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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  KPIX  February 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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surprised that she was a fighter. when you hear detectives say that your daughter was a true fighter to the very end, when you hear that, what do you think? >> i'm proud of her. you know, she showed them she didn't give up, you know. she won. i know she passed away, but when they did this to her, they figured they got away with it. she didn't let them get away with it. she brought peace to herself and she brought peace to me and my family. i love her. >> we will always remember her for that, you know, being a fighter, that like my brother said, peace, just fighting for her life and then she was able to describe and tell the authorities who did it and that goes a long way because otherwise we wouldn't know what happened. there would be no closure, you know, right now. there's some type of closure which actually makes it a
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little easier to cope with the tragedy. i hope those people pay for it, you know. >> reporter: that was lizette's uncle and her father you just heard. now they're having to plan a funeral and also attend an arraignment tomorrow. now we're learning more about those two suspects who are now behind bars and new information about what happened. authorities say 19-year-old lizette cuesta of tracy was the young woman stabbed and left on the side of rural tesla road. >> she survived for quite a bit of time against tremendous odds and was left there for dead. >> reporter: but before she died her last words to investigators, the names of the two people who she said killed her. now behind bars, 19-year-old daniel gross and 25-year-old melissa leonardo. the pair are reportedly in a relationship. they were arrested in modesto. investigators say the suspects and victim knew one another. >> on the night of this incident lizette got into the car with the suspects
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consensually, as they knew each other. we're also now trying to put together what exactly happened from the moment lizette got in that car until ultimately we found her at about 2 a.m. on tesla road that night. >> reporter: investigators say after she was brutally stabbed and left on the side of the road she crawled some 100 yards. that's when richard lodholt spotted her and called 911. he got out of his car to comfort her until paramedics arrived. >> she said she felt like she was going to die and i was like no, you're not. you're not going to. you're going to fight. you're going to sit up and you're not going to lay down and you're going to be all right. as that was said, she got up. she sat back up and she at least held on, you know, until emergency support got there. >> reporter: and the family would certainly like to thank all of those that helped while she was just trying to stay
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alive. her father tells me that she is the oldest of all his children. he calls her lizzie and he never dreamed of having to set up a gofundme to plan a funeral and to attend an arraignment and now that's what's happening. in tracy, juliette goodrich, kpix5. tonight friends in san jose will remember lizette cuesta at a place she loved, the skatepark. kpix5's kiet do is live where people will soon gather for a vigil. kiet? >> reporter: yes. we're live at great oaks skate part in south san jose, a fitting place for a candlelight vigil later tonight. this is where she spent a lot of her off time when she went to school nearby here. this was a place where she felt accepted and appreciated. her friends are still in shock and actually heard about her death yesterday from family members who came by and shared the news. >> to hear that happen, it's just a tragedy. it's like just how [ bleep ] up this world is. >> reporter: how does this change the way you live life now? >> honestly as kind of weird as
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this may sound, i'm going to just skate and have like fun for her. >> reporter: this video from her twitter feed confirms what we heard out here, that she was a determined skater, a tough girl who picked herself up when she fell down. after her parents got divorced she moved from san jose to be with her dad in tracy. that's where she met the suspects. monday morning she was stabbed multiple times including in the throat. police say she survived fatal wounds for several hours crawling 100 yards in cold weather against horrible odds lived long enough to give police enough clues to find her accused killers. did you hear after she got stabbed she crawled? >> yeah, i heard about that. she's a savage for that. that's heart. >> reporter: lizette graduated from civil creek high school in 2016 -- silver creek high school in 2016. the superintendent released a statement saying they're in shock and disbelief. the candlelight vigil is set for 7:30 tonight. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix5. a new twist on the me too movement, some north bay teachers are going public with
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sexual harassment allegations against students. kpix5 reporter emily turner live at tam high school in mill valley with more on that. >> reporter: that me too movement has affected so many aspects of society. it started in celebrities, then moved to the political realm, even news media having some issues. now here in marin county it's moved into academics and the teachers say their school district isn't doing enough to protect them. >> my story is just the first story. it's the first story of many women who work in our district. >> reporter: in the last two weeks two teachers have come forward at tamapai high school and say neither the school nor district is doing enough about it. >> i have been sexually harassed, stalked, bullied by male students. >> reporter: this teacher is the most recent to come forward about more than a dozen
