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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the north in seattle. meanwhile back here record highs keep us in the mid 70s. eve unof -- it looks as if there is more on the way as long as that high is in place. we will have unusually warm weather. and the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. that warm weather wasn't the only thing that brought people out to the beach in san track cruz today. hundreds of demonstrators hit the sand to voice their opposition to offshore oil drilling. devin was there with sky drone 5. >> from the air their message to the trump administration was written large. >> we are a marine sanctuary. we are a world surfing reserve. we have to protect it for ourselves and for our kids. >> [ indiscernible ] >> hundreds rallied in morning to oppose the white house's plan to open the waters off
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california's coast to oil drilling for the first time in decades. >> there is no really truly safe way to drill for oil. the only known fact is there is going to be an oil spill at some point somewhere. >> the trump administration says relaxing the rules on offshore drilling on the east and west coast will lessen the country's dependents on foreign oil. >> right now we are in the middle of a 60 day public comment period. >> when it comes to our oceans, when it comes to our environment the administration has to understand that these are treasures that we are being to protect with everything we have. >> which likely means the battle lines will shift from the shore to the courts if the trump administration decid to push forward with its plan. >> the federal government has scheduled one public hearing. it will take place this thursday
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in sacramento. they are offering free buses to the meeting from san francisco and oakland. a warning to uc berkeley students. always attention to your surroundings while you are studying. >> i was sitting that the table right there where that girl is sitting in the exact same way as cher. >> as -- her. >> someone grabbed my laptop in seconds. >> they ran to a nearby getaway car. >> that happened sunday. three days later this past wednesday thieves returned and grabbed four more laptops. the always pack ed cafe is located across campus.
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berkeley saw reports of laptop thieves are hit up that cafe at least three months in the last month. sometimes using weapons and shoving students to the ground. >> i was really upset. >> berkeley police say in all of the recent cases the thieves spent sometime casing the coffee shops before picking out their targets. they are looking for people sitting near exits and not paying attention. >> they surveyed the area >> on wednesday shortly after the laptop robbery thieves also hit up the nearby sax coffee house. they grabbed a few male student's laptop. barista knew what to do. wrote doing the license plate and gave it to police. >> this was my fifth shift where this has happened at our shop. i've been working here for six months >> it's not hard to see why thieves target these coffee
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shops. sometimes people just leave them unattended for several minutes. she said she has learned to keep her replacement laptop home >> this has happened to so is many people. i hope they can stop it. >> back to you. >> there is no word on any arrests in the recent thefts. even though the crimes are similar it is not clear if they are tall work of the same group of thieves. a couple visiting the bay area didn't get the warmest welcome. they were sitting in their car yesterday afternoon when two masked men walked up and robbed them at gunpoint. the couple wasn't hurt. the suspects sped off in a dark colored sedan. san francisco dramatic surveillance video shows a burglary suspect backing a car into an undercover police officer in alamo square. you can see one officer had his
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gun drawn but didn't shoot. as jackie reports critics of the policy that kept him from pulling the trigger said it puts officers in danger. jackie. >> we are here in alamo square because this has become one of the most notorious spots in all of san ran for car break-ins. the signs really say it all. tourists are questioning whether its worth the risk of visiting san francisco. the car break-in problem is at an all time high. >> we just heard on the news over the day they were saying 85 a day reported. i was like -- i don't know if i want to go to san francisco anymore. my goodness. >> some car burglars were caught on video just this past thursday. a police officer in place clothes quickly jumps in. that is when the driver of the suspect's car starts to pull away, drives over his alleged accomplice and the officer and then pull forward and runs over them again.
