how you understand what happened with mike flynn when he was fired. did you know he lied to the fbi? >> what i can tell you is i know he lied to me. i know the president made the right decision with regard to him. >> due to security concerns, pence's visit was a closely guarded secret with reporters in a total media blackout until just before his departure. he is the highest ranking u.s. official to visit afghanistan since the trump administration decided to intensify its military engagement here this
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summer. for cbs this morning, margaret brennan, bagram. >> thanks, margaret. the trump administration says it will ignore and remember a u.n. vote to condemn its recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. in a nonbinding resolution, 128 nations denounced the decision. calling it null and void. just nine countries voted to support the u.s. while 35 others abstained. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when president trump announced here on december 6th he intended to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and recognize jerusalem as israel's capital, he said he was merely doing what a law signed by bill clinton in 1995 said he should do. true. but no american president had implemented that law, deciding it was wiser to leave the status of jerusalem to peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians. the u.n. vote amplifies critics who say the president's move has jeopardized that very peace
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process. >> the united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack -- >> reporter: president trump's ambassador to the united nations warned member countries that condemning u.s. solidarity with the israeli government will have consequences. >> this vote will be remembered. >> reporter: 128 countries ignored the warning. among them, u.s. allies britain, france, germany, italy and japan. joining the u.s. and israel were only seven other countries. guatemala, honduras, marshall island, micronesia, nauru. >> they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and vote against us. >> reporter: president trump said wednesday the u.s. could cut off funding to countries that cross him. >> let them vote against us. we'll save a lot. >> reporter: president obama's cia director john brennan called the president's threat to retaliate beyond outrageous. and said mr. trump showed
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qualities, quote, found in narcissistic vengeful autocrats. >> it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. >> reporter: the president's decision to recognize jerusalem and his intention to move the u.s. embassy there set off days of protests and earned condemnation from arab nations and european allies. >> america will put our embassy in jerusalem. no vote in the united nations will make any difference on that. >> reporter: the state department said after the u.n. vote the threat to cut off funds is real but it did not identify any nation that might, in fact, have its foreign aid reduced. next year, the united states is scheduled to dole out just under $26 billion in foreign aid. >> major, thanks. congress faces a very busy new year after putting off some major decisions until after the holidays. lawmakers did pass a temporary spending bill to keep the government running through january 19th.
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that includes short-term funding for the children's health insurance program known as chip. it sends authorizations of the government's warrantless surveillance program. the measure adding $81 billion in disaster aid for hurricane and wildfire victims passed the house but it stalled in the senate. congress returns january 3rd. president trump is signing the tax bill this morning before heading to florida. chief washington correspondent and "face the nation" anchor john dickerson with us. lots to talk about. once again congress punting on this spending bill. >> yes, that's right. nobody was going to have a showdown right before christmas but this has caused tension in both parties because these spending bills are the way you use leverage to get done what you want to get done. now all of that leverage and fighting, including a lot of promises made to get the tax cut bill passed, those are all bottled up for when this comes up again in january. >> big achievement going into the new year. how well has this -- how well has the gop and the president who control congress position themselves for the midterms at this point? >> it's interesting. the president's got a lot of
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achievements. the president's got achievements in lowering regulations, on judicial nominations, all that. but if you look at his approval ratings, they are at historically low levels. the republican party's approvals are low. the hope among republicans is that with this tax cut bill that will improve. the support for the tax cut bill is in some pulls 36%. they've positioned themselves extremely well with the base of their party but the question is how big is that and how will that pay off in the off year election and will they turn out and, by the way, there's a lot to happen between now and election day, believe me. >> the election of doug jones change the game a little bit in alabama, made the race a little tighter, 51-49. so what issues do you think mitch mcconnell needs to focus on? >> getting 60 votes -- if you look at what democrats are seeing in their base, they're seeing that their dislike of donald trump is keeping their base riled up. why would you give donald trump a win? that's the way the democrats --
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on the other hand what republicans will try to do on an issue like infrastructure is take an issue that's popular among democrats and say here you go, we want to put something on infrastructure through the congress, will you join with us? that will be an interesting early battle. in addition to infrastructure, the question of entitlements. paul ryan wants to get to it. a big deficit problem caused by the tax bill. mitch mcconnell has said we're not going to do it. they don't even like calling them entitlements. so if that really gets joined it will be a tough fight. >> you don't want to go over what happened in the general assembly, recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. how does this play out as the u.s. looks to the world for help on north korea and iran and cooperation on other issues? >> that's right. you have this very -- there's a disconnect between, on the one hand, saying we're taking names, we -- >> america first. >> america first. the president, even when he spoke at the u.n., saying using the body to create the world pressure on north korea and also
7:16 am
using the body to say to china, you want to be -- it's part of the way they're putting pressure on china so you want to be a player on the world stage, you will gain favor on the world stage by helping us with north korea, so you have to believe in the notion of a world stage and the notion of collective views from other countries. on the one hand, you need that to exist. on the other, you say we're going to take names. there is a disconnect there. but there's often been a disconnect between the way the u.s. uses the u.n. and then when it doesn't like what the u.n. is telling it, they say, well, we're going to go our own way. >> nikki haley was very firm yesterday. john, thank you so much. sunday on "face the nation," john will review all the big stories from this year and look ahead to next year's election. that's going to be sunday right here on cbs. >> christmas eve, john dickerson is working. >> wrapping presents under the
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table. >> i will be watching. google's longtime leader who helped make it one of most powerful and successful companies in the world is stepping back from his leadership role. eric schmidt is leaving his job as executive chairman of google's parent company alphabet next month. vladimir duthiers of our streaming network cbsn looks at what the shake-up could mean. >> reporter: eric schmidt will continue to serve on alphabet's board of directors and will be an adviser. the company hasn't said why this transitioning is happening. in a statement, schmidt says he plans to expand on his work and signs him technology issues and philanthro philanthropy. schmidt saw the company expand to more than 70,000 employees. schmidt was a visible presence in washington. he sat on a white house roundtable back in june and had numerous meetings at trump tower with then president elect trump. schmidt was also involved in hillary clinton's campaign for president. leaked e-mails from john podesta's account showed he offered her strategic advice in
7:18 am
2014. schmidt has been criticized for his views on user data and privacy. in '09, he said if you have something you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place, anthony. >> vlad, thanks. we learned overnight that dick enberg, one of the busiest and best knownhistory, has died. his 60 year career could be summed up with his simple catchphrase. >> the heck with them, i'm going to say it any way, oh my! >> it's all over! it's all over! muhammad ali has won. oh my, u.s. open champion, how does that feel? >> i just got an oh my from dick enberg, how about that? >> enberg brought energy and knowledge to his play by play of grand slam tennis, the nfl, major league baseball, college basketball, golfing, the olympics. he even hosted game shows and appeared in movies.
