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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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relationship with fair ventures, a tech investment confirm that he co-founded back in 2009. what do they invest in? >> young companies in the technology world. >> reporter: at the center of the dust-up is a letter sent out by the ferrell group the day after he was picked to be interim mayor. the letter said they had already gained some "intangible benefits" from ferrell being on the board in san francisco and believe it will be to the long term benefit of fair ventures." the memo's author issued a statement saying, "the day after mark's appointment we needed to reassure our investors that our company would continue to thrive. in my haste i made a poor choice of words that i regret." but for supervisor malia cohen who was critical of ferrell becoming mayor it's not enough. >> for me the next steps is to possibly launch an investigation. >> reporter: ferrell said his
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ties to the group have never been secret and there will be no benefits from him or the company for him being mayor. >> since i was sworn in as mayor i took a leave of absence. >> reporter: ferrell also said none of the companies he has invested in have done business with the city. >> i work all the time with our city attorney's office to make sure none of the investments we had made as a firm had any conflict. >> phil matier reporting for us. a new survey shows the california governor's race is tightening. that comes as there is new talk about gavin newsom's decade old affair. a new survey shows a virtual tie between top democratic candidates gavin newsom and antonio villaraigosa, but the public policy institute poll reveals also a huge number of undecided voters. our elizabeth cook joins us with how past infidelities are coming back to complicate this race. >> newsom's affair with a staff member over a decade ago is now being used against him, but he's not the onlyone under fire. republicans competing for
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governor are addressing what they describe as character stains on the records of both top democratic challengers. in a forum with chronicle live, the republican candidates called out the end of villaraigosa's 20 year marriage and revelations of an affair with a reporter. they all criticize newsom for an affair with his aide who was married to newsom's campaign manager. >> it's the just gavin newsom. it's antonio villaraigosa. both of them have some pretty serious marital infidelities. >> i take issue with mr. newsom passing it off as an indiscretion of his and a moral lapse. it was far, far more than that. it was an endangerment to his position as leader of this city. >> it's predatory and corrupt. it needs to stop and the only way to do it is take them out of office! now speaking out. she is defending newsom and says her old bo >> newsom's aide who was part of the affair is speaking out now defending newsom and said her old boss should not be accused of workplace harassment. on facebook she wrote, "to be
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clear, i fully support the me too movement. in this particular instance, however, i am doubtful that it applies. she said yes, she was a subordinate, but she put the blame on her own choices. newsom has apologized for his past affair. neither newsom nor villaraigosa have responded to the republican comments. a new report out shows how much the bay area is at risk if and when a big earthquake strikes. kpix5 reporter len ramirez is live in los gatos with details for us. len? >> reporter: well, hard to believe, but almost 30 years ago now here in los gatos a loma prieta earthquake about a lot of damage. in fact, the buildings behind me were almost in complete ruins, a lot of bricks down and uninhabitable. this new report out said that could not only happen again but could be much, much worse. the alta loma neighborhood is one of the prettiest in los gatos, but it was anything but
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that after the loma prieta quake in 1989 when dozens of homes were lost and neighbors forced to evacuate. >> well, there were several houses that were knocked off foundations. some of them didn't have foundations. >> reporter: bob ray and his house survived the quake, but many of his neighbors weren't so lucky. >> then the county came by and tagged the houses that weren't safe to live in. so there were several of those. >> reporter: now a new report says what happened during loma prieta it would be a tiny fraction of the devastation to occur if a worse case 7.8 quake hit on the san andreas fault on the peninsula. >> we're expecting about 200,000 housing uninhabitting residential buildings and about 70,000 households displaced. >> reporter: by comparison estimates of the number of homes damaged or destroyed by hurricane harvey range from 30,000 to 40,000. >> we don't actually have experience in the country of displacement along this magnitude. so we don't know the implications of where people are going to go and how the bay area would recover. >> reporter: the study by the
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association of gave area governments was released today and blames the bay area's aging housing stock as a major factor. >> much of it was built prior to building codes that include seismic conditions. >> reporter: it would have a devastating impact on the housing supply and trigger a major exodus of mostly low income people out of the bay area according to the study. are you prepared for an earthquake? >> just what i did to it. >> reporter: this man retrofitted his century old home after loma prieta and his neighbor who also rode out the earthquake now has earthquake insurance. >> what else can you do? you can't prepare for it like a tornado. i'm from the midwest. you can go to the basement when there's a tornado. there's not much you can do. >> reporter: the association of bay area governments is also working with the usgs. they will have findings due out in april, in fact, on the anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake of what a 7.0 earthquake would do centered in oakland on the hayward fault. >> len, it's on everyone's
