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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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beach since 1961, seen neighbors come and go, but he's never seen turnover like today that happens on a weekly basis. >> this community is being gutted by investors, by vrbos. i have no problem, no quarrel with investment, but what it's doing is it's just changing the population here. >> reporter: there's no way to know just how many short term properties there are in marin county. companies like airbnb and vrbo don't turn oh that information. so the board -- over that information. so the board of supervisors is considering a one year pilot program that would require the homes to identify themselves by sign for everyone to see. these signs would have to be visible from the street. they'd have to have information like this, your tax information, your information about your business license as well as a contact number for the owner or property manager of the site. if it passes, tourists destinations like stinson would have new signs all up and down the street.
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this realty company manages about 50 vacation homes and has major concerns. >> we're opposed to the signs. we're afraid it would advertise the house as vacant and be a safety risk. >> reporter: but the signs offer neighbors that are unhappy a number to call if things go awry and the revenue is something the county doesn't want to miss out on, which is why tomorrow's public comment period is likely to have a line around the room. >> it kind of is a bummer for everybody because the people who are vacationing are at stake and then the owners who maybe the only way they can afford the property is to rent it. >> reporter: the board of supervisors will take this issue up tomorrow at their meeting no earlier than 2:30 p.m. if you're interested in going. this will be the first reading. they may officially vote in march on the ordinance. >> what was the initial impetus for this sign ordinance? >> reporter: there's a lot of secrecy around where these vacation home rentals are. so last year the county hired
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an out agency to come in and kind of take a survey of the climate here in the county and the study results are what they base this ordinance off of. it's a 26 page document with all the information there. i posted it to my facebook page or you can go to and look at that to kind of get a feel for where the situation is in marin county. >> people who rent out vacation homes near lake tahoe are also bracing for new rules. today a committee offered recommendations on how to regulate the 850 vacation home rentals in el dorado county. some residents, however, have complained the rentals there are currently unregulated. the new rules are expected to address traffic, trash and parking and noise. help those most in new at 6:00 homelessness in the bay area has gone from bad to worse. tonight lawmakers are actually pushing a new fix that they have come up with to help they say those who are most in need.
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>> kpix5's phil matier joins us now with more on one possible solution. phil? >> that's right. what we're talking about is the longstanding problem in san francisco, oakland, jose. it's about any northern california city of what to do with homeless people or the drug addicts or mentally ill who don't want your help. it's become an increasing problem on the streets and today city officials gathered to try to change one of the fundamental rules in the state that governs it. let's take a look. anyone who has walked the streets of san francisco has seen them or walked around them or tried their best to just ignore them and now in take rare show of unity city officials are calling on the state to make it easier to get the 50 to 100 of the worst of the worst off the streets whether they want to go or not. >> people who are severely drug addicted, severely mentally ill and who are deteriorating and dying on our streets. >> reporter: state senator scott weiner has proposed a
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bill to make it easier for committing someone other than the usual reasons of being a clear and present danger to themselves and others. otherwise known as the 5150 rule. as san francisco health director barbara garcia explains -- >> the law became a barrier for us to really provide the long term care. >> reporter: time enough to sober up for the judge but not enough time to make any real changes in their lives. >> and have a 30 day stay in a prepare that could be a locked fa -- program that could be a locked facility and then they get care. >> we know one person who has been 5150-ed about 100 times. >> those frequent flyers, if you will, those are some of the most visible people, people that sometimes talk to themselves on the street corners, people we hear about all the time from san francisco residents and visitors. >> reporter: in the past any move that touched on civil liberties of the homeless was dead on arrival politically, but times have changed and even public defender jeff adachi whose office represents the
