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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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califo d backfire. now at 11:00, a rush of
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first-time customers of day one of legalized pot. i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich. eager customers filled bay area dispensaries today. throughout all the smoke, big questions linger over legal pot. we begin our coverage with kpix 5 maria medina at buddy's cannabis in san jose. >> we got rid of two dispensaries today. >> reporter: judy's new year is coming with a new experience. >> for me, i have bad anxiety. >> when i was a kid, i used to take pills for my anxiety. i don't like it all. >> reporter: she is among hundreds showing up a little before this morning. >> many people have been through this for years. we are making history today. >> reporter: the owner of buddy's estimates 99% of the customers today are buying
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legal for the first time. >> it's brand new for so many people. we've had this dispensary running for so many years. this is a totally new experience for them. >> people using it, it will not change for them. but for the people who hasn't, you know, maybe it opens up some windows for them. >> reporter: judy says knowing where her marijuana is grown is the upside verses buying it on the streets. from the looks on how high sales are are -- from the looks on how sales happen, it looks like you could buy them. >> reporter: buddy's estimates his sales will go up by 30%. he estimates his sales will go up by 50% now. in san jose maria medina, kpix 5. >> with these scissors, i dub the free. [ cheering ] >> in oakland, people were lining up, lighting up, only
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hours into the new year. harbor side dispensary made its first transaction at 6:00 a.m. a gram of locally grown missouri -- locally grown marijuana. now the argument to legalize pot was in part, so the state could benefit financially from the billion dollar industry. even as the first customers arrived in oakland, the ceo of the dispensary says he is worried that the high sales taxes will only fuel black market pot. here is a look at the breakdown of taxes in oakland. the regular states sales tax is 6%. regular county sales tax is 3%. add a 15% state tax on marijuana and a 5% oakland tax on pot. in total, taxes come to more than 34%. >> that is a huge hit. it is going to mean a number of
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significant people less affluent consumers will turn to the market. >> colorado, washington, california each had to lower taxes to keep people in the legitimate market. in the meantime critics of the law still argue it is a design to benefit the few. the people who ended up writing proposition 64 were marijuana industry insiders. >> the initiative is basically written by the marijuana industry in order to legalize themselves, so they could get rich. the public health perspective, this really completely is absent. >> professor glance says legal pot should be similarly used. take a look at the truck on its side after colliding with the streetcar near the ucsf medical center in mission may.
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this happened at 8:45. sf fire said they had to contain a gasoline leak from the truck. the streetcar was not carrying any passengers at the time, but the driver of the truck may have been injured. new details on the careless -- new details that happened just after midnight of the 1200 block of pacific avenue. the suspect is lucky to have just a minor injury. >> we think right now someone fired up into the air numerous times, firing gunshots into the air. one of those bullets coming down hit the ground first. the bullet lost most of its velocity, but likely ricocheted striking this woman in the lower back. >> police think thd om a block away. even people hurt after a two-car crash in san francisco. police say one of the victims, a pedestrian, has life- threatening injuries tonight. the crash happened near gar --
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near gary and 21st. the car crashed into another family with a family of five inside. the driver of the truck was taken into custody with the help of a good samaritan. >> i was trying to put his vehicle in reverse before a good samaritan stopped, happened to be someone from homeland security placing him under arrest at that time. >> the second pedestrian is in serious condition. the family was treated for minor injuries at the scene. well tomorrow we're expecting an update from the california highway patrol on a crash that killed an officer christmas eve. andrew kalamari died. the district attorney is expected to announce charges tomorrow and identify the suspect. many california workers will go back to work tomorrow and get an automatic pay raise. there's a hike in california's minimum wage. kpix 5 reporter says many bay area cities are raising hourly