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minds. what's the likelihood of another big quake in the bay area? what are the experts saying? >> reporter: well, they're saying that another large quake, 6.7 or greater, is almost inevitable. in fact, there is a 72% chance of that happening right here in the bay area within the next 30 years. >> really scary. len, thank you. california saying no to new offshore drilling in response to president trump's massive oil drilling proposal, but leaders in california say they will not approve new pipelines or allow the use of existing pipelines to transport oil from new leases offshore. state officials say california has the highest risk from an oil spill and the most to lose. its coastal communities are highly reliant on tourism as an economic driver. the cost to fix the oroville spillway has not been cheap and now fema might be backing out helping with the bill. so who will pay? it's been a year since the spillway collapsed. the estimated costs now for the
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repairs, $870 million. co the department of water resources requested fema to help cover 75% of the costs, but fema says the collapse could have been prevented. ld be respon 0:37 so >> if this was a preventible occurrence, which, you know, the forensic report i would say says it is, you know, it was years of, you know, lapsed maintenance and lack of oversight. >> so far fema has reimbursed $100,000 to the dwr, but the agency is refusing to pay 75%. a famous movie clip took center stage in the uber versus waymo trial. >> the point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed for lack of a better word is good. greed is right. greed works. "wall street." anthony vandowski is a >> the jury was shown this scene from the 1987 michael douglas movie wall street. anthony levandowski is accused
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of stealing thousands of trade secrets from google's spinoff waymo and taking them to uber. levandowski sent the movie clip and text to former uber ceo travis kalanick and in a text exchange dated march 1, 2016, between kalanick and levandowski, levandowski wrote, "i just see this as a race and we need to win. second place is a first loser," and kalanick responded," agreed." today on the stand kalanick didn't agree to plotting for the trade secrets. kpix5's emily turner now on kids abusing the anti anxiety drug xanax. emily? >> reporter: yeah, it's scary stuff, not just because it's prescription medication that's being abused by children who aren't prescribed it, but also because it's simply so easy to get. santa rosa city schools wants parents, teachers and students to know what the risks are and
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what to do about them. the number of drug and alcohol incidents hasn't changed in santa rosa high schools, but the type of drugs has and the unlikely culprit? this principal says it's xanax, a pill found in plenty of parents' medicine cabinets approximately. >> it's a little alarming that kids are getting ahold of some prescription medications they probably shouldn't be. >> reporter: this december one of her students overdosed but survived. it sparked a campaign to educate parent and teachers about the trend and the warning signs. this school held a staff meeting in december and a parent conference last week. next they'll roll out an addendum to their classroom curriculum covering drug misuse. >> some of these are hitting students we never would have suspected. you know, your stereo typical pot smoker, those aren't what we're talking about. this is hitting other demographics. >> reporter: administrators aren't sure what to blame for xanax's sudden popularity, but they have guesses, one of which centered around wildfire. >> there might be more access
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now because more people are feeling anxious because of the fires and there may be more people that have gotten prescriptions which means it's more easily accessible. >> reporter: the likely source for the drugs school officials say is your own medicine cabinet which makes parent awareness doubly important in the effort to keep kids safe. >> you have to lock up your prescriptions. mom's purse is no longer a safe option. >> reporter: santa rosa city schools is also launching an app called stop it where essentially students can download it and then anonymously send a text through app to notify school administrators of anything that's going on that makes them feel uncomfortable whether that is something like prescription drug abuse, drug abuse of any kind or something like bullying and that is being rolled out by the school district this month. reporting live in santa rosa, emily turner, kpix5. erey today. coming up extra security, bomb sniffing dogs, the details surrounding a former president's visit to monterey today. >> a different kind of dmv
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headache, this time how a rooftop thief looking for a quick score will cause even longer lines. >> a stunning sight along the coast, why the waves appear to be glowing in big sur. >> we had a lot of snow in the mountains last year. that has filled our reservoirs this year. what about next year? snowpack sitting at 24%. we'll talk about the prospects for any snow in the mountains and rainfall here. the sunset is looking good. your forecast is next. we went undercover on one of the busiest black market streets. >> you know anybody looking for phones? >> a lot of it ends up at seventh and market. >> reporter: where we found the iphone's kill switch isn't stopping thieves. >> whitlocked, you got to come down -- when it's locked, you got to come down on the price. >> the greatest stolen thing on a phone today is parts. >> that's the no. one thing stolen is phones. >> reporter: expect original reporting from kpix5 news.