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because of the use of force policy police are prohibited from firing at a suspect in a moving vehicle. that has san francisco police officers association fired up once again over a policy they say is outrageous. the president writes quote i have serious doubts that some on the commission care enough to change this flawed policy. what will it take? a dead cop? those we spoke to have mixed feelings on the law. >> i don't think that -- if someone has gun, a car window is not going to top that bull fret getting to the officer. he -- bullet from getting to the officer. that is not right? i hear it all the time about the tasers and about reporting break-ins. you have to prove the car was locked. all these laws they have to change, yes. i -- when it comes to shooting -- its -- you just don't know. you got glare, you got movement. >> the two suspects who fled the scene in the car were caught and
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arrested. now all three suspects face a very long list of charges. that officer who was run over is recovering from his injuries and will be okay. meanwhile people who want san francisco police equipped with tasers asap have turned signatures in to put the measure on the june ballot. now if half of the 19,000 signatures submitted turn out the be valid the measure will be on the june ballot. several groups including the coalition on homelessness oppose the change police in oakland shot and killed a german shepherd today after the dog got loose and attacked a woman. it happened just before 10:00 this morning on the 9 oh -- 900
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block of 91st avenue. surveillance video shows the animals running up to the front door of the house and chasing one of the responding officers. police say the officer was forced to shoot and kill that dog for his own safety. the other dog later ran back to its home. the woman who was attacked was not badly hurt. the officers were called to an apartment come flex plex last -- complex last night. a swat team came in and helped search for him overnight while neighbors were told to shelter in place. investigators got tips from the gunman -- got tips that the gunman might be inside his own apartment but he did surrender peacefully. the 233-year-old is now get -- the 33-year-old is now getting
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mental health treatment. new traffic beacons are up and running on the peninsula to protect pedestrians as they cross a major thorough fair. the beacons are designed to control traffic. when a pedestrian pushes a button a yellow light begins flashing and then two red lights flash which for drivers is the same as a stop sign. police say beacons in other areas have cut down on pedestrian collisions by about 65%. still to come, another close encounter as a drone nearly collides with commercial jet. how loud the air quality is also being traced to what in our land. and the neighborhood banding together to help a coyote that got itself stuck in a tough spot.
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in las vegas. it starts with this drone's-eye view of the city. then: new ride -- video of a
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close encounter in vegas. a frontier airlines jet swoops in for a landing just below the drone. flying a drone near an apart is illegal. it is not compleer -- clear who shot the video and when north bay wildfire victims are being warned to be on alert after unlicensed contractors. using ads they found on craigslist investigators with the contractors state license board invited 13 men to a destroyed home in santa rosa posed a it has owners and asked for bids to the rebuilding work. 12 of the 13 are now facing felony charges for contracting without a license in a disaster area. all 13 are also charged with illegal advertising. here are a few things to look out for when hiring a contractor. always ask to see their plastic license card. verify it through the state licensing board. its best to get at least three
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bids. check references and then get a written contract. well smog is an unwelcomed but familiar sight across california. a new study out of uc davis points to another factor that could have major implications for the agriculture industry. lisa on the fertilizer fall out. >> california central valley has some of the worst air quality in the nation but it turns out we might have been wrong about the source of smog. >> the results were stunning. >> the knox molecule is a key component in creating smog which is very harmful to humans. >> it has been linked to respiratory disease, asthma, certain types of cancers. >> it was previously thought that most of the pollution comes from cars but it turns out a lot more of it comes from agriculture. >> the research says that fertilizers responsible for up
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to 41% of emissions. much higher than previous studies show. >> in california it was an unrecognized source. the farmers were not aware of it. the state agencies were not aware of this source of knox. >> scientists took samples by air across california and found high levels from fertilized farmlands. even more so than other regions in the u.s. because of our unique climate. >> a lot of fertilizer added on to these hot soils which can increase the production of gas. >> scientists say the research with be used by lawmakers to help reduce smog. >> the only way to tackle this is to work with farmers. it is our hope to come together and work proactively on these issues. >> in there -- back to you you.
