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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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at helping you escape during a disaster. good morning, everyone. it is friday, february 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. how are things looking out there? >> reporter: we have been tracking friday light conditions, but things are starting to get busy, a little slow out there. along antioch in the westbound direction, yellow is lighting up our screen. we have say-minute ride over to 680 -- a 15-minute ride over to 680. headlights moving westbound. as you move over to interstate 80, you'll see brake lights approaching powell and the berkeley curve. your 580 approach no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is slow, stop and go.
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the weekend is going to be good. i wanted to talk about the records we broke and tied yesterday. san jose you tied yours at 79. san francisco hit 73 degrees. more records will be broken across the bay area. clear skies, a high pressure ridge taking hold of our state. offshore winds are going to continue, especially later on this afternoon. humidity levels are dropping because of the east to west winds. temperatures upper 50s for concord and oakland, this is warm. 56 degrees in san francisco. our temperatures are well on the rise, and i will explain how warm we are about to get, coming up. a classified memo that slams the fbi is expected to be released today. >> jackie has been following
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this story all morning longies are. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news president trump intends to approve the release of the memo. president trump does not have the authority to order when the memo can be made public. his green light means the memo would be sent back to the intelligence committee, and they would decide on a timetable. those familiar with the memo says it explains why the fbi wire tapped a former trump campaign aide. >> if american civil liberties arpu abused, that -- were abused, that needs to come to light. >> it may pave the way for the president to argue he can fire people, which would interfere with the version. >> fbi director christopher wray, a trump appointee, does not want the memo released. earlier this morning, president
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trump tweeted the top leadership and investigators at the fbi and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process. rank and file are great people to. sources say trump told friends by phone he thinks the memo would expose bias against him in the russian investigation. as the 2018 governor's race heats up, lieutenant governor gavin newsom will make a campaign stop. he has raised $10 million in 2017. state treasurer john chung raised $7 million and former stated school superintendent d'layne easton raised $658,000. as for republicans, businessman john cox raised $3.5 million, orange county assemblyman travis allen took in 447,000
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and former congressman doug oster entered late so he does not have to reported until later this year. all marijuana convictions can be reduced or overturned, thanks to voters who made the recreational pot law retroactive. ann? >> reporter: the law is retroactive, technically anyone convicted of any marijuana offense ever in history in california is eligible to have their records expunged. but the problem is, a lot of people don't know that. and it is often a complicated expensive legal process. state courts got about 5000 petitions in the first year, but more than 460,000 people may have been eligible to apply between 2006 and 2015 alone according to numbers.
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this newly proposed state law would clean up records automatically, no application, no fee, court date or attorney needed. >> once these persons records are expunged, the trade unions will open the door so these black and brown young common ladies can get jobs. >> a lot of the convictions are disproportionately affecting minority people and bill 1793 would automatically expunge convictions. this does face an uphill battle in the state house. it needs a two-thirds majority in both houses. here in san francisco, they are
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starting the process no, sir timeline for how long it will take. ann, thank you. san diego is also working to erase thousands of marijuana convictions. the district attorney's office said they have reduced the convictions of 700 individuals to misdemeanors so far, but they have several thousand more cases to go. the los angeles police department says it appears a school shooting was accidental. however the 12-year-old suspect is facing criminal charges. she kept saying i didn't mean it. he says she told him the gun was in her backpack and it went off when she dropped the bag. a total of five people were injured. the big question is how did the 12-year-old get the gun and manage to sneak it on to campus? >> this is a very important call to action to every adult in your community who has a gun. >> the 12-year-old suspect is facing a charge of negligent discharge of a firearm.