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expect more.
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former president barack for causing some major flooding at the d-m-v. this is what it looked like inside... part of the ceiling tiles came down... from water in oakland police say a thief is to blame for some major flooding at the dmv. this is what it looked like inside. part of ceiling tiles came down from water that flooded the building. the chp said someone climbed on the roof and stole about $50 worth of copper from the air conditioning unit. that caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage. >> i wish i would have known before i got all the way here. i guess i could have told. i got in here and saw everything, yeah. it is a bummer, though. >> the dmv office won't reopen till next week. wildlife rescue crews are keeping an eye on an injured sea lion discovered this morning in san francisco's aquatic park. the sea lion has been coming close to shore and then swims
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back out to deeper water. chopper 5 flew overhead near hyde pier. the animal appears to be suffering from two wounds on its head and body. >> i fear a couple of injuries, one the forehead and underbelly and it's all bloated. that doesn't look healthy. >> workers from the marine mammal center are waiting to see if the animal will beach itself. paul deanno standing by now and we've definitely had tons of sunshine. >> it has been a really weird winter. you say it's summer-like, but that's not accurate around here because that's when we lose the sunshine. so it's warmer than summer. when i show you a stat coming up, it is warmer than a few months you would be surprised. these are the numbers for today. we're one week into february. we won't maintain this pace, but we have been really crazy warm. santa rosa taking the cake today 78. what are the asterisks for? record highs. san jose 76, mountain view 74, san francisco 71, hayward 70. average temperature for the entire month of february thus
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far san francisco average high, average low divide by 2, 64.2 degrees. if we kept up this pace the whole month, this would be the warmest of any february on record in san francisco by far. that's not the crazy part. here's the crazy part. if you kept this pace up for the month of february, it would be the warmest may ever in san francisco. the first week of february this year has been warmer than any month of may in san francisco history. it would be a record warm may in the middle of worn. that's how weird our -- winter. that's how weird our weather has been and here's the reason, a big ridge of high pressure sitting to our west, the storm track which is active but to our north. when it ridge comes down, it is crashing hard with ice, snow and major weather back east, but it's got to be calm somewhere and that somewhere is here in the bay area. that ridge will move this weekend to the west a bit allowing for cooler but not whether air to move in.