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planning to travel to yosemite? the annual spectacle has gotten so popular its created the traffic nightmare. starting today you can apply online for a free one day parking permit to see it from the 12th to the 26th. if you can't get one of those parking permits you can still see it on the foot people are teaming up to try to save this unfortunate coyote. its been roaming around all week in the community of cool east of auburn with its head stuck in a plastic jar. now race is on to trap the coyote and free it. >> its a strange sort of thing ha happened to him. i'm sure he doesn't know what is
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going on. he's scared to death. >> it is clearly very weak. >> i think its probably close to death unless it is found soon. >> rescue officials say the animal was spotted again overnight but traps set to try to catch the coyote came up empty this morning. lets pick it up where we left off which is the suggestion that more record highs are possible. no sign of a changing anytime soon as a result the numbers we had today in the 70s will be with us tomorrow. we did hit record highs today as warm as 78 in san jose. this the first week of february in oakland we were up to 76. in san francisco 74 degrees. as we look toward the bay bridge right now the numbers have fallen into the 60s. it will be a -- cool to mild night around the bay area with clear skies. the heat we generate during the day -- goes back out to space
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quickly. the records for tomorrow will be close to them. the forecast on the right -- in san jose we will be below our record. in napa and oakland we can set record highs again for sunday. future cast shows a few high clouds will move into the bay area tomorrow. the strong high record temperatures will be in affect for the next two or three days. sunday begins with sunny skies around the bay area. temperatures will begin in the low 50s at the coast and bay. inland will be chillier than that. with offshore winds it guarantees dry weather. there is no sign of any rain coming into the bay for at least a couple of weeks. there is not much out there. we are expecting a clear but cool night tonight. sunny ask warm again tomorrow. dry weather through mid month at least. partly cloudy in the mountains. farther north you go the more high clouds you will pick up. high clouds but no rain. overnight lows will be mostly in
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the mid 40s to low 50s. then sun up at 7:11 a.m. 70 at san francisco. look at how warm it is in concord. 16 degrees above average in san jose. 74 in oakland. 72. down to the south bay plenty of sunshine and warm. temperatures in the mid 70s and warm. good beach weather in february. 73 in half-moon bay. much warmer than usually it is in july. up in the east bay the numbers will be in the low to mid 70s. it will be cooler up in the north bay near 70. a few low 70s. 77 the forecast high for tomorrow. in st. helena 77 degrees. extended forecast the pressure is on. the heat son as well. temperatures mt. mid 70s in the warmest spots. readings mostly in the low 70s
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right through next weekend. high and dry for february. who needs the pig skin when you can play with puppies instead? still to come we will give you the play by play from san francisco's snuggle bowl. straight ahead, as sports settles in, the newest pro football hall of fame class. some first ballot ballers and some big names. details ahead. hi, we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers.
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we fly all kinds of people all kinds of places. like app developers to mexico city. musically inclined novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter. from the west coast to the world. alaska airlines. that's how we fly.
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends soon. visit for a store near you. you have the snuggle bowl? that's where people got to cuddle with these adorable puppies at who needs the super bowl when you have the snuggle bowl? its a fundraiser for a pair of local animal rescue groups. there was plenty of food and specialty drinks. >> that money will be used for our medical funds to trade dogs.
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>> the snuggle bowl wrapped up a short time ago. last hour i gave you a little bit about -- tom brady -- okay, with this mvp, his high school will have the distinction of having two guys win mvps at age 40. >> oh my goodness. >> who were they? >> i don't know the other one. i know brady. >> left-handed hitting -- slugger san francisco -- giants home run king -- >> bonds. >> yeah barry bonds. >> thank you. >> nfl up top. it award night. tom brady news more in a moment. the 2018 pro football hall of fame class was headlined by a
6:23 pm
49er. >> terrell owens on his third try elected in. this one of his signature plays. second in nfl history in receiving yards and touchdowns. owen social security part of an eight man overall class. fellow receiver moss and ray lewis are first ballot hall of famers. safety brian also headed to the canton, ohio, shrine. current 49ers general manager john lynch was a finalist. he did not make the cut. tom brady tonight was voted mvp for a third time. tomorrow super bowl in minneapolis is a bit of a home coming for the patriots quarterback. he spent a lot of summers there
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visiting his mother's family. >> on the way home i said i wanted to try it. they said if we give it to you you can't spit it out till we get home. of course -- they give it to me and within five minutes i'm outside of the car throwing up all over the place. i don't think i -- had much chewing tobacco since then. >> from that to eagles head coach doug peterson. his team come in as a 4.5 underdogs. i bet you he addresses this club tonight -- this might be on his mind besides the patriots. >> we will play this video and then treat you to seem ice cream. i know we have some ice cream that is melting. we got to get out of here. i love ice cream. we do have to serve ice cream at our snack night before the game.