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homeless is thinking it's worth a try. >> it's not hundreds of people, yes. we can handle it. in fact, i'm opening up 40 new beds at st. mary's next month. >> the bill already has backing of democrats in los angeles as well. so what i think we'll see here is a push from the urban centers to try to get something done on what has long been thought of as the third rail of california politics and that is the question of whether or not we are going to be opening de facto mental institutions once again to care for those on the streets. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. well, we're getting disturbing new details about the brutal killing of a woman stabbed left for dead in rural livermore. she was found on the side of tesla road in eastern alameda county before 3 a.m. this morning. kpix5's juliette goodrich has been following this story, tells us the victim's dying words led police to two suspects. juliette? >> reporter: allen, the victim was found just down this road. tesla road has reopened, but she was left for dead early
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this morning. she was able to get herself to the side of the road and authorities can't believe her last words were even able to lead them to the two killers. we've learned that the suspects this afternoon were arrested. they are a 19-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman from modesto and now they are behind bars. >> this victim really, really tried to survey and she fought and she fought and the last thing we believe that she was able to do was to point us in the direction of the people that killed her. >> reporter: around 2 a.m. a driver saw a bloodied young woman crawling along the ground on tesla road, a rural part of the county, and called 911. hear the first dispatch calls sent out to emergency responders. >> there's a female crawling on the road. she's missing an arm and she's bloody. >> initially they thought the woman may have had a severed arm. that was ultimately not true. it appeared that she likely had her arm underneath her body as
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she was crawling. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department said the young woman was stabbed multiple times, assaulted and left for dead on the side of the road, but they had the strength to crawl -- she had the strength to crawl 100 yards up the road. >> another motorist passing by said she appears to have been stabbed in the throat. >> reporter: a pair of blood and clotheslined the roadway. the victim was airlifted to eden medical center in castro medical. authorities say she hung onto life two more hours and then before she died her final words to investigators were the names of the two people who did it. >> we have obviously a very compelling dying declaration from our victim. in the court of law that is very compelling. we're also going to back up that dying declaration with evidence and proof of that crime and so all that will be part of this investigation. >> reporter: investigators are still working on all of the details and information. we don't know exactly the
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relationship between the victim and the suspects. we do know that the victim lived in tracy. the suspects are from modesto and authorities plan to release all of their names sometime tomorrow. in livermore, juliette goodrich, kpix5. california's police chiefs are throwing their weight behind gubernatorial candidate antonio villaraigosa. in sacramento today the police chiefs association endorsed l.a.'s former mayor for the state's top job saying he had a good record of lowering crime. villaraigosa said if elected, he'd continue on that path. >> the key to the future is to grow more middle class jobs, but public safety is connected to that. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom who is also running for governor recently picked up endorsements from the state's firefighters association, nurses association and teachers association. today marks one year since the oroville dam emergency. the threat of a spillway collapse forced a massive
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evacuation. now as reporter angela musalam shows us, there's action taken to prevent a repeat. >> once again today we realize the sick fear in the pit of our stomachs. >> reporter: a familiar feeling for michael morris, one of many evacuees forced to safety. morris had been controlling the levees in the city before he got the call. >> we had to make a decision if we were going to stay home or move out. >> reporter: both evacuees' homes were spared, but they're now at the capitol in support of new legislation cracking down on dam safety in oroville. >> the original design had deficiencies and pretty much everybody that's looked at that has said that was the case. >> reporter: assemblyman james gallagher is behind the bill. he's pushing for more oversight
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at the oroville dam and more in depth inspections which he says up until now were superficial. >> our current statute said the dam should be inspected from time to time. obviously that is completely insufficient. >> reporter: gal girl says his bill would require the department of -- globbier gallagher says his bill -- gallagher says his bill would require the department of water to follow new regulations. many across the north state hold their breath hoping they'll never have to relive february 12th of 2017 again. >> by the time we're done the entire state is going to give a damn. battle is br coming up the new tech that can scare off a car burglar and it's made right here in the bay area. >> a battle is brewing over the fate of this bay area war memorial. it's less about the crosses and more about what lies over the hill.