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overnight close to the 30s in the north bay, low of 41 degrees in santa rosa and napa. we will still be warm, though, thursday afternoon and friday afternoon. the long range outlook is still completely dry. it will rain sometime, but we aren't sure when that sometime is. i'll let you know when we get a good look at it. right now looking dry for a while of 74 tomorrow in concord, 74 in fremont napa, the 80s gone. your extended forecast, notice the cooldown starting saturday. sunday we're all in the 60s. monday we're all in the mid-60s where we level off, mid- to upper 60s much of next week but still sunshine across the board, a few clouds next monday. that is your forecast. >> we'll enjoy it while we have it. thanks, paul. in the past hour former president barack obama arrived on the monterey peninsula, this as many celebrities and golfers are in town for the pebble beach pro-am golf tournament. kpix5 reporter kiet do is in monterey with more on mr. obama's agenda. >> reporter: it was perhaps
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the worst kept secret on the central coast, barack obama coming for a visit to monterey. the chp caravan and undercover security officers parked on the tarmac at the monterey jet center being a dead give-away. mr. obama landed a little after 5 p.m. today wearing jeans, a sweater, sunglasses, not as big of security detail as when he was president but a sizable presence nonetheless. mr. barack obama has been invited to attend an at&t conference somewhere in monterey county. we did see workers load at least two sets of golf clubs into a van. our golfing sources say he is not registered to play at the pro-am, pebble beach, spyglass or monterey peninsula club. here is the monterey county sheriff's office to describe their role during president obama's visit. >> we generally get about a week's notice. we have some assets they would use. for instance, this one is the bomb squad and they've been called several times, any time a dignitary comes into town.
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>> reporter: now if mr. obama plays golf here, it will very likely be at a private club somewhere. in monterey, kiet do, kpix5. locked up for murder at san quentin turned into a sex slave by a female employee, how one convict got justice finally. >> super bowl quarterback russell wilson has been traded. we'll tell you where coming up. >> bill murray will have to play second fiddle at pebble beach this year. we're going to tee it up next. if you're anything like me, your to-do list just keeps growing. (laughs desperately) it never stops. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office.
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i'm going with jason day to win the at&t pebble beach pro- am this week, but as vern glenn reports, he'll have plenty of competition this year. >> reporter: golfing with celebs like bill murray stay for the incredible views. some of the pros enjoy the laid back vibe. >> i'm looking over and jake is like grabbing two beers from
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some lady over to the side at a party and he's like bringing it back to the tee and giving one to his caddy and drinking one while he tees off and i'm like this isn't just a normal golf tournament. >> reporter: but with the typical frivolity is one of the recent winners, rory mcilroy playing with his dad jerry who he first beat as an 11-year- old. >> i remember feeling a little bad about it. >> reporter: if anyone feels bad now, it's his peers who feel this is the beginning of a big year for the former no. 1 golfer. >> he has the tools to be kind of tigerresque. >> reporter: the four time major champ will have to knock off defending champion spieth and maybe get his own bobblehead. >> yes. it's pretty amazing after baseball games going up on bobblehead night and to have one. now with one of my own, it's kind of bizarre. >> reporter: dennis, like that, the fog has rolled in. most of your a list players,
6:23 pm
world's no. 1 player dustin johnson playing spyglass hill tomorrow morning. at the 18th hole at pebble beach, vern glenn, kpix5. >> yeah, vern, spyglass is the place to be tomorrow morning. aaron rodgers, larry fitzgerald, dustin johnson, jordan spieth, rory mcilroy, alex smith and steve young all teeing off between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and i'll be right there off the 18th green sunday for the par 5 post tournament show. the agent that represents josh mcdaniels said his client committed career suicide for backing out of the deal to become the next colts head coach. just hours before he was supposed to have a press conference in indianapolis, mcdaniels changed his mind and decided to remain an assistant with the patriots. his agent, bob lamont, was so appalled he fired mcdaniels today. the colts are beginning a new search, but i'm guessing gm chris ballard will have a long
6:24 pm
memory. >> the rivalry is back on. [ laughter ] and 49er fans might be pleased to hear seahawks quarterback russell wilson was traded today as a baseball player. wilson who was once drafted to the big leagues was traded from the rangers to the new york yankees. the super bowl champion has always been a fan of the bronx bombers and plans to make an appearance at their spring training camp. you know, today is the national signing day where high school players commit to universities. mom who stormed out of the elevised ceremon pensacola receiver jacob copeland chose florida over tennessee and alabama. and that choice did not sit well with his mom who stormed out of the nationally televised ceremony. she was wearing a tennessee hat and an alabama sweater, but her son went with the gators. >> you didn't let mom know?