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i love ice cream. i don't want to stay in that team meeting too long. >> i like ice cream too. nba. the warriors just started running at the nuggets. oh and lebron james made news when it was reported he would consider signing with the warriors this off season. yesterday the cavaliers superstar set the record straight. >> nonsense. its a non-story. the story needs to be lebron is focused on getting this team back to the finals. not i'm angry about what the golden state story or i'm angry with the lakers and philly, houston, san antonio and sacramento and orlando and miami and toronto. i could name all teams. >> south dakota and oregon and michigan! >> i never said that. i never said i would sit down with anybody. >> [ laughter ] love that. college basketball stanford
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man out of a time out as they hosted the tucks. 5 -- ducks. they shot 63% from the field. they led by 26. they cruise 96-61. former warriors chris mullen had himself a day as hosting number 4 duke. second half red storm did damage. you wouldn't know it but saint t. john's had lost 11 in a row. he scored 33. duke shot 81-77. i want you to look at this 16th hole in the phoenix open. he shot 5 under 66.
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his two shots behind this fella here. at 16 got 20,000 fans going here as he birdied the last three holes. final round is sunday. speaking of sunday, go on patriots just a gut feel. nick love him but -- he -- i just have a feeling he will see things he hasn't seen before when he faces them. >> we shall see. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, another bombshell allegation against harvey weinstein from an a-list hollywood actress. plus silicone valley employers accused of retaliating against undocumented immigrants tonight. threats or -- of deportation are on the rise. he set off a pan nick paradise with a push of a button. tonight the worker who trigger add false missile alert is breaking his silence.
6:28 pm
this mysterious criminal hijack add passenger plane in the 70s and disappeared. tonight a stunning twist in the db cooper case. was he really a vietnam vet from the the central valley?
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video of the violent end to a san francisco car burglary... is now renewing debate over police use of force. our top stories tonight, video of a violent end to a san francisco car burglary is now reigniting debate of a city policy. city policy prevents police from firing a at moving vehicle. in santa cruz hundreds of
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protesters sent a very clear message to president trump, no drilling. the rally comes after the white house announced to open waters off the california coast. they have scheduled one public hearing for the state. it takes place this thursday in sacramento. democrats continue to condemn the memo's release. >> that includes one san francisco prominent politician. >> president trump praised the release of a controversial four page memo compiled by republican staffers on the house intelligence committee tweeting saturday this memo totally vindicates trump but the russian h witch hunt goes on and own. the memo claims that fbi agents
6:32 pm
relied primarily on a politically motivated dossier compiled by former british spy christopher steel. . >> its about distorted memo that the republicans decided to put forth. >> democrats like nancy pelosi said the american people should know a responding memo was not released. if it were pelosi said the public would get the truth. >> what is false in their memo, what is a misrepresentation in their memo where they are cherry picking. >> pelosi called the republican's decision to release the document dangerous and reckless. it could result in a constitutional crisis. back to you. >> democratic counter memo is currently in the hands of the
6:33 pm
fbi and justice department. tonight uma thurman is the latest actress to accuse harvey weinstein of sexual assault. in an interview with the new york times thurman said weinstein tried to force himself on her in his london hotel room after they worked together on the 1994 film pulp fiction. a spokesman for weinstein said the movie mogul apologized for making a quote awkward pass at her. weinstein denies physically assaulting the actress. the fiance had julie stolen right before the couple's weekend. caitlin told police someone broke into her hotel room in beverly hills friday night and took off with the jewelry. the room was empty at the time. it is unclear how the thieves
