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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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area --flooded live from the cbs 5 studios, this is kpix5 news. flu cases on the race, emergency rooms in the -- rise, pledge rooms in the bay area flooded -- emergency rooms in the bay area flooded with patients. >> public health officials don't know whether it's peaking earlier than usual or if this is a particularly bad year. in the bay area alone there have been 19 reported flu deaths, the hardest hit counties contra costa with six deaths and santa clara with five. kpix5's katie nielsen explains why this year is especially bad. >> reporter: behind every door another sick patient. >> this year is probably the worst year i've seen that i can remember. >> reporter: dr. richard turner has worked in the bay
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area more than 25 years and says this is the first time he can practically diagnose a patient with the flu as soon as he walks into the room. >> people just look miserable and, you know, tired, ill and then when they give the symptoms, they've had the achiness and fever, it's almost immediate. >> reporter: one reason this year is particularly bad is the strain of flu going around. it's the h3n2 which causes severe symptoms. >> it's very difficult to anticipate who is going to become more severely affected. >> reporter: since flu season started in october 42 people under the age of 65 have died from the flu in california. this same time last year that number was only nine people. >> what about me that would make me more susceptible? there's things that people get from viruses all the time, heart problems, lung problems. >> reporter: antibiotics won't help because it's a virus and dr. turner says it's pretty
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easy to tell the difference between a simple head cold and the flu. >> it's the body aches and pains and fever and they just feel miserable. some of them don't even have cough yet or severe sore throat. >> reporter: at this urgent care clinic in san pablo they estimate up to 80% of the patients they're seeing this weekend are here because they have some type of flu-like symptoms. doctors say the best thing to do is just try to prevent the flu and it's not too late to get a flu shot. in san pablo, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> at the same time the flu has drained blood and platelet supplies across the county with more people sick. fewer people are donating. the american red cross says there is a real need for blood. the organization has set up hundreds of blood drives but had to cancel many of them because of bad weather, especially on the east coast. if you're interested in donating, contact the red cross. all blood types are needed. an outbreak of norovirus has sickened dozens of students
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and four teachers at a san francisco elementary school. the chronicle reports students at mckinley elementary started to get sick after returning from winter break. there have been at least 57 cases of the contagious stomach bug so far. the school district said it's brought in extra janitors to clean the school and sent home letters to parents with tips on how to prevent the spread of the virus. a emergency has life threatening injuries after he was shot earlier today in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. police got a report of a shooting after 4:30 in the morning. they found a wounded man on the ground on main street, the victim rushed to a hospitalized. police have not released his identity and so far they haven't made any arrests or identified any suspects. president trump pointing the blame at democrats for suspending talks on daca, this as some members of congress call for trump to apologize for making disparaging remarks while discussing immigration reform in the oval office. kim hutchinson reports. >> reporter: with a government
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shutdown looming president trump took to twitter sunday blaming democrats for stalling a potential immigration deal. trump accused the democrats of not really wanting daca and blowing the one opportunity they had. the bipartisan discussion came to a standstill after the president made vulgar comments describing lay it i and african nation -- haiti and african nations while meeting with lawmakers on immigration reform. trump denied making the comment but did admit to using tough language. >> i still think that he should apologize. i think that there are people that are looking for an apology and i think that that would show real leadership. >> reporter: for many lawmakers including the first haitian american congresswoman, coming to an agreement on daca is essential. >> we cannot let this derail us. i think the worst thing that can happen right now is for there not to be a fix for daca at all. there are people that are depending on us, not just americans on border security, but families that are waiting that are in limbo. >> reporter: trump's tweets
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came less than 24 hours after his administration began receiving daca renewal applications following a federal court order. the daca policy will continue operating on the terms in place before it was rescinded in september of last year. today i'm kim hutchinson reporting. pope francis says hostility and rejection of refugees and migrants is a sin and today the pope welcomed thousands of immigrants and refugees to mass. in his almost 5-year-old papacy francis stresses that the catholic church's mission is to welcome vulnerable and marginalized people. this comes as several european nations and the u.s. are intent on increasing physical or legal bear-year-olds to migrants. right now a high surf advisory is in effect in the bay area until tuesday and you can expect strong rip currents and sneaker waves. that was the scene at ocean beach today. taking a live look at ocean beach this evening, it's gray, chilly and cloudy. that sums it up for most of us this sunday. looking ahead rain is on the
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way for the coming week because another storm system is winding up in the gulf. it will send showers from north to south tomorrow beginning middayish in the north bay. as for amounts? by the time all is said and done we'll be looking at a range from about a 0.1-inch to 1/2 inch with greater amounts up north. that will come in handy because we're only at about 2/3 average in the bay area for rainfall, but there's more rain later in the week, too. we'll have details in a few minutes. 20 people are now confirmed dead in last week's mudslides in santa barbara county and crews expect to find more victims as they continue sifting through all the debris. they are using backhoes, jackhammers and chainsaws to clear the mud, boulders and toppled trees. tuesday's slides destroyed at least 65 homes in montecito and damaged hundreds of others. normal business activity has ground to a halt. >> all those stores that are in business every day, i was speaking about this inn, it's
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now not functional. the longer the recovery takes, the harder it will be for them to bounce back. >> the storm sent flash floods down mountain slopes left bare in the wildfires. back in the bay area new regulations for airbnb and rival sites like home-away are about to kick in. starting tuesday all san francisco hosts have to register their host properties with the city. airbnb and home-away will not allow unregistered hosts on their sites or other services. hosts can apply after the deadline but are not allowed to rent their properties until they are registered. well, this is what it looked like inside a plane moments before it skidded off a runway and ended up down a steep slope. >> don't think that you have an extra protection as an employee just because it's now legal.