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right now, san francisco firefighters are still at the scene of a two-alarm fire near alamo square. it was reported just after 3:00 this morning on fulton street. crews say two 3-story victorian houses have been affected. no injuries have been reported. and in the wake of the deadly wine country wildfires a north bay lawmaker is proposing a new bill. at least 93 people died in the october fires, two in sonoma county were found dead where their garages once stood, unable to escape. senator bill dodd of napa is requiring are proposing a bill that would require back-up batteries for new garage doors. the state is saying cities and counties are not even meeting their own fordable housing targets. >> jessica flores joins us live with results from the new state
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report. jessica? >> reporter: good morning, kenny and michelle. you might see mere fordable housing pop up. in hey barred alameda county. that is because the new report with the spotlighted on bay area cities, including alameda county, and across the bay area, is basically saying you have to speed up your process for allowing developtors started building. that is coming from the state housing department, released yesterday, showing almost every city and county, that is 97% across the stated, have to streamline their approval process for new housing developments. this all comes after that package of housing bills requires cities that fall behind housing targets to speed up their approval process. the state housing department found 900 cities are falling behind and must fast track developments that would reserve at least 10% for low income
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housing. scott weiner was the author and celebrated this new report on twitted year i'm excited by the step. that means in these 97% of cities, if a market developer or a low income profited developer and says i want to build housing within your zoning it has to be approved -t can't put them through a multi- year process. >> reporter: cities and counties not meeting their goals include all these. now there are some cities and counties doing okay. san francisco is meeting its target, as well as sonoma and napa counties. those do not need to fast track their housing development. but for all the other cities, nearly 900 in the state and several dozen across the bay area, they need to fast track all the housing development
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approvals. reporting live in heyward, i'm jessica flores. david campos joins us in the citi studio to talk about the sanctuary city crack down. i'll let you know how warm we are going to get and where we could see records breaking for a few new hot spots, including highway 47. we'll take a closer look at the travel times and exactly what is slowing commuters down, coming up.
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with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. justice warning its sanctuary policies could violate federal law. it requires for the sicked time fremont has received a letter from the u.s. -- second time, fremont has arrived a letter from the u.s. department of justice that requires police to cooperate with immigration officials in rounding up undocumented immigrants. the letter was sent to the
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mayor of fremont on january 2nd, asking the city to submit documents that reflect its policies in cooperation with federal agencies, including i.c.e. fremont is one of 29 jurisdictions nationwide that received a similar letter back in november. this week i.c.e. agents raided 77 businesses in san francisco, san jose and sacramento, demanding proof that workers are in the country legally. i.c.e. is giving the company three working days to comply. joining us now, david campos, the county executive for santa clara county. let's talk about these i.c.e. raids and the sanctuary city policies in place. seems like the fight is escalating between the feds and local governments. what has the city been doing to counter this? >> we that be our federal
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government has -- believe that our federal government has essentially declared a war on immigrants. we started a media wide campaign to make sure people know there is a difference between the local government of the county of santa clara and the federal government and donald trump and second we are trying to create a resource by starting a hotline to get people information about what is happening. so right now, there are raids that potentially could take place. there is a number that we are that we are posting in all the county buildings to on the west side to make sure people know if there is information they have, they can call that number to provide that information and any can call the number to find out what might be happening. we are seeing an escalation on the part of the trump administration. i'll tell that you not too far from our headquarters in the county of santa clara, where the courthouse is, there is an
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i.c.e. van parked right in front to really intimidate people to work keep people from going to a court appearance. which, of course, could have really serious, negative consequences -f they miss a court date it makes them eligible for deportation. so the scare tactics are increasing and we know it is going to get worse. let's rewind to the president's state of the union address tuesday. the president talked about and boasted about the biggest tax cuts in history what stood out to you during at dress tuesday? >> well two things, right? first a disconnection from reality. these tax cuts do not benefit most of us, it is the corporate interests that have funded his campaign. and the second thing, it is a state of the union that goes against everything we have seen from any president. a very divisive address that essentially reaffirms his war on immigrants. and the way he put it, most are
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members of the ms-13, they are all criminals. when we know in santa clara, where 40% of our families are immigrant, that it is the opposite. that in fact, immigrants are contributing positively to the life and the economy of the county. $7billion in federal taxes are paid by our immigrant residents. we are very proud of our immigrants and that is not the picture donald trump is painting. >> reporter: was there anything else the president said during that address democrats believe they can work with the president with? including perhaps the $1.5 trillion he is seeking for infrastructure? >> i think that is one of the few positive things. it is hard to take the president seriously. on one hand he wants to work with people, but at the same time he is using divisive language that, quite frankly, targets people of color throughout the country. >> david campos, thank you for your insight. we appreciate you coming on in.
