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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, december 28th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. tens of million also of americans bu americans bundle up with frigid temperatures setting records. it's 30 below zero in some areas with windchill advisories across much of the country. we're in erie, pennsylvania where more snow is on the way. >> thousands of homeowners across the country are lining up to pay next year's property taxes early. we'll look at whether it's profitable to pay ahead. and selling recreational marijuana becomes legal in california by monday. some retailers are complaining about the rulings they have to follow. >> plus this college senior is
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spending her smefter in a retirement community. a more perfect union series show why senior citizens say having a student around is good for everyone. >> we begin with your eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> you can really feel the windchill here. >> so uncomfortable and really dangerous. >> an arctic outbreak. >> winter weather grips the northern u.s. >> really gotten hit this year. >> bone chilling cold bring with it mountains of snow. >> at least 40 people have died in a bombing attack in afghanistan. >> the attack targeting a cultural center in kabul. >> president trump is once again touting the stock market as evidence the economy is on the right track. >> really a big, big beautiful ship, we'll turn it around. >> homeowners are rushing to prepay their property tax bill. >> that's because homeowners in high-tax states could take a hit to their wallets when the gop tax plan kicks in. >> disruption at the happiest
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place on earth. >> disneyland says it experienced a power outage in parts of their california parks. >> the line for refunds was out the great. >> alabama senate candidate roy moore has filed to delay certifying the election results until a voter fraud investigation is conducted. >> all that. >> two milwaukee police officers are being recognized after saving teenagers from a burning car. >> and all that matters. >> oh, my god, you came out. >> a california mom to be wound up leaving her own delivery at her local store. >> the butcher take off his apron, caught the baby. >> everyone pitched in to help and they saved the day. >> on cbs this morning. >> the pacers mascot helping out damion wilkins and his fiance jays minute mitchell with their gender reveal. >> look at damion, a big smile. >> he didn't even know. he's still looking, trying to find out what it is. all the guys letting him know that it's to be a boy. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go
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places. >> and good morning everyone, welcome to cbs this morning. i'm bianna golodryga with vladimir duthiers of our streaming network cbsn. norah and gayle are off. windchill advisories are in effect for much of new england and new york and northern pennsylvania. >> temperatures are plunging to the single digits in places like pittsburgh. at least one person is dead from exposure in chicago. international falls, minnesota, hit a record 37 below yesterday. >> this dramatic satellite image of the great lakes shows the clouds behind the massive snowfall they've also seen. demarco morgan is in erie, pennsylvania, where even more snow is piling up on the five feet that has fallen since christmas eve. demarco, we can barely see you there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. just take a look at all of the
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snow here. we're in what appears to be a car lot that's directly across the street from the local hospital here. you can see the vehicles are pretty much covered in snow. i actually stuck my arm in here and you can tell just how deep it is. just sort of -- can make out what type of vehicle this is. this is an area that pretty much hasn't been touched since sunday's storm first made impact on this area. we're talking about the average this year. it averages 100 inches of snow. we're already at 102 for the month of december. >> for thousands of people pummelled with snow in erie, pennsylvania, there's no rest for the weary. >> 36 hours straight. >> plow drivers like dave struggling to make roads passable. >> this is probably the tenth time. we just keep plowing. it's nonstop. >> reporter: but where the plows are failing, children and neighbors have stepped in. >> go. >> reporter: when this car got stuck in a snowbank, strangered
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pulled over to help get it back on the road. >> they looked like they needed some help so we thought why not. >> reporter: sisters asare and madison mccaul are trying to make the best of it. >> we haven't had a winter like this since we were little kids. >> reporter: a state of emergency is in effect for oswego county after they were blasted with more than five feet of snow. >> i've not seen this -- i've lived here my whole life and we really got hit this year. >> reporter: firefighters used bulldozers and shovels to rescue a woman who was trapped in her home by a six-foot snow wall. >> it's freezing. >> reporter: much of the united states is getting blasted with bone chilling cold. a bridge became partially stuck in green bay, wisconsin, because of the frigid temperatures. and this is the grand haven river in michigan. in minnesota, temperatures dropped to 40 below zero in some parts as mini ha ha falls turned into an ice cave. >> it feels like your skin is going to be on fire. it hurts after you're out there for a little while. >> reporter: there is good news.
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the airport is back open so that means we're headed in the right direction. and making progress for this area. but it's far from over because we're expecting anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of snow over the next couple of days. so we still have a lot to deal with. when you talk about the white stuff. people are just excited to get out and sort of enjoy it. but at the same time, city officials saying be safe while doing so. >> please, demarco, get inside, it is bone chilling cold out there. thank you. meteorologist danielle niles of our boston stage wbz has the forecast through new year. danielle, good morning. what can we expect? >> this is going to be a brutal stretch. reinforcing cold coming straight out of the arctic here is going to set up over the next several days with little piece of the polar vortex dive south for a record close to the start of 2018. temperatures 20 degrees below normal. want to bring you to the ball drop windchill forecast here. the heart of the cold in place from the northern plains stretching east to northern new
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england. brutal windchill values. 15 to 30 below zero from boston to international falls. feeling like 18 below at midanytime in detroit. 3 below zero in new york. on new year's day, temperatures in the single digits and teens from a lot of spots from helena down to topeka. 70% of the country is going to be running below the freezing mark. also tracking the storm system coming into the pacific northwest. a lot of rain at the coast. elevation snow, near zero visibility at times. for later on today, through our saturday, before weakening. these deep pinks and wihites here, 1 to 2 feet of snow in higher elevations. >> bianna, i'm worried about you as a friend when you do that midnight run. >> i don't know if i'm going to be doing it with those temperatures. isis claims responsibility this morning for a string of deadly explosions in afghanistan's capital. officials in kabul say at least 41 people were kill and 84 were wounded. the bombers targeted a news
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agency and a shiite muslim cultural center. more explosives went off in the basement where students were attending a conference. u.s. embassy in kabul condemned what it called a horrific and indiscriminate attack. in florida, president trump made his first public appearance of his holiday vacation, thanking local firefighters and promoting his own record in office. >> the country has really butchered the big, big beautiful ship we're turning around. we broke the record of harry truman. we have the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations and we're very proud of that regard. that's one of the reasons the stock market is up. >> the evidence shows the president went a little too far with one assertion. chip reid is traveling with him in west palm beach, florida. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is not the first time that president trump has claimed he signed more bills into law than any modern president since truman. and according to a cbs news
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analysis, president trump has signed more than 90 bills, but that is hundreds fewer than the nearly 700 pieces of regulation that one bill tracking website tracked for president kennedy in the same amount of time and not half as many as the more than 200 bills signed by presidents clinton and george h.w. bush during the same period. trump is correct the stock market has improved during his presidency and he has kept his pledge to cut regulations. he can't turn that, quote, big, big, beautiful ship around alone, he needs congress. in early january, he'll be meeting at camp david with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to strategize for 2018. >> chip, thank you. many homeowners are lining up this week to pay their property taxes early. the irs says that some 2018 taxes paid before december 31st can be deducted on this year's return. that's good news for people affected by $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions
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that begins on january 1st. jan crawford is at the government center in fairfax, virginia, outside washington, with more. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here in virginia, nearly 40% of taxpayers did pay state and local tax deductions in 2017. the average was $1,300 more than the upcoming limit will allow. here and across the country people stood in line to pay their taxes a little early to save some money. >> happy to pay my taxes early. >> reporter: from illinois to new york -- >> i can do some of it now but i really wish i didn't have to. >> reporter: and massachusetts. >> prepay tax and can i do it with a credit card? >> reporter: taxpayers lined up by the thousands to prepay their property taxes. >> you can see we're not the only ones who think this is probably a good deal. >> reporter: lawrence and his wife susan braved long lines wednesday in fairfax county, virginia, hoping to deduct their 2018 taxes a bit early.