6:25 pm
>> his mom will be coming back into the fold when he signs his million dollar contracts in the nfl. >> all of a sudden reconciliation. >> all is forgiven. >> before that thanksgiving will be nice. >> i went to san francisco state. i would never talk to my son again if he went to cal. how's that? >> or worse, lmu, no. >> cal, you get in, go to cal, no problem. >> dennis, thank you. >> hopefully get out of the tap room tomorrow. coming up in our next half hour a natural phenomenon along the coastline, what's causing these glowing waves in big sur. >> nancy pelosi smashes a house record, why her speech advocating for dreamers will go down in history. >> later a first look inside a bay area museum retrofitted for the next generation of kids.
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michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. lighting up the water near big sur. you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, blooms of microalgae captured at night lighting up the water near big sur. kpix5's devin fehely is live at
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monterey county right now with the explanation for this phenomenon. >> reporter: it is nighttime here on big sur. a blanket of fog has fallen on the coast making it difficult to see these nightly lights that have been illuminating the coast. >> the right combination of conditions came together where it just created this spectacle of bioluminescence. >> reporter: it's one of mother nature's more impressive displays. bioluminescence, a big word describing the ability of millions upon millions of tiny microscopic sea creatures to create a living light show like this one in big sur. during the past month it's gained a loyal following from scientists and photographers. >> in some cases it's for mating. in a lot of cases it to scare off predators. >> reporter: this researcher said the sea creatures responsible for these nocturnal displays typically don't produce light during the day
6:30 pm
and you wouldn't see it anyway because it would be overpowered by the sun's rays, but conditions can change quickly scattering or killing the creatures producing these almost other worldly night lights. >> it's not continuously happening. they have to be stimulated. so you'll see light in breaking waves or in the water splashing onshore. a dolphin or boat swimming through will stimulate them to make a flash of light. >> reporter: now scientists say these microscopic creatures are pretty much always here, but only when they're in great numbers and great concentrations is when you're able to see thebioluminescence at night and if conditions change or a storm were to come through, it could scatter these creatures and you would not get the same effect each night as we have the last month or so. in big sur, devin fehely, kpix5. a prisoner at san quentin has been awarded $65,000 in an unusual sexual harassment case.
6:31 pm
inmate william cordoba says back in 2010 a female prison staffer made him her sex slave. it happened while cordoba was working as a clerk for that employee. the woman supervised a vocational training program at the prison. nds when he >> she used her position of power as well as quid pro quo offers of favorable treatment and promises to get him an attorney and help him get out of jail. >> cordoba also contends when he broke the relationship off, the employee retaliated by accusing him of disciplinary violations. cordoba has been moved to a soledad prison. the employee is now working at napa state hospital. a top white house aide resigned after two ex-wise accused him of -- ex-wives accused him of abuse. rob porter served as staff secretary and works closely with the president. his ex-wives say he was emotionally and physically and
6:32 pm
the media was shown a photo of one of his ex-wives with a black eye. this statement is from porter. >> i have been truthful but will not engage with a public smear campaign." >> the white house said porter will facilitate a smooth transition to his successor. today senate leaders unveiled a budget deal to avoid another government shutdown tomorrow night and call it a bipartisan step forward, our ken bastida with the details on the work that needs to be done before that deadline. >> the main issue is that there is still nothing about immigration in this senate budget deal. about 200 protesters rallied at the capitol today worried about possible deportation of the daca recipients. if protection for them is not clearly state -- recipients if protection for them is not clearly stated within this deal. senate leaders reached across party lines to seal an agreement on a two year budget
6:33 pm
deal. democratic minority leader chuck schumer called the pact a budget break-through. >> this budget deal is the first real sprout of bipartisanship. >> reporter: republican majority majority ma leader mitch mcconnell joined him -- majority leader mitch mcconnell joined him. >> no one would suggest it is perfect, but we worked hard to find common ground and stay focused on serving the american people. >> reporter: what the senate deal does not include is any new language on immigration and that's already causing a snag in the house. democratic leader nancy pelosi wants house republicans to allow a separate vote on legislation protecting immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. pelosi shattered a record today with a filibuster style speech topping eight hours. >> i just got word that the house reached the historian confirmed you have now set the record for the longest
6:34 pm
continuous speech in the house since at least 1909. >> reporter: the budget deal got a positive review from the white house. >> we are pleased congress has been able to meet our spending requirement and come together a two year spending bill. >> reporter: if the house opposes the plan, it adds more pressure for at least a temporary agreement to fun the government by thursday night. -- to fund the government by thursday night or face another shutdown. also from washington today word that president trump wants a grand military parade. it could happen in early november possibly to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. the chairman of the joint chiefs says the idea comes from the president's respect for the military, but some lawmakers are not sold on a parade. years ago -- >> when you're the most powerful nation in all of human history, you don't have to show it off like russia does or north korea, china.