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>> and the promising new drug that claims it can beat the flu in 24 hours, now soon it could hit the market. >> it certainly feels more like winter outside. gone are the 70s and 80s. we say hello to highs only in the 50s and 60s, but where is the rain? clear skies over san francisco tonight. we'll talk about any prospects for rain over the next week coming up.
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arrest this evening.. accused of breaking into a car.. and throwing the chihuahua he found
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inside.. off a building. a san francisco man is under arrest this evening accused of breaking into a car and throwing the chihuahua he found inside off a building. the 4-year-old dog named dunky didn't survive. police say it happened on the seventh floor of a parking garage on stockton street over the weekend. the suspect was later taken into custody. there's a new -- there's a new surveillance camera on the market you've likely never seen before, kind of a twist on the standard dashcam, just might make thieves think twice. kpix5's maria medina is live in palo alto with how the camera is different. maria? >> reporter: it's like a home surveillance camera and dashcam all in one. it's especially needed here in the bay area. we set it to look for a car break-in victim and the first person we went up to said she was one. >> it feels really invasive like someone almost personally targeted you. >> reporter: this isn't logan blunt's car being broken into, but she knows exactly how it
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feels. >> it's a very big inconvenience when you're minimum wage in the city. >> reporter: a thief broke into her car in san francisco just a few months ago stealing her backpack and ipad. >> we have inside and outside cameras. >> reporter: but andy hodge mail just stop car thieves in their tracks. >> we -- may just stop car thieves in their tracks. >> we said could you take the same features in the home security system and bring them to the car which means you get the video whether you're in or out of the car. >> reporter: andy is the ceo of owl camera, a surveillance camera for your car powered on 24/7 connected to your phone, but it does more than just record. >> if your car is being broken into and you're inside a restaurant, it doesn't let you know what's happening. >> reporter: the camera has sensors, so if anyone touches the car, the owner will be alerted through their phone right away. >> that means if your car gets backed up into when you're at lunch, i'm going to get an alert on my phone. >> reporter: and if someone breaks in, you can even talk through your camera using your
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phone. >> hey, what are you doing in my car? >> reporter: and send that video to police right away. logan says she doesn't leave anything in her car anymore, but she still wishes she knew who broke into it. >> i'm an advocate for having something like that record and being able to at least have justice even if it's in the smallest way. >> reporter: andy says he's had his car broken into before. so he knows exactly how it feels. the owl camera costs about $300 if you order it today. you'll get it in about a month. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix5. this just in, we have learned an oakland police officer has been arrested for dui. chp confirmed officer isaac goings was pulled over after 2 a.m. this morning going eastbound on 580 near park. he was booked into the north county jail. oakland police have yet to respond. also in oakland police are investigating a homeless encampment fire leaving one person dead early this morning near 880 by northgate avenue, no word yet how the fire started, but investigators say
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the encampment has small makeshift homes made with plywood. sfpd arrested a man who crashed his car into a building while trying to get away. police tweeted this picture of the crash in the mission district. officers say the suspect hit another car, a bus stop and then a building. the driver tried to run but was taken into custody. a hammer attack in san francisco leaves a young man badly injured. police say on saturday night several people followed an 18- year-old into a store on rolf street. one swung a hammer. the victim pulled a knife stabbing a different suspect. then the victim got hit. his injuries are now described as life threatening. it's not clear why he was targeted. san jose firefighters making a series of rescues after a two-alarm fire broke out this afternoon. it happened in the 100 block of duane street. firefighters were able to rescue one man inside the home and they also saved his pets, one dog and one cat. no word how the fire started. the future of a bay area
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memorial for fallen veterans is in limbo. this evening the lafayette city council is expected to talk about the land that houses more than 4,000 crosses near the b.a.r.t. station. the crosses were installed more than a decade ago on private land as an anti-war statement, but now the owners of that land want to sell. city's planning >> it's bigger than any of us and we want to keep it as a sacred place. >> two weeks ago the city's planning commission approved a lot line adjustment for the 5- acre property but did not discuss what would happen to the crosses if and when the property sells. the a flakes of snow falling in the sierra today. this is our view from our sierra-at-tahoe camera, gorgeous, weather starting to look a little bit more like winter, but we still need the rain here in the bay area. >> we need more snow, too, lots more of everything. >> 21% of normal in the snowpack right now. it looks nice.