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>> our accountant said if you can afford 'em, pay 'em. and we can afford it so we're paying them. >> are you paying tax today? >> reporter: the crowds liking up the week after christmas have been more than ten times what the suburban washington, d.c. office normally sees. >> i've been in this building for 25 years and i have never seen the turnout for this type of event so it's unprecedented. >> reporter: in 2015, more than 44 million tax returns nationwide took advantage of state and local tax deduction. and in 19 states and the district of columbia, the average deduction was over next year's $10,000 cap. >> it will have an impact on millions of people. >> reporter: this tax expert says the irs has now clarified that estimated property taxes that have not been assessed are not deductible in 2017. how the agency enforces that is uncertain. >> so it's kind of a take the deduction and hope that you may not get challenged but if you do, you have to be prepared for
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the ramifications. >> reporter: now, that warning from the irs yesterday could mean that some taxpayers who go ahead and take all of their property tax deduction could face an audit. the irs says it will challenge and disallow any of the deductions if their home wasn't assessed by the end of the year. >> all right, jan, thank you very much. republican roy moore is suing to stop alabama from certifying that he lost this month's senate race. he claims there is enough evidence of potential election fraud to change the outcome. moore lost to democrat doug jones by about 20,000 votes. in an affidavit, moore also claimed he passed a lie detecter test, proving allegations of sexual misconduct against him are false. he said in a statement this is not a republican or democrat issue. as election integrity should matter to everyone. the secretary of state said he will investigate any complaint but the board will declare today that jones won the election. police in georgia are
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searching for an escaped inmate that is potentially dangerous. he used a stolen metal rod to break through two walls in his jail cell yesterday. he escaped through a hole in the security fence. carroll then took a van and fled to his home state of south carolina. police found the van there and used helicopters and bloodhounds to try to find him. carroll was jailed in october for obstruction of an officer and theft. he was supposed to begin a five-year prison sentence today. the fbi is investigating how a passenger with the wrong ticket boarded a flight from los angeles to tokyo. the flight returned to lax after the crew found a passenger was not supposed to be on board. the airline said he is an american in his 20s. the tsa says he had a ticket for another similar flight on united airlines. don dahler is here with how the incident is raising so many questions about security at the airport. >> there's a lot of questions. good morning. ana says there is no mandatory
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regulation that forced the plane to turn around, but the airline defended the decision, but one aviation expert we spoke to said the u-turn was not necessary and may have even put flyers at a greater risk. >> when they called this morning, they said they were going to put us on the 10:00 p.m. flight tonight. >> reporter: the decision to bring ana flight 175 back to lax on tuesday night cost flyers on wednesday an entire day of travel. >> instead the flight was delayed like, you know, seven hours. >> reporter: the plane to tokyo turned around about four hours into the trip. after the crew discovered an unauthorized passenger in what was supposed to be a vacant seat. >> one person wasn't supposed to be on that flight which don't they, like, scan something? >> reporter: according to the tsa, the passenger was ticketed for a different flight on united. he was traveling with his brother who was ticketed for the ana flight. both flights were scheduled to depart at around the same time. >> thank you so much for taking me on this awesome vacation, babe. >> reporter: super model chrissy teigen and her husband actor and
7:15 am
musician john legend were among the passengers sent back to lax. i just need to know why we couldn't have flown to tokyo and settled this one person's mistake there, teigen later asked on twitter. ana told cbs news the decision was made in consideration of safety. >> i don't see why they went all the way back to los angeles. >> reporter: denny kelly is a former airline captain. he says the plane should have landed at the nearest airport and solved the issue as soon as possible. >> to spend four hours flying back to los angeles, with the guy on the airplane, we don't really know what's going orning that'ses s nnot the safest way. didn't hurt anybody, but it could have. >> reporter: ana issued an apology on twitter, writing, we failed to deliver the customer service we strive for. we welcome ongoing feedback to the fbi says it has not charged the unauthorized passenger. >> some of that feedback did come from chrissy teigen, we're
7:16 am
thankful for that. exactly. >> absolutely. >> all right, don, thank you. the largest wildfire in california history is about 90% contained this morning. the massive thomas fire has been raging northwest of los angeles for nearly a month. the flames burned more than 280 acres s is in ventura and sant barbara counties. the cause is under investigation. the power is back on at disneyland this morning after sections of the park went dark during one of its busiest weeks of the year. a late morning transformer failure hit the theme park in anaheim, california, just south of los angeles. jamie yuccas talked to some of the guests. >> reporter: the power failure made the fun at disneyland grind to a halt wednesday. >> there were a lot of crying children. unhappy. yes, you can't get on rides. you can't buy thingings in stores. they had little reservations to get made over like princesses. they can't do it. >> the magic of disney sort of