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>> pot may be legal in california, but it may not be all right with your employer, why certain workers might want to think twice before lighting up. cbs eye on the community...
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presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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the pegasus airline flight was landing... when it skidded off the runway... is. check that out, a passenger -- check that out, a passenger plane dangling off a cliff in turkey ending up over the black sea. you can see how close the plane's nose got to the water's edge. cell phone video from inside the plane shows passengers evacuating. nobody was hurt, but two people were killed when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook peru this morning, the epicenter just off the coast in the southern part of the country near chile. one of the two victims was a 55- year-old man crushed by a rock. the other person died in the same region. another 65 people were hurt when a number of homes came crashing down. roads in the rural region also collapsed cutting off communities. two people had to be
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rescued in a bizarre crash in southern california. take a look at this. this white sedan wound up stuck in the second story of a building in santa ana. police say the driver was speeding when it hit the center of the median. that caused the vehicle to go flying into the air and wound up wedged inside the building. crews went in and safely removed the driver and passenger. police say the driver later admitted to being under the influence of drugs. take a look at this. major flooding in an apartment complex in turlock. the firefighter's helmet cam shows how high the water is on the first floor. crews had to turn off several water mains to stop the flowing water. the displaced residents are now being housed by nearby hotels and vacant apartments. we only have a few more days to drive yourself into muir woods before new parking restrictions start. on tuesday the national park service will require visitors to sign up for parking or use the shuttle service. the goal is to reduce overcrowding. reservations can be made 90 days in advance.
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it costs $8 for parking and $3 for a shuttle seat. now that recreational pot is legal statewide what does that mean for people who are drug tested at work? >> cbs reporter joe kwon tells us who should be worried. >> reporter: taking a puff, passing it along and rolling another one, some workers say if it's the weekend, why not? >> we can do it now. >> reporter: he works at a restaurant. >> what are employers going to do? are they going to drug test everybody? >> reporter: labor law attorney todd sherwin said most workplaces can't. >> there's only very few industries where someone can randomly drug test. >> reporter: such as a truck driver who crosses state lines or a police officer, but there are situations where random drug testing is allowed. >> you should be worried if you do something that would allow the employer to test you. >> reporter: stuff that gives your boss reasonable suspicion you've been smoking weed. >> slurring their words, falling down, smells like they just smoked it. >> reporter: a smell that you can't a destroyed at this popular spot to buy
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recreational weed. medman here in west hollywood is packed with people and many, of course, do have jobs. they are wondering if they do use this on the weekend or after work, what the implications are on the job, people like justin jones. >> i'm a med tech, emt. >> reporter: you are saving lives. >> i am saving lives, but i don't do it while high at all. >> reporter: he said pot helps with his insomnia and nature terrors. >> i definitely want to make sure that this is within my rights, that i can still function as an emt and do this recreationally. >> reporter: sherwin warns there may be exceptions for medicinal use, but otherwise beware. >> don't think that you have an extra protection as an employee just because it's now legal. >> reporter: if you are drug tested and it comes back positive for thc -- >> the fact that you smoked it the day before is not going to save someone's job. the employer will be within their rights to terminate. >> i definitely know that. that's a risk i'm willing to take. >> reporter: he said without weed he can't sleep.