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it's always nice to have new snow. we are so far behind. hearing from folks coming back from skiing, they're saying it's not great in year because there's simplien enough low elevation snow. that 21% is most -- mostly at the higher elevations. we need that to change. a little bit today, moving in the right direction and certainly not as warm today, but the dry thing is going to be tough to shake. a cloud free evening leads to a cold night tonight. san francisco 57, santa rosa 64, half moon bay 56. the radar is dry, still a few showers toward the sierra but not much going around here. we have a low pressure area to our east. that will stay to our east. we have that ridge of high pressure. it has moved, peeled off to the east. all that's done is allow cold air to move in but no moisture from the pacific ocean and the storm track stays north. so the move is promising but not enough to change the pattern to a whether wetter
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one. we're looking at over-- wetter one. we're looking at overnight lows well into the 30s. sunshine tomorrow, a little milder than today, above average. mind you, average is 60. it was fantasyland last week with highs 75 to 80. vallejo 63, santa rosa 64, san francisco 62 and oakland 62. we stay dry for now. we are in a cooler pattern, highs in the 60s across the board both inland and across the bay cooling down towards presidents day. that's your forecast. a sort of identity crisis at one east bay high school. >> mascot limbo, the tough search for a symbol the whole school can cheer for. >> the 49ers have a crisis on their hands as well. do they keep or cut their best defensive player? hear what reuben foster had to say last summer about the critics who raised questions
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about his character next. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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arrested yesterday on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon...reporte 49ers linebacker reuben foster was arrested yesterday on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon. he reportedly dragged his girl friend during an argument in foster's second arrest of the offseason. the warning signs were there before the 49ers drafted him last spring. at the time the biggest offense from him symptommed from an argument from -- stemmed from an argument from a worker at the nfl combine, then a positive absoluted urine sample. foster reportedly met with the team brass today about the charges and the 49ers are trying to decide what to do with their talented linebacker. many teams shied away from drafting foster because of an injury and character issues, not the 49ers. after he was drafted i asked foster about those concerns. >> i'm humble. i'm not cocky.
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i'm friendly. anything you can name in the book about anything about a great guy. >> reporter: why do you think people have those concerns? >> some say the story that was out. some say the people i carry, but i think it's no such thing. you can't judge a book by its cover. don't give nobody else to write your story. you write your own story and i am my story. nobody didn't give me a chance to state my story. >> if you're looking for precedents how the 49ers might handle this, consider former corner back tramaine brock arrested in april for domestic violence and was released by the team the following day. charges were eventually dropped. in 2014 the 49ers cut ray mcdonald following a sexual assault investigation. the warriors host the suns tonight who have one of the worst records in the league meaning steve kerr has a great chance of getting regular season win no.
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251. on saturday kerr reached the 250 milestone, the fastest clip in league history. kerr pointed out it wouldn't have been possible without luke walton who replaced him when he was dealing with migraines and back pain. >> actually 211. luke got 39. raymond has been very clear about that and continues to point that out every single day. >> can we eliminate the losses i accrued while luke was out? there were four of them. >> they're flying high though, look like they're having fun in search of the third straight win and hope to play a little nicer with the refs. i saw the owner at pebble and asked him if his team needed an attitude adjustment. >> are you saying that we complain too much about officiating? >> reporter: sort of. no. that seems to be the exterior outside analysis.