7:17 am
fades when the power's out in half the park. >> reporter: about a dozen rides were affected. some fans came in from oklahoma and georgia for rose bowl team events. >> we left the park because it's way too busy and it's probably going to get worse. >> reporter: in from texas, she and her friend did not have a carefree time. >> we were on a ride when we found out that there was a power outage so we were just praying that it wouldn't hit us right when we were on the top of the ferris wheel. >> reporter: guests took to social media to vent their frustration. disneyland said it escorted guests off the affected attractions shortly after the outage. a park spokesperson told cbs news an issue with a transformer resulted in loss of power to toontown and fantasyland. we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to all of our guests. >> just take it in stride, yes. >> that's what i like about you guys. >> reporter: the taylors from melbourne, australia, paid big
7:18 am
bucks to go to the park with their 4-year-old daughter grace. >> how much did you pay? >> $1,500. >> it's a big deal. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, jamie yuccas, los angeles. >> a lot of money to go there. disneyland tickets usually are only refundable if they are unused. power was restored to the entire park within a few hours. >> the australians took it in stride. >> people wait years to go there. they plan a trip for a year. amazing. >> i wouldn't want to be stuck on one of those rides. i'm afraud of them to begin with. >> no one would want to be stuck on one of those rides, we're with you. starting monday, it will be legal to buy recreational pot in california if you can find a store that sells it. how state regulations are slowin
7:19 am
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the founders of the clothing brand lularoe hit back against their critics on their business. >> ahead, why some say the allegations are trumped up. >> you're watching cbs this morning. and clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be.
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tomorrow jamie wax shows us
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how fashion is finally paying attention to millions of men of a smaller stature. yo christmas day attack at san francisco's pier 39 has a detention hearing today. everitt jameson is charged with providin good morning. 7:26. i'm anne makovec. the man accused of plotting a christmas day terror attack in san francisco's pier 39 has a detention hearing today. everitt jameson charged with providing support to a terrorist organization. a fema is closing its assistance centers in sonoma county after today. those temporary offices in santa rosa and the sonoma valley opened in october to help victims of the wine country wildfires apply for federal assistance. raffic and weather in just a moment.
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if you have to hit the roads today you're in luck. it's been easy all morning long. in fact, this is what's in store for you. not a lot of traffic. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge.
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cruising along with no delays as you work your way out of richmond towards looks like richmond marina parkway there and if you are heading across the bay bridge, not a bad drive. traffic is very lightly traveled from oakland into san francisco. and it's been an easy drive all morning long across the san mateo bridge. give yourself 15 minutes from 880 to 101. on 101 both directions no delays. it is nice and clear out there or close to clear when it comes to your weather. takingtaking a live look, clouds will burn off throughout the day with the fog. your temperatures right now 48 degrees in san francisco. 38 in concord. 34 in san raphael. high temperatures in the 60s. might get down into the 50s along the coast. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪
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one amish man in michigan had a creative way to get around. he threw on his skis and was pulled by a buggy. they're known for simple living and a reluctance to learn modern conveniences. >> are you sure that's not demarco? >> horse and buggy. >> thawing off. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. this week's massive great lakes
7:31 am
snowfall is shattering records. erie, pennsylvania, got 57.1 inches of snow in just over a day. that's about how much erie receives in january and february combined and they broke every previous multi-record going back nearly 125 years. erie got more snow this week than chicago and boston each get all year long. just put that into perspective. secretary of state rex tillerson is trying to find ways to work with russia. that's after calling the relationship poor. he spoke with minister sergei lavrov earlier this week. he says the american military presence in the region has worsened tensions. and former miss america winners are being asked to help choose new leaders.
7:32 am
led to the resignation. they'll work with pageant directors. they i'm work on a new leadership structure to find people to fill those roles. the search will begin in days. >> within four days, california will become the latest state to allow sales of recreational marijuana. pot sales will be legal in eight states including the district of columbia in 2018. but california businesses will face a complicated rollout in order to sell it. carter evans is at a marijuana dispensary in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're in a shop called urban treats. right now they sell medical marijuana. they'd like to sell recreational marijuana. to do that, they'll have to get a license. this brownie has 500 milligrams of thc.
