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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good to have you >> good to see you again, good morning, guys. heading for the bay area commute, we have some delays out there. i'll get to that in just a minute, unless it's time for us to do it now? no, we're checking in with emily. for those of you just waking up, it is chilly out there, 32 in santa rosa. below freezing in fairfield, 30 degrees there. a little bit warmer the further west you go, 49 degrees at san francisco and pacific:the temperatures are going to climb later but i'll tell you what the skies are going to look like coming up. the roads out there, there is an accident in the clearing stages, thanks, emily, at 101 in the southbound direction approaching sierra point and the brisbane area. looks like lanes are open and the earlier delays are out there. heading for the altamont pass, it's looking good, with no big delays heading to and through the tri-valley.
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the chp is mourning the loss of an officer killed on the job una christmas eve. investigators say -- on christmas eve. investigators say the driver that hit his patrol car was drunk and high. chopper 5 was overhead as the tow trucks took the mangled vehicles off the highway. police say that the suspect had just come from a party. >> being a chp officer is a calling. andy he was drawn to this profession due to his courage. >> reporter: a chp officer for only a year. >> integrity and an entire to -- a desire to serve. >> reporter: he loved his job but colleagues say there was much more to the man behind the badge. >> today, we lost not only a hero but a brother, a son, a father to a senseless act. >> reporter: andrew camilleri died just a half hour before christmas day. at around 11:30 last night, investigators say a driver drifted into officer andrew
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camilleri's chp suv parked on the shoulder of 880. he was in the passenger seat, his partner officer jonathan velasquez was behind the wheel. >> do we have the update on the injury of the officer? >> they're working on it right now. >> he will live with this tragedy of seeing his partner die. today is not a holiday for the highway patrol. it's a tragic loss of one of our own. >> reporter: investigators say the driver was speeding on his way home to heyward. the 22-year-old, they say, just left a party drunk and high, likely on marijuana. >> the impact was so severe, it turned the suv into is a compact vehicle. >> reporter: including his father with the caption "rest in peace, son, you are already missed." camilleri, just 33, was a husband and father of three young children. >> children that were expecting his father to come home and help open christmas presents but instead, he chose to work
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today. this is not the way we wanted to celebrate christmas day. >> reporter: investigators say they have enough evidence and witness statements to charge the suspect. in heyward, maria medina, kpix 5. >> flags are flying half staff at the state capitol. the governor and his wife released a statement saying, quote, ann and i are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic loss of officer camilleri who died yesterday while working to keep our community safe. we join his family, friends and the entire california highway patrol in mourning his death and honoring his sacrifice. a lot of firefighters spent their christmas battling the tom fire in ventura county. the fire has burned more than 281,000 acres and is 86% contained. more now from cbs. >> reporter: it is not how nearly 1600 firefighters expected to spend the holiday.
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>> woke up on the cold, hard cement floor, surrounded by snoring men. >> reporter: marquee moss is almost 700 miles away from her home in central utah. >> this is an opportunity that doesn't come very often so i'm glad to be here. >> reporter: since december 4th, the thomas fire has destroyed over a thousand homes and buildings. why did you volunteer to be here on christmas? >> so that other people didn't have to. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> reporter: hot shot firefighter j.p. blair didn't have to be here. >> reporter: you're here for christmas and new year's? >> and my birthday, my anniversary, my wife's birthday. >> reporter: scott spent more than 09 days fight -- 90 days fighting fires from his native oregon to california. spending time with other firefighters, reading cards from a grateful community and seeing a surprise visitor was a welcome escape. >> i've been working in the woods seven years, i never got
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to meet you. >> reporter: like most here, he would rather be with his family. this may not be the only holiday firefighters spend on the fire line. they could be here through new year's with flames not expected to be put out until the first week of january. in the bay area, a christmas display has been lifting spirits after the devastating wine country wildfires. ronny duvall started putting up decorations more than a week ago. he hoped it will help people in the area heal from the destructive tubbs fire. >> i have nothing but good feedback from everybody. you can tell there's sadness and depression because they've lost their homes. interestingly enough, though, they're stopping here and lended a hand twice. >> duvall plans to add one decoration a day every day until he takes the display down sometime next month. >> i had the opportunity to talk with him and he's the