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wages as well. hernandez just got a big raise. from $13 an hour to $15 an hour, a big change from when he first started here more than a decade ago. >> i would say i started here and i remember saving minimum dollars here. but for $15, this is good news. >> for everyone? >> of course. >> reporter: there was, of course, considerable debate over these increases. while they may put more money in workers pockets, will businesses fewer fewer employees or give existing employees fewer hours as a result. even with the pay hike, minimum wageworkers remain in a top spot. >> at the same time the major economic forces here in the bay area remains the same. the high cost of housing and
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other activities. the fact this cost continues to go up. >> reporter: just a few doors down, managers are now scrambling to figure out how they will pay what amounts to an overnight pay raise of 15%. >> okay, for me, to be honest with you, it is very challenging now. >> reporter: they are considering charging customers of a mandatory service fee and will be transparent as through the reasons wee. we have to offset the decrease. there's so much we can do. if we do a lot, the customer will stop coming. >> reporter: with the new year the minimum wage also went up in san jose from $13.50 to $22 an hour in oakland. i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. president trump is back in the white house tonight. he directed his first tweet of the new year at the pakistani government writing, "the united states has foolishly given
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pakistan more than $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing, but lies and deceit thinking our leaders as fools." the president spent a part of the damon forking unrest in identify -- the number dead now passed 20. mr. trump tweeted the demonstrations shows the country is failing and it is, "time for a change." in north korea, the country's dictator said today he has a nuclear button on his desk. kim jong-un claims he has completed work on a nuclear arsenal with muscles reaching every state. concern said we'll -- >> well, he said we'll see. today bart fares went up 3%. a typical $1.85 fare now costs
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another $0.10. paper tickets will cost you $0.50 more. looking ahead to july, arizona caltrain will go up 7%. >> bart is cracking down on fair cheats. christin ayers says fair inspectors will help catch people jumping the gates. >> reporter: it's a multi- million dollar on bart, ferry jumpers, costing the transit agency $15 to $25 million a year. ernest just saw a fare cheat today. >> i saw the guy jump over the gate right there in the station. he was right there. >> you can see people from all walks of life. >> that's what a bart spokesperson told us a few months ago after approving a law cracking down on people who skip out on paying fares. but that may be about to change. >> the free ride is over for those who want to cheat the system. >> starting today if you don't
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have a bart ticket or a card showing you paid your fare, you could be looking at a fine. $75 for adults, 55 for minors where you might have to do community service. if you get caught more than twice in a year, bart police could give you a criminal citation up to $250. >> i think it will make you behave. >> it's a good thing they are cracking down on it. >> instead of conducting random raids, train fare inspectors with video cameras will be hitting trains and platforms checking for riders who failed to pay. mike hill told us it sounds like a strict system the city of sacramento has in place on the light rail train. >> if you don't have a ticket, they will ask you to get off and fine you. >> reporter: this month will be a -- there will be a grace period. riders who can't prove they paid will get a warning. riders say they will welcome it. >> you can't keep going against the system because eventually
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the system will bite you back. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. it happened in california 50 years ago. johnny cash's famous concert. what changed behind the stone walls. plus are, an unusual drive causing a concern for farmers. tonight their extra effort to protect crops. if you are noticed the brighter night sky tonight, yes, you're right. astronomers will tell us what makes the new year's superren moo so speck tack -- can supermoon so spectacular.
