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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 10, 2018 2:07am-2:38am PST

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maria? >> reporter: yeah, we may have seen the worst of the flu season here in california, but it is not over yet. >> i started feeling symptoms around tuesday. at school, i got dizzy. >> reporter: lindsey rouis is a number of patients testing for influenza. this flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst in decades. >> back in '14 and '15 -- back in '14 and '15, 50,000 people died from the flu. we're on track to reach that level and potentially exceed it. >> reporter: today the cdc announced the flu of pneumonia caused one out of ten deaths in the u.s. the cdc reported ten more pediatric deaths for a total of 63 this year compared to 20 this time last year. in california, 36 people under the age of 65 died of the flu in the first week of february alone. >> when someone under 65 dies from the flu, it's an indicator
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of the severe flu season. >> reporter: although health experts say the flu season has peaked in california, they are still issuing this warning. >> we may have turned the corner. we're not out of the woods. >> reporter: in santa clara county, the flu killed six people. nearly three dozen inquired intensive care. and the doctor says it is still not too late to get the flu vaccine. when will the flu season end? >> we can never predict when the flu season will end. >> reporter: and as a rule of 00 the doctor says the flu season could end as late as the end of april. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. breaking news out of southern california. tonight this crash involved canadian prime minister justin trudeau's motorcade. it happened near simi valley in los angeles. three people were hospitalized including a chp motorcycle officer. his condition is unclear. the prime minister is not injured. earlier today, prime minister trudeau met this
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morning here in the bay area. he met with governor jerry brown at the fairmont in san francisco. the cause of tonight's crash is under investigation. tonight the search is on in the north bay for a fugitive named skittles. she's involved in two home invasion robbery, a homicide, and a -- robberies and a homicide and a high-speed chase. >> reporter: investigators sate victim, jose torres was growing and selling marijuana out of his world santa rosa -- in his rural santa rosa home. detectives say 54-year-old jose torres was shot multiple times after five masked robbers invaded his home at the end of malcolm lane in santa rosa. four suspects were arrested after a high-speed chase that ended in vallejo. only one suspect, himid is from
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san francisco. the suspects demanded cash and marijuana from torres. >> it is still a very value commodity in places like virginia and new york and so forth that haven't legalized it. >> reporter: in video shot yesterday from chopper 5, you can see plants growing inside a greenhouse behind torres' home. and these google earth pictures from last summer? they show what appears to be dozens of full grown marijuana plants. inside the getaway car, a couple of guns, deputies say were stolen from torres' home. so it appears the masked robbers knew what they were after. investigators are still looking for that fifth suspect tonight. she's amber hembree, also known as skittles. they say she's a gang member from virginia. a state where marijuana is still illegal. >> what may be cheaper, you come get it here, it's easier to get and abundant here. you take it back and make two, three times your money in a
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different state. >> reporter: we talked to some of torres' neighbors tonight. they didn't want to be on camera because they were worried they could be targeted in a future attack. but they say jose torres was a great guy, very friendly, and everyone in the neighborhood liked him. at the sonoma county sheriff's department, katie nielsen, kpix 5. tonight, another white house staffer abruptly stepped down amid allegations of domestic abuse. former speedwriter david sorensen resigned today. according to the washington post, his ex-wife claimed he was violent and emotionally abusive. sorensen denies those allegations. now this comes just two days after white house aide rob porter resigned after similar allegations from two of his ex- wives. president trump defended porter today. >> as you probably know, he says he's innocent. i think you have to remember that. >> sources tell cbs news the fbi informed white house officials in november about the domestic abuse allegations against porter. porter's first wife accused him
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of kicking and punching her. his second wife said he grabbed her from a shower. both alleged verbal abuse. president trump wished porter well and he did not acknowledge the alleged victims. well tonight, president trump is also refusing to release a democratic memo related to the russia investigation. at least for now. reporter mola lenghi is on capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump blocked the classified democratic memo's release after a white house review citing national security concerns, a letter sent to the house intelligence committee said the president is incline today declassify the memo, but suggested lawmakers take another crack at it with help from the justice department. the house intelligence committee voted unanimously monday to release the democrats 10-page point-by-point rebuttal to a republican memo that accuses the fbi of political bias when requesting warrants to spy on former trump campaign aide carter page. president trump said the gop
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document vindicated him in the russia investigation, and seemed to celebrate it earlier this week. >> oh, but did we catch them in the act or what. oh did we catch them in the act. they are very embarrassed. >> the house committee said the democrats version of the events was sent to the white house on monday. he has five days to authorize its release. earlier this week the president targeted the author of the democratic memo on twitter, calling him little adam schiff. one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington. >> there was a sense of panic clearly in the white house and as well as on the hill. >> reporter: congressman schiff believes his committee's investigation and robert mueller's probe are closing in on the president. mola lenghi, cbs news, washington. well tonight represent arive nancy pelosi tweeted, "this move by donald trump confirms what we have all known for weeks, that his decision to release the nunes memo was a blatantly political move made without concern for national security.