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nicest guy and he even lost his home but he's, like, i'm going to help whoever i can. >> he's doing everything he can. it's a chilly start in santa rosa. you're dipping down into freezing temperatures. let's take a live look at our trans america tower. looking at the bay bridge, it's nice and clear, which means it will be nice and chilly in certain parts. san francisco, 49 degrees. the water is keeping you guys pretty temperate. 40 degrees in concord and santa rosa, 33. oakland 47 degrees. your headlines for today, we have a partly cloudy and chilly start. cool to mild, a little bit later today as the sun comes up. but we do have a spare the air alert. which means it's illegal to burn wood. no fireplaces today. the high temperatures today in the low 60s to the high 50s. along the coast, 57 in pacifica. warmer in the south bay, 63 in
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san jose, 61 san francisco. you're at 58. i will tell you what the rest of the week and your new year's eve looks like coming up. good morning, everybody. in our bridge commutes are looking just fine with no big delays leaving oakland heading into san francisco. the metering lights are still off and westbound traffic is flowing well all the way across the bridge heading into the city. i-80 is moving at the speed limit at this hour. you're looking at live pictures from our caltrans camera westbound 80 approaching gilman street in albany. now the rest of the drive is looking okay. drive times clocking in at a very quick drive for the altamont pass, west 580, clocking in with no delays, just a very fast 10-minute drive leaving the altamont and leading toward the dublin air change. west 80 leaving antioch leading toward oakland area. president trump says he's
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headed back to work today after spending the holiday with his family at his estate in from. his son donald junior posted the picture of the president with his grandkids. first lady melania trump tweeted out her own christmas selfie. the president didn't have warm wishes for everyone. mola lenghi explains. >> melania and i are delightd to wish america and the entire world a very, merry christmas. >> reporter: president trump and first lady melania tweeted a christmas day morning. >> in the season of joy, we spend time with our families, we renew the bonds of love and good will between our citizens. >> reporter: hours later, the president trump posted again, i hope everyone is having a great christmas but tomorrow, it's back to work again. it comes a day after the president took credit for bringing back the expression "merry christmas."
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>> merry christmas, everybody. >> reporter: though in fact, all recent presidents used the phrase. the president spent christmas eve attacking andrew mccabe who had a major role in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. mr. trump believes mccabe was biased in clinton's favor because mccabe's wife, a democrat, received a large contribution from a clinton ally when they ran for. he allegedly accused mccabe of using his e-mail account. mr. trump provided no evidence to support the claim. time now 4:39. a california man sends a gift wrapped package of manure to a high-ranging official of the trump administration. we'll hear from him straight ahead. much of the country gets a serious blast of winter weather for the holidays.
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was apparently the one who sent a psychologist from southern california is explaining why he was apparently the one who sent horse mature to treasury secretary steve munchen. he said he left gift wrapped boxes of manure in southern california listed as belonging to mangs. strong said it was definitely intended as a protest bops. >> i was talking -- >> i was talking to a friend about the tax bill and he said it was horse [ bleep ] >> so far he's not facing any legal trouble. it does not appear that he was at home at the time of the delivery. the driver involved in the christmas eve crash that killed a heyward chp officer is accused of using alcohol and marijuana behind getting behind the wheel. law enforcement is concerned
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because recreational pot will be legal next week. . >> come to you with a broken heart but also anger. >> reporter: assistant captain ernest sanchez told reporters it's more than just the loss of a fellow officer but he's angry at the number of people that are dying in accidents involving alcohol and marijuana. research suggests that marijuana combined with alcohol is more dangerous than either substance on its own. right now in california, it's illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but unlike alcohol, where breathalyzer can give a solid number -- >> you haven't been drinking this evening, right? >> no. >> perfect. >> reporter: there is no objective test for marijuana influence. law enforcement just looks for indicators. sergeant glen glazer teaches highway patrol officers how to spot someone who is high. he admits it's subjective. >> it's very much a judgment call because we want our officers only argue people who are impaired.