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incidents. >> it's a districtwide negligence. >> reporter: two weeks earlier jessica crabtree tearfully shared her story from redwood high school, not only accusing the district of complacency but worse. >> when you do this to women, you're telling them that their voice doesn't count, that you don't believe their experience and when we look on the national scene and we wonder how the harvey weinsteins are made, we're making them. >> reporter: those teachers claim they told school administrators who didn't do enough, but the district told us it can't comment on specific incidents. instead they said, "the district has retained the services of an attorney who specializes in workplace investigation to look into the complaints and review the district's protocols for responding," but is that enough even after two whistleblowers? we talked to a teacher who said she hasn't heard anything from the district or the school. >> that's awful, yeah. i don't know anything about it. i'm kind of no comment. >> reporter: we did see tam
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advertising their see something say something tip line, but the students who go there say harassment isn't the culture in classes. >> i definitely see how it can happen. i could see like kids saying things, but i don't think they meant anything bad by it like we're high school guys. we can be inappropriate sometimes, but i don't think she's in any danger. >> reporter: now we did finally hear back from the president of the union that represents these teachers. in a statement this person says, "we are deeply troubled by the alleged harassment of the two teachers at the two high schools. all teachers and students deserve a classroom environment safe from harassment," and the next board meeting is february 27th. i imagine all eyes will be on that meeting to see if any other teachers do come forward. a developing story in san francisco, ambulances called to
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a middle school this afternoon after several students suddenly got sick. officials at james lick middle school say these students i jested some type of sub -- ingested some type of substance but are not identifying what it was. of the 10 who needed medical treatment, one student had more severe symptoms than the rest. nine others needed minor medical treatment. >> could this have been drugs? >> at this time we aren't speculating because we just want to make sure that the people who are treating the students have an opportunity to examine what it might be. >> the school put out a notice to parents that more kids may get sick. if so, they need to alert authorities and the students won't get in any kind of trouble for coming forward. san jose a big step closer to building tiny homes for the homeless, the city narrowed its list of locations to three, one near the 286-80-101
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interchange. kpix5's devin fehely on the push to get the project off the ground now. >> this is just way too slow. those people right now, a lot of them are sitting on the sidewalk at the edge of that camp because they have no other place to go. >> reporter: the city of san jose has identified three potential sites for semi permanent homeless encampments made up of so-called tiny homes. but in a cruel twist of fate the city's preferred location, the area under the 101-280 overpass was already home to a sprawling tent city until the homeless men and women living there were kicked out just last week by the property's current owner caltrans. >> it's just a lack of regard that the city has for the people that are involved. >> we want to build a community that is dignified. having people live in tents next to freeways is not going to be the future of our city. >> reporter: this is what a tiny home encampment would look like with 20 to 40 sleeping cabins. the city originally identified
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more than 120 potential sites where tiny homes could be built before narrowing the list to just three. along the way they've faced strong opposition by neighbors. >> by us actually creating a bridge housing community potentially on the site, we can create something that is safe and that can exist as a good neighbor to the businesses and to the existing residential community. >> reporter: the city hopes to select the final site for the summer. homeless advocates say that is too slow and too install of response in the face of -- small of response in the face of such enormous need. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. >> san jose scheduled a series of public hearings in the communities where they want to build. each of the tiny homes is expected to cost roughly $20,000. coming up this isn't what you want to see coming out of your plane window, the engine scare aboard a flight from sfo bound for hawaii. >> the multi-million dollar deal with google has san jose
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residents scared they'll be priced out of their hometown. >> the city of martinez in the running to become a reality star, the show that could grant them serious cash to spruce up main street. >> martinez and the entire bay area enjoying a spectacular sunset. we gained about two minutes and 10 seconds of daylight today and gained another dry day in our streak. it's up to 19 days straight without rainfall. will it change? your forecast next.