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>> there's again a lot of complaining it steams like this year. i'm not go -- seems like this year. i'm not going to comment on the officiating. i do think our behavior needs to be better. i think that goes without saying. i can't throw my jacket on the floor, as i did the other night. >> i love it when the owner points to himself first, right? keep your jacket on your back, joe, please. >> thank you, dennis. coming up in our next half hour a big scare in the trump family, a letter with white powder is delivered to their home. one family member rushed to the hospital. >> the trump administration is still dodging questions about domestic abuse allegations against a former staff secretary, the tough questions today from reporters. >> and we get our first look at the obamas' portraits, the request the bay area artist refused to grant.
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vanessa trump felt ill... after she opened a you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, a scare for president trump's daughter-in-law. vanessa trump felt ill after she opened an envelope with white powder inside. police were spotted leaving the apartment in manhattan where the envelope was sent, cbs reporter kenneth craig on the
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investigation. >> reporter: the secret service and new york city police officers responded to the home of donald trump, jr.'s mother-in-law on manhattan's east side. >> crazy thing happen in new york or -- things happen in new york or all over the word. >> reporter: vanessa trump opened the envelope addressed to her husband which contained a white powder. she called 911 and said she was coughing and felt nauseated. she was taken to the hospital as a precaution. none of the couple's five children were home at the time. neighbors were alarmed. >> i think it's terrifying that anybody would send a package like that regardless who it was to. >> reporter: preliminary tests show the substance wasn't dangerous, but further testing will be required to determine what was in the envelope and who sent it. the white house said president trump is aware of his daughter in law's scare. >> the president has spoken with her within the last half hour. >> reporter: donald trump, jr. tweeted thank goodness my wife is safe and unharmed.
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kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> this is not the first time someone associated with president trump received a letter with white powder. eric trump got one in his apartment last month. two other letters arrived at trump tower in 2016. at the white house there are more questions about fired white house aide rob porter after accusations of dawn. >> reporter: does he believe rob porter's accusers or are they lying? >> the president along with the entire administration take domestic violence very seriously. >> the white house taking fire over what president trump has and has not said over the accusations against former white house secretary rob porter. porter's resignation was announced wednesday after photographs surfaced of porter's ex-wife colbie holderness with a black eye. both holderness and porter's other ex-wife jennifer willoughby have accused him of physical and emotional abuse
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during their marriages. at first there was support for porter. >> he says his innocent and i think you have to remember that. >> and there was this trump tweet from over the weekend. "people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation," but the president has not spoken out publicly or acknowledged porter's accusers. >> reporter: are they tone deaf? is there just a being on the wrong side of things? >> supporting due process for any allegation is not tone deaf. i think it is allowing things to be investigated and a mere allegation not be the determining factor. >> all of this may distract from the white house agenda, but democrats say controversy will be used to win over women voters in the mid-term elections this fall. the senate has begun the debate on immigration including possible protections for dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought here as children. tonight's vote was 97-1, but there's plenty of division.
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democrats are unwilling to go along with president trump's offer. he is proposing possible citizenship for dreamers in exchange for a clampdown on legal immigration. any measure will need 60 votes requiring bipartisan support. new york's attorney general wants to make sure harvey weinstein's company pays for his misconduct. new york's a.g. filed a lawsuit today saying any deal to sell the weinstein company must include assurances of compensation for women who were sexually abused by harvey weinstein. eric sneiderman says the company and its employees were complicit in that abuse. >> they knew what was happening. it was flagrant. it was flamboyant. they knew how pervasive it was and not only did they fail to stop it, they enabled it and covered it up. >> weinstein has repeatedly maintained all the encounters were consensual. a former obama administration official is trying to buy the weinstein company.