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6:17. let's check our traffic with jacquelyn. >> reporter: right now, more delays for drivers headed along highway 9, due to a new crash near bailey road. it is starting to slow things down, which was slow heading through the area. in the yellow 17 minutes over to 680. as you head over to 680, traffic nice and lighted, moving well in both directions no, sir significant delays along that steven. we are tracking a -- that stretch. we are tracking a crash along this stretch. >> and it certainly does slow the rite ride down. westbound direction 92 minutes from 80 over to 101. let's check in on the forecast. >> reporter: all right. look at this view of san francisco. it is gorgeous. i lover this shot, it is nice
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and clear out there. you can basically see all the twinkling lights all across the city. even a reflection of the bay bridge on the water. barely a ripple out there. here's another view of our vaca camera. just dropped 1 degree but it does feel warm considering this time of day. 5 in santa rosa. here's what we are looking at across the state. clear conditions, a few clouds right along the coastline. plenty of cloud coverage to the north. we are under the ridge of high pressure. this is our story for awhile. even as we head into the middle of february. come valentine's day, we may see this similar weather at that time pattern. it is also going to send us east to west winds. that is the offshore wind that tends to drop our humidity levels down.
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seeing winds big up around 9:00 tonight, going to continue through tomorrow as well. so your saturday will feel warm and dry outside there sunrise happening this morning at 7:12. sunset tonight at 5:34. afternoon highs today. we are going to be warmer than yesterday, temperatures mid up to per 60s for a lot of the south bay. 76 for san jose. we are not seeing any 60s inside 73 for danville, 73 in ramone. around the bay, low to mid 70s and to the north santa rosa, sonoma, look at that. temperatures in the upper 70s. likely record breakers today will be santa rosa, san jose, livermore, breaking records setback in the 60s and 70s. tomorrow will be similar as well. the high pressure not allowing any rain to drop down across northern california. but what we are seeing is a lot
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of rain through hawaii. but it is being sent directly to canada, where they are getting rain and snowfall. what is going to happen sunday into monday is the storm will dip down a little bit closer into california. that is going to allow our temperatures to drop a little bit. a couple of degree shift by the time we reach monday. 70s and sunshine for the next 7 days and beyond. the hot topic on the internet yesterday. could lebron james be coming to the golden stated warriors? that story and more, coming up. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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it is basketball world just freaked out when kevin durant chose to sign with the warriors. espn reported lebron james may follow suit. it claims lebron would listen to the warriors if they could clear enough for a mack contract. the warriors wanted no part of the story for fear of tampering. >> you want me to make it out to the nba? you know that is illegal? >> usf had no answer here, throws it down in the second part of a st. mary's run. the win, the 17th straight is a
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school record. football was front and center last night on "jeopardy." football -t hundred. the quarterback runs the ball and can choose to pitch it to another back. >> an option play. >> football, 900. >> tom landry perfected the shot gun formation with this team. >> dallas cowboys. >> do you think we should go to commercial? >> a returner can reel in a kick without fear of getting tackled. >> fair catch. >> let's look at the thousand dollars clue just for the fun of it. if you guys ring in and get this one, i will die. >> okay. yeah, the super bowl , of course, is sunday. i'm going to guess those folks won't be watching the game, but they will be watching the commercials. have a great weekend. 6:26. an version is underway this morning into harassment claims made against a state senator.
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the agreement tony mendoza is now make withing other law make -- lawmakers. pot is now legal in california. there is relief for some folks, coming up. legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
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this is designed to impune the credibility of the fbi. >> if american civil liberties were abused, that needs to come to light. a brewing battle heats up as president trump intends to allow the release of a memo.