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way to ruin a vacation. this i seeing this outside the window of your plane, the fastest way to ruin your vacation. this is the gym of a united flight from s -- engine of a united flight from san francisco to honolulu and as you see, what is called the cowling has been ripped away in flight, passengers, of course, terrified tweeting their pictures and concerns, one man saying it was like being inside a washing machine. a woman called it the scariest flight of her life. this is flight 1175 on the tarmac in hawaii. passengers say that the housing was ripped away about 30 minutes before landing. now united issued a statement saying the pilots called for an emergency landing because of a loss of the engine cowling and followed all necessary protocols to safely land the aircraft. the plane taxied to the gate where passengers exited without incident. in spite of it all, the flight
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was only 20 minutes late. just say no to google, that was the message many san jose residents had for city leaders today. kpix5's len ramirez tells us they're worried the tech giant's new downtown development is about to price them out of town. >> reporter: it was hours before the san jose city council would vote on the google compensation agreement which would allow the company to buy city-owned property for a future downtown campus for $67 million, but zenata sanchez arrived early waiting for a chance to voice her opposition. >> are we going to sell downtown san jose, you know, the part that is going to be worth so much more that it's going to appreciate in value, not because of google, but because of the infrastructure? are we going to sell that for what is it, you know, $67 million? >> reporter: her opposition was calm and measured, but others have been in your face. several protesters heckled mayor sam liccardo's state of
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the city speech last week and were tossed out of the building. they're concerned google will drive already sky high rents out of sight. >> google is not welcome here! >> reporter: today liccardo defended the deal. >> google is paying us 2 1/2 times what the city paid for this land and what the land was even worth a year and a half ago. >> reporter: liccardo assured taxpayers they are getting their money's worth and that negotiations with google are just beginning and will be open and inclusive. >> we'll be talking about affordable housing, education and a lot of other needs in this city, but i think it's important for everyone to understand this is a very public process. it's going to take a lot of time to work out. it won't all get decided today. >> reporter: he said the public process, the shaping of the plan and building it out is expected to take a decade or more. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> the city council is still meeting at this hour. they haven't voted yet, but the compensation agreement is expected to pass. the family of a man shot to death by a b.a.r.t. police officer is calling for
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justice. >> no justice! no justice! joseph mateu (ma-tew) fa >> more than 100 people gathered at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station today to demand b.a.r.t. police officer joseph matu face charges for the shooting death of shelene tindall. tindall was fighting with another man at the time. b.a.r.t. police say tindall refused to drop his began, but the family says the body -- gun, but the family says the body cam video tells a different story. >> all i know is the officers did not see' gun. they were fighting. they had their arms around each other, so it's hard to see if anyone had a gun. >> last month oakland police released a photo of a handgun officers said they recovered from the scene. today b.a.r.t. released a statement saying it is committed to a full and independent investigation into what occurred and that b.a.r.t. police are fully cooperating with oakland police. until now the term
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sanctuary city has referred to areas that don't cooperate with immigration enforcement, but as kpix5's jessica flores reports, it could take on a second meaning for one bay area city. >> reporter: berkeley could be the first city in the country to officially declare itself a sanctuary city for cannabis. the city council set to vote on the resolution in the face of a potential federal crackdown. attorney general jeff sessions has signaled he'll enforce federal marijuana laws which still classify marijuana as an illegal drug. >> we're not going to let a federal government come in here and try to roll back the clock. the genie is out of the bottle and their access to medicine, their access to what they desire will not be impeded by the federal government. >> reporter: berkeley city council member ben bartlett and author of the resolution says it combines the city's unique history. >> we are the first sanctuary city in the country and we are the first medical marijuana city in the country.
6:19 pm
>> reporter: if passed, this could lead to the city creating a directive that bans city staff from cooperating with federal agents and enforcing federal marijuana policy. that includes insisting in any federal raid of dispensaries. >> symbols speak louder than words and symbols are the first step to concrete action. >> reporter: in berkeley, jessica flores, kpix5. low 60s in berkeley, 67 in san jose, a beautiful live picture from san jose where the high was 66 degrees today, but the high streak continues. we've gone right in the middle of our supposed rainy season 19 executive days without a drop of rainfall. if we go another week it will be top 20 all time. the record is 43 days which we did way back during the civil war, 1864, and then four years ago, 2014. so why have we been so dry? because the storm track has
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been shunted to the north. there is cool, dry air filtering in from the north. los angeles and phoenix rainfall, none for us for the foreseeable future. it wasn't that warm today. we still have 13 1/2 hours of darkness at night. that will yield low to mid-30s with possibly some subfreezing temperatures and down to 39 degrees in san jose. a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow, temperatures seasonal, all these numbers close to 60, fremont 61, san francisco 58. clouds at times and warming conditions late in the week and weekend. the warmest day is saturday, upper 60s to low 70s and as we look at the extended forecast, how about highs in the 50s but still dry next week. back to you. >> thanks, paul. still ahead climbers stranded near the top of the most visited peak in the u.s.,
6:21 pm
the dramatic rescue underway. >> spring training is underway, what one ace player says about his stance on the national anthem and how do you spell respect? k-e-r-r, why the warrior coach is coming under fire for not coaching next.