7:19 am
enberg's family says he colla e collapsed at his california home yesterday waiting to take a flight to boston. dick enberg was 82. >> he had such a great career. his daughters said they knew something was wrong when he didn't show up in boston. he was part of our lives, anything. >> we're going to miss that voice. >> boy, people really loved him very much. ford's ceo is apologizing after a "new york times" investigation revealed decades of sexual harassment at two factories. ahead, "the times" jodi kantor will be here to share how this investigation gave a voice to
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>> boy, people really loved him time to check your local
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covered california coverage is today. if you enroll after the deadline at midnight.. you will not have cove good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. the deadline to sign up for "covered california" coverage is today. if you enroll after the deadline at midnight, you will not have coverage until february 1st at the earliest. in antioch, flames tore at least five abandoned buildings around 10:00 last night on madill street. another building caught fire later on "a" street. no one was hurt. the fire department is investigating the possibility of arson. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. happy friday. it's time now 7:27. we are tracking a pretty nice and easy ride for drivers heading along the nimitz near oakland near 66th much different than yesterday. speeds in the green in both
7:28 am
directions if you are heading over to the airport. we are tracking an earlier problem just cleared to the shoulder southbound 880 at whipple. no major delays and we have the san mateo bridge starting to get heavy westbound but we are still in the green for our travel times heading over to 101. let's check in with liz on the forecast. >> you know, it's officially winter now and it's definitely feeling like it. that freeze warning we have been talking about all morning long it's been extended for the next hour and a half until 9:00 today. so here's a look right now. temperatures out the door still freezing in santa rosa, livermore, inland valleys where it's the coldest. we still have frost advisories along the water along the coast, 41 in pacifica, 43 right now in san francisco. this afternoon's highs will see a lot of sunshine and mainly 50s. sunshine through the next week.
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♪ ♪ we are waiting in the wings for you ♪ ♪ you never back down ♪ we hold these truths to be self-evident ♪ ♪ all people are created equal ♪ include women in the sequel never gets old. hamilton was an enormous hit when it officially opened in london last night. 1,500 people packed into the theater to see the overseas debut. the star-studded audience included "breaking bad" actor bryan cranston. there he is. and the show's creator of
7:31 am
course. tickets are sold out until march. >> no easier to get a ticket there than it is here. >> no, it's true. i love the track. everybody has a favorite song. welcome back to cbs this morning. 90% of holiday travelers will be driving to their destinations this weekend. those drivers will face the most expensive year in gas prices since 2014. december's national average is $2.47 a gallon, up 28 cents from last year. the good news, aaa expects prices to drop at least 5 cents by the end of the year. >> enrollment numbers show strong interest in health coverage under obamacare. nearly 9 million people signed up on the federal exchange for 2018. that's down 4% from last year. the high number is a surprise as the trump administration shortened the sign-up period and cut funding for outreach. the republicans removed the individual mandate for americans
7:32 am
who don't have health insurance. >> and the world's richest lottery is taking place this morning in spain. el gourdo or the fat one is played each year at christmas. schoolchildren present the winning balls to the judges while singing out the numbers. $2.8 billion goes to winners of 25 million prizes. the top prize for winning tickets is about $474,000. >> all right. we've reported this here on allegations of sexual harassment against powerful people from hollywood to capitol hill to the media. but a new investigation by "the new york times" gives voice to people in blue collar jobs. the article explores decades of sexual misconduct allegations at two ford auto plants in chicago. >> the day that really sent me over the edge, i was loading a robot and he walked into the same cell that i'm in and grabs my behind. i turned around for him and i
7:33 am
said, keep your hands to yourself. as i've told you plenty of times before, i'm not interested. >> cbs news contributor jodi kantor is a "new york times" reporter. her colleagues broke the story about harassment at ford after talking to more than 100 current and former employees and industry experts. she has reported extensively on several harassment allegations including those against harvey weinstein. j jodi join us once again at the table. you caught my eye with this tweet. if you've read our stories about harassment among the famous and elite, please promise me you'll also read this shattering tale set on ford factory floors. shattering is the word. what these women endured. please give us a sense of what these women put up with for years. >> this is some of the most flagrant behavior we've heard about in all of our investigation this year. my colleagues spoke to many women who, from the very first day of work, encountered
7:34 am
harassment. fresh meat was yelled out as they entered the factory, almost a signal of what to come. they were groped, they were propositioned. and work was used as leverage. one woman basically had to sleep with her supervisor, she says, in order to get the timetable she needed to make day care arrangements. >> no, they were offered $5 for oral sex and told you should take that as a compliment. one woman called peanut butter legs. what does that mean? because it's the color of your legs. the kind of legs you like to spread. i just thought it was so despicable. >> one woman was bitten on the butt. the other significant thing about these findings is that they stretch across 25 years. and what we've tried to do in our reporting this year is not only talk about the harassment, but talk about the systems that enable it. and part of what's really striking about this case is that the union basically failed to address these complaints. the union became very divided in its mission because it seemed,
7:35 am
according to the women, more concerned with protecting male workers who were accused of harassment than really taking up for the women's cause. and the eoc got involved. that's the federal agency that is supposed to come bat sexual harassment. ford knew what was happening, instituted new training that faded away. so as we head into 2018, what i think we're all thinking about is how do we actually change the american workplace? are we going to be sitting here this time next year having the exact same conversations? or is there some sort of path forward? >> you talk about the institutions that are around us. we have heard from ford's ceo jim hackett who issued a letter to employees yesterday saying it was gut-wrenching to read "the new york times" and saying this, there is absolutely no room for harassment at ford motor company. there will be no retaliation against anyone who speaks up. what was there about prevention? >> prevention and also accountability, right. that was a very powerful letter from the ceo. that was ford's strongest signal