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the hypocrisy is on full display. what does the president have to hide? and then senator dianne feinstein, "one week after he released the misleading and incomplete nunes memo, president trump tonight blocked the release of the schiff memo that sought to fill in the holes. this is a hypocrisy at its worst." on dow street, they finished the worst year. at the end of the volatile trading day, he has a late surge and rebounded 330 points. but that's not enough to erase the rest of the losses since monday. dow ended the week down more than 5%. a verdict tonight in the case of illegal immigrant accused of murdering two sheriff deputies. reporter angela greenwood shows us the convicted killer showed no remorse in court. >> and we find the defendant g. >> reporter: guilty on two counts of first-degree murder. >> it is a very good day. >> reporter: the cop killer is now a convicted killer in the 2014 murders of sacramento
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county sheriff deputy denny oliver and placer county sheriff detective michael davis jr. sacramento county sheriff mike jones was inside the courtroom as the verdict was read today. >> it's really no joy. it is more of a quiet satisfaction. >> nothing can bring danny back. so for that, there will always be that void. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury. >> reporter: the killer once again showing no remorse, smiling, laughing, blowing a kiss to the crowd, even pretending to fire a gun towards them with his finger. as he walked out of the courtroom, he threaten today do it all again. >> this killer is a despicable human being. >> reporter: but most of his focus is on the heroes of this tragedy. which she dozens of deputies joined family and -- he and dozens of deputies joined families and officers as they walked away from the courtroom. not ready to go on camera just yet, they tell us they are so
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grateful and happy this part is over. >> this is a true verdict. thank you all. it's a step towards justice in what is more than three years later, a tragic and senseless loss. >> it doesn't make this one any less and it doesn't make it go away. i think all of us here in the department think about danny every day. >> reporter: in sacramento, angela greenwood, kpix 5. the deadly end to a police chase is captured on camera. tonight a sheriff is accused of giving a command to kill in order to protect a patrol car. and taking the tackle out of football. tonight the new proposal here in california. joel osteen is in the bay area tonight. his thou
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it happened inside a taxi. ailed down new video of a robbery in san francisco. it happened inside a taxi. the suspect held down the taxicab at 11th avenue and gary boulevard early wednesday morning. then he got inside, grabbed the driver's bag, and took off. police are still searching for the suspect. tonight, a widow in tennessee is suing the sheriff's department. the sheriff told deputies to take out her husband during a chase. david begnaud reports he may have given the command in order to protect a patrol car.
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>> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: it was the lethal end to a low speed chase. it started in dekalb county, tennessee, 70 miles east of nashville. michael dile led deputies on a 50-mile trace. his alleged crime, driving with a suspended license. when he crossed over into white county, deputies there rammed his truck and trailer. trying to force him off the road. when it didn't work, white county sheriff bodie issued an order that his dispatcher relayed to deputies. >> take him out. >> reporter: and reserved deputy adam west, driving his personal vehicle, drew his weapon. and his deputy spun the suspect out of control. deputy west fired. repeatedly. michael dile died after being shot in the head. he was unarmed. when the sheriff arrived at the scene, he was caught on the deputy's body camera saying this. >> i said take him out.