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meanwhile president trump is out with a new plan to rebuild the country's roads and bridges. the 2019 budget sets aside $1.5 trillion for infrastructure, but direct federal spending would only add up to 200 billion. the rest would come from state and local spending and private investments. >> nobody knows better than you people where you want the money invested. washington will no longer be a roadblock to progress. washington will now be your partner. we'll be your partner. >> the white house budget also includes billions to fight the opioid epidemic and strengthen border security and it proposes cuts to many social programs including medicare and medicaid. the san francisco art institute is celebrating a major accomplishment by a former student. kehinde wiley painted barack obama's official portrait unveiled at the national
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gallery this morning in washington. michelle obama's portrait was also on display. the former president personally picked wiley for the job. his artwork has been displayed at numerous museums including the metropolitan museum of art. mr. obama said he tried to negotiate a few changes. >> i tried to negotiate less gray hair. [ laughter ] >> and kehinde's artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked. i tried to negotiate smaller ears. [ laughter ] >> struck out on that as well. >> these are the first presidential portraits at the smithsonian painted by black artists. a fight for higher wages in oakland today. anniversary of the historic memphis sanitation strike... e 19-68 poor mcdonald's employees rallied during the lunchtime rush. the rally coincides with the 50th anniversary of the historic memphis sanitation strike which sparked the 1968 poor people's campaign led by
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dr. martin luther king, jr. >> it's a historic day. it's a moment that i'm proud of. i'm proud this is happening in my community. i live 2 blocks away and feel like the legacy is still alive, martin luther king fighting for low wage workers and people of color and people living in poverty. we deserve a better life and the society should recognize the hard work of immigrants and women and other oppressed people. >> the legislation that's already passed in california will bring the minimum wage to $15 by the year 2022. the new drug that can kick the flu in 24 hours, how soon it could hit shelves. >> and backlash over the new peter rabbit movie, some parents say it encourages bullying.
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causing two more deaths: including a 5 year old from new york and a mother of two. d-c says the r the flu epidemic is suspected of causing two nor deaths including a 5 -- more deaths including a 5-year-old from new york and a mother of two. the cdc said the rate of flu
6:39 pm
hospitalizations is approaching the highest level on record. researchers are recommending hospitals use special uv light panels that can kill the virus. some hospitals are also using robots to clean their facilities to prevent the virus from spreading. and there are new drugs on the horizon to fight the flu. as reporter lisa segal explains, they include 1 pill doctors claim could knock -- one pill doctors claim could knock out the illness in 24 hours. >> reporter: it's flu season that's keeping hospitals packed and cases across the country rising. now a new experimental drug could bring lots of relief in the future. a japanese drugmaker says it's developed a pill that can kill the virus in a day, faster than any flu drug out there. >> it is very promising. >> reporter: the drug developed by shianoke is a single dose and works in 24 hours or less. compare that to tamiflu, a five- day dose. in trials the new drug worked three times faster.
6:40 pm
the chair of infection protection at california hospital explains how it works. >> the virus, once it gets into a body, into our cells, starts multiplying, takes over and then it can infect all the other cells. this is going to stop the virus from multiplying. so that's why people are not as sick and because it stops it from multiplying, other cells don't get infected. other people don't get infected. >> reporter: the doctor says this is not the only new flu treatment in development, but most likely will be on pharmacy shelves first. how soon? >> if it is fast tracked, then hopefully next season we should have this drug available. >> reporter: still this is a treatment and not a cure. the cdc is still urging people to get vaccinated. it may only be 30% effective, but some protection is better than none. >> why would you want to be sick if you can prevent yourself from getting sick? >> we certainly could all use some relief this season. >> you bet.
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well, apparently the kids don't think facebook is where it's at, who they're turning to now to stay connected. >> futurecast is predicting a windy night in the north bay, up to 22 mile-per-hour wind gusts in both napa and fairfield, chilly as well. are we warming up again? your seven-day forecast is next.