7:36 am
to date. many of these women, including the woman you showed at the beginning, suzette, had talked about for years she wanted an apology from ford. she got a powerful one yesterday in the form of this letter that was sent to all employees. what we do not know, however, is what the accountability is for this happening. because the sad truth many people feel that unless somebody can be fired for sexual harassment or face serious job consequences, nothing really changes. >> the united autoworkers union, which is one of the most powerful unions in the country still, has said it has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. as you point out in the article, they're obliged to protect both the accuser and the accused. >> and in this case, one of the union officials who was supposed to be helping the women was actually accused of sexual harassment itself. >> they view it as episodic, not systemic.
7:37 am
very surprised, based on what you laid out in this article that that was their response. >> the situation inside the factories that susan and catherine reported was more complicated. there were people who tried to help the women. there were men who stood up for the women. it's not that it was a one dimensional portrait. but what they came away with was this stubborn and pervasive sense that this was the culture at these victories and it was incredibly hard to change. >> i love the women saying, you know, there's been so much about me too and they're saying what about us and you all certainly addressed that. it is a must read. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. dick clark productions announced it cut ties with the miss america organization over vulgar e-mails reportedly sent by pageant leaders. the internal e-mails were published yesterday by the huffington post. they show ceo sam haskell and a lead writer ridiculing past winners for their appearance and sex lives. in one exchange, he likens the former contestant to a blimp.
7:38 am
dick clark productions which produces the pageant said in a statement they were aware of the e-mail several months ago and after a comprehensive investigation, they terminate thread relationship with miss america. miss america released a statement condemning the language and then apologizing for the situation. >> scammers are using videos of oprah winfrey to try to steal your money. ahead, oprah's warning to fans on social media and how to spot a fake account compared to a real one. we invite you to subscribe to our cbs this morning podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. you're watching cbs this morning. s and podcast apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ sigh ] aw, come on. i would do anything to sing with you guys again. one last show together. [ all cheering ] it doesn't seem like a disaster waiting to happen. let's acca-finish this. ♪
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hi, everybody. i just wanted you to know that somebody out there is trying to scam you using my name and my avatar on social media. >> our friend oprah winfrey is warning fans about a new holiday scam. oprah, a "60 minutes" special contributor, released this video
7:43 am
on instagram yesterday. she told followers not to give sensitivity information to anyone posing as her on social media. the oprah winfrey network said, quote, we have notified the social media platforms who are working diligently to deactivate these accounts. this impersonation is called a like farming scam. jericka duncan shows us how you can spot one. jericka, good morning. >> reporter: full disclosure, one of my friends almost fell for this. like farming is when a fraudulent account uses eye catching posts to rack up likes and followers. victims could be exposed to malware or have their personal data compromised and in this case people were duped into believing they would receive cash from winfrey herself. >> it's a fraud, it's a fraud, it's a fraud! >> reporter: oprah winfrey is on the offensive against online scammers pretending to be her. the fake accounts popped up on instagram this month, promising to give $5,000 to each of their first 100,000 followers.
7:44 am
their names suggested they were affiliated with own, oprah winfrey's tv net work, and their posts even celebrated winfrey's kindness. >> let's get ready, favorite things 2017. >> reporter: these fake accounts often used real videos like this one from winfrey. the video even shows winfrey with our own gayle king. >> look how it can fit in your purse. >> i love! >> reporter: but profiles like this don't have blue check marks indicating they are verified instagram accounts. >> somebody out there is trying to scam you using my name and my avatar on social media asking for money if you sign up for an own account on instagram. >> it's christmastime. you're taking advantage of people. >> reporter: 63-year-old retiree victor ockleberry recently saw a facebook post saying winfrey and tyler perry were giving away
7:45 am
cars. he said he became suspicious when people were asked to send money to jamaica to cover taxes and fees. >> if they hadn't said that i won, more than likely, i with would have sent $750 to jamaica because that's just how much i believe in tyler perry and oprah winfrey. >> reporter: winfrey had been responding to commentators on her official instagram account, letting them know she's not involved in any giveaways. >> don't give up any of your bank accounts or personal information to anybody posing as me or anyone else for that matter. and have a merry christmas. >> instagram spokeswoman told cbs this morning, quote, we apologize to oprah and any instagramers who may have been affected by these fake accounts. when we catch violating activity, we work to counter and prevent it, including blocking accounts. about 100 phony winfrey accounts have been removed so far. >> wow, that's a lot. >> i'm glad to see instagram is
7:46 am
taking action. i did actually watch oprah's instagram post last night. i like at the end how she says have a merry christmas. >> i think oprah be mad about this, that's what i think. it's sad when you see the man who said i trust oprah and tyler so much. if they said it, i would do it. >> remember when she gave away cars? >> exploiting people's faith in people like that. >> yes. >> the rule of thumb is don't ever give away your banking information to anybody you don't know. >> well, oprah cleared it up. thank you, jericka. i'm glad we did that. i'm glad we did that story. >> not in the mail. the official check. >> that's right. >> all right, up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including bought coin's dramatic plunge. and the woman who shot and killed her husband. how her lawyers used high-tech visuals to try to prove it was self-defense. but firs
7:47 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. louisville courier journal says papa john's ceo will step down. he spoke against the anthem protest. he'll remain chairman of the board. apple is being sued by iphone users. the lawsuits began after apple admitted that it deliberately slowed down those older iphones to prevent unexpected shutdowns. yesterday two consumers filed a proposed class action breach on the apple suit. they have not commented yet. >> this was a conversation at dinner last night.