7:33 am
the new rekwierms are 100 and they have to be divided in 10 millimeter doses. that's just the beginning. soon anyone over the age of 21 can buy marijuana legally in california. that is, if they can find a place allowed to sell it. some local governments are banning pot shops all together while some are working to get licensed. >> this is a process, not an event. >> reporter: l.a. won't begin accepting license applications until january 3rd, and it could take weeks before stores are properly licensed to sell recreation at marijuana. >> we do not want to necessarily disrupt this market but we do need to regulate this shop. >> reporter: they face challenges in becoming recreational sellers. >> you've about had to create new packages. >> we did. our packages is completely changing so it is not see-through. >> reporter: opaque childproof
7:34 am
packaging is just one of the new rules. >> what is this? >> proposed regulations by the state of california. >> these are the rules you've got to follow. >> these are the rules we're following. >> reporter: regulation is set for restaurants and other places as well. law enforcement wants you to know the dangers as well. >> did you know smoking marijuana while driving can get you a dui? >> for california, the stakes are also high, with the population here approaching 40 million people, this could become a $7 billion industry. vlad? >> all right. carter evans for us with the
7:35 am
wonderful marijuana pun. thank you. online complaints against lularoe with a lawsuit that alleges the company is a pyramid scheme. >> we have a multi-million-dollar business. it was not built by tricking people into giving us their money. >> ahead, the owners say why their business is not a pyramid scheme. and we invite you to our cbs podcasts. find them all on itunes and apple's ipod cast. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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the founders of the retailers lieu row are hit back at critics of the company. lularoe has thousands of independent sellers nationwide. this year the company was hit with a number of complaints over
7:40 am
quality anderer. a lawsuitsuit alleges it's a pyd scheme. >> earlier this year lularoe founders sat down to defend themselves against various allegations and spoke out about their clothing business, can they claim has been a runaway success since they started it about five years ago. >> we have a multi-billion-dollar business. it was not built by tricking people into giving us their money. >> to hear the lularoe co-founders tell it, their family is a family run business. >> we have a clothesing line that people love. they lovitz comfort, versatility, they love the fashion. >> that clothing line began with her handmaid creations and grew to become a business they say has had over two billion dollars in sales so far this year, made
7:41 am
through a network of some 80,000 networks sellers or consultants. >> i often say lularoe works for you, you don't work for lularoe. that means you get to decide on your time and what works best for you. >> it is insane. you will be able to have a full-time income. and it's life-changing. >> reporter: online some consultants say they've made good money. >> we've done a little bit over $200,000 in sales for this last year. >> you get the product, put it before people and you sell it and you have money. and that's the simpleness of the business. >> reporter: lularoe's approach, what's called myty-level marketing. retailers buy in with a minimum purchase and lularoe pace $5,000 and they sell it with markup. they recruit others to join their team and make bonuses off
7:42 am
the retail sales. the company points to success stories like the consultant they introduced us to in california. she started three years ago when there were just 700 sellers nationwide and now has more than 11,000 members in her facebook group. >> i love lularoe. i wear it every single day. >> she says her profits are upward, 3 grand a month. >> for me i focus on what's important for my family and our business. >> and you've brn able to pay your mortgage with this. >> yes. >> it all sounded good to chicago area stay-at-home mom susan counsel who said a recruiter told her -- >> it's minimum. you'll have lots of time to do whatever you want with your family. >> reporter: so counsel said she invested around $11,000, but despite working more than full-time hours could mtd make it work and in november said she was still over $4,000 in debt. >> i feel like i failed my
7:43 am
family. i put my family into debt to do something that ended up not being what they preach. >> reporter: and she's not the only one complaining. a recently filed lawsuit seeking a billion dollars claims tens of thousands of other consultants never made a profit because lularoe, they allege, is a pyramid scheme that only profited a few and only made payments to consultants based on how much product those consultants and recruits purchased on a regular basis. >> what it is is an uneducated opinion. they haven't looked at who we are. because we sell product through to a consumer and it's hialeah desirable product. that is not a pyramid scheme. >> shouldn't they think it's easy? >> no. i think it's easy. that's me. for me in my background in my life experience, i do not say it's easy for everyone. >> here's the thing. some consultants say they were told it's easy.
7:44 am
>> that's what they heard, but it's not the truth. >> reporter: they did say more than half of lularoe sellers make $1,000 or more a month, a small group at the top pulls in $500,000 or more per year in e bonuses made off the sellers below them. and douglas brooks who has sued other multi-marketing companies says -- >> for the vast majority of people who get into a company like this, they're going to be lucky if they break even. >> these women are out there saying, look, it's a con, a scam, a pyramid scheme, don't do it. what do you think is happening to those retailers? >> i will tell you that we have been incredibly disruptive in the marketplace and i don't think that those are all entirely organic complaints. >> you think somebody's putting them up to it. >> my personal belief is that, yes. >> well, stidham wouldn't say
7:45 am
precisely who he believed might have been trying to generate complaints against the company but he thinks they're targeting lularoe retailers to try to cope their success. another said he doesn't think it's a pyramid scheme but that doesn't mean it's a good business opportunity for everyone. some companies are seeing tremendous success. some are continuing complain. they're having a tough time getting a refund and lularoe says they're making profits. on facebook there are similar patterns we saw all canal of months ago. some say they bought in, can't get out, can't get their stuff sold. definitely more than one side to this picture. >> a lot of it seems like it's based on work ethic too. >> some of the ones who work nonstop do really well and then there are people who say i was working nonstop and i still couldn't get work. so i think many of these people are working hard, but what does it take to become successful in any business? one of the things the experts
7:46 am
said is you really have to look at it as a business. >> there's no guarantee. >> right. >> people tell you all the time, no such thing as easy money. >> yes. a select group of new parents are getting an extraordinary view of their babies' health. ahead how a the final days of toyotathon are counting down! >> announcer: this portion of
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7:51 am
history. more than 1,500 will be available. more than 300 national guard troops will be stationed at various locations. the "washington post" reports several prosecutors in new york have requested records from jared kushner's family real estate company. those documents relate to a deutsche bank loan. kushner's company received $285 million one month before election day. at the time he was playing a lead role in running donald trump's presidential campaign. it's not clear what prosecutors are seeking. kushner's company says the firm is cooperating in the review. "the new york times" reveals it ordered the e.p.a. to update its lady point rules. they have 90 days to revive its rules for dangerous levels of paint and dust. the trump administration had asked for six years to reconsider the rules. and politico says former
7:52 am
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to an east palo alto home in october has a detentio good morning, four minutes before 8:00. i'm anne makovec. a man charged with mailing a bomb to an east palo alto home in october has a detention hearing today. police are also looking into whether ross laverty mailed a similar device to a police officer in alameda. san francisco holding its annual tree chipping event outside city hall today to discourage improper disposal of christmas trees. they will announce curbside collection dates at that event at 11 a.m. your bay area traffic and weather coming up next.