6:35 pm
following the end of the 1991 gulf w >> the last military parade in washington was nearly 27 years ago. that followed the end of the 1991 gulf war. alling "inappropriate not known how much a big military parade would cost. senate democrats sent a letter to the defense secretary calling it inappropriate and wasteful. >> millions for sure. actor and comedian jim carrey is deleting his facebook account and he wants you to do the same, this after the social network admitted millions of people saw russian bought ads during the 2016 elections. carrey said facebook profited from the russia interference and didn't do enough to stop it. a final good-bye, the launch that captured the nation's attention yesterday, where elon musk's tesla roadster is headed next. >> the new routine in the bay area that has people buzzing.
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still >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. daq after a volatile few days still something of a hangover on wall street, again some ups and downs today before the dow, nasdaq and s&p all closed down. tesla stock closed up 3% but is down slightly in after hours trading. the company announced record fourth quarter earnings of $3.29 billion. in the meantime we have new details on elon musk's latest space adventure. spacex, a tesla roadster and dummy passenger named star man were sent into space yesterday, but musk said today the roadster overshot its goal of orbiting mars and posted this photo to instagram saying his convertible is now headed towards our solar system's astroid belt. experts say radiation will most likely tear the rocket car to bits in about a year. other bay area headlines, b.a.r.t. is receiving a $20,000 grant. the money will be used for b.a.r.t.'s art master plan program.
6:39 pm
and.. th it will help pay for the different pieces of art displayed at stations across the bay area. the city of dublin will get a new state of the art police station. here's a rendering. the station would be located on clark avenue. dublin police tweeted last night city council approved the bid to build the new dublin police station, very excited, should be a great addition to the community. there's goat yoga, laughing yoga and now you can do your warrior pose with a little high. reporter danielle nottingham on how yogis are mixing their passion for downward dog with marijuana. >> coming back to center. >> reporter: in a studio in san francisco yogis are mentioning their passion for downward dog with marijuana. it's called ganja yoga. >> the awareness. >> reporter: new students are flocking to dee dussault's classes now that recreational marijuana is legal in california. >> people have the luxury of arriving whenever they want in this first half an hour, what
6:40 pm
we call the stoner social. >> reporter: dussault believes the combination of mindfulness and marijuana can improve her students' health. >> there's anti-inflammatory benefits to cannabis and specifically cbd products can have amazing pain relieving benefit and anti an anxiety benefits. >> reporter: the class opens with students sampling cannabis products. >> we hang out and talk and break the ice. >> reporter: then yoga begins with breaks for a quick puff. while critics question the health benefits of using marijuana, this woman said it puts her body at ease. >> it helps to loosen your muscles and lower inhibitions so you're more likely to try another move that maybe before you might have been a little apprehensive of. >> reporter: students may feel a little loomy after class, so dussault has them stick around for 30 minutes to sober up. she is expanding her classes in more cities to help others take their yoga practice to new
6:41 pm
highs. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san francisco. >> similar classes are offered in colorado, massachusetts and washington d.c. where recreational marijuana is legal. students are not required to smoke during class. (((weather tease))) (((w >> secondhand smoke could be bad. coming up our first look inside the newly renovated randall museum. >> weather time, clear and warm outside. you know that, but you may not know how long it will last because the 70s are coming to an end. find out when next. >> coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 a hairy situation, a daycare accused of waxing kids' eyebrows without their parents' permission, tonight how no one is owning up to it. we'll have that story on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12.