7:52 am
"fortune" says bitcoin has dropped. that's a 30% drop from its record high $206,000 at the beginning of its week. it was around $1,000 when it started. it's moving into other digital currencies. many americans are questioning whether the tax plan will be as good as republicans say. ahead we look at the savings for families under different income brackets under the new code. we've got them broken down for you. plus save $50 on the neon nitro 8. now through saturday. toys r us. today we play. type 2 to test people's knowledge about so you have type 2 diabetes?
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the scene of a one-alarm home fire in hayward. it began just after two this mo good morning. i'm michelle griego. crews are on the scene of a one alarm home fire in hayward. it began just after 2 a.m. on minerva street. two people had minor smoke inhalation. there were no major injuries. a richmond police officer is set to be arraigned today in connection with an armed standoff at a hotel in san francisco. philip sanchez faces felony charges for the sunday incident. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. 7:57. happy friday. a a light drive on the san mateo bridge in the green in both directions between 880 to 101.
7:58 am
we are tracking an accident causing a bit of a backup along southbound 101 approaching millbrae avenue. it's no longer blocking lanes but speeds dip below the limit there around 50 miles per hour as you pass sfo. and your ride along 101 though, still looking a-okay up and down the peninsula. let's check in with liz now on the forecast. >> good-looking traffic on this holiday weekend. all right. thank you, jaclyn. out the door right now, it's all about these cold temperatures. we're still seeing some areas below freezing especially in our inland valleys. santa rosa, fairfield, livermore. and they did extend the freeze warning until 9 a.m. today. 39 now in oakland and 41 in pacifica. warming up to the 50s pretty much around the bay by this afternoon, a lot of sunshine, 56 your forecasted high in san francisco. similar story for tomorrow. sunny through the next seven days. ♪
7:59 am
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♪ well, be merry and bright because, good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 22, 2017, three days before christmas. ahead, president trump's victories and shortfalls in his first year in office and how he could affect next year's collection. ""usa today"" susan page joins us, plus three families hand over tax returns so an accountant can check if they will do better under the new tax plan. you will be surprised to hear the outcome. first here is today's eye opener at 8:00 a record number of travelers traveling this weekend and winter storms could cause major problems for millions. >> in the higher elevations of
8:01 am
montana stretching through the cascades as a storm system comes in off the pacific. there's no place on earth you would rather be than laguardia airport on the busiest travel days of the year. >> you are so right. i was wishing i could be near gate d-1. vice president mike pence made an unannounced visit to afghanistan for key meetings and to visit u.s. troops. the u.n. vote amplifies critics who say the president's move has jeopardized that very peace process. >> how does this play out? >> there's often been a disconnect between the way the u.s. uses the u.n. and when it doesn't, when the u.n. says it is going its own way. eric schmidt will continue to serve on the board of directors. the company hasn't said why the transition is happening two koalas stopped traffic down under, brawling in the middle of the road. >> ian mcgregor, this was a
8:02 am
dead-set epic. >> don't see that anywhere, do you? ♪ that's the australian version of road rage, koalas. they're so cute, you can't even get mad. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. we are glad to be here on this three days before christmas? >> how many? >> three days and counting. norah is doing the official countdown for us. >> what is our motto? >> be merry and bright. a record number of americans are traveling over the holiday period and many could face weather problems. heavy rain is forecast from arkansas through kentucky. some areas are expected to get up to five inches which could trigger flash flooding. >> in the northeast heavy snow and ice are expected across new york state and new england. by sunday, some areas could have eight inches of snow. >> an arctic blast will start to hit parts of the country on
8:03 am
christmas eve. highs from the single digits to the 20s. christmas day is expected to be even colder. some places in the upper midwest are forecast to have highs in the single digits, others below zero president trump is heading to florida to pend the holidays at his maura las vegas owe resort. he leaves washington with a deal to keep the government funded into the new year. on wednesday he and congressional republicans celebrated their first major legislative achievement, passing tax reform. the new president dominated the year in politics with his challenges on the job. >> together we will make america great again. >> russia is a ruse. i have nothing to do with russia. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. >> there was no collusion. there was no nothing. >> if it is possible, would you let me know, am i under investigation? he said, you are not under investigation. regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey.
8:04 am
>> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. >> i hit him with everything. i got the white supremacist, the neo-nazi, i got 'em all. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. >> i said, mitch, get to work and let's get it done. they lost by one vote. for a thing like that to happen is a disgrace. >> a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table! >> paul ryan and mitch, it was a little team. we just got together and we would work very hard, didn't we? it seems like -- it was a lot of fun. it is always a lot of fun when you win. >> so what does the president's first year tell us about where we're heading in 2018?