7:57 am
good morning. mass transit delays affecting
7:58 am
your golden gate bus commute this morning. we are getting word that bus 70 northbound, golden gate bus 70 bus northbound is delayed. so plan for that. the rest of mass transit is on time. over to the bay bridge, everything clear and quiet here, no delays in this area. but we are seeing a few stop and go conditions due to an accident at the metering lights. ac transit bus and truck tangled up on the right shoulder. it is slow and go as a result. here's emily. it is nice and beautiful out there. the fog that we saw this morning is starting to burn off. taking a live look at sutro tower it is clear just a little bit of haze. right now in san francisco, your temperature 48 degrees. a little cooler in the north bay 34. concord 39. your high temperatures for the day will be in the low 60s. also in the high 50s. here's your seven-day forecast. ♪
7:59 am
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in the west. it is thursday, december 28, 2017. welcome pack to "cbs this morning." ahead many people are paying next year's property taxes this year. how it could be the right "metrofocumove for some under the new tax law. plus, a project to scan newborns for potentially life-changing condition. why most parents don't want them tested. life threatening cold is sweeping across the northern half of the country. wind chill advisories are in effect. >> it is not over yet. we are expecting up to five to ten inches of snow over the next couple of days. >> the cold coming straight out of the arctic will set up offer the next several days with a
8:01 am
little piece of the polar vortex. in january he will be meeting with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to strategize for 2018. >> here and across the country people stood in line to pay taxes a little early to save some money. republican roy moore is suing to stop alabama from certifying he lost this month's senate race says there is no mandatory regulation that forced his plane to turn around, but one aviation expert said the you-turn may have been at a greater risk darth vader has nothing on this grandma. she is in a virtual reality game of "star wars." once grandma started playing she just couldn't stop. >> it is going to get me for sure. oh! i like this. oh! >> the force is with that grandma. >> very much so. >> virtual reality.
8:02 am
it is amazing if you haven't done it. >> and addictive. of. good morning, i'm bianna golodryga with dana jacobson and vladimir duthiers with our streaming network. millions of americans in the north either and midwest face dangerous cold today as an arctic blast pummels the northern half of the country. temperatures are about 15 degrees below normal in cities like chicago and boston. >> the brutal cold froze waterfalls in minneapolis and sioux falls, south dakota. in wys don an ice breaking operation was launched in green bay. joining us to show how cold it will get, danielle, good morning. >> good morning to you. the current wind chill right now is 35 below zero in mesino, new york. 17 below in bismarck and this is the start. forecast high temperatures will be the coldest on record across much of the northeast. youngstown to 8, two in bangor,
8:03 am
24 in atlanta city. all breaking record-cold high temperatures for the date without the wind factored in. the jet stream diving south. another piece of the polar vortex diving for a record cold-start to 2018. temperatures below normal in spots. the feels-like forecast for the ball drop at midnight, 3 below in new york, 17 below in boston. from northern new england stretching into the midwest and northern plains, first day of the new year single digits and teens from minneapolis to topeka. about 70% of the countrily will be below freezing as we kick off the first day of 2018 residents of pennsylvania are bracing for another blast of winter. forecasters say the storm could dump up to 12 more inches by saturday. erie is already covered in about 65 inches of snow after a storm
8:04 am
this week. local leaders say plow crews are working 12-hour shifts to try to clear the streets president trump meantime will meet other republican leaders in january to discuss their 2018 agenda. the president focused on his 2017 accomplishments when he visited a florida firehouse yesterday. he highlighted the benefits of rising stock prices. >> you know, when the stock market goes up that affects everybody. you think it is the rich, the big. the fact is that it affects everybody because people own stocks, whether it is in 401(k)s or otherwise, so it is really great. >> the president also touted the gop tax law, calling it "the legislation of all legislation." >> that new law has many americans rushing to prepay next year's property taxes. homeowners lined up at local tax offices to take advantage of a deduction before it. starting january 1st state and local deductions are capped at
8:05 am
$10,000. the irs says some homeowners who prepay can avoid the limit. it will depend on when their property is assessed cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with whether it makes sense to prepay your property taxes and how to take advantage of the stock market surge the president was talking about in the new year. jill, great to see you. >> good morning. >> we will get to the stock market in a second, but what should people consider when deciding whether or not to pre-tay taxes now? >> i think the first thing is pull last year's tax rushes out so you have a reference. your big question is, will i be an itemizer next year or will i claim the nearly doubled standard deduction, 12,000 as an individual, 24,000 as a couple. if you are going to be an itemizer next year, more than the $24,000 level, then you look and say, okay, now am i actually looking at those deductions totaling more than $10,000 total? again, it is state and local income tax as well as your
8:06 am
property tax. now, that doesn't leave a ton of people, but there are some high-tax states where you might fall into that. if that's all the case and you want to say, hey, let me prepay that, remember that, number one, prepaying it may thrust you into this alternative minimum tax scenario where you might not actually see the benefit. number two, yesterday the irs released a new warning which said that property tax had better have been assessed and billed for you to prepay. so lots of caveats. if your accountant is still in town, give him or her a call because it is so confusing honestly. you know, i was trying to walk my mother's boyfriend through this and i was like, okay, have you done this, have you done this, and he is in line at the taxing authority and he said, okay, i think i know. i said, by the way, it may not work. >> with this new legislation accountants are working overtime but is there time left to file given there are only two days left? >> there are two days but,
8:07 am
again, you have to have the tax bill. it has to have been assessed and billed. i think a lot of the professionals are saying, look, if you are going to itemize next year and you're going to have a bunch of itemized deductions that go way over and be discounted, you might as well try for this year and see what happens because it won't work next year. >> the changes we are seeing in the tax law, how will that affect the housing market? >> we are starting to see murmurs of people that believe in the housing industry that we will see a big pull-back in prices, maybe by as much as 10% in some of the high tax states. that said, oftentimes when we have tax changes over time the effect is minimized and we don't see that big pull-back lasting for a long time. what is more important about the housing market is will there be jobs, is the economy growing? by the way, how is that stock market doing? >> let's talk about the stock market. we talked about it before. 2017 was a tremendous year for the stock market. the president reminds the
8:08 am
american people on a real lar basis. it has been strong over the last several years but what are you looking at going forward? >> i think there are three things that propelled the market this year. we had global growth. it was siynchronized. everybody happened at once. it was unimaginable when we look back a year ago. things were good around the globe. corporations made a lot of money. corporate profitability was up and interest rates remained low. that was the main driver of the market this year. i will also say, of course, the tax bill helped and the loosening of regulations in certain industries. all of this comes into 2018 and it looks like we sort of have the wind at our backs for the stock market. but that said, things can change really quickly. i would never want someone to bet everything on the stock market. we still want you to be diversified investors and be smart about how you do it. >> isn't it a bit disingenuous for the president to say most americans are benefitting from the stock market run-up because most americans don't own