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talks, all the players hear is charlie brown's teacher.. steve kerr says part of the reason why his team has struggled recently is because when he talks, all the players hear is charlie brown's teacher. [ charlie brown's teacher talking ] players.. draymo >> so to spice things up, last night kerr handed the white board and coaching duties over to his players. draymond green didn't suit up, but he was drawing up plays during timeouts. the warriors beat phoenix by 46 points and there were some that felt that kerr was showing up
6:24 pm
an interior suns team. >> it's disrespectful. had nothing to do with being disrespectful. it had to do with me trying to reach my team. i have not reached them for the last month. they're tired of my voice. i'm tired of my voice. >> whatever coach you are, you have to do what you have to do to build your own team up and if you think that helps them, i tip my hat. >> you said they need a new voice. was there a consideration allowed -- >> tonight they did. >> for tonight. >> let's not get carried away. i like it here. >> kerr said he would let the players coach again and why not? they're undefeated. mum's the word from the 49ers on their young linebacker reuben foster who was arrested sunday on domestic violence and gun charges. foster reportedly met with the team yesterday in santa clara but is not scheduled to be arraigned in court until april 12th. the 49ers could decide to release foster prior to that date. bruce maxwell, the a's catcher who took a knee for the national anthem last season
6:25 pm
said today at spring training in arizona he will not stand. maxwell says he knelt to protest mistreatment of african americans by law enforcement, but is not ready to move on. the 27-year-old is still dealing with felony assault charges from an incident in october when he drew a gun on a food delivery person. tiger woods skipped pebble beach, but he's back on the golf course this week at riviera country club in l.a. playing a practice round with justin thomas and bryson deshambo, but when tee time comes around thursday, friendship is out the window. >> reporter: can you imagine a time where competitively out there you turn, i guess, the cold shoulder to them and how do you think they might react given the great relationships you've started? >> i don't care how they react. >> reporter: are you setting them up for this? >> i'm trying to win a tournament. i'm sure they'll win the same way, but hey, it's winning time. this is when winning time
6:26 pm
becomes sore losing time. check out this texas a&m player on the left. he spits in his own hand moments before he and his opponent were to shake hands at the net. the winner, ohio state jj wolff, noticed the poor sportsmanship and avoided the handshake. kids, do not do that at home. >> not classy. >> no loss is that tough. >> caught on camera. thanks. coming up in our next half hour amazon's dramatic move to disrupt the healthcare industry, their multi billion dollar idea. >> tragedy on mount hood, one climber has died, several others trapped, the tricky rescue operation. >> and this may gross you out a little bit, the new lawsuit that claims a mega beauty store is restocking their shelves with used products.
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you're watching kpix5 news. ckground che our top story at 6:30, the white house still scrambling to explain who knew what about a background check on a top staffer forced to resign. rob porter facing serious allegations of spousal abuse, but did his bosses take those
6:30 pm
accusations seriously? reporter mola lenghi is at the white house following the latest developments. mola? >> reporter: liz, fbi director christopher wray testified before congress today where he essentially dismantled the white house's timeline of events. what the white house has been saying for the last few days about how it handled learning about those allegations against rob porter. fbi director christopher wray didn't say what was in rob porter's background check, but he did say when it was delivered to the white house. >> the fbi submitted a partial report on the investigation in question in march. and then a completed background investigation in late july. >> reporter: wray testified the fbi handed over requested follow-up information on porter in november, 2017 and closed its investigation last month. wray's timeline differs from the white house's version of events. that it was ongoing, hadn't been completed. >> reporter: the press
6:31 pm
secretary had this explanation today. >> the white house personnel security office which is staffed by career officials may have received information, but they had not completed their process and made a recommendation to the white house. >> reporter: the white house and chief of staff john kelly are on the defensive because porter's two ex-wives told investigators he physically abused them. >> i am concerned. i think a lot of us are concerned about what has come to light in terms of these background checks. >> reporter: porter was serving as staff secretary with an interim security clearance. once the fbi completes its background investigation, the white house decides whether to approve full clearance. >> somebody is dropping the ball. that's for sure because these investigations should have been completed. >> reporter: more than a year into the trump administration, dozens of top officials still don't have full security clearance including the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. the white house director of