8:05 am
susan page is "usa today's" washington bureau chief. good morning. >> hey, good morning. >> let's talk first about the russia investigation. you hear from those on capitol hill this may be the most important investigation. where might the special counsel head in the new year? >> well, we know he's doing -- he's been talking to a lot of people. we get leaks out of various aspects of the investigation, not so much from the special counsel himself, that lead us to believe that there is -- he's moving toward looking at whether there was either collusion or obstruction of justice by the white house, by the president himself, by members of his family, by campaign and other aides. this has cast a huge shadow over the white house this year, and that shadow is only going to get deeper and stronger as we go into the new year. >> susan, there's been a 5,000 point rise in the stock market this year, unemployment hit 4%, but the president's approval rating is at 35%. how is that? >> and what a disconnect that is, because typically if the economy is doing well, then the president's approval rating goes
8:06 am
up. that's not been the case this time. those who disapprove of the president cite not so much as treatment of the economy, as handling of the economy, they cite his character and his judgment. those are hard things to change. you know, one thing that's different with this president than previous modern presidents is he has failed to expand the group of americans to support him or think well of him in his firste yea year. his approval rating has declined. it is now significantly lower than any other president in modern time at this point in his tenure. >> i have heard you say the president helped fuel the me-too movement, because i think many people give harvey weinstein credit for that. >> not one factor that accounts for the big cultural shift we see in the country, but when president trump was elected despite allegations of sexual misconduct on his pot, i think people thought it would set a lower bar on sexual harassment in the workplace. instead it has had the reverse
8:07 am
effect. it has stoked the movement that women are becoming very public and being more willing to talk about sexual harassment in the workplace and encouraged others to take them seriously, to believe them. that has been, i think, one of the unexpected consequences of the trump presidency. >> suesen san, you have covered many elections and as we look toward the midterm election, we are hearing the republican national committee is warning the trump white house there could be a blood bath in the 2018 election in part driven by women voters. >> it is interesting. i think democrats are increasingly optimistic they will win control of the house, and republicans are pessimistic that in fact will happen, we will see 24 seats flipped so democrats regain control of the house. some is driven by the new activism and engagement by women voters. we have seen it in the elections we have had in the past year in new jersey, in alabama and in virginia, and also the engagement of women not only as voters but as candidates. emily's list now says that
8:08 am
25,000 women have contacted them, interested in running for office at various levels. >> 25,000? >> an astounding number. how do you assess his first year? >> i think in terms of policy he had a huge impact. i think that in terms of appointments to the federal courts, in terms of repealing regulations, this new tax bill, president trump can count things he has succeeded in doing that he said he was going to do. but politically he is on a very perilous path and that goes to the midterm elections and to this russia investigation. >> will be an interesting year ahead, susan page. thank you. >> thank you. charles osgood, a broadcasting legend and part of the cbs news family, is retiring after more than 50 years on the air. >> thes on g "osgood file." i will see you on the radio. >> he became the long-time morning and has written seven
8:09 am
books at the age of 84. he will step away from "the osgood file" at the end of the year for health concerns. we wish him the best. >> i hope he plays his piano again. >> he did on sunday morning last weekend. >> that's always my favorite. sorry, it is my read. i apologize for that. i got caught up in thinking about charles osgood, that moment you may want to think twice before you put an apple in someone's christmas stocking. ahead, the supermarket the way ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> a woman killed her husband on new year's eve three years ago, but the question now is was it murder. >> i'm tracie smith, "48 hours." this woman killed this man. >> he started towards me and i raised the gun. >> we take you behind closed doors as the lawyers and the forensic's animators strategize. >> we are a dead man and we have a woman whose life is hanging in the balance. >> it is all about the evidence. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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8:15 am
a woman who shot her husband ten times was charged with murder. but colleen mckernan claims she acted in self-defense on new
8:16 am
year's eve in 2014. her defense team hired forensic animator scott rodder to prove the case. he created a representation of had a happened the night of the crime. tracy smith has been covering the case in a preview of tomorrow's 48 hours, she has an in side look at rodder's work. >> i walked down into the hallway and i had the gun at my side. he said, where do you think your going and i said i'm leaving. i'm going. and he started to walk towards me and i raised the gun. and then it was over. it was so quick. and he was on the ground and i was still pulling the trigger. >> my name is scott roder, i'm an evidence specialist. we have a dead man and a woman whose life is hanging in the balance. she's the only eyewitness to this situation. >> scott roder is not a lawyer. not a detective and not a forensic scientist.
8:17 am
his specialty, using evidence to create visual presentations of a >> what was your purpose in firing that first shot. >> to stop rob. i thought my life was in danger. i was just trying to stop him. i was defending myself. >> i believe that colleen mckernan is a cold blooded murderer. >> prosecutor jennifer dave. >> the evidence showed she hot him when he was trying -- she shot him when he was trying to leave. >> was it self-defense or murder. that is the big question of the day. >> colleen has been charged with -- >> cleveland defense attorney ian freedman has hired roder and his company to help convince a jury that his client had only one choice -- kill or be killed. >> there is not going to be any dispute as to who the shooter was, not any dispute as to what the weapon was. >> this particular item is a glock model 26. >> some people were immediately making a judgment for this is a battered woman. >> my daughter is innocent.
8:18 am
she's innocent of murder. >> and then some other people were immediately making a judgment, cold blooded killer. >> i think she's a monster for what she's committed. >> people want to rush to an opinion and rush to the story before the evidence has even been analyzed. i stick to the physical and the forensic evidence. >> it was a terrible nightmare. >> what i want the jury to see is that she had no choice that evening. if she were to protect herself, she had no choice but to do what she did. >> ian basically asks you to recreate what happened that night. >> yes. >> that is going to be a key piece of evidence there. >> this isn't about a motion. >> another entrance to the left back. >> i get the opportunity to explain that to the jury, i think they'll understand -- >> the first shot is the trajectory so that is probably the position he was in. >> do you determine guilt or innocence. >> absolutely not. >> why not. >> that is not my job. that is what the jury does.