8:09 am
individual stocks. >> yeah. i mean over half by the way. we look at, say, the ownership of stocks, directly ownership of stock, stock mutual plans, even pension plans, 54% of americans own that. that leaves a lot of people who don't own it. by the way, that starts to really help people understand why the middle class people who maybe had to blow out of their retirement accounts during the recession or maybe had a reduction in income are still feeling the pain of the great recession and also feeling the pain of last 20 years where wages have resen she'essentiall stagnant once you account for inflation. thes fa it is fair to say the stock market has gone up but that a large percentage of americans have not participated. >> speaking of stock, apple stock is up as are profits. that means ceo tim cook got a pay race. his total compensation jumped to $12.8 in the last fiscal year,
8:10 am
nearly 40% higher than 2016. he also received apple stock, so this year's total payout is reportedly worth about $$102 million. apple says that sales increased due to strong demand for new products and growth from its service businesses. >> a new dna scan helps parents see the future of their infant's health. tony dokoupil looks at the controversial test. >> if you could scan your baby's dna, how much would you really want to know about his or her future health? families here at brigham & women's hospital are wrestling with that question as part of a first-of-its-kind study which could change medicine and parenting forever. that story coming up on
8:11 am
8:12 am
a an unusual partnership when college life and retirement will take you to a senior living community in eiowa that houses university student. ahead the lessons the unlikely roommates are teaching each other. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪
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sbau is the ch this xh is this xmg m 12w450u9z r509s mpg 12349ds r50usz b xfb 8g9sds sh a 234sds sh rmg sdsss 13w9zeddi sxrn chb
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8:17 am
genetic counselors in boston are offering parents a controversial glimpse into the future of their babiebabies' he. part of a new study that could lead to gene scans of all newborns. by law infants get blood tests for about 30 specific illnesses. brigham and women's hospital screens for about 1,800 conditions. tony dokoupil joins us. good morning. >> good morning. by testing babies long before they show symptoms, doctors hope to start treatment early that could save lives and prevent suffering but it also raises questions of privacy and discrimination. that's a major reason why most families are saying no thanks. the day after their daughter
8:18 am
cora was born -- >> is it daddy? good job. >> reporter: -- they got an unexpected visit from a genetic counselor. >> i was in a full recovery mode as i don't care about anything, i'm just trying to keep our baby alive and recover myself. >> reporter: the visitor offered a free dna scan for cora, a scan that the stetsons learned could reveal deviations in their daughter's genetic code. >> was just trying to make it through the day and that was something that was definitely a little shocking. >> reporter: baby cora is now one of the first healthy kids in america to have her genome searched for hidden problems. doctors found a partial condition. >> she would have still been considered normal. nobody would have identified her as deceased.
8:19 am
>> reporter: he's co-director of the baby seed project which enrolled cora and is now recruiting hundreds of other families. >> you could potentially save a child's life? >> absolutely. >> but dr. green is also warning families about the risk including breaches of privacy and genetic discrimination. >> we can't predict what kind of discrimination is occurring. we can't predict whether there's some sort of privacy breaches as information gets out and is used against your child as some future scenario. most importantly we can't predict the condition's accurate. >> reporter: many turn out to be harmle harmless. even if not, most of the conditions they're looking for still has no cure. >> what makes you comfortable telling people about illnesses they can't treat? >> i would have to say i'm not 100% comfortable with it. what we're really try dog in this study is ask the question
8:20 am
how beneficial or harmful is it to go down this road. >> baby cora is beating her condition, thanks to a daily vitamin mixed into some yogurt. >> i feel like super mom. >> so you're talking extended family members? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: and yet nine out of ten families approached by dr. green and his team have declined the testing. >> people are distrustful of information gathering. they're hearing about all these break-ins and hacks and i believe a lot of people are turns down the possibility of the information at this time because they don't trust the future. >> reporter: before long it's believed most americans will feel like the step sons eventually. >> i think more knowledge is power. i thit's more scary to play the guessing game. >> and now you want to get your son tested as well? >> i would love to do that. >> the baby seed program is part
8:21 am
of a 25 million dollar effort funded by the national institute of health. the genetic data will be collected in a lab and they do cob sent having it uploaded to a federal database for future research. the results are expected in the next couple of years and will help doctors and lawmakers to use this technology responsibly. that's the future here. >> the dilemmas are still breaches of privacy and genetic d discriminati discrimination. >> at what point are you coaxing it into position. >> it's personal for these families. you're right. it's the future. i document know how you close pandora's box at this moment. >> this is it. it's coming. up next, how the iconic ball at the most famous new year's celebration is ready for the big
8:22 am
countdown. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
8:24 am
the sparkly ball in time square that will ring in the new year is ready for its moment to shine. crews decorated it yesterday. this year's theme ball is "the gift of serenity." >> serenity now. >> it weighs nearly 12,000 pounds. it's covered in more than 2,600 crystals and 30 thousand l.e.d. lights. the ball can produce more than 16 million colors and billions of patterns including one that looks like butterflies. >> fantastic. there's something very "star wars" about it. we have "star wars" on the mind. will 2018 by the year that flights from connecticut to london are cheaper than flights
8:25 am
from connecticut to chicago, let's say. peter greenberg, travel hallowell... the chef-owner of three oakland restaurants... is reportedly stepping away from his businesses. good morning, it's 8:25. i'm kenny choi. charlie hollowell, the chef and owner of three oakland restaurants, is reportedly stepping away from hissists with according to the "san francisco chronicle." 17 former employees have accused him of offensive language and behavior. the search continues for a man who allegedly attacked a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. investigators say a 57-year-old man punched the deputy several times on duncan road in the guerneville area yesterday. stick around; we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back. it's been around easy ride on the freeway. as you work your way along the south bay, heads up, chp is on scene of the trek northbound 880 just east of brokaw road. it is over to the shoulder not causing any delays on 880 itself but if you pass by you might see some slight spectator slowing. the rest of the south bay looks great. we are not seeing any trouble spots. 101 both directions, clear from hellyer to san antonio avenue. you're looking at about a 21- minute drive. usually bunches up around this time at this 280-680 connector but not this morning. 280 looks good along the peninsula. the nimitz freeway, 880 looks good northbound clear. southbound not a bad ride.
