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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 2, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PST

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physically detained a u-c berkeley employee. tonight, police say: that 11, tackled to the ground. these physically -- these police officers physically detained auc berkeley student. there is more to the story says the police. we talked to the worker moments after he got out of
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jail. >> the union protest was meant to be peaceful and bring information. it ended up with a union member walking out of jail with some injuries and two very different accounts of what went down.>> the video begins with the uc pd officer grabbing onto david cole. a cook with auc diverse services. seconds later, a second officer joins and tells him to get on the ground. david was tackled and pushed to the ground by 3 officers and arrested. the video was widely circulated on social media. sparking outrage. >> it was disturbing, really hard to see the man wrestled to the ground and slammed like that. >> reporter: paul was on his way to the drugstore when he
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witnessed the protest, he shot this cell phone video. tonight the university released a statement that reads in part, the suspect ran toward an occupied vehicle, that was making its way through the intersection, and through the sign he was carrying at the vehicle. adding that when the vehicle -- when the driver got out, the suspect began to advance in the direction of the driver in a threatening and aggressive manner. and later became noncooperative and repeatedly disregarded lawful instructions from the officer. paul says he saw the car push its way through the crowd and wrap the engine.>> i would say he did not antagonize the driver. from my vantage point, he was on the passenger side of the vehicle. telling people to note the license plate.>> that says -- >> reporter: because the car was a danger to the crowd.>> it's nothing more than racism.
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why would the only black man that standing on the corner be picked out, is nothing more than racism? there was no dialogue. >> reporter: tonight dialogue -- people waited outside the jail for david.>> i have 3 stitches in my eye, 1 in my nose. my leg hurts. my foot is bothering me. i will be okay., say thank you 3299 for helping me crossroads. hopefully this ordeal will get over and be done. hopefully we will win our contract hopefully. bye, good night. >> reporter: david cole will be booked on charges of vandalism, and resisting an officer. uc pd will carefully review this case, as a standard with all cases involving the use of force. in berkeley, betty you,kpix tonight, ice is making its word good on its promises. there demanding proof that workers are in the country legally. ice is giving the companies 3
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days to comply. >> i think the ice rates are targeted at california companies in particular because we are able to state. i hate to say that but i think there's a fair amount of penalty we are paying and the president wants to make an example of california. >> they say quote the actions taken this week are for homeland security to stop -- step up the laws that prohibit illegal citizens to work illegally. we are told the business is bombarding the west coast neighborhood with potentially toxic dust.>> the city of oakland's lawsuit said that santos engineering has been operating in blatant violation of city law for months.
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in this neighborhood at risk. tonight, the owner says, it is all wise.>> you can't open your door. because you can smell it. the dust. >> barbara lives across the street from his engineering place. she says that the company that does these work releases the dust leaving a layer on.-- cars and homes and making her grandchildren sick.>> they have trouble with dry throat, runny nose, breathing, coughing. i've been to the doctor twice.>> in the lawsuit the city of oakland said santos engineering has had multiple violations and installing fans to blow dust right outside into the community. the lawsuit also said santos was operating illegally for months without a conditional
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use permit. they only submitted a conditional use permit application, 2 months ago after the city cited them for the violation.>> we cannot stand to have a company come into west oakland and operate illegally and create dust that is having a physical impact on kids and families that are living in that neighborhood.>> owner claims that the dust is not coming from his shop, and when we asked whether he been operating without a permit.>> did you apply for the permit, before you started operations or after? buck -- >> a little bit before. around the same time. i'm not sure maybe 4 months ago. 5 months ago.>> how long have you been here? >> the manager take care my staff and my other stuff isn't hearing now.>> you should be able to tell me when you started operating.>> i would say 4-6 months ago.>> big answers that are not good enough for the city. tonight the search is on for
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the driver who rammed a sheriff deputy with a stolen suv. the motorcycle officer stopped the suv for speeding, on west a street just before 10:00. the driver through the suv into reverse and slammed into the officer dragging him some 20 feet. the deputy tried to pull out his weapon and opened fire. several gunshots struck the windshield of suv.>> is likely you might not of been struck, because he was able to drive, obviously a few blocks, and run. and now he's hiding.>> police searched using dogs, helicopters, and drones. so far, no sign of the suspect extract a suspected car thief also rand -- ran into an undercover police officer in san francisco. he was on a bike and suspected an auto burglar. as soon as he tried to stop
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him, a car believe to be the getaway driver, rand into the officer. both suspects are in custody tonight, the injured police officer is expected to be okay. in the matter of hours, president trump is expected to optimize release of a classified memo about the russia investigation. tonight, melissa kane shows us that decision is setting off a political, firestorm. are you going to release the memo? buck president trump is staying silent about the feud between congressional republicans, and the fbi.>> republican house committee chairman david nunez told -- authorized to 4 page memo. it alleges that the fbi and the department of justice used improper surveillance, on trump campaign officials.>> so what we want is all the information to come out, so that transparency can reign supreme, and accountability can a court.