6:34 pm
got in. this is the latest in the string of celebrity burglaries in the area. it is unclear if the crimes are connected. tonight some bay area #e78 ployers are accused of retaliating against employees who are undocumented immigrants. maria shows us threats of deportation are on the rise. >> we have had employers leave voicemail messages. >> they are threats of violence. >> the threats are very bold. >> and of deportation. santa clara university law professor and worker rights attorney ruth says many of the victims, her clients, live in fear. >> they have nightmares. its very difficult for them to get up every morning and to -- go to work because they are so terrified. >> last year the state labor commissioner received 95 immigration related retaliation complaints. the year before there were only
6:35 pm
20. in 2014 there were just two complaints. >> with this climate its more likely that employers will continue to threaten people and to assume that there is no consequences. >> but ruth says there are very hefty consequences. the labor commission is prioritizing these cases. if an employer is found liable for threatening a worker, they are slapped with a $10,000 fine for each threat. >> it is backfiring against these employers. >> santa clara county is right behind l.a. with the most complaints filed in the state last year. ruth says sometimes employers are threatening workers who aren't even undocumented immigrants. targeted simply because of their race. >> it really tears your heart out. it is very hard to see this happening to our clients. >> as reported first by san, she is handling a case
6:36 pm
about a housekeeper who complained about back rages but then was threatened with deportation by her boss. ruth said when claims do make it to the labor commission the agency does not ask about immigration status. back to you. well uber is rolling out a new initiative to help stop human trafficking. uber says all of its 1.5 million drivers will now have access to information about how to identify victims of human trafficking. they are encouraging people to contact law enforcement if they see something suspicious. that is what a driver did in sacramento last year. >> he thought there could be something going on. he listened to the conversation and -- saw they were against their will. police showed up and -- were able to -- to make an arrest and then of course save the victims. >> uber has teamed one the
6:37 pm
non-profit project and the center. they say nearly 21 million people are victims of human trafficking. 26% of them are children the man who triggered that false alarm about a missile headed for hawaii is breaking his silence. kim reports the now former state worker insists he thought it was the real deal. >> the former hawaii state worker known only as employee 1 who caused panic and chaos for sending out that false missile alert said he was positive the attack was real. >> it was supposed to be on speaker phone but -- someone picked up the receiver and the first -- part of the message exercise was not -- heard. the message i heard was -- that this is not a drill and i did not hear exercise in the
6:38 pm
message. i was 100% sure that it was real. >> he goes on to say it was a statewide failure. >> there was a variety of problems. system wide to -- failure as far as the -- unannounced, unplanned drill. people weren't ready. >> the official investigation contradicts the former state employee. >> employee 1 said he didn't know it was was an exercise even though five others heard exercise, exercise, exer seize. >> employee 1 has been fired for the false missile alert. he said he plans to file an appeal to get his job back. he is also considering suing the state for defamation. back to you. what if your boss could
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track your every move? still to come the new wristband technology amazon just patented to keep a very close eye on its workers. flipping school buses into living spaces. i'm in riverside, california with the new twist opt tiny house. n the tiny house.