6:32 pm
national intelligence, dan coates, told the a.p. today the federal government's system for conducting background checks is broken and needs a complete and total overhaul. mola lenghi, kpix5, the white house. the sexual harassment hearing at the state capitol aims to bring justice for victims statewide. lawmakers want stronger laws to protect victims. >> reporter: as the state capitol begins to change its cull over sexual harassment, some lawmakers are calling for an overhaul. >> unfortunately somebody who complains or advocates for themselves or takes all of the right steps to make sure that they're safe in the workplace can be labeled a troublemaker. >> reporter: it's an unspoken reality for many working women, having a target on their backs after they come forward with sexual harassment allegations against a colleague. the ceo of we, an anti-sexual
6:33 pm
assault and sexual exploitation nonprofit. she said that's why many choose to stay quiet. a group of state lawmakers is now working to change that. >> this isn't new, but now we're going to correct it. >> reporter: senator hannah beth jackson held a hearing tuesday looking at new ways to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. that means putting an end to settlements and nondisclosure agreements. >> we need sunshine on this. we need builtability. >> reporter: jackson said -- accountability. >> reporter: jackson said new stronger workplace laws need to be put in place. >> there will be strong repercussions for the abuser and perpetrator and the company they work for, protections for all parties with a process that is fair, independent and impartial. >> reporter: bystander intervention was also brought up during the hearing as a potential method to discourage perpetrators, but jackson and
6:34 pm
hassett said power trips are at the root of the problem and must be addressed first. >> until that power differential is dealt with, we'll continue to see this happening. >> senator jackson says she's also pushing a movement to empower more women to get promoted to managerial positions. she said that could help reduce inappropriate workforce behavior. on capitol hill senate lawmakers have begun debate on immigration reform, lawmakers agreeing to consider any proposal that could gather the 60 votes needed to push forward. republicans are pushing a bill that creates a path to citizenship for nearly 2 million undocumented immigrants. it would also fund the border wall with $25 billion. it would limit family-based immigration and eliminate the diversity visa lottery. >> it's the one bill that can become law. we shunt be focused on passing a bill -- shouldn't be focused on passing a bill out of the senate. we should be focused on passing a law that can get the majority
6:35 pm
vote in the house and get president trump to sign. >> the uphill battle, finding a bill that democrats and conservative republicans will support as well as president trump. a calm day on wall street, major indices closing slightly higher for the third straight day of gains. since friday the dow has made up about a 1/4 of what it's lost since its peak late last month. amazon shares rose another 2% today on reports that it plans to expand its medical supply business to serve hospitals and clinics. shares of several healthcare supply companies tumbled today on the same news. the move c barnes & noble announced a new round of layoffs this week as it struggles to keep up with amazon. the move comes after a dismal holiday shopping season for the book seller which saw sales slide more than 6%, no word exactly how many people are being let go. t least 7 stranded a dramatic rescue effort continues on oregon's mount hood tonight where it's a race
6:36 pm
against time to bring at least seven stranded climbers down to safety before a storm rolls in. one hiker who was airlifted out after falling more than 700 feet later died of his injuries. his four climbing partners are still up there in a treacherous area known as hogsback. the terrain is very unstable with falling ice and rocks. rescuers only have about six hours left to get them down before the storm is due to arrive. as the heavy weather is supposed to be rolling in this evening." ns of mountain >> our search and rescue partners are still up on the mountain working to reach the other approximately as far as we know seven people that are still hunkered down. as reported before, we are fighting against time as the heavy weather is supposed to be rolling in this evening. >> dozens of mountain rescuers and national guard specialists are on the mountain now trying to bring the rest of those hikers down. more than 10,000 climbers attempt to climb mount hood every year. it's notorious for loose, falling rocks in warm weather and it has been clear and sunny there every day this week.
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safety, security and a touch of new technology all part of muni's new design for an ordinary bus stop sign.