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-- can occur. we thought that pauline would be the adult to look over the trump administration. they say the memo is an attempt to undermine special counsel robert molars and -- molars russia investigation.>> the fbi says that it has great concerns about material omissions the fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy.>> if you were to really set memo, it would not only be able to do in -- endanger that country, but will also be violating the rules of the congress of the united states. i do believe the chairman of the intelligence committee, should be taken out of that also.>> the white house says that president trump did read the memo. in the presence fbi director christopher ray, says he might issue a rebuttal if the memo is actually released. alyssa kane, kpix5. spokesperson for nunez
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contest that the changes on the memo are minor. tonight, the latest drought monitoring map is out. it is not a pretty picture. >> the bay area is still okay, but 3 southern california counties are already in what's called severe drought. including los angeles. and more than half the state is drier, then it should be right now. here in the bay area, we will stay dry until at least the middle of february that's our next shot at any kind of wet weather. today's snowpack survey left a lot to be desired. just 14% of average for this time of year. emily turner shows us that there is a lot more to it than what you see on the surface.>> this months snowpack service came back significantly below average but the situation is not as bad as it might suggest. in fact, these dry patches only tell a portion of the story.>> 14 and 12.
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>> 14% of average seems like a frighteningly low number when it comes to the northern sierra snowpack. it's not great to be sure. the department of water resources, says we are not staring drought in the face just yet.>> the reservoir storage projected for the end of january, is 105%. so, we have that, carryover from last year's very abundant snowpack that we had stored in reservoirs. that's to give us that cushion if things don't turn out like they would this year.>> that cushion has been impacted by rain. if it doesn't stick around on the slopes it still helps. there are still 3 more months to make up for the frozen area, if -- even though it's a big deficit, it's not unheard of. not only is it dry, did you get outside today?
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a little warm. record high 74 degrees in san jose. here's your friday, the -- 14 degrees above average with widespread 70s. how long does that part of the weather in question last? updated weather forecast next. and the submitted -- mysterious criminal hijacked this plane in 1970s and disappeared. tonight a stunning twist on the db cooper case. the status caught on camera targeting a bay area home, tonight the homeowner gets revenge. and a bay area city is on track to
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skyjacker really a vietnam veteran -- from stockton? reporter steve large spoke with a te tonight a potential bombshell in the db cooper case. with the -- was the infamous sky checker eight vietnamese veteran from stockton? >> these are the letters that could solve a decades long history. a group of private investigators say that these letters could be the key to proving the 1971 sky checker, dj cooper is this man robert rock straw. a former stockton resident whose family, also lived in calaveras county. we showed one of the letters to a former member, of the army intelligence unit, that robert used to belong to. >> that format -- that former
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one recognize a code that he and the other man used in his unit. new word -- words applied pointing to robert rock straw. it's at 10 fbi catching. sws which stood for special warfare where rock show went to use coding.>> the fbi released it composite sketch of db cooper when the hijacking investigation began.>> when he got on a plane in portland oregon last night, uses another passenger.>> just the day before thanksgiving in 1971, the mysterious case of the northwest orient airlines hijacker intrigued people all around the country. the man who called himself db cooper, showed a flight attendant a bomb in a suitcase allowed passengers to leave, ask for $200,000, and parachutes. in the plane to off, he jumped out with all that cash strapped
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to his body. no one found him, all these years. in sacramento, kpix5. roberts -- robert lives in san diego and he insists he is not dj cooper. unusual crime caught on camera. kpix5 andrea shows us what gave him away. >> reporter: is a quarter after one on january 23 when this man decided that this man did not need his security camera anymore.>> with the cameras he did not know, was that he was being -- he was not being recorded from 1 angle.>> if you sell the camera and take away with you, i have video of you stealing the camera. >> andrew loaded this video on next door and youtube hoping to help his neighbors be aware. about 12 hours later, andrew was looking for -- to replace
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the camera when he noticed a familiar face.>> as soon as i walked out i thumb across the street. i went over there with my iphone, and i videotaped him while he was walking away.>> the dead giveaway was a blue bandanna. >> it was the same exact thing that he was wearing in the video.>> andrew called the police.>> i showed them what was on the phone the evidence and went over and looked at it and said yeah that is the guy.>> he thought because a camera was not worth more than $250, he was arrested. only cited.>> cited for misdemeanor offense and is a court date. if he misses that, it will escalate from their.>> and her hopes between this video and his eagle eyes, that others will be detoured from property crime.>> i felt sorry for the guy, he was nonviolent. but i don't want people messing with my camera.>> in san francisco, kpix5. google has struck a multimillion dollar land deal with san jose. the mayor said that company did not get any special treatment.