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renovations.. of the randall museum.. in san francisco's corona heights... e upgrades are new at 6:00 after a long delay in renovations to the randall museum in san francisco's corona heights, the upgrades are finally done. kpix5's wilson walker gives us a first look inside. >> the location is very special. it's a former quarry. >> reporter: perched on the side of corona heights, the randall museum still clings
6:45 pm
like a lizard to the side of a cliff, but 66 years after opening this building finally has its first renovation. >> it's exciting to have the museum new and expanded, more accessible. >> reporter: from the raccoon to the barn owl, that means posh new digs for the more than 100 animals that live here, but the real payoff is vastly more space for the visitors. >> this oceans exhibit is all new space. >> we have a woodworking shop, a new stem lab called the garage where you can do digital printing and woodworking. >> reporter: roomier, brighter, more hands on and more connected to the landscape surrounding it which is, after all, the function of this building giving kids a way to see and touch the things that make the bay area what it is. now for those of you waiting to hear about the other beloved piece of this museum. >> the trains are still here, but now you can actually see them. >> reporter: back when the renovation was announced, there were fears seismic improvements would mean the end of the line for this layout, but most of it
6:46 pm
was saved. >> a little more elaborate than the one i got for hanukkah when i was 9. >> reporter: in the past this incredible train set was only open to the public when the model train club was here, but now it is officially part of the museum and you can come in here and check this thing out whenever the museum is open. >> a young kid will be able to press a button and look over the glass screen and the trains will be running all the time. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix5. >> very cool. the grand opening ceremony is sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. >> got to hit corona heights neighborhood, looking good. see all this sunshine behind the building? we had another sunny and warm day today, low 70s in san francisco. don't get used to it. the dry part, we can keep that, but cooler weather is coming. these 60s we have now coming up on 7:00, 69 in san francisco, santa rosa 67, concord 68, those will be our highs this weekend. darn, we're cooling down to 10 degrees warmer than average.
6:47 pm
had to do it eventually. fremont 47, redwood city 47 tonight. east bay and north bay valleys, nights are still long and 78 today in santa rosa cooling to 41 degrees tonight and 51 for a low in san francisco. radar completely clear. we are 0 for february, likely going 0 for the first half of february through valentine's day. long range computer models are suggesting we could do as deep as 20 or 21st of february before any widespread rainfall returns. how could that happen? did the storms just stop coming? absolutely not. in any dry winter there are still storms moving across. that would be strange if that happened. the storm track, the path of least resistance in the atmosphere, is not heading here. it's heading back east. i saw pictures from iowa where they had a several dozen car pile-up because it's snowing there. there are tornadoes, thunderstorms, ice toward boston. for us the storm track is stuck
6:48 pm
to the north. the ridge will move this weekend but not in a direction to bring the storm track back, just moderately cooler weather. tomorrow we start with clear skies. tomorrow evening we finish with clear skies into your friday still mostly clear. there's only one day with a decent amount of closer in our forecast -- cloud cover in our forecast. that would be next monday. we have rain and high elevation snow moving to our east monday. i'm showing you a mist because that's the closest any rainfall will get to us in the next week. that happens neck monday. warm weather through -- next monday. warm weather through friday, highs in the 60s this weekend, but widespread rainfall stays away. what's average? 59 to 61 degrees. we'll do that about 15 better tomorrow. mountain view 74, redwood city 75, mid-70s pleasanton, san ramon, antioch, low 70s for
6:49 pm
benicia, pleasanton, cloverdale 75 with sunshine. your extended forecast, thursday and friday warm, not as warm this weekend. notice an increase in cloud cover but no rain monday and next week we'll see more widespread 60s than 70s, still a completely dry february. that's your forecast. >> thank you, paul. gospel singers from all over the country are in the bay area again tonight to remember legendary musician and oakland native edwin hawkins. >> this is a live look inside the harbor light church on thornton avenue in fremont. hawkins was an oakland native. he died at his pleasanton home january 15th. he, of course, is best known for his song oh happy day. he's credited with being one of the founding fathers of urban contemporary gospel. in fact, so many acts wanted to perform in his honor organizers of the memorial had to spread it over two nights. this is night no. 2. oh happy day spent 275 weeks on billboards digital gospel sales chart with the song returning to no. 1 shortly after he died.