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>> reporter: dile's family is suing, alleging the sheriff preferred to shoot and kill mr. dile rather than risk damaging his patrol cars. >> and i said no, don't ram him, shoot him. they will take it out. then the sheriff added this. i love it, i'll tell you what, i thrive on it. >> reporter: the sheriff who has been in office for 12 years decided not to run for reelection. he wasn't at home today when we knocked, and his office staff said he was out of town. the day of the shooting the sheriff seemed unfazed as the deputy who shot dial looked emotional. >> you don't have to worry about nothing. >> i was finally able to talk to the sheriff on the phone. he had nothing to say and then he hung up. the local district attorney says the driver in this case put the lives of the public in
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danger and because of that, the d.a. ruled the shooting was justified. david begnaud, cbs news, sparta, tennessee. tonight a settlement in the federal lawsuit between uber. they agreed to pay google's self-driving car company $240 million in stock. uber denied any wrong doing, but promised to use only their own research. tonight there is a new push to ban youth tackle football in california. here is reporter mark thompson. >> reporter: the bill would be introduced here later this spring. now it's aimed at reducing the affects of brain trauma from playing football overtime. the act would ban tackle football until children reach high school encouraging organized youth leagues to play flag football instead. it is offered by assembly members of san diego and kevin mccarty of sacramento. the two cite medical studies on
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long-term brain trauma from the repeated tackling in football known as cte. golden state children need to know no touchdown or interception is worth the long- term damage to the brain caused by tackle football. while many parents have raised concerns about their children playing football, christine jorgensen is not one of them. >> reporter: she has two son who is play youth in football and trusts the coaches are teaching her son ises proper techniques to keep -- sons proper techniques to keep them safe. >> they are told not to hit with their head, but their shoulders. there's a lot of stuff to teach them to play football. >> reporter: her sons are no more at risk playing football than her daughters who do gymnastics and cheer. >> i have a daughter that cheers, and she is the one that's thrown up into the air. and she falls and can get a concussion and broken bones just like a football player can. >> reporter: if it passes,
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california will be the first state nationwide to place an age limit on youth tackle football. in sacramento, marc thompson, kpix 5. a drug bust in novato led to three arrests. they received multiple complaints. investigators say they went inside that home last night and they found a large amount of meth. as a country grapples with the opioid epidemic, more and more first responders are getting trained on how to use narcan. a drug that reverses opioid overdoses. andrea nakano spoke to deputies who recently used narcan to save a life. >> reporter: last year law enforcement agencies in marin county started getting life saving training and they battled the opioid epidemic. now we're seeing signs that training is paying off as the deputy becomes the first in the sheriff's department to save a life. >> it's scary. so i'm just glad that she's okay. >> reporter: it was deputy
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buckholt's first overdose call and she knew exactly what to do. >> i keep it right here. so i just grabbed it and my aed. right here. and i ran inside the house. >> reporter: luckily for the 21- year-old woman, she was already in the area and got to the scene within minutes of the call. when she arrived, the man in the house was able to tell her what opioid she overdosed on and that is when narcan was administered. she actually received two. yeah, she did. she was still unresponsive, so that is why i did cpr and then all of a sudden she came back. >> reporter: while buchholz was the hero, a man who started army deputies with the life saving medication a area ago. >> it is not that often you have an experience where
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something you have done has directly potentially saved somebody's life. >> reporter: according to health and human services in marin county, drug overdoses is the leading cause of accidental deaths and the majority are due to prescription drugs. >> our community like every other community in the country has been grappling with the opioid epidemic. where she people who are overdosing, and we have people who are dying. >> reporter: but with narcan, which blocks the affects, now placed in every patrol car, law enforcement agencies are making great strives. >> i think it really saved her life. >> reporter: narcan is available at select pharmacies. marin county health and human services say friends and family members of those at risk of the overdose could get narcan with no questions asked and no prescriptions needed. in san rafael, andrea nakano, kpix 5. it felt like summer pretty much all week. is it going to continue this week? it has been gorgeous outside. >> no, it will change. it has been very pleasant to get outside. these are all record highs from