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travelers coming into the u-s. people flying in new tonight, a computer glitch makes for some slow going for international travelers coming to the u.s. people flying into lax say they
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had to wait around 40 minutes to get through with their passports. there were similar stories elsewhere including video of a long line in miami. the trouble lasted for a couple of hours until about 6:30 this evening pacific time. officials at sfo say they have what they are calling intermitten outages with the custom and passport system. but at the time, there were just a few national travelers, no major delays. 50 years ago this month, johnny cash walked into folsom prison to perform for the inmates. >> certainly no accident. the first song he made made jonny and the prison famous. we got to go inside folsom for a look back and to see how california's second oldest prison used their place in state history. >> reporter: january 13, 1968. they wore blue, he wore black. >> hello, i'm johnny cash. >> reporter: then unleashed his
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fictional firsthand account on bars. which ever fused johnny cash into the prison lord. ♪ i shot a man in reno just to watch him die. ♪ >> reporter: that live reporting of his prison blues shot to number one for the country music charts, relaunching his career. this is the east gate of the prison where johnny cash stood for that famous photo. it's used every single day. the staff uses it to go in and out. >> reporter: next to the east gate, the prison museum and volunteer staffer and retired guards keeps his history alive. >> that's usually the first thing. they want to know where can i get my picture taken. i said really? >> reporter: most visitors who come to stand where johnny stood never experienced the history of the state's second oldest prison. the younger sibling of san
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quentin can't shift from the wall. and it can entirely strip itself of a notoriously violent past with roots in the california gold rush, but it's trying. no longer are executed held. we are from 1935 to 1937. 93 prisoners were put to death. the death row cells are now used for storage. once a notoriously violent maximum is being held -- notoriously violent offender being held in maximum detention is now being held in detention. >> as soon as i get out, people will see what i was in here for. >> reporter: an auto mechanic. >> it's going to be my job one day and hopefully as we transition back into society.
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we can work at it, it'll be great. >> reporter: until then, they are stuck in folsom prison and time is dragging on. while they can't escape the razor wire and guards, they can't fight certain things. >> this is the dining hall where johnny hall played his concert 50 years ago. for our benefit, they brought in a few bands to play some of the music they get to play here today. ♪ [ music ] therapeutic. to the same place. >> as for playing johnny cash's music while being stuck in folsom, like the thing they did to get into folsom. probably best left in the past.
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you don't go around singing that do you? >> oh no. >> johnny cash first recorded folsom prison blues back in 1955. he wrote it while he was in the air force after seeing the movie "inside the walls of folsom prison." it wasn't until that live recording on january 13, 1958, where that song became a number one hit. in the central valley tonight, farmers are hoping for rain. they didn't see much of it in december. now they are taking unusual steps to protect their crops. in the orchards, moisture in the soil protects the trees. but with little rain, growers are having to switch on irrigation systems. while no one is panicking yet, farmers are a little nervous about how the year is starting out. >> going into the drought we figured we would have two dry years. we're in a five-year type of drought that's fairly unknown in this area. >> just to give you an idea of
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how dry it has been in the fields near stockton, the area usually gets three and a third inches of rain. well last month, they only got .05 inches. take a look at the supermoon brightening the bay area sky tonight. nasa says it's the biggest and brightest moon of the entire year, first day of the year. but it is just the first of three celestial treats this month. kpix 5 sharon chin tells us what to watch for. >> reporter: the new year's moon is only 221 miles away. assistant planning director at the academy of sciences. >> this is the closest full moon of the year about 30,000 closest than when it is at its farthest point. >> reporter: the so-called supermoon can appear as much as is 14% bigger and brighter when the full moon is farthest from the earth. >> it's kind of like comparing the size of a dime and nickel. >> if you missed it, there's another supermoon on january
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31. because it's the second full moon in a month, it's called the blue month, which occurs once every two to three years. even more unusual, the way the lunar cycle in our calendar creates a rare scenario. >> two double full moon months in january and in march. no full moon in february. so it is really interesting what's happening. >> reporter: astronomers say we get a february with no full moon, only a handful of times a century. the last time was 1999. not only that, but the super man is a part of a celestial feature on january 31. >> the full moon happening that night is going to pass through earth's shadow. that's going to cause a total eclipse of the moon, which will be seen from san francisco. >> optimal viewing at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning if it is clear. >> i have never seen them that close before. i really like him and stuff. >> i would like to see that.