8:19 am
>> and tracy smith is with us now from los angeles. tracy, good morning. >> good morning. >> how vital is this forrence animation to the defense's case. >> it can be very important. think about it. being able to show people what you think happened instead of just telling them what happened can be very powerful. and that is why 48 hours hired scott roder as a consultant to take us behind the scenes and see how he builds these animations and helps build a case. >> do juries typically believe, it tracy, what they see. >> that is the thing. it is very controversial and they are not always allowed because even though these are usually based on theory, a lot of juries take them as fact. and in this case scott roder said that this is the most probable thing that happened. but still, it is just one version. it is just his theory. >> tracy smith, thank you. see tracy's full report, the evidence room on a special two hour edition of 48 hours. it airs on saturday night at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on
8:20 am
cbs. many americans are wondering if the new tax plan will save them money or cost them more. well we're going to try to help you figure that out so we asked an accountant to crunch the numbers for three working families. ahead, who will likely see a tax cut and how much could it be. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
8:21 am
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8:22 am
♪ right now it is time to show you some of this morning's he headlines. we're bringing them to you a little earlier than usual so we can have an extended look at the tax plan. the cincinnati inquirer reports that kroger and aldi issued a recall for apples. several varieties of recalled apples were sold in 11 states. no illnesses have been reported
8:23 am
the wall street jurnl loo"w looks at the slow death of the american mall. a typical mall in 1995 includes 142 malls. 20 women's wear and mens wear stores, 17 restaurants and 16 shoe and jewelry stores. i still love them all. >> me too. "usa today" says apple maps finally has a useful feature. indoor airport guides? it gives it an edge over the competition. apple's indooring mapping allows travelers to navigate through airport terminals. you can see what stores are near a gate and check out nearby restaurants. it also tracks your movements through the airport in real-time. it is available in 35 airports worldwide. >> i think that's a good feature. >> it is. very useful. >> i really like that. >> do you have it all right, norah? >> i haven't looked. >> i would like to do that. >> sometimes you end up in a
8:24 am
wing with no restaurants. >> and you literally don't know where you are. >> that's right. >> how often do you feel like that? >> i feel lost often, but i'm comfortable now just so you know. >> your name is anthony. >> thank you. >> okay. >> point me in the right direction. christmas tree established roots in a california family home and their hearts. this tree has been part of the family since 1983. the scotch pine was just two-feet tall when they bought it. instead of tossing it out after the holiday they potted it. 34 years later the family still decorates the same tree. >> it is more than a tree. it is more than a tree. >> you bring it in and go, okay, it is time for you now, come on. i've taken care of you the whole year, now it is your turn, show time. >> they had to cut off the top of the tree so it still fits in their house. that's what gives it sort of an odd shape. the tradition is branching out. the family's oldest son also has a living christmas he troo. he had it for three years.
8:25 am
>> i love that tradition. >> an odd shape, but nic is in custody... in connection with at least one local mail bombing. he faces federal charges of mailing an explosive device, with good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. an oakland man is in custody in connection with at least one local mail bombing. he faces federal charges of mailing an explosive device with the intent to injure or kill. some folks in hillsboro are declaring victory after fighting against plans to build 16 cell phone towers. yesterday the city manager said a contractor for verizon never got an environmental review so all 16 towers were denied. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, time now 8:27. and we are tracking some delays for drivers heading along 101. this is due to an earlier accident that's no longer blocking any lanes. it's as you approach millbrae avenue so just past sfo. you're going to be tapping on the brakes speeds below 20 miles per hour. also getting reports of a fire near 101 and the cesar chavez exit. looks like some smoke reported near the freeway there. here's a live look a little north of there right near the80 interchange at 101 and traffic is fine off the bridge going to the lower deck. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you, jaclyn.
8:28 am
temperatures are starting to rise a bit as we get closer to 9:00. we still have a freeze warning in effect for another half- hour. you can see temperatures still around 31 degrees in fairfield and livermore. santa rosa still 30 degrees. and 43 right now in san francisco. by this afternoon, we are going to see a lot of sunshine around the bay. temperatures will be pretty seasonal maybe a tick or two below average. 56 in san rafael. 56 in san francisco. 58 oakland. once again that's unmostly sunny skies. similar story on saturday. we are going to see a lot of sunshine, dry, mild weather. and then on sunday, for christmas eve, that's when we'll see a few changes. a few more clouds roll in. but any storm system should stay well north of the bay area. and then on christmas day, seasonal weather, great traveling weather. sunny for the next seven days.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." most americans will get a tax cut next year under the plan congress passed this week, but figuring out exactly how much your family will save is tricky. republicans say a typical family of four earning $73,000 will see taxes drop by more than $2,000. but circumstances can vary widely depending on factors like income, the number of children or where you live. tony dokoupil set out to learn how the legislation will affect some taxpayers. good morning. >> good morning. recent polls suggest a sizable number of americans oppose this tax bill, but now that lawmakers have passed it we want to see how folks will fare. we asked households from three
8:31 am