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>> reporter: once an officer believes a driver is under the influence of marijuana, the driver may have to take a blood or urine test but the test can only show if the drug is in a person's system. it can't show when the drug was taken. which could have been weeks before they were pulled over. it's a lot of work for something that may not hold up in court. professor tom markot in san diego is leading the state's multi-million dollar effort to get the right test. >> to see if we can help law enforcement find the people that are impaired. >> reporter: but his team hasn't cracked the code just yet. in one week, when recreational marijuana becomes legal, there will be no quick objective test that law enforcement can use to crack down on people who are driving under the influence. >> the big scare is going to be those people who are going to try for the first time come january 1 and not knowing how it affects their body. >> we're trying to make sure
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people aren't speeding and getting into accidents. >> reporter: in some states where marijuana is already legal like colorado and washington, they use the amount of thc in a person's blood as an indicator of impairment, but studies have shown that's unreliable, so california does not use a thc limit. it seems like we're all just looking for an answer. melissa cain, kpix 5. it was a white christmas for many parts of the united states. folks in new england woke up to as much as 8 inches of snow from the same storm system that dumped several inches across the midwest. and an arctic blast also made a mess from the pacific northwest causing dozens of crashes. crews had to shut down a number of slippery roads. about two inches of snow fell on seattle. the national weather service says it's only the seventh time in recorded history seattle has had measurable snow around christmas. a lot of outdoor ice skating rinks in the bay area busy yesterday and they can expect brisk business for the
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rest. week. this is a look at the rink in downtown walnut creek now in its 13th season. a lot of people having fun. >> i like the pun brisk business? >> right. speaking of brisk, it is brisk outside. really actually pretty chilly. dipping down into freezing temperatures. in fact, let's take a look outside ought our current temperatures, you can see things are clear. we might have a few high clouds out there right now but your temperatures are a little bit cooler than they were yesterday. 49 degrees in san francisco. look at that, santa rosa, down to freezing, 32 degrees. that may actually dip before the sun comes up. a little warmer in the east bay, 48 degrees, 38 degrees in livermore. this high pressure system right here is what we have to thank for all this dry weather and because of that, we might have a few onshore winds, even high clouds coming throughout the day. let's take a look at our futurecast and see what the
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rest of the day looks like. mostly you can see things are clear but we do have the low- lying clouds off the coast and as we fast forward through the day, they slowly make an appearance along the coast. today, mostly going to be a mix of sun and clouds. three things to remember, a mix of sun and clouds, cool to mild afternoon, and then later this week, things are going to remain dry, temperatures will start to warm up a little bit towards the weekend. but we do have a spare-the-air alert, meek no wood burning for anybody today. tonight, 63 degrees in fairfield as well as napa. cooler in the north bay, 61 degrees in santa rosa. a little bit more temperate the closer you get to the water. 59 degrees in oakland. 57 pacifica. warmer in the south bay, 63 degrees in san jose. looking at your seven-day, you can see the mix of sun and clouds. then warming up slightly going
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towards the end of the week. things are going to be sunnier going towards the end of the week and the weekend will be sunnier and cooler. for new years day, we might have some clouds but new year's eve should be nice and beautiful. leesa. good morning, everybody. the morning commute into work still looking okay with no big delays out there. we're going to go outside and i'll give you a tour of 101 in the north bay. you're looking at live pictures of southbound 101 approaching college avenue in santa rosa where everything is very quiet. 101 in the san rafael area, approaching the interchange looking good. a quick trip for 580 heading across the richmond san rafael bridge. the san bruno drive, we did have an earlier accident which has since been cleared up out of brisbane. 101 looking good in both
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directions approaching the airport and 380. heading for the san francisco drive, northbound 101 actually in san jose, north 101 at north first street looking good. no major traffic delays and the bridge commute, it's a good time to make that drive approaching the bay bridge pay gates where the metering lights are off. kenny. time now, 4:49. a new law is about to take effect in california allowing businesses to offer free or discounted rides for drinkers. why exceptics -- skeptics believe it won't work as intended. intended
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a chilly start to your tuesday morning. temperatures today going to be pretty mild. let's take a look at your highs for the day. 66 in half moon bay. warmer in morgan hill, 64 degrees. in the east bay, 63 degrees, brentwood, antioch, dublin, san ramone. cooler towards the water, 59 degrees in valeto. around the bay, 57 in richmond, 57 in sausalito. san francisco, you'll be 58. in the north bay, 61 degrees in santa rosa. the far north bay, you will be in the low 60s. 59 degrees in rohnert park. liza the bridge commutes are looking pretty good. still no big delays for the san mateo bridge. the red taillights would be the westbound commute direction leaving heyward heading into foster city. a 14-minute trip there. i'll have a complete look at your drive into work in a few minutes. liza, thank you. it was an unpleasant surprise for passengers aboard a jet
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blue flight yesterday evening. the plane was landing in boston's logan airport when it slid off the runway. no one was injured. >> we were straight and all of a sudden it started fish tailing and, yeah, it started getting rough. pilot did a fantastic job. everyone was applauding him at the end. >> firefighters helped passengers to get off the plane and they were taken by bus to the terminal. snow had forced the airport to briefly close its run ways yesterday morning but they were cleared by 11:30 a.m. a state law set to take effect in the new year aims to cut down on drunk driving. it will allow businesses that sell liquor to offer free or discounted rides to drinkers. >> reporter: this time of year bartenders here at the bombay say visitors are reflecting with booze and don't have enough money for a ride home. but they have an easy fix.