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in west hollywood, jill kwon, kpix5. now to switch gears to what will be a biggish story this week, the weather and the fact we'll have successive days of rain a couple times this week, late monday, early tuesday and again thursday and friday. san jose had a sunny start and mostly cloudy finish to the day and ditto for san francisco with a view of all the clouds now overrunning the bay area. at the moment temperatures are ranging between 50 to 55 degrees, no fog yet, but it will be forming by the time we head toward midnight. here's what's happening. low pressure and that mass of clouds heading toward the bay area means it will be an unsettled and chilly week ahead with not much sun and we say good-bye to the high that's given us seasonably mild weather in the bay area, not much rain. that will change. at the same time the high surf advisory is up through tuesday, breakers to 20 feet, strong rip currents, sneaker wave threats. have a care if you're headed to the shore. futurecast shows the timing on
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the rain. we've got clouds moving in by tomorrow at noon. we could get a light sprinkle or two before noon, but most of the activity will not be until we head toward evening and mostly in the north bay till we sweep it through tuesday and then clear it out by wednesday with mostly dry weather. then on thursday and friday another system is coming in. so on again, off again kind of rain. on the futurecast amounts are not enormous. ukiah about a 1/2 inch and the rest of us it will range from 0.2 to 0.3-inch, something like that. wet weather heads south later monday. showers linger through early tuesday morning. we get a break on wednesday and then more rain comes in on thursday and we do need it, as we pointed out, around 2/3 of average for the bay area for rain and snowpack is worse with only 25% of average to this point in the season. so prepare to get a little wet this week. in the extended forecast we're calling for things to cloud up, a little rain during the day
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tomorrow, more rain after sunset through tuesday morning. look at thursday. thursday flat out rain with lingering showers friday. really next weekend is a bit of a toss-up. we'll say clouds at the nome, but in the meantime you can -- moment, but in the meantime you can count on getting wet. there's a new law banning boiling lobsters alive. the swiss government has banned the culinary practice of throwing a lobster into a pot of boiling water while they are still conscious. so starting in march lobsters being prepared have to be knocked out before they are put into that pot of boiling water. the move is in response to studies that suggest the crustaceans may feel pain. that's why they're changing things. this weekend was a good one for moviegoers. here are the top three box office favorites. the commuter was the top new movie, a thriller starring liam neeson opening third place
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bringing in half a million bucks. >> do you have the papers? >> not yet. >> the post starring meryl streep and tom hanks expanded wide release taking second with $18.6 million and jumanji made $27 million for a domestic total of 290 million movie bucks. internet and streaming services have changed the game of home entertainment, but that means video rentals are almost gone for good. kpix5's john ramos takes us to the last video rental store in contra costa county on its last week of business. >> reporter: in 1999 jason wood and tony ebrahim were better friends than businessmen when they decided to team up. >> and at the time all video stores were going -- a lot of them were going bankrupt, so we said let's buy a video store. >> reporter: they bought take one video in pleasant hill just when the switch to dvds was driving a lot of tape rental shops out of business. they created a huge inventory
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of movies, more than 20,000dvds, but always they knew what was coming. >> we were pretty much set on the fact that we night have seven to maybe 10 years of dvds. >> reporter: it's been 18 years, a good run, but the future has finally caught up to them. everything is being sold because on saturday this, the last video rental store in con cost county, -- contra costa county, closes for good. it's a victim of all the digital online streaming services and sherman harvey isn't happy about it. >> the more people that go on the internet to buy things, you're putting other people out of work. >> reporter: but the truth is most young people don't want to buy. digital subscription services have made it possible to watch, listen and read whatever you want for a low monthly feed and always at maximum convenience. >> stay on your couch. you don't have to move.
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order what you what, what you can. don't leave the house. don't communicate with anybody else. >> reporter: but folks here think they'll be missing something like finding that hidden gem while browsing the shelves or getting to know the owner's dog and what fun is seeing a good or bad movie if you can't talk about it with others? little things, sure, but for some it's what made getting a movie as much fun as watching it. in pleasant hill, john ramos, kpix5. beat the and then there were four, the road to the super bowl is almost complete. could the vikings beat the saints in the final minute to advance to the nfc championship? kickoff next. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you
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hoping their vikings could advance to the nfc championship... a thriller in minnesota ended just a few minutes ago, minnesota, the host city of the super bowl hoping their vikings can make the nfc champion game. 2nd quarter latavius murray, the former raider, 1 yard touchdown run, minnesota off and running, 17-0. vikings celebrate the freeze tag. they're now up 17-7, drew brees to michael thomas, cutting minnesota's lead 17-14. now 5 1/2 minutes to play it gets interesting. ryan quigley's punt blocked by george johnson. the saints take over in viking territory. so now you got three minutes left. drew brees to alvin kamara.