6:50 pm
about >> it was music that affected the world. it affected not just gospel music, but it affected world music and anybody who has ever heard gospel cannot omit the song oh happy day. >> the celebration of life for edwin hawkins gets underway in about 10 minutes. we'll stream it live on the kpix5 facebook page and on we'll be right back. and here you have a bánh mi inspired fried chicken sandwich.
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those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ we've got some breaking news coming into the newsroom right now, live pictures of chopper 5. we're hearing reports of a small plane that's gone down on castro valley. a driver on 580 reported a install plane in distress that apparently went down -- a small plane in distress that apparently went down in the
6:54 pm
hills. a chp chopper is also on the 7. we'll -- search. we'll bring you updates tonight on the 10:00 news. u.s. labor statistics say ience bs by the t 1.5 mi year 2020 but not enough qualified graduates to fill them. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson awards winner who wants to change that. >> he was only 13 years old when he set out to give students their first computer programming skills. students scamper into an afternoon class that's so popular there's a waiting list to get in because they don't just play video games. >> you get to make your own games. >> reporter: once a week the laurelwood elementary students in san jose create their own pacmanlike games thanks to 17- year-old rasheel telpatia. the senior designed a fun way to introduce underserved kids
6:55 pm
to computer programming. he learned basic coding in 3rd grade. when he was 13, he was shocked to find that even in silicon valley many students don't get the same chance until high school or college. >> then i was actually like wait a minute. i can do something. i can become a volunteer and actually start these classes. >> reporter: so he founded the nonprofit computer programming for all or cpfa to teach elementary and middle school students coding for free. he developed his own curriculum based on scratch software and principals like dr. nguyen at laurelwood welcomed his expertise. >> he is very passionate about what he wants to do and really get the students here to be passionate, also. >> reporter: kids like 6th grader barbie. >> i wasn't interested in coding until i started coding class. >> reporter: he and his volunteers reach more than 200 students in 15 coding clubs.
6:56 pm
if. >> seeing all these students -- clubs. >> seeing all these students coming up and showing me look, i made my own game. >> reporter: he also supported a hack-a-thon that with donations raised $5,000 for kids last year. this week's award goes to rasheel capatia. >> he just opened up a coding club in texas. we'll have his website address on if you want to start one in your school. he's also an eagle scout and a basketball coach. >> he's got to pick it up, no. we love his story and we love your stories. you can nominate your local here role for jefferson awards online, >> a slacker. >> great young man, very tall. for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44
6:57 pm
cable 12. back here tonight at 11:00. good night. >> goodnight. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: yeah, let's go. i appreciate y'all. thank you. thank you, folks. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] well, like always, got another good one today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from detroit, michigan, motor city, it's the champs, it's the maples family. [cheers and applause] and from salt lake city, utah, it's the wardrop family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here
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in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] let's get it on, play "feud." give me brayden, give me pazzella. top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 men--name something about you that's super smooth. brayden: my butt skin. [cheers and applause] my butt. that's... steve: you have smooth butt skin? brayden: yeah, yeah. carter taught me how to manicure it. carter: yeah, yeah. steve: butt skin. brayden: ha ha ha! pazzella: their conversation. steve: their conversation.


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