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it's called assembly bill -- >> reporter: she doesn't drink alcohol but she serves it and a new california law will allow her to serve up a free ride for her customers. >> they are totally drunk, they don't know what to do. >> reporter: current law prohibits bartenders and others selling alcohol to provide rides home. >> we want to ensure that the public safety at hand. >> reporter: assembly man lowe proposed a bill. they will be able to distribute vouchers or discounts. the service is already offered in 44 states. many call it common sense. >> if they're going to be drinking anyway and it makes more sense -- >> i don't want to be out on the road and have somebody who is -- shouldn't be driving because they're impaired. >> reporter: but alcohol watchdog groups say the law will do just that. alcohol justice says the new law promotes the
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overconsumption of alcohol. >> it's something that you thought of? >> it's my assessment that individuals will drink regardless, but we want to at least provide the safety net for them to do so responsibly. >> reporter: responsibly drinking is what he's hoping for this season. >> we want them to get home safely. >> reporter: the law goes into effect january 1st. until then, aaa will ride free rides and tows on new year's eve. according to the chp, it's one of the deadliest holidays for deaths. the pope warned that quote the winds of war are blowing in the world's trouble spots. he calls for a two-state solution in the middle east and the diplomatic solution for the problems with the korean peninsula. in london, prince harry and fiancee meghan markle attended
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mass with the royal family. queen elizabeth talked about the resilience she's seen in the face of the country's recent terrorism attacks. >> this christmas, i think of london and manchester whose powerful identity has shown through in the past 12 months in the face of appalling attacks. >> the queen also said it was a privilege to witness the black fridayry of -- bravery of young people at the bombing at a concert in may. astronauts at the international space station got a treat, they watched the latest star wars flick. the station station movie night was complete with bungee cord chairs, drink bags and a science fiction flick. they were able to watch it off of a high-def video projector in space. time now 4:56. president trump said it's back to work after celebrating christmas in florida. we'll let you know what he might have planned. mourning the death of a chp
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officer killed in the line of duty. there was a car accident. we'll hear what his fellow officers have to say about him next.
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it's tuesday, december 26th. i m kenny choi... michelle has the day off. good morning. it is tuesday, december 26th. i'm kenny choi. michelle has the day off. let's start off with a look outside. take a look at the conditions out there. as we take a live look at 880 in oakland, traffic moving along pretty smoothly right now. on the left, the shot of the embarcadero, the buildings all lit up. we're going to get a check of weather and traffic. hopefully i can get it right this time. let's go with weather first. yes, we saw out there looking at the live picture that things are nice and clear, and they are. temperatures right now, pretty chilly. look at that, freezing in santa rosa. 33 in napa. same thing in fairfield. really pretty chilly this morning. 49 degrees, warmer along the
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coast. pacifica, 49, same thing in san francisco. 42 degrees in san jose. your headlines for the day, we're going to have a partly cloudy morning with a chilly start and we'll be cool temperatures as far as temperatures are concerned. we have a spare-the-air alert so no wood burning. high temperatures tonight are chilly enough you might want one of those fires but don't do it. 64 in livermore. a little cooler along the coast, 57 degrees in pacifica, 58 in san francisco. north bay, you'll be in the low 60s. it is going to be a chilly day. you're going to need that sweater. liza? the traffic is looking nice with no major delays. this is 580 in the livermore area. westbound approaching first street, excellent drive as you leave the altamont pass area heading for the tri-valley. highway 4 looking good.


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