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here's a look at the numbers: the stock market started the week with more gains today picking up where it left off friday. the dow jones industrial up more than 410, nasdaq up 107 and the s&p up almost 36.5. meanwhile amazon is laying off hundreds of employees, the majority at the company's seattle headquarters. the company said the cuts affect more mature parts of the business. it appears amazon isn't looking to reduce overall headcount. in fact, it currently has nearly 4,000 open jobs. amazon says it's going to aggressively higher people in the future as it plans for the location of its second headquarters. one of the biggest movies at the box office is getting a
6:45 pm
thumbs down from some parents. the animated peter rabbit movie has a scene where peter and his friends throw blackberries at their enemy who happens to be allergic to them. one flies in his mouth causing him to choke and they he has to inject himself with an epipen. those who treat children with allergies say it sets a bad example. >> we certainly shouldn't allow movies to portray people who happen to have an allergy as victims to be picked on and that's a big part of this is that this is bullying. >> the plummakers have apologized say -- the filmmakers have apologized saying food allergies are a serious issue and sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue. this evening new numbers show facebook is losing some younger users, a problem projected to get worse. kpix5's kiet do reports, facebook's loss is snapchat's gain. >> get on my level, scrub. >> reporter: at 15 years old
6:46 pm
kiera hernandez says facebook is just so, you know. you don't use facebook? >> ill used to, but not any -- i used to, but not anymore. it's just a little complicated. >> reporter: she prefers the quick efficient complicit of snapchat, the filters and, of course, the stories, but facebook? that's for old people, you know, folks in their mid-20s and beyond. is facebook uncool? >> no. it's still cool, but it's more like for family members and like, you know, teachers and all that. >> our forecast is that this year about 2 million users of facebook under age 20 five will be leaving -- 25 will be leaving facebook. >> reporter: an analyst at e marketer crunched the numbers and their 2018 forecast is not looking good for facebook. usage down 9.3% under 18 and e
6:47 pm
marketers say they have never seen a decline before for18 to 24. they say snapchat is made to keep adults out. >> it's really challenging to figure out what you're doing when you open up snapchat and that's what made it appealing to young people and so confounding to older people. >> reporter: if i use snapchat, would that make me cool? >> of course, it woman. >> reporter: san jose professor peter -- it would. >> reporter: san jose professor peter young said snapchat users don't have a lot of disposable income yet. >> they're hoping to capture them now and keep them as facebook kept a lot of us through the years so that they can become the platform de jure. >> reporter: facebook is said to be reaching the saturation point in the u.s. and that snapchat has 2/3 of all users
6:48 pm
under 17. snapchat is making changes to try and attract older users and so the uncomfortable question remains. what would happen say if your mom, dad and uncles and grandparents started using snapchat? >> it would be a little awkward, but i mean if they enjoy it, they enjoy it, you know. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix5. children of all ages, a day at the happiest place on earth will cost you more. admission is up at both california and florida disney resorts. disney toward tickets, 2 to $5 higher for adults and children making the magic kingdom the most expensive park at $129 a day. disneyland prices rose 7 to $11 making it the cheapest ticket at $97. ironically the park weather is better here than in southern california. >> las vegas, phoenix and el paso, texas, rain later this
6:49 pm
week. bay area? not this week. we have 54 degrees in livermore, oakland 54, santa rosa 55. a chilly night with clear skies, excellent radiational cooling. it won't feel like the 37 and 38 in santa rosa and napa. with the wind it will feel more like 30 to 32 degrees. 40 for vallejo, 41 mountain view, 40 in san jose. a little snow around lake tahoe and the sierra today. we'll see waves of snow showers throughout the week. it may add up to a 1/2 foot of snow if you add it all up. only 17% of average in the north sierra, so we need more snow. you can see the activity south and east wrapping around an area of low pressure which is centered over salt lake city, utah. so yes, the deserts of california, nevada and arizona now wetter this month than the bay area. we're not pulling in any
6:50 pm