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the emergency worker fired by the stated of hawaii for sending a false missile alert receives death threats. >> people wanted to kill him. they identified him as a male, 10 years in the office. it is not rocket science to figure out who it is. >> the lawsuit he is now considering. but first california residents voted to make the law for legalized recreational weed retroactedtive. which means people can petition to overturn -- retroactive. which means people can petition to overturn old convictions. >> reporter: the word has not gotten around to a lot of people that would be eligible to have their records expunged. so they are sitting around with convictions still haunting them in many cases. convictions -n mean cases -f decades ago. it is a complicated, expensive
6:32 am
legal process to get your record expunged. state courts got about 5000 petitions in the first year. but more than 460,000 people may have been eligible to apply according to numbers from the drug policy alliance in the sacramento bee. this new state law would clean up records automatically no, sir application, no fee, court date or attorney needed. it is something now happening in san francisco. >> those people that have been most adversely affected by the war on drugs get a little bit of a break. >> reporter: so assembly bill 1793 would make that stated wide. it would require allstate courts to automatically expunge convictions like possession of small amount of weed and resentence felonies to misdemeanors. in order for this to pass it
6:33 am
needs a two-thirds majority in both houses. time now 6:33. let's take a live look outside. on the left, we are a beautiful shot of san jose, downtown san jose. on the right a little bit of traffic as people make their way in from the north bay to san francisco via the golden gate bridge. >> maybe people are taking the day off because it is so nice today. >> go to the beach. it is going to be a beautiful day. this weekend is going to be really, really nice. we need the rain and the sierra snowfall. instead we are going to get sunshine and 70s. so get ready. we have been experiencing beautiful mornings and that is going to be the same today. look at those few thin clouds out there, that is all we are seeing across our area. comfortable this morning, with warm conditions, considering the time of day, and yes, clear skies for this afternoon. record breaking temperatures expected today. we have dry conditions out
6:34 am
there. temperatures right now, 9 in san jose, san francisco 55. i'll talk about this weekend, coming up. right now we are tracking slowdowns for drivers heading through the east bay along 680 and 242. we can see this back-up developing for folks heading into walnut creek. southbound 680, approaching highway 2, traffic is backed up to concord avenue at this point. a drive time coming in around 8 minutes heading down highway 2. coming up, a closer look at some of your other routes. new details on the environmental effects that have metal scrap yard fire in richmond earlier this week. the smoke led officials to order a shelter in place for people in that area. now the bay area air qualitied management districted is looking into whether the air
6:35 am
that day was toxic and dangerous to breathe. sims metal management could face fines. some people are accusing. cberkeley police of excessive force after the arrest of an employee. video shows an officer grabbing on to david cole, a cook with the university dining services. the aleft took place yesterday at a protested. the university released a statement, claiming cole threw a sign at a nearby car, then threatened the driver. the man who got video of the arrested said the car was slowly pushing its way through the crowd. a classified document, highly critical of the fbi is expected to go public today. >> why many say the memo shouldn't be released. >> both sides are on edge about this in washington d.c. the
6:36 am
mental co-questions how the fbi is doing its -- calls into question how the fbi is doing its job. the democrats paid for it during the general election, and republicans say the memo and its possible release are not admittedically motivated. >> it does not im-- politically motivated. >> it does not impune the fbi or the mueller investigation square foot this is to undermine the fbi and ultimately bob mueller. >> reporter: both the fbi and the justice department have warned against releasing the papers. the release risks undermining u.s. intelligence gathering
6:37 am
efforts. earlier this morning, president trump tweeted the top leaders have politicized the sacred process. rank and file are great people. former director james comey also weighed in on twitter saying all should appreciate the fbi speaking up and he wishes more of our leaders would. michelle? >> reporter: as the final north korea olympic athletes arrive in south korea for the olympic games, a letter asked the un to recognize north korea's positive developments. this week, cia director mike pompeo warned north korea could have a nuclear weapon capable of striking the united states within a handful of months. the emergency worker fired by the state of hawaii for
6:38 am
sending a false missile alert's attorney says many people know who he is. he has received numerous death threats. the worker actually thought there was an impending missile attack. >> he never pressed the wrong button. he pressed button he wanted to press. because the way it came outside, he thinksner imminent danger within 20 some minutes we may not be here any more. >> the spokesperson for the state of hawaii says it does not commented on pending litigation. amid harassment allegations, state senator tony mendoza is now greg to abide by an extension of his leave of absence for up to 60 day. the senator has denied all the allegations made against him and has complained the senate rules committee acted
6:39 am
prematurely. jessica flores joins us live it in heyward to explain. jessica? >> reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. heyward is one of the cities spotlighted in a new report that puts pressure in cities across california. 400 of them to speed up their process. that report comes from the state's housing department. it says about 97% of cities across california are not meeting their goals for affordable housing. and this all comes after a package of housing bills passed late last year. s b35 requires cities that do not meet housing projects to speed up their process. 400 cities must fast track proves for developments.