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. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. ther to approve the the san francisco board of supervisors could vote any minute now on whether to approve the giants massive new waterfront development near at&t park. kpix5's jackie ward tells us the mission rock project could bring with it a lot of badly needed housing. >> we are targeting units for families before that make between 80 to $150,000 a year because we know so much of our middle class are struggling to live in san francisco, too. >> reporter: district 6 supervisor and mayoral candidate jane kim said she's thrilled this project is happening in they are district and commends the giants for being a huge community advocate. >> they are not just a developer, but they are a team that's really rooting for san
6:40 pm
franciscans and i think this will be a model project for the country in term of how we build mixed income projects. >> reporter: before the vote supervisor sandra lee had a main concern of a lack of public schools in that area, the place where the city is trying to attract families to live. >> at mission rock it's 40% below market rate, which is fabulous, but then those families need a school and we already have an existing population in mission bay and there's no school for them there. >> reporter: expect the skyline to change once again thanks to prop d which voters approved in 2015, buildings at mission rock will range from 90 to 240 feet. we're talking about a $1 billion project that would be paid for by the developer, bonds and tax money. from san francisco city hall, jackie ward, kpix5. tomorrow a $10 million playground will be unveiled outside of san francisco civic center. the 20-year-old refurbished
6:41 pm
playground features seven new weather and nature themed structures and light installations in front of city hall. the helen diller family foundation donated the money to the san francisco parks and rec department last year. bus stops in san francisco are getting a makeover. in the next few years muni says it will upgrade all 3,000 -- 3,600 stop locations with new signs and lighting. the new signs will have a rapid line information in red and the others in blue. the lighting is equipped with solar power and l.e.d. technology, so it doesn't require an outside power source. right now 22 new signs are in operation on all inbound 14 mission rapid stops. coming up the new lawsuit accusing beauty megastore ulta of putting used and returned cosmetics back on shelves. >> it's going to be chilly tonight, lot of locations dropping to the 30s, close to freezing livermore, fairfield and napa. it's colder in the seven-day
6:42 pm
forecast. coming up find out when 20s, yes, well below freezing, when that's going to return to the bay area next. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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who is sick -- to stay home. with this year's flu season being one of the worst on record federal health officials
6:45 pm
are urging anyone who is sick to stay home. the cdc says more than 17,000 people have been hospitalized across the nation with the flu so far. california's department of health reports 74 deaths for people 65 and under. a total of 63 children nationwide have died from the virus. onditions.. amino deficiencies.. pregnant women.. d to be >> kids, especially kids under age 5, are particularly vulnerable. their immune systems haven't been developed and the same thing for people over 65. they're susceptible, people with underlying conditions, i 9 -- immunodeficiencies, pregnant women, these are people to be very attentive to, make sure they get vaccines. >> more than 40 school districts in at least 13 states have closed because of the virus. a national beauty product chain is at the center of a lawsuit that claims stores resold returned makeup as new product. the lawsuit accuses beauty superstore ulta of repackaging returned products. this includes used eye shadows
6:46 pm
missing a brush and face cleansers already opened. the complaint filed last week sites former employees of ulta who say the corporation has a limit on how many returned items can be thrown away. >> the managers will take the used products out of the damaged bin and if they look good enough to resell, they'll put them back on the shelves and resell them so that they don't exceed their quota. >> a spokesperson for ulta responded saying the company's policy does not allow the resale of used products and they intend to defend the company against the allegations. other bay area headlines, a woman crossing the road in san francisco sunset district was hit by a car this afternoon at sunset and wowona avenue. witnesses tell us a truck hit an elderly woman who was rushed to the hospital, no word on her condition. in alameda police are looking for this man. they say he's a suspect in a business burglary. police. ecognize him, call
6:47 pm
in san ramon police nabbed two suspects who took off from a safeway with $10,000 in over the counter medications. the suspects were also found with $2,000 worth of stolen clothes. officers say that they caught the suspects within minutes of getting the call. wildlife officials are asking for the public's help in tracking a rodent known for destroying wetlands. it's called nutria and it kind of looks like a beaver. officials with fish and wildlife found 20 of them in fresno, merced and stanislas county and the invasive rodent is incredibly destructive. it eats so much vegetation that it threatens wetlands, crops and levees. the department is asking anyone who spots a nutria to call them with a tip. from the low snowpack in the sierra to record high winter temperatures, drought fears are heating up across california. many bay area cities are seeing their warmest ever start to a
6:48 pm