different parts of the country to send their tax returns and we had an accountant calculate how things will change for each of them. >> without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table! >> reporter: as republicans sent the tax bill to the white house, marcy george wondered if it would make a difference in her house. >> it didn't seem as they were going along it would really affect someone like me. >> reporter: a single mother who rents a home in cary, north carolina, her income last year as an administrative assistant was a little under $40,000. >> financially i struggle. i live paycheck-to-paycheck. i make things work. i readjust and rearrange, but we do get by. >> reporter: so will getting by get any easier? we brought her 2016 tax return to jeffrey levine, a certified public accountant at blueprint well it alliance on new york's long island. >> if she were your client, what would you tell her? >> i got good news, you're getting more money. >> he says she will benefit from
8:32 am
a doubling of the child tax credit and he estimates a savings of about $1,300 in taxes. >> that would be more that i would be seeing in each paycheck. so that would be a good thing. >> reporter: amber and jason edwards were also hoping for some good news. >> you know, i hope it alleviates, you know, pressure on the middle class. whether it does or not, i don't know. i guess we'll find out. >> reporter: they're married homeowners with no kids in providence, rhode island. as college educators they took in more than $150,000 last year as they work to pay down their student loans. >> financially we're doing okay. we're certainly not at the poverty level or anything of that nature. >> reporter: jason, who blogs about their finances wanted to know how things would change. >> i actually think they would pay tax on about $12,000 more of income, but because of the lower rate they actually end up saving a little bit of money. >> reporter: levine says the up
8:33 am
can will switch to the newly increased standard deduction, which means a simpler return with no itemized deductions. he thinks they would owe about $650 less than before. >> honestly, i'm a little surprised because, well, what you had said initially you thought we were going to have a higher tax bill. >> right. >> reporter: they're not the only ones. melissa and layne lev expressed concern about next year's taxes. >> i'm thinking they will be higher, and by how much i don't know if i could answer that. i am just thinking they will be higher. >> reporter: married with three children, they own a home in fresno, california. they opened a cycle studio last year and melissa is a pharmaceutical sales rep. their combined income in 2016 was around $300,000. >> we were doing well enough to take a risk and open up a small business in our town. >> it is definitely hard work and a lot of stress when we have, you know, so much of our
8:34 am
worth on the line so to speak. >> reporter: layne and melissa are from california, a very high income tax state. a lot of people are worried, oh, my goodness, this is really going to hurt me. >> they thought it was going to be a big bill. >> i'm not surprised. it is going to help them though. >> reporter: levine says their item eemized deductions including breaks for local and state taxes will be lower but they will not be hit with the alternative minimum tax and will qualify for child tax credits when they didn't before. overall he estimates they will be responsible for nearly $13,000 less in taxes. >> well, that's good. >> i like the sound of that. can i get the accountant's number after this? >> reporter: wait a minute. all three families we brought to you, they're all going to see a decrease in their taxes? >> every single one of those families will have more money in their pocket next year. >> the accountant jeff levine points out his calculations are onliest mat only estimates and he says
8:35 am
everything could change in a few years when the provisions expire. >> good news, but i think you started a fight in the evans family. >> according to that accountant, it will not be as easy as filling out a post card. >> i want to talk about the edwards family. amber had a classic wife move. well, what you said actually was -- i love it. >> indeed. >> what she is really saying is, uhm, you were wrong, you were wrong. >> we get more money. >> tony, thanks. michelle miller gets a lesson on projecting grace from a legendary dancer. >> when you're walking, you know, you have energy coming out of the top of your head. doesn't it help? >> oh, it does. do i look more regal? >> more regal. >> michelle miller can't be more regal. ahead, how
8:36 am
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♪ carmen taught us how to replenish our souls. she taught us survival. and revival. every one of her students loves her.
8:40 am
>> well-said, meryl streep. that's oscar-winning actress meryl streep talking about one of her teachers from the yale school of drama who became a kennedy center nominee. carmen de lavallade broke barriers in dance and brought tears to the eyes of band leaders like duke ellington. michelle miller so lucky she joined de lavallade. i so agree with meryl streep. i love everything about this woman. >> you instantly fall in love with this woman. thank you for giving me this point in my career. i simply adored carmen de lavallade. we met up with her at the baryshnikov arts center in new york city where she demonstrated graceful elegance while walking down the sidewalk. we also visited a school in harlem where the 86-year-old continues to teach. ♪ >> that's right, yeah. a big difference.
8:41 am
>> reporter: if this is the first you have ever seen of carmen de lavallade, you might think of her as a graceful teacher. >> there's a big wind that comes along, goes, whew, there it goes that way. >> reporter: these young women at the dance theater of harlem see someone else entirely. what is it about this lady, you seem to stand her in awe of? >> watching her video, how she dances is mesmerizing. >> young people would come and say, we like you. i say, what do you know about me? but i forget there's youtube. >> reporter: yes, youtube has a way of keeping the past in the present. watching carmen de lavallade dance -- is unforgettable. a trail blazer for african-american dancers who followed, de lavallade credits her cousin and accomplished ballerina janet collins for paving the way for her. >> janet is ten years older than
8:42 am
i and that means i was quite young, and she was already as far as i was concerned an idol. but they couldn't get near a dance class. they -- >> reporter: because? >> well, you could not be with a mixed company. they wouldn't have a person of color in dance class. the other people would leave. that was the time, you see. that was the time, and she never forgot that. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: i can't imagine your knowing your cousin had gone through that, looking at that field and saying, you know what, despite it all you must have had an incredible passion for it. >> because as i was coming up at that time the door was opening, and janet introduced me to lester horton. he had no prejudices, that man. none at all. but he taught us to stand on our own two feet. we had to help make the costumes, the sets, sweep the floors. >> reporter: what did that teach you? >> independence.