6:40 am
senator scott weiner of san francisco was the author of the law and celebrated the new report on twitter. >> we didn't know what was going to happen with the bill. it was a good idea, but we didn't know how it would go and here we are, a little over a year later, not only having gotten the bill signed into law, but it has actually been implemented. cities and counties not meeting their housing development goals include emoryville, alameda, san leandro, heyward, mill valley, vallejo and south san francisco. now the city of san francisco, napa and sonoma counties are doing okay, meeting their goals fall those other cities, basically the stated is saying get your act together, you nationwide to fast track the process for getting these
6:41 am
developments approved. time now is 60:00. the flu outbreak is growing -- time now is 6:40. the flu outbreak is growing. doctors say it is not too late to get a flu shot. a quick look at the big board here. the dow is down about 252 points. coming up, an update from the financial reportedder jason brooks -- reportedder jason -- reporter jason brooks. ,$8drw
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team doctor larry nassar is back in court this morning -- where the father of three of his victims just tried this just in. former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar is back in court where the father of three victims just tried to attack him. the bailiffs were able to tackle the man before he reached nassar.
6:45 am
nassar has been facing hundreds of sexual abuse allegations. last week he was sentenced up to 175 years in prison. the cdc is releasing new flu numbers in what say is the worst season in recent years. the flu is widespread in 49 states. 37 children have died from the flu and in california alone, 97 people have been killed that. includes 20 in the bay area. doctors say it is not too late to get your flu shot. time now for a look at what is coming up later. gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, gayle. >> hey michelle i just saw that larry nassar video. you can understand why that father would be so upset. i understand, i feel the anger with him and the pain. ahead the white house is expected to approve the release of a classified memo on the russian version today. we'll talk with a ranking democrat adam schiff on why he is against making the document
6:46 am
public. plus how some drug companies are allegedly limiting access to generic medicine and before the eagles and the patriots face off in the super bowl , you know it is sunday, american history to locals, the battle over whether fill deferral or boston is the true super city. we'll see you at 7:00. what is the true super city, michelle? san francisco? >> sure, oakland too, and san jose. >> no, between boston and philadelphia? >> i'll go for philadelphia, i like that. it is history. >> you are forgiven. it is okay. we'll see you guys. have a great weekend. >> i had a feeling it would be the city of brotherly love for you. >> i know. you know about how i feel about
6:47 am
the patriots. >> whatever it is. a trio of tech giants released their latest earnings and the new jobs reported is out this morning. >> joining us now, jason brooks. >> good morning, kenny, good morning michelle. good news for american workers. strong monthly job gains, the labor department is saying 200,000 jobs were created in january, stronger than expected, with the unemployment rate steady at 4 .1%. but we also saw meaningful wage growth at 2.9%, the strongest gain since 2009. 87 straight months of job growth. however this past mornings a number of large corporations ranging from disney to starbucks to wal-mart announced pay hikes for their workers in light of corporate tax cuts. investors not that keen on that. we have a lot of big tech companies reporting their earnings. app and amazon. am sold fewer iphones.
6:48 am
but because the 10 is priced higher it made record profits and revenue in the quarter. amazon also had a record quartered. google did swing to a loss in a big, one time tax charge from the federal government. amazon is heading higher. stocks, overall though, taking a bit of a plunge in the early going. investors are worried higher wages will hit inflation. let's go to the big board. the doover 230 points, nasdaq down 41. michelle and kenny, back to you. the lasted couple of days, i have been put on the spotted. who i'm rooting for. who are you rooting for? >> i'm from the new york area. i didn't like philadelphia or boston. who do i pick? i have to go for philadelphia, just because new england rules the nfl, so i'm going for the underdog. >> thank you, that is my point.