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saints take a 21-20 lead. case keenum, could he answer? 24-yard pass to adam thielen sets up the minnesota field goal and the 23-21 viking lead. so it's over, right? no. make it 24- 4th down for new orleans, brees to willie sneyd, 1st down setting up a new orleans field goal. they lead 24-23. 10 seconds left. here's how it ends. 's 61-yard touchdown to steffon diggs on the final play of >> steps into it, pass is caught! the game. and the vikings win touchdown! unbelievable! >> one of the most incredible finishes in nfl playoff history, the vikings win it on the game's final play 29-24. they are moving on. the saints are going home. now we've been saying it all week. jax quarterback blake bortles is the rodney dangerfield of
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the nfl, gets no respect. perhaps that's going to change after when came down today in pittsburgh. bortles threw for just 87 yards in last week's jags win. then again helps to have a great defense. big ben holds onto the ball a little too long, pays the price. ball is loose. kelvin smith scoops it up. it's all smiles on the jags sideline, but the steelers would respond right before the half. 4th and 11, roethlisberger airs it out. martavis bryant for the touchdown, pittsburgh cutting the deficit to 14 points. 4th quarter, bortles and the jags lead down to seven points. after a 35-yard pass by bortles, the rookie runs it in, his third touchdown of the game, lead back to 14 points. nine minute left, steelers facing another 4th down. roethlisberger avoids a sack and makes a perfect throw to antonio brown, pittsburgh back
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to within seven points, but the steelers defense could not stop bortles. he led the jags right back down the field, a wide open tommy bohanon, bottles first career postseason touchdown pass. jacksonville beats pittsburgh 45-42 to advance to the afc title game in foxboro next weekend and while bortles took the high road teammates did not. >> i have no animosity towards anybody that's ever said anything. i'm happy to be able to come here and do this with this team, happy to be able to continue to play for another week. there's a lot of guys sitting home on the couch watching this i'm sure wishing they could play. >> he has heart and people can tell them what they want to, but he's proved it today. >> i want to know what he has to say while you sit at home and watch us next week. >> coming up tonight on gameday the newest member of the harlem globe trotters, vern glenn got to suit up with the legendary
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traveling team as they came into the s.a.p. center this afternoon. i don't think he's going to remind anybody of curly neal any time soon, but he was on the court and we'll tell you how he did with the harlem globetrotters. >> i bet he's got some tricks up his sleeve. >> you think? i know the globetrotters do. >> he'll come up with something. as a steeler household, that was a tough pill to swallow there. >> how about if you're the new orleans saints on the last play of the game? >> some crushers. >> a chance the super bowl could be played in minnesota. they're getting it back to philadelphia next week. >> we'll be right back. life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out.
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because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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they're all trying out to be part of florida's weeki wachee famed troupe dozens of women from all over the country want to be mermaids. they're all trying ought out to be part of florida's spring attraction of mermaids. it's been going on since the 1940s and the cold snap didn't deter them either. the weather is showing us it will be wet again tomorrow with low pressure pushing through, a front in the bay area, showers later tomorrow. you can see on futurecast as we roll it ahead to freeze it there, clouds to begin with, then showers moving through the north bay later in the day and the showers continue to favor the north bay before it moves through early tuesday morning. we'll have complete details for you at 6:00 tonight. >> that's it for us at 5:00.
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we'll see you back at 6:00 for a full hour of news. updates always on we'll see you at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the false alarm and lessons learned. the day after an accidental missile alert triggered panic across hawaii, there are calls for accountability, a congresswoman from hawaii warns. >> there are these kind of mistakes that bring us to this brink of nuclear war. >> quijano: also tonight, one year into donald trump's presidency, a new cbs news poll weighs the mood of the nation. a passenger jet skids off the runway, and ends up on a seaside cliff. how did everyone escape? a high-flying snowboarder lands a perfect score, and a fourth trip to the winter olympics. and the music teacher students call "mr. d". who is fine-tuning their lives and making a difference.


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