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hi, we're alaska airlines. and our california game is stepping up. with our low fares, your san jose start-up won't have to pony up for a quick flight to an la meet-up. and you might even get an up-grade
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on your next trip to palm springs. over 90 daily non-stops. from san diego on up. alaska airlines. that's how we fly. and now, step up to alaska premium class, with upgrades starting at just $15. converted school buses are the hot new trend.. in tiny living. cbs reporter danielle nottingham takes us on the converted school buss are the hot new trend in tiny living. danielle takes us on board. >> so this is home. [ laughter ] >> this is it. [ laughter ] >> give me the tour. >> like many millennials lydia wants to live debt free. >> i really wanted to own my own home. i couldn't afford it. i mean i don't really know too many 20-year-olds that could. [ laughter ] >> so the college student bought a retired school bus for $4,000 and spent the next year converting it into this small living space called a schooly. she is part of a growing number
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of untraditional home seekers looking for affordable housing. >> we are also going to put a piece of insulation here. >> they are showcasing their tiny homes on wheels on social media. >> because you left it all open it leaves it clean. >> gary says schoolies are popular in cities with high rents and home prices. >> people picked up on the schooly idea quick too because it is like a low cost option to get into this. >> in a 276-square foot space every inch counts. >> i love the shower. >> this is my like electrical hub. it will has rooftop solar panels and a wind mill to again rate energy to power batteries. >> i am completely off the grid. >> the renovation cost $25,000. lydia says it was worth every penny. >> i only have to pay for school and my land right now because i -- i own a home.
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>> lydia leases the land but if she ever wants to move, she can easily pick up and go. back to you. >> and by the way if she needs more space it is easy, just get a bigger bus. people are also converting commercial coaches like used greyhound buses. and from out of the box living spaces to office spaces. check outage amazon's new offices in seattle. inside this are thousands of plants including a giant fig tree. the spears also fish, chocolate plants and vanilla orchards. the whole point is to give people with high stress jobs a chance to disconnect. >> we want team -- people -- a place where people can hang there and get in touch with nature. >> amazon spent $4 billion on
6:44 pm
the project. >> amazon workers also could be getting a new fashion accessory. the company is patented a wristband that can track employee's every move. it isn't clear if or when the company plans to start using them. critics say its creepy and it could make human workers feel more like robots. still to come a mysterious medical forces lady gaga ga to -- to call off a series of concerts. and the city of minneapolis is gearing up for super bowl lii. how its taking advantage of its frigid weather to entertain the fans. as we look live toward the bay bridge, record highs in the bay area today and the forecast coming up. legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
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sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world,
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by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii upcoming tour dates in europe and south america.. starting with tomorrow's show at london s o-2 arena. laid yay gaga has called off ten upcoming tour dates starting with tomorrow's show at london. promoter live nation says the singer is suffering from severe pain that sim pacting her ability to perform. they didn't give they other
6:48 pm
details. other news, rapper snoop dogg is dipping his toes into gospel music. he plans to release a gospel album next month. comes out on march 16th. you can get a sneak preview this weekend. bet is airing a sample of songs he performed earlier this week. dancing to live music is just one of the ways football fans are keeping warm ahead of super bowl 52 in minneapolis tomorrow. >> its a flight through frigid air but football fans didn't seem to care as they flew across the mississippi river on a special zip phone line -- zipline for super bowl lii.
6:49 pm
>> it must have been amazing. >> yeah. >> minneapolis is hoping fans embrace the cold climate turning the city into an interactive outdoor experience. you can step inside a snow globe or ski down a 200-foot wooden bridge hauled in from wisconsin. >> what is it like skiing in the middle of the city? >> it is pretty cool because it is super bowl. >> the icy attraction starts well into neighboring saint paul. here they used 5,000 blocks of ice to create this ice palace. >> crews also built this 40-foot tall 130-foot long snow slide. >> that first little dip goes pretty fast. it is a straight shot all the way down. >> with single digit temperatures and sub se a row windchill fireplaces are --
6:50 pm
subzero windchill fireplaces are at almost every corner. at least the game will be inside a shiny new stadium where temperatures are expected to be 70 degrees. back to you. >> the outdoor temperature at kick off is expected to be about 6 degrees. check this out, this will get your heart pumping in the cold. the professional snow mobiler pulled off this huge back flip in the middle of minneapolis this afternoon. the stunt was the finale of the upside downtown event at the twin cities super bowl week. >> i worked in saint paul for a little bit. it -- when you grow up in california and at 9:00 in the morning you go out to go to work and there is snowflakes -- [ laughter ] snowflakes coming down, it is a revelation. then when you hit 70s in february, that too in its own way is unusual.