8:28 am
good through hayward to the san mateo bridge. foster city, no trouble. looking good on the bay bridge. metering lights are off. nice ride into san francisco. let's check the forecast. well, if you are traveling by plane, you're in luck, as well. taking a live look out now to sfo, where things are mostly clear, just a little bit hazy out there right now. we are not reporting any delays due to the weather at all local airports. 46 in oakland. san francisco 48. concord 39. santa rosa 35. your temperatures today are going to be mostly in the 60s. the warmest we'll see in livermore, san jose and napa at the 60s. cooler at the coast 59 degrees in pacifica. here's your seven-day forecast. ♪
8:29 am
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8:30 am
erie can't catch a break, but it's at least beautiful. we're thinking of you especially this morning. >> it looks like a snow ball. what istcalled? >> snow globe. >> hopefully they get some relief from the pain. welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the boston globe" reports that exercise is key for older people with mild cognitive impairment. the american academy of neurology suggests exercising twice a week can improve memory and thinking. new guidelines recommend as much as 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week.
8:31 am
and "the hill" says the fcc has approved the first wireless charging device. the company transmitted radio frequencies that lets users charge their electronics up to three feet away. they mate sure it met standards. more americans are planning to travel overseas next year. international travel bookings jumped 44% in early 2018. despite the expected rides, americans are more frustrated by air travel. the airlines say they've avoid third degree 2 million plane trips last year because of rising fees, flight changes, crowds, and long lines. cbs travel editor peter greenberg is here with what you need to know about traveling in the new year. peter, good morning. >> good to see you. >> they're adding different routes in the u.s. and you say that may change things. >> oh, yeah.
8:32 am
2017 was the year of the disrupter airlines. 2018 even more so. norwegian already flies to 14 u.s. cities and they're going to add this year to madrid, milan, amsterdam. think about this. they're flying to airports that are underserved and they're doing it at fares you can't believe. new york to ireland for $65 and los angeles to london for $75. but they're just one of the disrupter airlines. we're seeing airlines come in to puerto rico, volares. and the december resulter airline is now saying they're going to hawaii this year. they're claiming this right now. airfares are going to come down across the board. >> do the disrupters change? >> they do. that's the southwest effect. every time they come into a market, airfares drop substantially. >> that's good for consumers. according to one survey, 60% of
8:33 am
americans say they've seen airline fees increase in the last year. >> they even knocket only seen them, they've felt them. >> any relief for 2018? >> no. home of the pressure, land of the sea. welcome to america. we're talking about airline fees going even higher this year. not just in terms of the airline tickets. on some of the flights the tickets are $750. so get ready for that. and it's going to get worse because that's where they get most of their revenue. the airlines are making more money from their ancillary fees than they're making from operating airlines. >> let me ask you about cuba that's become a popular destination for people. fly or take a boat? >> they're rescinding some of the obama rules. they thought you can't go to cuba. oh, yes, they can. all the u.s. says there are 80 hotels owned by the military that you can't stay at it. cruise lines are adding more cruises to cuba right now. >> airbnb has obviously changed
8:34 am
the hotel market. what's that impact been? >> it's interesting. a year of rapid explosion in the hotel business. marriott right now, right this minld, is opening one new hotel every 14 hours. >> wow. >> i can't even do the math on that. >> wow. >> airbnb owns 60% of the total rooms in the world and that's only getting bigger. what's truly happening, do you want to stay at a cookie-cutter hotel or stay in an experience. they're in the experience, not the hotel business. >> and you're predicting more americans will be features cruises. >> 16 new cruises coming online. every ship jard is operating at 100% capacity. the capacity means discounts coming this year. >> they say, get me some where warm fast. peter, thank you. >> you've got it. >> happy new year. can ice cream ever be healthy? i hope so.
8:35 am
one brand is attracting ice cream lovers with more promise. halo top, one of the best inventions of the year. over the summer it became the best selling ice cream in the country beating big names like ben & jerry's and hagan dash. the first scoop shop opened last month and more are planned. jamie yuccas went there to learn more about his recipe for success. >> reporter: for justin wolferton this is better than being a kid in a candy store. he was inside an l.a. mall previewing his company's first soft serve favorites. >> this is surreal. >> reporter: surreal because wolferton a few years ago was a litigator at an l.a. law firm and hating his career. >> everyone is going to think it's like perry mace on or john
8:36 am
grish am and you get there and it's paperwork the height of your torso. you decide you're going to jump off a cliff and take a risk. >> reporter: prompted by a pop-up add, wolferton bought this $20 machine in 2011. his homemade con kukz with all natural grenltss sparked an idea. >> it was an eureka idea. it tastes really good. no sugar, all natural protein. i thought, hey, here is my escape from law. >> you really thought in that moment? >> yeah. >> reporter: at the time wolferton owed nearly $350,000 in student loans. he found a partner, doug boulton, another disgruntled lawyer willing to go deep in debt to make ice cream. it hit stores in 2012, but it didn't sell. >> how did you sleep at night? >> i slept restlessly. >> you didn't sleep.
8:37 am
>> we said our worst day at halo top, there were dark days in our early years, it still beat practicing law. >> reporter: they targeted social media sending points to youtube users, but the key selling point came about calories. an entire pint has as many as a single serving of other ice creams. >> i don't know how they do it. 280 for this entire pint. >> reporter: it in spierd a cult-like following. sales rocketed. 17 million pienlts. under the lid it reads, stop when you hit the bottom. and guilt-free zone, keep digging. others say it's not good for binge eating. >> that's something we're trying to control. >> the bottom line is ice cream
8:38 am
is meant to tickle certain receptors to make it impop to say, there's a bite. i'm going to put it back in. >> reporter: but it was wolferton's own problem that got him to create a problem with stevie. >> you just turn white. you look like a zombie and you're shaking and you're sweating. my roller coaster is a little more severe than most people. >> reporter: the company is pushing to keep up with demand, chunk out about 650,000 pints a day. despite the large-scale operation, they don't own the facto factory, preferring to rent. wolferton works mainly from home. near his chief line-up officer molly bear. but staying small is helping him think bink. >> >> i don't see why halo top can't be global like others. it can be the number one selling ice cream in the world.