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they want to build a giant mega campus in sap center. they have agreed on a deal for a large chunk of the land it needs. google will purchase 9 properties for $67 million. the company plans to create up to 8 million square feet of offices. that's enough for 20,000 employees. negotiations are made for the rest of the land, it could add up to another $50 million. san jose is now on track to become the hottest housing market in the entire country. maria medina shows us prices are going through the roof. >> the hand -- housing market in san jose has reached the -- historical highs and lows. the economy is strong here that is why real estate is doing so well. apple and google wanting to move here does help. >> reporter: take a look at one of the walks through one of the
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homes to sell in san jose. a 50-year-old home, 1100 square feet, three bedrooms, one bath. >> it sold for almost $1 million.>> it sold for $150,000 over the asking price. it lasted a week on the market with nearly a dozen people fighting for it. >> there's not enough inventory, or homes for sale. we are at historic lows for inventory. at the peak i have only ever seen 16,000 homes at the lowest until recently was 850, and now we are down below 500. it's never been this low before. >> reporter: according to research, they saw the largest year-over-year in the bay area. the average home price now stands at $1 million. up more than 20% from december 2016. >> did you think you is all for this much? >> no i did not. we were shocked. >> reporter: when rafael torres bought the home for nearly 600,000 3 years ago he never thought he would stand to make so much money. he is taking that cash and
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leaving california.>> selling it is great, i'm at a loss for words for other windows. it's tough to buy a house.>> -- >> reporter: for gary shapiro he's shocked at how much homes are selling in the bay area and he was a real estate agent.>> people want to know will like it better?>> it well, we don't know when. >> reporter: sam ricardo acknowledges that there's an affordable housing crisis in san jose with thousands of families struggling to make it. in the next 5 years he plans to build 25,000 new homes, with 10,000 of them being affordable. in san jose, kpix5. housing prices are out of control. temperatures are out of control. 11 a clock at night, february 1, san francisco, it's 60 degrees outside. in the city. is 55 in concord, the cool spot in the upper 40s, livermore 49.
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napa 50, san francisco 53, -- for the water year so far, not that bad. were 64% of average in san francisco. 63% in santa rosa, and 70% in oakland. the problem is in the mountains, it has not been cold enough for widespread snow. the number will go down. the percentage i just showed you will go down because the next 7-10 days will be just like this. storm track active, 1000 miles away from us as the ridge continues to build. it's going in the wrong direction blocking rich pressure, we will get warmer and stay just as dry. future cast, nothing. tomorrow evening, clear skies a beautiful friday night. saturday, the weekend sunshine as well. we will stay dry for the foreseeable future, and send future cast all the way out to
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next tuesday. we continue to go over -- zero for february. let's get it -- what's gonna come first, valentine's day or our first rain? tomorrow, quite warm 70s across the board. san jose 72. union city 70 degrees, low 70s for danville and dublin. low 70s for san rafael valley. upper 70 santa rosa, sonoma 75.. -- tomorrow is groundhog day? kind of like the movie were the same thing happens over and over again the same weather will happen over and over again. next 7 days will be sunny and mild without a single drop of rainfall. beautiful on any one day but we need that pattern to change. hopefully sooner than later.>> what month are we in?>> it feels like may. actually the high was 71, the average high is not that high at any point of time in the
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year. >> thank you, tonight ,$8drw
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basketball world just freaked out when kevin durant chose to sign with the warriors. imagine what would happen if lebron james followed suit. we report that there could be a chance of that happening. it claims that lebron would listen to the warriors if it could clear space on their payroll for a max contract next season. of course the internet went crazy, and photoshop pictures like this. the warriors wanted no part of the story.>> to want me to get my check and write it out to adam or to the nba? you know that's illegal? >> the warriors gm hanging out
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at the cal game tonight. coach within the first five minutes of the game keith richards makes it 9-0 organ. cal loses their ninth straight game. quite the opposite story for randy looking for their 17th straight win. usf had no answer for these guys. there is a down in the second 19-0. 26 -- 4379. that is a school record. the beat goes on for stanford who hopes to go to washington state. and with the super bowl iii days away football was front and center on jeopardy.>> football 200 the quarterback runs the ball and can pitch it to another player? >> for about 400.>> i can tell you is a bit football fans.>> tom landry perfected the truck confirmation with this team? >> dallas cowboys?
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