moisture from the pacific and this ridge is several hundred miles offshore still playing with our weather keeping the storm track and rainfall away. this will continue into early next week. futurecast tomorrow morning, highs only in the 60s tomorrow despite the same sunshine from last week. some of the fronts come through. well only receive cloud cover. 10:00 wednesday morning some clouds rumble through, sunshine in the afternoon, no appreciable rain chance for a while. we're watching the ridge to hopefully move south or over the four corners steering some storms in. by saturday it gets closer to where it was last week. the ridge is still in control. the storm track stays to the north, 0 rainfall the next seven days. nights will be chilly including tonight. highs will be above average but 10 to 20 degrees cooler. we will continue to go 0 for february which has only happened once for the entire month. the civil war was happening then, 1864 the last time that happened. let's hope history does not
6:51 pm
repeat itself. mountain view 63 degrees, redwood city 64, walnut creek and dublin, san francisco 62 and novato 64, st. helena 65 degrees. extended forecast, milder heading toward the weekend. some inland spots may hit 70 saturday. temperatures fall again with yet another dry front which will not bring us any rainfall, but we are cooler, so at least it feels a little bit more like winter. >> the civil war, not northern california versus southern california, the other one. coming up a miscot in limbo, one east bay -- mascot in limbo, one east bay high school in 7 for a symbol everyone can cheer for. -- search for a symbol everyone can cheer for.
6:52 pm
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. a high school in the east bay is trying to reinvent its mascot. >> kpix5's john ramos tells us they're finding that's easier said than done. >> reporter: look closely at the campus and ball fields of san lorenzo high and you see a school with a bit of an identity crisis. >> we just want a mascot. >> reporter: but you don't have one so far. >> no, we don't. >> reporter: the school used to go by the nickname rebels, but in today's political climate that became an issue for some, especially since the
6:55 pm
old mascot was a confederate soldier known as colonel reb. >> in the year book they don't like confederate flags and stuff, just racist stuff. >> reporter: the school tried changing its mascot it a cartoon frontiersman named rebound l guy, but that was too little too late, so the baseball uniforms now only say slz. do you miss it? >> heck, yeah. >> reporter: but now you're the slzs. >> that's a terrible name. >> reporter: the district began surveying people about ail new mascot and seemed -- a new mascot and seemed pleased with the name phoenix, a mythical bird rising up from the ashes. then someone pointed out that's part of a logo for a white sumpremacy group even though it's also the logo for the city of phoenix, the suns basketball team and wait for it, the flag
6:56 pm
of san francisco. >> now i'm getting kind of irritated with it because of how many times we're going to be changing it like the phoenix, i don't know why they got to change it again, but it's a bird. >> reporter: the district is learning how hard it is to keep everybody happy. so for now the baseball team will have to get by with just its initials. >> you can make the letters work, but it's not as exciting as it should be for a high school student. >> reporter: you can call yourself the zs. >> heck, no. what the -- >> reporter: see what i mean? there's just no satisfactorying some people. in san lorenzo, john ramos, kpix5. >> there's got to be something out there. >> there has to be something everybody can agree on. >> please agree. >> it's all to instill fear in the opponents. >> for news throughout the evening, the late e always >> join us for -- latest always >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00, kbcw 44 cable 12 and right back here at 11:00.
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everybody's here trying to win theirself a lotta cash, and somebody, somebody might drive outta here in a brand-new car. let's play. give me teresa, give me phyllis. ["family feud" theme plays] [sighs] top 7 answers on the board. here we go, ladies. fill in the blank. steve harvey is one of the blankest guys around. phyllis: tallest. steve: tallest. teresa: best-looking. steve: ha ha! [cheering and applause] teresa: good answer! steve: yeah, i wish that was number one. let's just pray that it's on the board. [laughter] just say it one more time. teresa: best-looking. steve: yeah, 'cause it ain't gonna be up there, but... [laughter] no, i'm a lotta things. i ain't the best-damn-looking dude in the world. best-looking.


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