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today. we may not see highs this warm or this high if you will until april and because that is when these things will become average. it's two months ahead of schedule. san jose, record high of 89. all record highs, and it all changes tomorrow. at least the temperature part of it. san jose tonight 46. vallejo 48. we will stay precipitation free and the change will not involve rainfall or mountain snow at least not yet. and that is a bit of a problem, the snow pack was about 170% above average this time last year. yeah, not this year. 23% of average. reservoirs are good right now, but we could use more snowfall. we may early next week, but this weekend it is all about the sunshine. look at the change in temperature. tahoe today was around 70. tomorrow 46 degrees with sunshine, breezy, and 48 degrees. on sunday good skiing weather. coming up saturday and sunday. subtle change in the pattern. peeling off to the west of that
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up and over part of the storm track will now fall into northern california. a little bit of cloud cover today. we'll see cooler air moving in tomorrow, and we will also see breezy conditions tomorrow. then we're watching a separate area of low pressure, which will slide through california later over the weekend and into next week. sunday night, futurecast, sunday at 8:00, couple showers towards the mountains. watch as it moves south. doesn't have any moisture to work with. the low go over the bay area, rain free, then migrate farther to the south. it looks like all the shower wills stay offshore and even central and southern california may stay dry. we will stay completely dry for the next seven days, but those record highs in the 70s and the 80s, they are done, not tomorrow, not for the next week. concord 68 tomorrow. still well above average, but not 80s you've had. campbell 69 degrees. redwood city 68. where did the 80s go? walnut creek only 68 tomorrow. antioch in the 70s for a few minutes. vallejo 69 degrees.
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petaluma upper 60s, napa 60. winds tomorrow are 65 degrees. less wind on sunday, but we stay in the 60s. a little bit cloudier next week. so it was a two-part problem if you will. it was too warm. i can not believe we're -- i cannot believe we're saying this. now we have 15 straight dry days. we would like to get a little rain mixed into that. that part is still a mystery. you don't know when the rain will be. we know it will be cooler starting tomorrow. >> well, that is good. >> step one, it's a two-step process. we're going in the right direction. >> thank you. joel osteen is in the bay area tonight. his message for president trump. here a the bay area tonight.
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back in he's one of the most well- known preachers. joel osteen is in the bay area tonight. thousands of people packed the arena tonight. he talked about having faith and a relationship with god. he even had a message for president donald trump. so i think our job, at least my position is to pray for those in leadership. >> reporter: people who attended the event were treated to a concert. looks like a fun event. how about that? >> yes. all right, here it is at 10:00. we will hear from the new giants right fielder from the fan fest and how does the 26-
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year-old quarterback celebrate having the richest contract in nfl history. come on back, we'll today, gm john lynch was issuing a shout-out to owner jed york. " " there's owner jed york to the jimmy garoppolo got paid. john lynch was issuing a shout out. >> it is easy spending other peoples money. but i want to thank you. >> yeah, thank you. jimmy g is unbeaten in seven starts. boy, he cashed in. how about the celebratory
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plans. >> we just got in yesterday. we had a nice dinner in san fran. >> what the? what is it? you can't do it. any way, he's got five more years to get the hang of the verbage. >> a day before the annual fan fest met them for the first time. nine years in the pirates franchise, 2013 national league mvp. popped the question on national tv. >> when you woke up that morning and you said this is it. i'm going to do it on the ellen degeneres show. i was like okay, don't let it get in there and this will be the proposal. remember what they need to say. i don't really remember what happened, but i do remember she
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said yes. >> basketball, cal women and the breast cancer game tonight. they went inside. the product scored 17. they snapped the three-game skid 78-76. stanford with their fifth in a row stomping utah 70-49. >> they are so good. >> yeah, unstoppable. >> taken at the right time.
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