8:43 am
and to be fearless. >> reporter: fearless, that's one word to describe de lavallade in motion. the movement measured in style, not steps. >> reporter: movement is your language. >> absolutely. the thing is that it is not a count. >> reporter: so it is not just hitting the right points? >> no. >> reporter: stage, cue? >> it is not counting, it is living. >> reporter: de lavallade's life in dance took several turns. after convincing her high school friend alvin ailey to join her for lessons at the same los angeles studio, the two headed to new york to perform on broadway. that's where she would meet and marry the love of her life, tony-award winning choreographer jeffrey holder. >> he wanted me to be who i was, and i allowed him to be who he was, and therefore it made a very good partnership. >> reporter: both land edden dorsment deals. she appeared in ads for
8:44 am
coca-cola. >> caffeine and no caffeine. >> reporter: while he became the face of 7-up. >> jeffrey loved selling things. i'm terrible at it but he was comfortable at it. >> reporter: holder was comfortable in a number of disciplines. but de lavallade was most at home on a stage. how do you create that presence? >> i don't know. i'll still searching myself. you know, as you age you're in another body, you're in another place. >> reporter: at the recent kennedy center honors, misty copeland, the american ballet theaters first black prima ballerina paid tribute to de lavallade's place in history. >> me, a black principal ballerina, dancing at the metropolitan opera house, i stand on your shoulders. >> reporter: what did you think? >> oh, boy, is that a trip. you know, it was wonderful. >> reporter: and that rainbow ribbon she adorned for the
8:45 am
ovation? came home to new york for another round of applause, this time from a new generation of dancers she continues to inspire. >> she simply -- i mean those kids were in awe of her. you saw how far back they stood. they were just -- she was other-worldly to them. when i got up to speak with them, i said, come on over here, carmen. she walked over. you know what? i got to talk to them more because they're not talking to me. i got to make sure that they know that they have a voice. >> oh, nice. >> at 86 she is still independent and fearless, and such graceful, classic, classy lady. >> i'm so happy she was honored. >> me too. >> nobody is more deserving. >> you did her justice, michelle. >> thank you. i hope so. >> thank you, michelle. >> thank you. you can see the 40th annual kennedy center honors on tuesday, december 26th at 9:00/8:00 central on cbs.
8:46 am
>> you can hear more of "cbs this morning" on our podcast. find them on itunes and apple as post cad app. it will be fun, i promise.
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8:49 am
of. we want to leave with a warm welcome, warm good-bye to one of our ace camera operators. he was here in studio 57. his daughter just finished college so he's moving to saratoga, new york. he loves horses. have a fantastic retirement, dave. without objection the motions are reconsidered. >> we are making americans great again. you haven't heard that, have you. >> your tax relief is on its
8:50 am
way. >> merry christmas, america. >> this is a huge win for the president. >> democrats are highlighting all the promises made that do not show up. >> the american public has to be pretty confused by now. >> they're not confused. look at every poll. 2-1. they don't like the bill. >> the only glaring red flag we see, the fact that the train was going 80 where it should have been going 30. >> the emergency brake was automatically activated. >> is there any way the u.s. can negotiate with north korea? >> anthony, i don't think we can tolerate that risk. america can't tolerate that risk. >> there has to be ways to categorize these allegations, that there's a difference between rape and inappropriate comments in a workplace. >> if there's one group of people who have defined this year, it's been women. ♪ all around the world we've come so far ♪
8:51 am
>> hillary clinton. ♪ [ "chicken dance playing" ] >> how many days until christmas? i'm saying be merry and bright. >> i'll be wrapping presents under the table. >> rome is decked out for the holidays but in the center of it all is a sad tree. >> i don't want a tree that looks like a toilet brush. every tree needs love. >> lithium-ion batteries and smart bags. i got one here. >> now i know what to get you. i'll get you a small fire extinguishers. >> thank you.
8:52 am
♪ come on, sing it for me >> everything good? okay. ♪ >> my father brought us here to be raised in freedom. it means a lot to us, especially to my parents' generation, i think. ♪ boy the way glenn miller played note. >> you really weren't trying to be controversial with "all in the family?" >> i promise you we were not trying to be controversial. it turns out because we were serious, we were controversial. ♪ those were the days >> christian bale. i'm embarrassed. i walked right past you and said where's christian bale. >> she walked right past me, where's christian. >> we can say, you put on some weight, but for a role. >> there's a great program called weight watchers and i highly recommend it for you. >> i can start now. >> after christmas. >> after christmas.
8:53 am
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the deadline to sign up for covered california coverage is today. if you enroll after the deadline at midnight.. you will not have coverage until the death line to sign up for "covered california" coverage is today. if you enroll after the deadline at midnight you won't have coverage until february first at the earliest. >> in antioch, flames tore through at least five abandoned buildings around 10:00 last night on madill street. another building caught fire later on "a" street. the fire department is investigating the possibility of arson. no injuries. the san francisco symphony and half dozen other symphonies have severed tied with a world flame us conductor. four women accuse charles dutoit of sexual misconduct. one of the accusers is a former opera singer who is a lawyer now in the bay area. weather and traffic when we come back.
8:56 am
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happy friday. we have light st. peter's with the exception of drivers on southbound 101. this is right near sfo. we had an earlier crash, no longer blocking languages but the backup continues to stretch beyond 380 at this point. so we're seeing speeds dip to 15 miles per hour. heading in and out of san francisco, 101 at the 80 interchange, you can see that's getting a little crowded but
8:58 am
we're still looking pretty good for a friday commute. holiday time, give yourself some extra time if you are planning to get away for the weekend. here's 880 along the nimitz and you can see traffic doing just fine in both directions. no delays if you are heading to the oakland airport. let's check in with elizabeth on the forecast. >> okay, thank you, jaclyn. let's check the seven-day forecast. a freeze warning around the bay area should just be lifting here in the next couple of minutes. at 9:00. by the afternoon, we'll warm up into the low 60s inland. mid-50s along the coast. no major rain event in our forecast in the next seven days. as you can see by monday and christmas day, plenty of sunshine, staying dry and seasonal. good morning i'm_ the holiday ru really?
8:59 am
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