6:51 pm
its been weird and it will continue that way right through mid-month. high pressure is out in the eastern pacific. that strong high brings us more record temperatures right through tomorrow. record highs today in oakland, mountain view, livermore, san jose, san francisco, some of the numbers 16 degrees above where we normally this time of year. oakland 69. in santa hoe is a 69 degrees. we hit records tomorrow in a couple of instances. these are the standing records. 73 in the city. san jose 76. in napa 72. in oakland 69. in the case of napa and oakland tomorrow, the forecast is for them to -- set new records while failing to do that in san francisco and san jose. we shall see. in the meantime that high pressure simply will not go away. it might go down to baja a little bit, it might slide back north but in general its been fairly persistent much of the season. that is why we are only at 2 thirds of average rainfall in
6:52 pm
salinas. they only have 37% of average rainfall. chilly with numbers down into the 40s overnight. offshore winds at this time of the year is going to drive temperatures into the 70s at the beaches tomorrow. it will be sunny, warm and dry as far as the eye can see with this tiny little modification. a few high clouds will float into the bay area tomorrow afternoon. boy that is it. it will be clear and cool tonight. tomorrow looks sunny with near record highs again and dry weather forecast right through mid-month. at least. if you are heading out of the bay area the numbers in the mountains will be in the mid 50s. overnight lows mt. -- in the 40s in the bay area. tomorrow 16 we degrees above average brings the forecast high to 74 at concord. 74 at oakland. south bay numbers from the mid 70s and the same will hold true for the east bay as well. 73 at san ramon. north bay is looking good. low 70s about as pleasant as it
6:53 pm
gets in february and we need the rain. we will not get it. 73 at lake port. 76 at clover dale. extended forecast, its sunny side up all the way through next week wednesday numbers near low 70s in the warmest spots. upper 60s elsewhere. we are getting an extended break from the rain. this break however only lasts a couple of days.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
of actress natalie wood. investigators say: her husband -- rob coming up on 48 hours new leads in the mysterious death of actress natalie wood. investigators say her husband is now considered a person of
6:56 pm
interest. since reopening the case in 2011 l.a. county detectives learned wood had fresh bruises on her body and two new witnesses have come forward claiming they heard the couple our -- arguing on the back of the boat. >> do you think he has ever told truth? >> i have seen it. husband version of events don't add up. >> wagner has long said it was an accident and he only noticed his wife was missing when he went to look for her and she was gone. at this point he is not considered a suspect. only a person of interest in the case. you can catch the full story on the special edition of 48 hours tonight at 10:00 right here on kpix 5. also the night a potential bombshell in the db cooper case. was the infamous sky jacker really a vietnam veteran from stockton? steve large spoke with a team that claims they have cracked the code to his identity. >> these are the letters that could solve a decades long mystery. a group of private investigators
6:57 pm
says these letters could be the key to proving the 1971 sky jacker db cooper's true identity is this man robert. a former stockton resident whose family also lived in kal county. >> we showed one of the letters to a former member of an army intelligence you hit the -- unit that robert used to belong to. >> [ indiscernible ] applying the code new words appeared investigators say pointing to robert. >> it said ten fbi catch me xws. >> these are recent photos of robert and some from his military days. the fbi released this composite sketch of cooper when the
6:58 pm
hijacking investigation began. >> when he got on a plane last night he was just another passenger. >> since the day before thanksgiving in 1971, the mysterious case of the northwest airline hijacker has intrigued people all around the country. when the plane took off again, cooper jumped out with all that cash strapped to his body. no one found him all these years. back to you. >> after all that robert lives in san diego and says he is not db cooper. well thanks so much for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> for news throughout the evening the latest always on for now good night.
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