8:39 am
>> is that your dream? >> it is my dream. >> a dream for him and a best bite of reality for ice cream lovers. >> i like how creamy it is. >> reporter: who never want just one taste. for "cbs this morning," jamie yucc yuccas, los angeles. >> you have never tried it. >> you have to try it. >> it appears to be guilt-free almost? it looks delicious. >> it's cool they have the calories printed right on label there. you can see people in the supermarket i'll saying this is 250, done. >> salted caramel. salted caramel. ahead we introduce you to a 22-year-old college student with an unusual living arrangement. >> when you got into college, did you ever think you'd be living in a retirement community? >> no, i did not. it was not something that i thought was even possible. >> reporter: in our ongoing series ♪
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our ongoing series "a more perfect union" aims to show us what you flights us as americans is far greater than what divides us. today we're looking at a partnership between a university and a retirement home that's givine ining the best of both w.
8:44 am
we met up with a college student who has a unique college experience. gabby clutter is like any other senior vocal performance major at drake university in des moines, iowa. except for when she leaves campus and heads home. when you got into college, did you ever think you'd be living in a retirement community? >> no, i did not. it was not something that i thought was even possible. >> reporter: yes, gabby clutter's senior year housing is actually a senior living community. >> are you going to zip line? >> no. >> reporter: deerfield, about 15 minutes from drake. >> it was an idea that we had as far as having a healthy living community. >> reporter: the executive director said they launched the artists and residents program two years ago. a student from drake is selected, given a free apartment
8:45 am
and meals and integrated into the senior community. >> where did the idea to come from to have somebody in college living at a retirement community? >> well, we're not the pioneer for doing this. this has been done at other communities in the united states and in other countries. but it's something we felt passionate about doing here at deerfield. >> what's it been like having gabby here? >> it's been just amazing. >> reporter: 89-year-old resident was one o the first to welcome gabby to her new home. >> what was it about gabby to be the right person to be here? >> to give up her college life and come live at the retirement community. we give her room and board, a washer and dryer, and a parking place inside. what more could you ask for. >> especially in iowa winters. that is big, i know that. >> that's big. that's big. >> it seems like you have this amazing opportunity to get a bunch of grandparents in your life. >> yes, yes.
8:46 am
i have a couple that i recently started -- i started dating someone and i told him about it. and they said, he needs to come here for your dinner because us grandmas need to approve. it's really nice. >> i understand it was a requirement that she bring her boyfriend. >> oh, yes. definitely. i don't know what we would have said if we didn't like him. >> i'm sure you would have told her. >> yeah, probably. probably. >> the piecely be singing -- >> besides socialize, the only cost for gabby's room and board is a couple of recitals a month. an activity she said has given her more confidence as a performer. both gabby and the residents say the greatest benefit of the program is the chance to learn from another generation. >> it's such a cool experience not only for the residents but for the people.
8:47 am
i always have my friends come and they see how special it is and how important it is to connect to people outside of your little bubble. >> what has been so nice about having some younger people here? >> the interaction. and just seeing the youth, you know. we hear so many awful things about young people and now we see the best things. >> like what? >> how interested they are in us. and that was a surprise to me. >> that was so great. >> i think so often young people stereotype anyone that may be over 50. but you get um into people who are 80 and older, mid-70s. i this i they think we're all in wheelchairs and not interested in anything and they find out a whole different aspect. >> and why is that important? >> not to be afraid of aging.
8:48 am
and i think maybe respect for older people. i think that's very important. >> do you think you've gotten more from this program or put in more to this program? >> i think it's pretty equal. >> gabby is the second student to be part of deerfield's artists and residents program. gladys said perhaps next they'll have a male resident or someone who plays an instrument as well. it's really interesting. they stayed in touch with the first resident and they said the person has stayed in their life. >> i love this story. when she said getting insights from a young person and they can also see what we're all about. >> she has grandchildren but it's different when she's with her grandchildren and the conversations they have. >> like a girlfriend. >> it is. >> it's mutually beneficial.
8:49 am
it teaches people not to be afraid of aging. i'm sure she has a boyfriend, but i'm sure there are many options. >> such a beautiful story. thank you. >> thank you. you can hear more of "cbs this morning" on our podcast. on our itunes and apple podcasts. today we talk with startup jonathan and the need for more women in silicon valley and his new book. working with women can lead to more products. i can attest to that. really?
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that does it for us.
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be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news" tonight. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs
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investigators say everitt aaron ja good morning, it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi. a man suspected of plotting a terror attack in the bay area is due in court today. investigators say that everitt jameson was planninging an isis inspired attack on san francisco's embarcadero on christmas day. the federal emergency management agency is closing its assistance centers in sonoma county. the temporary offices in santa rosa and sonoma valley were open back in october to help people affected by the wine country wildfires. after this evening, fema's services will be still available by phone or online. santa rosa police have announced an arrest in connection with an unprovoked stabbing at a restaurant. police say that a man got up from a table at lola's market and stabbed a man in the neck
8:56 am
before running off. stick around; we'll have weather and traffic in just a moment. stick.
8:57 am
welcome back. traffic this morning, it's been an easy drive overall. but we're going to start off with mass transit this time around. bart is on time. that's the good news, as well as ace, muni and caltrain but golden gate transit line 70 southbound direction expecting 20 minutes delay plan for that this morning. jumping to the freeways, easy breezy north 101 at hillsdale,
8:58 am
no delays there, along the peninsula, 101 a nice ride as you work your way 101 out of burlingame. 15 minutes from woodside if you are heading towards sfo. 101 near 380 the connector looks good in both directions. no accidents to report there. let's go north of there. take a look at 101 at spencer. if you are traveling through marin, easy ride to the golden gate bridge. no delays heading into san francisco. here's emily. well, there are a few low- level clouds out there taking live look out at the transamerica tower. you can see the clouds i'm talking about. that's keeping the temperature moderate. right now in san francisco, 48 degrees. 39 santa rosa. 43 in concord. 50s and 60s today's highs.
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