6:49 am
hoping for a good super bowl . as long as it is close, i'm okay with that. jason thank you. tesla is bringing its high- end solar products to the home improvement retail market. the company expanded its sustainable energy footprint in 2016 after buying a solar company. thursday bloomberg reported tesla plans to sell its own solar gear in 800 home depot locations. tesla says it can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000. google is going on a hiring spree. the tech giant will hire thousands of employees throughout 9 states. google also plans to open or build five new data centers in the u.s. this year and expand a current san jose location. >> i just drove by the tesla in fremont yesterday. >> looking good? >> yeah, i just gave it a waver. right now, we are -- a
6:50 am
wave. right now we are tracking slowdowns on southbound 880. it is not that bad. we'll say friday light, because we are in the yellow, not the red. tail lights on the screen heading southbound. but heading northbound, oh, dear. look at this. this is right near the coliseum. we are tracking a crash and that travel time is going to leap into the red here any minute. it is just under a 30-minute ride for folks making their way from 238 up toward the maze. the crash is just past fifth avenue there and has one lane blocked. speeds below 15 miles per hour, and they pick up once you get past the crash. if you want to avoid it, 580 will be a much better option for you. look at this view right now. it has been really beautiful the past several days, thanks to those thin clouds out there dispersing all the colors outside of the official
6:51 am
sunrise. this is our view, san francisco, from our transamerica north camera sunrise officially will happen this morning at 7:12 and yes, our days are getting a little longer. here is another great view of tsavorite now. barely a ripple in the water, barely any clouds out there as well, except for very thin ones. temperatures right now, 55 degrees in san francisco. 45 in livermore, 49 in oakland. yes, it is fairly warm for this hour, and we are noticing an offer shore wind picking up this afternoon. especially across the east bay, concord, napa, fairfield. by tonight, look at this, napa's gusts could get as high as 20 miles per hour. we are getting a lot of east to west direction that is a shift in our offshore winds, and that is going to lower our humidity levels. we'll start to feel very dry conditions and very warm conditions. if you thought yesterday was
6:52 am
warm, just you wait. your highs today 75 in palo alto, 75 in mountain view, 76 in san jose. records expected to break across the east bay. san francisco may break a record and taking a look at the northern portion of our region, winds are7. breaking records setback in the 60s and 70s, tomorrow will be more of the same. all the moisture is going from hawaii toward canada, washington. they are get that go rain. we are going to start to see sunday into monday a little trough that may work its way a little closer to our area. not expected to get rainfall from it, but we may see a drop in our temperatures, very slightly. heavenly a decent base at 49 inches. expect sunshine today across squaw valley. beautiful there. tahoe, temperatures in the
6:53 am
upper 50s. kirkwood as well and yes, not expecting to get new sierra snowfall. here's a look at the snowpack right now. 27% of normal, 30% of normal for the central portion. we are under a drought for a lot of this state, abnormally dry conditions. but the bay area not under drought conditions. sunshine in store all weekend long and into next week. that is a look at what is to come. if you have a prior marijuana conviction dragging you down, you may be getting some relief automatically. we'll tell but a new stayed wide proposal, next. -- statewide proposal, next. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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people with prior marijuana convictions are having their records automatically expunged and this is something that may soon be happening stated wide. of course, prop 64 is rhett -- statewide. of course prop 64 is retroactive. many people don't even know they are eligible. stated courts did get about 5000 petitions in the first year after prop 64 passed. but more than 650,000 people may have been eligible between 2006 and 2015 alone according to numbers from the drug policy alliance and the sacramento bee. no applications, court date or attorney needed for convictions for small amounts of weed. and for resented tensing --
6:58 am
resentencing. this still needs a majority vote in both houses. live in san francisco. it is 6:58. time for the final 5. president trump is expected for green lighted the release of a republican memo on the russian version. it alleges surveillance abuse at the fbi and the justice department and the investigation into possible ties between russia and the trump campaign. the memo is misleading the fbi says. earlier this morning president trump tweeted the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigation process. this week i.c.e. agents raided 77 businesses in san francisco, san jose and sacramento, demanding proof workers are in the country legally. i.c.e. is giving the companies three
6:59 am
working days to comply. the los angeles police department says it appears a school shooting was accidental. however the 12-year-old suspected is facing criminal charges. san francisco firefighters are still on the scene of a 2- alarm fire near alamo square on fulton treated. the city of oakland is suing a debris hauling company claiming it is knowingly sending hazardous dust into a nearby neighborhood. cannot get over how pretty the sky is right now. thin clouds, making for a beautiful start to your friday. temperatures are warm in the upper 50s. mid-50s for san francisco. just the very tame clouds that make for all the colors to disperse across the sky. high temperatures are very warm. >> happy friday.
7:00 am
weekend, baby. thank you for watching this morning. >> have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, february 2nd, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. president trump accuses his own top justice officials of bias before the likely release of a gop memo on the russia investigation. only on cbs this morning, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee talks about why that memo should not be made public. >> amazon, apple and google's parent company report record revenue but how does their success affect you? we'll look at why some wall street investors are unimpressed. >> minutes ago, the father of three women who say larry nasser abused them rushed the disgraced doctor in open court. and another accuser


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