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that sounds interesting. >> reporter: this supermoon is also called a wolf moon. the term comes from native americans who gave names to full months each month. >> super, wolf, brian, it was spectacular. >> let's review sharon's package, shall we? >> all right. >> let's weigh out the facts for you tonight. supermoon all night tonight. you can see it behind the clouds. the moon is full tonight. the closest approach to earth, cycling around earth. as a result, it appears to be 30% brighter than it usually does. the next supermoon will be on january 31. that one will feature a total solar eclipse. because of the proximity to earth and the fact it is closer to the winter solstice, we get coastal flooded advisories. 7.2 feet mid-morning. highs today, managed mid to low-
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60s. we will do the same tomorrow. then we'll get wet. right now numbers are in the 40s. won't be that cold tonight because high clouds are coming up. finally that high pressure gives way to the low offshore. we get one more dry day. then it will get wet on wednesday. futurecast bares it up. tomorrow a bunch of high clouds. wednesday with -- watch how it all unwinds through wednesday evening and thursday morning and thursday midday. not a ton of rain. about a third of an inch to two- thirds of an inch, but there could be thunderstorms with this when they make landfall on wednesday. we'll stay tuned on that. partly cloudy, dry and mild for tuesday. rain will return on wednesday. overnight lows tonight will be in the mid-30 toss the mid--- mid-30s to the mid-40s. temperatures in the mid-60s. tomorrow is dry, wednesday is wet. thursday, friday showery. by the time we get to the weekend, looks like we will get a break such as this. it will be shocking on
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wednesday with a thunderstorm or two. we shall see. >> yes. >> all right. coming up, new year new life. meet the first bay area baby born in 2018.
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take a look at this little guy. he was born at 12-02 a-m at u-c-s-f medical center... weighing in at well, the first bay area baby of 2018, pretty darn cute. look at that little guy. he was born at 12:02 a.m.
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at ucf medical center. >> i always knew i had a due date, but i didn't expect it to go that way because i read only 4% of the population delivers on their due date. in the end, it got down to starting to have contractions around the 30th. >> the next night, the first new year baby in the bay area was born. >> i love her energy. she is amazing. >> how is that possible? >> she is so cool. yes, no problem. >> she is wonderful. >> okay. >> coming up in sports, raiders react to john gooden being hired -- jon gruden being hired as their next head coach. a trip to the national championship gape. we'll be right back.
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woman: so, greg,
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it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) championship game went through pasadena for georgia and oklahoma. the 1st overtime game in rose bowl history provided a dramatic . the road to the national championship game went to oklahoma and georgia. the first overtime game in rose bowl history provided a dramatic ending. a sea of red in pasadena. they met in the rose bowl. georgia trails by 17 in the first half. seven minutes left. game tied up. picked up by oklahoma steven parker and returned for a 46- yard touchdown. the sooners take a 45-38 lead.
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a minute to play. nick tubbs takes the direct snap and scores to tie the game. so we go to o.t. for the first time in rose bowl history, second o.t. now tied up at 48. michelle takes a direct snap and scores the game-winning 27- yard touchdown. makes up for the fumble. he scores four touchdowns as georgia wins 54-48. they'll play for a chance to win their first national championship since 1980. on the second semi final, alabama and clemson meeting in the playoffs for the third straight year. hertz throws it for the touchdown giving the crimson tide a 17-6 lead. and the very next play from scrimmage. the tigers kelly bryant has this pass. tipped and intercepted by matt wilson who returns it 18 yards for a touchdown. so alabama wins 24-6 to set up the all sec title game verses georgia next monday. central florida came back to life in the second half of
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the peach bowl against auburn. fourth quarter, golden nights are leading 27-20. he is intercepted by burquette, returning it for a pick six. scoring 21 unanswered points to take a two touchdown lead. they win to finish the season undefeated. just two years after going 0- 12. well to the nfl, raiders are expected to hire jon gruden as their next head coach. any official announcement likely won't come until next week. today while cleaning out their lockers, raiders players offered their thoughts on gruden possibly becoming their next head coach. >> i did run into him. i hope i made a good first impression. >> i know what he has done 15 years ago, you know. so i don't know if he will be there to receive the game. i mean he's been a part of the game for a while. so he knows the game. i don't know. >> and that does it for sports. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. good night. the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is at 4:30. >> have a good night. >> it looks like the spirit of christmas can't even stop the feud between cnn and the trump administration. so the network says they are skipping the annual white house christmas party for members of the media. ( ♪ jazz jingle bells ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter )


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