year. in the sierra some cross- country ski resorts have switched over to mountain biking already and with no significant rain on the horizon california could be on course for one of its dryest rainy seasons ever. paul, we were talking about how little rain l.a. has seen for a year. >> they haven't seen significant rainfall except for one day with the mudslides. take that day out, it's been nine months since they've had a good widespread rainfall. around here it's been 19 days. we'll add to that total, a beautiful evening to get outside. any one individual day, it's so hard to complain because our weather is so much more pleasant than so many other parts of the country, but yes, we are out of balance. san jose 58, concord 62, overnight lows, 30s, away from the water likely below 40 degrees tonight, even san francisco dropping to 46. these are the three dryest februaries ever in san francisco history. got to go back to 1864, 1899 and 1953, all those a very long time ago. let us hope we don't join that list, but as of now, halfway
6:49 pm
through the month we're tied for the dry ever. this ridge is a big reason why. we went from warm and dry about a week and a half. now we're cooler and dry. why can't we fit some rainfall in there? consider our source of air coming down from canada, nothing to do with the ocean whatsoever. that's where the majority of our moisture comes from. that's cut off. it's a cool and dry north to northeast wind. there actually will be a boundary passing by tomorrow. you'll notice some cloud cover, but it's just clouds, no rainfall. it's out of here early afternoon tomorrow, a couple showers offshore. we will likely stay completely dry, could be a few snow showers for the sierra. let's look at futurecast into next week where another surge of cold and dry arctic air will drop overnight lows from the 30s to the 20s next week. we are talking about much cooler air next week but still not a drop of rainfall. subfreezing temperatures in a few north bay valleys tonight, sunny and pleasant the next several days, zero rain chance,
6:50 pm
warmer this weekend but next week looking much cooler. highs in the 50s to low 60s tomorrow, still above average, milpitas 62, dublin, san ramon 61, pittsburg, concord 62, san francisco 58, santa rosa 59, cloverdale 58 degrees. your extended forecast calling for dry weather across the board. warmest day is saturday, a few inland spots hitting the low 70s. presidents day much cooler monday night into tuesday with lows likely 20s inland and highs only in the mid-50s. cooler next week but still dry. back to you. >> thanks, paul. the city of martinez is in the running for a spot on a reality show. it could land them hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix up main street. we'll have that story coming up next. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 out of control, a driver unable to stop. em says the gas pedal was -- he says the gas pedal was stuck. tonight how he called for help
6:51 pm
while going 100 miles an hour on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. more than two years after our first story we found a critical state agency broke its promise by still mailing out millions of documents with full social security numbers even if you're enrolled in online only like reporter julie watts. >> what's it going to take to stop putting californians at risk of id theft? >> there is just no excuse to wait that long. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. 'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access
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secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit francisco's civic comedy show center.. the headliners include: the second annual
6:54 pm
clusterfest of comedy shows coming back to san francisco's civic center. the headliners include jon stewart, amy schumer, trevor noah and more. the festival runs june 1st through june 3rd. tickets start at 234 bucks. >> laughing already. a reality show with an unusual premise may be coming to the bay area. >> it will give some downtown community's downtown district an economic shot in the arm. kpix5's john ramos visited the only local finalist. >> reporter: the mature trees in downtown martinez treated visitors to a magical snowstorm today that you probably wouldn't find in a modern, hip shopping center, but in a world that worships online shopping and home delivery, the brick and mortar of this small town is often seen as a liability. sounds like they could use a little help. >> small towns across america are fighting for their survival with the odds stacked against
6:55 pm
them, but what happens if we join that fight? >> reporter: thousands of small towns across america are competing to be part of small business revolution, a reality tv show focused on revitalizing main street usa and it was announced this morning that martinez has made it to the final five. >> i think it's validation for what we know, the potential that our business district has in downtown martinez. >> reporter: if martinez wins a final nationwide online vote, a team of business and marketing specialists will invest $500,000 to make six local businesses more successful. >> there's businesses who might need just that little extra help, that little extra nudge to create those customer experiences where martinez can become a destination. >> reporter: chris rodriguez hopes his pegasus bicycle works will be one of them. he'd like some help promoting martinez as a cycling destination, but he says just competing for the show has had benefits. >> this kind of brought us all
6:56 pm
together in a different way of kind of peeling apart the town looking at it, where do we want it to go? how do we want it to be? >> reporter: then there's luis castro transforming a 100-year- old building into a brew pub, an example of how the old is blending with the new here. >> here is a lot of younger people trying to open a business in martinez and providing a new idea. >> reporter: if martinez does win, they feel they can show all of america how a small town can succeed in the modern world without casting aside its history. in martinez, john ramos, kpix5. until next >> if you'd like to vote for martinez, you can do it once a day every day until next tuesday and we do have a link for you on our website and join u vote for martinez, good town. >> for the news throughout the evening it's always on our website, >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 and right back here at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> good night.
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